My Family's Stories
  My mother and father married at a very young age and had four children before my mother was 24 years of age.  My mom was very close with her parents and would pack us kids up and visit for the day several times a week.  My grandmother was a loud, beautiful woman from England.  She loved yellow roses, even wore perfume that smelled of roses.  The smell of her perfume would linger for minutes after she left a room.  My grandparents raised six children that had an eighteen year age span, they didn't have much, but they did love each other!  When they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, my grandfather bought my grandmother a gold watch.  She was over the moon, never having received something like that before.  Shortly after their anniversary, my grandmother passed away from breast cancer. No one in the family knew she had it.  She knew, and never went to a doctor.  I was six years old at the time and remember my mom took it so hard.  She remained in her bed for days at a time.    After a couple of months my mom started to be able to cope and move forward somewhat.  I had always given them trouble sleeping, even as an infant my mom says she was lucky if I went an hour without crying.  By the time I was six I was having night terrors and would run from my room screaming during the night.  My dad would always rock me back to sleep.  My mom bought a rocking chair and placed it next to their bedroom, in our living room.  My parents room was on one side of the house and all the other rooms were on the other side.  I guess my mom thought it would be easier to get me to start falling back to sleep on my own with the rocking chair and having it next to their room they could still at least rest while keeping an eye on me.     Once we had the rocking chair, I got into the habit of asking if I could go to bed early.  I loved falling asleep in the rocking chair.  I began to hear noises coming from my parents room one night.  Everyone was in the kitchen, I believe my cousins were over at the time.  I went into the kitchen and told my mom someone was in her room.  She told me no one was in there it was probably the furnace kicking in or some other excuse.  Every night I would rock in that chair and the noises got louder and more distinct. I was sure someone was in their going through my parents dressers.  I would tell my parents but they just shrugged it off.  My dad worked straight afternoons so it was usually my mom as she was the one home with us kids all the time.     My brothers, mom and I were watching t.v. together in the living room one night.  I was again in my rocking chair.  I told my mom yet again someone was in her room.  This time she turned the television down.  Her eyes got big and she looked at my oldest brother (he is six years older than me) and could tell he could hear the noises too.  My dad kept a shot gun in the house (not loaded), my brother grabbed the shot gun and slowly opened the bedroom door, turned the lights on and found....the bed in the middle of the room, all the dresser drawers open and all the drawers to my moms jewelry box open.  Also, there was a strong smell of perfume.  My mom shared with me years later that when her mom passed away my grandfather wanted my grandmother buried with the gold watch he had bought her.  The night she passed away, my grandfather had helped her to bed as she said she wasn't feeling well and he placed her watch on the dresser as she had asked.  Several people had come to visit her that night, including family, my mom and my dad's mom were actually on their way with us kids but decided not to go because they thought she needed her rest.  Well, to get to the point, when my grandmother passed and my grandfather went to get the watch, it was gone.  So my mom wonders if it was her mother searching for the watch she so loved.  The occurrences only happened for several months and then stopped.  However I have had many experiences  since then.  I will share them another time. 

Haunting In Renton Highlands
I have personally experienced these more then once on a continual bases. Right near where I live there have been several rather brutal events, there is a dirt path (short cut) I use to get home quicker, I have felt around 11 pm and 12 am a dark spirit that follows you down the short path right up to where the next street starts, I get filled with panic and walk faster. You feel the eyes on  even as you walk further away but only the eyes. The duplex I live in is built over another apartment building that burnt down or so I have been told by some the neighbors that have lived here longer. In the backroom of the house there is a woman who watches you, I have asked my neighbors about this and at least one of them as had the same feeling. If you stay back there long enough she goes gives up for the time and comes back later. Renton is well known for being a former mining area, I have also felt the hostel spirit of miner in the hallways of my house. He can not however enter my bedroom where there is a spirit of scared little boy who hides in the corner and a little girl from a later time period lives (these I have only seen/felt once of twice). I used to when I would fall into a deep sleep have one of two things happen: the first one I have had happen into separate rooms the living room and my bedroom. The spirit of an angry woman chokes me and your stuck you can’t escape from her grasp unless you quote the bible or pray to God, the second thing is again a demonic looking spirit that claws at you but can’t reach you (as well as voices right as I'm going to sleep). These however not the only events I have experienced, my mothers side of the family is known for having the ability and misfortune of attracting some of these type of things. The only real good experiences I have had are: the time a saw a girl in a neon orange vest (almost hunting gear type of clothes) with curl brown hair appear, we looked at each other and then she vanished. This was at my mother apartment in Seattle, the girl didn’t glow or have anything that marked her as a abnormal and was as real as if I someone living was there. The other good event that happened to me took place in Renton, I was baking in my kitchen I had forgotten something in my cookie batter and dryer kept on going off behind me. I added the forgotten ingredients and the dryer stopped going off.

