The House in Iowa


We moved into another house in the same town in Iowa, I would grow up in this

house and live there until I got married and moved away. I was 7 at the time.

My family had many experiences in this house. A little background, There was 2

rooms that were built before electricity, none had bothered putting it into

the 2 rooms they just ran dropcords to them. It was 1 room upstairs and 1

directly below it, the rest of the house was built around the 2 rooms. The

upstairs room was sunkenabout 1 foot compared to the rest of the bedrooms and

the bathroom. You went up a flight of stairs form the 1st floor turned right

opened the bedroom door stoop down and walk down 2 steps to get into the

bedroom. Although the rest of the house had it's moments, this room was the

most active.

My parents used this room as their bedroom until I was about 12 then it became

mine.(but I am getting ahead of myself ). My parents had many experiences in

this room, and I will list a few of them that I remember the most.

My parents woke up in the middle of the night about a year after we moved in.

Their room had 2 closets in it, one was open to the room and the other had a

door. The closet with the door had a mini-closet in it with it's own door.

Anyway the closet with the door was making creaking noises that woke my

parents up. My father turned on the lamp,and opened the closet door. My

mother let out a scream which woke us kids up (age 8 and 9), and we came

running. The clothes that they had in the closet on hangers on a pole were

flying out piece by piece. This lasted about 2 minutes. It was then that we

realized we were not alone in the house. Several times they were in bed and

had the covers ripped off and thrown in a pile on the floor at the foot of the

bed. There were shadows and noises that we all seemed to notice most at

night, but looking back it was probably because noone spent alot of time

upstairs during the day. These kind of things went on the whole time we lived

in the house and I will tell more of them later.

Thank you for your time and the space to tell my experiences:)



My name is Marc Cooper. I am twenty one years of age, and have never

experienced an unexplained phenomena before. Except for three months ago.

I was lying in my bed around two in the morning, when I heard screaming coming

from upstairs (I live in an apartment). It was the voice of a male, and

screaming from a female. I heard the female crying, and the male yelling.

I sat up on my bed, and listened to the crying. I then heard a thump, then

another, followed by another four slams on the ceiling above me. I turned off

the lamp, way to afraid to go upstairs and investegate. I stayed up all

night, but heard nothing from upstairs. I left for work around two thirty the

next day. I was tired, but I had to go.

Out of curiosity, I went and knocked on the tenant's door above me. There was

no answer. I walked downstairs and left for work.

About the same time the next night, I awoken to the thumping upstairs. I

disregarded it again, until I heard the thumping and screaming the next night.

I went upstairs and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so, in anger I

opened the door and peered inside. "People are trying to sleep in this

building." I yelled into the apartment. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness,

I realize something that terrified me. There was no furniture, and the whole

apartment had been abandoned.

I closed the door and hurried back to my room. I awoke once again to the

banging. I stormed up stairs, and flinged open the door. "Stop it!" I

yelled. I then a orbish type light float in to the wall and dissapear. I ran

back to my room and once again stayed up all night.

After sleeping all day, I stayed up to listen to the banging. Only this time,

I heard, easy laughing. Then, silence. I haven't heard

anything since.

Ambulance Corps.


I am twenty eight years old and am currently an honorary member of

a volunteer ambulance corps. in New Jersey. Honorary, because

after ten years of active service, I resigned to pursue training in

advanced life support as a paramedic. After four years as a paramedic,

I left EMS to focus on what has always been my full time career, a

credit rep for a major electronics company.

These stories have taken place over years and are not daily

occurrences and while other members have similar stories, I will not

speak for them. Fortunately, I have had witnesses to some of these


Most of the occurrences seem to focus around the garage area of

the building, where the ambulance is parked. I happen to believe a man

and a woman "occupy" this building. I believe this because of the


- While watching Tv alone one night I had a strange feeling that

someone was watching me. Out of the corner of my eye, standing by the

door leading from the meeting room to the garage, I saw someone. Just

standing there. When I looked, no-one was there. This happened a

couple of times over about forty five minutes and upon glancing a

third time, I made out some features. It was a man in his late

thirties maybe, standing about 5'10" with full dark hair and a

mustache. I left for the night at this point. This was fall of 1992 if

not mistaken.

-In 1991, I was sitting on the couch with my girlfriend at the time

watching Tv again. We distinctly heard the door from the garage to the

outside slam shut. It was a wooden door at the time and unmistakable

with it's sound. When no-one entered the meeting room, we wondered what

member may have come down. When no-one came inside, I went into the

garage to look. There wasn't anyone there, but heard the door slam

again once back inside the meeting room. This continued about five

times, the last time when my back was turned and standing about twelve

feet away. There wasn't anyone in the garage or outside. Nicole wanted

to leave pretty quickly.

-In the spring of 1994, I think, I was again on the couch with yet

a different girlfriend. The door to the garage was propped open when

we both heard the sound of footsteps coming from the garage. It

sounded a little odd in the sense that it almost sounded like someone

walking on leaves. Lisa had me go check and of course, I found nothing

but this continued for about 1/2 hour. Whenever I would reach the

threshold of the garage, it would stop. When I dragged Lisa into the

garage to show her nothing/no-one was there, the sound started again.

We were looking directly at the spot where the sound seemed to

originate. About twenty feet in front of us, we heard the footsteps

walking toward us. We both left right away.

-In March of 1996, I was dating yet a different girl. (yeah I got

around a bit) We had thrown a surprise party for my father. Jen was

really tired after working a double shift the night before. She's a

nurse as well as Lisa. After the party, I was finishing cleaning up

when I jokingly said, "welcome to the haunted building". She freaked a

little, and wanted to leave immediately. This surprised me a bit

because I didn't relay any of these stories to her. When we got

outside, she told me that while 'zoning out', she noticed a man and a

woman standing near the door to the garage. She said the man was in

his early forties with dark hair and a mustache. She couldn't make out

the woman because her back was turned. She noticed them because they

seemed out of place to her. My cousin 'snapped her out' of the 'zone'

and the couple disappeared. She didn't see them again and nobody at

the party fit this man's description.

- As I walked into the building through the back door one evening,

I heard as plain as day, a woman speaking. I simply thought someone

left the Tv on. When I stepped over the threshold, the voice stopped

and the Tv wasn't on nor was anyone in the room. There was no remote

to the Tv so nobody could have turned it off from afar. I walked

across the room to the garage. When I walked through the door, I

noticed two friends, Patty and Alison standing outside near the door,

looking rather shaken. I asked them what was wrong. They said they

both heard a man's voice distinctly say "Alison"; twice only moments

before. They accused me of playing trick on them although I did not.

This was the summer of 1996.

