The Screeching


I have had only one paranormal experience. It happened last October when my boyfriend had temporarily rented a trailer. We had lived there for almost two months and nothing out of the ordinary had happened. One afternoon, he decided to take a nap and I was in the living room watching t.v. I started hearing this really strange continuous screeching noise. It sounded like it was coming from inside the wall beside his bedroom door. When I walked over there, it stopped. I sat back down and started watching t.v. again and it started back again. This time, I walked into the kitchen (the bedroom was right beside the kitchen) and I started opening the bottom cabinets and once again the screeching stopped. I never said anything about it to my boyfriend because I didn't think a lot about it at the time. A couple of days later, we were in the kitchen eating breakfast and he told me that the day before, when he was there by himself, that he had heard a weird, loud screeching noise. He said he tried to find where it was coming from and it would stop when he'd look. I told him that the same thing had happened to me while he was asleep a few days earlier. We both talked about ghosts and laughed about it, pretty much dismissing it as a joke. A few nights later, his mom came stayed all night and was asleep on the living room couch. This particular night, we were sleeping in the bedroom on the opposite end of the trailer. It was really late, probably around 3:00 a.m., and we had been laying there talking when I started hearing this noise. It was kind of like the screeching, but much quiter, and screeched in intervals, like footsteps. I thought my boyfriend had his hand dropped over the side of the bed making that noise with his hand against the plastic on the mattress. I said "Brian, quit making that noise". He said "I'm not making that noise" and held up both of his hands. He looked at me as scared as I looked back at him and he said "get up and get dressed" As soon as he said that, you could actually tell where the screeching was moving through the room to the corner beside the bed and feel this undescribable presence and all of a sudden the screeching just went crazy and so loud. It was right there. Needless to say, within a split second, it was the only one there. Now can you imagine, two grown adults running into the living room to wake up his mom. She said she hadn't heard anything, but that we had scared her to death running through the living room at 3:00 in the morning like we were on fire. We sat up in the living room for the rest of the night and moved back to his mom's house within the week. So far, that's the only experience that I've had.

The Alarm Clock


My name is Daniel Cummings ,I live in Nashville, Tn .It all started

about 4 month ago my aunt and uncle would leave.It would happend .One

friday night i was watching TV and all of a sudden my alarm went off as

loud as it could be .I went and checked it out .and nothing was there so

iturn my alarm off.keep in mind my alarm was not on it was off.About

hour later it happend again.So i went back there to see.By this time i

was scared to death.there was nothing back there.So i dcided to leave

when i walked out the door my aunt and uncle pulled in the drive way

.So i stayed and it did not happened no more that night.For two more

weeks the same thing happened friday and saturday nights. The last

weekend t happened was the most terrifing thing the other

weekends seemed the same with the alarm .But something was different

about that night . the alarm went off so i went to turn it off . But

one thing different all of the lights were out in the bathroom and in

the two bedrooms but my light was on .And all of the doors were shut but

mine . So i turn the alarm off when i left all of the lights were on and

the doors were i ran outside and stayed in my car . until my

aunt and uncle came home.later that night i went to bed right when i

turn out the lights . A white shadow figure ran in front of my bed. i

was so scared i jumped on my head board and was screaming at the top of

my lungs .but after that night nothing else happeed ( knock on wood ) i

think it was my great grandparents trying to talk to me some how .

But the bedroom i was staying in was my great grandparents room .

Goodyear Warehouse


Ok, Here is a story I heard from my dad.....

My dad used to work in a wharehouse at the goodyear facilities in

Akron, Ohio. There where stories floating around about various

ghosts and whatnot, associated with the various buildings in the plant

campus (which, if you have ever visited Akron, you know, sprawls over

a vast area) One of these stories involved a ghost that followed you

thru various warehouses as you walked, and was never seen, only

heard... My dad was always working swing shift at this plant (very

little seniority), so he was there at all kinds of wacky hours. One

night, in the winter, he was working the midnight shift, in one of the

supposedly "haunted" buildings. There was only 4 guys in this

particular buildings, and my dad, being the "rookie" in the place was

given all the crappy jobs. At about 3 in the morning, my dads

supervisor instucted him to go to the 3rd floor of this building, back

in the oldest part of it, to pick up some flourescent lights, because

the small storage area in the machine room, was out of them, and they

needed to replace a few. So being as superstitious as you can be, my

dad was "sure" he was gonna see a ghost, in that very dark, very

scary, old building. Up the dark stairs my dad went one by one, sweat

pouring off his face (even though, this part of the building was

barely heated) when he finally reached the 3rd floor, he felt a little

stronger, (probably adrenalin) so he bravely pushed open the door to

the adjoining room between the stairwell, and the storage room. This

room, used to be a rubber cutting room, and wasnt used for anything

anymore, since manual rubber cutting was no longer done. There were a

few large containers sitting around, but for the most part the room

was empty. there was a thick layer of dust covering most of the room,

except for a small path where people walked to get various items from

the storage room. Spiderwebs everywhere, and the occasional "squeek"

from a disgruntled rat, were just enough to give my dad the total

spine chills, but he pushed on, being a "man" and not supposed to be

afraid of anything. He started walking across the abandoned rubber

cutting room, toward the storage area, when very faintly, he heard

footsteps behind him! Whirling around ready to fight he peered into

the dimness, nothing was there... he assumed it was his nerves, which

he had worked into a frenzy by this point, and he turned quickly,

embarassed, and continued toward the storage area, when sure enough,

more footsteps, he slowed, they slowed, he sped up, they sped up.

With his heart racing, he slowly turned around, still nothing was

there! Drenched with sweat, and scared nearly to tears, he bolted

towards the storage room, his feet pounding heavily on the thin metal

floor, the footseps where even louder now, every step he took, another

step followed, not an echo, but RIGHT BEHIND HIM! He made it to the

storage room, fumbled with the lock, ran inside and slammed the door

behind him. the room was very small, all he could hear was the

pounding of his heart, threatening to blow right thru his chest. The

only way out was the way he came! After calming down a bit, and

smoking about 5 cigarettes, he was feeling brve again. He grabbed a

large box of lights, decided to fling open the door, and run like

hell, as fast as he could cover the 50 -75 feet to the stairwell.

Getting up his nerve, he grabbed the doorhandle, he slowly turned it,

as soon as he heard the click of the latch opening, he FLUNG opened

the door, and sprinted toward the light in the stairwell. There where

the footsteps again closer than ever, right behind him, Thats when it

happened, tripping over something, he sprawled head first into the

darkness. Total quiet met him. darkness and quiet, he slowly rose to

his feet, putting one hand behind him to help him get to his feet, the

weight of his body pressing against the floor thru his hand, made a

small "dent" in the floor, when he removed his hand, the floor

"popped" back to its original position. THE FOOTSTEPS! Feeling

totally embarassed, he rose to his feet, and walked back to his

co-workers, never telling any of them what he found. Years later he

still tells stroies about sending the new "rookies" up there in the

middle of a dark night, when all is quiet, to walk across the metal

floored room, to get lightbulbs that arent really needed.

