Haunted by a Friend

by DOWELL 1 B@aol.com

Unlucky in love, my first love and I had too much respect for one another to stay together as young teens, so we went our separate ways, always expecting to reunite once we had sown our oats.

My first marriage was a disaster, he went completely madd after 9 days of marriage to me, I know things (ESP) and don't have control over it, so I would say things like, answer the phone before it would ring, or fix the record, before it would stick and skip... anyway, on to #2, he was a bit of a dope head, always trying out new chemicals, so I dropped him like a disposeable lighter. Then #3 was a pot head, never could be straight, and I was working 96 hrs.? HUH? forget #3... on to #4, an alcoholic and wife beater! UGH! I went from bad to worse, so I gave it all up! I had visited my first love in 1978, and I got pregnant. Oh boy, how do you explain that! Well, I didn't, I didn't tell him. Six months after our son was born, I decided to write to him. I was in Missouri(Misery), and he was in Florida. We were both from Ohio. I finally had the perfect letter explaining how he didn't have to be a part of our lives if he didn't want to be, that I was Okay and capeable of handeling the situation without help, so no needs there. I was ready to mail this huge manilla envelope to him, it was in the mail box and 11:00PM. By midnight, my phone rang. It was my sister in Texas! She said Sit down, I have bad news. Are you sitting? I said yes even tho I wasn't. She said My first love (and father of my son) had died in an accident. She said he was electricuted while loading a sailboat in the Keys in a no loading zone. I couldn't and didn't want to believe what she was saying. I said, Okay, I've got to go now, and I hung up. I raised my son alone, and finally my folks talked me into moving to Florida when my son was in second grade.

I bought a mobile home, and figuring I'd be there the rest of my life, I had a built in pool added. My aunt came down from Ohio, in need of Heart Surgery, so she stayed with me helping with my son, and enjoying the Florida atmosphere. She had arrangements for heart surgery planned for later on.

We were watching TV one afternoon, and she and I heard a man's voice say "Where's Sam?". I looked at he and said, wow, did you hear that? She said Yes. I looked out the window and said, I wonder where he is? He was grounded and supposed to be in the yard. There he was, across the street! I yelled at him and told him to get back in the yard or to come in. He did.

About 2 days passed and my aunt kept saying, did you hear that? Did you feel that? and so on. I noticed a chill in the air, and could hear foot steps comming up the hallway, and just as they were next to the water dispenser, bubbles gulped their way to the top of the 5 gallon jug! I looked at my aunt and jokingly (since she has a bad heart, right?) said, Oh, it's just the ghost. He must have been thirsty. She kept saying she smelled motor oil or fuel or something. I never smelled that, but I did hear the footsteps often!

On the way in from the grocery store, I was holding a gallon of milk with my keys in hand, and I noticed a man walking down the hallway. He wasn't much bigger than me, so I turned and told my aunt and son to stay there! I charged in, ready to put this guy on another planet, but there was no one there. I checked every closet, every cabinet, I was furious, until I realized, it was the ghost!

About a week later, my aunt and I were going to go swimming. I Jokingly said out loud, Do you think the ghost would like to go swimming? My aunt looked at me, and I at her, and we both again heard his voice, "You wouldn't catch me in a pair of shorts!" I laughed in histerics! We looked all around, there were no men, there wasn't anyone! It was the ghost!

He stayed here quite some time, moving things as if he could read my mind, he knew what I would be looking for next. Then I went to Ohio.

I decided to marry a guy in Ohio and we were going to move back to Florida, into my place. While we were there, at his place, the lights started comming on by themselves, and windows would open and close, and the stove would come on, and go off, and the light would too, so we began saying it was "George". My son cam up to stay for awhile, so I was able to show him places his natural father had taken me when we dated, and he also encountered the ghost. My son came from the stairwell and asked who that guy was. We said "George" and laughed as my new husband cautiously checked it out. No one was there. It was only a few times that my son saw this man in the house, and then my son flew out to Missouri to visit his stepdad for the summer. The ghost remained for about a week, long enough to scare the dog sitter away! He was frightened beyond belief! I really am sorry he was so frightened, but I didn't find these things scarry at all. I thought they were so interresting!

We came home to my home in Florida, and I've not noticed the ghost. Sometimes I think he might still be here, because things happen, but if he is, he's keeping a low profile. My son is back home now, and 19 years old. He looks so much like his Dad, and only 5'8" too.

Well folks, thats my ghost story, and it's everybit true, and I'm sorry it wasn't more frightening, but hey, he's a nice ghost!

Thank You!

Hand on Shoulder

by LEME0W@aol.com

I moved into my husbands grandmothers house on Greensville Ave. back in the 70's...I was 15 years old at the time and waiting for my husband and brother to return to the house with furniture and our belongings..I was sitting at a table in front of a oil heater looking out the window, when I felt this pressure on my right shoulder....it felt like someones hand. To this day 09/30/98...I belive it was my husbands Grand-Mother telling me to get out of that house....Our marriage was a disaster, and my husband was very abusive...I can honestly say I belive that hand on my shoulder was warning me and trying to help me. I wish I would have payed attention to the warning. I alwaays felt there were somekind of presence there in a back bedroom of the house. And belive me.......I never looked at that oil heater the same way again......Scarry but true.

The Old Woman

by gac666@hotmail.com

I have had a haunting.When i was 4 years old my brother had told me

about how last night he had seen a ghost.He told me that he had got up

to got to the bathroom and on his way back to his room he saw someone

sitting in the recliner,thinking it was my dad he walked over to it to

see if it was him as he got closer he realized that it wasn't my dad,and

that it was an old woman.He told me that he wasnt scared at all and just

went back to sleep,but i think that he was really scared.So of course i

didnt believe him and just thought that he was trying to scare me.That

night i went to bed and i woke upsometime very late into the night when

everyone but me was asleep.My room is straight across from my parents

room and there is a very small hall separating our rooms.In that hall i

saw an old woman staring at me.She was wear ing a long dress and she

had her hair put up into a bunn. I was very frightened and just hid

under the covers until i fell asleep.I would see her every night and

then after a while i got up enough guts to yell for my mom.My mom would

come to me and walk right through the woman.I soon then started school

and i told a friend of mine that was 2 years older than me about the

ghost i would see every night.She told me to try and talk to it.So then

that night,sense i was desparate to do anything that would help to get

this ghost to stop bothering me,i asked the woman,"why are you staring

at me,why wont you leave me alone??"The woman didnt reply or say

anything at all.The next night she was still there and i decided to ask

her what her name was,but she still did not answer me.I began to get

used to waking up every night and seeing her.I was 8 and still seeing

her,but then one day a group of old women came and one of the women said

that she used to live there with her aunt.I soon then figured that the

woman watching me every night, was the old womans, that had come to my

house, aunt.That night i didnt see the woman staring at me.I am 13 now

and havent seen the lady sense then,and i have also moved out of the

room i was in, but about 3 years ago the old woman that used to live

there came back with her daughter and some other old woman and i decided

to tell her about the old woman that would stare at me every night.I

described the old woman to her and she told me that her granny had also

lived there with her and she always wore her hair up in a bunn.I think

that the old woman was just watching over me while she waited for her

grandaughter to return.