Haunted ISU Frat House Normal, IL
I submitted the listing for the private address in Lexington, but I would also like to comment on the old fraternity house.  I was a member of that house that is haunted at Illinois State University.  The girl, and I can't recall her name, was murdered there in the 70's, as I was a law enforcement officer I know this for a fact.  It happened over Christmas break as she was the only one in the residence and all the others had went home.  This is why ISU no longer allows students to stay on campus during winter or summer breaks by themselves in the Frat or Sorority houses.  The place is indeed haunted.  The spirit(s) mess with the rooms and are very active; it's a very scary place to be when alone----in particular the basement.  In fact, a local news crew did a special on the haunting in 2000 and several of my frat brothers were interviewed.  One story is that on Halloween 1997 she was seen moving through the crowd in a party that they were having in the basement and in the back yard.  She had hollow black eyes and a grim look upon her face.  Everyone thought it was a Halloween costume until people stated that she had no feet.  Also, in 2000 upon returning from the Big Easy for Mardi Gras, several brothers had many necklaces laid upon their beds to find them in the morning on the floor laid out in a strange pattern; all perfectly circled and overlapping.

Ghost of Child Actor Who Died in Fire
 In '99 I was 23 years old and had just graduated college. I wanted to become an actor so I went to all sorts of auditions, including one for a professional theatre called the Arrow Rock Lyceum. We rehearsed in a rehearsal hall for one and a half weeks and then moved to the theatre where we began technical rehearsals.   There were so many men in the show that we were put in what is traditionally the women's dressing room because it is slightly bigger. They were working on refurbishing the dressing room because of some sort of fire that had happened a few years ago. I didn't bother to ask if anyone died in the fire because I assumed it was an electrical fire.  So one day I was using the restroom and when I flushed the toilet I heard screaming. It sounds stupid, but I heard screaming. It sounded like my 8 year old niece when she watches scary movies. I was spooked and asked one of the stagehands about it. He told me that in '94 some little girl had gotten trapped in the dressing room in a fire and haunted the theater now.    I thought he was crazy at first but then I started seeing and hearing more things. Like, when I was onstage I looked up into the rafters and could have sworn I saw a little girl watching us. Then one night, I forgot my dorm key in the dressing room so I called the stage manager and he let me into the theatre. It was very dark and I heard singing. Cute little girl singing, but something about it didn't seem right. Then props began to disappear right when they were needed onstage, costumes were found ripped and stained, one night a set piece almost crushed one of the main actresses. One night the power went out and in the blackness, I heard the singing again and it got very cold. I felt like someone was standing behind me and breathing on my neck, I spun around and reached out into the darkness but no one was there. A child giggled, at first I thought it was someone in the audience, but then I realized we were doing an adult play, there were no children in the audience. I started to research the girl in the fire and came across a newspaper article from the day after she died. It talked about how a costume rack was found jamming the door and one of the actors mysteriously left the night of the accident. Now I knew the ghosts name, Carolyn Brown. The article says some people think the fire was electrical, but the parents think it was arson. I believe it was arson and she was murdered, otherwise why would she have come back to haunt the theatre. When the show closed I packed up and left Arrow Rock never to return again. Since then I have quit acting because of Carolyn Brown and have become a math teacher. I have been dying to share my story but have never found a place to until I stumbled upon this website. Please tell me what you think, have any of you ever been to Arrow Rock, Missouri and seen similar things?