The Light


I was sitting in a locked kitchen remodeling store answering phones on

Saturday afternoon for a friend. I was reading in between calls and

patting the "store" cat. As I was reading my book, I saw out of the corner

of my eye, a light source move from behind me to the front on my left side.

My subconscious told me that it was just the sunlight bouncing off the

windshield of a car out on the highway. Then I remembered... it was cloudy

and the sun was behind the clouds. I looked up and the light source was

gone. And so was the cat. I found him in a corner of a cabinet beneath

one of the kitchen sink displays and afraid to come out.

I told the owner about it and was sort of laughing at myself. He said,

"Oh, you saw it." He told me that he didn't want to scare me so he didn't

tell me that the store was haunted.

Toys R Us


According to your "haunted places index" you are already aware of the

Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, California. About 12 or 13 years ago I worked

there, as a stocker. I never actually saw anything directly, but there

were two instances I was aware of. First, in the rear stockroom,

towards the back of the building and on the second floor where all the

spare and unassembled display racks were kept. There I had this

disturbing feeling that although I needed to go up there, I felt like

there was something keeping me from doing this. Sort of a thought of

"no, don't go there" type of feeling. No actual physical contact, not

to me personally. A co-worker described then what she thought were

fingers going through her hair. The second time was what really made me

think about this place. One night, when we re-stock items before

closing, myself and two others were sweeping the floors. All the other

employees were at the front of the store waiting for us to finish

sweeping. We were all in completely separate areas of the store and

again, all the other employees were at the front. We finished sweeping

and came to the front. The assist. manager thought we were fooling

around. In one aisle only, there were boxes tossed around and packages

opened and their contents strewn about. I don't how it happened, but no

one was around and there was not one sound made. Especially noticeable

were those rubber darts laying everywhere. We never found any open

packages for them to go to. The only other thing would have been for

someone to get a ladder and get into the "over stock" on top of the

regular aisles which was about 8 or more feet high, rip open these

packages and then put the ladder back without making any noise and doing

it fast enough not to be seen.

Night at the Movies


For years I have felt the need to tell my story. Keeping such an

experience is unbearable.

For years countless stories have been written about the famous

Winchester Mystery Housh in San Jose, California. But never has there

been a story printed of the haunting of the Century Theaters right

next door.

It was the first month of my new job at the theater so I felt pretty

comforatble being there. I had heard my share of ghost stories from

my co-workers. Being so close to the Winchester Mystery House how

could you avoid them. When they told me that all three theaters were

haunted I blew it off as a joke. I had seen what some of these guys

had done to newbies. The jokes they played on them such as, counting

popcorn seeds, cleaning the parking lot, and drinking strange

concauctions. I figured this was just another attempt at screwing

with me. It turned out to be far from the truth.

As a new guy I was prone to getting the night shift. This meant

closing up and cleaning up, usually by myself as most employees left

as early as they could. One day as I was in the process of closing I

had to take apart the soda machines as usual. As I proceeded to

unassemble the machine on the right side of the counter I heard the

distinct swooshing of a soda machine behind me. I turned around

expecting to see a customer trying to snatch a free drink but nobody

was there. I return to my task at hand only to hear the swooshing

again. This time when I turned around I could plainly see the machine

was spewing soda by itself. The strange thing was that they spewed in

order. Like from left to right. You have to press firmly to make any

soda come out so I sorta freaked.

I had almost forgotten the first incident when one day I had to get

something from our stockroom. You have to go behind the screen in the

dark to the small room that contains all our stock. When I went into

the room I turned on the light and got what I needed. As I was about

to leave in turned off the light. Suddenly, it turned back on. I

turned it off and again it flipped back on. Again, I freaked and just

closed the door, light on, and ran back to the lobby.

As I continued to work there I experienced no more strange

experiences. I made friends with all the managers and one day when it

was slow I asked one of them about the story of the theater being

haunted. He confirmed this with a fact that I was not aware about

before. The Century Theaters were built on the Winchester property.

To built them much of the property that was field, needed to be built

over. Since the ghost of Sarah WInchester is said to still haunt her

house it seems fair that she haunt her whole property, theaters or no


A Visit from Mom


For those of you who have never experienced a visit from someone who has been close to you, trust me, it ain't for sissies. All the people out there who don't believe there is an alternative plane of existance haven't had to deal with it in their face. I am a logical, mentally balanced adult professional who until recently did not think that "it could ever happen to me". All of that changed when my Mom passed away last year. We were quite close, and her death was sudden and heartbreaking, but like everyone else, life goes on. My Mom was cremated and then came the question after she died of who gets the urn... My older sister took the urn and after a week told me "You come and get it, the damn thing gives me the creeps!". I took the urn home and found a nice little corner to put "Mom" in, and thought nothing of it; after all, I didn't fear her in life, why would I fear her in death?

Since the urn has entered my house, the room where "Mom" is placed is ice cold,

standing around the urn, in front of the urn or in the doorway necessitates a heavy sweater ( I might also like to add I live in Florida where it averages 80 degrees year round!). In addition, the urn has been known to relocate of its own volition, one night at the foot of my bed while my husband and I were sleeping. How did we know it got there? The covers on the bed were yanked very hard off of us, and when I turned on the light, there it was, scaring the wits out of me at the foot of the ol' Sealy posturpedic. My husband was sound asleep, so I knew it wasn't him, and I would have thought a burglar would have better things to do. There is also another phenomena - my mother had a habit in life of always stockpiling dollar bills - under flowerpots, in drawers, in decorative boxes. One day, out of curiousity, I peered inside the urn - there was ofcourse the usual big plastic bag of ashes, but more bizarre, there was a single dollar bill inside! I removed the dollar bill, thinking my spouse was yanking my chain. Not so, he denied the whole thing. The following week I was dusting and peeked in again, and pulled out, you guessed it, another dollar bill. My husband is not the type to joke about this type of thing as he has lived with ghosts in previous residences, so I know it isn't him. But it is sort of nice to know that even in death, Mom still thinks to leave me a dollar "just in case".

My Many Experiences


I am the only one in my famly who believes in ghosts. I have plenty os

reasons to. Many of these experiences I have never spoken of to

anybody...until now. My friends and family wouldn't believe me if I began to

tell them. Because I have so many different experiences with what I believe

are ghosts, I think I am meant to know of them. I feel like I have a

connection with the dead. All of this probally sounds pretty unbelievable,

espacially coming from some one as young as I am but it all happened. When I

was very young, like maybe three, I remember being watched. I remember shadows

by the closet door. I think it was the shadow of a man. He watched me every

night. Usually he would just stand there. Once or twice he moved towards me

and I ran into my parents room where they would let me stay. The shadow

followed me into that room too, but I felt safe with my parents. For the next

couple of years I don't really remember much. When I was five, I lived on a

farm in Nebraska. It was a really Quiet area. I remember seeing a young woman

(late teens/early twenties) running through the woods laughing and gigling.