- I have heard conversations take place in the garage a couple of

times when no-one was around. I could never make out what was being

said, but it did sound like a male and female. Whenever I would walk

into the garage, it would stop. Additionally, there have been

instances when the lights on the phone would blink on and off as if

someone was picking up and hanging up the receiver in another room.

This happened when either nobody was present or anyone present was in

the meeting room together. This of course could be an electrical

problem, but who knows.

Uncle Rodger


I've written before and after the last time I didn't think I would

again. Not because of anything bad happening afterward. But simply

because I think I spooked myself. Also though, even though my story

(Shadow Man) was absolutely true, I am some what of a perfectionist when

it comes to my writing and I wasn't pleased with how it turned out.

The decision to write once again came about by something that

happened to me on October 30th of this year. For once I am happy to say

it was nothing frightening. It was however something to remember.

For as long as I can remember I have had the ability to sense

supernatural entities. How ever crazy that sounds to anyone reading

this, you must believe that it sounds even crazier to me. Until a few

years ago I didn't understand exactly what I was feeling. All I knew

was that I would get uncomfortable and feel like I had to turn around to

see if someone was watching me. There was always this pressure, like

someone sitting on my chest. This pressure would just come out of no

where. Also my eyes would occasionally water uncontrollably . My eyes

watering seems to happen more if what I'm dealing with seems

unfriendly. I don't know why.

October 30 started off normal enough. My husband was off at work.

My son and I had been home together. When he had finally fallen asleep

for his nap I took advantage of the time to clean up his toys. When

everything was put away in his toy box I sat down to just rest for a few

minutes myself. It was about 1 p.m. . All of a sudden I had this

really strange feeling of pressure on my chest. I wasn't afraid as

over the past couple of years I have really been trying to develop my

ability to sense things. I was just taken by surprise. I sat for a few

minutes and just concentrated on what it was I was feeling. I honestly

don't know how to explain this but it just felt like a man's presence.

My great grandmother came to "visit" me once when I was messing with

things I shouldn't have been messing with. I remember that feeling as

strong but a woman. This was much more over powering and

almost frantic. For me it was very annoying and uncomfortable. I sat

and thought about who it could be. All of the men I thought of were

family but I couldn't understand why they would come to me.

Traditionally the belief is that since Halloween was coming the spirit

world and the the living world can communicate. At this point I was

pretty intrigued. This went on and on. About an hour later my son woke

up and we went to his bedroom to change his diaper. I remember

distinctly scanning the living room as we walked from his playpen to

make sure that ALL of his toys were picked up. As Duncan and I entered

the living room a few minutes later, I looked over at in the direction

of the front door. Sitting right in the way of the front door was a toy

that never gets played with. A little crawling Mickey Mouse that had

been in the middle to the bottom part of the toy box simply for the

reason I stated. He never plays with it. Mickey was facing me and it

hit me that someone was trying to play with Duncan.

No more than 10 minutes later my husbands mother called me. She

was on her way up to her mother's apartment. Her brother Rodger, had

passed away early that morning in his sleep at her mother's apartment.

She lives in a retirement community and a nurse making early morning

rounds had come in and found Rodger on the floor in the living room. I

automatically knew who it was. It was a knowledge like I know that the

sun will set and the sun will rise. I also knew why Rodger had come to

me. In the past couple of years he and my mother-in-law had "locked

horns" numerous times. There had been hard feelings. There are a few

reasons that Rodger came here. He really thought that Duncan was

great. My husband and I (especially me) had no ill feelings for him at

all. He also didn't understand what was happening to him. He didn't

know where to go.

I lit a white candle. The candle has no power at all but spirits

can see heat as heat is energy. I explained to him that everything was

okay and that he needed to go into the light. No one was mad at him

anymore and he was loved. It took a little while (about an hour I

think) for him to make up his mind. Every time I thought he was gone I

would get that feeling again. By this time I was getting irritated.

Finally he went.

This experience left no fear in me at all. In fact when things

like this happen it's always a little reassuring . We really do go on.

I haven't told my mother-in-law about this. We don't always get

along and I'm not sure how she would react. Maybe someday I will.

My Childhood Haunted House


I had sent you a story awhile back, around the end of October, or the

first of November, I don't know if you did not get it, or just did not

believe me, trust me it is very true.

I will tell you again. I grew up in an old farm house, my maternal

grandfather had bought it, and my mom, and biological father lived in

it. At the time that they moved in, my oldest sister was a baby, and

the oldest part of the house was around 100 years old, and the newest

part wich was added on was about 60 years old.

Things were always going on, including right after they moved in, but no

one really talked about them, until years later, after all of us

children had moved out, and a new house was under construction, near to

it, and my father had died, and my mom remarried. I am sorry if it

sounds like I am rambling on, but it is important, that you know the

history behind this.

I am the sixth living child, from a seventh pregnancy,I have one younger

sister too, my mother, and one brother, and myself, have a tendency to

have premonitions, but I am the only one that can see things from the


The house was a 2 story one, most of the ghostly activity took place on

the second floor. You could be home by yourself, with the doors locked,

and hear someone walking across the upstairs hallway, and the stairs,

you would hear voices, but noone was there. Not only my family, and

myself felt it, but visitors to our house also felt like there was

someone standing at the top of the stairs, you felt like someone was

going to reach out and touch you, noone ever walked down those stairs,

we ran.

When I was a child, and my bedroom was on the second floor, I remember a

few times a kind of foggy figure passing by my door, to the point I

would look out to see who was in the hall, and would find noone there.

One Christmas, when I was 5 years old, we were all packing up, to take a

holiday vacation in Florida to visit relatives down there for the

holiday. My older sister, went to pack her swimsuit, and could not find

it, we all looked all over for it, and could not find it, (her bedroom,

was on the second floor, and was to later be my bedroom). My parents

gave up, and wound up buying her a new one. The odd part is, when we

got back, and she was putting her things away, she opened up her dresser

drawer, and right there on top in plain sight, where everyone had

looked, and there was no way it could of been missed, sat her swimsuit,

nicely folded.

My mom, had a doll blanket, that my great grandmother, had made her when

she was a little girl, she kept it in the attic, in an old trunk. That

too disappeared never to be seen again, and none of us children ever

remembered seeing it, let alone taking it.

One day, an old man stopped by, it turns out, that he grew up in the

area, he told my parents, that the two old cedar trees in the front yard

were either two grave markers, or marked the entrance to the cemetary,

but they were definitely connected to a cemetary.

