Ghost Of a"Coastie" (Coast Guardsman)


In the spring of 1973 I was a sixteen year-old girl living at home with my parents. As the youngest of six children, I was the only one still at home and would sometimes spend the night alone in the house. This was not a case of negligence, but rather, my parents were in their late 50's and were suppose to be enjoying retirement. Occasionally, they would take "mini-trips" to any one of the many grat sites in Michigan. On this particular day they had journied to the American "SOO" (Sault Ste Marie) and would not be home until the next day. I had told my mom & dad that I was inviting my three best friends over for the night

but in fact, I secretly planned to stay home alone as I wanted a little time away from my lively friends. After making myself a home-cooked meal (Mom's 'killer' leftover pot-roast!), doing homework and watching a little TV, I retired for the night. It should be noted here that the house we lived in had been the living quarters of various former Coast Guard commanding officers. The area had been a lifesaving

station (Pte Aux Barques) at one time and the lighthouse with keepers cottage was located less than two hundred feet from our house - quite an historical and picturesque location. The surrounding 80-pus acres had been sold to Huron County and was used as a seasonal campground catering to campers & fishermen (GREAT PERCH FISHING IN TOSE DAYS!!). At that time of year the park was still closed and our closest neighbors were some 2 miles away, up the road on a farm. At some point in the wee hours of the morning, I awoke from a sound sleep in a state of complete immobility. My entire body felt as if tiny pins were poking it. Hard as I tried, I was unable to move. I attempted to call out (though nobody would have heard me) but could not get the sound to come out of my throat. At the foot of my bed was the image of a man with translucent, milky-white skin, a handlebar-like mustache and VERY piercing eyes. His clothing was dark, but very squared away - almost military like. I was scared out of my mind and it's a good thing my body was numb as I might have wet my panties! The tought of impending trouble kept going through my brain and I distinctly heard a man's voice inside my head instructing me to go downstairs and lock the door! I could picture myself getting up and going downstairs to lock the door and it was then that the strange lock on my body was released and the man vanished. Needless to say, I evacuated that room immediately and headed downstairs to the backdoor located in the kitchen. It was indeed unlocked, so I locked it and laid down on the couch in the living room (no way was I going back upstairs!). A short time later I was again awakened from a deep sleep by the sound of the back door rattling. As I

jumped (LITERALLY!) off the couch I noticed a car parked in the driveway that circled in front of the house. I went in to the kitchen and stared through the large window in the now-locked door. Standing on the enclosed porch beyond the door was the seediest looking man I ever saw in my life! He was jiggling the door knob and attempting to push open the solid oak & glass door with his shoulders. To this 16 year old, he looked like a very tall Charles Manson and I was terrified!! I shouted at him "Get out of here!" and he looked straight at me. For a few moments we made direct eye contact and then he turned and walked out the door.

I never saw him - or the ghost - again. However, I was recently reading a book about shipwrecks and came across a story regarding Denis Hale (lone survivor of the foundered D>J> MORRELL 11/1966 not far from my lighthouse). Hale commented that an apparition had warned him not to eat the ice off his beard , he would get pneumonia. The man appeared twice as Hale drifted towards shore in a raft, and Hale heeded the advice of his ghostly visitor. Hales description is slightly

different from my visitor as the 'raftghost' had long hair - my apparition was rather clean-cut and dapper looking. About a year ago, I was able to put a face to my lifesaver when I was browsing through a wonderful book entitled "WRECK ASHORE: The United States Lifesaving Service on the Great Lakes" (Stonehouse). On page 138 is the man I believed paid a visit to me on that long ago night of my girlhood - the man who may very well have prevented a tragedy from befalling me: Captain Henry Cleary, one time crew member of the old Pte Aux Barques lifesaving station. As I discovered, the captain had been a hero in many rescues of shipwreck victims and was known for his expertise in training techniques for rescuers. He was actually born in Port Hope (the nearby town) and if he is the same apparition seen by Mr. Hale, it would make sense: Henry Cleary died of pneumonia on April 10, 1916 while still in service to the coast guard; he was fifty four years old.

Ghostly Sounds


Hi,my name is Wes and when I first moved into my house I would here a sound

like some body was setting a coffee mug up and down on on the table.Other

things have happened when i left my house for an hour or so and I'd return

home to find the back door was left wide open when I remember shutting it.An

other time was when my friend was sleeping over and he woke up in the middle

of the night to see a girls face at the edge of the bed,then not thinking much

of it laid back down on the bed then arose again after thinking about what he

saw and the face was gone.My mom has also heard classical music while trying

to go to bed,but the thing is none of us listen to classical.Well,thats my

story.Thanks for reading.

The Little Blond Girl


I want to share a very strange yet wonderful experience I had in a house I once lived in.

It all started when my brother, sister and her 2 yr old little girl came to live with me in California. I believe now that the presence of a child in a house that was previously childless brought out the entity. Shortly after they all moved in, I was babysitting my niece while my sister worked. It was close to 2am when I suddenly woke up to find a little blonde girl about 2 years old standing in the doorway of my open bedroom door. She was crying softly. I raised up and thinking it was my sister's daughter, I told her to go back to bed. I laid back down, but decided to check on her to make sure she was okay. I went where she was sleeping and that's exactly how I found her, sleeping soundly. I was puzzled but thought that she might have been sleepwalking.

The next day, I was brushing my hair. I put the brush in the bathroom sink and turned around to get something. When I turned back around, the brush was gone. I bent to look on the floor. Not finding it, I stood up and there was the brush in the sink! I got a little scared. After that, my things always came up missing. Everyday, I would "misplace" something only to find it right back in front of me. It happened whether I was in the house alone or with everyone at home. I saw the little girl several times always at night always in my doorway. Even after my sister and her daughter had moved out. It got to the point when I was so used to having my things taken and then given back that I would just say, "okay, honey, give me back my bracelet" or whatever was missing. Three times I heard a childlike giggle just before the item was returned. I grew fond of the games she played and was never afraid of her.

When we moved from the house, I drove back to put the key in the mailbox for the next tenant. As I stepped onto the porch, I heard a child crying. I peeked in the front window and there she sat in the middle of the empty living room. Her hands were covering her eyes and she was sobbing. I knock on the window and she looked up at me. I told her, "I'm so very sorry, honey, but I cannot play with you anymore. I have to leave. I'm sorry." She smiled at me that sweetest smile and I swear to God, she just vanished. I was sad knowing I wouldn't see her or play our take and give back game again. But deep down I knew she somehow understood how much I cared for her.

I think about her sometimes and wonder if she ever shared herself with anyone else. I hope they enjoyed being with her as much as I did. She shall always have a special place in my heart.



I'v emailed you b4 about the ghosts in my house, but my father told me another story form his past that I thought you might find interesting. This was about 25 or 30 years ago when my father was in the Air Force. He and one of his buddys were out on a "date" with a couple of local girls (this was in Alabama I think...around Craig Air Force Base...I think) Dad and his friend took the girls to an old cemetary to creep them out. The cemetary had a bunch of old graves that were kinda shallow and a few were actuilly open. My dad's friend reached into a hole in the ground and pulled out a round object and shouted "Skull" and one of the girls fainted (a fine southern belle, I'm sure) The "skull" was actuially an old basket ball, but the whole scene had disturbed somthing. My dad said this loud growling sound started. They couldn't figure out where it was comeing from because it seemed to come from everywhere. Dad and his buddy grabbed the passed out girl and they all ran out of the cemetary. Funny thing is, the growling stopped the second they passed out of the cemetary.

