The Premonition


One night when I was 12 years old, i woke to the sound of my mother

crying. Worried, I went to see what was wrong. I found her in fornt of

the fireplace with her head in her hands sobbing like her heart was

broken. I asked her what was wrong and she jumped like I scared her.

Her face was pale white and her eyes looked glazed. She just looked at

me and told me to go back to sleep and not to wake my sisters. She

would be fine, she said. Later, when ever I would ask her about that

night she would look away from me and refuse to say anything. I didnt

find out until I was 20 what happened to her. That summer, my younger

sister was killed in a car accident at the age of 18. After her death,

my mother told my the story: That night long ago, she was sitting by

the fireplace, she thought she saw one of us standing on the right side

of her. When she looked up she saw my sister, but it wasnt my sister

then. It looked as if she had aged into her teenage years. My

"sister" told my mother not to cry for her, that she was okay and happy.

She told my mother that she didnt suffer and was going to keep an eye on

all of us from heaven. Then, she disappeared. Thats when my mother

started to cry...and that is how I found her, 8 years before my sisters


My Mom-Mom


Let me start by saying that you have a most interesting site here. The information provided in your site has shed light on a few strange events in my life........but those are different stories for different times. Anyway, let me relate one of my experiences in this next story.

At four years old, my family moved from Boston to a small town in Maryland. While my mother and father both had jobs here, they had not found a place to move into yet so we stayed with my Great-Grandmother. I stayed with her during the day, and for a while, since I knew nobody here, she was my best friend as well as my Grandma. She was 84 years old at that time, but had the heart of a child. She had never learned to read, so sometimes when I would read Cat-in-the-Hat or other Dr. Suess books out loud, she would nod her head and pretend to read along. As you've probably picked up by now, at that age I loved this woman more than anything, including my own mother and father. Anyway, this arrangement of us living with her lasted for about half a year, and then my parents built a house on the other side of town. While my parents were at work, I still went and spent the day with her until I started kindergarten at age six. My Great-Grandma (affectionately Mom-Mom) and I remained very close even after I didn't spend days with her anymore. I would sleep over there instead. I could go on and on but let me get to the   part of this story that concerns the only time in my life that I KNOW I saw a ghost. Other things have happened since but this is my only experience with a ghost I can be sure of.   At age seven, my Great-Grandmother had a stroke. It wasn't her first, and this one left her unable  to speak or walk. It was a blessing if the woman could even open her eyes at times. I refused to go to school while she was in the hospital, and days and nights were spent by her bed. I didn't go home for more than 5 hours at a time for a week. The night before she died, even I as a little kid knew she was going to die soon, and I was like a madman, screaming and crying. My Grandma just layed there, eyes closed. When I was alone in the room, I crept up to her and layed my head on her chest lightly and begged her not to die. I put my hand on hers and cried, burying my head in the blankets next to her. Suddenly, my Grandmother squeezed my hand. Keep in mind that this woman was unable to move at all, and a hand-squeeze was an affectionate gesture we shared. I stood up as fast as I could, and I said to her "Can you hear me Mom-Mom?" I told her how scared I was and how much I loved her, and amazingly she opened her eyes and forced her mouth into as much of a smile as she could. I told her to squeeze my hand if she could hear me and if everything was going to be alright. She squeezed my hand and I ran out of the room to get the   doctor and my mother. When we returned, her eyes were closed and she made no  movements. Still, that night I went home assured that everything was going to be fine. At 5:07 the next morning, my Great-Grandmother passed away in her sleep. My mother told me when I woke up, and I screamed at the ceiling that I hated God and that I wanted to die. This was extremely traumatic for me and I refused to eat and did nothing but cry hysterically all day. I was so bad that I made mysef too hoarse to scream anymore....and this was at seven years old. My mom was considering taking me to the hospital, but eventually I just became silent and would not   respond to anything. I remained like that, silent and staring, until that night I really wanted to die. I really did. I remember this whole thing like it was yesterday. Anyway, I was laying in my bed, looking out into the hall when I felt a presence-that's the best way I can describe the feeling I got. I'm sure you all know the feeling I mean. I looked across the hall into the bathroom, where there was a soft whitish-yellow light emanating from within the room. I was scared, but at the same time I wasn't, you know what I mean? Regardless, I didn't make a sound and I hoped that the light would just go away. The light grew stronger for a moment and then relaxed.......I realized it was taking shape. Rapidly, the light became my Great-Grandmother, wearing her favorite pale yellow Sunday dress, which she was buried in the next day. I think she knew I was scared, and she smiled from ear to ear the way she would when we shared a private joke. Then she raised her arm and waved to me, the way she always did out her front window watching our car go out her driveway.   She then pointed to the sky, smiled, and waved again. Then she walked across the hall, through a closet door directly across from the bathroom, and was gone. I think this was her way of telling me that she was going on to a better place, Heaven of course, and not to worry. After a few seconds, I yelled for my dad and told him to check the hall closet. He opened it and found nothing. I then told him what happened. I don't think he believed me.......but I bet you guys do.

Well, that was my story, and my apologies to anybody who wanted to read something scary. I have a scary story or two involving a Ouija board which I'll relate at a later date. Although I've never seen her ghost since, I have felt her presence at times in my life when I was really depressed or scared. Mom-Mom Sturgis, I love you, and I'll never forget you, wherever you are.

Hanging Trees and Trap Doors


This story is not my own, but that of a friend. It happened to her when

she was just a little girl, but she remembers it very clearly. To make

it easier I will tell it as she told me (paraphrased of course):

"When I was little my mother was often sick and in the hospital. A

friend of hers, Ethel, let my brothers, sisters, and me stay with her

during those times. I remember she had a very big house with a strange

layout. The house was surrounded by a totally enclosed porch and

sometime in the 40's a bathroom was installed off the porch. To go the

bathroom you had to go out onto the enclosed porch and walk under this

trap doro in the ceiling. I hated going to bathroom because I knew I

would have to walk under that trap door so I would wait until the

morning when someone could walk with me. I also hated sleeping in

Ethel's room, but if I was sick she would make me. Whenever I slept in

her room I would pull the blankets over my head and would have a very,

very hard time falling asleep. When I was older I found out that

Ethel's aunt had left the house to her. The Aunt had a mentally

retarded son who she was very ashamed of and she locked him in the

attic. When the aunt died she did so in Ethel's room and her son

starved to death in the attic. Maybe because I was so young I could

feel that those things had happened or maybe the house was really


My friend also told me about a tree that was outside Ethel's house:

"Outside of Ethel's house stood this huge, twisted tree. I remember I

hated driving by that tree. I even hated seeing it from the front

porch. My mother once told me that during a visit to Ethel's house we

sat on the front porch. For no reason at all I stood on the front steps

and stared at the tree and after a few minutes I started screaming and

didn't stop until we went in. Ethel told my Mom a few days later that

the tree had been rumored to be the town's old hanging tree."