Two Haunted Houses

by Pumaluma@webtv.net

I'm a forty-four year old women and I have two younger brothers. We

moved around a lot when I was growing up, all over the U.S. , but I

have lived mostly here in WV. The first haunted house we lived in was

when I was in the third grade, an old farmhouse. This house had two

bedrooms upstairs and an old pump organ at the head of the stairs, and a

trunk full of old papers dating back to the middle eighteen hundreds.

In the closet of the room I chose there was lovely old satin gowns,

from I would guess ,the early thirties. I found I could not sleep in

that bedroom for some reason. I moved to a downstairs bedroom with my

Grandmother who lived with us. Well my oldest brother starting

having disturbing dreams and he said there was an old man and woman who

sat on the foot of his bed and when he would reach out to them they

would jump back and laugh at him. He said this part was not a dream,

but the dreams he had were of a young boy and girl playing cowboys and

indians in the house, but that the boy had a real gun and shot the girl

and she fell out the window and when she did she become hung on a rope

she was playing with. One night my Grandmother had walked outside and

happened to look into the upstairs window, there she saw an old man and

women in the window that looked like a life sized portrait. She called

my parents to come out and see it but they would not let us kids see it.

My mother never told me what they saw out there that night till long

after we had moved from there. We lived in that house about seven

months. We moved out of state after that and lived in several different

places. Then the summer I was starting the eight grade we moved into

another old farmhouse about five miles from the other one. No five

miles doesn't seem that far a distance now, but it did back then on the

old gravel roads and all. Well this house also had two stories and and

old pump organ and an old trunk, though no papers in this one. We had

lived so many places that we never really thought much about the other

place, as we had lived in several different places in the same area.

The first night we spent in this place we noticed balls of light that

moved around the windows. My boyfriend at the time, and now my husband

of twenty-seven years, had helped us move and it was late when we

finished so he was spending the night on the couch, so when I, young

woman of 14 became scared and could not sleep in my room my parents

were happy to let me sleep on the foot of their bed, protect me from the

young virile boyfriend ha ha. Well time goes by and many strange

things happened there but here's the strangest... My brother, the one

who had the dreams and I didn't at the time pay much attention to each

other, except when we were fighting for the phone as teenagers will do.

One day I came home from school and my brother was sitting on the couch

and yes I noticed him alright, he was white as a ghost and kind of green

around the eyes. I said, "Jim, what is wrong?" He had been doing

some work for a nieghbor woman and her mother was there. He had been

talking to the older woman while there and had mentioned having lived in

this other house. The women told him she had known the people who lived

there and they had also moved later on to the house we lived in there

also. Then she told him a sad story about a tragedy that had happened

to their little girl. Yes exactly as he had dreamed. And no we had

never heard the story and never heard of this thing that happened in the

thirties or so, why would we, this was in 1969 or so by then! My

family lived in this house longer than any house we had lived in before

and I got married and left there about a year and a half before they

moved and my Mom told me that before they moved the sounds there had

gotten so bad they had to move. It sounded like chains dragging around

the house all the time. This is just a small part of the strange

things that happened there. Before my husband and I bought this house

we live in now, I came in here by myself and went to the darkest part of

it I could find and took a nap in here by myself before I made the final

decision to buy, you know what I mean? This last haunted house I've

told you about is still standing and I would love to visit it in hopes

of putting my memories to rest. The other one was tore down several

years ago and when a house was rebuilt on the same site they for some

reason moved it over to another spot on the property. Do we wonder

why? Thank-You for your interest.

The Spirit of Sturgeon Creek

by gueris@icdc.com

Okay, my brother wrote you a long time ago telling you of a few

haunted places, so when he told me of this site I thought it was a good

idea to write you and tell you of my Ghostly encounter. The details may

be choppy, and the first half of the story is a bit sketchy, but here it


We frequently attend a campground in Spottsylvania County, VA called

Rocky Branch Family Campground. We have been going here for about 7

years, and one thing we like to do at nights is wander around the woods.

This was always thought to be a tad dangerous, and for those who don't

know the trails back there it is not a good idea. One day, we walked

(during the day) farther back then ever before and found a cow farm. We

memorized the way and decided it to be fun to head back there in the

middle of the night and tip cows (a stupid idea).

With that we head that way in the middle of the night, not expecting

to meet what we were about to. When we (me and a friend) headed deep

into the woods and almost near the farm we heard something treading

through the lakes below (there is a hill that leads down to the lake, if

you are heading towards the farm it will be on your right). Up the hill

walked the most sickly looking dog I have ever seen, with another dog

not far behind. It was black with eyes that had a slight red glow to

them, but nothing that was too ghostly. I was more worried at the threat

of wild dog attacks, as many people have been killed by them as you may

know. But, when it reached about three feet from us it turned around and

head back towards the lake, making no noise and seeming to vanish as it

neared the muddy lake below. We were scared as hell, and thought it wise

to head back before something else spooky happened. Walking back towards

the campground on the trail that we took in we heard a loud howling that

seemed to be about 100 yards away. There are no wolves in this area, at

least not that I am aware of.

That was not the end of the fright by any means. We were a good

distance away from the sight of the first encounter and reached a point

in which the trail widened and looked upward on a hill. My flashlight

hit a set of legs, and I saw something pretty scary (to be honest with

you, I was more satisfied to see this then an angry hillbilly with a

twelve gauge). It looked to be a man about 30 years old, with a saber at

his side. He had no shoes and was wearing what looked to be a Union

uniform form the civil war. His skin was icy blue and gave off a slight

glow, definitely a ghost. It walked into the woods without looking at

us, bringing a chilly wind as it walked into the dense forest. Then it

vanished. I thought it kinda sad actually, after I realized that I was

out of danger back at my camper. They used to take the boots off dead

soldier's back during the Civil war, which would explain the barefoot.

Since the ghost did not seem malicious at all, I felt a little bad,

coming up with a theory that it was probably a soldier killed in the war

forced to roam the area.

How the dogs and this fit in together I have no idea. I am not sure

that the dogs were even ghosts, but I like to think they were. As for

the civil war like ghost I call it the Spirit of Sturgeon Creek due to

the name of the creek it was near. I have tried to go back and get

another look at it (with more people) but have not seen it again.