My Mother


I am a woman in my forties and I live in a small town, about 2 hours

from Chicago. Ihave two sisters. My mother passed away suddenly on

November 18, 1993. My parents were

snowbirds and lived in Arizona from October to April every year. The

fall prior to my mother's death, my sister and her husband were building

a new house. They had sold their home and had to move before their

house was completed. When my parents went to Arizona, they moved into

their house until they could move to their new home. When my parents

returned in April, and after my sister had already moved into her new

home, my sister could not find a photo album of her little girl. It

contained all of her baby pictures. It really bothered my sister and

she called my mom many times asking her to look around the house and see

if she could find where she might have stored it. She never did.

That fall my parents left for Arizona in November. My mother died 10

days after they got there. About a week after her death, my sister

went to the basement for something. They still had not completly

unpacked and boxes were everywhere. To my sister's astonishment, there

layed the photo album on top of all of the other unopened boxes with the

album opened, revealing my niece's baby pictures! She asked her husband

and her five year old daughter if they had been in the basement. Both

had said no. I know my niece would be too afraid to go to the basement

by herself.

Another strange occurance with my mother's death at my sister's house

was when her front door would always open by itself. My mother had

fallen walking out of the front door the spring before that and had

broken her wrist. After her death, the door would seem to open by


My mother was very close to her sister-in-law that lived next door to

her. The summer before my mother died, she gave her a music box that

would only play by winding the knob on the bottom. The day my mother

died, my aunt was home alone. All of the sudden, the music box started

playing. She thought that was odd. She then received a phone call a

few minutes later from my dad telling her that my mother had passed

away at 8:30 a.m. that morning, the same time the music box played. She

thinks this was my mother telling her goodbye.

The Mischievous Ones


I've written to other sites before, but this is my first time here...

I hope you enjoy these few of my experiences.

Well, when my parents moved to the apartment my mother still lives in

today, I noticed that it has some quirks... You see, the apartment

has a few mischievous occupants I call gremlins... They tend to take

items for sometime and then relocate them. I will explain...

One day, my Mom left $20 in the front pocket of her jeans. She

realized sometime later that she needed to run to the store, so she

went back to her room to get the money. After a few minutes, she

called out to me, saying that she needed help. She couldn't find the

money, so she asked me to look in the pocket. I didn't find it

either. I searched quite a few times before I turned to her and asked

if she was mistaken. Had she taken the money out before? Was she

wearing a different pair of jeans? Was she sure she placed the money

in her jeans and not in a jacket? "No" to each question...

"Alright, Mom... You know how this house is... Wait for about 20

minutes and look again." Mom did as I suggested, opting to read a

book in the kitchen for a while. After about half an hour, she went

back to check. Where was the money? In the same pocket I had checked

at least 6 times thirty minutes before...

She is not the only "victim" to these little practical jokers... One

night, my best friends, Coraly, Mia, and Ralph came over to chitchat.

Sometime later, I felt the need to smoke a cigarette (Newports at the

time). Unfortunately, being a college student, neatness was not my

forte. My coffee table was cluttered with everything from magazines to

jewelry. So, knowing I put my pack on this mountain of stuff, I

continued to talk while I searched. Frustrated after a few moments, I

pleaded with my friends to help me take EVERYTHING off of the table so

I could find the Newports. We shook out magazines, cleared off the

table, even threw out some stuff, but the pack just simply was not

there. The closest thing that matched the coloring of the pack was an

empty Noxema carton. Oh well, I figured I'd just grab a cigarette

from my Mom. So, we straightened up the table and continued to talk.

After some time, while puffing and chitchatting away, I managed to

look at the table (which, of course, was right in front of me) and saw

my pack of cigarettes, nestled between the pages of a magazine. I

said "Oh, guys.... You are never going to believe this...", and picked up

the pack. The look of shock on each of their faces was undeniable.

Now before this episode, I had spoken to them about the goings on in

my house, but each time I received a polite "sure, whatever you say"

coupled with an "I don't believe you" eye-roll. To this day, my

friends are believers.

I'm positive that these little guys are not the only ones sharing

living space with my Mom... One night, Coraly was over for dinner. Doing

our usual thing, we sat in my living room talking of nothing and

everything. Suddenly, it hit me... I smelled fried fish! "Don't you

smell it?", I asked. Of course she didn't, until a few minutes later,

when the smell left me. Back and forth, for over an hour, the smell

drifted between us, changing once in a while to the scent of fresh

flowers. After a while, it faded until we could no longer smell it.

I don't know who it was or what it was trying to say, but it certainly

was an interesting experience.

The Man in the House


My story happened about 20 years ago, it was a series of three happenings.

The most vivid is this one,

One night my husband and I had gone to bed. He feel asleep right away but I

wasn't really sleepy and was just laying there looking out thru the bedroom

door and from there I could see into the living room and a picture window that

is there. Its about 60inches by 48 inches.

After looking for a few minutes I noticed there seemed to be a man standing

there. He was dressed in a coat that over lapped in the front with gold 3

gold buttons. At first he didn't have a hat on and then he did, it was a high

hat but not what I have heard called a stove pipe hat, it was smaller then

that. Anyway I thought he was an intruder so I woke my husband up and I was

watching the man the whole time and he moved or a better word is wavered. I

with great effort got my husband up and told him there was someone in the

house, and I could see the man in the livingroom as my husband got up to look.

When my husband blocked my view thru the door and whentinto the living room I

didn't see the man anymore and I thought who ever had went into the

kitchen......expecting to hear the sound of a fight any second and I was

surprised when my husband came back in the bedroom and said nobody was there.

He said I was imaging things and has always scoffed at the idea I had seen a

ghost. But Iam a rather practical person and I dont think it was my

imagination..... thanks

The Lady on the Bridge


This is alittle off my chronological order of my experiences, but I saw a car

accident recently that reminded me of this.

The Lady On The Bridge

About 2 weeks before I was to married I was driving my car down a back

road in my home town to go to the store. We used to have railroad tracks run

through the town from East to West and I was going North to South. The

railroad tracks had been torn out and now the old track was a driveway for

some houses set back from the town. The driveway was flanked by a modular

home built in the 70's on the south side and a creek on the North. A sidewalk

bridge crossed the creek for about 1/2 a city block with a dropoff on either

side of about 4 feet. On the North side of the creek was an older house that

had been built when the town was founded. It had been used as a hospital and

a funeral home to name a few. At the time of this incident in 1982, it was

and had been used as a private home for many years. As I was saying I was

coming down the hill toward the bridge when I noticed a Lady just starting to

cross the bridge. She was dressed all in black with a black lace veil across

her face. Her clothes were turn of the century mostly lace and silk or satin.

She was wearing no coat and this being December in the Midwest it was very

cold out. Everyone in this town knew everyone else(very small town) and I

didn't recognize this woman.

Anyway I was so intent on watching this lady that I didn't see the car leaving

the driveway(old railroad tracks) and he didn't see me. He plowed into me and

it took a minute to get out and we both looked at each other (he was a

neighbor that used to live across the street from me and I had played with his

son when we were little).