So that's my friends story about Hanging Trees and Trap Doors

Hard Lesson


I've had several experiences, though your guess is as good as mine as to if they were my imagination. I'm going to say whether I'm gifted with seeing/sensing spirits, or cursed depending on your outlook, because I simply don't know. All I know is that there have been some strange, very frightening things that have happened, and some can be explained rationally, some can't. Perhaps some can help me rationalize, or maybe tell me that I'm not crazy in thinking these things truly were the result of spirits.

To begin with, I've always been fascinated by ghost stories. My dad was in the military, and the English village I lived in when I was younger had several resident ghosts, as did the neighboring villages, but these are not what I'd like to share.

I learned to use the Ouija board very young, while still in England, and that kind of of made me more popular to the kids when I came back, because they thought it was cool. But then I learned the dangers. Nothing as dramatic as some of the other stories, but I believe that early use in a way invited some of the incidents that came later.

As I saw my friends changing, and depending on the board for any number of answers, even simple questions such as "what should I have for dinner" I knew that we needed to stop using the thing. The ones that my sister and I used were drawn on paper, but seemed to work every bit as well, so we started tearing them up, dunking them in water, burying them. HOwever, during one use, when I was 13, a friend of ours could not breathe, the spirit claiming that it would kill him, and as far as I know, five years later, still often has problems with it.

In our apartment, strange things happened. I always felt that I was being watched, and my room was always the coldest in the apartment, regardless of the season or the thermostat. My sister and I had bunk beds, and one morning, my sister was already up. I was still on the top bunk, and suddenly, the entire frame shook, and there was this fwhump sound (like someone falling onto the mattress below), scaring me to death. I thought our brother had done it, he liked trying to scare us, but when I looked there was nothing there. Often at night our animals (a cat and dog) would stare at areas, and the only thing that would catch their attention would be to turn them around manually. Often, the staring would be accompanied by growling or hissing, or whining.

Well, we moved again, to Phoenix AZ, and at first all seemed normal. For the first 3 months. My brother moved out to go to college, so I moved from the living room into what is now my bedroom, during semester breaks. I started thinking I saw things in the closet, from a sterotypical druid type figure, to an old woman in a yellow dress. My sister often saw the same thing in her closet, which is on the same wall, next to mine, just facing into seperate rooms. Whenever I saw these figures, I think my gut instinct of fear took over, and I layed there, paralyzed by fear, eyes closed, praying that they wouldn't be there when I looked again, but not opening my eyes incase they were. My interest in the occult continued, though I didn't use a Ouija again. My friends did, and that may have led to more incidences.

One night, I was trying out a set of Animal Medicine Cards with my sister, when this strange sound terrified us. It came from the corner in which I had set my TV, directly behind where her closet was in her room, it sounded like something was dragging it's nails against the side of the TV. Our dog started barking at it, and my sister and I left as quickly as possible. Later, looking at it the next day, there was nothing I could think of to explain it, and neither could my sister.

I don't exactly remember the timeline for this, but a while later, my best friend was spending the night at our house, and she often felt the same menacing. . . watching in the house that I did. She fell asleep somewhat early, and I woke to her thrashing around, and I just thought it was her back, as it had been hurting the past couple days. I told her I was turning on the lights, and she quieted. I turned them on, moved over to her, and suddenly her eyes snapped open and she jumped about a foot back and 3 inches off the bed. Later explaining showed that she had been attacked in her dreams by a dark man, and when she checked, where the thing in her dream had hit her, she had marks.

As if that wasn't enough to tell us to stop delving into the paranormal things, we kept doing things, putting each other into trances, my friends using the Ouija, some of them tried using spells and the such.

I guess the worst, so far, has been something that happened Halloween of 1997. I guess it was pure stupidity on my part, but I tried putting my friend in a trance that night, and she went in fine. We just couldn't get her out for about 20 minutes. And she kept flailing around if we got anywhere near her. When she finally came out on her own, she told me the same man had attacked her as the one in her dream a while before.

A few weeks later, something . . . I wouldn't say "attacked" necessarily, but did get physical. At night, I often have imaginary conversations in my head, and somehow I had slipped into a conversation with the thing that had attacked my friend, except I wasn't thinking up both sides of the conversation. The discussion began to get a little heated, and it's all blurry to me now, but for a moment I said to him "why don't you come on in and prove it" before I realized it. As soon as I realized, and knew that it wasn't an imaginary conversation anymore, I tried to push him out, and suddenly it felt like something grabbed the back of my neck, pinching hard, and this searing pain went down my back about once every 30 seconds for about . . I guess 5 minutes. I wasn't really paying any attention to the time. All the while, he kept demanding to be let in. Then, suddenly, it stopped and he left.

Another time, I felt something standing behind me, and to prove to myself there was nothing there, I swept my arm behind me (I was laying on my side) and hit something solid. I froze, then rolled over, but there was nothing there that I could possibly have hit.

Again, a few weeks later, I thought I saw the dark man by my window, right after I heard something warn me that he was there. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, then suddenly it felt like something was sitting on me, stopping me from being able to breath. My heart pounded, I tried to move, but I couldn't. The something just stayed there, until our dog scratched on my bedroom door, whining, wanting in.

I've only had one more experience with the dark man, and that was when he was in my room, and I was trying to hide under the covers. Again, something sat on me, until Princess scratched and whined.

Two separate times, I've experienced the constricted breathing and inability to move, and I can only wish that it never happens again, for it is truly terrifying.

The Little Boy's Ghost


I wrote you yesterday about some of my experiences with ghosts, and the

paranormal, but there is more. I have somewhat of an ability to talk to

ghosts. In the story that is to follow, you will understand what I


I have an ability to touch a picture of something, and or someone, and

be able to tell you more about the picture, than what is in the picture,

I can do it with pictures, people and places I am familiar with, and

those that I am not familiar with too. I was at a friend's house, in a

nother town, visiting, and a friend of hers stopped by with her two

boys. I had never met her friend, or the children before, and knew

nothing about them.

Well the converstaion got on her son Jerry, well I did not even know who

he was, or that he was her son, until she told me, and she made the

comment that since he was dead, wheter he was at peace or not. I knew

nothing about her son, or his death. Well my friend told her, I could

tell her, and she asked how, and I told her I would need a picture of

him, and she was not to tell me anything about him, or his death. She

got out a picture, and hid it from me, than we turned out the lights,

that way I could concentrate solely on the picture, and the boy, then I

closed my eyes, and had her put the picture on my lap, and than I

touched it.

Right after I touched it, I got a burning sensation, all over my body,

but worse on my left side, and espescially the left hand, and I could

not brathe, it was like I almost was suffocating, it got so bad, I had

to stop for a while, I told the rest what I felt. After a short break,

I started again, still not looking at the picture. I saw a little

blonde hair boy, with an older man, with an unusual smile, and they were

running, and I was calling after them to wait, and they reached what

seemed like a tunnel, but yet was not a tunnel, you could see what

looked somewhat like the walls of a cave, but you could not see the top

of the tunnel, it was black. When they reached the opening, they

stopped, and I asked where they were going, and the boy kept saying mama

will know, mama, will know, and then they disappeared into the odd

looking tunnel.

