A Call from Sandy
By:    srogers@bipinc.com
My cousin Sandy was in the hospice ward at the hospital.  I went to see her one last time, just to tell her I loved her.   She was in a comma and they said (husband and sister-in-law)she didn’t know I was there but she said my name when I spoke to her.  I sat and talked to her and held her hand and told her good bye.   I left the room and started out of the hospital got all the way to the lobby and my cell phone rang.  I answered it and no one was there but when I looked to see who called me I had to find a seat.  It was Sandra’s home phone.  No one was there.  Her husband was up stairs in her room.  She had no one else living in the house.  Not a scary spooky story but an unexplained

Williamson Trade School PA Experience
By:  cantkillrooster@yahoo.com
I had a free day and decided to explore the woods, behind  my house, its leads to some of the trade school property but mostly township property that has large gas lines you can follow. I use to hunt and fish, but never was a trapper, so i thought it would be okay to do some tracking as long as i stay off the Trade schools property. As i was tracking i found fresh dropings and prints, i was sure i was drawing near a large dear. Spending time to breathe the fresh dewy air, grab a drink of water and stoping to view my surrounding, i soon realized i was the one being watch. A large 6 point buck, with redish golden hair, a beatiful creatre almost like a stag you see in fantasy movies, it was unheard of. So i follow this buck that lead me to the abandon station near williamson trade school, I continued to follow it to the closed station. K, heres the where the weird an erie begin, when i got on the tracks this buck (that was no more then 20 yards), took one last jump off the track and vanished in mid air. I couldnt belive it, no noise of it running, and no tracks to be found. So big deal, I lost the game i was tracking, so i continued on to look at this abondon train station, i said out lowd, "Is any one inside, im passing through and just taking a look." A few seconds later, i heard a hard bang on the plywood that was blocking all the windows and door, like a palm slapping it. Mkay, whatever must be a animal in there, so i decided to walk the tracks for a bit. Looking at the old light from the station noticing everthing disconnected. Any way, had enough of walking on the tracks decided to turn around and head back, as i looked up so not to trip on the tracks to my disbelief some of the station lights where on and sure enough that dear was watching me on the tracks. Im a pretty fearless and courages type i started run back to the station, in a flash the lights turned off and the buck vanished again!Now whats really increadible, is when back tracked, the hoof prints and dropings where gone.Please if you can tell about some other people experiences there, i would be very interested to hear. If so i plan on doing more investigating.Thank you for your time and hope this was helpful
Whiteford Maryland, Harford County
By: christinequigley1612@gmail.com
I am always suprised to see my town left out of everything! From ancient Indians to early white settlers, our town has it all. I was born and raised in NJ. I have always had an interest in ghosts and things of a spiritual nature, but it was not until I lived in this town, Cardiff, a small section of Whiteford that I began to believe in ghosts. I have experienced things frequently in my home, but it is my next door neighbors house that is without a doubt, haunted. I am uncomfortable just walking in the door. Whereas my house has more of a benevolent feeling, my neighbors next door and two other houses within my block are not so lucky. Many people have witnessed events at this house and several others on my street. Undeniable experiences. It would be great if someone took the time to look into this area. One would not be disappointed. I have also found indian artifacts on my property so I am not sure exactly what we have, but we most definitely are not alone out here in the country....

Weird Happening at Manjimup
By:    jillwozhere@yahoo.com.au

I thought I'd just share with you a short, but strange happening as reported to me from my daughter, who called in last night on her way home from a weekend stay with her in-laws.  My daughter's parents in law have just recently taken on a job as caretakers at the golf club in the small town of Manjimup, Western Australia.  They are very family orientated and as they have moved a few hours drive away from their children, they encourage them to come and stay for a night or two.  Both my daughter, her husband and kids and on separate occasions, my youngest son, who is dating my son in law's cousin, have stayed there previously without incident, but last Saturday 29th of July, was different... Below is the story as related to me:  Earlier in the evening my daughter and husband had put the children to bed (two sons 3 and 5 and a daughter 10 months). Some time after they had tucked them in, but not yet gone to bed themselves, their eldest son, Steven, came in, frightened and telling his mum of a scary shadow in his room.  My daughter calmly reassured him about how sleeping in new places can make you a bit nervous, but there was nothing to worry about and tucked him safely back into bed feeling better knowing Mum was disconcerned.  She thought nothing more of it.  Later however, she and hubby had retired for the night and gone to sleep, when my daughter awoke to hearing creaking floor boards as if someone were walking around the room.  She assumed it was her sons and called out their names, asking why they were up and beaconing them to come to her reassuringly in case they were feeling spooked again, but although the creaks continued and it definitely sounded like someone was there, no one answered her.  By this time she was sitting up in bed and her husband had been roused by her calling out to the children.  As he was enquiring sleepily about what was going on she saw a shadowy figure, about the size of her oldest son, beside her bed. In the darkness she thought it was Steven and reached out her hand to him, but her hand just went through the shadow and she realized no one was there!  At this point, she got up and turned on the light, to find no one in the room.  Her husband went to check on the children and found them all peacefully sleeping.  In the morning she asked Steven about the shadow that had worried him and he described it just as my daughter had seen it. Like that of a child about the same height as himself. I did look on the net for any other similar experiences at that golf club, but have not found any, but you have to admit... it was a bit weird!