My Beloved Grandmother

by wydupree@acninc.net

After reading some of the stories on the web page I felt compelled to share some of my experiences. You may believe me or not, you may understand me or not. Either way these events are true. I had always been close to my grandmother for as long as I could remember. Her birthday was October 16, 1907. I had celebrated her 87th birthday with her my daughter and a young cousin in 1994. I had no idea that that would be my last time seeing her alive. She died November18,1994. I was away in college and had planned on seeing her when I returned home. I was there just one week prior to her death but opted to allow my aunt to spend time with her since she was visiting from Chicago and I could see her the next weekend. The night she died I was out with some friends instead of driving home for Thanksgiving break. I was devastated at the news and it was very difficult for me to accept. I felt guilty for not seeing her when I had the chance. I carried this guilt with me for 2 months. January of 1995 I had a "dream " in this dream I had been receiving prank calls from the nursing home where she resided prior to her death. My father went to the home to investigate the calls, after he left, my mom came and sat beside me and told me that she knew someone would experience some things but she didn't know who until now and it was me. I laughed at the thought and walked outside only to see a tall figure walking toward my grandmother's house. I ran out to the figure to question its reason for being on our property. When the figure turned to face me I realized it was my grandmother. It was at that time that I began to apologize for not coming to visit her and telling her how bad I felt and she told me that it was all right she knew that I loved her and reminded me of the time we spent together on her birthday. She told me that she was all right and not to worry and that she loved me too. Then she walked away. My grandmother had not walked in over 50 years she was confined to a wheelchair for all my life. There had been other experiences with her since then. It seems she comes to me whenever I am going through troubled times or have anxieties. One night I was awakened to an empty room by a gentle stroke on my cheek in my new home. Several of my friends had admitted to me later after moving out of my home that they had seen various shadows roaming throughout the house. I had cleaned my kitchen late one night and gone to bed so I know for a fact the kitchen and the counter tops were clean and clear. Several hours later I was awakened by a noise in the kitchen but ignored it. A few hour later when I got up I found my cabinets ajar with several canned items on the counter top along with various spices. My first reaction was to ask my daughter if she had done this. But I knew better because she was to short to reach these cabinets or the items that were removed. My last encounter with a strange occurrence was October 1997 just after I had quit a job rather abruptly. Realizing what I had done I needed some one to talk to, but despite the situation, I felt rather humiliated at the fact that I was jobless. I then went to my grandmother's grave site and began to tell her my woes. I felt a strong presence around me and on a still and peaceful day a gust of wind came up from no where and began to dry my tears and in the mist of the wind I heard a voice say to me loud and clear " Stop crying , you know what to do". Advice that I had received throughout my childhood years from my beloved grandmother! My life has been rather uneventful since then but I know that she is near me watching me kind of like my own guardian angel protecting me. So I ask you, am I crazy or are there others out there who have experienced similar situations? Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to share, I guess you can imagine the looks I get when I try to tell people of my occurrences.

My Grandmother's Message

by seagraves79@hotmail.com

well it was in 1994 when my grand mother died of a heart attack in Bear

Lake, min. apparently, while eating dinner with her sister, in the house that she

grew up in. well to get to the good part, it was about noon maybe later in the house and while

my family was in the living room i decided to get a snack from the kitchen. this being an

old farm house, the stairway leading to the basement was just off the kitchen. while i was

looking for something to eat i heard sounds from the basement. it sounded like heavy foot

steps of a man and two little girls giggling. i was a little unnerved so i went back to the

living room (without my food).  later on that day at my grandmothers burial plot i again heard two

little girls giggling so much so that i actually expected them to through snow balls at us from behind

the family grave stone i actually walked behind it and looked but nothing was to be

found. after a couple months i asked my parents if they had heard the same thing and they said

no , but to this day i would swear on my life that my grandmother was communicating with me

from beyond the grave , telling me the same things that she always did during life.

"jennifer don't be sad when i die that is selfish im going to a better place"

An Old Lady

by bernardtkc@hotmail.com

I dont really believed in paranormal or ghostly activities.But,one

incident changed my point of view.

My parents were out one day and were not coming back because they

had certain things to deal with.So,I decided to stay overnight at my

friend's house.I went to his house around 11 in the night.At first,I had

a great time there.We were sharing all kinds of jokes but everything

changed when we heard a noise.This noise was kinda strange. It sounds

like something is banging on the door of the room we were in.I am sure

it wasn't his parents or his family members because there were only both

of us in the house.

The noise becoming louder and louder.We were scared.But,i did brave

myself to open the door and see what's the noise all about.Both my

friend and I went near the door,suddenly,we heard a laughter.The

laughter sent shivers to my spine.It was the laughter of a lady,i

guess.We quickly ran straight to bed and cover ourselves with pillows.

We tried to sleep but it didn't work.We were really,really scared.

The noise didn't stop untill 2 in the morning.I said some prayers.Then

we manages to calm down and get some sleep.In the morning,my friend told

me that the noise might be the noise of an old woman who was murdered in

this house a few years ago.She might be the spirit who wandered around

and looking for victims.

This story is true.Believe me.

Stories from Guyana

by guyanesekillah@hempseed.com

My grandparents form my father's side in Guyana, South America, (who are

now deceased), were newlyweds and their were living in with their family

they soon found out that their werent getting along, so they decided to

rent a little house in a village right next to a little cemetery, somewhere

along the edge along the woods, while they were settling in their new home.

My Grandmother soon found out that the place is not normal, pots started to

bang all night by themselves, all sorts of banging noises, when she told

her husband he didn't believe her story because he is a good sleeper, he

had never heard the noises in the beginning, he thought she missed her

family's home because she just got married, he thought their were little

excuses to go back to family's home but after a while the strange

experiences were happening more thats when he found out because he

experienced it his self, while they were in bed they had restless (due to

the bad dreams) nights they couldn't sleep at all, daytime seems to be

normal an after investigating and telling people about their situation they

started to find out that who was living their previously before they came ,

he is voodoo doctor and that presence was the reason of all these

occurrences. This other story is not really a ghost story - This story is

from my mother's side her grandmother had a son who drowned and died (this

story also took place in guyana) and one night she had a dream that her son

had a jar of money saved up and he told her in the dream the instructions

how to get it, and the next day my greatgrandmother found the money. The

next story is one that happened to my uncle, he was sleeping in his bed at

night and then he felt something coming up his arm he thought it was his

little daughter and then the thing started to choke him and then after he

struggled , there was no one there.

All of these story's took place in the country side of Guyana, South

America, and they happened before i was born (im only 17), and i was

actually born in Guyana, but i moved to queens ny in 1990, there is one

thing im scared of so much the nightime in the Guyana countryside its so

dark and scary, all of these stories are true i didnt make them up, i heard

them from family members.

Spirit Guide

by Myrrh1969@aol.com

my name is Jade and i have seen apparitions several times. When I was 9, I saw my first spirit and it was my grandfather. I was living in the house that he built in 1953 and subsequently died in on my first birhtday in 1970.

My family had moved to the house in 1975 and we had added onto the main house, as we also lived with my grandmother.