Well my biological father who was an abusive man died when I was

seventeen years old, my mom had filed for a divorce, he was living in

the house, and my mom was staying with her parents, but my father had

been ordered to evacuate the premises, since the land belonged to my

mom's dad, and he had given it to her, and was in her name only. My

father left the house reluctantly the day before the divorce, was to go

to court, and was in the process of moving in with his mother, he was

angry with my mother, and had on more than one occasion had threatened

to kill my mother.

Well in the process of the moving, he died of a massive heart attack. I

and my oldest sister think he killed himself, not purposely, but none

the less killed himself. For one it was kind of ironic that he died the

day before the divorce. My father was a diabetic, and loved to play a

kind of Russian Roullette with his insulin, he would purposely not take

his insulin, and wind up going into diabetic shock, just to make people

feel sorry for him. If my mom was gone somewhere, when it was time for

his insulin, he would refuse to give it to himself.

My father always accused my mom of fooling around on him, even though my

mom was truthful to the him, until the day he died. So I guess it

didn't take anyone by surprise that he would be mad, when my mom

remarried, exactly one year to the day of his death. Espescially after

all of us kids were grown and moved out. Mom and Chet (my step-dad) had

closed off the second floor, and noone went up there anymore, at least

no earthly being.

My mom, and Chet would lock the doors, and turn off the lights, and

would leave for a while, and would return, to find all of the lights on

upstairs, and the doors were all still locked. They also would have a

smell of cigarrette smoke waif down from upstairs, and noone ever smoked

in that house after my dad died, and he was a heavy chain smoker. Also

mom would cook meals, and Chet would be outside, so mom would turn the

burners down to warm, and leave the kitchen, to await my step dad

comming in, a few minutes later she would smell something burning, and

would return to the kitchen to find the burners on high, and the food


My mom and Chet had just built a new house, a short distance from the

old one, and were in the process of moving in. The last night they

spent in the old house, things went really wrong. My mom, and Chet had

gone to bed, and were awakened to noises comming from the kitchen, when

they got up and went to check it out, they found the cupboard doors, and

drawers opening and shutting, pots, pans, and lids flying around. The

next day they moved out completely, and the house shortly there after

the house was torn down, and the hauntings for them ended, but not for


I startes having strange dreams. In one of the dreams, I am standing in

my brothers old room, which was part of the orriginal house. In this

room, there is old wooden furniture, including a wooden bed, there was

no plaster or paint on the walls, you could see the eaves, there was no

carpet on the floor, just a plain wooden floor, and sitting on the

floor, where there should of been an attic door, sat a little girl,

dressed in 1800's clothes, she did not say anything to me, but Igot the

distinct impression, that her name was Sarah, but there was also the

name Amanda, I am not sure of the connection between those two names,

but I am sure her name is Sarah.

Well shortly thereafter, I told my mom, about this dream, at first she

thought I was remembering me, and something I did in this room, until I

described the room, and then she told me that, that was the orriginal

lay out of this room, something that I had never seen, because it was

redone, long before I was born, and my parents had not talked about it,

so there was no way, I would know this.

That was not the end of my dreams, I had another dream, where I was in

that room, and it looked like I remembered it, but there was no

furniture in it. This time, unlike the last dream, I was frightened,

and there was this ominous voice saying Sarah, Sarah, everyone loves

Sarah, but the tone they were using was frightening. I did not see

anyone this time, but I began running, and the voice was calling after

me, and being frightened, I remember calling to Sarah, to help me, I

don't know why, but I felt she could protect me from that voice somehow,

and as I am running, it is like the floor was like jello, and it was

collapsing. When I finally got outside in the yard, and turned around

to look, the windows, looked like someone had heavily coated them with

black paint. That was the last dream I had about that old house, but

after that when I would go to visit, at the new house, when I would go

to leave I got the distinct impression I was not in my car alone. I

felt like my dad was in the car, and if I would turn around, and look in

the backseat, I would find him there. Finally I told him he was

frightening me, and though I loved him, he needed to go, and leave me in


Now I only feel his presence, and the eery presence of another, when I

stand on the location of that old house. I am not the only one, that

feels his presence there, so does my oldest sister.

I also have the nack of touching a picture, even one I am unfamiliar

with, one of people I don't know, and places I have never been, and tell

you more than what's in the picture, things, that I would not have any

way of knowing. I tell you this, because, there is something about my

father's picture that I need to tell you about. My maternal

grandparents died within a few short years, after my fathers death.

When I touch a picture of a good person, I can sense they are in peace,

and sometimes I can converse with them, but if it is a picture of a bad

person, or something evil, I see a cold black, to the point goose bumps

rise up, and I cannot look at those pictures long.

Well my fathers favorite part of the old house was in the living room,

just inside the archway, thst seperates the living room from the

diningroom. Well when I touch a picture of the living room, I find

myself standing on the dining room side of the archway, but I cannot see

in the living room, all yousee is a real heavy blackness, one you cannot

peer through, and in that archway stand my maternal grandparents, and

they will not let me past them into that living room. it is almost like

they are protecting me from what is on the other side, and I get the

distinct feeling it has to do with my father. When I touch pictures of

my father, I see only a cold black darkness, to the point I cannot stand

to touch his picture.

Also one of the apartments I lived in, before I moved where I live now,

was also haunted. Noone knows why, we just all started regarding him as

Herman. it was an old house built in the 1940's, and them turned into 5

apartments. At first I thought it was my imagination, until an incident

happened, with witnesses in my apartment.

One of the witnesses, was a previous tenant of my apartment, her and her

toddler were there, and another adult friend, and her 4 year old, and 7

year old were all sitting in the living room, in full view of the

kitchen where I was facing the west wall peeling potatos, over a trash

can, along that wall. Well directly behind me, about 8 feet away, sat

my microwave, with a can of peas on it. They sat on the counter. Well

we were talking back and forth. My visitors told me, they watched the

can of peas lift up off of the microwave, be carried across the room,

and put on the floor nice and neatly on the floor behind me. I turned

around just as it sat on the floor.

I looked at my friends, and asked them if they saw that. They had

watched it in wide open disbelief, they confirmed they saw it, and it

was not my imagination. I asked my friend, who used to be a tenant there

if she had any strange things go on, when they lived here, and she said

yes. it was the same things, that I had witnessed in my apartment,

lights switching themselves on, large vents being turned on, t.v.

turning on and off, and changing chanels, doors opening and closing on

their own, cold spots, espescially in the bedroom, and the closet in the


The whole time I lived there I could never sleep in that bedroom, and

when other people would stay there, they too, felt uncomfortable in that

room. Espescially children, they would not sleep the whole night there.

I would soon find them out in the living room. I have two cats, that

would go in that bedroom very reluctantly. The closet there was used

for storage only. The ghosts never seemed to bother anyone in the

livingroom, or kitchen, just the bedroom, and yes things went on in the

other rooms, it just never scared us, like the bedroom did.