If any of my experiences were to be blamed on my imagination, it would be this

one, though if it was only my imagination, I don't understand how it appeared

in my memory with such vivid detail.

Later that year, I moved back to my home state, Virginia. Virginia is a pretty

amazing state. It is one of the very first places people came to when they

discovered america, and it is also full of historical sites from both the

revolutionary and civil war. Many battlefields and cemetatires. Anyway, when I

first moved back there, my mother, my brother and I were staying with my

grandparents. Its a pretty old brick house. Before my grandparents moved into

it, it was owned by my Great Aunt Clara.

Ever since the very frst time I stepped into my grandma&grandpa's bedroom, I

always get the chills. Even now I dread going in there alone. When I was

younger, the eyes of the picture of Aunt Clara would follow me. They would

follow me across the room. My brother has always been just as scared of the

room as I have. He would never tell anybody why. To this day he refuses to go

into the room. I remeber the scariest was when I was five, I was napping on

grandma's bed and I was dreaming about great aunt Clara. All I remember about

the dream was that she was

wearing all black and she was reaching out to me. I woke up sweating. The room

was so dark but I made out her figure standing at the foot of the bed,

reaching out to me like in the dream. I got up and ran out of the room and

into the dinning room where I was pushed head first into the leg of the large

solid dinning room table. I turned to see who had pushed me and nobody was

there. I had to go to the emergency room for stitches in my forehead. I never

told anybody about seeing her because nobody would have believed me. Shortly

after, we moved. For another period of time, nothing happened. A year or two

later we moved again (I have moved 15 times in 15 years.) This time we moved

to a small far from quiet neighborhood on the James river. This house we were

renting was pretty old, probably built at the turn of the cenuty. This is

where the most real experience took place. I remember one day I was walking up

the stairs to my bedroom door. I opened the bedroom door and a huge snake fell

from above the above the door like some one placed it there. So it dropped and

slithered towards me so fast and then it just dissapeared into the floor

boards. This all happened to me in about two seconds. I ran down the stairs

screaming. My family told me that that was the first time that they had

actually heard me scream before. After that I shared my brothers bedroom.

After that we moved (again) to a house that we renovated. That house is where

I first used the Ouija board and it worked. I played by myself mostly. Once I

asked it where my friend should move (her family had just been evicted) and

it replied 613 Albermarle st.

At the time I was living at 615 Albermarle so I was extatic that she would be

moving in next to me. That was when I realized that the only house next door

to me was 617. It turned out that there was no 613. What was on that side of

my house was just a lot that had recently been turned into a park. These

friends ended up moving across the street from a huge park. I am just now

making the connection. That house caught on fire when I was living there and

burned down. So I moved again and one more time. When I first moved there, I

hadn't heard the stories. It was built in the mid 1800's by the man who lived

and died there. Some mighty strange things happened in this house. The normal

haunting things would happen, hear footsteps upstairs when I was home alone,

the stairs would creak at night when I was sure I was the only one up, small

things would be moved around. Sometimes the electricity became uncontrolable.

Very often my bed would shake at night. It wasn't like a violent shaking but

it wasn't something that I could have imagined. There was always someone in my

room with me. There was no time when I couldn't feel the presance.

My room was right above the living room where I later found out the man had

died. I was left home alone all the time and I hated it. It drove me crazy. We

had a dirt basement there and we used to dig in it to see if we could find

anything. We did find plenty of liitle things that had once belonged to these

people. The whole back half of the basement was solid dirt. On the right of

the basement was a bricked off area with a small hole in the wall to the

basement. The hole was probably two feet by four feet and was at the top of

the wall. I couldn't see into it but I was under the impression that it was

full of dirt. I believe that there are secrets locked up in that basement and

they are not to be messed with. I was liked in there once when I was looking

around. The door shut on its own and it was jammed. After living in that

house, I moved to Minnesota. Since I have moved here, nothing has happened. No

eerie happinings, nothing. And now I am starting to miss it. I believe that

spirits have tried to conact me and I wasn't ready for what was going on. Now

I am.

The White Lady


When I was ten years old I saw a real ghost. I was naturally excited

and interested because I have always been interested in the subject. I was

laying on my 60 year old grandpa's bed, when a young lady in white

appeared.She was so interesting because she was floating three inches off the

ground! The lady floated over to my side.I noticed that she had no face, no

hands and no features. She bent over and stared at me. At that time, the most

exquisite feeling came over me.I did not feel even the least bit scared. I

stared at her and she stared at me and after exactly 30 seconds, she dissolved

right before my eyes! I never saw her again after that.

Living with a Spirit


This is the first time I have ever felt as though I am living with a ghost. There has been no real evidence or sighting just "feeling". As I get into bed at night, I set my clock radio alarm for the morning. Most nights (not always) I can hear soft music playing. Originally, I thought my radio was broken and still playing but I've tried shutting it off and could still hear the music. I've even gone so far as to unplug it, still the music is playing. I thought I was going crazy, but my husband says he hears it too.

Other things that happen in the house is cold spots and strange noises and ever since we had our daughter, the spirit doesn't like me to shut my bedroom door and will open it sometime during the night. I figure it is protecting my daughter. The only other thing out of the ordinary is something my husband witnessed. The lights were off when my husband went in the bathroom, he just happened to look in the mirror and saw the reflection of a man, he seemed to be angry but he was not looking directly at my husband, just sorta past him. My husband didn't feel as though the man was mad at him, the anger was toward someone else.

I'm not really afraid of this spirit. I will admit I'm a bit spooked, afterall, I've never lived with a spirit before! I've never questioned my landlord about the history of the house, he's just not the sort of person to talk about things like that.

Thanks for listening!

My Friends House


When I was about 10, give or take a few years, I was sleeping over at a

friend's house. We were getting ready for bed, my friend was in her

bedroom, and I was walking up the stairs and went past her bedroom to get to

the bathroom.

It was night, and dark outside, but her room was well lit. As I passed her

door, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman with long brown braids in

something that looked like a nightgown bending over something that looked

like a crib. I stopped and said something like "who's in there with you?"

to my friend. She said no one was there. I went back and looked, and there

was nothing there.

I don't know how important this is, but: If you stood in the door of her

bedroom, there were two large windows directly ahead which faced the road,

and at the far end of the left wall by the windows was a door into a large

closet that had its own window. Along the window wall near the closet I

think there was something like a low shelf or table. The crib I saw was

standing right up against the closet door in that same place, and it would

have been an odd place to put a crib. On the right side of the room by the

windows there was a sort of large nook where my friend had her bed, and a

door in the wall of the nook opposite the wall with the windows opened onto

the staircase to the attic.

I think I told my friend what I had seen; she was a nervous type about

things like that, and if I did tell her she probably got mad at me for

scaring her, but I don't remember for sure.

That's one of the weird things about these kinds of experiences -- I

remember most of it in extreme detail, but I can't remember things that

happened immediately after.