Walnut Iowa Econolodge and Earling Iowa Catholic Church Hauntings
By:    jordyntimmerman5@gmail.com
I'll start with the walnut Iowa Econolodge experiences. Was working11-7 shift on a night when the hotel was pretty dead (only two rooms booked on upper floor) there were locked doors in what is known to employees as the queen hallway opening and closing in unused, locked rooms. Former and current employees believe this is the spirit of a man who was shot when the location was a bar. Also employees that have been here for a couple of years said they have found unused rooms In that same hallway messy as though the rooms had been occupied. The earling Iowa catholic church: had recently moved to the town and was on my morning walk when I ran into an elderly lady. I started having a conversation with her, and she told me about the town. I walked toward the church to get a better look at it, I turned around a moment later,and she had disappeared out of sight and there was no one around. The church itself has had windows broken and/or cracked from the inside late at night, and the church is locked at night. the basement is off limits to the general public, and is well barried and locked inside and out.

Twin Tower Haunting (Fort McMurray AB)
By:    devon_newman89@hotmail.com   
I lived on the fouth floor in the low rises i first expereience something in my closet making a rattling sound while i was sitting at the computer one night then,when i looked at an empty 2Litre Pepsi bottle on the desk in front of me i could see two people standing on each side of me in the reflexion in the bottle with black cloaks. Then, another strange occurance began, some spectre of a man use to unlock my door and walk across the living room everyday at 5pm and when i approached it it would dissapear beofre i had a chance to see it. So every day at 5 pm this man would unlock my door walk into my bathroom and close the door i open it there be no one there i come back and sit on my bed and listen and it was like he was standing in tub kicking just tormenting me.After i notice the man i was standing in the bathroom mirror when i seen my shadow on the wall move when i look over my shadow had her hair  shoulder lenghten but i had my hair pinned up  i got scared and ran out the apartment to get someone to witness this entity with me. I knew the figure in the mirror wasn't my reflexion. Later that night i came back with my roommate and we were sitting on my bed when this pain struck me it was like a million bees stinging me all over i was in so much pain for the last 3 months of the 2 years i was there. After the pain struck me we heard a voice over my roommates head and said hellooo hell ooo and we both look at each other and i asked him what he heard and we both jump and ran outside so later the next day same things going on except when i walked into the room my table with the lamp came flying towards me my sisters picture ws there then it was gone  i couldny find the picture  so then ,i wss sitting on the bed my arm was frozen like i had it in the freezer and froze fr  the inside it was cold frozen the whole time i was in the apartment but anyways this smell came across me it ws so strong and horrible it ws worst than death smell i never smelled anything like that in my life  nasty any ways my roommate sitting next to me couldnt smell anything i was so sick i open the door took a deep breath and it was gone.Another day i was home alone sitting on my bedd with the bible in my arms all the time i wanted to go  to the kitchen but i was spooked i wanted a can of pop but i wouldnt dare go to the fridge so i went to the mirror fixed my hair when i turn around there was a ice cold pepsi lying on my pilllow i got so scared so anyways i was in the bathroom this day and i was standing by the toliet when my shadow moved its slide away while i was just standing there and went to the floor the shadow was lying on the floor i went got my roommate to show him it did the same thing we ran out the apartment went got security and 3 others i stood by the toliet and never moved and my shadow moved to the side and slide down to the floor everyone seen it there and were all in shock we couldnt explain what we were seeing  then every morning i wake gasping for air i couldnt catch my breath for about a min or two not sure my throat would swell close i go to the doctor there be nothing wrong and the bee stings were still happening went to doctor  nothing went and bought 200.00 dollars worth of pesticides and still wouldnt go away  until i leave the apartment then it was gone anyways in the night when i be watching tv i see shadows walking in front of the tv on the screen  weird sometimes if i get out of bed i feel something fast crawl over my feet when i go to touch it it was a weird silky feeling and then it was gone so fast  i hear scraching and voices in the bottom of my 61 inch tv like if there were or some kind of alien bug anyways i was pissed off at this point telling it off then all of a sudden this alien scream came throught the window through the tv through me like a virbration it was so terriflying sound it sounded just like the alien in alien vrs preytor same identical scream anyways i got some people come in one night to see this, when one person picked up my sweater off the chair where( i think thats wehere that man use to unlock my door and come in and sit) anyways it was so hot  really warm like as if someone was just sitting on it my arm still froze at this time and my health is getting worst so i decided to get out of there .the day i was leaving i had just cleaned the bathroom out nothing left in there i hear a knock at the door its a girl wanted her haircut so i tell her to go get a towel fr her apartment and ill cut it for her  so while she left i locked the door return to the bathroom to see a brand new purple towel sitting there all neatly folded on the sink  i grab my stuff and left  there was alot happened in that apartment there definitly haunted and i have witnesses to verified that i could tell so much more of what happened but it would take alot of writing to do so
Time in the Tub
By:    GrndmaSimpson@aol.com
I moved into my house in Sacramento CA in 1994 my Mother and I were loading the kitchen with dishes and, had sat down to take a break. We were sitting at the dining room table when the cabinet in the kitchen opened by it's self. My Mom looked at me and I at her in return and at the same time said did you see that!   On another occasion I was in the tub my Daughter came in to ask a question.As she started to ask me her question the faucet in the sink turned on by it's self. We both thought it was so cool and asked them to turn it off of course it wasn't turned off. We had many occasions where there was the sound of running on the roof but, no one was there, also lights went on and off by themselves and two of my dogs would sit and stare at the corner of the ceiling  in our family room and whine and wag their tails.I have always had things drawn to me in life and find it most times too cool.

