A Miracle

by Tarianna21@aol.com

Early 1960's I guess is when I first started having experiences. I was about

3 and I came down with Spinal Menengitis(sp?). Before my mother knew I was

sick I started having confulsions (again sp?). By the time I had gotten to

the hospital I had lasped into a coma. The Drs. told my family that they

would do all they could but they didn't hold out much hope for me. They

didn't think I would last another 24 hours. They told my family to pray and to

start thinking about my funeral arrangments.

Meanwhile I remember going down a dark hallway to a bright light(I know

typical right?) Before I could reach the end a lady with with long black hair,

bright blue eyes and a very loving face carressed my cheek and told me I had

to go back, because it was not my time and I still had alot to accomplish in

my life.

I came out of the coma much to the dr's surprise. My family was told it

was a miracle. I told my mother about the nice lady and she told me sick

people sometimes dream strange things. It was forgotten until a few years and

experiences later, I was about 6 and looking through my grandmothers photo

album when there was a picture of the nice lady. I asked my grandma who the

lady was and was told it was my great Aunt who had died several years before

my birth.

I would love some feedback about if this is why I can sometimes see

things, hear things or sense things that other people cannot. Or if the

reason I can do this is because I was raised in an atmosphere where the

supernatural was very commonplace and nothing to be scared of. Thanks for

your time and please only serious e-mail since I take this subject very


My Parents' Story

by ejhst13@pitt.edu

This story was told

to me by my parents. I was in the house at the time but I was very young.

My parents are from Joplin, MO. In the early to mid seventies, my

father got a job teaching at a community college in Philadelphia. My

parents went out there to find a house. They found a house for sale that

they really liked a lot and they made arrangements to see it. My parents

and the realtor showed up at the house. Before they knocked on the door,

however, the realtor let them in on a bit of inside information. She said

to them "you think that you're looking at this house and judging whether

or not you want it. Actually it's the other way around. these owners are

judging you and they're going to decide whether you're good enough to buy

their house." My parents were like okay, whatever. Apparently the couple

who lived in the house had built it themselves. The husband had basically

built the house with his own two hands and they were in love with their

house. But as they got older, they soon found they couldn't care for

themselves and they were forced into a rest home. They were so

heartbroken over leaving their house. So who lived in it after them was

very important to them.

My parents met the owners and they really hit it off. The old

husband even gave my dad his power tools and work bench since he wouldn't

be needing them at the rest home. My parents bought the house. Later,

they found out that other people had offered the couple MORE money then my

parents but they had refused them, and had let my parents buy it.

The story fastforwards a few years. I was about three years old,

which would have made my sister six. So I guess it was around 1979-80 or

so. It was in the middle of the night. My parents were asleep in their

bed room, which was on the first floor, when all of a sudden my father

heard a "aa-huh", like a very distinct human sigh. Just one sigh, right

above his head. My mother heard it too. They stood there terrified for a

few moments....each was hoping the other had sighed. They soon discovered

that neither had sighed. And obviously you don't wake yourself up with

your own sigh. My father's second thought, after he realised my mother

had not made the noise, was that a robber was in the house. He jumped up,

turned on the lights, but no one was there. He checked the house from top

to bottom. All the windows and doors were locked from the inside. My

sister and I were fast asleep. My parents went back to bed and tried to

forget about it.

A few months later, my mother ran into the former owner, the wife,

at the store or something. My mother found out that her husband, the old

man who built the house, had passed away. He died at the exact same

time my mother and father heard the digh. My mother swears to this day

that that old man took his last breath in his beloved house. My father,

who is a scientist and a huge skeptic of everything says, "I don't believe

in ghosts or anything supernatural. But I heard that sigh. Just as clear

as can be, I heard it. And I'll never forget it."

what makes this story so amazing is that my father doesn't beleive in

ANYTHING and he swears it happened.


by aclemens@dialnet.net

I don't know if you will believe me or not, but I often wonder if there is something in my house. One morning about three years ago I got up and went into my bathroom. I knew I was alone in the house because I work nights and everybody else works days. All of the sudden something started banging on the walls like a child trying to be funny. Later I told my mother about it and she said it had happened to her, but she figured it was some kind of animal living in our walls. Now I grant you, animals do make noises, but this was something else.

The next night I got to bed late (as always) and had just laid down when I heard what sounded like footsteps running up and down the stairs. I was absolutely scared, but it didn't wake my parents at all. I told my mother about it and again she said it was probably mice. Two nights later my cat was sleeping on my bed when the footsteps returned. The cat woke up immediately and wanted to investigate, but I was afraid to let her go. I learned later that I should have because animals can sense spirits. Late at night when I on the computer or watching t.v. the lights will flicker or on a couple of occasions I've had to fight to shut the door to the computer room when normally it shuts fine. I've heard footsteps walk across the upstairs landing and felt my bed get a sudden shake when I go to bed.

The spirit seems to have a knack for teasing one of my friends as well. She never saw any evidence of the ghost until one evening when her, my mother, and I were sitting watching television. I noticed that every so often she would make a strange face and look to the side. She did this about 3 or 4 times. Finally when my mother went to be she told me why. She could hear someone breathing in her ear. She said that she thought it was me or my mom, but as she listened she realized that rather than hearing three people breathing, she was hearing four. The next night she came over again and suddenly looked nervous as we were standing by the table. Apparently the ghost was running his fingers through her hair. We have named this spirit, George. One of my other friends is rather superstitious and won't stay real late at my house because she doesn't want to meet George. I'm not as afraid as I used to be except when it's walking. I still get nervous when I hear the footsteps walk across the floor upstairs. My house was built either in the very early twenties or the very late teens. I was asked once if there was any room I felt uncomfortable in. I hadn't thought about it before, but yes there is. There is an upstairs walk-in closet that I hate to go into. First of all it slants because it was built between my room and the roof. Secondly, I don't care how much light you bring with you, you just can't dispel the darkness in there. The closet is used to store all the dolls my mother collects so I don't have much cause to go in there, but when I do I try not to go beyond the doorway. I'm the only one the spirit does anything to with the exception of my friend. There is no one else in my family that believes.

The House in Kansas

by tonyranner@shenessex.heartland.net

I live in Iowa and I have all through my life loved

paranormal experiences. Although I have not Had one my self, My sister, mother,

father, and uncle have.  Before I was born (when my sister was a

baby) They all lived in a house in Kansas. As I was told, My uncle would hear

footsteps going up and down the stairs to the attic. (which was through his

room.)   He would hear them all hours of the day or night. And sometimes

they would stop in front of him as if to say hi!  As I said my sister was a baby and one night my

mom went downstairs to check on her and seen a man! He look real but real pale

and his hands and feet were almost transparent.  All he was doing was

standing over my sister's crib looking at her. He looked at my mom and soon

after he left. (I don't know how!) And at night my mom left a big Bible open on her

stand to a certain page and every morning she woke up and it was closed.

Everytime she did this it would always close.  I am sure these things are true because my uncle

and mom are not one's to lie about something of this sort.  The House later

was tore down and now a lake is where the house was.