We said both at the same time "I was watching the Lady on the bridge and

didn't see you" This all took about a minute and then we both looked at the

bridge and the lady was gone! There is no way she could have crossed the

bridge in that short amount of time and upon further inspection there were no

tracks in the inch of snow that had fallen the night before.

One of the first but not last ghostly experiences I've had in broad daylight.

I welcome questions and comments and any theories you may have to what I saw.

Thank you for your time.

My Ghost House


My house is haunted by many different ghost. One is my grandmother which

died in one of the rooms, one is my brother which died in a car

accident this year and the other I don't know where they came from. The

reason I know it's my grandmother because we can smell her perfume. My

brother used to go from his bedroom to the bathroom shutting the doors

behind him that just started to happen. We don't know who the others are but

we know they are there, one will call to you tell you to come here,

another one turns the t.v. off or on. Doors will open by themselfs .

Sometimes we hear another voice but can't make it out. At times you feel like

you are been watched. Our dogs will look in to the kitchen or the hallway

and bark. There are even shadows that you see out of the corner of your

eyes and then they move away fast.

My Two Little Spirits


I've live in my house since 1975. Lots of things have happened, not bad

things, but unexplainable are some examples:

1) One night, when my daughter was about 4, my husband and I were

sitting in the TV room watching Johnny Carson. We closed the door to

the TV room so that we would not wake my daughter. We suddenly heard a

loud BANG on the closed door. We both jumped up to open the door

thinking that my daughter had awaken and ran into the door. When we

opened the door, there was no one there and my daughter was sound asleep

in her bed.

2) My husband used to keep aluminum chairs hung on big nails on the wall

in the garage. We would hear them fall on the concrete floor during the

night. In the morning, we'd go into the garage to pick them up and they

were all still hanging on the nails on the wall. None of them had


3) Sometimes when I'm cooking, I feel a hand on my shoulder or on my

hip, or a tug on my blouse. I turn to look thinking its my husband or

one of my daughters, but no one is there. This has happens often...say

about 4 times a year.

4) My husband tells me that he feels and hears somebody sneaking up on

him. He turns quickly thinking that I'm trying to scare him, but there

is no one there.

5) We had a piano about 10 years ago. I would sometimes hear the sound

of the deepest note on the piano early in the morning. When I wake up

and I can still hear the ringing of the note. My daughter told me just

recently, that when she would have slumber parties, her friends used to

hear the piano playing.

6) I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night. I open my eyes to

glance at the clock, and the room is suddenly turns dark. My

husband says he has also seen that but he never told me until he

overheard me telling my sister.

7) I have a heavy candle holder that holds 4 candles. A friend came to

visit me one evening so I lit the candles. When I went into the room

where the candles were, the candle holder was on the floor and there was

no candle wax on the floor. It's impossible that the candle holder fell

over because it was in the middle of the table. My daughters were

visiting their father (we were divorced by that time) and it was just my

friend and I in the house, so no one could have put it on the floor.

8) Another time, another friend and her son visited. It was late one

Saturday night and her son had fallen asleep on the small sofa in the

living room. I asked my friend to stay the night so she wouldn't have

to wake him up. She agreed and sleep on the other sofa in the living

room. I went to bed. In the morning, she asked me why I was making so

much noise in the kitchen during the night. She asked me if I was

making tortillas, or sandwiches. I told her that I never got up during

the night....that's when her son said....yes, stella, I saw you standing

on the doorway looking at us! friend said she saw me, or saw a

shadow of someone standing at the doorway looking at them. It was not me

because I never got up and we were the only 3 people in the house.

9) This past September, my cousin was visiting from California. We had

planned get up early and go visit some relatives on Sunday morning. We

had stayed up very late on Saturday night, so when Sunday came around,

we wound up sleeping late and not getting up. When we got up, my cousin

said I kept him up all night with all the noise I was making in the

kitchen during the night. He said he woke up several times to the sound

of pots and pans, the sound of beating eggs in a bowl....he actually

thought I was making breakfast so that we could get an early start. He

got up, went to the bathroom, and when he came out of the bathroom, he

saw the kitchen light turn off and the pots and pans silence. He went

into the TV room where my husband and I were sleeping thinking we were

trying to play a trick on him. He said "Hey, are we leaving

now??"....but both my husband and I were sound asleep. The only other

person in the house was my daughter, and she was asleep in her room with

the door closed.

10) Most recently (father's day weekend), we went out of town. We asked

a friend if he would come over to feed our pets, get our mail, pick up

our newspaper, etc. He said on Friday night, he came over to feed our

pets. He went out the back door to feed the dog, and when he tried to

re-enter the house, the door was locked. Luckily he had the key to the

front door in his pocket, so he went around to the front of the house,

unlocked the door and went straight to the back door. The latch was

latched!!! He yelled out "Is anybody here? Its me Roland?" He thought

somebody was in the house and locked him out because it seemed

impossible that the latch would latch by itself!! That same night, he

left 2 lights on per my instruction. Saturday morning when he came to

turn them off, the lights were already off. He said he thought that we

had given our housekeys to somebody else and that that person had beat

him to it and turned off the lights. No one else had the keys to our

house and he knew nothing of the stories I've told you.

I told a friend about our house experiences. She gave me the address of

a friend who is a psychic. I e-mailed the psychic with my stories. She

asked me to send her 2 belonging to me and one 'house'

item. I sent her an old brooch and a tile from our kitchen. She said

that I have 2 spirits in the house....a 5 year old and a 12 year old.

She said the 5 year old (Jane) is 'lost' and cries a lot for her parents

who left her. She was not sure if they died and the little girl moved

away or if the little girl died and the parents moved away. She also

told me that the little girl's parents were laborers who worked in the

fields. The 12 year old spirit (Lisa) was sent to take care of the 5

year old so that she would not be afraid. They told the psychic that

our cat can see them and that they laugh at me because I get mad at the

cat when I get home from work, thinking that the cat messed up the bed,

when it was the spirits...they like to play on my bed when I'm away.

To this day, we continue to sense their presence, either by a tap on our

shoulder, tug of my skirt, or quick flash of 'something'...

These are the stories that come to mind, there are others. What ever

spirits are in our home, they have never tried to hurt us and we are not

afraid. We've become so accustomed to the noises and strange

happenings, that we don't mind having them in our home. My daughters

have never been afraid, not even when they were little.

A Mothers Love


I was a Registered Nurse employed by a large Jail in a very large Southern

City. I had a normal life, three children a Police Officer Husband and a nice

home in the suburbs. The only thing really different about me was that my own

Mother died when I was less than a year old. This used to bother me when I

was little. I would wake up in tears for no reason and cry "why did you leave


I had worked the night shift at the jail so by the time I got home and

got the kids off to school it was at least 9 am before I could go to bed. I

was really tired this one day and was really sleeping hard when my husband

said he and my middle son Scott were going to the store. I think I mumbled

and turned over and went right back to sleep. All of a sudden I heard a

lawnmower cutting grass and I could smell the fresh fragrance. It was strange

though, I thought I've overslept because it was dark. I looked around and saw

I was in a cemetery and it was night. Still the lawnmower and the smell. All

of a sudden I walked up on the strangest site. It was stuck in the ground by

a headstone, like you put flowers and things by a grave. This looks like a

brightly lit sign that said Edie. It was right next to a headstone that had

my Mothers name on it. Then I heard a voice calling my name. It said Sharon

I've come to be with you awhile because I am needed. This was my Mother I

thought but that's impossible. The voice spoke and said no, I am your mother.