The Story about the  "Lady In Black "
By:    missball24@aol.com                                                                   
It was a nice summer evening just as the sun was getting ready to sit myself and a few of my friends decided to ride some backroads. We entered a road called McDermott Ridge. We started talking about the rumors we had heard about the old cemetery being haunted. So we decided to stop and see for ourselfs. We stopped along the road i took my camera out to see if we could get some good photo's to prove that the stories we had heard was true. As we entered the gate to the cemetery it seemed to have got so dark so fast. We started looking around at all the graves with grass up to our knees. I got the most uneasy feeling as if something wanted as out of there! I started snapping photo's with my camera. Before i could take the photo's my camera batterys went dead! Good thing i had brought another pack of batterys i tryed again it let me take 5 photos and again the batterys went dead! Hmmm, Weird yes! Since i have always heard for a spirit to manifest itself it will drain batterys... We noticed that most of the graves was from the 1800s and no one had been buried in that graveyard for atleast 60 years or so. After about 15 mins i was ready to go! The uneasy feeling got worse! So we decided it was time to leave. After we shut the gates to the graveyard. We got back in the truck. We turned the camera on it worked great now that we went at the graveyard. We reviewed the photo's and seen what looked like a lady standing next to her grave. I hadnt seen anyone when we took the photos. So we decided to go back to the graveyard and take more photos to see what else we could get. I take another 5-6 photos before my camera batterys went dead yet again. It felt as if someone was watching us and whomever it was wanted us out of there! So we ran and shut the gates behind us and got in out truck. As we drove not even a half mile from the graveyard we heard a loud the thump! That sound & felt like a big dog had jumped into the bed of our truck. A friend of mine stopped the truck and got out and looked into the bed to see if he could see what it was. He found nothing. So we started again going down the road. When we head the loud noise but this time it was on the roof of the truck it beat 3 times sounded like someone was taking a baseball bat to the roof of the truck beating it down in. But no one was there. There wasnt even anyone on that road that night we were there. The more beat on the roof of the truck the louder it would get. I noticed everytime it beat on the roof it would do it 3 times and stop for about the 30 seconds then it would start again, I was so scared i started to scream!!!! We i screamed it started beating louder and louder seemed like the lady that showed up in our photos was trying to scare us! A friend of mind had a cb in his truck under his seat we head a loud noise from the cb then a creepy ghostly voice come over it. Come to find out the cb was unplugged cause he never used it. How crazy is that?!?! As soon as we got off that road and came to my house we were so scared to get outta the truck with everything that went on. As soon as my friend and i got out of the truck an all back cat came out of nowhere and shot right in front of us as if it was trying to trip us. We got inside and took out our camera and started reviewing out photo's we had took. We seen the lady as plan as day standing by what we think was her grave. I will never forget what she looked like she has an old dress on that looked like a long  dark color  dress maybe a black and it started at her neck and looked. She had her hair back in a bun. She also had what looked like from the photos a skeletal face.  It was clear this lady was from the 1800s. She was holding out her hand in one photo maybe she was searching for someone. It was clear she wasnt a very friendly person and didnt want us in that graveyard. We also noticed in another photo that there was a flying dove light up on one of the old 1800s graves we know that dove was not on any of thoes graves we had looked at. I will never forget that day we walked into that graveyard thinking that is was just myth that ghosts werent real we found out quick that if you mess with them they will mess with you back. I sometimes think alot about that night. I feel as if that lady whos name was Mary McDermott from what it said on her grave that she was pictured beside of was searching from someone. It seems like her soul wasnt at rest. And i hope one day that she can find peace.