I then sopped and asked the mother if this made any sense to her, and

she said no. Well before she left, she asked if I could touch each of

them, and see if I could see anything about them. When I touched her,

and her oldest son, I saw nothing, but her youngest climbed up in my

lap, and when I touched his hand he jumped out of my lap, and turned

around and looked at me, and said what are you doing. The odd part, is

that I started to see something, when he jumped off of my lap, but lost

it in the distraction. This child was the one, that had seen his

brother, after the funeral, in his room.

Well, after they left, I asked my friend if she knew anything about the

boys death, and she said yes. I asked if she knew how he died, at this

point and time I had not known the exact way he died, but I had a

haunch. I asked her if Jerry's left side had come in contact with what

killed him, and if he were electrocuted, and the left hand had contact

with whatever it was more than anything else, on his left side, and she

said yes. He had come in contact with an electrical wire, and was

electrocuted, and it was his left hand that had come in direct contact

with the live wire.

I asked her if she knew approximately where he was killed, and she said

she knew what alley it was in, but not the exact location. I asked her

to show me which alley. Well the alley is several blocks long, over a

mile long, and we picked at random, the spot we entered the alley. Well

I was driving down this alley, and I reached a spot, and stopped, and my

friend asked me why I had stopped there, and I told her this is the spot

he was electrocuted, and she asked me how I knew, I told her I could

feel is presence and energy there, and the hair on my arms, and back of

my neck were standing on end, and I had goosebumps all over. I drove a

little further, and to our right there was a parking lot, right next to

the alley. I told my friend that I could feel his energy there too, but

not as much as I did, at the previous spot, and that, the parking lot

had something to do with his death. My friend then informed me, that

Jerry had been taken to a nearby parking lot, where rescuers worked on

him, to try to save his life. My friend though, however thought that we

had not gone to the right spot, and she wanted me to turn around, and go

back the other way.

I told her though, that I knew without a doubt, that those spots were

it, and that I could not turn around, I felt Jerry was drawing me

farther down the alley, in the way I was already going. I could not

stop, I had to go on. We crossed the connecting street, and started to

enter the alley again, when it dawned on me, what the strange tunnel

was. If you looked down an alley, at the entrance, before you entered

it, at night, it looked like an odd tunnel. The odd looking sides were

the backsides of buildings, and the black top, was the darkened night

sky above, and you cannot see the connecting streets up ahead, at the

entrance, it just looks like a long continuous tunnel.

I was not through though, I knew Jerry's spirit was pulling me down that

alley, he was trying to tell me something. My friend kept telling me to

turn around, and go back, and I said I could not, that I felt Jerry was

trying to tell me something. We were about two blocks, from the end of

the alley, when it dawned on me, what he was trying to tell me. I

stopped and I asked my friend what was the last connecting street, at

the end of the alley, and she said Vine. I looked at her, and I said,

who lives on Vine Street, and she said another friend's name, and I

said, but who else, and she said Valva, and I said bingo. That is what

Jerry meant when he said mama will know, before he entered the tunnel.

Valva is his mother, and of course she knew how to get home. I felt

like Jerry was telling me, he wanted to go home.

Well it was still not over yet. I went home that night, and could not

get this child out of my mind, I felt like he was asking me for my help,

so the next day I went back, this time to Valva's. I told her of my

discoveries the night before, and she confirmed how he died. She took

down another picture of Jerry, and I touched it. This time I saw a

house, with a front porch, and the second floor seemed like it came out

over the porch, and there wer lots of trees around it. I also saw a

funny looking pattern, like a triangle, and a square, put together, and

in the middle of the square sat Jerry playing. The description of the

house did not jog any of their memories, nor the odd pattern.

I then touched Jerry's older brother David, and the picture. I saw

Jerry in the alley, kind of kicking the dirt, and I saw three bigger

boys up on the electrical poles, teasing Jerry, to get him to come up

there with them, and Jerry finally reluctantly went up, but I sensed

also that he was upset with David, because he had wanted David to go

with him, and David would not, that David wanted to stay behind, and

play with his friend, and Jerry felt that if David had gone that he

would of kept him from climbing up there. I also knew that the three

boys that were with him, were either older than him, or bigger than he


I stopped and related what I saw, and felt. David, was stunned, all he

could say was, mom, she is right. It turns out, that him and Jerry did

have an argument that day, because he wanted to stay behind, and play

with his friends, and Jerry had gone reluctantly by himself., and it

turns out that there were three boys with him, and they were older. The

boys, also related later, that Jerry had not wanted to go up there, and

he finally gave into the teasings, and the pressure and did it, and

wound up dying for it.

I then took them to the alley, and told them not to tell me anything

about the alley, and his death, that I would tell them what I saw, and

felt. When I got to the same spot as the night before, once again the

hair stood on end, and I had goose bumps, and I said this is where it

happened wasn't it. I turned and looked at David, he was one of the

first ones there that day, his eyes were wide, and he said yes, this was

the exact spot. I then drove to where the parking lot was, and I said

that the parking lot had something to do with it, but I did not know

what, that I could feel his energy there, but it was not as strong as

the previous spot. David then informed us, that after Jerry had been

electrocuted, the rescuers had taken him there to work on him, to try

and save him. Once again I showed them the tunnel, and where it would

end, and that that was what Jerry meant by mama will know.

We still had more mystery to solve, the house, and the odd pattern, and

the man I had seen Jerry with. They took me to all the houses, that

Jerry would have been familiar with, but none of them matched what I

saw, so I drew a rough sketch of what I had seen. Than they knew or

thought they knew where it was. They directed me to it, but before we

were even in front of it, about a 1/2 block away, I knew that we had

found the right one.

When I pulled up in front of it, I saw the very front porch I had seen,

and there was just a small outcropping of a roof over it, and if you

stood directly in front of it, you could not see that small outcropping,

it looked like the second floor came out over it, and formed the roof.

It turned out to be her dead father's house, and her brothers still

lived there. We got out and started walking to the house, and Valva

said we have to go in the side door, because there are no front steps.

I told her, I already knew that, because just like the picture, my

vision, had no steps, and I told her, that in my picture, there were

four pillars, on the porch, and that is exactly how many this front

porch had.

When we got around to the side of the house, Valva, and her two boys

started to go in, but I did not, I headed to the back yard, once again

feeling drawn to it. Valva finally got me to go in. When we got in,

Valva introduced me to her brothers. Next to one of her brothers on the

wall sat a picture of a man, the same man I had seen Jerry with. I

asked who is that man, and explained why, it turned out to be their

father, who was dead.