The Woman in White

by townsend@iamerica.net

I am from a very small town in Madison Parish Louisiana One cold Feburary

night, my 5 sisters and I were going to visit my dad's brothers as was a

habit of ours to do so a couple of times during the week.. My fahter had a

work van in which the motor was encased on the inside of the van. Since it

had only a driver's seat and a passenger seat, some of us had to sit on top

of the motor case. This night, in particular, we took a different route to

our uncles' home for some unkonwn reason. As we turned onto a side street,

only one of my other sisters and I saw a woman with long flowing brown hair

down to her waist and a long flowing white gown, glide across the street

about 1 or 2 blocks ahead of us. My sister and both looked at each other

at the same time, and said "Did you see that?" One second she was to our

left and the next she was across the street and then just vanished. When

we got home later that night, I told my mother what my sister and I had

seen. She said that many, many years (I'm not sure if it was in the arly

1900's) that a young lady who lived in that area was to be married. On her

wedding night, her fiance' was tragically killed before the wedding could

take place. The bride, who was very much in love with her fiance', pined

away and died from the greif of her loss. My mother said that my sister

and I were not the only ones who had seen this lady. I will never forget

the apparition that I saw that night and I truly believe that what I saw

was a ghost from the past.

The Ghosts in My Home

by charlottestangledweb@yahoo.com

I saw your web page on my computer at college. My family and I have

had quite a few dealings with what I think are ghosts at my house. I

never used to believe in that type of thing, but when you see things

with your own eyes and several others also see, you begin to believe.

It really makes me question what I was brought up to believe as a

child, that, when you die, you either go to heaven or hell. If that

is so, who the heck is roaming around my house.

This is who I think may be in my house. In 1971, there was a tragic

fire two doors north of where I now live. A family of 5 were all

killed in that fire. The house was torn down after the fire. There

were two boys and two girls killed in the fire along with their

father. The mother was the only one to get out. The ghosts that I

personally have seen seemed to be that of a small boy who looked like

a dark shadow going down to my basement and months later, I saw a


in a white gown going from my kitchen to my daughter's bedroom. I

thought it was my daughter at first. I said, Becky, and my daughter

answered from behind me. I knew it wasn't her then so I got up and

went into my other daughter's bedroom to see if it were her. She was

asleep, wearing a black tee shirt, the person I saw glide through the

hall was wearing a white gown.

I was rather freaked out by this. This was several years ago that I

saw anything, but several others have seen the man in our house. I

never saw him, but I think that he messes with our clocks.

Campus Ghost

by cgwilliams@kpmg.com

I just discovered your page and I wanted to share a recent experience with

you. I live in Boise Idaho and this past summer I went to the Boise State

Campus one morning to pick up a catalogue. It was during the late summer

after summer school had ended so there was literally nobody around as I was

walking through the big quad area. Except for the grass and cris-crossing

walk areas there are only a pair of large (very wide) "Christmas Trees"

growing in the quad. I was wondering where the administrative building was

since I'm not familiar with the campus and was looking for somebody to ask.

There was only one man walking across the campus about 100 feet from me. To

get close enough to him to ask directions, I knew I had to speed up to get

around one of the very wide trees to intercept him. I noticed he was wearing

dark jeans and a long sleeved dark work shirt with buttons down the front

and some sort of dark baseball cap. Very odd clothing for a 100+ degree day.

He appeared to be in his late forties and had a bushy dark beard. It occured

to me that he probably would not know where the administrative building was

since he did not look like somebody who inhabited a college campus. I also

noticed that the man was very thin, his thighs showed through the jeans and

were as narrow as my calfs. When I raced around the tree and expected to see

him he was gone. I looked farther down (had he started to sprint I may have

missed him) but I did not see him. There was no explanation as to where he

could have gone.

The Thing in My Closet

by dethanjl@mindspring.com

i suppose that every kid imagines a monster in the closet or under the bed at one time or another.and i had in fact began to belive my experience to be the result of a young fertile imagination.

you see, my room was located in the basement of my parents home. located next to the basement stairs. my closet ran under the stair and had only an open doorway. no door. as i lay trying to sleep at night i was sure i could discerne a pair of glowing red eyes staring at me from the closet doorway! this allways filled me with a sence of fear and trepidation.

i could never quite make out the body of the apparition,more like having an idea of the shape and size,but never really seeing it. i also had the strange feeling that the apparition indeed wished me ill. furthermore there was some "force" that restricted it to the closet.

however, as i said. i had begun to doubt the evidence of my own experience. until years after i had left the family home , my cousin came to stay with my mom and dad due to "family difficulties". she stayed in my former room. mom informed me that she was having trouble sleeping. however, she could not seem to get her to give any reason as to her apparent insomnia.

my mother asked me to to talk to her, fearing her dificulties stemed from the problems in the family. she further belived that being closer in age might make it easier for her to open up.

she described to me exactly the same manifestation i had "imagined" when i slept in that room! after a room change she was once again able to sleep comfortably at night.

Eastern State Pen

by mcafee@aacr.org

My boyfriend and I decided to do something different as a prelude to

Halloween this year. On Saturday, October 24 (3 days ago) we went on a

ghost tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary located in the Fairmount

section of Philadelphia. The prison is very old, having been built in

the early 1900's and was in use until 1971. At one time, it was

considered the prison to model all others after. Among its many famous

prisoners, Al Capone once spent some time at the prison. The prison is

reputed to be haunted, as many prisoners were murdered in their cells or

died of disease while incarcerated. As background for me, I have seen

and sensed ghosts all my life.

We stood in line outside the prison at about 10pm...the line stretched

almost the entire block. While the prison walls are high and

foreboding-looking, I didn't feel threatened or get any sense outside

the walls. We got a little nervous when we were forced by the City of

Philadelphia to sign a waiver release and wear hard hats -- the prison

is in severe disrepair. The roof is caving in in spots and the lead

paint is peeling.

Once inside the prison walls, the prison itself is in the shape of a

spoked wheel: the middle hub is the where the prison guards collected

and each "spoke" was lined with prison cells. We were led around the

outside of the spokes and into the spoke that housed the solitary

confinement cells. All of the doors and locks had been removed from

each cell and the doors to the cells were only about 3 feel tall. The

cells were pitch black and there was only a dim light in the corridor.

We were explicitly told no one was allowed to go into any of the cells.

I didn't really get a feel for any presence, but I felt an overwhelming

sense of sadness. After we left that particular spoke, the feeling went

away and the rest of the tour was uneventful (aside from the "ghostly"

spooks popping out at us from various spots in the building). I felt

completely comfortable.

After the actual ghost tour is over, you are invited to go back into the

prison into a few rooms that had been set up as a sort of museum of

sorts. I'm not sure if the rooms had been cells or what. There were

pictures and articles about the prison and a collection of knives and

zip guns confiscated from prisoners over the years, among other things.