The House I Grew up In
By: deborah3375@gmail.com
I moved to Puerto Rico in 1988. My family and I lived there until my father died. But when I was 10 years old , coming from school with some friends. Nobody was at home and I decided to invite my friends over. So we got to the main door and we all heard footsteps, so we ran out as fast as we can and in one of the glass windows we saw a figure of a man he had this black kind of clouck and a long kind of stick at the end of it there was anyway I went to my friends house called my parents scared I have seen weird things almost all my life.

By:    kyniston30@gmail.com   

My husband and I lived in a house for 2 years. During that time my husband started getting very mean and depressed. One morning he woke up saying he couldn't live anymore. He went out to a shed we had and hung himself.  I was somehow able to lift him up long enough for my 3 year daughter to grab a bucket to put under his feet. Later my daughter saw a picture of my husbands grandma that she has never meet and said she was there helping me. After the whole ordeal my neighbors came over and told me that he is the 3rd person that has lived there to do that. The first person had shot himself in the head and died right in front of the shed. The second person had tried to stab himself. My husband was the third. I guess I am wondering if it is possible if there could be an evil presence  that is causing it. Or maybe the first guy that succeeded. It could be all a coincidence. There was also a lady that died there of old age. I live only a mile away from that house now, but I will never go back. We have lived in our current house for 3 years now and my husband is a completely different person than when we lived there.

By: userjem9492@aol.com

            My name is June. When I was a little girl I lived in a haunted house on Oley Street in Reading, Pa. I am now 54 yo the spirits that I have seen happened when I was six yo before we moved into the house that is when it started. My mother me and my grandmother were cleaning the house before we moved in and we were upstairs mom and grand mom went to the front rooms to clean and the back room was all mine since I had 3 brothers who were all younger than me. I guess the year was 1963...... I looked out my bedroom window and saw a man a woman a little boy and little girl all dressed in black the man and the boy had black hats on and the woman and the girl had black bonnets on. I thought they were our neighbors so I yelled for my mom and grand mom to tell them then I looked out again and they were all pointing at me so I kinda was scared. By the time my grand mom and mom came back to my room they were gone. I was always afraid of that room but somehow felt comforted right before I fell asleep it seemed like there was an angel there in my room to help me fall asleep. I always slept with the window closed because one night I looked out the window over the roof and there was a man on the roof so I never opened that window.............. anyway a couple years passed and one night I decided to change beds with my oldest of the 3 brothers since we just got new bunk beds the boys did. So mom and dad were sleeping in the front room and my brother Tim and I were laughing and talking and all of the sudden I saw the figure of a man he was all white no face just the shape he was standing at the top of the stairs. He started walking over towards my brother and I with his hand out he came and me then he went to go to my brother and I screamed for my dad and then he was gone. But the house brought much bad luck to our family. There was a huge room up in the attic that you had to crawl through this little door to get to. It was said someone hung themselves in that room. The rafters were very high. I only went in their once or twice I was to scared I thought I wouldn't be able to get out.My dad was a hunter and sportsman and he used to load bullets up in the attic..........anyway I still have dreams of that house my dad was killed there by the police in 1969 when I was 11 and I was in the middle of the vicious fight between mom dad and the policeman that came to her rescue...........anyway that house still haunts me and I still wonder who the people were in the yard that night. There is so much more to tell but I am running out of time because I am using a friends computer and he has to go, so I will stop here. I think I am very psychic and have powers to communicate with the dead through dreams...........anyway have a nice day just wanted to tell you my story.