To keep my peace of mind, I always assume there is some kind of reasonable

explanation for these kinds of things; for example, vision out of the corner

of the eye is not good. Nothing has happened to me personally in many many

years now. I am intrigued by other people's experience, and fearful at the

same time.

Is My Apartment Haunted?


I have lived in this apt. since I was 6 years old. All my life strange things

have happened here. Not necessarily scary things, more like unexplainable

things. When I was a child my mom would have me sleep in her bed when I

wasn't well because it was closer to the kitchen where she would spend her

time. I absolutely hated when she would close the door. I would immediately

be sent into a state of panic if the door was closed. I would cry and beg her

to open it. I didn't feel this way anywhere else. Once when I was about 12

or so, I was lying on my mom's bed to take a nap just as the sun seemed to be

setting. My mom closed the door and I was uncomfortable but thought hey I am

a big girl now, it's silly to be afraid of nothing. About 20-30 minutes

later, I felt someone sit on the bed and I could feel the bed moving up and

down like someone was breathing. I held my own breath to make sure it wasn't

me. It wasn't me - I began calling my mom because I didn't want to move off

the bed, that is how scared I was!!! When she opened the door, I ran out of

there in an instant!!! I never told her what happened and the funny thing is

she never asked. When I was 18, my mom and I were sitting in the livingroom

when we heard the bathroom door close, we thought my dad had gotten out of bed

and gone in there. Some time had passed and my mom decided to see if he was

ok since he'd been in there a long time. She knocked and when she got no

answer she went in and no one was there, the light wasn't even on but the door

had been completely closed which would have to have been done by a person as

there is no window in the bathroom or near the bathroom and the door needs a

good push to close. About a week earlier, I was in the bathroom washing my

face and I was suddenly overcome with a panic to get out of the bathroom as

fast as I could, when I did get out, I felt out of breath and my heart was

racing, I don't know if there is a connection, but that never happened before

or since. My mom died a few weeks later. There are many strange and

unexplainable things that happen here. I am not going to tell the whole story

of each because they are long but I will list the details:

One night while reading a book, my VCR turned on, adjusted like it was going

to start playing a tape and then turned itself off.

Until I completely unplugged this radio (which is still in my apt), it would

turn on at different times at top volume when no one was even in the room!

I replace lightbulbs in the bathroom and bedroom (I now sleep in my mom's old

room which is next to the bathroom) more often than any room in the house, at

least once a month I am replacing them and they seem to blow at the same time

in both rooms if not on the same day, a day or 2 later. Yet, I can't even

remember the last time I changed the lightbulb in the kitchen (which is also

next to the bedroom).

At times the toilet flushes by itself. Sometimes it will be a continuous

flush like someone is holding down the handle, I have had it checked and a

part was replaced but it still happens - it also seems to leak at times but

then will just stop altogether.

You hear a knocking in the walls. Walls that don't lead to anyone elses apt

but to another room which is unoccupied - if you ignore it it will grow

steadily louder, if you say, Alright already I hear you now stop, it stops (My

mom used to do this which is where I got the idea, until then it would drive

me crazy)

I left my computer on and left for the day, when I returned, the document I

left open had a series of L's all down the page that went on for 4 or 5 pages,

just that one letter over and over, my boyfriend at the time was convinced I

was cheating on him and that was how the letters appeared there, you know

someone had been there while we were gone.

My boyfriend at the time was abusive toward me and he would show me very light

superficial scratches on his arms or legs that he couldn't explain (I don't

know if this is connected, but someone told me jokingly that "my ghost" didn't

like him)

I put things down and later when I go to get it (usually something small but

important, like keys or jewelry or money) it's not there I will tear the

place apart trying to find it and just when I am about to give up it reappears

in the original place I left it.

Most recently, I was sleeping (in my mom's room) when I was awoken by my dog.

She was growling, very low like she was unsure if there was a threat, and I

turned to her and saw a figure who appeared to be standing 2 feet off the

floor right next to my bed. He was looking at me and I saw the expression as

one of confusion or curiosity. My first reaction was to say who the hell are

you? and then my dog started barking and I looked at the clock to see the

time, when I turned back it was gone. I wasn't afraid though, I was more

startled. I thought I must have still been dreaming and went back to sleep,

for days the image bothered me, I called my dad and asked him if anything

strange ever happened to him when he lived here and he said you mean near the

bathroom or in the bedroom? and when i said yes he laughingly said, no. Then

he told me that he would see things out of the corner of his eye but when he

looked it was gone, he refused to talk more about it.

Wow, I have gone on and on and there is still so much more to tell, but I

think this should be enough for you to be able to tell me what I might be

dealing with. I am 28 now and have lived here for 22 years, I don't feel

whatever it is, is dangerous but I sometimes feel that I am going out of my


The Reservation


Odd things have always happened my family. as a child i was raised by my

grandparents.on the havasupai reservation.

there was no question to there being spirtis on our reservation. my

gandfather came from a long line of medicine men.

although he doesn't practice medicine.he says he remembers everything he

witnessed while he was learning to pracitce.

somethings sacred him to death and somethings he says are comforting.

he says it was a practice of good vs evil. some cermonies were so intense

that they were physicially attacked by appirations.

large,small, white, some times, gray or black images. he says the spirits

are present all the time. as if waiting for the right moment to strike. he

always said if i was harmed in any way i shouldn't point blame to anyone or

anything. he said to express in words"YOU ARENT GETTING THE BEST OFME" just

loud enough for me to hear it. even when whispered,it was a means of


he said sometimes late at night,family members that have passed away would

come knocking at his window.mostly his brother.he said he knew when it was

his brother,and when it wasn't. his brother gave him a sense of happiness or


but the others came with evil intentions. he says that all encounters are

warnings and signs of bad thing that are about to happen.or when sickness

was to fall on members of our family. he said he knew when the evil ones

were around. when they came to his window.he would feel a cold breez,then a

strong sense of fright.chills would overwhelm his body.and then a split

second before he saw or heard anything.he would be paralizied.completely

taken over.the chills got worse and when he would try yelling nothing would

come out.sometimes he said he felt like he was dieing and feeling every bit

of it.of course this only time this happened was, when it was pitch black in

his room.sometimes they reached in for him, from outside his window or from

right underneath his bed.he said it wasn't the same feel of someone grabing

you physically. their grasp pierced right through to the bone.much like a

snake wraping tightly around you.only every bit of the inside would also

feel constricted.right down to the bone.

we always had traditional singing gourds hung up around the house. these

were used for funneral wakes.almost every time

a force was present it was thru a dead family member. even if it was just a

dark shadow.the dead were used as portals to reach the lively hood of our

people. he said the gourd served as a warning system. if a force entered our

house the gourds would rattle like crazy.much like an alarm system

protecting the house from thieft.he said this would cause the dead to return

to the resting was a reminder that the person was dead, and that he

was only causing distress. the evil using it had no way of envading or

entering our house. if the force was strong enough.the gourds would not

work.he said if that happened

we would all experience cold chills and a sense of fright. he said you'd

feel so scared you wouldn't want to move.and that if you didn't convince

yourself to move it would only get worse.and that one person would be taken

as an outlet for the family.

sickness and or death would fall that person.

to this day i have never seen or experience anything of that nature.. but

deep down inside it know it's all to true..

ive heard the gourds go off. but never felt anything. my grandfather says

they still visit him. i love my grandfather for everthing he has shared with

me.he says that all of this is only fair warning, and that this happens to

everyone. some just don't notice.

the next time you fall or get in a fight just thnik "who is realy behind it

all."i could go on and on but i'd best stop here.

there is a reason behind everything that happens. i was asked not to tell

this to just anyone. but i sense that someone out there needs to hear this.