I was walking through a doorway from one room to the other when I

actually felt as if someone put their hands on my chest and pushed. I

actually had to take a step back to keep from tripping backwards, and

then whatever it was actually went through me. It knocked the wind out

of me! There was no one near me and it wasn't windy, so I am going to

assume that I came in contact with some spirit. Luckily, it didn't seem

malevolent......it was just there.

Lee Hall

by sharus@sprynet.com

I've read better stories than the one I'm going to recount here. In fact, the actual story of what happened to me often falls on deaf ears. It's fairly anti-climatic in the telling. Scared the hell out of me, though, and my good friend Jim. I guess that's what counts. My first summer after my freshman year in college, I began working at a place in Black Mountain, North Carolina, called Blue Ridge Assembly. The most prominent feature of the place is a building called Lee Hall. It's a mammoth building. Five stories including the basement and attic, full of rooms that have been used as a dormitory of sorts since it's foundation. it was built, I believe around the turn of the century. I believe the date was 1912. it was built entirely from the timber gathered off the mountain there, and has served many different purposes. It's current function is housing people who book the mountain for conferences and retreats.

Anyway, I do regress. It's a hard building to miss. It's just plain "spooky" as any old building can be. Especially one of its size with very long hallways. My second summer there, I was working in housekeeping. the office was on the second floor. Actually, the 3rd, if you count the basement. It was the end of the summer, and the staff was finishing up final cleaning to shut many buildings down for the winter, including Lee Hall. It was dark, and everyone was pulling together to finish the job so we could have a few days rest before returning to college. My friend Jim and I were sent down to Lee Hall, which I had personally locked up for the day, for more supplies. We approached the back stairs which was the easiest way to reach the housekeeping supplies, joking about how spooky the whole thing was. As we climbed the stairs, we both grew silent. later, we both told each other that we knew something strange was happening. Above us was a huge metal door that led into the main hallway of the second floor. We got halfway up the stairs, and the door slowly swung open revealing the gaping hallway, lit only by the exit sign. Nobody stood there. If someone had pushed it open and run, we would have heard them running across the floorboards, but they couldn't have, because it had been my responsibility to lock the place up for the night, and I'm sure I did just that. Jim and I both felt a terror far beyond that of seeing a door open strangely. I really felt like it was an invitation. Does that make sense? An invitation to something I didn't want. We fled, screaming and cursing. the terror we felt was beyond that of just seeing a door open strangely.

We returned shortly with several people and searched the building. No one was there. Jim's story continues from there. he stayed the winter and had a lot of strange things happen.


by richardandtammy@mindspring.com

For years I thought that I was daydreaming. My first visitor was very unfriendly. I was about 9 years old. My father, who was in the military, had moved us to Indiana, to a small town outside of Indianapolis. The house was an old Victorian house, that had no square rooms. I knew from the moment we walked up the stairs that the bathroom at the end of the hall was not a place I had wanted to go into. Even our dogs wouldn't go in there. My parents couldn't understand why all of us kids refuse to take our baths upstairs. They didn't believe that the window would open and close by itself. They didn't believe that everytime you go in, the door would shut all by itself. Luckily for us, we moved right after a couple of months. My second visitor didn't show up until after I had gotten married, and we had moved into a small house in Kansas. We had a basement that had our washer and dyer in the corner. I had a small table that I keeped my cleaning stuff on, which I had just cleaned the day before. All of my children were in school, and I would be downstairs. I would hear children running and laughing upstairs. When I went to go check, no one was there. I went down stairs and on the table was a ladies pinky ring. I knew that it wasn't there earlier. I had asked the children and my husband if they knew where it had come from. No one knew. In my heart, I knew the ring was for me, I have worn this ring for almost 8 years now. Things would disappear and reappear, and we would just blame it on our "Ghost". I have known for along time that I have the ability to "find " ghost. The third experience was when my husband was deployed in Desert Storm. The children and I had just gotten home, to Indiana, to my parents house. I had just put my daughter down for a nap and had been asleep for just alittle while, when I felt as if I was being watched. I sat up, and I saw my grandfather, who had died right before our daughter was born, the year before. He walked over to her crib and then he looked at me, and he said "Everything is going to be fine, Don't worry he'll come home". I had notice that the room had a smell that I had associated with my grandfather. Within 6 months, my husband did come home safely. My last experience happened when we got stationed over seas to Germany. We had spent three years there, and were getting ready to move back to the states. I was cleaning out a closet, and all of the sudden, I was engulfed in the aroma of roses. I had called to my husband, who was in the other room. He laughed, because he thought I had broken a bottle of perfume. The only thing is, I had no perfume in my bedroom or in my closet. A neighbor who lived downstairs, came up, she too smelled the roses. She believed that I was visited by what the Haitians called "The Lady". I am not afraid of my visitors. I only wish that they would stop playing jokes on us, and return the items that they like to "borrow".

My Children's Father

by nsetters@usit.net

My experience is not unusual in any way. It began when my

childrens father comitted sucide back in October the 29 of 1993. I was

3 months pregnant with our little girl, our little boy was 9 months

old. It was really a terrible time in mine and his families life.

About three weeks after we had buried him, I was visting his mother and

it was getting late when I got home. My mother was watching my son, and

I got no more than in my living room when he was standing there right in

front of me and said, "Where have you been?" I started screaming, my

mother runs in and asks whats wrong. I told her and she said I was

dreaming. Not when I am wide awake. You have to believe me, for what I

have told you is true. There has always been something like that happen

to me, as far as I could remember. I wish I knew if I wasn't the only

one to see things. One more example of the stuff that happens to me.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was laying down on my bed on my back

when all of the sudden I felt little hands moving across my stomach,

they were like that of a small child. That really scared me, I had my

eyes shut, I was praying for it to stop. When all of the sudden it

crawled on top of me and laid there for a couple of minutes, I felt its

weight like it was real. Then it rolled off me and crawled in bed

beside me. I laid there for at least 10 minutes trying to get courage

to open my eyes. When I finally did there was nothing there. I ran out

of that room screaming. Eveyone looks at me like I am crazy when I tell

them that, but it is true I swear to it.

The Twelve Steps

by longo@win.bright.net

It all started when I was about 10 or eleven. This story is very true, by

the way. We had moved into a new house in north-eastern Wisconsin. Let me

explain where my room was. There was a porch, and then the door into our

house. To the left was the kitchen, to the right was the laundry room, and

if you were to go straight when you entered the door, there was a stair

case. It lead to the attic, were my room was. The stair case was not very

long at all, 12 steps to be exact. When you went into the attic, there was

a bathroom if you went straight, my room if you turned left, and to the

right was a living room with a T.V.

One night while I was lying in bed trying to sleep, I heard creeking up

the steps. I thought it was my cat or one of the dogs, so I wasn't scared.

I counted the number of steps I heard. There was twelve. I noticed it

sounded like a person coming up, I remembered every creak the steps made.