The other tenants in the other apartments, had similar encounters.

There were times you could hear footsteps, and voices going upstairs,

and look out, but not find anyone out there. My friend who was one of

the previous tenants of my apartment said, her, and her husband found

out, that some man had killed himself in my bedroom.

Ironically, I think he, or another spirit, moved with me. i now live in

a apartment, that was just built 2 years ago, and nooneever died here,

but things go on here, the doors will open all by themselves, you will

hear noises in the other room, and go to look and noone is there.

Whoever it is, or whatever it is, seems to be friendly, and mean no

harm, and it does not bother the cats.

The Queen Mary


I've been trying to find a description of my experience

aboard the Queen Mary, but so far have been unable to do so. I thought I would

send it along to you in the hopes of hearing that others have seen the same

thing.  This happened about five years ago when my husband

and I were on one of the "behind-the-scenes" tours. The "Ghost

Tour" is specifically designed to point out the sites of the many

paranormal experiences reported by passengers, crew and visitors. Throughout

most of the tour, which seemed a bit stagey; or theatrical to me, I

was interested but felt no strong presence of anything unusual. This changed

dramatically in two spots; the engine room spaces and the pool room. I

definitely felt the presence of the men described by our tour guide and by

several other accounts that I've read on the Internet, including your

site.  It is my experience in the Pool area that remains unique. My husband

and I were the last two to enter the area, due primarily to my reluctance. As

soon as the tour guide opened the doors, I was struck by a very powerful feeling

of shock and dismay. In fact, it was so strong a sensation that I was stopped in

my tracks. My husband took my arm and walked into the area with me and other

than an intense feeling of discomfort, everything looked normal. We listened to

the guide describe the sightings experienced there, i.e. the laughter of

children, the old woman in the 1930's bathing costume, etc. The stories were

compelling, but I experienced nothing, that is until our group was leaving. As

we walked out of there area, I was gripped by the same powerful feeling that I

had experienced upon entering. I turned around to look behind me. The pool was

full of water and there were almost two dozen people milling around both in and

out of the pool. I could very clearly see the figure of a young girl, perhaps

12-14 years of age, floating face down in the water. It was clear from the

expression of terror on the faces looking on that she had drowned. When I was

finally able to call out to my husband, the vision had disappeared. I

experienced nothing else on the rest of the tour.  I would be greatly interested in knowing whether

anyone else has had this experience. Thank you.

The Man in the Black Hat


This is going back a while and it may sound dodgy but I used to always

see a man dressed in black wearing a black hat. I used to see him really

as a sillouette. It has been present in 3 different houses but always as

the same person. The time I would like to refer too though is a time

when I was downs stairs at night making myself a drink and the lights

wern't on because I just couldn't be arsed to put them on. Any how as I

made my drink I walked in to the living room and as I did so I bumped in

to a man who I thought was my step dad' I apoligised and turned around.

Then I realised I was the only one up so I turned back and no one was

there. I shouted up stairs to my step dad to see if he was there and he

was up stairs in his bedroom. I Had one more quick look in the living

room but it was empty. That was one of the strangest encounters with him

i've had.

I have met him properly once more (I assume) but this was in a dream.

The dream revolved around a spider being brought back to life) Points I

have noticed about him was he moves irratically (almost as if like there

were a few frames missing from a cartoon),at a distance he looks

shapeless and when I try to draw him people say that i've drawn myself.

This is NOT bs and I was wondering if you have heard anything like

it before. If so let me know.

My Husband


Enterprise, AL, 1982, my husband committed suicide. He was a mean, spiteful

alcoholic. The marriage only lasted 2 years. I was on my way out, and I

think he knew it.

About a year later, small unexplained things started happening: A couple of

things (at different times) would disappear and though I would search high and

low, they were nowhere to be found. After a few days, they would end up right

where they had always been. (Everyone thought it was a joke) Not me.

Christmas Eve 1984, I was sound asleep, when something made me wake up. (NO,

I WAS NOT DREAMING) I froze in position. A man was standing beside my bed

staring down at me. I was afraid that if I moved he would know I was awake.

I was hoping that if I stayed still he would take what he wanted and leave me

alone. I was so scared. My heart was racing, I broke out in a sweat, but all

I could do was lie perfectly still. While I was still watching him, he faded

away. Just like that. One minute there, the next gone.

The very next night, the same thing. In the middle of the night I woke up to

see a man leaning over my dresser. It appeared he was writing something and

kept looking up at me. This lasted for maybe a minute also. I never saw him

again after that night.

Small things continued over the years. Nothing bad, just weird. Toilet paper

would unroll all the way by itself, hanging plants would swing back and forth,

no air, wind, etc....., the bed would feel as if someone sat on it. Oh well,

no one else believes me, maybe you will. I don't live there anymore, but I've

often wanted to talk to the people who do to see if they've ever had anything

happen to them.

The Neat Freak Ghost


My wife and I lived in a very old house in a small southern Michigan town .

We had a small dog. I must tell, you first of all, that the town is very,

very old. The home we had was also very old. Well, needless to say, one

night my wife and I were getting ready to go to bed. Just before we decided

to go to bed, my wife put out a blanket on the floor just outside our

bedroom for the dog to lay down on (this was a nightly ritual). I then

retired to the bedroom and my wife went to brush her teeth. I closed the

door lightly behind me and sat laid down on the bed to read.

I was 5-mins in to a really good book when my wife called me out into the

hallway. Our little dog was looking confused at both of us and as we looked

into another room, we could see the blanket, folded in thirds on the end of

one of the guests bed. We both could not but laugh - we suggested that the

ghost do the dishes in the sink.

A few days later, the landlord was sharing memories of his late wife, and

what a neat house she happened to keep. He further stated that she hated it

when the kids left coats or anything else laying around on the floor.

P.S. I would enjoy receiving e-mail from anyone to discuss this other


I Couldn't Move


I still don't know if what I experienced is a haunting or what. I have

never mentioned it to anyone. I didn't want them to think I was crazy,

but I know what happened and it was real.

My son had just left for school and I had taken the day off from work

because I wasn't feeling very well. It was just a cold, but the sinus

pain was giving me a horrible headache. I didn't take anything for the

headache though. I will suffer with all kinds of pain for hours before

finally taking something. I just wanted to tell you that so you would

know I wasn't on medication when this incident happened.

I decided to lay down for awhile thinking that it would help with the

pain. I need to explain how I was lying in bed, so you will get an idea

why what happened scared me so bad. I covered up with a blanket and my

right hand was on my chest and my left hand was on my stomach. I was

lying on my back and the sunlight was across my face, but it wasn't

annoying or anything. What happened next is something I will never


I was lying there with my eyes closed, when I felt something walk by me.