Valva's brothers were not believers in psychic abilities, and made it

clear. Valva took down the picture and had me touch it. I than

proceeded to tell all of them that I saw there father sitting in a brown

leather rocking chair sitting in the Northeast corner of the living

room, and there also sat a lamp with an attached table, and that his

spirit was still sitting there. At this time there was no chair or such

lamp sitting there physically. I looked over at one of the brothers,

the oldest, and he had tears in his eyes, and told me that his father

had such a chair, and lamp in that very corner when he was alive. I

also recognized the living room window as one I had also seen, and I

described a kind of dusty blue-floral print curtain or sheet over it (at

this time there was nothing over it). Than they told me that there had

been at one time a dusty blue floral sheet hanging in that very window.

We left the house, but when we got outside, all of the others went to

the car, but not me. I knew there was something still pulling me to the

back of the yard, and I had to know why. I went around to the side of

the back yard, and then it dawned on me, what the pattern was. The

square was the fenced in back yard, and the adjoining rectangle was the

house. I shared this with the others, that had by that time joined me.

Also just like I had seen in the middle of the square (the backyard) sat

the pile of dirt, that I had seen Jerry playing in, and I could still

feel his energy here. I told them that he was playing with a toy truck,

and Valva asked the boys if they had ever played cars back there, and

David said they had played cars there, but not trucks.

I then described the truck I saw him with as a yellow, and red dump

truck. Valva, looked at me, and told me that for Jerry's last birthday,

hae had gotten a red and yellow dump truck, and that it had disappeared,

and noone knew what happened to it.

I have not since, had any encounters with Jerry, I feel I accomplished

what I needed to accomplish, and that was to let his mom know he was ok,

and happy.

In a Child's Eyes


A week before our second son was born we moved into our first house in

Dunedin, Florida in June of '94. The house was built in the '50's, and the

previous owner had put carpeting over the old wooden floors & tiled the floors

in the kitchen & dining room. The house was perfect for a first house, we

had a small living room & in there was a hallway that led to the boys'

bedrooms. At the other end was the kitchen, the dining room & our bedroom (to

get to our bedroom you had to walk through the dining room). Not long after we

moved in was when everything started happening.

My oldest son was only 1-1/2 years old & as you know it doesn't take much to

amuse them. His favorite game was to throw a ball into the kitchen & we would

get it & throw it back. After several minutes we grew tired & David threw the

ball one last time & it rolled into our dining room. For 4-5 days the ball

stayed there, call it laziness I guess. One night as my husband (then

boyfriend) & I lay in our bed talking the ball started to roll. We were a

little surprised, for a while we could not figure why it rolled by itself, we

later thought maybe it was a draft from a door in the dining room that led

outside, but why hadn't it rolled before that?

As it got closer to Christmas things really started to happen, but only

happen when Rob wasn't home. Around 7 in the evening one night while Rob

worked, my oldest son who now was 22 months was eating his favorite snack

..Cheerios. All of a sudden he stopped & stared at an empty wall I was

sitting next to, then he walked over to it. He looked up as if he was looking

up to an adult & started to laugh, then he looked at me & looked back & said

"yeah". He went back to his Cheerios & picked one up ran back to the wall &

held it up as if he was offering it to whatever he was looking at. The

laughing & saying "yeah" lasted around a 1/2 hour or so, I was really starting

to feel uneasy. Everyonce in a while he would bring his cup over to the wall &

hold it up & offer a drink. David continued this almost every night for about

a month & then it stopped.

The next year around the same time it started all over again. David would go

to the wall & offer it food & a drink, but this time whatever he saw was

moving around the room. I could tell by looking at his eyes he was watching

something move around the room & he would sometimes get up & follow it. I

would tell my husband about this & he said David had an imaginary friend. I

figured o.k. this could be true until my second son who was now 1-1/2 years

would sit with David & together they would follow with their eyes something

moving around the room. My mom told me to call a Psychic medium & I did, but

the night before he was suppose to come he called to cancel & said he would

call me - he never did.

David soon started to tell me he was scared because he saw someone in his

room late at night. I started to feel a little better now, because he could

now relate to me what he was seeing. He would tell me it was a tall man with

a beard, I think he called Frank. He would walk around the room & tell me

where "Frank" was, & this me a little uneasy to think there was a ghost in the


One night while the boys & I were watching T.V. the iscicle garland we had

hanging on the entertainment center fell. When it fell the boys quickly

turned to see what happened, then they both watched something quickly moved

across the room to the Christmas tree & behind me. When whatever they saw got

to the Christmas tree the tree started shaking!

One other instance I remember was during the day, the boys were in their

chairs watching a Barney video, while watching it they started moving around

in their chairs as if they were trying to look around someone standing in

front of them. All of a sudden David screams out "MOVE!!!" & that was the end

of their squirming in their chairs.

There were times when I would be sitting in my rocking chair & it would feel

like the chair bumped something & I would just ignore it. But on one day I

froze - the boys were in the kitchen & the chair back was toward the kitchen,

I told them to be careful when they came through not to hit the chair & I

continued to rock. All of a sudden the chair was hit hard enough that it made

me stop rocking, I turned aorund to yell at the boys & they were still in the

kitchen playing.

During the course of living there we found out that the guy who owned our

house also owned the house next door & one day while he was fixing that house

up he had a heart attack & died. No one found him for days until they started

to notice a smell.

So I figure the ghost the boys saw was the former owner of the house, but why

was he haunting our house?

The Image


I had one clear paranormal experience, which I will NEVER forget. I can

picture it like it happened yesterday.

I was 8 years old at the time. My aunt and uncle operated a very small

package store 20 miles out of town. My aunt, Vee, grew up in the local

vicinity and had spent most of her 50+ years here. Her mother, Hilda,

lived in a house by herself and was only a few houses away from where we

lived. Her daughter and my aunt, Vee and Vee's husband, Shorty, who was

my dad's brother, lived in a house next to us in-town and again only 2

houses from Hilda's. I had been in Hilda's house several times and knew

her as basically as my aunt's mom.

Anyway, the day I remember so well went like this. It took about 30

minutes to drive from town to this little store, which was only open

during the summer months. I remember very clearly as I was walking up

those steps to go into the store with my parents and brothers, I got a

very clear image of Hilda. She was lying on her bed fully clothed in

daytime clothes, appropriate for the time of day, and her long, gray

hair being loose. She was laying supine on top of the bedcovers.

What was so striking, was that this image came very quickly and clearly.

And I "knew" or "was told" she was dead. Except for some pets, I had

never been around death. I didn't even see her as sleeping. It came to

me clearly that she was dead and I questioned it to myself, that no that

cannot be. She can't be dead. The image stayed with me for about a

minute or two.

Pretty much exactly 30 minutes later, an elderly gentleman drove up to

the store and told my aunt Vee that her mother was dead. I WAS SHOCKED!

The gentleman was one I knew at the time and was a friend to both

families. As soon as he made that announcement, the image came back to

me. But I didn't tell anyone about the image then. I was afraid nobody

would believe that her image had come to me and that I was making it up

that I say the image. I felt then, as I do now, that I received her

image at the point of death or very shortly afterwards.