I asked her to come where I could see her. Her reply was that she had been

gone from this earth too long and there was nothing for me to see. She

continued to tell me that she would put out her hand when it was needed. I

begged her to come see my children and my husband. She Said "Sharon I have

seen them all and it wont happen to you not like me, I won't let it" I started

to ask a hundred questions but she would only say that she would be where she

was needed. Then she was gone. I woke up in a bright bedroom with tears

running down my face and I thought I had a dream, but why did I still smell

fresh cut grass. I rested across my bed thinking of what had happened.

Suddenly my 12 year old son came tearing in and threw his arms around me

and just sobbed. He told me" Mommy we almost died, a big car hit us" I jumped

up and ran out to the garage to see about my husband. He put his arms around

me and assured me they were both OK but the car was totaled. Then he told the

strangest thing. He said a big Oldsmobile hit them broadside going over 50

and our car just crumpled and folded up on impact except the are of the front

seat. Other Officers said it looked like a giant hand reached out and held

that part of the car and kept it from collapsing because the rest of the car

was gone. They all said that they should have died in that accident.

All of a sudden I remembered my Mothers promise "I will put out my hand when

it is needed." You see, my Mother was expecting me when my Dad went off to

sea duty in the USNavy at the beginning of World War ll. He never saw my

Mother again and I was a year old before he was introduced to me.

My Mother loved my Dad with an almost superhuman love and she had gone

through such loneliness while he was gone. I believe that she decided that

she would prevent my husband being taken from me. She wanted to prevent me

from having that kind of heartache and grief. So she came to me and put out

her hand when it was needed. Thank you Mother.

The Captains Warning


In the spring of 1973 I was a sixteen year-old girl living at home with my parents. As the only child left living at home, I would sometimes spend the night alone in

the house. This was not a case of negligence, but rather, my parents were in

their late 50's a were suppose to be in retirement. Occasionally, they would take

"mini-trips" to any of the many great spots in Michigan. On this particular day, they had journeyed to the "SOO" and would not be home until the next day. I lied to them and had said I was planning to invite three girlfriends to spend the night - but I really liked solitude and wanted the opportunity to be on my own! After making a "home-cooked" meal for myself (actually, mom's leftover pot roast!), doing homework and watching a little TV, I retired for the night. It should be noted here that the house we lived in had been the former quarters for various Coast Guard commanding officers. The area had been a life saving station (Pte Aux Barques) at one time and the lighthouse and keepers quarters were located in close proximity to our house. Though the lighthouse still belonged to the Coast Guard, the surrounding 80 plus acres had been transformed into a county park, catering to campers and fishermen. At this time of year, the park was still closed

and our closest neighbors were farmers some two miles up the road.

At some point in the middle of the night, I awoke from a sound sleep and was

in a state of complete immobility. My entire body felt as if tiny pins were poking

it, and hard as I tried, I was unable to move. I attempted to call out (though nobody would have heard me) but could not get sound to come out of my throat.

At the foot of my bed was the image of a man with milky white skin, a handlebar-like mustache and VERY piercing eyes. His clothing was dark, but appeared almost military-like. I was scared out of my mind! The thought of impending trouble kept going through my brain, and I distinctly heard a man's voice inside my

head telling me to go downstairs and lock the door! When I mentally saw myself getting up & going downstairs, the strange lock on my body was released and the

man vanished. When I got downstairs, the door was indeed unlocked, so I locked

it and laid down on the couch in the living room. There was no way I was going back upstairs! A few hours later, I was again awakened by the sound of the now-

locked door being rattled. I jumped up, and as I did, noticed a car in our driveway. I went into the kitchen where the entry door was located and there stood the seediest looking man I ever saw in my life. I must have startled him, because he turned and ran when I shouted "get out of here!". I never saw the ghost in person again, but I read an article several years later in which Denis Hale, lone survivor of the steamer DANIEL J. MORRELL (sunk in Nov. 1966 just a few miles from the lighthouse) commented that while coming ashore in a liferaft, he began to eat the ice from his beard and an apparition of a man fitting the description of my

"lifesaver" appeared on the raft & told him not to eat the ice. The man appeared twice more with the same warning until Hale stopped eating the ice. His visitor

spoke directly to him and even advised him that eating the ice would cause pneumonia!

Recently, I purchased a copy of a wonderful book entitled "WRECK ASHORE: The United States Lifesaving Service on the Great Lakes". On page 138 is a picture of the man I saw in my room that night - the man who may have prevented

something terrible happening to me: Captain Henry Cleary, one-time crew member of the old Pte. Aux Barques Lifesaving Station (still in existance, but moved to a museum-town up the road a few miles). As I discovered, Captain Cleary was quite a heroic officer and the "savior" of many shipwreck victims. He

was actually born in the vicinity of where my family was now living, and is buried in

a local cemetery nearby. Another interesting fact: if Cleary is the same man Denis Hale saw, it would make sense: Captain Henry Cleary died of pneumonia on April 10, 1916 while still in the service of lifesaving. He was 54 years old.

The House In Riverview


Well! I have been reading the stories posted here and I was reminded

so much of my own experiences that I decided to share them!

I have had more than one experience but the one that concerned me

the most involved my house (my parents still live there but I moved out

about eight months ago.)

We moved into this house in Riverview, NB almost eight years ago.

Things began happening infrequently shortly after we moved in. At the

time I was indifferent to the idea of ghosts, I had few to no

encounters. Three weeks after moving in, my mother told me that she had

woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of a baby crying. I am

the youngest in the family and at the time was thirteen, incidentally I

am not prone to wailing in my sleep. ;)

For two years nothing happened, then at the same time of year that

my mother had complained of the crying, I was in my bed waiting for my

dog to come back upstairs ( I had to take him outside personally because

he was to old to get off the bed by then, he ALWAYS came back upstairs

after eating.) As I was listening for the sound of my dog coming back

into the room,something happened. My eyes were closed but I noticed the

room become incredibly bright. I heard someone scream into my right ear,

it wasn't loud but it was the tone and the complete malevolence in the

person's voice that scared the hell of me, needless to say I was fully

awake in less than a second. AS I opened my eyes I was blinded by this

white light, when my eyes were fully open the voice stopped and

everything was normal.

Then nothing for two more years, again at the same time of year, I

was sleeping in my bed, and I was shaken awake. At the time I weighed a

considerable amount, but I was still shaken like a rag doll. My entire

upper body was coming off the bed. I could feel a hand on my shoulder

with an iron grip. I sat up in bed and looked to my right because I

noticed something standing there. For a moment I saw a dim yellow figure

that quickly disappeared. I knew it wasn't a dream because I looked at

my alarm clock and noticed the time was exactly 2:12 am.

Again nothing happened for two years, than the sh_t hit the fan, so

to say! My sister and I both heard voices, but only in my room, our cat

would follow the movement of things that were not there. An old, broken,

and unplugged tv would glow as if was on and did this quite frequently.

I could hear breathing in my room when I was the only one in there and

the door was closed.