It went black in front of my closed eyes. You know how when your eyes

are closed but the sun is shining across them and you can still see the

light a little but if someone walks in front of it, it blacks out? Well

that is what happened and when I tried to open my eyes to see why, I

discovered that I couldn't move. It was like I was paralyzed. I felt

as though I couldn't breathe and my hands felt as though they were

pinned at my sides and it felt as though the blanket was pulled over my

face. I tried to scream and found I had no voice at all. I couldn't

move a muscle. It felt like hours but I think it was just a few seconds

and then I could move and breathe. When I started to sit up in the bed,

I realized that my hands were where they had been when I first laid

down, not pinned at the side like it felt when I couldn't move and the

blanket was still down near my chest area where it had been when I first

laid down. Needless to say, I bolted from the room.

That was just one incident. I have also heard what sounds like

footsteps walking up and down my hallway when I am in the basement.

Sometimes when I am in the living room or bedrooms, I can hear footsteps

and doors being opened and closed. One day when I was in the basement

doing laundry it sounded like someone was upstairs, so I went up and

checked, but no one was in the house. I latched the screen door and

went back downstairs, the next thing I know it sounded like every door

in the house slammed shut at the same time. I came running upstairs but

all the doors down the hall were still opened like they had been when I

went downstairs. It totally freaked me out. One other day when my son

was at school, I thought I heard a little kid yell "Mommy" I went

looking for the source but I didn't find anything and I only heard it

that one time.

I just want to know it was that I experienced when I was lying on the

bed. It only happened that one time, but it still made it very hard for

me to feel comfortable in my bedroom. I sleep on the couch now because

of it.

The 4 People


When I was about five years old, I can remember a night of extremely heavy

thunderstorms....nothing unusual for the deep south, but it was a bad one.

Being the young kid that I was, I can remember being very, very scared

and hiding under my blankets. At one point, I dared to uncover my head,

and was rewarded with a very, very close flash of lightning, accompanied

by the usual loud thunder. At that very second I could see the images of

four elderly people people standing at the foot of my bed....and somehow

I was comforted and was able to go to sleep.

A few years later, my father decided to show me some of the old family

photo albums. Both of my parents were born pretty late, the last in a line

of children, and consequently I never knew any of my grandparents. However,

as soon as my father starting showing me the pictures, I recognized my

grandparents, they had been the ones standing at the foot of my bed.

Get Out


I live in a old apartment building in St. Cloud Minnesota.

I live on the second floor of the building. The floor plan of the building is different than most. There are 4 front entry ways to the building ( the building has wings) and there are also private back entryways to each apartment. There are also 2 doors the lead into the basement of the building. I do not know the approximate age of the building, but each apartment has the old ice box containers. The containers are like the kinds that you would put huge blockes of ice in.

Well where do I begin? First I do feel safe in MY apartment, I have seen out of the corner of my eye a black/gray fuzzy cloud like mass that leaps out of my sons bedroom and into the hallway that leads into the kitchen. Also the closet in my sons bedroom is quite cold along with the hallway closet. Now for the basement. Each front entry way has a staircase that leads to each door on each floor. (only one apartment per floor) The basement os very old and dark and cold. When I go into the basement I get frozen with fear. The whole building is very long, and in the basement there is an old huge iron sliding door(about halfway across through the basement)> Upon entering the basement the fear hits right when you cross through the door. When you descend the stairs you can go north or south. When I cross the huge doorway(the iron door) on the south side of the building I freeze in fear. I have seen (almost every time I go to that side of the building ) A large opaque black thing in a particular corner. You can feel the way it is watching. The last time I saw it I was glued to looking at the top of it, almost as if I was looking into someones eyes. Well I usually run up the stairs all the way into my apartment, the whole time it feels like there is someone after me and that they are just about to grab my leg or shoulder. I do know that there is an apartment in the basement that has been sealed up for many yaers but that it all I know. I rarely go into the basement, and when I do I never go alone. But my problem is that the washer and dryers are down there, and i need to do my laundry. But i will tell you this I am too terrified to go down there. I feel in danger, and usually i have nightmares after being in the basement for a long period of time. I would like help in finding the history of this building, and how I can make myself feel better because I do live here and need to wash my clothes. The feeling that you get when you enter the basement is not like a victim or a nice person or even a "demon", but it is like a really really really bad person is there waiting for you.

Ghost Truck and Others


The first experience I had with a spirit, indirectly, took place when I

was sixteen. I was attending a wedding at the Seventh Day Adventist Church

in Loma Linda, California, sitting next to my mother, when she suddenly

seemed startled. I asked her what was wrong. She said she had just seen

her mother, who lived in Florida, standing next to her, and was sure she

had died. About two hours later we received a call that my grandmother had


About ten years later a good friend of my committed suicide in Toronto. I

was living in Napa County at the time, and the night she died I awoke to

see her standing beside my bed with blood on both wrists. She said "I'm

sorry," and then slowly faded away.

About two years later I was going to night school. My wife and I lived in

a small house with a living-dining room, a kitchen, bedroom, and bath, on

the east side, and a larger room we called the "studio" where we kept

everything that didn't go somewhere else on the south side. There was a

short flight of four stairs up to the studio, and a small landing at the


I came home from school one night to find my wife a little shacken. She

said she had seen a young Spanish-looking women with light skin, long black

hair, and a red dress, come out of the studio, stand on the landing and

look at her, and say "Tell them, tell them." She didn't say what she

wanted told, or who.

I went up to the studio - there was only one door, and no way in from the

outside except through a window. All the windows were closed and the

screens in place (it was winter). There was a place about 4 or 5 feet in

diameter in front of one window that fell ice-cold to me, although the rest

of the room was only cool. We talked about it, and I asked a local

policeman if there were any records that someone might have died out there

sometime in the past. He did some research, told me there were rumors in

some old files but nothing definite. About a week later my wife saw the

ghost again, who stood at the top of the stairs and said "Tell them, tell

them," and then faded away.

I didn't see her, and my wife never saw her again. We stayed in that

house another year, and that place in the south-east corner of the studio

was also ice cold, even in mid-summer with 90 and 100 degree temperatures.

Now I lived in the Sierra foothills about ten miles east of Lincoln,

California, at the time of a steep driveway. Each morning when I go to

work I stop at the bottom of the driveway and lock the gate. I can see

down the road about 300 yards until it turns behind a hill. One morning

this summer I saw a white Dodge 1-ton pickup comming up the road with its

lights on as I got out to lock the gate, maybe 150-200 yards away. It was

light, although the sun wasn't over the hill yet. This wasn't unusual,

since I'm in ranch country and pickups go up and down the road all the

time. When I turned around, expecting the truck to be just about up to

where I was, it had disappeared. There are two other driveways in between

where I first saw it and mine, but I can see both from my gate, and it

wasn't on either. It was just gone.