Haunted House in Lexington Il
I moved to Lexington, IL in the fall of 1999 and lived there until I purchased a new house in the fall of 2002.  Odd things would happen quite a bit, but I never paid attention enough I suppose, because they never really had any effect on me.  However, others seemed to be fair game for the spirits that dwelt there.  One time, my wife and I came home to hear our cat's cries.  But, we couldn't seem to find her and it seemed as though she was in the crawl space.  But, there was no way she could have gotten in there as the access was in the garage and covered by 1/2" plywood door that was rather heavy to lift up.  Sure enough, I went out there and lifted up the door and out she came.  This dumbfounded us as we knew there was no way she could have lifted that door, let alone get outside into the garage to begin with.  the cats would always meow at invisible to us figures as we went to bed, but again we were never effected by what was going on.  One time my brother in law came to my house, we walked to the local bar and walked back around 1:00 AM and went to bed.  When I awoke in the morning my brother in law asked me if I had been up in the night and I stated that I had not been.  I then asked him why? And, he replied that someone had folded his clothes so nicely and folded them on the back of the couch that he was sleeping on; we both were dumbfounded about this?  Having a haunted house never occurred to me as the house was built in 1994 and it was the late 90's early 2000's.  However, as I was getting ready to move, my neighbor lady came over and asked me if anything ever weird happened in the house.  I really didn't think about it, and stated that nothing had happened to me and ask her why she was asking?  She stated that we were the third owners of the house and that her aunt and uncle had lived there first as they had built the house.  I didn't know this!  She went on to say that her aunt died of cancer in the living room, where my brother in law so happened to sleep that one night, and that her uncle was so saddened by her death that he hung himself in the garage from the attic access ladder.  She stated that the previous owners of the house had experienced tons of activity and that it was not uncommon for them to come home with the garage door open, all the lights on in the house and in the garage and the attic access ladder down.  I can't recall all that she told me, but it was substantial.  However, when she told me this was the last night we owned the house as the next day we were selling it.  I told her I had never experienced anything of that nature as I was a law enforcement officer, I always locked every access into the house anytime I left and while I was there, unless it was summer and we had the doors open for breeze.  However, I left her to take the second to last load from that house to our new house, I went back to get the last couple of items.  When I arrived (mind you I left when it was still light out and left no lights on inside the house) every light was on in the house, the garage door was open and the attic access light was down.  Well, that about scared the crap out of me, needless to say.  I grabbed my stuff and told the spirits that they could have it back.  I am a Bible thumping Christian and don't believe that ghost are the spirits of the departed dead, as the Bible teaches otherwise.  I will state that I do believe that we (my wife, child and I) were protected by the Holy Spirit from any demonic activity that was going on in there.  Oddly enough, I quit my job at the sheriff’s department after graduating from Illinois State University and took a job at State Farm Insurance.  The couple that purchased my house, I ended up working with the husband.  He told me that weird stuff continued quite often while he was living there until they sold the property last year. 

My Story
My roomate and i had moved into an old house the first day there starnge things started happening we were standing in the kitchen unpacking boxes when we heard foot steps walk up the concrete steps from the garage the door opened then closed and it stopped more than one person who visited in this home had seen or heard something we had lights come on that we turned off been grabbed or had the cabinets open on their own heard footsteps seen a black mass which was not good seen a woman and small child we both at 2am heard a small child laughing as if she was standing next to us there was a certain part of the house that made us extremly uncomfortable and would not sleep alone i finally had a paranormal group come in and they had obtained over 20 evps i have attached some of those evps the child when i began to talk about moving out she cried you could hear her it broke my heart i did buy her a toy we did later learn that there was several deaths in this home there was a heaviness in this home the group that came in concluded that we do have an intelligent haunting the little girl was answering questions we also learned from neighbors that no one stayed in the house for very long one couple with children lasted only one night

In Regards to Saint Anne's School In Lansing Illinois
I saw you have the story of the Boy who Haunts Saint Ann's but I have a ghost story that took place during April of 2001. I had recently moved from New Jersey to Lansing and my parents were looking into new Catholic schools for my Brother and I to attend. Saint Ann's was within walking distance of my home so it was the simplest and most obvious choice. My Mother had exchanged phone calls with a Sister who claimed to work in the school (her name now escapes both myself and my Mother) and a date was set for us to go see the School the following week. The following week came and upon arrival The Principle had no scheduled tours for that day, a matter of fact the school had a policy of not taking new students after mid way through the school year. Concerned, she asked whom we had scheduled this tour with. When we told her the sisters name who had taken the calls the Principles face dropped, there had been a sister at Saint Ann's by that name however she had passed away a year or two prior.  We never did attend St, Ann's instead we chose Our Lady of Knock (now closed) a few miles away. Just thought I'd share.