One of my brother's friends walked into the house knowing nothing of

it and immediately asked if there was anything strange happening in the


People felt distinctly uncomfortable in the room as did I. None of

my family went into the room besides me. I had nightmares, but only in

that room!

Here is the biggest part of the physical proof, the room was always

freezing! I don't mean chilly, I MEAN freezing! I kept my door closed

over night, when people would enter in the morning and wake me up, both

they and I would notice the temperature was no more than 5 degrees

Celsius ( I have no idea what that is in Farenheit) but that is just

above freezing.

Then, after about eighteen months of these frequent happenings, it

all stopped, the room is always warm and has a very friendly feeling. I

guess whatever was there decided to move on. I can't say I miss it!

Thanx for you time.

Guardian Grandparents


I'll start my story when I was a baby. My mother had mental problems and

I spent much of my first 4 years in the home of my great grandparents.

When my mother wasn't in the hospital, they would frequently stay at our

house. I found out later that it was to protect me from her violent

erratic behavior when she would have a spell.

Jump a head to Spring 1982 When I was 12 years old,

I spent the night at a friends home. It was a dark, stormy night (I

know, nights are supposed to be dark, but it's true!) the three of us

were laying in our speeping bags in Pam's living room at the back corner

of her home. We'd turned everything off, not that it mattered, the power

went off around 10:45. We'd been laying there maybe half an hour when I

noticed hazy images of my great grandparents (They'd been dead for about

8 years)

Dawn covered her head (She' was sucha baby even then!) Pam and I just

stared. The images grew brighter, and it seemed like we were inside a

glowing ball. We could hear some of the storm from outside, but it was

like we had cotton in our ears. It seemed like my great grandmother was

trying to say something, but there was no sound from them. The glowing

sphere around us seemed to mesh with the walls gradually, so that now

the wall seemed to be glowing. Then the walls seemed to tremble.

Pam's dad was wakened by the storm and yelled for us to go to the

basement as he ran down the steps. The moment we left the room, the glow

disappeared, the sounds of the storm returned, and the walls collapsed.

A tree had fallen on the house.

The next day, when we had calmed down, Pam and I talked about what we

had seen. I wrote a discription of my great grandparents as I had last

seen them. She had long BLACK hair (very vain about her hair, still dyed

it at the age of 83) that she kept in braids wrapped around her head

like a crown. One of her eyes was very clouded by cateracts, the other a

very dark green. Her skin was very white, and deeply lined. My great

grand dad looked like a skinny Santa, fluffy white beard, slightly bald

on top, but with plenty of white hair on the sides.

Then I asked Pam to describe what she had seen. when she finished, I

handed her my descriptions, and she was amazed that the descritions were

so similar.

When I got back home, I found a picture of them tucked into my mirror.

That might not be significant if it was a picture of their wedding day

that was supposed to be destroyed in a house fire nearly 75 years


I am convinced that what we saw was the sprits of my greatgrandparents

protecting me in death as they used to in life.

Relative Ghosts


I find peace in lighting white candles for those I loved so much, and

are dead now, but I wonder if that invites other spirits to join in my

prayers? I'm not afraid of my family who have died, I am afraid of evil

spirits - and for that reason, I have St. Michael the Archangel guarding

my Entrance of my home, holy water, bible - all nine yards recommended

by spiritualists and the catholic faith.


(1) Around 1984/1985 (It's been so long ago)

I remember one evening my cousins (3 of them) and I were in a room

watching "Yentl", with Barbara streisand, I remember how disappointed we

all were about the movie being sooooo boring.

Anyway, in the middle of the movie, a beautiful white figure,

came out the from the bathroom - and went down the stairs. (that's from

the righ side- outside of the door - going left and downstairs.) I

specifically remember the way the white gown dragged slowly on the

stairs outlining the stairs. It was a person, but no visible feet. My

cousins and I stared at each other, and wondered if we all saw the same

thing. My oldest cousin, the owner of the house, said "oh, that's just

my Mom, she's always here."

My youngest cousin cried with fear, I was scared but because it was a

very white light figure, I wasn't scared - had it been any other color,

I'd probably cry with fear too. None of us ever spoke about it again.

I did face the fact, and asked my cousin if he remember that ghost we

saw, he was amazed I still remembered, but he confirmed my memory was



(2) 1988-89 - My Ex-husband's Mom Visted us? She died 8/12/88

My daughter, born 8/17/88, fell asleep on our sofabed, my husband had

arrived home tired. He ate dinner, took his bath and hit the bed. I

remember he fell asleep quick.

I was lying down next to my daughter, and I literally felt someone walk

by us, breeze and footsteps! Well, I couldn't see because the room was

so dark, I was so surprised I called out my ex's name,


and he answered me, as if he were standing in front of the bathroom -

located between the living room (where my daughter was asleep) and my

bedroom (where I thought Tim was sleeping)


I said, "nothing you scared me, I thought you fell asleep.", then I felt

real cold, I covered my daughter and ran into my bedroom to get another

blanket - I thought it was safe to jump on the bed because Tim was in

the bathroom, and to my surprise I jumped on Tim - who was sleeping in

the bed afterall. To my surprise, he asked me to hold him, he was

scared, he was dreaming with his Mom. I told him he wasn't dreaming she

must be here, someone walked be me, and answered me in your voice from

the bathroom - we better pray for her. I went to the sofabed, picked my

daughter up - and she slept with us that night. But I'll never forget

how scared Tim was - and he wanted me to protect him?? I told him, she

his Mother, not to be afraid. He was - he held to me, like a child.

I moved out of that apartment when I separated with Tim, and I left the

place to my Uncle. At a family gathering, my Uncle told everyone my

apartment was spooked. He felt someone get out of the bed - and use the

bathroom. He said he remembered hearing someone urinating too - He

continued saying "If that Mother F***** comes back to this bed, I'm

outta here!!" I laughed, and assured him, it must his Dad checking up

on him. He wasn't tolerating it. I saw it in his face, it scared him.

But because no one came back to the bed, he fell asleep.


These stories will forever be in my memory, they're too strange to


House For Sale


My family and I moved to a small town and purchased a home that was way below market value. I remember when my father and I first met with the realtor to view the house, as I walked through the it I had this strange feeling. I was fourteen at the time (now 22) and I still can't explain the feeling. I wasn't uncomfortable or anything; it was just this feeling. My father purchased the house and we called it home for the longest 4 years of my life.

The first thing we noticed was the strange reaction from the people in town towards us. We received alot of stares, and questions about the house. We just shrugged if off, and decided it was a small town (very small), and that people were interested in the new folks from the big city. As we soon learned, it was much more than typical curiosity.

The first experience was coming home to the front door standing wide open. We never left without locking the doors, and this doors were solid heavy wood. My mother and assumed that someone had tried to break into the house, which was not the case. The open front door began to happen more frequently; it occurred about once a month. After a while the typical excuses just wouldn't suffice.

My father always laughed at us, he didn't believe us when we told him about the door standing wide open. I think I ghost wanted very much to prove its existence to my father. The person who lived there prior to us had made a wind thingy ( whenever it turned you new that there was a going to be a serious storm) it was made out of a heavy type metal and circular. My father told us about it ; he had discovered accidentally. He said that if that thing ever turned, we needed to get in the basement quick.