About three weeks ago, we had a pregnant cow in trouble with a calf that

it couldn't birth. The calf was stuck, and we couldn't pull it, so we

called the vet. My girlfriend and I drove down to the gate to waive down

the vet so she wouldn't miss the drive in the dark. After awhile we saw

her truck coming up the road, with another about 50 yards behind. I waived

her down and she turned into our driveway, and the truck behind her just

vanished. My girlfiriend saw it too.   We call it the "ghost truck."



When thinking of paranormal hot-spots, Oklahoma seems to be the last on

peoples' minds. As a native all of my like I can swear to you that this

prejudice is completley wrong. Oklahoma has a wide range of paranormal

phenomena. One of our more famous haunts is the the Scurvin Hotel located in

down town Oklahoma city. The Scurvin Hotel was built in the early 1900's and

has had many a controversial reputation, from being a speak-easy durring the

"roaring-twenties" to a rumoured place of satanic worship in the 80's. It is

primarily known, however, for it's reputed hauntings. As one approaches the

hotel one is taken in by it's gothic appeal. Huge gargoyles converge on the

rooftops and ledges and Austrian chandeliers sway at the slightest breeze.

After befriending a guard and former hotel staff employee I was told the

"story" which I will now share with the reader. Apparantly the owner of the

building, whose name I will keep secret for obvious reasons, had an ilicit

affair with a maid under his employement. No one remembers her name but many

refer to her as "Effie". Effie concieved, and in order to prevent a scandal,

was kept in an out of the way room on a top floor. As the days passed Effie

gew more and more depressed. After the baby was born it becam obvious to her

that she would remain a prisoner in her room until the child was of a decent

age. Growing ever more despondant, Effie took her baby in her arms and

escaped the only way she knew how by leaping out of the window. Guest staying

there have reported being unable to sleep due to the consistant crying of an

infant. When records were checked there were never any sighns that a couple

with a child had rented a room. Tales stranger than this abound. Apparntly

Effie was a woman of loose morals in life and kept this trait in death, also.

Male guests have reported being "propositioned" by a female voice while alone

in their rooms. Many men have also reported seeing the figure of a naked

woman while showering. One man even claimed that he was sexualy assaulted by

an invisible entity. In the 80's a team of parapsychologists from the

University of Oklahoma came to investigate the site. I am personaly not aware

of their findings but have been told that many strange events occured. One

event involved the moving of a maid's cart by an unseen force. The team

concluded that the phenomena seems to be only associated with men. No female

guest has reported seeing the appartion of Effie. The alleged ghost of the

infant is another matter. All of the guests who reported being unable to

sleep because of an infant crying were female. Many women have also reported

the sudden smell of talcum powder in the air while no supplies were kept by

the hotel. The phenomena for the most part remained neutral or at best

mischievious. Durring the mid-80's, however, the phenomena took a more

sinester twist. While being renivated several construction workers reported

accidents that couldn't have been mere coincidences. Many of these accidents

involved power tools that the men swore that had been unplugged or turned off.

The foreman refused to believe in the rumours of the hotel being haunted until

he had his own encounter. Stopping to use the bathroom in a facility that

hadn't been used by the guest or employees in years, he heard her

unmistakeable voice. He had just zipped his fly when a female voice whispered

"I can see your - - - - "! Stories such as these abound. Unfortunately the

hotel was closed in the late 80's. The building lies abondend today and the

city is still debating it's future. Many prospective buyers have wanted to

turn the hotel into a cassino but with Oklahoma's anti-gambling laws this is

merely a pipe dream. The hotel itself is still quite popular, espicialy with

the teenage crowd who have turned it into a local hang-out. The haunting

activity has not diminished in the least. Many people have reported seeing

the image of woman stairing out one of the windows or sitting on a ledge.

These sightings become even more believable when one realizes that a lot of

these witnesses have no prior knowledge of the haunting. In one instance the

police were called to the site. Knowing the history, they claimed that it was

probably a homeless person rather than admiting that it might have a basis in

the paranormal. If you are ever in the area I personaly invite you to check

out one of Oklahoma's more "spooky" sites. If you have knowledge of other

paranormal acitivity in the state of Oklahoma or would like to share your own

experiences feel free to e-mail me at I am looking forward

to all corespondence. Sorry I am adding this to the end, but I just remembered

that recently a destraught teenage couple killed themselves by jumping off of

the roof of the hotel parking garage. It seems that the hotel has gained some

new residences.



I've recently moved into a house that we beliee is haunted. i had heard

the stories before i moved in (and please note that this does not seem

to be a hostile entity) and with no fear, moved in. we affectionatly

refer to this spirit as "Snowy" because he makes his presence known

mostly in the wintertime. my boyfriends experiances outnumber mine but

he has lived here longer. so, without further ado i will tell the tales.

brian's first experiance was in the basment. he and his former roomate,

bud, were checking out the possibility of putting a weight bench there

when they found a room with an electric organ and a lit light in it. No

matter what they tried the light would not shut off. Finally, Bud got

pissed and kicked the light repeatedly until it went out. that is when

the strange things started to happen. the first oddity was the sound of

footsteps in the upstairs apartment, though nobody lived there or had

acess to it at those times. the next, very strange thig was in there

apt. Bud hadhis two kids here and they were asleep in there room. but

bud and brian both heard the sound of feetsie pajamas running in the

kitchen. bud even remarked about "the brats being out of bed" but when

he went to yell at them, they were sound asleep and not even wearing

feetsie jammies that night.also there are frequently sounds like

sombody walking up to the front door on the porch when nobody is there.

one time, when brian and i went out to investigate we even heard

footsteps in the snow, but saw no footprints. also a distinct sound of

glass breaking in the living room has interrupted many games of pool in

the next room, and have been heard by as many as 6 people in the same

room at the same time. whenwe got a new dog, her first day here was

spent barking at a wall. even aggresively jumping at the nothing.. my

sister now lives in the upstairs apt. and has had many things happen to

her as well. she was wok up 3 mornings in a row to her daughters clock

radio on the religios station.the clock was not set, nor did she haveit

tuned to religios station, EVER. and being that her dughter isn't even 2

yet and the radio is out of her reach, that is not areasonable answer

either. afriend suggested replacing the light in the celler room, and

maybe then snowy would go back down cellar. but right now we are content

to live with snowy, until it proves to be a hotie or angry ghost.