This was my only clear paranormal experience. I feel that since I did

not act on this one, that no more were to come to me. I kept this

experience a secret for many years before I finally told someone. And

even then, I got the strong feeling of disbelief.

The White Orbs


anyway I have never been more scared in my entire life than this goes.

My family was moving into this really weird house and i say it was weird

because it was odd.

from the front of the house there were steps that would normaly lead to

where a front door would be but the door was moved and the room that was

once the first room to wich you woould enter the house was turned into a

bedroom and the door sealed off but the steps remained. you could see in

the wall where the door had been walled over.The front door was moved to

the side of the house ,you would walk from the front of the house to the

side where there was an overhang that attached the houseto the garage so

you walked between the two to get to the front door.and then the back yard

wich also contained two other empty lots.and directly behind our house was

a smaller building like a storage or a studio,it had like a drafting table

built into the back wall and the building was just as wide as that draft

table and kinda long. when we first went to the house we looked around and

it was creepy, i never got that kind of feeling from a house and i was 18

at this time. In that long room was all kinds of grafitti and swasticas

(sp?) and satanic symbols.

We figured some kids had been using the place while it had been empty as a

hang out.

I had my own truck so Me and my youngest sister,12 at that time were going

to take one more load over and start putting things away and stay the night


we got there and it was almost dark and we unloaded the truck and started

unpacking and putting things in there place and we kept commenting on how

creepy we felt in that house like someone was watching us and we were very


we decided To call it a night around 1:00 a.m.

so we went to the living room and and pushed our couch together wich was

like a play pen sectional.

we turned out the lights and laid there I think we were both (without

telling the other to scared to close our eyes). after a short time we could

here noises in the hallway toward the front of the house. We were very quit

and then we Tami my sister asked me if i could hear something in the

hallway and i said yes she asked what it was and i said i didnt know. I

(we) were terrified and just laid there listening and then we heard a load

bang like someone had walked into the wall heater that is in the

hallway....O.K. that was it we were freaking out! but still we say anything

and we laid there to scared to move i thought that maybe some kids were

sneaking out of the attic thinking we were gone and that they could leave.

Then it sounded like whispering and dragging noises on the carpet that got

closer and closer like they were just on the other side of the couch! I

swear I thought someone was going to kill us just waiting for us to move.(I

being the chicken) told my Tami to go turn on the light and she said YOU


(we were whispering,barely)

we laid there a few more minutes and then we saw these balls of lights

coming from the same entrance of the living room to the rest of the house

they would shoot out and fade they were round and bright white.

We both saw these and then they stopped and i jumped off the couch and ran

to the light switch and flipped it on. nothing was in the room.we didnt

even think twice we were out of there and went to our house to that night

the next morning we told the rest of the family but they didnt believe us.

I never liked that house and i didnt stay there long I moved out on my own

shortly after but i never liked being alone there. and as far as i know

there were no other events.

this really happened and i had no idea what those lights were until 10 trs

later just a few months ago i was watching the show 'SIGHTINGS and they

were investigating haunted property and they had video taped these lights

that now i know are called orbs.

When I saw that show and the lights my scin was crawling and i had to pick

my chin up off my lap.

this is true. and i have a witness.

I hope i never have anything else happen again. I like to read about it i

dont like to live it.


My Best Friend's Ghost


This story isn't very scary but you might enjoy it anyway. This happened at my best friends house just about two years ago. I was spending the night with her at her dad's apartment one night during summer vacation. Her dog, Zero, had been acting really strange. He had been running up the stairs that led to her dad's room and coming back down whimpering. A few minutes later he would go back up there and he would growl at somthing and come back whimpering again. He did that for about forty five minutes and then he finally jumped on her bottom bunk and layed there growling for a few minutes. Finally, Jacey told him shut up and he fell alseep. We just shrugged it off and started watching t.v. again. at about 10:00 p.m. her dad went to work and left us two there by ourselves. There was one more thing that happened that night. We had had Jacey's cd player and were listening to one of her CDs when her radio just turned off. We didn't notice it because we were talking and everything but after a few minutes she looked at me and made this weird face and said, "My radio isn't on anymore." I looked up at the CD player and sure enough, the power was off and everything. That happened about two more times that night then we finally went to bed at 1:00 a.m. In the morning, I woke up before her and noticed that the radio wasn't on. We had fell asleep with the radio on because we both like to listen to music when we fall asleep. Anyway, I got up to turn it back on but the radio wasn't off. The volume was turned all the way down. I thought about it a little bit and then woke Jacey up. I told her and she found it kind of strange because no one was there to turn it down because her dad hadn't come home from work yet and the radio was up too high for the dog to reach so it couldn't of been him either. Well, we just ignored that too but it's not like it hadn't crossed our minds that it was a ghost. I had thought about that but never brought it up. For some reason, it was just too hard to believe because it had never happened to me before that. We tried to fall back alseep because it was way too early to get up but it was imposible. I decided to tell her about the really strange dream I had had. We were laying on her bottom bunk (Her top bunk was full of stuff because she was re-arranging her room and just put alot of the stuff on her top bunk) and I was in the middle of telling her my dream and I turned my head and looked at her wall just in time to see this orange stuffed elephant fly off the top bunk, hit the wall across the room, bounce off, and roll towards the bed. I just stared at it for a second and I wanted to shrug that off too but it hit me that that couldn't happen all by itself. Jacey's room is kind of small but somthing had to throw it so it would hit the wall (close to her ceiling) and bounce off like that. There was NO way it could've just fallen off. We just layed there for a second considering what just happened and then Jacey finally said, "did that stuffed animal just fly across the room?" I said, "Yup, it did." We layed there stunned for a few more minutes than we got up and checked the top bunk. There was nothing but stuff up there. We ignored it but it was the topic of our conversations for the rest of the day. After that, nothing happened for awhile but after school started up again, things started happening. He radio kept turning on and off during school. She would turn it off before she left and when she would come home from school, her dad would complain that she left he radio on and it woke him up (he slept during the day and worked at night). He told her that after she would leave he would fall asleep than the radio would be up on full blast and he would have to go down and turn it off. another strange thing that happened was, before she would go to school, she would make her bed and put her favorite stuffed animals (she has ALOT of stuffed animals but only a few favorites) on her bed a certain way and she would come home and her stuffed animals would be scattered around her room and her bed would be messing agian, like somone had slept in it and didn't bother to make it again. It couldn't have been her dog because she put him outside during the day. It wasn't her dad because he was sleeping. Those things kept happening for a few more monthes. One more thing that happened was about a year after the other things happened. Jacey and I were playing Mario Cart on Nintindo 64. We had the volume down on the t.v. because we wanted to listen to the radio (and there were no batteries in the remote so we couldn't turn up the t.v anyway because it was all the way down when the batteries ran out). Well, we were in the middle of Donkey Kong's course when the volume of the t.v. started turning up. We were suprised by it but just turned it down again and kept playing. After it kept happening, we decided to find out what was causing it. It couldn't have been somthing laying on her remote control because it was up on her shelf and there were no batteries in it. The volume on her t.v. doesn't work either. Well, that's all. I hope you enjoyed my story. I'll be sure to send it other things if anything happens. bye bye.