My grandfather had put his blood into this house and before it was done he had fallen off the roof and broken his back. He was told that he would never walk again but he walked with a cane. When i saw him, he was able bodied and walking down the hallway with me. He stated that he was here to watch over my mother. I was not afraid nor was I scared. He was as real as I, and I remember this feeling of calmness sweeping over me. I was not frightened. I have, as i have gotten older and have been studying wicca (celtic / druid magic) have also had other experiences in that realm.

One of those experiences has led me to my true soulmate, who is not of the physical realm but of the astral.

He came to me in 1989 and told me that we could not be together on this plane but he walks with me through all of my days. When i meditate and go to the astral, he is there and he helps me in my dealings with the gods and goddesses. He helps me see my true self, which i had lost. That is why he came to me. I can feel him and sense him when I am in a "situation". He has protected me from harm but sometimes he has to let me feel the pain of life in order to become a better preistess.

My grandmother died in 1989 and I have also felt her presence.

I was involved in a horrible car accident in 1994 and after the initial hit of the other vehicle, her cologne filled the air in the car and I felt her presence there with me.

I am not afraid of these apparitions, I invite them to teach me and to learn from them. I only have one experience that brought me face to face with something that I can only call evil, that was brought about by people that I knew only in passing. These people lived with a friend of mine and they were entranced by the ouija board. This is where this spirit came from. I was actually physically burned when I touched the goblet with my hand that was face down on the board.

I tell people to NEVER use the ouija as you never know what may come to you. I used my powers of psychic shield to protect me and keep me from being tormented by this particular spirit . I have never had another "bad" experience and keep away from people and things that give me a bad "vibe". I am a sensate and actually can feel the chaos in people. BUT those are some of my stories. I am glad that I could divulge them here, in this arena. The goddess walks with us all.

Beaver Creek State Park

by RealUglyGr@aol.com

Reading your stories does help, me at least understand & know that there are other people out there that will believe you. Thank you.

My story statrs when I was about 14. To my knowlwdge there is no history of paranormal or ESP or any such thing in our family. I live about 10 minutes from Beaver Creek State Park in Ohio. I know it is listen in several places in your haunted index. I hadnt been there in years when a group of us went down there one night. While driving down there a friends was talking, I dont remember about when. I remeber laughing at it & I turned to look at him, he was in the passanger seat & I was in the middle of the truck bed, I saw a face. Horrifing mans face scrunched up & glareing at me. He had long balck hair & a long face & his face was almost greenish I dont know if from the window or what. The rage that was radiating off of him was terrifing I gasped & grabbed hold of my friends arm & he followed my gaze as the face dissapeared. was over 10 years ago & I'll never forget it.

Since then I see things everywhere. Once while driving with another frind down a back road. There were no houses around. We came to a place in the road where the sewer pipe wasnt burried deep under the road & we had to come to a complete stop before going over it. Like a huge speed bump. I looked out the window, I was in the passenger side, to an open field. It was sept or Nov & the corn was down. I could see a treeline behind the field. When a light appeared & as it got closer I could see it was a train. I could even see the number of the train. Strangly I didnt panic. Reason got the best of me. I could see the treeline thru it but it was comming right us. I could see the steam or smoke coming out the top. As it got closer I could see the driver & the first car went right thru us, as it went thru us I turned my head forward again & could see the passengers. I couldnt hear them but they were talking, men smoking a woman in a dress, an old dress with the net thing on the butt & her hair all done up under her hat.

Then is was gone, it happened in a matter of seconds as my friend drove slowly over the bump. Months later I told my sister about it & we went to the library & looked thru old historical newspaper they had & found a train matching that number that was on its way to New York & derailed in Michigan. Killing almost everyone on the train.

Now I see people, animals & shadows all the time. Driving I see car accidents, people walking, dogs, deer, cats. Everywhere I see them, I hear voices call my name or whispering in my ear & they touch me, the hair on my neck & arms stands up & I wirl around & there is nothing. We are the only ones to ever live in our house. We build it & moved in when I was 3. I see people walking around in it. I see our cat that we had to put to sleep. I hear her run up the stairs & that sound cats make when they run up stairs, she sits in doorways & meows at me but I try to pet her & she dissappears. I feel her jump on my bed & lay down. We have had other cats die but I dont see them.

It makes me crazy somtimes the constant feeling that someone is watching me. I wish I could turn it off but sometimes I wish I could strength it & be able to do something with it.