The House Of Many Ghosts


Since my family and I have moved in to our Temecula, California house, we have had many encounters with ghosts or spirits who reside with us. I will tell you of several encounters we have had here since moving in on July 27, 1994. I am married and have two sons and one daughter.

The first time was when my oldest son Joseph and I were home alone on the computor. We were having a great time playing games when suddenly we heard people, unfamiliar voices to us, talking. We looked over at the table in the kitchen and a pocket tape recorder had suddenly been turned on and the voices on it were not ours. My son got up and turned it off, accusing me of playing some trick on him. I accused him of the same. There was no possibility of a prank as we were both glued to the computor game and the recorder was on a table about 20 feet away.

Another day my son Joseph and I were on the computor, and we had the t.v. turned up so we could hear a show as we played. Suddenly the t.v. was turned down real low. I said "Curt are you home?" (Curt is my husband). I got no answer, so my son and I got up and walked around to the livingroom. Noone else was home. My son swore then that our house was haunted.

One day I was home alone, and I heard talking upstairs. I got scared and wasn't sure if I should call the police first or check it out. So I grabbed a knife out of the kitchen, and headed upstairs. I first checked Christophers room, (my second son), and I heard talking coming from behind me out of the room, I proceeded to Joseph's room, then Kristen's room (my daughter), at each room I heard the talking from behind me, still not understanding them. I went to my room. I heard nothing. I went into my bathroom, heard the sound behind me. Shaking and very scared, I went to look under my bed, . Nothing under it. I went to open my closet door and I hear a males voice say "turn me off." I freaked and looked at the t.v. and vcr. They were already off. I looked behind the t.v. stand and there was an old childs computor that hadn't been used or plugged in, in atleast 8 months. Somehow it had gotten plugged in and turned on and it was saying "turn me off."

I turned it off and unplugged it and had a floaty feeling about my body.

After playing ball with my kids and a couple neighborhood kids, we took a break, as I am disabled and my legs were hurting me, we all sat in the garage with the door open to relax. The garage door started to shut. We have a garage door opener. We all looked over to see who was shutting it and the button was pressed in with noone around it. Again I felt airy as I pressed upon the button that was already pressed in.

My son one night, as we were all watching t.v. said "did you guys see that?" (Which we hadn't), but he swore he saw a midget run from our t.v. It scared him, but to this day, he swears he saw it.

We all remember Buzz Lightyear right? We woke up at about 2 or 3 a.m to here my daughters Buzz Lightyear Bank "protecting the galaxy from the threat of invasion." And "Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue." Since then, Buzz has gone off to protect the galaxy several times on his own. It sounds funny I know, but never the less, I feel that one of the spirits in my home is that of a child.

Throughout these years I have heard footsteps running up and down the hall. Seen shadows. I was on the phone with my sister and said hold on, I just saw something, again I felt floaty, as she was on the other end saying you're crazy, I felt that presence right with me.

My children and I have heard doors open and shut. Doors shake. The phone rings often with noone on the other end. I have gotten taps put on my phone, as star 69 showed that they could not get a number. Surprisingly, I recieved no other calls until the day after the phone tap was taken off. I had them put it on again, and I got no phone calls until the tap was taken off. When we want to get a hold of a family member upstairs, we dial ourselves, and I am truly starting to believe that a spirit in our home has learned how to do this from us.

The Scariest One Sept. 3rd, 98

My husband and I were home and I was studying college algebra, I kept hearing screaming. It was really bothering me and I asked my husband, who is screaming? He said "I don't hear it." I had said someone keeps screaming and I can't concentrate. I didn't know if it was at the school behind us, or a neighborhood person, or what. A while later my daughter came home from school and said, "Mom, there's noises coming from upstairs." So I went up to go into my room. She said "no mom, in Chris's room." So I went into Chris's room and went to the closet. She followed me, and said "No Mom, it's this." And pointed to part of a kickboxing toy. The boxer wasn't with it or anything, just one piece. I said to her "Honey, this doesn't go off on it's own," and went to grab it. It screamed right before I picked it up. I told my daughter someone is trying to contact me. I took the toy down and showed my husband and said "Curt this is what was screaming all day that bothered me. Someone is trying to contact me." He said "you're probably right, you've been right before." About 2 to 3 hours later I got a call from a sister I had recently just met on a talk show telling me that they found my brother Gerry dead that day. What's wierd besides, is that the sister that was adopted out was the 11th child that we were told had died at birth. We met in July 1998. Her adoptive parents named her Jeralyn. My brother Gerry hadn't met or talked to her yet. But less than 2 months later, Gerry died and left the family. So a Jeralyn came into the family that was supposedly dead, and Gerry died and went out of the family at age 39 with a collapsed artery, heart attack.

My son Joseph saw what he explained to be a white head shaped sphere about 6 feet off the ground, bobbing like a head would bob, moving about the kitchen to the family room. My son was looking at your site just last night, 11/24/98, and he feels it was an orb moving about.

My daughter saw a reflection in glass of a white adult being behind her, and turned around to see not an adult, but a white child being walking up the stairs.

Our cat and dogs stare at nothing sometimes, or bark or whine, and I now wonder if they are seeing things that we just don't see.

Michael's House


In 1987 my brother James bought his first house. Built in the early

1950's, it had been owned by several families over the years but had

spent the last few years as a rental property in an otherwise

residential neighborhood.

He was very excited and began several renovations in order to make the

house more his own as well as modernize it. In order to help expediate

the process he invited me to help him in his work during the summer of


When I arrived we immediately began work on the kitchen by tearing out

some linoleum that

for some reason had been put down just before James bought the house.

After the task was finished, I placed the old flooring in the basement

until it could be carried away. We then broke for lunch to return an

hour later.

After lunch we started in on some old kitchen cabinets and I went

downstairs to retrieve some tools. Once in the basement, I was

suprised to see the linoleum I had laid into one pile placed neatly on

the floor nearly in the same configuration it had been before we pulled

it from the kitchen. There it was placed back together like some sort

of puzzle.

I asked my brother why he had done this and he replied that he hadn't

and that I didn't have enough to do with my time. I put the incident

out of my mind and within a few days we finished the work I had come to

town to help him with.

About 3 weeks after I left, my mother mentioned to me that that James

was having trouble going on with the rennovations because of severe

headaches he had begun to suffer. It was probably allergies I told her,

but she said the pain was accompanied by severe mood swings and feelings

of paranoia. I promised her that I would check on him the next weekend

at which time I was to visit him.

That next weekend James was not himself and didn't seem very happy to

have me for a houseguest. The fact that I had been his only company n

the house since he bought it was brought to my attention by my mother in

our last phone conversation, but with all the work my brother had been

doing, that didn't seem unusual to me.