Living in a Haunted House


When I was about 3 years old, my family moved into a house that was

haunted. Of course, my parents tried to hide the fact from me. I think

I just knew.

We would here all kinds of noises. People walking up and down the

staircases, loud thumps, glass breaking, etc. Everyday at noon, there

would be someone walking on the front staircase and up the attic stairs.

My father would hear it on his lunch hour. Everyday, he would yell at

Hippolite (on of the brothers that built the house in 1903). And, then

it would stop.

We lived right down the street from a catholic church. My parents had

become friends with a few of the sisters at the church. One day, as my

parents were working in the yard, and my sister and I played outside,

one of the sisters stopped by. She asked my father how his mother was.

He told her fine, that he had just visited with her that morning at her

house. Then she asked my mother how her mother was. My mother

explained that her mother had passed away quite awhile ago, but as far

as she knew, her step-mother was ok. She then asked about the older

woman who lived with us. my parents told her that we didn't have an

older woman living with us. She said "Yes you do. I wave to her

everyday when I am on my walk. She sits in that window (and pointed to

my bedroom window) and just smiles and waves to me."

My parents did some research and found that the brothers that had built

the house had an elderly housekeeper. Her quarters were on the third

floor (where my dad's office was). I guess she had died in the house.

On one occasion, when my Mom was in the office typing, she heard someone

walking around the attic. She of course yelled for my Dad. He came up

and checked the whole attic (which was huge). He found no one. As soon

as he got back downstairs, my Mom starting screaming. My Dad ran back

upstairs. She had heard the footsteps again. So, he checked it out

again, and found no one.

When I was about 4 or 5, I had a little toy clock. It played Hickory

Dickory Dock, and it had a little set of clock hands that clicked when

you turned the knob. Anyhow, when I was trying to get to sleep one

night, the hands starting clicking (it was right beside me, so I knew I

wasn't imagining it). I was too terrified to scream for my parents.

I used to keep all of my Barbie dolls and their clothes in a plastic

case on the floor at the foot of my bed. One night I heard someone

stepping on it. Again, too terrified to call for my parents.

We had problems when ouja boards were taken into the house too. The

first time, my sister took it in. That evening, my Dad had asked my

sister to take all of the newspapers down to the back porch (they had

been in the upstairs hallway). She did. That night, my sister woke up

and heard someone going down the attic stairs, open and close the door.

Go down the front staircase, and come up the back staircase, open and

close the attic door, and go up the stairs. A few minutes later, she

heard the exact same thing. The next day, when my Dad went home for

lunch, he walked in to here doors slamming, bells ringing, and voices

(to this day, no one knows what the voices were saying, my Dad wouldn't

tell any one). He went upstairs and found all the newspapers that my

sister had taken to the backporch, scattered all through the upstairs.

There were no windows open or nothing that would create a breeze. My

Dad saw the ouja board and set it on the front porch, and immediately

everything stopped.

Another time there was a ouja board in the house, my aunt was visiting.

She decided to sleep on the couch in the family room. She woke up

during the night and saw an orange glow coming from the living room

(where the ouja board was). For about two weeks after that, the cats

wouldn't go into the living room.

The cats would sit at the bottom of the front staircase just staring up.

Then they would take off and rip and tare through the house.

Through the years, it gradually calmed down. The house has recently

been sold. I have heard that the new owners are going to turn it into a

deli and sandwich shop (which is a shame, it's a beautiful house). I

just have a feeling that things will stir up again for them. I don't

know too much about ghosts (I fully believe in them and I am fascinated

by real life ghost stories) but I think that when that house is

disturbed, by new owners, the ghosts aren't happy about it (or they want

people to know they are there). I think they get used to the people

after a while and start to settle down.

Well, that's my true ghost story. Thank you for enabling me to share it

with you. I love to share it with people, but most of the time, I just

get weird looks.

The Farmhouse


I now live in Indiana and a few years ago my husband and I rented a little farmhouse.

Our landlord lived right behind us and the farmhouse used to belong to

his grandparents now both deceased. Not long after we moved in we began

to hear things and my 2 year old daughter would wake up in fear crying

about a man in her room. I would say "Where?" and she would point to a

corner of the room but I would see nothing. We would often hear

footsteps coming up the basement stairs with no one there this happening

in front of other witnesses also. We would sometimes hear a man in the

basement talking but couldn't make out what he was saying. My husband

would always look outside thinking someone was out there talking but no

one ever was. Now the basement was a creepy place where I always sensed

being watched and followed. There was a lttle room that used to hold

well water with a heavy door that had the window painted white. I felt

this room was evil and I hated it. Unfortunately my washer and dryer

were down in the basement so I had to go there often. For a long time

the ghost just made noises not meant to scare just moving about the

house. Later he would come into our bedroom at night. I never realized

it until i saw your site and David and Sherry's site but he came in the

room alot more than the 2 times I saw him in human form. I would either

be asleep or almost asleep and I would see a ball of light drift slowly

into the room. It would move sometimes to the side in front of my closet

or to my horror it would come right at me and hover right above me. I

didn't realize then that the orb was the ghost. I thought I was dreaming

a weird weird dream that seemed I was awake because I saw the room

exactly like I was awake.(Appartently because I was awake.) I would be

half asleep and angry at myself for having such terrifying visions so I

would angrily think in my mind"Get out of here. Stop!!" and it would

disappear. Twice after that I woke up to see a 30-40 year old man with

dark hair and a red and black lumberjack shirt staring at mefrom beside

my bed Oddly I was so tired I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I

found out later from my friend who used to live next door to the house

that my lanlord's grandfather had died in the house.(His name was

Pete). Also he had been a grumpy old man .Funny thing was that both

times I saw him he was a younger man. Anyways he never really bothered

us so we had no problems living there with him. We only moved out

because we bought a new home this past year.To this day I still can't

believe I calmly co-habitated with a ghost.

The House in Detroit


Hi my name is Diane

Growing up in Detroit, my family lived in a house that was haunted, on several

occasions my whole family would hear loud crashes that could only be described

as boxes of dishes being smashed. Everyone in my family experienced several

ghost contacts in one form or another. One three different occasions with

three different family members, a man about sixty was seen wearing a plaid

flannel shirt. This man mealy stood there looking at the person, never

attempting communication or harm. I was about eight when he appeared and I

was the first one to see him, although my sister who was seven years older

than me was not present. I tell this to you now so later you will understand.