Haunted House

by Babyy_Girlll@webtv.net

I used to live in a haunted house. I moved into this house with my

boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. As soon as we moved in,

all the people in the neighborhood started saying that it was haunted

and no one ever stayed in that house for long. We ignored them. And

for about a month, there was no incidents. Then the first thing to

manifest was a very disgusting odor in the kitchen. It smelled like

something had died. We cleaned that kitchen spottless several times and

used air freshener. But nothing would take the scent away and it was

only in the kitchen. Next, we heard children running up and down the

stairs in the wee hours of the morning. We could hear them laughing

and playing all night long. My roommate had 2 cats and they would

follow nothing with there eyes all the time,and they refused to go into

the playroom upstairs. I had a 6 month old baby at the time and

whenever I took her into that room to play she would follow nothing with

her eyes or cry unconsolebly until I removed her from that room. And you

could feel cold spots in that room. Sometimes the hair on the back of

your neck would stand on end just by walking into that room. We also

had two different ghost apparitions walking the house. One was quite

mean and the other was very nice. Once, I left my baby on my bed and

went to the bathroom. As soon as I reached the bathroom, I heard her

crying like she was in pain. I went back to my room and saw the

apparition of a man in dark jeans and a bluish sweatshirt with a hood

standing over my baby. I was scared and I went over to pick up my child

and the man disappeared. I tried to pick her up and to my surprise, I

couldn't. Then I saw a hand print on her shoulder and one on her

stomach like someone was holding her down. I kept struggling to pick

her up and then another male apparition appeared in the doorway. He had

on old dirty cover-all and black combat boots. He started toward the

bed and suddenly I literally jerked my baby off the bed. then both

ghosts disappeared! I ran out of that house and straight to my mothers

home 2 1/2 blocks away in just my tee-shirt and underware and refused to

go back until my boyfriend got home from work. I told my roommate

about it and she thought I was just seeing things even though she had

heard and experienced everything that I had. Well, one night she was

getting ready to go out to a club with her friend. She was in bathroom

with her friend and they saw a man in dirt cover-alls and black combat

boots walk by the bathroom and down the stairs. He even said hello. So

they naturally thought I had returned home with a friend. They didn't

hear the front door and it was very noisy. It creaked all the time. So

there was no way anyone could open it without being heard. So they went

downstairs to be introduced to my friend and found no one there. I

returned home later and heard the whole story. The last straw was when

my baby fell out of the second story window. She didn't know how to

crawl yet and my bed was a good 2-3 feet away from the window. Well I

woke up to screaming and crying from my roommate. She was frantic, and

she kept saying the baby fell out of the window. I immediately jumped

up and ran downstairs and out the door to find my baby lying on the only

patch of grass on the walkway. It was only about 10 inches in diameter

and the rest of it was all concrete. I was just lucky she had to be at

work that morning early or we never would have known until later that

morning. I went to pick her up and looked up at the window and to my

surprise, I saw the man in the bluish sweatshirt looking out of my

bedroom window! We took my daughter to the hospital and they kept her

overnight for observation and to there surprise,she had nothing wrong

with her! Not one scratch! Now, how could she land on the only piece

of grass on the walk way right in the middle as if someone or something

placed her there? I think that the cover-all ghost caught her and laid

her on that patch of grass because she wasn't crying or nothing! And

when we returned home the next day I laid her on the sofa and went into

the kitchen to get a drink of pop and when I went back into the living

room, I saw the cover-all man stroke her head and when I went to my baby

she was laughing and cooing! We moved out of that house one week

later. My roommate was curious about the history of the house and went

to the library to research it. She found out that about 15 year before,

the second floor of the house had burned down and killed 5 kids and 2

women! That would explain the laughing and running on the stairs but

not the 2 men. We think that the nice man was killed by the mean

sweatshirt guy and maybe he was killed by the police, and that maybe the

nice guy is buried beneath the house by the kitchen and that's why it

smells so bad in that room. Like I said,none of that is proven, it's

just our guess. Ever since we moved out, there is a new "for rent" sign

in the window about every 4-6 months! That's my story all of it true.

I have my friend, ex-boyfriend, and 2 sisters as witnesses to the

phenomenons of that house. That was not my first ghost incident, but

hopefully it was the last. I have had no further incidents with the

supernatural since, and that was 7 years ago. Thank you for reading my


Nice Ghost

by rxv2573@itsnet.com

Hello i moved recently and the old house i used to live in was haunted it

was nice ghost it never hurt anyone anyway i live in that house from the age

of 2 1975 til the age of 25 june 8 1998 we moved out of the house because of

the gang violence that was close and turning our naiboorhood into dangerous


i now live in a small town in utah and as much as i wanted it to the ghost

did not follow or if it did it hasn't shown its presence

well this ghost of mine did lots of thing (playful things) it turned on the

tv it flip the stations of the tv it tickled your feet at night it turn

lights on and off and i heard it call my name also it liked to tease it

moved things it got very cold everytime it was near it would lightly tuged

my hair sometimes but it didn't do it hard it just did it enough to show me

it was playing it also felt like it alway chased me up the stairs because i

could never walk up the stair i alway had this notion to run

the first time it messed around with me was i was 14 and i was doing

homework and the pages of the book i was working in kept turning

and i had tv channel wars with it sometimes i'd turn it to one station and

it would turn it back sometimes it got annoying and i asked it to stop and

it alway did which was very nice of it i never seen it but i did see alot of

shadows and for some reason i think thier was more than one ghost in my

house but i am not sure it sounds werid but i wish it would come back and

visit me i haven't got any complaint from the people who bought our house so

i think it left when i did

well when a ghost first teases you you are very frightend like i wasbut

after a few week you get used to it and it was fun

my brother died when i was 8 and he dead happen very close to the house i

think it might be him but then agian the voice that called my name was a

girls but like i said it felt like thier was more than one ghost well thanks

for listening to my story i don't know if you'll belive it and i really

don't care either way but i just wanted to share to let people know there

are nice ghosts out there.

Manassas Battlefield

by em0018@mail.pratt.lib.md.us

I saw a ghost once, on the battlefield at Bull Run, near D.C. I was

walking my dog when she suddenly ran away from me the length of the

field. She wouldn't come when I called her, but kept looking back up the

rise at me. I started walking down the field, kind of parralel to her,

because i wanted to head her off before she could get on the road. Just

then, I noticed a man on horseback riding towards me. He road past and

leaned out of the saddle as if to say something, but he didn't. His face

was covered with a large red mark of some kind. A moment after he passed

me, my dog came running back. After I got her on her leash, I turned back

to look, but the rider was gone. HE HAD NOT HAD ENOUGH TIME TO RIDE OUT


The Girl

by no name submitted

hello this is one of my other ghost experiences well really it was

about my friend and me.

My friend Jenny had just moved to a new house with a pretty bad past

the person that sold them the house told them if any thing weird

happens they should move out as fast as they can but not a thing had

happen yet tell the first time i had spent a day in the house with my

friend ,so we wanted to know the history about the house just for fun we

found out that a 17 year old girl had been raped and killed

in the house we were shocked but we let it pass.Well it was about 3:12

AM we were outside playing ball when i thorough the ball over the side

of the house Jenny went to get the ball then all of a sudden

a loud bloody scream i went over to see what had happen all i saw was

JENNY run like a horse or a cat she ran half the block screaming she

said that she saw a girl half naked walk up to her and scream

then poof she was gone. I truly believe jenny because she would not run

like a cat for no reason and any way she is chubby like round ball.well

we knew that there was no one there. when we were sleeping we also herd

dragging and punching and also heavy breathing and lots of banging and

few yells but lots of sighting of a the girl in jennys

room and all over the house but we also see a man about 19 run to one

side of the girl and on top of her. my friend family moved thank god.

Old Gunn Church

by   ladyjenn20@hotmail.com

The "Old Gunn Church" was once known as Prince Fredrick's Episcople Church,

which it's remains stands in Plantersville, South Carolina. I'm not sure

of the exact years of events but Prince Frederick's, Prince George (in

Georgetown, SC) and another Episcaple chuch in Browns Ferry, SC (I was

never told the name) were to be a diocese, but Prince Frederick's was

never built yet. Sometime during the Civil War, Thomas Gunn was working

on Prince Fredrick...he was the architect of the church. When the war

broke out in the South, they had to halt all the church building, and

when word got to Gunn, he went to the bell tower of the church to put

some finishing touches there before he stopped. When he went to climb

down, he lost his footing and fell to his death. I've heard variations

of stories of how he died, he fell from the bell tower, when he fell,

the rope that was being used as a harness caught him around his neck,

etc. After the Civil War, the builders continued to finish the church,

and it was an active church for about 50 years. Well, rumor says that

the church was damned because Gunn blasphemed when he fell, so the

church caught on fire and was never rebuilt, that the only part standing

of the church is the bell tower, and part of the front. Well, here are

the legends (and BELIEVE ME...there are a lot of them!!!) First of

all...they say that if you stand across the road from the church at

exactly midnight with a full moon, you can see Thomas Gunn working on

the tower and see him fall.

At one time, there was a statue of an angel sitting on the corner of the

church (it got knocked over by Hurricane Fran), and if you would stare

at it, it would wink at you.

Here's a good one...if you take a brick off the church grounds and put

it in your possession, spirits will haunt you until they get it back!!!

Here's a story I got from a friend who claims that took a brick from the


He took a brick off the church grounds and put it in his truck and

started down the road. He noticed this light in his rear-view, which was

the ghost train (there was a railroad track by the church and it was

what they call the "slave train") and it was chasing him down the road.