I looked at the staircase which I could see from where my bed was. I

notices some sort of dim light from the top step. The lights in the

kitchen were off, and so was the upstairs light. I hid under the blankets,

hoping for it to go away. I listened closely, and heard 12 steps going

down the stairs. Every night from then on, I heard the steps. One night,

after I heard the steps going down the stairs, I got out of bed and looked

at the bottom of the stair case. It was very dark, but I thought I could

see a crumpled figure on the linoleum.

Three years later, we moved into a new house in Indiana. One night my

mother told me that a little boy had died in the house in Wisconsin because

he fell down stairs. She didn't want to tell me when we livd there because

it might frighten me. to this day, I am still very haunted by that


The Hooded Figure

by mcafee@aacr.org

My friend Christy is engaged to this guy named Sean. Sean has lived for

most of his life at his parents' house in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sean's

house is very old and just happens to be in a development that is

situated over an old Indian burial ground.

For as long as Sean can remember, there has been a ghost in the house.

It imitates the voices of people who live in the house. There are many

instances of Sean or his sisters being alone in the house and hearing

one their parents begging for help downstairs, only to go to the parents

aid and discover that parent is not in the house. Sean even recorded it

once while he was recording himself playing drums. In addition, there

is a spirit that follows them and visitors around the house...it is a

tall dark figure wearing a hooded cloak. It has never harmed anyone,

merely made them feel uncomfortable.

About a year ago, Christy made a trip out to Cincinnati to meet Sean's

parents for the first time. He didn't tell her about the house because

he didn't want to spook her. Sean's parents invited her to stay in the

guest room and Christy accepted. The first night of the visit, Christy

was sound asleep when she woke up suddenly and felt something icy slide

over her and felt like something was watching her. She got spooked, and

went over to Sean's room and slide into bed with him and stayed there

the rest of the night. Sean didn't tell her at the time, but the hooded

figure followed her into the room. The same thing happened the next

night and Sean finally told her. She refused to stay in the house

another night.

He Takes Things

by shull@gardner-webb.edu

I have a very close friend who lives with her sister, brother-in-law and

their two children in a two-story home that was built in the mid-1800s.

I have been in the house two times, but I haven't experienced the things

she has.

She tells me the ghost that lives there does some of the strangest

things. He blows out candles and takes things. Earlier this week

(10-28-98), he took her sister's glasses and hid them. Family members

actually have to ask for them back and the item reappears only after

pleading with the ghost. My friend says her sister placed the glasses in

the kitchen after coming home from work. When she went to get them, they

were gone. They later reappeared, after asking the ghost to return them,

on the floor between two Coke bottles.

She says he also takes plates from the kitchen and hides them and they

later find them in the laundry room or somewhere else in the house.

She thinks someone was killed there many years ago because of a large

blood stain on the wooden floor at the bottom on a staircase that leads

to the second floor. As well, there are bullet holes in a door that have

been patched in a door on the second floor.

But overall, she thinks 'he' is a good ghost.

Pretty cool. But I promised her I would never spend a night in that


The Hotel

by bcurrie@pdq.net

My name is Brad, I am 14 years old and live in Houston,TX.

I have experienced many different paranormal activities.On one occasion, I was with my family in San Antonio, where I had a very strange incounter. My cousin,

who was with us at the time, decided he wanted to go down stairs to the arcade.

The arcade was located in the basement of the hotel we were staying at. The

hotel was built in the 1800's and had been the site for many different killings (which I didn't know untill I did my own research on the place). Anyway, when we got down to the arcade room and started playing, we noticed that we were the only

people in the basement at that time. When we ran out of money, we went back up the stairs that we came down. As we were turning the corner to go back up, we noticed a very tall woman in some type of gown standing at the top of the stairs.

By the time we got to the top she was gone. We asked the workers in the lobby

if they saw where the woman had went to and they told us that there wasn't any woman near the stairs to the basement at that time.

The Indians in the Woods

by longo@win.bright.net

This is a ghost story my grandma and grampa told me. My grampa likes to

joke, but my grandma wouldn't lie to me, and I, also, have experienced what

I will tell you in this story, so it is very true.

Let me explain where this story takes place, perhaps it will clarify

things better. We live next to Amacoy Lake, a lake in Bruce WI. It is in

the north-eastern region of WI. Where my granbdparents live is a very

undeveloped area of land, very close to the lake.

One day I asked my grandma if she has ever seen ghosts (this was when I

was about 11). She told me one night in mid-fall, she and grampa were

sitting out on the deck. They noticed sounds that sounded like Indians

wailing. They looked in the window to see if the noises were coming from

the television. They weren't. They noticed lights (such as torches or

fires) coming from the woods by the house. They thought it was an

interesting experience. They told me they weren't afraid, because ghosts

can't hurt you. Next spring, my gramma took me out to the woods where the

lights were seen. We saw some mounds that were probably Indian burial

grounds (maybe not). The man who had previously lived in that area, about

in the 1920's-40's, used that are of woods as a junk yard. I remember from

a very young age when we used to live by my gramma, my dad bringing me down

to the woods. There was a steep hill and a little creek that ran into

Amacoy. We used to go and sit in an old truck from the 30's.

Anyways, there was lots of old bottles and cans in the woods, so gramma

and I did an experiment. We found an old glass bottle, it was kind of

square past the neck. We set it on a stump right in front of the woods.

Gramma and I were the only ones who knew about the bottle, and we had been

cooking in the kitchen. I decided to go and see if anything had happened

to the bottle. When I looked at it, there was a perfect black feather in

it. I left it inside the bottle.

The next day I came back to gramma's. I went and looked at the bottle

again. It was standing on it's neck. I picked it up and tried to stand it

on it's neck again, but it wouldn't balance. These are the only

experiences I've had with the indians, except one time while I was in my

grampa's workshop, I heard them.

My Mother in Law

by DdarcFyre@aol.com

This is less of a haunting, and more of a notice that a friend is not

completely gone from me.

Back in May of '97, my husband's (then my fiance) mother died. In April of

that year, on his birthday she had an artery bi-pass surgery of her leg.

Unfortunately, soon after she came home, the site at top of her leg where the

graft started, opened up and bled. That time, she survived. The wound wouldn't

heal, and it had gotten infected. In May, it hemorraged again. This time, it

was so fast that in less than 5 minutes, she could not speak or respond to my

husband next to her. The EMS got there just as I had gotten downstairs. She

started to go into coronary arrest in the ambulance, in front of the house. I

had to drive myself to the hospital. Not too long, we got the word that she

had died.

Both of us were in shock. She was only 69. I thought it was so unfair. I loved

her very much and had only known her for about a year. She was always so good

to me, a very good friend and Mother-to-be-Inlaw. It just wasn't fair.

Now, so you know... I am an aetheist. I have a very hard time when loved ones

die, because I don't believe that I will see them again. But everytime

something happens, I kind of look to God for solace. Somehow my faith returns,

if only to get me thru a difficult time, to which I cannot control.