My father was planting a small garden in the back yard when he heard a whistling sound. The wind thingy was spinning at top speed. The only problem was that there was no wind that day. My father never laughed at us again.

It seemed that the incidences occurred more often during the summer time. I remember one night I awoke and heard my grandmother and mother talking on the front porch. The strange thing about was that my grandmother wasn't there when I went to sleep and it was now about 3 in the morning. I assumed something must be wrong (death, illness in the family). I laid there for a few moments, I listened as the talked. I heard the chairs moving across the porch (like they were moving them) I also heard them giggling. I got up and decided to join them. When I went out there was no one there and my mother was sound asleep. I was unable to finish my sleep.

There were a ton of different things that occurred in this house but I want to concentrate on the big things.

We had a rottweiler who would sit , stare, bark, and growl at the corner near the front door. This section of the house disturbed him greatly. Because of all the other incidences that had occurred, we began to investigate the history of the house. We went to the local newspaper and found out that 8 years prior to our arrival, a man had been brutally murdered in the house. From there we went to the police department and looked through the police report. We were extremely disturbed to find out that his body was placed in a rocking chair near the front door. It seemed to us that after we discovered the information and discussed it in the house, the incidences became more frequent and more disturbing. The last major event that occurred happened to my father.

He was home alone as my mother and I had spent the weekend with relatives.

He said it was approximately 4 in the morning, and he awoke to sound of the back door being opened; it sweaked loudly. He assumed that it was my mother and I , and called to us. He didn't receive a reply so he became concerned. He said that heard footsteps walking through kitchen and coming down the hallway. Dad reached for the 22. in the bedstand, and stood armed at his bedroom door. The footsteps stopped at his door. Dad said the hardest part was opening the door to confront the "intruder".

When my father finally did get the nerve to open the door, there was no one there. He said he searched the entire, and the only oddity was that the back door was standing wide open. Approximately 2 days later my father put the house up for sale. My experience with this was not house enjoyable, but I now have a respect for the supernatural and unseen.

Haunted in Minnesota


i lived in a haunted house before we

moved to Ark. i'm married and at that that time i had three kids every

picture of my baby had a stream of light raying down on him . my husband

had those offf beat hrs. of a firefighter. i always slept with one or

two lights on. i kept the baby basenette by me. in the middle the night

id wake to the over powering feel of being watched. once when when we

where having dinner ( husband at work) the basement door to the work

shopslamed shut dumb founding us. the basement windows were shut the

house was shut uptighter than a drum. my daughter had the

experence at night of a short heavy set woman coming towards her

,thinking it was me playing a joke on her she called out my name

many times when it didnt answer she pulled the blankets over her her

head.then went screaming up te stairs to my room. i stayed sleeping

but my husband heard her out saying that she had a night mare. she

slept in the bath tub. i didnt find out about these going on for about a

week. at which time i moved down stairs at the end i and my husband went

out for a couple of hours.leaving a 14 year old babysitter in charge

when i got home the kids where yelling and screaming jumping on the

furniture the sitter said they heard alot of rats scratching in the

chimney wall.,they never saw any. now theres only pictures.

The Sighting By The Air Conditioner


This really happened to us:(About 20 odd years ago)

We received a phone call from my wife's mother from her home about 200 miles north of us, that my wife's father was not expected to live. I owned and operated a drugstore and was not able to leave just then, so my mother took my wife up to see him. They returned late that night, as he had not died yet, but 30 minutes after they got back , we received a phone call saying he had passed away. Being real late at night, we were preparing to go the next morning. I was out front packing baggage in the Auto and all of my children were out on the front stoop talking. Naturally, everyone was shocked and upset.I looked up and saw a person under the airconditioner down the hill towards the back of the house.Being in a daze because of the death, I saw the person, but it did not register with me. The person had light blond hair similar to my wife and hypnotically, I supposed it was her. I continued to pack the car, and asked my daughter and the other children if they had seen anything. She said she had. I came to my senses and realized that the figure was a giant child with bangs the color of my wife's hair. I called my daughter to come and tell me what she had seen. What she saw was the same thing I had seen, only she was closer. She said she could see through the person. The figure was gone, but indelibly impressed on my mind. When I saw it, it was looking down at something in it's hands. I went down the steps to the air conditioner and realized that the person was eight feet tall or more , with soft skin like a baby.To this day, I cannot tell you what it was . In the beginning, I thought it was my wife further out in the yard, but when I thought, I realized it was not.

Friendly Poltergeist


hi. i'm a 16 yr old girl from columbus ga and i have a few stories. my folks

and i have lived in my house for 12 years and we've had some pretty weird

happenings. i mean, it's not like anybody has ever died here or anything like

that, but this neighborhood was a dumpyard before houses were built here. the

only thing we can figure is that maybe a body was dumped here. anyways, ever

since we moved in weird things have happened. they happened to my mom first. i

thought she was krazy when she told me she saw somebody walking up and down

our hall way and disregarded it to start with. it happened to her alot and

nobody believed her. then i started hearing footsteps. then suddenly the

activity stopped and we heard nothing more for a few years. when i was about

12 i started staying home alone after school. one day i decided i'd clean the

house for mom. i finished up and made sure our cabinet door was closed. (it

has a "click lock so it can't possibly open itself). then i left and went to

my friends house. when i came back the cabinet door was opened. so i closed it

and fogot about it. then i came up front later in the afternoon and it was

opened again. it really freaked me out. this went on for random occasions

throughout the next year or so. then it stopped. that's when stuff started

moving. things that were securily placed would continuously fall off dressers

and when they were put back, they fell off again. things would be put down in

a specific place and end up in a room that no one had been in all day. this

year we've started actually feeling and hearing the ghost. when i'm here alone

with my grandma and she''s asleep, it whispers my name and says hello. my

grandma swears up and down she hears someone singing and playing music

(possibly our piano) when she's here alone. we can feel the ghost with us when

we're in a dark room alone or when we're frightened or upset. and it oten

makes the lights flicker and rooms get chilly. this may all be paranoia, but

my whole family is freaked out by the incident and i thought it might be of

interest to you. the ghost has never actually harmed us. it's more like a

friendly polterguist or something.thanks for reading my story and i'd really

like to hear back from you. thanks again.

Coughing Ghost?

by ?

i'm 20 years old, a junior in college. there is a north and south

campus to my college. south campus is in a historic section of a town.

the girls' dorm dates to around the 1850's, and is supposed to be

haunted. right next door is the music center. the music center was

originally the "single brethren's house," housing bachelors of the

moravian order. (the moravian order is a religious order from germany

and czechoslovokia) during the civil war, the single brethren's house

was used as a hospital for the soldiers, and so is supposed to be

haunted. last year i was in a practice room on the second floor of the

building. i had stopped for a minute, and was looking at the music,

when i heard someone in the room clear their throat, but i was the only

one in the room. needless to say, that was the end of practicing for me

that night.

i lived in the dorm next door for the first two years of school

here. there are a ton of stories. at one point, and i don't even know

how long ago, there was a walk way connecting that dorm---main

hall---and the music center. supposedly, a little girl fell out of a

window in the walkway and was killed. some people have seen her ghost

in the back stairwell of main hall. there is a mirror hanging in one of

the lounges on the first floor, that is very old. the story goes that

if you and your sweetheart look into the mirror together and see

yourselves as an old couple, or see an old couple behind you, that means

you are going to get married. there is also an old room, that is

always locked, called the zoo room. it's called that because there is a

forest scene painted on all of the walls, that is the oldest mural in

the state. lights go on and off by themselves in the room. a few years

ago, around halloween, a light went on in the room, but the door was

locked. one of the cleaning women had a key and tried to unlock the

door to turn the light off, but the door wouldn't open. she called

campus security, and they came and tried to unlock the door, but they

couldn't get it open, either. a few days after halloween, the light

wwent off, and the door unlocked. it turns out that the dead bolt,

inside the room, dead bolted itself somehow. during my first week in

college, i was cold one night, trying to sleep, but was too tired to

move. i woke up the next morning to find my other blanket on the bed,

arranged perfectly, when i know i didn't get up.