The first night of that last visit there, I was awakened around 1:00 am

by the sound of footsteps going down to the basement. They were loud

and heavy so I assumed that James was headed to the basement with some

urgent purpose in mind. I got up to investigate, fearing maybe that

there was some leak in the basement or something. But just as I stepped

out of the guest room, I met James coming out of his room thinking that

I was in the basement.

Ofcourse, we both thought that there was a burglar in the house, but the

basement door was latched from the outside (a chld-proofing measure from

an earlier tennent) and all doors and windows in the house were securely

locked. This couldn't be conclusive proof that there was no one else in

the house, so we were forced to check out the basement. As soon as we

opened the door to the steps leading down, the sound of heavy-booted

clomping began, this time moving down the stairs and into the basement

itself. The sound of it got louder and louder until we realized the

reason for it was that they were heading back up the steps again. With

all his might my brother slammed the basement door and reaplaced the

latch. But to our terror, the force then began pounding on the door as

though someone very angry was desperately trying to get out of the


That was it, we both bolted out the back door and ran to a neighbor's

house because we had no keys to either of our cars to get away.

With out even consulting me, James automatically made up a story about

the water pipes making a racket to explain our sudden appearance to his

neighbor. His neighbor was sympathetic and offered us his spare room

and couch for the night. Although I was relieved James' friend didn't

think we were both insane, I was still highly upset and didn't sleep at

all that night.

The next day we ventured back into the house in broad day light.

Stangely there was no sign of the previous night's disturbance anywhere.

Just when I was beginning to doubt the whole experience, James told me

that there had been several disturbances in the house in the weeks

following his moving in. But he had written them off as the house

"settling" . It wasn't until

the previous night that he remembered what he thought at first had been

a dream: One very warm night he awoke from a fitful sleep to see the

figure of a man in flannel shirt and ballcap

standing at the foot of his bed. Frozen in terror, James didn't move or

speak. The spectre said nothing, and my brother could not see its face

and the only feature he could make out was shaggy hair sticking out from

under the cap.

It just shook its head in a disapproving way, turned and walked out the

door where it disapeared a few feet later.

After the story, James' voice began to quiver as he told me about the

first time he had been shown the house. While the real estate agent was

showing it to him, the current owners were not home but he did notice a

wedding picture on the wall with some other family shots. The wedding

picture showed a bearded man with shaggy hair next to a smiling young

woman. The agent told my brother that the couple in the picture were

the owners and that tragically the husband, Michael, had been killed a

few moths earlier in an accident. The car he was driving had flipped

during a rain storm and landed in a rushing creek. Michael drowned.

When he bought the house, James didn't think anything about Michael's

death. Infact he thought he was doing the widow a favor by taking the

house and letting her get away from some painful memories. Apparently

Michael didn't share James' opinion.

James moved out of the house that weekend and didn't return even once

until the day some friends and I helped him move his things out.

After about 90 minutes, our brother Scott finally showed up with the

moving van we had rented.

James was mildly irritated with Scott for being so late. Scott

explained he had come with the truck about 30 minutes before James,

myself and the friends had arrived to start work. What Scott wanted to

know is why James' friend with the beard didn't let him in when he first

got there. " What friend? ",we asked. (none of us there that day had a

beard.) "Your smart alleck friend who was watching me from the attic

window when I first pulled up before you guys got here this morning. He

had a beard and a ball-cap and just stood up there watching me while I

waved my hands. I finally rang the door bell but got no response. When

I returned to the truck , he was gone".

This story is true, and it happened as it is written. My brother would

be angry if he knew I was sending it to you, but it was my experience

too and I couldn't keep it in any longer.

Since this experience I have read many accounts of people who are

haunted by the previous owners of things they bought whether they be

homes, cars, clothing or other objects.

It's good to know I'm not alone but I hope it never happens to me again.

So far as I know, James was the only occupant of the house to be

bothered by Michael. Prehaps he was only truly angry at the first new

owner of his home trying to change it and then left. Maybe he left the

house insearch of his new bride. Maybe he's still there waiting for

something to trigger his anger again. I don't know and I don't care.

My Grandparent's Home


My grandparents lived in a house near Memorial High School on the West

side of town. It was a happy place to visit because there was a strong sense

of family there. When I was about 13 years old, my grandmother passed away

from a heart attack/stroke while on vacation. About 6 months after, my

grandfather passed on. Most of us in the family believe that it was due to a

broken heart.

Shortly after my grandfather's funeral, things started happening in the

house. By this time, my aunt, uncle, and 3 cousins had moved into the old

house. I'm very close to my cousins, so I would spend a lot of time there. My

grandfather had been a mason for most of his life. We would always remember

him in his heavy workboots and cowboy work hat. One of the first strange

instances were the footsteps. The house has old style wood floors. While I

would be spending the night with my cousins in the back room, all 4 of us

could hear the heavy footsteps up and down the hallway, as if someone was

wearing heavy shoes. The steps would go from the bathroom to my grandfather's

old room and back.

I don't have to tell you that we were spooked. We told family members,

but no one would believe us. My grandparents had an old black rotary style

phone in the hallway. As you may know, if you lift one of those phones and set

it down hard on the cradle, the bell will ring. At night, my cousins and I

would hear the phone being picked up and set down. This happened well over a

dozen times for several nights.

Shortly after, we were talking in the back room and heard a rapping on

the window. At first we thought it was some friends screwing around. When we

opened the blinds to look out, there was the family dog staring back at us

with a puzzled look listening to the rapping continue. We needed help. We

spoke to one of our relatives who is very spiritual. She said that if it is

the spirits of my grandmother and grandfather we had nothing to worry about.

They loved us while they were alive and they are probably just watching over.

But, if it was something else pretending to be them, ...

There were only a few more instances, but they were enough to make sure

that I didn't spend the night there again. One was that my older cousin, who

was watching us for a while after my aunt and uncle had left town, had

something open the locked bathroom door and enter the room when she was taking

a shower. She thought that it was one of us, but we were out of the house

playing at the time. Needless to say, she believes now. My last straw was when

I spent the night in my grandfather's room. I was saying my prayers to myself,

and when I got to my grandfather's blessing, the door to his room began to

sway back and forth. At first it was slow. Then it violently sped up! I took

off into my cousin's room, jumped in bed with him, and told him what happened.

The only thing he said in his slumber was "Go to sleep, it happens all the


That was it for me. I wouldn't stay there again. Eventually, the house

was sold and my relatives moved out. But it's still standing and I'll drive by

it sometimes to remember the good and the bad. If you want to write me about

similar experiences, my e-mail address should be at the top of the story.

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