The Voice from the Window


One fall day my mom and dad were planting a

tree that they bought and started to plant it outside in the backyard. They dug the

hole and before they put the plant in the ground I spit in the hole and said "I'm not

scared of you devil!" Not thinking about what I had said I went in the house and

started playing with my toys. Well a couple hours later it was time for me to go bed

and I had left the light on. At that time I was sharing a room with my sister Shenita.

That night I could'nt sleep so I just layed in the bed. All of a sudden I had heard this

noise coming from the window saying "HELP ME, HELP ME!" At first I thought my

sister Shenita was doing it just to scare me but she was in her deep sleep as usual.

The words "HELP ME, HELP ME!" were getting louder and louder and still coming

from the window .I started to cry and I ran in my mother's room and slept with her. I

am now 20 years old and to this day I still believe that it's true. So just because a

parent tells you that you were just having a bad dream does'nt mean you are!!!!

Working the Graveyard Shift


I worked at a museum in Queens, NY as a security gaurd. My shift is from 9am to 5pm. The supperviser asked if I would work some nights if someone took off. I said "yes." The pay was more then days. So the first night I was 9/2/96. A gaurd couldn't come in. The shift started at 11pm, it went to 7:30am. It was a night to remember. I worked with another security gaurd, his name is Mose.   We each take turns checking out the floors ever 45 minutes. Well it took the first round it was 11:45pm. I went to the third floor to start the rounds the lights were out except for a couple of night lights. On the third floor ,they have the doll thats of the girl from theExorcist movie. There are a lot of old t.v. and movie cameras from the turn of the centary. I walked through the floor and check the rooms and hallways.   They were fine. I then went to the secord floor to start checking. I first checked the hallway it was o.k. Then I went in to the office area. The office area is in a"L" shape. I walked through the office area, as I got to the to the corner of this area, I heared a moan from a woman. It was low. The hair on my arms stood. I felth like if someone was there. Right in back of me . I walk through the office area. I finished my rounds very quickly. At 1:45 I had to do another round. I started on the third floor again.  I walked up the stair case to the first station. finished there and went to the next station. That station is right a cross from the freight elevator. There are two office that right next to the station. The doors of the office were off because there were painters in there that day painting and moving desk out of the rooms. As I stood by the station plugging in the eletric eye, I herd a women whisper. I tried to hear what was said but I got scared and when to finish the floor quickly as possilby. I got to the next station plugged in the eye.( You hear two beeps from the eye and that tells you that your finished there,) As I left the eye about eight to ten feet a way I herd two more beeps. All the stations on the third floor I herd the samething the two beeps after I left the station. As I walked through the floor I felth as if someone was wacthing me,also folling me. I did the secord floor next and I didn't do the office area .I went down stair to the lobby , in the cafe area in herd someone walking in back of me I turned to check. No one was there. I stated to walk back to the cafe to see if anyone was there, no one was . I ran back to the back desk. At 3:45 I had to do another round. I went through the floors very quickly. I didn't hear anything . As I got to the lobby I heard the walking sounds again. I check again, no one. went back to the back desk, and sat in the chair. The guy I was working with was sitting there and he asked me if I was o.k. I said yeh i'm find. I didn't know how he would react to what I herd so I didn't say anything. At the back desk, we talked about owe kids and things. As we talked  I herd from the hallway, a mans voice, it was very deep. I got up and walked to the hallway to see, no one there. I am very freaked out a this time, but didn't say anything to Mose 5:45 it was time for another round, I went through the floors very quickly, nothing.  Got to the lobby. I herd walking again. I walked through the cafe. The walking got louder and it sounded like it ran up to me. I swung around and put my hand up if I was in a fight. No one there, I got out of there. It stayed with me ( the foot steps) to I got back to the back desk.   6:45 Mose did his round. I sat at the back desk. I herd the mans voice in the hall. I herd foot steps and chairs being moved. I turned the camera to look at the cafe and nothing. I still herd the sounds.   Mose came back to the back desk after his round. He sat down and then the man voice from the hall started again, I asked if he herd that. He looked at me and said "yes I did" I then told him about all the things I herd through that night. He told me that he herd things that night and in the past. He also told me that there is another guard that will not do any rounds at night because of things she herd.  The noise continued in the hall as we talked about this. The other guards don't talk to much about it, because their have to work at these hours,also their afraid of lossing there jobs. Because if anyone would find out in the office their wouldn't unstand and fire them.   The noise stopped, and owe shift was over. We went home I did work again the graveyard shift ( I need the money) and I have more to tell.

The Sunken Bedroom


I have sent one other story about this house in before. The incidents took

place over a period of several years. We would hear footsteps, see shadows

out of the corner of our eyes, things would disappear ie:keys, jewelry, money

ect. only to turn up a few hours or days later or sometimes never again.

After the first few times we just chalked it up to our resident ghost. In the

meantime I had moved into the sunken bedroom, and my parents moved downstairs.

My Grandfather(dads side) had also passed away on my 12th birthday Oct.30

1976. Yes I was born 2 minutes before Halloween which I think helped increase

my interest in the supernatural. My Grandpa and I had never been really

close; he liked to tease me and make me cry. I remember once in his hospital

room, he had had a series of strokes and could barely move, he whispered my

name and when I walked over to the bed and leaned over him, he pretended to

die. I started sobbing and he opened his eyes and started laughing, he was

always doing stuff like that my whole life and his number one target was

always me. Whether or not this has any bearing on this story' I will let you


About 2 years before his death I started hearing something or someone trying

to get up the stairs. It sounded like stepping up three steps and falling

down two. I always heard this in October. My mother and I joked about the

ghost trying to get up the stairs. I always kept my bedroom door open since I

was the only one upstairs with a furnace vent and we wanted to heat the other

rooms too. It was always so warm in my room I would have to crack a window in

the dead of winter just to be comfortable. And like I said in my other story,

I also didn't have outlets in my room just dropcords. I had a swag lamp

hanging over my couch bed that sometimes would work and other times it

wouldn't, you just had to keep pulling the chain until it came on.