I prayed to her... Hoping she would hear me, if there is a place for those who

have passed on. I asked her to give me a sign, if she was okay and if there is

another "side". One night, I was alone in my bedroom. Since I am an artist, I

thought that making the thank you notes for her funeral would be a good

tribute to her memory. As I was sitting there, I said outloud: "Rose, I'm

making your cards... What do you think of them?" At that moment, I hear a

noise from the stairs that traveled into the room, to the wall next to where I

sat. I didn't feel scared (I'm a scaredy cat by nature), just happy. Then just

as the sound ended, a puff of cold gentle air hit my back. Okay, so I had the

airconditioner on, and that is behind me to my right. So, I sat still waiting

for yet another increase in air movement. Never happened. Now, this house is

very creaky and noisy, but I have never before or since heard the traveling


Well, I had to go to work the next week. While in the car, I asked Rose to

once again give me a sign, that other one wasn't too convincing. I had to be

sure. One of my husband's friends told us a hilarious story about the first

time he met Rose. She was a short 2nd. Generation Italian-American. She was

cooking dinner when he came over. He told us that he went to say hi to her,

when she looked up at him with fish in both hands and said "SCHHHHMELTS?" She

was basically asking if he wanted smelts for dinner. But the friend

exaggerated it in his telling. He told me about that while she was still

alive. While in the car, I noticed that I had not turned on the radio yet.

That is rare, it goes on right after the engine. I turned it on... A D.J. said

SCHHHHMELTS exactly the way the friend did. Then everyone on the station

laughed. I did not catch the ending of a word, it was the start and finish.

They were indeed talking about smelts. That's an odd topic, especially for a

top 40 radio station.

Now, I didn't convert... Tho' I do think more of her as being "alive"

somewhere else. What I don't understand is why this is only with her, and not

with my grandmother who died the year before, or my husband's Father who died

two weeks before our wedding. By the way, my wedding gown is cursed. The day

before Rose died, I bought it and showed it to her. The day I tried it on for

a fitting (After my bridal shower), Joe, my husbands Dad goes into the

hospital - Never to come home again. The day of my husband's bachelor party,

Joe dies in a nursing home, close to my final fitting. Not too long after my

wedding, my dear seamstress who was battling cancer died. That was the last

dress she worked on. I don't believe in curses, but this one takes the cake!

Just so you know... I am hearing a number of bumps that normally don't occur

here, so maybe I'll stop now. I'm starting to get freaked out.

Green Eyes

by BATMAN9644@aol.com

Hello, my name is Bill. I live in a small town in the south were strange things are often seen and heard. I have a story that still puts chills all over me everytime I tell it, and those chills are there now. My story starts when I was five or six, and it involves me and my older brother. We have two older brothers but this story only involved us to an extent. Here goes.... My older brother, Norman, was asked to take the scraps out one night after supper. It was a normal routine for each of us, but on that night, it would change his life forever. He walked outside to empty the scraps, and that's when this whole thing began... When he got to the spot where we dump the scraps, he noticed a pair of green eyes. He didn't pay much attention, considering that we did have dogs and cats, so he continued. After he was done, they were still there, but this time, they were looking up at him with a squint to them. He started calling all of the dogs and cats names, and none of them responded, and that really took him by surprise, especially with it being time for them to eat. He noticed that the eyes was all he could see, and he got scared at that point. As he took a closer look, this thing smiled at him, and at that point, he threw the pot at it and ran back into the house to tell us what had happened. We all laughed and went about our business, but I could tell that he was telling the truth. That was the first, but still not the last of Green Eyes. As the years went bye, things got worse for him. This thing was taking over every part of my brothers life. It would lock doors on him and wake him up in the middle of the night by breathing heavy on his face. As the years went by, I started witnessing these things, like the doors locking and unlocking, the tv turning on and off and changing channels, lights going on and off, etc. One night, I couldn't sleep, so he got on the top bunk with me and told me to go to sleep. It worked until I woke up and looked at him, and his hair was moving like a fan was blowing air in his face. I woke him up and told him what I saw and he just laughed and said that it happens to him all the time. One part of this whole ordeal that will always be in my mind happened when I was about 7. We were all out playing and we made him mad, so he went to our eldest brothers room and went to sleep. When it turned dark, we all went back in to watch tv. My mom, dad, and the rest of us was watching a movie, when he called for me from the bedroom. The tone of his voice let me know that he was scared, bad. He didn't scream at me, it was more like he could barely get it out, you know, like it took all of his effort just to say my name. I was about 30 feet from him, in the living room, and the hall led straight to the room he was in. I was afraid to even look down the hall, and the funny thing was, nobody heard him but me. He asked me again to come in the room, and to hurry. I was scared, but I proceeded down the hall. When I got close to the door opening, I was scared to go on. He said, get in here, it is in front of the bed, I want you to see it. At this point, I was frozen, and as I turned and looked through the door, and cought the expression on his face, I screamed at the top of my lungs. The whole family came down the hall, pushed me out of the way, and by the time they got to him, he was in shock. I'll never forget it, his face was blue from holding his breath, and my dad slapped him in the face to get him to breathe again. Dad looked at us with pure terror in his eyes, he could not believe that something could put this much fear in someone, and he held him all night so that he could sleep knowing that he was ok. Things did get worse, because soon, it all started happening to me. The only time that I ever saw it was in my bedroom. It had large green eyes, and they were squinted. At one point, it would call out your name, when you were alone, even in the daylight. A few years later, he got married and moved into a trailer about 50 yards away. At this point in time he was moving out of his bedroom which was a few years old from an addition. I wanted a new room, but his was one that I really didn't want to be in at all because of the things that were heard and seen by him in there. I did move into it in time. When he moved out, things were fine for about six months for him, the only reason was that this thing turned its intentions on me, and I knew that I was in trouble. The same things that he was hearing, I started hearing. My name was called, lights turned on and off, the tv would turn on and off, even when other people was in the room with me. I would have friends over and they wouldn't even know of the occurences and they would wake me up in terror and ask me about all of these things and I would tell them the story. Many of our family members experienced these things. Soon, it turned it's sights back on him and this time it was stronger. It would actually wake him up and be on top of him. At one point, it told him that it was back, and that it was stronger and that this was it's house and for him to leave. A few years later, enough was enough. They asked a priest to come and bless the house, and he agreed to do so. I remember that day well, because at that point, I had gotten married and had a son, and I lived close to him. He had two kids of his own, which would at times play with a friend that was not there. So he summoned the priest. I stayed at home that day, just to see what would happen. I did not go in, instead, I stayed outside. After they came out, the priest said another prayer and left quickly. Then my brother told me what had happened. The priest had just made it through the door, when he turned to my brother and his wife and said, " Do you feel that?". My brother was scared, although he had lived with this for several years. To see the Priests face turn pale, was overwhelming for him. When they got to the kitchen, the priest stopped, and told them not to move because it was in the room with them. The priest started sweating and praying and told my brother, this is not a spirit, it is the devil himself. He fought with this thing, spiritually, and the room got very cold, and that's when the priest said that it was running to the back room. They all ran to the back room, where the priest cornered it in the left side of the closet. After this was all done, he spoke with my brother and told him that he could not guarantee that the spirit would not come back, but he did say that if it did, it would be twice as bad. Things were fine for about a year, then out of the blue, it was back.Once he was working on the water line under the sink in the kitchen when something started rubbing his back. He thought nothing of it and kept on working. It started again and he thought that it was his wife, so he turned around, and nothing was there, and at that point, he knew that it was back. He ran, and yelled for his wife and found her in the bathroom where she said that she was for about 45 minuts. She didn't hear him screaming until he opened the door. On one occasion, he saw a little girl run through the living room,and vanish into the bedroom, not to be found. If I told you of all of the occurences over the years, It would be book length, but I may add to this story from time to time because he's probably being bothered as we speak. The last time that he said it bothered him was about a month ago when he was sitting at the table with his wife. They were talking, and a glass from on top of the refrigerator was lifted and floated across the room, within inches of them, and placed on the floor in front of the door. They just looked at each other and said " Did you see that?" They have become used to these things happening, and friend and family also experience things while being in their house. Over the years, he has shown me bruises on his arms, throat and legs, where it has grabbed him, and one night it picked him up by the ankles and dangled him over his wife until she woke up and he fell on top of her. After all of these years of evil that he has seen, it has slowly taken over his life, although he refuses to believe that. For the past few years, he has turned evil himself, disowning his family, picking fights over nothing, and lashing out at everyone over simple things. I love my brother, and I know that this thing has a hold on him and is taking control. Well, that's the end for now, but rest assured I will tell you more because I know that this thing is not going away. There are several things left out of this story because It is quite long anyways, but If you want to know more, please E-mail me. For all of you out there who are laughed at when you tell your story, just remember that there are people out there just like you and me who know the truth and the truth is that there is something else out there, there are things that can't be explained, and people like us that see and hear things all the time. We are not crazy, we have just been chosen to see and hear these things to let people know that they are there, and that they are not going away anytime soon.......