My relatives from out of town were visiting and the adults were sitting in the

living room after dinner, I was extremely quite in the hopes that only a child

can have that they would forget that I was there. I was sitting on the couch

and the front door was open, with the screen door closed. I saw the man

wearing a red plaid shirt standing at the front door looking in. I told my

family and they though I over tired, and put me to bed. Later that same week

my older sister was getting into the shower when she saw a man in a red plaid

shirt standing in the bathroom with her, she freaked out and told my mother

who this time listened more closely. She then revealed that she too had seen

the man in the red shirt standing in the kitchen by the sink, looking like he

was getting a glass of water. All family members routinely heard footsteps

throughout the house especially going up stairs into an attic bedroom. The

steps would continue across the floor. All family members experienced this

together and separate on several different occasions. My sister who's bedroom

it was for a while admitted she was scared to sleep in that room and was

frightened very often thinking that someone was coming into her room. I later

had that same bedroom and became so afraid of it that I began sleeping on the

living room sofa. On several occasions dishes in that house would break when

put in a certain china cabinet, and on two separate occasions a silver meat

platter in the china cabinet, whose doors were kept closed, flew across the

room at my mother. Lights turned off in the basement, would be on when we

woke up EVERY morning. The dryer would routinely come on by it self and even

after the electric was checked out this still continued. The basement had an

old coal room that had been converted into a storage room with paint cans and

stuff, this room had a negative feeling and NO ONE in the family liked to even

go in there. Likewise, no one in the family wanted to go under the stairs

although no one ever had a mysterious occurrence in those places. Every

family member in that house had heard their name called on different occasions

many times when they were home alone. One occasion comes to mind, my father

who was home alone was working in the basement, my mother sister and I were

out shopping at the mall. He distinctly heard the front door open, even

though it was locked and someone walk across the living room and kitchen. He

went upstairs and found the front door locked as he knew he would. It was

then that someone called his name. He answered and no one said anything after


Another all family experience came when we all went to visit my grand mother

who lived across town, we even brought the family dog. We were returning home

and as we pulled in the drive way, I saw the drapes move back like someone was

watching us return. I said did you see that, my father countered what did you

see? I told him and he and my mother and sister agreed that that is what they

saw too. My dad went in to the house first why we waited in the car.

Everything was just as we left it with the doors locked. On one occasion I

awoke to having a woman standing at the foot of my bed, she disappeared as

soon as I got a good look at her. Her name was Anne she said and she had

lived in that house. No one in that house ever saw Anne again. This house

had an addition that was a formal dinning room off the back. It had built in

china cabinets that would fly open on no occasion, even after my mother put

hooks on them, thinking the wood was swelling. Music was often heard playing

softly, and tinny like a bad am transistor. In all it was a weird place to

live and we were all very glad to move, but we did live there over twenty


My parents moved into an apartment, as I did in a different location, while

staying with them because I had become extremely ill. I had a unique

experience of a ghost nurse who took care of me. My parents were asleep and I

was lying on the sofa, so hot, but lucid. I could hear them snoring from the

bedroom. I heard soft slippers shuffle across the floor and felt a cold hand

lovingly touch my forehead checking my fever, a comfort, I was not afraid

really and somehow thought Grandma is here but I had no evidence of this. I

remember keeping my eyes closed, just knowing my nurse did not want me to see

her. I was very conscious of my parents snoring and knew it was not them.

When the feet shuffled off I opened my eyes and got up looked at my parents,

they were sound asleep. The whole situation lasted maybe two minutes, yet I

started to improve that night.



I have been reading stories on this page for over a year, now. Why - I

don't know - I always find myself scared at night - but I until look forward

to the new entries every month. I thought it might be time to submit my

scariest, I am very sensitive to the spiritual world, so I have many.

Okay, a few years ago, I met my current husband, Joe, during the beginning

stages of his nasty divorce to his wife, Jennifer. Jennifer was raised in

Jewish family that had a lot of problems. Before they married, they lived

in the downstairs apartment of Joe's father's house. His sister and her

family lived upstairs. They had experience some ghost activity when they

were children there, but it was all positive, like smelling roses throughout

the house. Jennifer's brother, Andrew had joined a Devil Worshipping Cult

and moved to California. Eventually, he realized it was crazy and sick so

he hopped on a bus and journeyed home to Massachusetts. At every stop, one

of the members was standing outside the bus just staring at him. He made it

home, but did not escape. They came to him at night, played head games, and

did not allow him to let go of the devil. He was also very heavy into


Joe was, and still is, a member of AA, so he invited Andrew to live with

them while he tried to recover and get off the drugs. Andrew could not, and

one day said, "I just want to live to see you two get married". A few weeks

after their wedding, Andrew was found hanging from a tree in a nearby park.

After the funeral, Joe was consoling Jennifer when he heard 3 knocks on the

door. He went to answer it but no one was there. All of a sudden a rush of

energy entered his body, and then everything went black. Joe awoke to his

brother-in-law holding him down and trying to stop him from convulsing. He

had come downstairs to find out what the knocks were from.

Joe and Jennifer got Andrew's wonderful leather living room set. They moved

to CT and split up shortly thereafter. I came along pretty quickly and also

got pregnant pretty quickly. So we were not allowed to see the family for

they were ashamed of Joe's actions.

One night, I had a nightmare of being chased by an evil and angry spirit

through a house I had never seen before. I was flying from room to room, up

many stairs. Finally, I went into a room where there was a child spirit on

a bed and very scared. I remember holding it while watching the spirit fly

up the stairs at us. Then I awoke. I told Joe about this one because it

was so vivid. He just about died, I described every room down to the wall

paper of his father's house that his sister still lives in. We were invited

over shortly after. His family began to forgive him and understand his

reasoning, not to mention they had a beautiful niece/grand-daughter that

they did not know. When I walked in, I knew I had been there before.

Aimee, Joe's 7 year old niece, said, "I knew you had blonde hair, I had a

dream about you last week!". Strange.

A year later. I went to a psychic who I had never met before. She told me

a lot of stuff about my guides an messages from them. Well, one was this,

"That spirit that was chasing you, it is a sibling of your boyfriend's

x-lover.". And that was it!

We just finally sold that damn leather furniture. I hope Andrew leaves me

alone, now.