Something Touched Me
By: samextreme8@yahoo.com
Hi. My name is Sam and I was wondering if I could send in my story to The Shadowlands. Here it is: Back when I was a kid, I was scared of a number of things when I went to bed. One time I woke up in the middle of the night. I was scared to turn to the other side of the bed so I just lay right there. I kept thinking about what I was scared of and all of the sudden I felt something like some fingers touch me. I was really startled. There was no one in my room, though. That's my story

Back Story on Coon Creek Bridge
By:    dragonmamma35@yahoo.com 
My 2 Great-grandfather Pickett donated the land for Mound Cemetery to Washington County on the condition that all his descendents have a free plot there.  In this cemetery there are 2 girls that drowned on the same day.  They were best friends.  One of the girls is a relative and the other is not.  The girl that is not a relative started to drown and the relative girl jumped in to try and save her and neither survived.  I don't remember their names any more but could readily show you their stones in the cemetery.  Also, there were several bridges that crossed Coon Creek so you will want to be more specific as to which one it was.  For instance, there was a bridge just north of my Great-grandparents, Alfred and Grace (Bolejack) Pickett's farm that was washed out in a flood and never replaced.  There are at least 3 more bridges I'm aware of that span Coon Creek.  I have fished off all of them as a girl.  If I remember correctly the relative girl that drowned saving her friend is related on the Bolejack side.  Alfred Pickett married Grace Bolejack and his brother Malcom Pickett married Grace's sister Ethel.  So there was an instance of brothers marrying sisters.  There was also a 3rd girl that drowned that isn't buried at Mound, but I don't remember much about her except that she drowned in a family pond, not Coon Creek.  The reason my 2Great-grandfather donated the land was because there was a small town that was all wiped out from some sort of illness outbreak.  
By: brownnsweet05@aol.com

   I have been reading about people sharing their experiences and want to share one of mine. I may share more but am not sure yet because people try to say I'm crazy. For some reason I am surrounded by nonbelievers. It's very hard to share experiences with someone like that. I learned to just keep them to myself.     The story I decided to share has to do with my first pregnancy. My second one was way worse but I'll try this one out first and leave that for another time. For some reason when I'm pregnant I am harassed by spirits more than usual. My first pregnancy was in 2008-2009. I was finishing up my senior year of college at LaGrange College in LaGrange, GA, so I lived in a dorm. During the night I was constantly awakened by a small black thing next to my bed. It was furry and the fur was long, pointy and oily. Also it walked on all fours and it would pace back and forth. I'm guessing it was some sort of spirit animal (a jackal maybe?). It would do that for a few hours and then it would be gone. One night I asked my boyfriend to spend the night and tell me if he saw it too. When it came he did see it and asked it to leave. It never came back.   For a few months nothing happened. Then one night I stayed with my boyfriend and his mom. We were up watching movies and decided to sleep in the living room. I slept on the couch and he was on the floor. In the middle of the night I woke up. Everything was off and my boyfriend was sleep. I was about to get up to go to the bathroom when a woman in a long flowing white dress entered. She walked across the room to the couch and looked at me. Then she climbed the arm of the couch and crawled up to the back and stretched out and put her head on her arm and kept staring. I was so scared I jumped on the floor with my boyfriend and said I wanted to sleep with him. He asked me what happened but I wouldn't tell him.     The next day we were in the kitchen talking and all of a sudden I stopped. Next to the refrigerator was a man in a derby hat. He tipped his hat as if to say hello then turned to go down the hallway to my boyfriend's dad's room. I told my boyfriend what I saw and about the lady from the previous night. He was upset that I didn't tell him about the lady right when it happened. As for the man he said that his grandfather wore derby hats and that his mom told him that the spirit was there watching his dad because he was sick.   Nothing else happened until after I had my son. Almost immediately after I got home I was being haunted. My boyfriend and I had just moved in together. One day I was in the shower (we had a clear shower curtain) and a small child came in and began using the toilet (he was standing so it's a little boy). He had blonde hair, a red shirt and blue jeans. I saw him clearly. Immediately I hollered for my boyfriend, but by the time he got there the boy was gone. I told him what happened and he said to tell him when the boy would show up again. Unfortunatley he never did when my boyfriend was around. My boyfriend worked at night, so I would often be alone with the baby. I would be plagued throughout the night with baby cries and banging. Of course, I thought something happened to the baby and would be constantly running to check on him. He would be fast asleep. I told my boyfriend and he got tired of it
after a while. He decided that the spirit was not good or a child and decided to confront it.   One night, after I fell asleep, my boyfriend stayed awake. The next day I found out that he had not slept at all because he had gone to the back porch to call out the spirit. He said the spirit came to the back door and looked at him. My boyfriend told it that he knew it wasn't a child and that it needed to leave me alone. He told it that it was unwelcome and had to go. The spirit's faced contorted into an angry glare and it turned red. Then it disappeared. My boyfriend said that it reappeared in the parking lot in front of our porch (we lived in an apartment complex) and paced back and forth in front of him. My boyfriend told it that he did not care how mad it got, it was not welcome in our apartment. It kept pacing the parking lot the rest of the night and my boyfriend stayed there with it to make sure it understood how serious he was. Just before sunrise it eventually gave up and walked away. My boyfriend is very brave and I'm thankful that he did that for me because I never saw it again.