2 Visits

by dubldon@mvn.net

hi my name is donnie. i've had two experiences in my life so far. the first

one happend when i was abought 14. i was laying on my bed in my bed room i

was taking a nap. it was abought noon my mom hollerd to me it was lunch

time. i woke up set on the edge of my bed set there for a few minuets i

looked up to see my gradpa looking at me. the thing of it is that my grandpa

past away 3 years before. i wasnt scared or nothing. he looked at me and was

smiling. i looked at him for abought 2 minutes and felt peace and warmth.

the second experience i had was about 4 months ago. my mom

pasted away in 97 and we were really close. me and my wife and kids moved in to

my parents house to help my dad with my mom when she was sick. she pasted

away. one morning i was feeling down and was missing her i started smelling

a real strong fragrance. i felt at peace, it was the perfume my mom used to

wear. it lasted for about 2 minutes and then it disappeared.


by james028@ameritech.net

In 1992, my daughter (who was pregnant), her boyfriend and their 3-year

old daughter moved into a beautiful old apartment house in town. The

house was one of the first built in the early 1800's in that area. It

had once been a luxurious private home, a private children's boarding

school and last converted to an apartment house with 12 units. Inside

the apartment, walls had been plastered over where open staircases had

once gone upstairs and to the basement.

Things went well there for the family until shortly after the birth of

the new baby. One night Theresa, Erika (3-year old), the baby and

Theresa's friend Karen were at the apartment watching TV and talking.

The baby was in the bedroom asleep and Erika sat on the floor in front

of the TV. The girls heard the baby let out a terrible scream as if she

were in pain and they both ran to the bedroom. When they picked up the

baby she had a bite marked on her cheek the size of a small child's

mouth. They checked the closet, the kitchen and the doors were all

locked. Later the bite marked turned black and blue (I saw this with my

own eyes). We knew that no matter what Erika could not have done this

for she was missing her top two teeth and the marks showed a full set.

Within a few days Erika seemed to have made the aquaintance of an

imaginery friend. She would play for hours in the bedroom, talking and

singing and sometimes arguing over toys with her friend. Her mommy

asked her who her friend was and she said "Marci". We all thought it

was cute until.....Marci didn't like to share toys and she would pull

out clumps of Erika's hair. This would happen as her mommy watched.

Erika would be arguing over toys, saying "No, you can't have it" when

all of a sudden she would scream and put her hand on her head. Theresa

would look and big clumps of her hair would have been pulled out.

This became very eerie, Marci would play with toys and books, I mean to

say throw them at people and move them from one end of the room to the

other while many people watched. It also seems that Marci had a little

brother with her. The only time the apparitions were seen was by T's

boyfriend who absolutely did not believe in ghosts. One night he was

watching tv while he laid on the couch, he looked at the hallway and saw

a little girl with long brown hair in braids and a dress with the waist

about hip level (circa 1920's) and guess what, her little brother was

standing at her side. The next day he told T it was a dream she said

"okay then, what was on tv?" He told her, we looked it up and sure

enough, he was not asleep. That very day he said "There's no such thing

as ghosts" as soon as this was out of his mouth he was viciously

scratched across his forearm while others in the room watched. He was

also the target of books and other items thrown at him constantly.

My older daughter and I questioned Erika about Marci. We thought maybe

she had heard that name somewhere and liked it, but that was not the

case, she'd had limited contact with other children except her cousin

who is a boy. We asked her how old Marci was and she said "She used to

be 6". Then we asked her if Marci went to school, she said "She used to

but she can't anymore" her tone was very sad. It raised goosebumps on

our arms. We asked her whose house it was and she said "It's her

grandma's house" we asked about her parents and she said" They're dead".

We told her to tell Marci and her brother to go find their mommy and

their daddy and she said "She can't find em". This whole questioning was

in itself strange because Erika was not a very outspoken child and was

never subject to imagination, not even a little.

One day T. was folding laundry and Erika came in crying her heart out,

her mommy said "What's wrong?" She said " Come quick, mommy, Marci's in

the closet and she can't get out, please let her out she's crying" T.

went and looked and the closet door was closed, normally it was always

ajar slightly (old house-latches didn't work well). It seems T. had

used her rear end to push the door shut tight with her armful of clothes

and had shut Marci in. T. told her "sorry but Marci's going to have to

stay there". Things were really quiet until a few days later the closet

was open and once again Marci was at her old stuff. She pulled a

telephone cord while T. was talking to me until she almost fell out of

the chair.

Theresa and her family moved out after several months of this, her

friends mother had contacted Unsolved Mysteries and they wanted to come

out but she was not staying there. She gave them her landlord's number

(who was very interested in this by the way).

Also they experienced noises such as pots & pans being washed (clanging)

in the basement. The basement was sealed off by the landlord. It's

seems the boarding school's cafeteria was in the basement. The other

apartments heard loud parties coming out of T's apartment late at night

while they were in bed asleep.