He threw the brick out the window and it landed in the back of his truck

and shattered. So he and his friends got out of his truck and swept all

the pieces out and as soon as the last piece was off the truck...the

train disappeared.

Another legend...if you have a pick-up truck, and you put your tail gate

down and back up to where the back of your truck is close to the doors

of the church, you will see little slave children sitting on the back of

your truck. But you can't turn around to look at them...you have to look

in your rear-view because if you turn around to look, you die.

I have heard lots of stories...like my friends have told me that they've

heard the choir singing, that your car can stall out in front of the

church, or if you mess around with the spirits and you get in your car

and floor it, your car might just go 45 mph. The road that "Old Gunn"

sits on has a lot of legends. There is a slave graveyard about 2 miles

away from the church and they say that if you roll your windows down,

turn your car engine off, headlights and everything, you can hear them

chanting in the graveyard, and see lights coming out of the graves.

There is a bridge about 1/2 mile from the church...a woman tried to save

her little girl in that creek, and she drowned trying to save her child.

They say if you yell for help, you will see her jump in the water (I

tried it and didn't see anything).

Airman Gray

by please resend your address

This is the closest I have come to the "experience" of contact. The story begins approximatley 25 years ago.....

Airman Gray was a Security Policeman at Castle Air Force Base(now closed). As the story goes, he left his roomate a letter giving him instructions on what to do in case he did not come home from work. The roomate passed his concerns on to Grays supervisor, who in turn told his partner that night to keep an eye on him. The night shift passed without incident. Around dawn, gray told his partner to stop by the port-a-john beneath an observation tower so he could relieve himself. Since it had been a long night, the partner didn't put two and two together when gray took his M-16 with him into the port-a-john. At least not until he heard the distinctive popping of the weapon discharging. The partner opened the door to find a bloody scene. Gray had blown his face off.

The years went by, and talk of the suicide eventually faded to a story told to the new guys fresh from basic training. Until that night in 1989. My flight was coming on shift and releiving a flight of excitedly scared Air Force cops. The sory went that the Alarms on the fenceline had been constantly going off in sector 18. The responding patrol eventually just sat there in their truck for the next alarm. Funny thing was that there was no wind and the abundance of rabbits that usually set off the alarms were nowhere to be seen. To break up the boredom, the supervisor initiated an exercise to test the police response to a terrorist attack. The deployment of cops was great until a machinegunner jumped from the back of an armored truck and raced off to her defenseive position at the top of a storage structure. As she reached the top of the grass covered structure, she layed down on her belly to get behind the machine gun. she looked down the length of the gun and found herself staring at a gray figure with no facial features. She let out a piercing scream and immediately abandoned her weapon, ammunition, and position. On her way down, she passed her assistant gunner, who went to the top to see what scared her. he saw a figure running away from the structure toward sector 18. The figure went at an accelerating pace past the patrol who was monitoring the sector, went THROUGH the chain link fence and set off the entire series of alarms at sector 18. The alarm momitor looked in his surveillance cameras in time to see a grayish streak pass through as the alarms went off. The machinegunner was terrified and locked herself in the armored truck and would come out for no man. The exercise was terminated and no further problems occured for the remainder of the shift. My flight came on duty and we reported no incidents, but sector 18 was left alone for the rest of the night.

The House in Roanoke

by Marilyn

There are some things

in my life that have truly terrified me. Things I could

never really explain. They just happened. I guess that's

par for the course when you are dealing with the

supernatural. I will write some of the things down now.

I cannot offer any real explanations as to why they

happened to me and my family. Only that they did.

When my parents rented the big two story house on Kern's

Avenue, I was tickled to death. The house was in the

city limits of Roanoke, Virginia. It was a huge three

bedroom home, with a little park directly across the

street. My two sisters and I would share a bedroom, and

my brother would have his own bedroom for the first time

in his young life. He had always had to sleep on the

couch until now. So he of course was plenty happy. This

soon changed once we came to realize that the house was


It was November of 1967 when we moved in. I had just

turned twelve years old. Since I was the oldest, I had to

help Mom with the unpacking. I made trip after trip up

the stairs to put things in their new places. My parents

room was directly to the right as you came to the stair

landing. My brother Billy's room was the first bedroom as

you turned left at the stair landing. Us girls had the

bedroom at the very end of the hall down from Billy's

room. All of the rooms had huge walk in closets.

We girls laughed at how much our new bedroom resembled a

hospital infirmary. The way our three beds were lined up

made us think that way. I took the bed nearest the walk

in closet. Big mistake! Although I didn't know it then.

There was also a bathroom upstairs, and it too had a walk

in closet. We all noticed a stain on the hardwood floor

the day that we moved in. My Dad installed hardwood

floors for a living. And sanding stains from hardwood

floors was an easy thing for him. He sanded it out a few

days after we moved in.

The whole family was happy that day as we moved in. This

was the nicest home we had ever lived in. We felt

fortunate to have been able to afford it. Houses like

this usually were out of our price range, but not this

one. The rent was only $60.00 a month. Far below the

going rent for a house like this one. We even had a

basement here. We all loved it. There was a screened in

back porch for us to enjoy once spring and summer rolled

around. Us kids envisioned the summer nights we would

camp out there. Little did we realize then that we would

be long gone once summer came!

We finally finished the bulk of our unpacking and it soon

came time to go to bed. That's when the strange and eerie

events that we experienced there began. They started

innocently enough. My parents heard footsteps of someone

coming up the stairs. They thought that one of us kids

had gone downstairs to the refrigerator or something. Mom

called out to see which one of us it was. But no one

answered. The footsteps stopped right outside of their

bedroom at the top of the stair landing. Mom and Dad both

sat up in their beds and looked at the doorway, but they

saw no one. Finally, they both went to sleep. They asked

us all the next morning if we had left our beds in the

night and gone downstairs. None of us had. It spooked us

though when they told us they had heard someone on the


One night in December, my parents sent us kids up to bed

early. They stayed downstairs to watch TV for awhile. As

I laid there in my bed next to that closet, an event

occurred which terrified me. I was the only one awake in

the room at the time--my sisters were already asleep.

Lucky them! As I laid there, I began to hear a faint

sound of musical notes being played. At first it sounded

far off in the distance. Then it became louder. I looked

around in the dark in puzzlement when it dawned

on me that the sounds were coming from the closet beside

my bed. Chills ran up my spine! I listened as the sound

became louder by the second. I felt as if whoever or

whatever was making the sound, knew it had my total

attention. I was frozen in fear. The sound coming from

the closet was tinny. The best way I can describe it is

that it sounded like someone was plucking on nails that

stuck out of a wall. It was being done in such a way as

to make a melody. It wasn't an unpleasant tune. It's just

that it wasn't supposed to be happening at all! Finally I

was able to move. I bolted out of that bed and ran

downstairs to where my parents were. I was crying

hysterically by this time, and it took me a few minutes to

get the problem out. Dad and Mom went up with me to check

the closet. Well, daddy did the checking. Mom and I just

kind of held back a bit near the bedroom door. Wouldn't

you know it though? The room was now quiet. No musical

notes wafting out of the closet. Nothing out of the

ordinary was there at all. Dad told me to come look for

myself. Nothing. Nobody was playing musical nails. My

parents tried to convince me that I had been dreaming and

I just thought it was real. I just agreed with them. I

mean, it was pointless to argue with them that a seventh

grader knew the difference between a dream and reality.