Personal Experiences
By:    marietheriot@rocketmail.com
 Hello my name is Amber Thomas I'm thirty two years old, and have never written down some of the things I have felt or witnessed over the years. I have talked with close friends and family about it. Here are three instances of things happening in my late teenage years.   The first memorable experience was when I was around seventeen years old. I was laying in bed asleep when I woke to feeling a pressure on my chest. As I woke up more completely I felt that I couldn't move or speak, and heard something like the buzzing of bees. Then I heard and felt a presence and heard a voice whisper in my ear " I wish I could bite through your throat" along with more pressure around my neck. You would think I was dreaming, but I had a sugar glider at the time and even though I couldn't move or respond I clearly remember Melon my sugar glider running like crazy in it's cage and making distressed noises. I had to use every bit of will I had to mentally put together a prayer it was the only thing I could think of. As much as I wanted to speak it aloud I felt bound and had tears streaming down my face. I finally managed to garble out a prayer and after the third repetition I felt unbound and could move and speak. I was in hysterics, and the hair on my arms and neck was standing on end. I jumped from my bed and ran downstairs for my mom and dad. I woke them and started bawling my eyes out. My Dad told me to stay downstairs and went to my room. I didn't follow him, but as he left he said " Things like this will not happen in my house". He spent the rest of the night in my room.   The next experience happened when I was nineteen. I was once again in bed on the verge of sleep when I saw a man in my room. He was dressed in white and spoke to me saying " My brother is the light and the life of the world" I was paying close attention to him and out of the corner of my eye I saw a large shadow figure of a man with no features I could tell running at me. I remember throwing up my arm and then feeling as if a truck had hit me. The next thing I recall is sitting up in bed once again with my hair on end and a feeling of terror. I once again went to my parents room, but just took a blanket and laid on their floor. In the morning I told my mom what had happened and showed how I had thrown up my arm, and there in the exact spot I had felt hit was a bruise.   The last memorable experience was again at nineteen. I was driving home late at night and was just coming into town . As I'm about to cross the railroad tracks a huge black dog was standing in my headlights, and just looking at me. It may not seem strange, but as I'm looking at this dog it just vanished and left me with my hair on end and a feeling of terror and almost feeling dirty. A few years later I was recalling this story with friends, and one started laughing and told me that there were plenty of stories or tall tales about people seeing black ghost dogs. I had never heard of any and put it aside till recently. I looked up some stories and the stories I have read are uncanny in similarities. I can swear all these things are true and as exact as I can remember. You don't forget things like this. All my life I have had dreams that seemed so real that when I would wake they would bother me the rest of the day, and some sometimes longer. As far as feelings go I have always been able to get what I jokingly call "vibes about things". I can read people, and this has caused a bit of confrontation with my husband because he would bring a friend home or we would meet random people, and after I would tell him I didn't want them at my house or that I had one of my bad gut feelings about them. After ten years of being married he finally listens to me because I have never been wrong. After knowing these people something always comes out later about them that has my husband telling me I was right.

The Voices in my Laptop
By:  nicolpena12@yahoo.com
I was 12 I think. I was sitting on the basement floor, my sister sitting behind me on the bed. I had my headphones plugged into the laptop, and was listening to sounds coming from the game I was playing when I heard someone say "Hello?" I thought it was my sister, the tv, or the game, but it wasn't. I turned the volume down to zero on my laptop, yet the voice kept saying "Hello?" I unplugged my headphones, so now my sister could hear it too. She asked me what's going on with my laptop, and I told her I didn't know. The "Hello?"s just kept going, speaking over the game until I finally turned off the laptop. That same night it happened again. Only this time I didn't have my headphones plugged in, and my sister was sleeping. Plus, instead  of "Hello?" it was the giggling of a little girl, and it just got louder and louder until again, I turned off the laptop.
The Man in Mom's Room
My little sister, 10 years-old, was the first to see him. She had told my mom that she seen a man standing at her bathroom door. My mother responded saying that the man watched over her while she slept, and that he wouldn't hurt us. A few days later I was going up the steps to my room, but stopped at the top step. Standing in my doorway was the man I believe my sister saw. He looked like he had rolled in mud for days, wore baggy pants, and a thick army like coat. He just looked at me, as if trying to see how I'd react, but I just stared back at him. I went into my room, and he was still there. I wasn't afraid. I could tell he wouldn't hurt me, and he didn't.
 The Basement Door
I was 10, or 11 when it happened. I had stayed up 'til around 3am, and went to the dining room to play on my laptop. After all, everyone else in my family was asleep and I was bored. I had only been on my laptop for about 10 minutes when I heard a sort of squeaking noise. I didn't know where it came from, but for some reason I looked directly at the basement door. The doorknob began to turn ever so slowly, and the door was pushed open causing an eerie bone chilling screech to be emitted from the hinges. The weird thing is that no one was there, just endless darkness took the place of where the someone who had opened the door should be. Then I was paralyzed. I couldn't move, couldn't talk. I don't even think I was breathing. All I could do was look directly at the basement door. I had this feeling in my gut someone was watching me, and then the feeling was lifted. It just disappeared. I was so shocked that I simply stood up, went up to my room, and went to bed. Now I'm about to start High School, and more things have happened.