Experience NB HS
I live one town over and I often go to the North Babylon HS to collect empty bottles/cans which I then cash in as it helps me w/the care and feeding of my feral colony located at my place of employ in Hauppauge.  One particular sunny day last year I was on the school grounds doing my usual nothing out of the ordinary going on around me. As I pass by the handball/tennis courts/baseketball court area which was on my right the school on my left, I hear behind me the thump thump thump of a basketball and I feel like there is someone behind me but I didn’t recall hearing any voices nor were there people anywhere near to where I was, so I turn around and nothing, I feel a bit creeped out (though I don’t know why) and I continue to walk on the concrete walkway all the while glancing into the school because I really feel like there’s someone behind me and I don’t want to turn around again so I figure let me look into the windows for another reflection. And nothing! I hear the basketball again thump thump and this time I hear walking like sneakers or something on the walkway directly behind me, I shoot around real quick – Nothing. Now I’m totally panicked as I’m alone there and I start to say to myself there’s something wrong here, but it’s a school how could there be something this creepy here….all of a sudden I feel like something is about to rush up on me from behind and with that I take off never looking behind me the whole while I was running thru the grounds and out to the front parking lot!!! I never went back there again to this day. Anyway the reason why I send this is because I go on your website and there it was haunted North Babylon HS. I never read the rest of the paragraph cause I was too sick and had such a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, I had truly experienced something w/o even knowing it existed..and why it chose to show to make it’s presence known is beyond me, I had been going to this school for long long collecting my bottles walking the grounds going over to walk the track at the other end of the school grounds. However that particular day not like the rest. Thank you for listening.

No Answers Yet
In the summer around 1989 we were looking for a home to buy.  My husband and I were in our late twenties with three kids, ages 5,4, and 3. (boy, girl, boy).  A relator took us to a newer house in Valencia, Ca.  It was vacant.  Outside the residence our Realtor began describing the neighborhood, the features of the house.  I glanced over at our kids and noticed they were standing in front of the garage; our oldest son appeared to be engaged in conversation with someone about his height.  Our daughter began to speak with this empty space also, as our youngest son was looking on.  It appeared our children were playing ball with another child, bouncing it back and forth, except there was NO ball and NO child standing in front of them. The ball would bounce off the garage door sometimes, but again, there was no ball.  I mentioned it to my spouse that it looked like our children were talking with a child, but we could not see anyone.  The Realtor then escorted us inside the home, it was vacant and empty, it looked and smelled freshly painted, we started in the kitchen.  I heard our oldest son talking, and looked over my shoulder in the hallway.  I saw him underneath the stairs, his siblings standing behind him, again he was talking to empty space. it looked liked our son was holding a ball, but there was no ball.  We all wandered outside near the backyard pool, passing an empty living room, freshly painted white with a new carpet smell.  Our kids ran behind the patio and pool, onto the embankment, lined with trees. Behind the tree line our children called out to me; they found bones and dead animals.  Thinking I would find the family pet partially buried, I was surprised to see hundreds of dead skeletal remains of small animals; rodents, cats, dogs, etc. They encompassed the entire area, from one wall to the other, hidden from the view of the patio. The animals were on top of the dirt, not buried.  Inside, I would later discover our daughter saw an old woman, rocking in a rocking chair, in the living room, she described that empty living room as fully furnished. I believe this woman spoke to our little girl, but I had called out to our daughter to come to where I was, and our daughter never drew closer to what she referred to as “the Grandmother.”  Upstairs my husband went one direction with the Realtor and I started to follow, but our  older son went the other direction.  I turned around to get our son and saw him starring into a bedroom.  I  only saw the one bedroom fully furnished, an older looking wooden bedroom set, chest of drawers, a rocking chair, “rocking.”  There was a brown, patterned wallpaper covering the walls.  Our oldest son went to enter the bedroom and I grabbed him by the back of his shirt.  Something felt wrong. Mother’s intuition.  That small voice from within said to get him out of the house, not to let him enter the room.  That feeling of urgency and intense need to keep our son from crossing the threshold into that bedroom was overwhelming.  I suppose that’s when my daughter heard me calling her. I pulled our son back from the bedroom door, and walked down the stairs, calling out to our other two children in a voice that made them come quickly towards me. I hurriedly walked all of us straight out the front door, right to the car, leaving their Dad behind with the Relator upstairs. I noticed our oldest son was carrying a blue ball.  He said the little boy had given it to him, could he keep it?  I don’t know why there was a sense of compassion for the little boy I never saw, but I said, “fine,” after all the little boy had given him the ball.  After securing the children in the car, I quickly went upstairs, my spouse and the Realtor were now standing in front of “that bedroom.”  When I reached the top of the stairs, something must have shown on my face, because the Realtor mentioned it. The bedroom was empty, fresh paint, no wallpaper, new carpet, no furniture, no rocking chair, no Grandmother. I told my husband we needed to leave “Now.”  No discussing the sale of the house with the Realtor, she had a shocked looked on her face, as I nervously and quickly tried to described a fully furnished room that now stood empty.  I told my husband our son saw a Grandmother in this room, who was telling our son to come closer to her, I asked the Realtor about the Grandmother, it only added to her confused looked.  My husband loved me enough to quickly follow me out the door.  Our son told us about the conversation with little boy.  Apparently he had drown in the pool.  The little boy told our son he was afraid of his grandmother, and if she grabbed him to go through the closet upstairs, it would lead to the kitchen downstairs and he could get away that way.  Get away from what?????   I don’t understand why the living room and bedroom appeared to have furniture.  I would never have known that bedroom was empty with fresh paint and new carpeting if I had not returned for my husband, the appearance of a fully furnished room and rocking chair was that solid.  I have never found an answer to what happened to us that day, do you know?  Note: Our kids kept the ball and played with it until it wore out and became flat.