Well as I said something or someone was trying to get up the stairs. For

about 4 years (2 before and 2 after my grandpas death). Finally one night it

made it all the way up. October 18 1979. I remember the date clearly because

it was the day after my parents wedding anniversary and my dad had gotten my

mother a dozen red roses. Anyway I had been laying in bed listening to the

footsteps on the stairs. I had been listening to them for about a half an

hour up 3 ,fall down 2 when they stopped. I thought finally I could get some

sleep. I rolled over to face the doorway and there it was. There was really

no form or body about it just a shimmering bright light. It was about 3 feet

wide and 5 to 6 feet tall. It was white and yellow with some other colors

mixed in. It came into the bedroom and I remember trying desperately

to get the swag light on. My room was probably about 12 feet long. I could see

it walking toward me and hear it too. Although my room was carpeted it sounded

like it was walking on bare wood floors. Even with my other experiences I was

scared to death. I felt total hostility directed towards me. When it got

about half way across the room my light finally came on. Of course I couldn't

see it in the light, but I heard it move toward the window. My grandpa (mom's

side) had told me of his many experiences and told me if I ever got into a

scary situation to say" Old Tom Parker under your hat, bound in the name of

God The Father, God The Son, and The Holy Spirit. ( I know now, Thanks to The

Shadowlord, that this is a binding.) I said this as it moved toward the

window. It groaned an unearthy groan and then it wasn't there.I laid there for

a few moments trying to catch my breath, lower my heartrate and collect my

thoughts about what I had just seen. I decided to tell my parents. I got out

of bed, I was wearing my future husbands football jersey, it was purple and

came to the middle of my thighs (revelant to the story) Anyways I got

downstairs and turned on the hallway light which cast light into my parents

room. I walked to my mothers side of the bed making sure the light was not

behind me,I didn't want to scare them.I quietly called to my mom and she said

what is it? I told her our ghost had finally made it up the stairs. She sat

up opened her eyes and the next thing I knew I was lying across their bed and

my dad had his fist raised above my head and my mom was screaming. He didn't

hit me but later they both told me that what they saw was not their daughter

but an old jagged tooth women about 4 feet high. Hair as white as snow and

down to her hips, all ratty and snarled. With a long white dress or nightgown

on. My appearence changed as soon as they threw me on the bed.. I sat up and

explained what happened in my room . My dad had it in his head that it was

his dad (my grandpa). We went out in the living room while he went upstairs

to talk to it. That is when my mom and I noticed that the roses that she had

received the day before and had barely started to open, were black and

decaying. Meanwhile my dad got upstairs to my doorway when the door slammed in

his face. He pushed it open without any resistance and went into my room.

When I left my room my light was on and it was very warm in there, When my dad

went in the light was off and it was so cold he could see his breath. Remember

my room was the only one with a furnace vent and the furnace was kicked on.

My Dad felt alot of anger directed toward him when he entered. He swore at

whatever was in the room and told it to leave us alone, it had caused enough

trouble. When he came back down he said he wasn't sure if it was his dad or

not but whatever it was it was still in the room. So we packed up the other

two kids, our dog and left the house to go stay with my grandpa and grandma

(mom's side). We were gone a week, until a high ranking church official

and family member on my mothers side was able to get to the house and exorcize

and bless it. I won't mention the denomination out of respect for this

church. He wouldn't let us in the house while he did his work because he said

the spirit may have possessed me once that night and he didn't want it to

happen again. When he came out of the house he said he didn't have the power

to banish it but that it was now very weak. He also looked at me and said it

wasn't over for me, that spirits would be drawn to me for the rest of my


Little things like footsteps shadows and missing items would continue to

happen while I lived there. When I moved out my parents decided to put a deck

on the house. They found a corner of what looked like a tombstone buried in

the yard.

The house was torn down about 3 years ago and the rubble burnt. There has been

a 4 sale sign on the property for 3 years now, but most of the town has heard

rumors about the house and I don't think it will be sold too soon

I know all this sounds hard to believe but it really did happen to me and my

life was changed forever by it.

I welcome any questions about my experience.

College Street Haunting


I want to tell you about a haunting that I experienced when I was 13 years old. I lived in western Tennessee in a small town named Martin. My father and mother had just divorced and my mother, my brother, and myself moved into this old house near the main railroad tracks that went through the town. The house is located at 200 North College Street in Martin, TN. It is still there to this day and it is occupied by something that is not of this world. We experienced many strange happenings there while we lived there, but there is one that really stands out in my mind.  It was real late on night and it was summer time. It was right after the fourth of July. I remember that because the annual Fourth of July carnival had just left town. I was sitting up in my bed reading a comic book. I was reading an X-men comic. Those were my favorites. It must have been near midnight because my mother had already gone to bed and she usually would stay awake until 11 or 11:30. The house had been built in the late 1800's. It was an old house. Every window in the place was etched in with cement. Modern houses are not built that way. The house was two stories, but the top floor had been burned very badly in a fire. The top floor had never been restored so the only living place was the bottom floor and there was a very large basement as well. Periodically strange things would happen in the house and we were not the only ones that experienced them. Electrical appliances would work by themselves, noises could be heard upstairs, doors would lock or unlock themselves, and other more bizarre events had taken place. Neighbors had warned my mother that something evil resided there and the house had a bleak history. I was very young at the time so my mother protected me from being terrified and she never told me some of the local fables. On this particular summer's night I was reading my comic book and I decided it was time to retire. I put the book on my nightstand and turned off the light. I lay awake listening to the sounds of the night outside and that would usually put me to sleep. I had been lying there for maybe five minutes when I heard something down the hallway. I thought that it was my mother up shuffling about in the night. Maybe she had to go to the restroom or she was going to the kitchen for a midnight snack. I heard footsteps walking down the hallway that lead to my bedroom. Outside the entrance to my bedroom was also the door that lead down into the basement. Still, I thought that this was my mother. The footsteps grew closer and I decided to pretend that I was asleep. I did not want my mom knowing that I was still awake. I squinted, keeping my eyes barely open. It appeared that they were closed when actually I had limited vision. The foot of my bed faced the doorway that lead into the hall. The footsteps were very close now and I could faintly make out the figure of a woman walking toward my bedroom. She had a silken nightgown on and her hair was long, dark, and flowing. My mother's hair was quite blonde. Had my mother had company over for the night? My mind was trying hard to rationalize what my eyes were seeing. The room got very cold. She stood at the foot of my bed for what seemed like and eternity. She just stood there and stared at me. It was too dark for me to make out her facial features but I could feel her stare. Then, she turned around and walked back down the hallway. She went into the restroom outside of my mother's bedroom, turned on the light, and shut the door. She was in there for about thirty seconds or so. Then, she went into my mother's bedroom. I lay awake for at least another hour or so. I could not figure it out.The next morning at breakfast I asked my mother if she had any company stay over the night before. She looked puzzled. She told me that she certainly had not and wanted to know why I would ask. I told her that I must have just had some strange dream. I knew that it was no dream. Time passed and I slowly forgot about that incident. Many years later I was staying up late with my mother and a few friends having drinks and conversation. I was home on leave from my duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. My mother begins to tell us of the house on College Street that was occupied by evil spirits. She had never told me about the things that she had experienced there. She told us quite a few chilling things about the place that I had never heard before. I was shocked. She asked me if I had ever experienced anything strange there. After a few moments of deep thought I recalled that strange woman that walked into my room. Immediately my mother asked, " Did she have long dark hair and a night gown on? "The hairs stood up on the nape of my neck. I asked her how she knew. She told me that she had seen her too. So had and a few other people that had been there. The house is still there to this day. My grandmother owns it. She rents it out to college students. I cannot help but wonder what other people have experienced there. There is one thing that is important that I need to mention. Whatever is in that house is not good. One cannot help but get this oippresive felling while in the house. Everyone that I am aware of that has lived there has had real bad luck. My brother almost died in that house from Pneumatic Bronchitus. The spirit (or spirits) that occpies that place is (are) nasty. So, if you plan to go and visit that place please be careful. Whatever is there has put bruises and scars on my mother. My brother was deathly ill and as soon was we moved from that place he miraculously recovered instantly. There are other things that happened that are too numerous to mention. There are good spirits and there are bad ones. That house has something dark and sinister in it. I swear it.