My Home Growing Up
By:  auntshooey@gmail.com
I grew up on a farm in western Nebraska, in a house my Grandfather had built and where his body was laid for viewing after he died. Unusual occurences were common. Footsteps, banging noises, cold spots and feelings of dread were commonplace for me.  Our family would be gathered at the dinner table for supper and we would hear a door slam shut upstairs. We all would just look at each other and someone would end up making a joke about what had just happened.  I don't recall my age exactly, maybe 9 or 10 when I worked up the courage to ask my Mom is there were ghosts in our house.  When I did ask, instead of the reassuring ,"There's no such things as ghosts.", answer I was hoping for. She just looked at me sweetly and said, "Oh Honey. They're just family. They aren't going to hurt you." I can't begin to tell you how that made me feel. I was still clinging to some hope that it all was just my silly childish imagination.  My sisters and I all saw ,at one time or another, an apparition walking the hall upstairs outside our bedrooms. Each young mind rationalized it in it's own way. I saw Cousin It from The Addams Family TV show. Another sister saw a clown so on and so forth. Although we were scared of the dark, our closets and the basement every day we lived in the house. It wasn't until I was 19 that I was absolutely terrified there.  My Mom had been diagnosed with Lupus in 1970 and the disease finally took her in 1978. I had gotten my first job and had moved out on my own. Dad had gone on a trip and wanted me to stay out at the house to keep an eye on things while he was gone.  I love to read, so I was sitting in Mom's comfy rocker with a book when I started hearing this odd noise from outside. It started out very low just barely  audible and then would get a little louder. I honestly can't describe it exactly, except that it was muffled and mumbled.  I turned on the outside light on the south side of the house and saw nothing so I continued to read. Again the sound comes from outside behind me. Starting low and then increasing in volume still muffled and mumbled but occasionally sounding like children off in the distance chattering as they played. Now it's 11 PM out in the middle of rural Nebraska. There are NO children running around playing outside.  I started to become a little more uneasy at this point and decided to brave it out. I turned the outside light on, grabbed a flashlight from the drawer and headed outside to investigate. The closer I got to that side of the house I started getting goose bumps on my arms. I looked around the house and flashed the light towards the garden area. Nothing was there. I stopped to listen as best I could, my heart was beating so loudly in my ears. Nothing. So I chalked it up to maybe a hurt animal farther out in the garden or something.  This continued to happen during my stay. In a couple of days Dad returned so I went home to my apartment.  The few weeks later I decided to go out to the house and talk to Dad about what had happened. I pulled up in the yard, shut my car off, opened the door  and before I could take my first step the noise began only this time much, much louder that it had ever been before. It was so creepy the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end. I was so freaked out that I just screamed at the top of my lungs for whatever it was to STOP! But it continued getting  louder like whatever it was was coming towards me. I screamed for my Dad but he was inside and didn't hear me. I jumped back into my car and raced home. I called him and told him what had happened and asked if he had heard anything weird. He told me that he had been hearing it for a couple of weeks before he left and again since he got home. It lasted a few more weeks, he said, and then it stopped.  I will never know exactly what was making that horrible sound. Thinking about it to this day, 30+ years later, I still get goose bumps. It couldn't have been an animal. Dad said he had checked all over the yard and garden, for several days while it was light outside and found nothing. I just know whatever it was, it wasn't family, it wasn't good and I wasn't going to hang around to find out what the hell it was or what it wanted.