Funny Ghost Story
I know that ghost stories are supposed to creep you out and keep you awake and and I have experience so many that I could easily do that, but I am feeling in a jovial mood. So here goes.  I grew up in Southern Ireland, in a small town where there was a mixture of new and old properties. The house my mum and dad bought when I was 13 years old was extremely haunted It was a house built by Famine victims for the local lord and added to over time by various owners.  One day my mum was by herself with my little brother who was about six months old. She was sat in the living room watching TV. She then heard a baby crying and on automatic pilot got up to go the bedroom the noise was coming from. When she got to the door she stopped herself and thought I just put him down he in the mosses basket. She looked behind her and he was fast asleep in the mosses basket near the sofa.  The baby in the back bedroom though was still crying. My mum got very freaked and took my brother in his basket and sat in the back garden until we got home. The crying went on for about 40 mins. My mum hates anything ghost related and hated that she felt she had to leave the house. That eve she called the local priest and arranged for him to come and bless the house. Now this is the really funny bit. I am know to laugh at inappropriate times so I am and was used to the looks I got from my mum. My dad shares this trait. My mum scrubbed the house top to bottom made posh sandwiches, scones and cakes and bought Sherry. The priest although not old was well know to like a drink, any drink. The day came and we all sat there in our best clothes eating and being good this priest knocked back 3/4 of a litre of sherry.  He is falling down drunk. He then gets the bible out recites and reads a few bits and throws holy water at the walls, doors floor and ceiling in every room in between burping and praying. I and my dad was in hysterics, especially as during this blessing we could hear the baby start up in the back bedroom and the priest remarking that it had quite a set of lungs on it. My mum was pale as and asked the priest into the back bedroom to bless it and fling a bit of holy water around.  Off he went my mum threw me and dad out into the front garden and we said goodbye to the priest about an hour later as after the blessing he required a drink for the road. As He left he gave my mum some holy water and instructed that she throw it at whatever disturbed her.  My dad and I always asked if there where any wet patches in the house when we came back from school or work. And I always asked dad if he had any on him after he peed my mum off. This family joke has been going on for years. That baby never did stop and could be heard on occasion and to be truthful I think the holy water peed off some of our regular ghosts as they became more active afterwards. 