My Ghosts


i hadnt never thought of finding someone to speak to on the web about

the situation we have here at our house..but here goes:

my gf and i moved into this rental in ga here two years ago..we had to

do alot of remodleing on the house to get it had prior been

decorated by two gay men who had died of aids..just not our taste and in

dire need of a makeover...well anyways in the process of painting,

tearing down partitions ect we noticed strange things happening..such as

pictures being knocked off of shevles,door slamming sounds when the door

was locked..mumbled talking conversations early in the am from the

living room..keys rattling..ect...we tried to ignore it but we both

thought we had some presence in the house..not long after this began our

neighbor an elderly lady spoke to us about the prior tenant having seen

one of the gay men(she had knew both the deceased)on the train after

they had both died..this frightened her and she had told the neighbor

after she had moved out..(we hadnt mentioned any of the behavior or are

concerns to the neighbor before her bringing this up)then thur a friend

of the landlord of a business the neighbor owned the neighbor asked me

if i lived in the house on pineland..i said yes..he then asked me if i

knew the story on the house..i said there a story??he then

proceeded to tell me about the orig owner whom had been murdered by his

girlfreind in the house(appartently it was never proved to be a murder,

only suspiscous circumstances)and that the rumor had it that the orig

owner had buried some gold coins in the house since they had never been with this information i told my gf what he had told me,

this got her curiousity up and she started looking for it the attic

under boards, under the house, ect..then we really had problems..the

activity in the house really increased.our cat really noticed seeing

things with her hair bristled and eyes big following movement in the

corners of the rooms..things started being knocked off shelves, strange

loud noises i immediately told my gf to stop searching for the

gold...she did..she was frightened too...then a lull began concerning

the activity...untill we started again tearing out the kitchen for a new got so bad one day hearing keys rattling and noises i had to

call her at work to come home i was so has seemed to calm

down a bit now ..when i do hear there tricks starting up again i calmly

ask them to stop...and they seem to respond..well anyway this is our

story, we dont really like having these uncomfortable feelings but

hopefully we can live with them..thankyou for your time

My Apartment


I recently moved from an apartment that I had lived in for ten years. Shorly

after I moved in, I had a three year old child tell me there was an old man at

the end of the hallway by my bedroom. Just prior to that, my daughter

occupied that bedroom and refused to sleep in it. After i changed bedrroms, i

had several experiences for which i had no logical explanation. Upon waking

one night to go to work, i had rolled over to hit the snooze button on my

alarm and felt someone or something sit on my bed. I didn't turn around to

look-but I know i was wide awake and not dreaming. On another night as I was

leaving for work (at 10:30 p.m.) I had walked out of the apartment and shut

the door. I realized I had forgot something and when I reopened the door I

seen a yellow-orange sphere of light in the hallway and it shot into the front

bedroom (my daughter's room). I had also would see dark figures go into my

bedroom while i would be in the bathroom which was next to my bedroom.

I had watched small children in my home look at something that wasn't there

and had other people afraid to stay in my apartment because they felt someone

looking at them. I took quite some time for me to not feel ill at ease but I

never felt that I was in danger. Since moving to my house, i have felt no

presences around me or in my home. I had heard that ghosts can sometime

follow people but I don't feel that this has happened in this case.

Just a Funny Feeling


I don't really know how to start this. I am the only one that this

happened to, that I know of. About 10 years ago, my brother in law, was

looking for a house to by, as an investment, and a home. He asked my

husband and I to come and look, an give an opinion of the house.

As we looked through the house, it seemed cheery and bright, the living

room was large with a nice fireplace. Everyone else walked to the back

of the house, to the bedrooms. I went to the kitchen, thinking Gina,

my brother in laws girlfriend would be there. She was not. I went to

the garage door, and stepped out. The garage was not too cold or hot, I

don't remember feeling anything like that. I looked at the large door

for the car to come through, and saw were kids had spray painted a four

lettered word. I began to have a strong sense of anxiety, at that

time, as I walked closer to the door, my heart seemed to beat faster and

harder, kind of like I had been running very fast, I turned around to

go to the back door, it was padlocked on the inside, no key. I felt

like I could hear screaming in my head, for a second, I thought I

screamed too, but I didn't.

I felt my throat closing, and like I would stop breathing I left the

garage,quickly after that, and joined the others inside. driving home I

told my husband how I felt, an that maybe some kind of negative energy

was left behind by the people, I presumed young boys, who spray painted

the word on the garage door. He said maybe and that some people had

said I was very intuitive.

About 10 months later, my brother in law Gary, came to our house, he

seemed more upset than angry. He had talked to the next door

neighbor, and he had told Gary that the women that lived in his house

before him had committed suicide. She stood on the back of her care,

stepped off and hung herself. Then I got that nasty cold chill. We

couldn't understand if Gary was upset because of the full disclosure law

being breached, or that the house could be haunted. The three of us

talked about lawsuit. But when my husband went to bed, I told Gary if

he was more upset, than angry, he should just go to every room in the

house and speak in a stern voice saying, " I demand that you leave this

house, I live here now, you do not belong here. Leave now". I don't

know if he ever did that, or not, he always acts funny when I try to

bring it up. So that is all that happened.

Thanks for reading this.

Black Figures


Hi, I don't have any pictures, or sound files. But, I just wanted to

share my story, and maybe you can give me an idea of what on earth it was I saw?

When I was six, I shared a room with my older brother. He was fast

asleep, but I couldn't rest. I remember tossing, and turning. I had this toy closet,

with a short door on it. I looked at the door, and saw a large "hole" in it.

It was black, with no real shape, and it had a hole in the middle of it. The

only spot that wasn't black. Anyway, I get up, and shake the curtains, trying to

see if it was a shadow. I put my hand in front of it. I move my toys, and

dolls.  What is making the shadow? I thought. I stood in front of it, and just

stared.  It then moved off the door, and just hovered in front of me.

Now, this is where it sounds REALLY stupid, but remember I was only

a kid, I asked it if it wanted to play chase, I was frightened, but

didn't know what else to do. I turned, and ran, and looked, seeing it coming behind

me, I look up at my door, (My room had no door, just an opening) and there

was a black shadowy figure (like the smaller one) but in the shape of a

very very tall man. He was blocking my way out. But I didn't care. I ran

through him, and into my parents room, under their covers, and never peeked out.

Years later, when I was around 14, my best friend spent hte night with

me in that same room, and told me she woke up around 5 AM to see a tall

shadowy man looking down at us in the darkness. She thought it was my

father. My father never comes up into my room. He never has.

I know this is real. I wasn't dreaming, or just imagining things.

Have you ever heard of a story similar to this before about black

figures that change shape? I've never seen them since, but I'm still curious.

The White Lady and Friends


When my father was young (approx. 9-12 years old) he lived in Gary, IN, where, reportedly, the White Lady was said to be seen. He and his friends decided to go to see the apparition "for themselves" one night. (That same day, my grandmother had bought my father a new pair of shoes.) Apparently, the ghost was usually seen on the banks of a stream in the area, and many people had also decided to go ghost watching that same night. From what I understand, it turned into sort of an impromptu camping party, with people sharing stories, food, and tents. My father's new shoes were stiff and uncomfortable, so he took them off and went to his friends car to get some potatoes and aluminum foil (to bake potatoes for dinner) when someone shouted "There she is!" My father was so frightened (even though he never saw her), that he ran all the way back home. The next day, his mother asked him where his new shoes were. He told her what happened and got in trouble for leaving his shoes (not because he was out looking for ghosts!)