War and Rememberance


I have only experienced two, what I consider ghost encounters in my

whole life. I have previously wrote about my first ordeal and now I

want to tell my second.

My grandfather was a decorated soldier who fought the Germans during

World War II. He has a number of artifacts that he brought back with

him. One of those artifacts is an old bayonet. He told me it was

taken from a battlefield. I am a military enthusiest and I couldn't

help taking a sneak peak at the bayonet when nobody was looking as it

was off limits. I took the bayonet out of it's holster and noticed a

dark stain on it. I wondered if it could be blood. Then as I

pondered this I had a feeling. It's that feeling that we all have

experienced at one time or another. It's the feeling of somebody

watching you. I looked back through a window in the room I saw a

figure standing outside. It was a boy in uniform. He looked so

young. He had blond hair and a blank stare. I was scared. I thought

a stranger was outside staring at me. I looked away for a second and

when I looked back he was gone. Only then did I notice the uniform.

It looked like the ones the Nazis had. I wonder if my experience had

anything to do with the bayonet with the stain. I probably will never

know. I have since looked at the bayonet many times and have not

experienced anything like I did before.

Personal Experience


I have always been interested in the unexplained since I was 19 years old. It all happened after my grandfather's death in Mossman, Far North Queensland.  Australia.  I remember sitting on his bed one day when I was 11 years old. It was a hot, humid afternoon and he began to tell me about his youth and he told me he  was bitten by a brown snake and that his soul left his body and below him, he could see everyone kneeling beside his body crying and then suddenly he saw a bright light and suddenly he found himself outside a gate but he could not enter as it was not his he went back to his body and I kind of looked at him as if to say: "Yeah, sure!!!", because I just found it hard to swallow somehow.  I think that he realised that I did not believe him and he said to me that when his time is up on this earth, he will come and say "goodbye" to me the next time.  Several years passed and I grew up and I moved to Cairns which was about 59 kms from Mossman where my grandfather lived..I had no telephone at my flat.  Anyhow, I was sitting on my bed in my flat (apartment) and the strangest thing happened..I was reading a book at the time and when I lifted my head and I saw my grandfather sitting on the bed beside me.   He had a calm, peaceful expression on his face and he told me that he had come to say;"goodbye" to me and then he told me to take care of myself.  He sat with me for a period of what seemed like 5 minutes then he was gone.  Five days later I went to Mossman and I saw my grandmother and she was crying..she told me that my grandfather had died and that they had buried him a week ago..but I was'nt shocked as he had already said "goodbye" to me.  I told her what had happened and she said; "Yes, you have always his favorite grand-daughter.

Learn to Respect


First you need to know that I'm writing you from Germany. It's up to you to

believe these stories. All I can say is that I have witnesses that can

vouch this stories to be true. This is going to be long so please bare with


When I was in High School, I was really interested in the paranormal. I

read everything about reincarnation, ghosts, etc. A friend of mine told me

one time that she does seances by herself. All she uses was a plain big

white sheet of paper with the alphabet, numbers 0-9, "yes" and "no" written

on it as a Ouija board. And of course a small glass turned upside down. I

asked her if she would let me in on one of her seances, out of curiosity.

No problem. A couple of friends and I visited her then and started. One

thing I had to mention was, one of my classmates is a Persian from Iran and

his name is Alexander. My friend told me that she always talked to the same

spirit. His name was "Y" (pronounced epsilon, the German version of the

letter y). She said he's a flirt and would write something like "you're

cute" or something like that. Sounded like a lot of fun to me. When we

were having our séance, we had a spirit that was so much different from my

friends spirit. So she said. She was asking if there is anybody in the

room besides her that is a medium. And the spirit wrote my name. The glass

was moving slow. My friend assumed that this spirit doesn't really want to

communicate due to some reasons. She asked if there is anybody in the room

that he doesn't like. He replied "yes". We asked for the name and he wrote

"ALEX". We asked why and he responded "he is Persian". Back then I should

have left it alone. I knew this spirit was a racist and there is always a

possibility that you will get the same ghost again.

Well, I got caught up on it. I would have seances at home as well. Once I

knew I was a medium nothing was able to stop me. The funny thing though is,

I was weak. I was just half. I needed another half to get a spirit to

communicate with us. And I was never able to do it by myself, not like my

friend. Most of the time I would ask my Mom to sit in until I get a spirit

and then she would leave the room. Back then my brother was dating a girl

who was half a medium like I was. I was tired that one evening she wanted

to have a séance. She insisted. So I sat down with her and tried to get a

spirit and sure got someone. It turned out to be the racist though. He was

weak and the glass was barely moving. He was barely answering our

questions. I asked if everything is all right and he answered NO. I asked

if there is somebody holding him back and he said YES. I asked who. He

wrote "DEMON". I got scared and told him that I'd rather not bother him no

more and that I would like to say goodbye. He wrote "CHICKEN" and left.

That's when I gained respect for it. I realized that one should not be

playing around with something unexplainable and without certain respect....

Better to leave it alone. They use to say that you have to say goodbye to

the spirit and the spirit has to say goodbye to you as well. Otherwise, bad

things can happen since the spirit never leaves the house. I stopped doing

it for years until summer of 1992.

A friend, my brother and I went to south France to visit some friends. One

evening during one of our gatherings people grew bored and came to the idea

to have a séance just out of fun. I was against it and I didn't want any

part of it. So they were sitting there trying to get a ghost (in French

mind you). When they finally had somebody they were told the constellation

was bad. They didn't listen. They asked me if I could try to get "Y" for

them, I did. I was not sure though if it really was him so I bid my

good-byes and took my finger off the glass. I just let them do and just

watched them. They got a spirit later on at about 21:00. They were

communicating all right in the beginning. Suddenly the spirit started to

use abusive language towards one of the girls that was participating. We

didn't quite understand what was happening and he was really insulting. The

ghost was saying something to the fact that the girl was bad towards her

mother. They tried to say goodbye to the spirit and the spirit won't leave.

It kept saying "NO". One after the other he aloud them to take their finger

off the glass. At the end there were only 2 people left and the spirit will

not leave. I was sitting in the corner trembling like an aspen leaf, scared

to death. In the meantime it's 05:00 in the morning and the spirit has not


At the end one of the guys took a piece of paper, shoved it under the glass,

shook the glass and threw it out of the window. All of us in that room

heard it land on the street with a clashing sound. We all separated and ran


The next morning during the day, we went back to that house. We were told

the following: That night the dog slept on the bed where the girl was

sleeping (the one the spirit was mad about), directly on her legs, seemed

like for protection, and the dog has never done this before.