Emmett, Idaho, Haunting:  Sawyers Pond from a local ghost hunter of Emmett. 
Sawyers Pond mist figure:
last night (8 / 6/2012) my boyfriend and I went to Sawyers Pond around 11 pm and we got out of the car. I instantly felt something was not right, we walked down the first dock that you come to at the entrance of the side that has docks, and we stopped at the bottom to look into the water and all of a sudden there was a twig snap and a drop in the water, we figured it was just a bull frog or some sort of animal since they are known to croak alot. However then it got windy and the dock sort of started moving, fog began to surround us even more so we decided to leave. My boyfriend was scared witless and so was I since I could sense that he was, just as we reached the car he was holding my hand and he gave it a squeeze i thought he was messing with me but he wasnt he later told me that he had felt a pressurized squeeze on his shoulder and he was spooked really bad because he'd never felt anything like that before. We got the to car and pretty soon he turned on the headlights he looked at me and said to me, "did you see that?" Apparently what he saw was a mist ''human'' shaped figure that was running back and forth from one side to the other. It was really odd but a few people have died at the pond I have no doubts that one or two of them have been left behind. However we sat and pondered on it all night it was odd because most entities that give painful touches are usually black mists unless there's something else that wasn't showing itself. It didn't help that there was a red moon that night either.

Draper Properties, Canton, MA
This site was built in 1860, there was a report of a major fire back in the early 1900's but no reports of deaths at least none that I can find.  The site is still in use by the Draper Family along with other companies who leased out other parts of the building.  I work as a night watch man during 3rd shift.  During my shift I have witnessed several things that happened.  As a night watch man it is required to be at highest alert for safety measures.  So my alert, and awareness are very sharp.  Here are some of the things that has happened during my shift.  During my safety tour there is no one on site as it is closed.  Any employees that are still on site are documented in a log so we know who is on site.  This information is also shared when I relive the other shift.  So when I am on 3rd shift, the building is empty.   During my walk through I have encountered some strange things.  I have had a women's voice say hello to me I said hello back but nothing. As I was walking up stairs a shadow figure peek around the corner at the top of the stairs, when I got to the top to investigate, no one was around.  I have had footsteps from all over, when I went to investigate, again no one was around.  In different sections of the building there is a feeling of being watched, a very creepy feeling.  The scariest thing that happened to me was very shocking.  I was down in the lower level when right behind me 4 quick footsteps came up on me, it sounded like someone was about to run up on me.  When I turned around I was expecting someone to be there, instead there was no one.  At that same time there was a chill in the air, it scared me to the point that I ran up the stairs with my heart pounding.  All of these claims have been verified by other employees.  Some sounds I have debunked, but all the ones I have mentioned I can not explain.  There is a presence of limestone around the foundation at certain sections of the building which I understand is a conductor for paranormal activity.   I hope you enjoyed my experiences.  The funny part is there are long periods that nothing happened and all is quite, other times things happen.  I could go 3 weeks to 2 months of nothing going on, then out of no where things start up again, very strange.  But the presence of being watched is always there, just at different parts of the building.


Carnton Plantation Ghost Encounter
I grew up in Franklin, TN; as a highly nerdy, somewhat morbid child- and later teen- I was fascinated by the town's history and hauntings.Carnton Plantation, listed on this site, was used as a makeshift hospital like most large houses during the Civil War and is noted for playing host to many spirits. Before I knew about the ghosts, it appealed to my historical interests; after, it became my favorite place in town.  When I was 16, a friend asked me to his junior prom. We weren't very close, but I agreed for two reasons: I liked to dress up and the event was being held at Carnton. The opportunity to be there at night, away from tourists and large crowds, was a dream come true.  Despite watching the house's windows like a hawk, I saw nothing. My friend and I got a bit claustrophobic in the large tent where the dance was being held, so we went to sit on the house's back porch.  Other prom goers had been there throughout the night, but at the time it was empty.  As we talked, I described to him the many ghosts alleged to inhabit Carnton and expressed disappointment that I'd never seen them. He pointed to one of the rocking chairs on the porch and said, "Um, now might be your chance." Sure enough, the empty chair right in front of us was slowly rocking back and forth.  "It's probably just the wind," I said, not wanting to jump to conclusions. No sooner had the words left my mouth than the chair stopped dead. Not a slow loss of momentum like wind would cause- like someone had stopped it on purpose.  I shakily apologized for doubting whoever-it-was and we headed back to the party. That remains my fondest school dance memory.