My Home
By:    zane60423@gmail.com
As far as Brown Avenue,yes.The last death was in 1999.Over the years prior to that,I am not sure.I know the original owner was a banker,with the last name starting with "S".When we first moved in,we had to clean it out from the owners wife,she passed away there  from alcohol and drug abuse.Her portrait hung over her piano for a year.  My daughter was knealing on the bench,talking to her painting,she did not know the lady,but said her name loud and clear. Christmas' and holidays were grand,and we always felt her presence there moreso at those times.   after that,the kids were upstairs playing,they all come down the stairs screaming.The third child claimed there is a black knight upstairs, and,in our main hallway-I had the house blessed and things started to die down for a while. Our family went through a lot of personal issues in the home,my husband at the time was drinking heavily and had become more abusive than ever.My parents died four days apart,what I could salvage from the home I grew up in,was moved into the house.Antiques mainly.Later that same year my daughter was walking in the gangway and was attacked by a leashed dog.With one bite,it broke her arm.The last straw was when I was trying to get a better job,and had to study for it,I had the kids with me all weekend I stayed at a friends house to avoid the drinking husband from interrupting my studies or disturbing the children.Needless to say,the home was trashed,and when I saw the condition I decided to leave.A divorce ensued not too long after that.Sometimes I wonder if this "spirit" thing was carried over from a home we lived in years ago in Calumet City,and I wonder if furniture can do the same?On Wentworth the first night we moved in,we heard someone walk across the top of the floor but noone lived there. we called police there was nothing.There was a brand new lock on the door and there was no way anyone got in there.This kind of thing continued.A family that had lived there prior for fifteen years warned us,they too knew it was haunted.Their family lost the house,went totally broke.The father had been injured and could not work anymore. They told me two people on different occaisions died in that home-one in teh 50's hung himself in the upstairs,the other I am not sure when.I went onto the backporch that was enclosed to get to the laundry room downstairsand the door slammed behind me,and I fell.When I tried to re-enter the home,I couldn't open the door.There's more I will write in the next email/happening.  She knew I was there and wanted to talk to me and say good bye. The strange happenings went on and were kind of used to it.We rented the place from a man whom we thought owned the property-in all reality-he didn't he was buying it on contract.from a school teacher whose husband had purchased the property,became ill and died.All the rent we gave to this guy was supposed to be going to the school teacher.He never paid her,then a real estate agent came and he said we should pay him.It was so confusing,we actually had to go to the mayors office to find out who to pay.In the end,the house was purchased by the van Dam family.They renovated the top floor,then they would be working on our apartment- we moved.I came back to pick up the remainder of our things,making sure the fridge was cleaned out,and a hammer fell on my head from atop the fridge. That was my cue to leave.  I moved to Metea Indiana.  It is off of Route 25 in between Rochester and Logansport. I was on my own with the kids and found a deal! A five bedroom house in a rural area. I could finally  afford a place where all my kids had their own room.The property sits on 4 acres of land and it was a big change from the city of Hammond.I had been separated 8 yrs. divorced for 4 and was starting to really do well.Everyday it was a 2.5 hour drive one way back to work,but that was okay,the kids had a safe place to live.As I was getting ready for the move,a friend of mine helped me move an old radio cabinet separately from the moving truck that was packed.He was upstairs checking the electrical and I was downstairs picturing where everything was going to go.The living room was separated from the dining area by French doors. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little barefooted boy in overalls run through into the kitchen, looked and there was nothing. I figured I was seeing things.Later,the strange occurrences started up again.Doors with no lock were jammed,we couldn't get t.v.or phone service to that house the whole time we lived there.No one would serve the area of that home,yet the neighbors had it.There was always something watching.Towards the end of us living there,a man was seen with clothes from maybe the forty's walking through the hallway upstairs.It looked as if he was getting ready for work.it was daylight,and i saw the whole top of him but no feet walking away quickly.at that time people with their back to the door felt a chill at the same time I saw him.On different occasions people who had lived in the home in the past stopped by,to either ask if mail came what have you,one was even born in the home and just wanted a tour of the home.The little boy I had seen in the very beginning made himself known to the people who lived there for 17 yrs. According to the woman,she said his name was Billy and he was killed on the property in a freak farming accident.She was aware of the old farmer,and his wife.i never had the pleasure of seeing her.Needless to say,after driving back and forth for two years to work,my job was eliminated and I got to stay home.The more time I spent in that home,the more I could see it was going on again.I went broke,my family split up,and I now reside in a one bdrm apartment in Hammond.I have pictures I can show you and you be the judge.When I hear people say they went through pretty much the same thing-I believe them.They don't know me but they had the same experiences.I am not alone.Back in my day,when people would talk about ghosts they were laughed at or thought crazy.With all the technology,and proof there is,how can everyone be crazy? There is some form of life after we leave here.I think there is more than enough proof that these people are trying to communicate with the living.They just don't always know how.

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