Living Dead


I call my story the living dead because when

someone is still living but is on the verge of dying it attracts spiritual

phenomenon. My brother, stephen, had cancer and had been fighting it for a

while but was losing to the disease. My parents kept him home when he was

very ill and kept him downstairs so they could easily take him back and forth to

the hospital. At that time he started talking into thin air like he was

actually seeing someone, he told them to go away because he wasn't ready to go

with them. My parents thought it was the medication causing him to hallucinate,

but at the same time we all noticed different things happening in the house,

such as doors opening and closing all be themselves. I was 7 or 8 years

old at the time and I remember the door that led from the kitchen to the dining

area shut before my face, and the doornob was moving back and forth very

rapidly. I tried to grab it and stop it, but it was so strong my wrists

just moved back and forth. I even tried to run around from the dining room

through the living room to go to the kitchen from an other area to find the door

stayed shut and the doornob was still moving so I knew for sure there was nobody

really there. My mom said her door kept opening up after she would close

it so finally getting fed up, she yelled make up your mind, either come in

or stay out! and at that moment the door slammed shut by itself. At

other times when my parents had taken my brother to the hospital and I would be

at home alone waiting for them I would always hear someone calling my name from

within the house of course I would be scared and would wait by the front door

until they would come back. My brother continued talking to something and

would always ask us if we could see them but we never saw anything. He

finally passed away in 1972 but the noises continue to this day. They

don't occur as frequently as they did back then but every now and then my other

family members and friends will hear footsteps running down the stairs, their

name being called and doors opening and closing by themselves, and other

experiences that I will submit at a later date.

My Aunt's House


I have experienced something unusual at my aunts house. I stayed with my aunt one summer and I slept in her living room. At night I could see down her hallway and I could see a shadow of a person going down the hall and there would be no one there. Recently, my aunt told me that after watching television late her family was getting up to go to bed and her husband seen a man go into their daughter's room so he ran down to see who it was when he got to the room the man he saw vanished. She said that they where scarred but that they have gotten used to it.

Ghost in Leominster


My story happened about when i was in sixth grade so i was like 13 years

old. I moved back with my mother who moved into a apartment on the first

floor. The house is very old and neighbors told me that along time ago maybe

in the early 1900's the house was a bed and breakfast type thing. I noticed

things that showed it was very old in the basement. I found a huge old sink

and a huge coal burner in the basement. and staircase that just ends halfway

up to the first floor.

Well the real story took place in my room which was fairly small about

10x10ft square'ish room. and there was this weird big mirror on one wall

that was like glued to the wall. Well one night i went to bed about 9ish and

i had school the next day.

During the night sometime i woke up sweating but very cold. I swear i heard

voices coming from the opposite side of the mirror wall in the upper corner

of the room. The voices were both men and women. They were loud then went to

a whisper and they were calling me and then asking me what i want. I was

freaking out then and pulled the covers over my face and was telling myself

its just a dream. Then all of a sudden the voices stopped and a mans voice

seemed right on top of me and yelled "What do you want !" I screamed and ran

out of the room and went into the bathroom and puked. woke my mother and

could not sleep the rest of the night. I went with her into the room after

she forced me to and the voices were not there but i would not sleep in

there again. I moved into another room and made her take that room. For the

next couple weeks i was sick and stayed home from school many days. I never

heard the voices again ever, but other times I would have weird experiences.

My mother built a wall so we could extend the porch into the house as a

room. They way it was designed was you had to walk around this wall and go

threw a doorway and then you could either go upstairs to the second floor

apartment or take a left and there was another doorway to our apartment.

Well one night alone with my cat i was up late watching tv out in that room

which i moved into, I remember falling asleep with the tv on and all of a

sudden the tv went off and my cat jumped off the bed and i thought ran out

of the room, but the tv flicked back on and i could see the cat in the

corner next to the main doorway to outside purring and acting like it was

rubbing on to someone's leg as cats do alot of. I was so tired it didnt even

faze me at all. I just fell asleep. I never really told my mother about the

tv but i told my bestfriend Jesse about it.

When i got older me and jesse were getting into the ouija board thing and

into all kinds of witchcraft stuff. We even made our own ouija boards out of

wood and would play with them. But i never knew how to use one right. One

night after we finished my board we were in the basement at the time with

the tools.I remember talking to him about learning how to use the boards and

right then the lights went out in the basement and i heard the wood rattling

against metal. It was loud and scary. We both yelled at my sister to come to

the stairs and help us but she didnt hear us. The lights came on quickly and

we ran upstairs. I thought that my sister was playing a joke on us but she

was sleeping in the living room watching tv. We both asked if we saw the

same thing and we did. That still scares me to this day. Well i moved out

of that house to live with my dad in florida and my mother stayed there for

one year and finished the designing of the front room. I never thought about

any of this until i read some of these stories. To me i do not believe any

of this until it happens to me. But in my case i think i just dont want to

believe it.

The Storage Space


I haven't had any experiences with ghosts myself, but my mother has told

me true stories about her and her family, that gave me nightmares. She

used to live in Detroit on a street named Savahana. She would tell me

about all the weird things that would happen there. Her father was

dieing of lung cancer, and my moms brother kenny used to sleep in his

room. Every morning at 5:00, he could here a woman screaming. Other

siblings also heard the scream. My mother slept in the attic with her

sister. One half of the attic was turned into a bedroom, the other half

storage for Christmas stuff etc. On one occasion, my mother and her

sister had thier cousin over. My aunt was looking in a mirror that was

leaning on the table and against the wall. When my mom called her, she

looked around the mirror, and the mirror flew off the table. The way it

was siiting, it could have only slid off. Another occasion was when my

mom was 13, she was up in the attic sitting on her bed. (The bed was

directly in front of the door that lead to the storage space.) She was

up there smoking, when she saw 3 orange tappered fingers appaer around

the door. Note the door had a lock on it. Then the ghost face appeared

and there were black holes were the eyes and nose should be. No mouth.

My mother ran down the stairs so fast, she doesn't remember touching a

one. When they finally moved out of the house, years later, she

discovered that the house had been burnt down. When she asked neighbors

how, they did not know, but the fire had started in the storage part of

the attic where the ghost was seen.

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