Addition for Paris, TN, and Update for Ellsworth AFB, SD
Hello my name is Ben, I’ll give you some brief background on myself.  My parents were both in the army and I grew up in several places around the US.  I spent my High School years in Paris, TN before joining the military and being stationed at Ellsworth and now in Utah.  I’ve read through some of the things for area’s I’ve lived in.  Some I’ve never known, other’s I have.  
Paris, TN; Greenwood Cemetery.  My dad was born in Paris in the late 40’s, and it wasn’t till after I experienced this that he told me about the cemetery.  This was around 2000, me and 3 of my friends went to the cemetery after hearing one of them talking about it being haunted.  It’s always interested me so I decided to check it out.  The night we went it was a full moon, and was in the eastern sky.  Upon driving up I noticed it seemed to be darker inside the cemetery than outside.  I even hit the high-beams on my truck and didn’t make a difference.  All we could see was an outline of the first grave stone, both high and low beam.  We drove in to the center of the cemetery, parked, and started walking around.  I walked to the eastern portion and was looking at the tree line.  I could see the moon lighting the tree tops except for the row closest to the cemetery.  Where there should have been shadows from trees into the cemetery, there was nothing.  It was as if the cemetery itself was sucking all the light.  I walked back to my friends and was standing looking at a grave stone.  Looking up I swear we saw shadows walking around the entrance of the cemetery.  We hopped in my truck and left right then.  The next day I asked my dad about the cemetery and he told me it was where they used to bury African Americans during the segregation era.  He told me that during his high school years it was rumored to be haunted, and him and his friends would dare each other to go in at night.
Ellsworth AFB, SD; Prairie View housing. I lived in South Dakota area for 9.5 years, spending 3 years living in the Prairie View housing.  This housing section is the closest to the main gate of Ellsworth, and was rumored to be the site of a Sioux Indian burial ground.  We moved into it in 2004 after a recent renovation of the housing units.  Before I moved in, I was told by local civilian workers that it was haunted because of the burial ground.  I told my wife, but we never mentioned anything to our oldest (who was 3 at the time).  About one month of living in the new housing, I found our oldest standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up and wouldn’t go upstairs.  I asked why he wouldn’t go up and he said there was somebody at the top of the stairs.  We noticed that he also wouldn’t play in his room by himself unless someone was upstairs.  He told us that there was a little kid who would play with toys.  The wife could swear there were times that the bedroom door would move back and forth by itself.  Our cat would be on the bed staring at the door, and we had no ceiling fans in the house at all.  She would hear singing in the living room while sitting in the dining room, and no one else in the house.  And when she would turn the lights on, the singing would come closer and sound like it was right in front of her.  We had friends who would come over to the house, and swear they could see images.  The neighbor’s would always ask if we had any weird things happening. 

Allatoona Lake Experience
I wanted to get this out as this to me was a really interesting experience not to mention one of the most unique in my life and i wanted to share it with even a few who could understand what I felt at that moment. I didn’t know anything about the area i lived in until this happened, I basically thought it was just another normal place to live before this but one night me and my younger brother had fallen asleep on the couch and later that night I was woken up by my dog where he was climbing onto the couch and being somewhat fat he could easily wake anyone up. This might make what I’m saying here sound somewhat like a fake but stiking with the truth of that night, it was a full moon and the moon itself gave of somewhat of a glow that illuminated the area, my backyard, but at the same time made everything seem so much darker. I think if it wasn’t for the moon I probably wouldn’t have seen what I saw but the moment I saw it I pretty much froze, the figure was like a liquid gel, less firm and fluid in movements, only what i can describe as what looked to be water itself. The moonlight like I said was the only reason I saw it and basically it seemed that this figure not only dimmed the moonlight in the area exactly around it but also it absorbed it, giving off it's own bit of a dim light which in turn is what gave it it's form, it looked like it was just a simple person walking through my backyard but you could clearly see it wasn't. It moved slower than normal people do, you could see right though it while still seeing it, I felt I was froze with the fascination and an odd fear like no other from what I was seeing with a chill where i couldn’t really even move let alone speak. The memory of what I saw even years after is still as clear as it was then like when an image is burned into your mind only this time not in a bad way.

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