There was a cow bell outside sitting directly in the middle of the window

sill of the kitchen window that rolled down by itself with a loud bang. It

was sitting there for years.

When we looked at the rose bushes, there was the glass hanging upside down

in the bushes and the roses around it were dead.

So, whoever read this, if you are just planning to play with an Ouija board

and you have no respect towards the unknown, then better keep your fingers

off of it.

My Families Apartments


This didn't happen to me, but to one of my Aunts and her husband. This happened approximately over 40 years ago in Salem, Mass. My Aunt and Uncle moved with their infant daughter into a house in Salem that had been divided into 2 apartments. When you entered the front door there was a door to the basement directly in front of you (this door was padlocked shut), their apartment door to the left and their neighbors to the right. Everything began with a knocking sound coming from under the floor in their bedroom. This continued until my Uncle became so annoyed that he broke the lock on the basement door determined to find out what was causing the noise. When he opened the door, the stairway leading down to the basement was full of cobwebs....all undisturbed. No one could have been down there without leaving a trace. Next the gas knobs on the stove would turn on by themselves. My Aunt would smell gas, find the knobs turned on, turn them off and then a while later find them all on again. Another time my Uncle was lying in bed and he felt someone lie down on the bed next to him. He thought it was my Aunt, but when he opened his eyes, there was no one there. There was, however, an indentation on the bed as if a body was lying next to him. He then felt whatever it was, get up and he watched as the indentations disappeared on the bed. I personally would have been out of there long before this, but what happened next was the final blow for them. My Uncle was at work and my Aunt was doing laundry. My cousin was an infant at the time and in a bassinet. My Aunt locked the front door, moved the baby's bassinet close to an open window so she would hear the baby while outside hanging the laundry out to dry in the back yard. She left the back door unlocked. While hanging clothes, she heard the baby cry and went to go inside to check on her. The back door was now locked. She looked thru the window and saw that the baby was no longer next to the window, but the bassinet had been moved. It was now in the entrance way to the building, next to the basement door which was now open. She ran to the front door and tried to get in and couldn't. She went to a neighbors house and received help at the same time that my Uncle was coming home for lunch. The baby was fine, but they were not staying in the house for another minute. They moved out that night and came back the next day for their belongings. When they moved into a new apartment, my Aunt was talking with one of her new neighbors one day and they were discussing places they'd lived. My Aunt mentioned to the new neighbor that she wouldn't believe what they had just gone thru in their previous apartment and proceeded to tell her about their experiences. The neighbor listened to her story and then looked straight at her and said, "Of course I believe you. We moved out of the same apartment months ago."

Another Aunt and Uncle, also in Salem, Mass; lived in a building that had several small apartments in it. Strange things happened to them from the moment they moved in, but nothing that really bothered them much. A calendar and pictures would be turned around facing the wall when they would return home. Then one evening my Uncle awoke to see a man sitting in the chair next to his side of the bed. He was about to yell at the intruder, when he noticed that he could see the street light from outside shining thru the man. He said that the man was dressed in old clothing and wore a stovepipe hat. He could see every feature of the man's face. He closed his eyes and when he looked again the man was gone. The next morning he asked my Aunt if she had seen anything and she hadn't. She asked what he had seen and he told her about the man. She wrote it off as a dream. My Uncle saw the man a few more times and then one day while talking to their landlord he found out that the place had once been a pencil factory and had belonged to the landlords family. He showed my Uncle a picture of the factory with it's employees all standing outside and there in the picture was the man that my Uncle had seen sitting in the chair next to him. He asked his landlord if he knew who the man in the stovepipe hat in the picture was and the landlord told him that that was his ancestor who had owned the factory.

Experiences I'll Never Forget


When I was about seven years of age, my parents were at the height of

separating themselves from each other, not a separation where one lived away

from the other, but to the point that my mother was sleeping in my younger

brother's room, which used to be my father's office until he came along, which

was located right off the front doors of the house we had in Los Altos,

California. I got up in the middle of the night and went to look for my

mother. I left my room and entered the first hallway as I came to the next

hallway to turn left down to reach my brother's room I stopped as I saw my

mother turn into the hall from the main entry of the house. I noticed that

she seemed to be blowing her nose and it appeared to be that she had been

crying. I called out to her and she just kept coming at me without

acknowledging my presence. I called out to her a second and third time and

she just kept coming toward me, wiping her nose with a tissue. I then

realized that I could see right through her to the farthest end of the hall

where the 1/2 bathroom was located. I realized that I could see a light

coming in through that window from the moon, or something that was very weak

but apparent. I then felt that this apparition was threatening and was coming

at me in the guise of my mother's form so I ran to my room and closed the

door. I then jumped into bed and pulled all the blankets well over me and my

head so that I could not see it if it entered my room.

In this same house, we had a family room that had a pocket door separating it

from the long main hall of the house. At night, something would cause the

metal "tongue" that you use to pull the pocket door closed when it was opened

all the way into the wall to flick up and down. It would make all of us kids'

hair stand on end, there was five of us.

Every night, while we lived at this house, I would have bad dreams. I would

dream vivid horrible nightmares that would cause me to run to my parents room

and insist that my parents let me sleep in their bed. I dreampt of knifes and

daggers shooting out of the T.V. set in the family room, hands (just hands)

coming out from under my bed, and dreadful things of this nature. The only

rooms in the house that seemed to have no activity within them were the living

room and formal dining room. Everything seemed to happen in the main hall,

the hall to the laundry room, the family room and the children's bathroom.

One day, while I was in the living room, at the age of 5, I said to my mother

that I needed a friend while my best friend, Carol, was at kindergarten class.

I had the morning class and she had the afternoon class. The next day, I had

kittens surrounding me when I woke up in the morning. They were all playing

at the side of my bed, seemingly waiting for me to wake up. I brought them

down the hall, turning every step of the way, clapping my hands while bent

over calling "here kitties, let's go see my mommy". They were with me for

weeks until summer came, I could see them and hear them, but no one else

seemed to.

One night, in this same house, my older brother woke up, feeling very sick to

his stomach. For some strange reason, he felt that if he went to take a bath

that he would feel better. When he went into the bathroom, he noticed that

several light bulbs in the fixture across the top of the mirror were burned

out. He went down the bedroom hall, entered the main hall and felt, at this

point, as if someone were following him. He then turned down the hall to the

laundry room and got some light bulbs out of the long closet across from the

laundry room door. He then felt something touch his back as he was bent over

which made him jump up. When he turned around, there was nothing there. He

then proceeded back to the bathroom and, while he was on the sink counter, he

heard a woman laughing. He suddenly became real spooked and went back to bed.

That same night, my mother awoke sick and got up to open her bedroom sliding

glass door to let some air in. After opening the door, she suddenly felt

better and went back to bed. My Grandmother, my mother's mother, had passed

away that night at approximately the same time that my brother and mother

awoke feeling sick.

All types of strange things happened at this house, we all just knew it was

haunted but we did not know what it could be since my father built the house

when I was two years old on a large parcel of what used to be an apricot

orchard. At that time, we were all too young to search the county records to

determine if anyone or building had any type of historical record with this

particular property. I now live so far away, we moved when I was 12, that it

is not possible to look this information up to find out just why we had those

strange experiences.

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