I have been told that I am somewhat psychic and I always felt these

children were in that closet when there was a fire and died together. I

also felt the year 1923 (hence the dress-sighting happened after I came

up with the date) I also felt her full first name was Marcianna with an

Italian last name. I also felt they were buried in the cemetary about 1

1/2 blocks from the house-We've been too chicken to check but we will

someday. Well early this year this entire house was consumed by fire no

cause was ever found and now there are 3 empty city lots where it once


Very scary!!! Erika has not had an imaginary friend since.

If anyone would like to contact me they may.

The Little Girl

by Nikodi1@aol.com

when i lived at my parents current house, my bedroom was in the attic. my mom often would sneak up the stairs and try to scare me with the good, old "boo!". well, one evening i was in bed reading when i heard someone coming up the stairs..not wanting to let mom get the best of me, i told her that i had heard her and to just come on up. i looked up from my book to see a little girl w/long blond hair peeking around the edge of the stairs. i figured that my eyes were playing tricks on me, and called again to my mom.. but she wasnt on the stairs. well, the next morning at breakfast i told my parents my little story, and they were freaked. i guess for almost a week they had been hearing the voice of a little girl in the house and didnt want to tell me. every so often i would still hear the stairs squeeking as if there was someone on them and an occasional voice every so often, but no one in the house has ever seen the little girl again.

i feel stupid telling this story because i was inbetween 8-14 when these things occured and i guess i could just have an over active imagination. well, anyways, when i was about 8 year old i first saw our lady in white(different house than w/little girl). i woke up one night and had the urge to look over the side of my bed. well, there she was, all in white, except for where her eyes were. i felt no fear and just layed back down. a few minutes later i looked again and she was still there, but laying with her head at the opposite end of the bed..eg. her feet were now by my head. i laid back down, looked again she was gone. every so often i'd see her, as i got older i did start to get a little bit scared. i have a feeling that she was a sad spirit. if you looked into our bathroom mirror you could see out into the hallway and into my bedroom. it got to where i wouldnt look into the mirror w/the bathroom door open. believe it or not you could actually see a woman, in white, fleeing the bedroom, looking like she was crying...very upset. we also had a little dog or cat, a small brownish black blur that would run into the kitchen every so often. we moved before my 15 birthday to the house that has the little girl. about three years ago i got a job at city hall and looked up the histories on both houses.. i didnt turn up anything on the little girl, but the house w/the woman was on market for 4 years before my parents bought it and it had a few short term owners before that.

now this next one is about my ticked off great grandfather.. never met nor saw the man. i guess when he died he asked to have a catholic burial...well, his then wife went against his wishes and buried him w/out a catholic blessing. for 2 or 3 days he "showed up" at my grandma's house (his daughter). he kept say "why did you let her do it, irene" i guess a few of my aunts and an uncle might have saw this as well. fed up w/her father had a catholic priest bless his grave and she never saw him again. i've got a few more, but i'm at work and have to do just that.

Old Kelley House

by rcald311@detnet.com

I just sent you info on the Old Kelley

house in Houston,Tx. I used to rent there with 4 other people. It is a 3

story, turn of the century house built by Mr. Kelley. He owned Kelley

Lumber company and used his lumber to build the house. The rent house goes

for about $2,300 to $2,000 a month as of current.

It has a long history of hauntings that started right after Mrs. Kelley

committed suicide. We found out about this info by accident which I will

describe later.

I was the first to experience the haunting. I just moved in and had a

friend over. The front window blinds at the entrance slammed shut and

closed by themselves. It scared my friend so bad ..he ran out of the house

without saying goodbye! I shared the house with 4 other adults. Two of

them,ladies, were amatuer mediums. Just local pychic fairs and healing

centers was their occupation. We overlooked the house together before we

rented. Upstairs in the masterbathroom is a set of old french windows above

the sinks. It has a crank to open the windows. Two of us tried to open it

but it was weathered and painted shut. We forced it and it would not budge.

That year the hard freeze came early and our first evidence to share

together of the haunting became known. All five adults and two children

were accounted for. Matt, one of the roommates came down from taking a

shower and asked was there any reason for us having the other bathroom

windows open. Sandy and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows with

disbelief. We asked Matt again to be sure we heard him right. We

invistigated. Sure enough when we got to the top of the stairs you can feel

the cold winds blowing. As we enter the bathroom..Sandy and I stood shocked

to see the french windows fully opened. We debated the issue in our

heads...but there is no way Matt himself could open those french windows by

himself...even if he was on steroids. I tried to reel in the window using

the crank. It was rusty and hard to close..I had to use tools to shut it.

That moment on we all knew we had a problem on our hands.

Few weeks later, Sandy wanted to use the house as a gathering of friends to

share vegetarian meals. Her ambition expanded to the public. For public

relations she wanted to write something about the house...but steered away

from haunting stories. She struggled with different concepts. But succumbed

to telling the story of a couple and their tragic love for each other. The

story is about a recently engaged, mischief young lady that plays a

practical joke on her fiance at their engagement party. From the upstairs

balcony she pours water on her beau down below. This enraged him and

scolded her with fever.

Shocked and dismayed she bursted out in tears and ran to the other side of

the house to the porch on the second floor. Heart broken and drunken with

wine with misery she hangs herself.

It wasn't until violent weather did the secrects come out. On October 13,

1993 a tornado paid us a visit.

It was all over the nation and CNN. It was unheard of a tornado touching

down near a large downtown area...especially in Houston. The tornado struct

our neighbors next door and apartment building across the street. Because

of our national cover and Sandy's interview with news reporters being

broadcast over the nation...it prompted a old resident to pay us a visit.

The Granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kelley came by to see if we were all

right and wanted to share pictures and story about the house. But we wanted

to ask her questions too..without sounding like nuts.

We already had a couple of occurences of the hauntings since then. We

decided to minipulate her in going upstairs to the upstair masterbathroom.

There we unfolded to her the news about the house and it's little gifts.

She hesitated on entering the bathroom..which raised question in our minds.

We told her about the windows and suddenly she started to get very nervous.

She finally told us the house was in fact haunted. It was in that very room

she found her grandmother hanging from the ceiling. The room used to be a

screened in porch overlooking her grandmother's garden. She was over rotten

with pain in her knees so much so she couldn't garden anymore. It crippled

her to where she was using a wheel chair and had a elevator installed. She

couldn't take it no more..and took her life. Margaret one of the other

roommates always complained about her knees. I started to have problems

myself. She told us about their dog which is buried out back near the pool.

The granddaughter heard scratching noises when she was a little girl at the

back door. The dog had been dead for years. She would hear a cabinet open

and shut when the scratching sound occured. Then the sounds would stop. She

says of seeing a apparition of her grandmother in the garden was too much

to bear and never stepped foot in the house again till that day.

I would be more than glad one day to show you the house. Many people that

lived in the house had shared similiar stories and are still around the

nieghborhood. Drop a word or two.