If I was dreaming, I would hope that my subconscious mind

would be clever enough to come up with a more appropriate

musical instrument than nails. Ha! A guitar, or a piano

maybe? Heck,why not a kazoo? My parents went back

downstairs after tucking me in. There I was--all alone

again in the dark. My sisters slept through the entire

concert. {~_~} As soon as I was about to drift off to

sleep, the musical nail sounds began again. This time I

screamed!! My sisters woke up then! I made sure of that!

My parents ran back upstairs. They were pretty mad at me

this time. I begged them to let me sleep in their room.

They wouldn't hear of it. They did make one consolation

though. They asked my sister on the far side of the room

to switch beds with me. Mary didn't mind. She's a sound

sleeper anyway. Of course, no one ever heard the sounds

that night except for me. Ghosts seem to take a special

delight in making you appear loopy to your family and


Luckily, the rest of that night passed uneventfully. A

few nights later though, it would be my brother Billy's

turn to appear loopy. Billy was asleep in his room when

he began to hear a soft moaning sound coming from his

closet. As he listened he said that the moaning become

louder. I knew what that was like! But what caused him

to bolt from his room in terror, was the sound of his

matchbox car collection being hurled onto the closet floor

by some unseen force. Billy loved his matchbox car

collection. He kept them "parked" neatly on the closet

shelf. So, you can imagine the fear he felt when he heard

them all crash onto the floor. Especially since no one

was in the closet. Heck, no one was in his room except

himself! At least no one that any of us could see.

By this time all of us kids were starting to think that

there was something not quite right about our new house.

We started asking other kids in the neighborhood if

anything strange had ever happened in that house. We did

learn from the neighborhood children that a man had died

there many years before. It seems he suffered from a

brain tumor and suffered much pain. He eventually died in

what was my brother's bedroom. Billy was ready then to

give up his bedroom and sleep on the couch once again. My

parents wouldn't allow that. They tried telling us that

the neighborhood kids were just" pulling our leg." That's

southern talk for, having a joke at our expense. Us kids

knew that even if no one had really died in that house of

a brain tumor, that didn't mean that Something hadn't

happened there that caused our house to be haunted.

You would have thought that our parents would have been

the first ones to realize that the house was indeed

haunted. Both of my parents had seen ghosts quite recently

before we moved in there. Dad had his ghostly encounter

the November before. My Grandma died suddenly and we had

to go to Maryland for her funeral. We stayed at my

grandparents home that night. Daddy slept upstairs just

outside of the bedroom where us kids slept that night.

There was a bed set up on the landing. Daddy couldn't

sleep, so he decided to sit up and smoke a cigarette. Now

you young and impressionable people out there--do not try

this at home. {~_~} Anyway, Dad said that as he sat

there smoking he heard someone coming up the stairs. He

waited to see who it was. He got quite a shock! It was

Grandma! She spoke to daddy, saying "Everyone thinks I'm

gone, but I'm still here." She then vanished before his

eyes. Needless to say, daddy didn't get any sleep that


Mom had her ghostly encounter just the summer before we

moved to Kern's Avenue. My parents were fighting, and my

mom went out on the porch to cool down. It was just after

midnight. We lived up in what they call a "holler."

Meaning it's totally in the boonies! There were no street

lights within a 20 mile radius of this place the locals

called "Dry Holler." On moonless nights you could

literally not even see your hand held in front of your

face. It was eerie! I hated living there. Panthers

would come down off the mountain and rummage through our

garbage at night. Oh, sorry--back to the ghost. Mom was

sitting out on the porch when she caught movement out of

the corner of her eye. She looked over and saw a man

walking towards her. She thought she recognized him as a

neighbor from up the holler. She spoke to him saying,

"Tucker, what are you doing out here so late in the

night?" As she said this, he walked right through our car

bumper and vanished! Mom screamed! All of us kids woke

up terrified! Mom told us later that he seemed to have

been dressed in an old civil war uniform. That made sense

since this was Virginia and all.

So, you would think that my parents would have been keen

to the possibility that we had a problem haunting, right

from the get go. Maybe they did think that. They

probably didn't quite know how to handle this though. I

mean, they had never had to contend with a ghost actually

IN our house.

Soon thereafter, I had my own ghostly encounter. I saw

the one and only ghost that I hope to have to see in my

lifetime. I was still the proud owner of the bed across

the room. You know, the one that was as far as I could

get from that closet. It was the middle of the night when

this event occurred. I was awakened by something. I

still to this day do not know what it was that woke me. I

wish I'd slept through it, but no such luck! I woke up

and had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. I

then heard something rustle in the darkness. I looked

over at the doorway, and stared straight at terror! There

in the doorway stood someone just looking in at us

sleeping kids. The person was dressed in an odd flowing,

dark hooded robe. The freakiest thing though, was the

feeling that I was looking at something that was purely

evil. I was so scared. I couldn't run from the room as

this thing stood right in the doorway! I finally did the

only thing I could do. I covered my head up. When I

ventured a peek, much later, thankfully it was gone.

Soon--not soon enough--it was daylight. I asked mom if

she had come to our door during the night to check on us.

I was hoping against hope that mom had bought a long

flowing dark hooded robe, and worn it for the first time

during that night. Ha! Of course, she said that she

hadn't gotten up during the night. Neither had daddy.

About this time, things got worse. My dad and mom were

realizing that we definitely had a problem. They were

continuously being awakened by footsteps coming up the

stairs at night. Daddy even waited at the top of the

stairs to see whoever it was. He said that he felt

coldness pass over him as the footfalls made their way to

the landing where he stood watch. The stain that daddy

had sanded off the floor of the bathroom closet returned.

We all thought it looked like a stain made by blood. Mom

become so afraid of being alone when dad went to work and

us kids went off to school. She would say that she would

be upstairs making up the beds, when she would hear the

sound of a man moaning. She said that it would follow her

into all of the bedrooms and even in the bathroom. She

finally began to stay downstairs until we kids came home

from school.

What finally convinced my parents to move though was this:

Mom had a friend come over one morning for coffee. Brenda

lived two doors down from us. Mom decided to walk her to

her house when she left. Mom didn't go in, she just

walked down the sidewalk. So our house was always in

Mom's view. No one had entered it--from the front anyway.