My father was in the Army, and consequently, we were uprooted and moved every few years. Our family was stationed on Fort Meade, MD during 1990-1992. The military houses that we were living in had been built during WWII. Our particular block was said to have been haunted. Two of our friends who were sisters told of the time they were at home alone, downstairs, when they heard the sound of water running upstairs. They went up to find the faucet to the bathtub had been turned on "full blast" and the tub had already filled with water and was overflowing onto the floor.

The Pink Lady/ The Disco Lady

My sister had two experiences with ghosts in our own house. One night, she woke up to find the shadow of a woman standing near her bed, as if examining her. My sister said that the woman was dressed in "70's clothes" and had a "huge afro." The woman laid her and on my sister's forehead (as if taking her temperature). My sister said her hand was very cool. My sister closed her eyes for a minute (how she remained so calm, I'll never know!) and when she opened them again, the woman was gone. (My sister went back to sleep, by the way.) My sister also came home from school one day (the house was empty) and saw a woman in a pink dress going up the stairs. She was so startled, and said "Don't ever do that to me again!" The woman turned to face my sister, then disappeared.

The Peanut Butter Man

When I was about 15 years old, my friend Katie invited me over to her house for a birthday slumber party. Her living room (where all 10-15 were to spend the night) faced two huge sliding glass doors that led outside to their deck. Katie had told us of the Peanut Butter Man, a ghost that would sit on their deck and eat peanut butter. (That's all he ever did.) Most of us were pretty skeptical (her parents blamed in on a trick of the warped glass they were going to replace when the renovated their deck in the following year.) Some time passed, when someone looked out onto the deck and said "There he is!". I looked out and saw a blurry man sitting on one of the chairs, dipping a knife (or a long finger) into a jar of peanut butter. He sat there with his legs crossed; he seemed perfectly content. We all screamed and dove into our sleeping bags, and after a while, he disappeared. Her parents did have the deck renovated, and the sliding glass doors replaced. I fell out of touch with Katie, but ran into her best friend a few years later, and she told me that they still see the Peanut Butter Man to this day.

The Indian

My uncle lives in Hammond, IN. He 100% believes in ghosts (although I don't know if he believed in them before his experiences or after.) He tells several stories of a Native American ghost that protects his house. Several of my cousins have seen this ghost as well (including his own children.) Apparently, their house was built on some land that belonged to a small tribe. My uncle has seen the Indian pass through the halls, as if inspecting and making sure everything thing is all right. One night, his two sons, and two of our cousins (who were both male) were in one of the upstairs bedrooms, trying to rig one of the tv's to get the Playboy channel. There was a knock on the door; when they opened it, the Indian was there. They all screamed and he disappeared. (So much for the Playboy channel.) On another occasion, his sons were having a few friends over for a slumber party. My uncle when to check on them and ran into the Indian, dressed in full "war paint" complete with headdress. My uncle said the Indian seemed very unhappy about these interlopers being in the house. My uncle tried to explain that they were just a bunch of kids having a sleep-over. The Indian seemed to take this into consideration, and disappeared. My uncle has since sold the house to my aunt and her family. As far as I know, they haven't seen the Indian.

Personally, I think I would have a heart-attack if I ran into anything more active/malevolent than the Peanut Butter Man. My complements on all of your pages, I have enjoyed very much what I've seen and read, and I look forward to reading the rest!

The Blue Face Lady


When I was about 4 or 5, maybe even younger I remember one night I was

sleeping in my room, and I awoke, I don't know why I did, I may have

been dreaming, anyways I looked ahead of me to my wall and there was a

face on it, it was blue, looked human, and this may sound strange but it

had a hat on that looked like one of those araibian towlels that they

wrap their heads with.It spoke to me, I dont remember what it said, but

oddly, I wasn't afraid of it. The next day I told my mom and dad, I dont

remember their reactor but I asked my mom if she remembered about when I

told her there recently, and she said I used to tell her about "A lady

in blue" visiting me quite often, I only remember telling her about my

only experience once, I might have seen the face more than I remember. I

don't think it was a dream because I don't think I would remember a

dream I had when I was 5 or younger, im 15 now so it was at least 10 or

more years ago. Thats my experience, if anyone has had an experience

similar to mine please write me about it.

Sixth Sense


After reading some of the experiences others have shared I wanted to

highlight a few of my own. I tend to be very observant of activity

around me whether I see it or not. Some people think it's an over-active

imagination but if they felt and saw some of the things I have they

would think otherwise. I guess my first experience would have to begin

with what I consider my guardian angel.

To start off, I lived in a fairly average house with three bedrooms and

two bathrooms which was built in 1960. There were no previous owners. My

room was at the end of a long hallway with my parents room next to it.

Quit convinient for late night toilles. When I was around six years old

I had my first experience with a world other than my own. I remember it

so clearly. I had been asleep and had a disturbing dream. I woke up,

about to call for my mother. At the time my bed was on the opposite wall

of the door and I could see my parents room and most of the hallway.

Before I called out I saw, what I thought was my mother, come into the

room. I had a distinct feeling of peace immediately. I saw her clearly

wearing her blue bathrobe with the blue and white stripe down the center

and rollers in her hair. She walked into the room and up the length of

my bed. When she reached the head of the bed I put out my hand to her

and felt nothing but cool air. She just looked down, smiled and

vanished. It did not frighten me that she was gone. Just the opposite. I

felt relieved and immediately fell asleep. The next morning, when I

awoke, I saw my mother in the living room and noticed she did not have

any rollers in her hair. I asked if she had worn any the night before

and she said no. I then asked if she had come into my room that night

and again the answer was no. I did not say anything further in case she

would say I was just dreaming. I knew then as I do now that I was not

dreaming. It wasn't until a few years later that I told her when another

strange thing happened to me as I lay in bed.

I was about 15 at the time and having trouble sleeping. My room had

since been arranged differently with the head of my bed moved to the

diagnol corner from my door still viewing my parents room. As I lay

waiting for sleep to take me I had the strangest feeling overcome me.

(This has happened twice since.) I was laying on my side staring at the

opposite wall when my vision began to tunnel. I felt my body begin to

numb and could hear, distinctly, my heart beat slow. At first I thought

I was slowly falling asleep until I realized that I was very much awake.

I was still staring at the wall and I could make out my hand laying in

front of me. I tried to move but could not. I tried to call out and

could not. I thought I was dying. I could still hear my heart slow and

was watching as my eyesight dimmed. Just before all went black I heard a

distinct voice, which I thought was my mother call my name. I heard it

several times before my body and mind were together again. As soon as I

could move I sat up to see if my mother was in the room. She was not. I

then went in my parent's room where both were sound asleep. I was

extremely perplexed and exhausted after the ordeal. The next morning I

told my mother about the night before and about the time I was six. She

told me that must have been my guardian angel coming in a form that was

soothing to me.

I have now been to college,twice, and had other strange activity that

did and did not include my angel. That can go for another time. I was

wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this. And never forget

that the young are always prone to see and hear what we cannot because

they are more open to the world than their elders. It's not always an

over-active imagination either.

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