My Dad's House

by chsar@home.com

we moved to corpus christi in 1978. we bought a house that was

supposedly built around ww2. at the time it was my parents(divorced but

still together) and us 3 younger sons. the house is pretty big, 4

bedrooms, 2 baths o a large lot. we didn't move in right away. we looked

at the house first. it was eerie in that the detached garage had lots of

animal horns and skulls nailed to the eaves of it. i supposed the former

owners were hunters. the garage was immediately a place that made me

uneasy(to this day). the house itself was empty and clean except for a

front room that was the only one carpeted and also had stuff that was

left behind, mostly old audio visual equipment. this room also made me

uneasy immediately, even though it would be my room at one time. when we

moved in the garage was cleaned out, there was stuff in there too, junk

and an old freezer. and the animal skulls were gone too, except for the

odd skull pieces found later in the yard. when we got there my mom did

this old mexican wives tale thing of sprinkling salt around the house to

be swept out later with any "bad" spirits, it never got swept out, the

humidity melted it. anyway, we were in there for a time when i started

to hear voices that sounded like 2 women whispering in conversation. it

was always at night and when i would try to find the source it would

move to another part of the house. one night while trying to find the

source i ran into my mom who asked me what i was doing. i told her of

the voices and she said she heard them too, but she thought they were

not going to hurt us. i accepted this and never heard them again. my mom

left my dad again and then it was me and my 2 brothers and my dad in the

house. since i was the only mature one, i kinda raised my other brothers

and this meant being at home alone at various times of the day. like i

said nothing ever seemed to stick out in my mind supernatural wise.

although the front room(with the carpet) and the garage always made me

uncomfortable. I lived there from 1978to 1983 when i graduated from high

school. i moved to cal. with my mom. eventually my brothers followed me

here. before the last brother moved here my grandfather died. he was my

dads dad and we never met him. he lived in the Philippines. my brother

said that some weird things were happening in the house and that at one

point my dad said it was our grandfather. my brother only said that

lights were going off and on by themselves. by the time summer came the

last brother and in cal. and it was time for my annual texas vacation. i

was thinking about what my brother said but was unprepared for what

happened that summer. my sister had moved to texas in 1980. this has

bearing later in my story. i got too the house and immediately felt

uneasy, i have been back every summer since leaving,this year was

1988,87? so its not like i was gone for a long time. the house seemed

abondoned and things started off quickly. the first morning there my dad

woke me up to say he was going to work and to show me which keys to use

for house and cars. fine, off he went and into the bathroom i went.

when i came out(it was still dark) different sets of lights were either

on or off(the kitchen lights were on and the bedroom lights were now

off)i quickly jumped into bed thinking i was imagining things. when i

woke i grabbed the keys i needed and put them on the living room coffee

table. i then took a shower and got ready for my day. when i went to

retrieve the keys they were gone!!!!! i nearly went insane looking for

them tracing my steps over and over and even looking under the sofa

cushions. to no avail, i never found the keys.(my dad found them a

couple of years later, after he had cleared some blackberry bushes in

the back year, the keys were above ground but in the thickest part, have

you seen the thorns on blackberries? he blamed it on the dog(no the dog

was not in the house and had no access inside and if he had put them in

the bush he woulda had bad scratches i would think) after that and the

lights i had my 6 year old nephew stay with me in the house where he

repeated stories of the lights and how my dad said it was "great

grandpa". the next day brought more lights going off and on mostly when

you turned your head. that was it. i stayed with my sister until the

last night of my visit. i went back so my dad wouldn't feel bad that i

didn't stay there. he knew that i was afraid. well i didn't sleep well.

when i finally got to sleep i was rudely awakened by my dads truck horn.

it was going off in the middle of the night!! i woke my dad up and asked

if he had an alarm on the truck and he said no, we went out to the truck

and it was locked and still blaring. we had to disconnect the battery.

after that i hardly slept. the next morning we reconnected the battery

and no horn. i flew home to cal. where for years i tried to figure out

what went on that summer. no i have never been back to the house, 'cept

for a drive by. finally i asked the brother who was there last about his

last days there and he told me one night he woke up to see three dark or

black figures standing over his bed. he said he covered his head and

prayed that god help him. he woke up the next day and never spent the

night there again. but he went back last year and spent the night there

and said nothing happened. but what happened to me i felt was not the

actions of the "talking women" but something as you put it evil and not

ever human. but i felt it was aware of me. anyway since the talking

women spirits i feel if i concentrate i can sense "things" but that time

has dulled my sense. i have lived in two distinctly haunted places

since, my current one the 2nd. but if this story is worthy to you i will

tell you about the others(which were not as intense as my dads house).

thanks for the space.

The Black Figure

by skippybaby@yahoo.com

This story is a true story that happened to me! It is one of many and I

mean MANY stories that happened to me that involve


It started one night, I was spending the night at my grandma's house,

in the spare bedroom. She has 2 spare bedrooms, one is

mine, and one is my older sister Tammy's. I used to sleep in my room,

but after that incident that happened about a year ago

(no, no one died or anything, the room just went wacko from the

presence of a spirit when me and my friend Dannen were in

it), I haven't gone in there since! So now I stay in my sisters

room, since she doesn't visit as much as I do.

I was lying down, looking at the white ceiling, like I always do when

I can't sleep, and all of a sudden, I saw a black shadow

coming up from the bottom of my eyes! It slowly covered my whole

vision, and turned it black! It was holding my head down

so I couldn't move! I got so scared, that I swung my hand at it! And

it was just like swinging at smoke, it just separated, and

then moved back together. Then, it formed into a hand and it curved to

the left. Then it looked at me with glowing red eyes,

and then flew away! The next time I met the black figure was when I

was at home, I was having a sleep over with my friend

Sarah in the basement. We were both on the pull-out-couch, across the

room from the bar. She turned and looked over and

saw the black figure, staring at her, with glowing red eyes, leaning up

against the bar, right in front of her bag. She slept facing

the other way for the rest of the night. Again, I had a sleepover with

Sarah, in the basement. This time I saw it! It came through

the roof, right above me, with it's arms and legs strait out to its

side, as if it was in the shape of a star. When it popped through

the roof I could see some smoke come from around it's body. What is

this thing? Why is it following me? What does it want?

Will it hurt me? And then slowly, it lowered it's self down towards me.

I was so frightened! I didn't want to tell Sarah, because

she might get scared, so I just pressed my head into the bed, trying to

stay away! I was right in my sleeping bag, so I couldn't

swat at it again. And then Sarah leaned over and asked, "what are you

doing?" then I told her, "that thing is right above me!"

and she looked around me, and saw nothing. "There's nothing there

Tricia!" And I thought, how could she not see this? It's right

there! How can she not see this? and then I said "it's right here!!!

It's right above me!" She then tried to prove that there was

nothing there, and waved her hand over top of me. Just as she did that,

the figure jumped up and spread it's arms and legs again

and just popped through the roof. That was the last time I saw that

figure. I have many other stories, most of them I am going to

submit to this page. If you have any questions, or if you want to

talk to me about spirits, ghosts, or angels, e-mail me. I am

constantly researching at the library and the net. If you want to

talk to me or tell me your story, just e-mail me.

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