When Mom got back to the house, she said that she could

hear music coming from it. It sounded like someone had a

radio on inside. Mom reached for the storm glass screen

door to go inside. The door was locked. From the inside.

Mom had clearly not locked it before stepping out to see

Brenda home. Mom thought that someone had actually broken

in, and was in fact, still inside. She ran down to

Brenda's house and they called the police. When the

police arrived, they found a window that was unlocked that

they could go in through. The cop opened up the front

door for Mom to come inside. They went through the entire

house. Nothing was missing. No more music played. In

fact, the only radio we owned at the time was my little

transistor. It still sat up on the fireplace mantle. It

couldn't have been playing though as it's battery was

dead. It had been for quite awhile now. No one was in

the house. There was no explanation for any of it. No

earthly one anyway!

Finally the day came for us to move out. We were so happy

to be leaving this scary place. We learned from the

neighbors that we had stayed longer than any of the other

people who had rented the house before us. We stayed for

all of six months. I just talked to my mom a few days

ago, and she said that the house sits empty at this very

moment. That doesn't surprise me! How about you?


by petersk@erols.com

When I was little (between the ages of 2 and about 11) my dad would leave me at his mother's house while he and my mother went out to the movies, dinner, or went away for a weekend. I have a younger sister who stayed with me, but I do not remember what she was doing during this time. I know she must have been there, but she was not a memorable influence on this event. My father's sister, Beverly, kept in close contact with her mother; my grandmother. She was always calling and my grandmother loves to talk and talk and talk. Coupons, and who got into the Boumi Temple and what's going on in the news, etc.

One day, while I was being baby-sat, I answered the phone at my grandmother's house. It was, of course, my aunt Bev. "Is grandma there?" she asked. "Yup", I replied, and handed the phone to my grandmother. As my grandmother took the phone, I recall saying "Rebel's dead".

My grandmother momentarily stopped and looked at me, and then continued her conversation with my aunt.

Okay, here's the weird parts: My aunt's dog's (a big black lab) name is Rebel. Also, she sounded perfectly normal over the phone. I was only eight or nine, but I am _sure_ of that. As well, we hardly ever saw my aunt, uncle, cousins, or dog except during holidays. I had no particular or strong connection to Rebel. Besides, we had a cat at the time which made me a cat person.

So, my grandmother went in the other room (as far as the phone cord permitted) and completed her conversation. When she came back, she said "What did you say earlier?" I remember crying at this point and repeating: "Rebel's dead". My grandmother, after getting over her shock, told me Rebel had been hit by a van. My aunt and uncle have a huge yard and house on a street that is almost totally empty. It is a dead end road housing about twelve neighbors. It seemed impossible for Rebel (an outside dog anyway) to have been hit by anything.

Sadly to say, although not dead, Rebel died a few hours later at the veterinarian's office.

Strange premonition? I don't know but I'd swear on anyting it's a true story.


by Andrea

I thought I would share with you an experience that happened to me (and my

sister) many years ago. I am 35 now but when I was about 15 or 16 I used

to babysit this little girl who was around 2 years old. Her parents were a

bit odd to begin with, her father was a nutritionalist and her mother was a

part time actress. Front the get go I was a bit uncomfortable in their

house. I always had a very uneasy feeling about it. They had very strange

taste in furniture with a lot of tapestry paintings and some occcult

artifacts. They also had many books on hauntings, the occult, etc.

One summer they had asked my sister and I if we would stay in their house

and babysit their daughter while they went on vacation. I believe they

were gone for about a week or two. The day we moved in was the day many

strange things started happening in their house. The very first thing I

remember was the baby's room was always ice cold. It never seemed to warm

up. At the time we lived in the San Fernando Valley and it was in the dead

of summer. It gets very hot there. Some times in the 90's or 100's. The

rest of the house was always comfortable or hot, except the baby's room.

Both my sister and I would hate to go into that room. For some reason it

made us very uneasy. At certain times during the day and night the baby's

music boxes and toys would start playing. It was Like someone had wound

them all up at the same time. That freaked us out so bad. All of the

sudden you could hear music coming from her room. I slept in that room

once and would never again. Like I said, it was extremely cold and I

always had an eery feeling in there. The night I slept in there, if you

could call it sleep. I tossed and turned the whole night, too frightened

to open my eyes.

We lasted in that house about one week. Our last night there, we had some

friends over and were telling them about the expierences we were having and

how strange we felt there, one of our friends said that maybe the house was

haunted, just when he said that, a heavy, brass lamp standing on an end

table fell off with such force. It looked like someone was throwing it at

us. All five of us just stared at the lamp on the floor. I had the feeling

that someone or something was delibereatly trying to hit us with the lamp.

That was the last time we stayed in the house. We turned everything off

and left. We did return the next day to retrieve things for the baby.

When we walked in the house, to our surprise, everything in the house was

on. The lights, the t.v., everything! I never returned there until the

parents came home. We told them about our experiences, we asked if they

had ghosts or anything unusal they would like to share. They denied

anything strange happening to them. That was the last time I ever babysat

for them. I felt too uncomforatble there. We never saw anything. We only

felt it. It didn't feel good. They eventually moved from the house, about

a year after our experience. I'll never know who or what was in there, but

I do know that it was something. It wasn't our immagination. Maybe the

fact that my sister was with me, I know I'm not crazy. She experienced it

with me!

Thank you for letting me share my story. I haven't talked about that in

such a long time! I love your webpage. It is very facinating.

Missing Stuff

by send your address again please

My family and I used to live in a house we believed to be haunted. Objects would often disappear only to reappear later affter exhautive searches. Jewelery was the most often taken. My mother went to sleep once with her stud earrings in her ears and when she woke up the next morning one was missing. My father and mother looked all around their bed for it but couldn't find it. A week later, while shaving before going to work, my father heard something clicking around in the bath tub. There was my mom's earing with the back on it sliding around in the tub. He was in the bathroom alone with the door closed and locked. Our bathroom was two rooms away from mom and dad's bedroom.

Another time when only my sister, mother, and myself were home, I had an experience. We were all in the kitchen talking, which was strange in it self because my sister and I didn't get along. My mother had just started a load of laundry and my sister wanted to add something to it. I said I would retrieve it from her room for her after she told me where it was. Iwent to her room and started looking for her sweater, I think, in the chair she told me it was in. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement by the door. I thought that it was my sister checking up on me though I hadn't been looking very long.

Then I saw her arm make a throwing motion, and a pain erupted on my back. Iscooped up what she had thrown at me and ran after her yelling the whole time. When I got to the kitchen my mother and sister were looking at me like I'd gone completely crazy. I was still yelling at my sister for hitting me with whatever it was, when my mother said that my sister had never moved. "Oh yeah," I said, "then what do you call this!?" Holding out my hand to reveal her high school class ring that had been missing for three months.

Of course we had plenty of strange noises and cold spots as well. Incidents seemed not to happen as much when we let the house get dirty.

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