My Families Stories

by name withheld by request

These are stories I have heard from my father and my grandparents. My

grandparents live in a farm house that was built in the 40s.

Supposedly, an old man and a woman died in the house. My dad and his

four brothers had many experiences growing up in that house. Here are a

few of them that I have heard. At the top of the stairs to the second

floor is a room right to the right that had a bed. One of my dad's

brothers was sleeping in there one night when they were young and he

heard footsteps walk up the stairs and around his bed. No one was

there. Then something started pulling at his toes. He left the bed in

a hurry and has never slept there again. My dad has two brothers who

are identical twins and there were both in the service. At one vacation

time, they brought a friend home with them to stay. The guy woke up in

the middle of the night and said he saw things in the room and he left

to never come back. My dad was very reluctant to tell me some of the

things that happened to him. My grandmother even said she had to put

him in a cold bath one night to calm him down. He won't till this day

tell us what happened then, but he told me other stuff. There were two

other bedrooms upstairs besides the room to the right of the stairs. He

was sleeping in one of them one night when he woke up to a figure of a

white woman standing beside his bed. He said he didn't feel scared at

all and just rolled over and went back to sleep. Another time he was

downstairs in the kitchen watching the dinner that was being cooked.

Everyone else was outside doing chores. He said he had the strongest

feeling that someone in the back room on that floor and was making their

way towards the kitchen. He ran outside and refused to go back in by

himself. All those things happened back when my dad was young, in the

sixties. Stuff has happened recently also. My grandmother will be in

the basement doing laundry and hear footsteps on the floor above her

when she knows no one is home. One night, my grandparents woke up to a

loud crash. They went into the living room and the 36 inch tv was on

the floor. This tv sits in an entertainment center in its own space and

for it to fall out, the whole huge entertainment center would have had

to been tipped over. They checked the whole house to make sure the

windows were locked and doors were locked and they were. Only one of

the knobs was broken on the tv. My grandmother also says she catches

glimpses of a man walking in and out of rooms sometimes. Another spooky

thing that has happened actually didn't happen in the house. The farm

is in Spotsylvania County, Virginia where many civil war battles took

place. We have found many remnants of that while digging around the

property. One day, my dad said he was in one of the fields when the

sounds of a battle faded in to where he could here the shots and yells.

He could see nothing and it was a bright sunny day. He stood there and

listened to them and then the noises slowly faded away. Needless to

say, I will not spend the night in that house. I hope one day to find

out exactly what happened in that house.  Thank you for letting me tell my story.

I have been a big fan of your website for a while!

Ghostly Grandmother

by name withheld by request

When I was a young girl, my grandmother would entertain me with stories

of her childhood. She told she was physic and had had many physic and

paranormal experiences including out of body traveling.

She had very old fashioned beliefs. She didn't believe in many modern

day conveniences, financial institutions and safety deposit boxes was

not one of them. When I was about 10 years old, she took me back in her

den, into a walk-in closet and told me she had something she wanted to

show me. She proceeded to lift the carpet and pull up on a piece of

wood which was a part of the floor. Revealed under the floor was a

chest of some sort, (it kind of looked like a treasure chest). She

pulled it up from the ground and opened it. In it, was every piece of

expensive jewelry she owned, rare coins, rare (confederate) money, and

her life savings in cash. She tried to impress upon me how important it

was that I remember this day and what she had to tell me. She said I

would be the only person besides herself that would ever know about it,

because I was the only one she could trust with this information. And,

that when she died, I was to retrieve it. At ten years old, I was very

intrigued, but that was all. I was not old enough to appreciate the

importance of what I was seeing and definitely not old enough to

understand the value of what I saw. It was never mentioned of or spoken

about again.

Seventeen years later, my grandmother died of natural causes. I was

living in Kentucky with a family of my own. I flew back to California

for the funeral. The next day my mother an I were walking through her

house cleaning things up and gathering personal effects that we wanted

out of the house. I was to catch a plane that afternoon back to

Kentucky. The house was going to be put up for sale within a few days,

and I knew I would never see the house again.

I had long since forgotten about the secret hiding place and the

valuables that my grandmother had hidden in the closet. I was

daydreaming and thinking of old times as I made my last walk-through of

the house. As I walked past THE closet, something or someone, grabbed

me from behind (one hand on each shoulder and jerked me to a complete

standstill. Then my body was turned (forcefully) towards the door to

the closet. At that moment, an overpowering fragrance of my

grandmothers perfume invaded the air. I don't think, I KNOW my

grandmother was there!! It was then, that I remembered that day

seventeen years ago. The memory was so strong, and so real, it was like

it had just happened the day before. I called to my mom and told her to

help me. We pulled up the carpet, and the wooden floor and just like 17

years ago, the chest was in the exact same place. We pulled up the

chest and opened it, and we found everything that my grandmother

considered of value. Cash, jewelry, bonds, rare coins and other

miscellaneous items.

Later, we figured the value of the contents to be over $20,000.00

dollars. If I hadn't experienced the entity that stopped me in my

tracks, the house would have been sold with the chest still in it, and

either one of two things would have happened: The new owners would have

stumbled upon a great treasure, or it would have stayed buried

underground for all time.

Do I believe in ghosts? What do you think?

Added Note: Two months later after returning to Kentucky, I was driving

to the store, and my 2 year old daughter asked me "Did my great

grandmother die"? (Because of her age, I had chosen NOT to tell her), I

was shocked that she even knew what "dead" meant. I answered "Yes

honey, she died and went to heaven. Who told you that she died?". Her

answer really spooked me. She replied, "She did. I talk to her all the


Ghostly Experience


When I was living in South Carolina, as a student at the University, I

made friends with my roommate's friend. His girlfriend had committed

suicide several months before and a close friend of my brother's had as

well, so I understood what he was feeling. He invited me to his house,

which he used to share with his girlfriend. THe house was adjacent to

the main house where his parents lived. His mom was cooking an elaborate

meal and while it was being prepared, he asked me if I wanted to take a

look at his house, which he had built. So we went over. It was dusk. He

took me on a tour of the house and we made our way to his bedroom. At

this point, the phone rang so he excused himself. The room wasn't well

lit and there was only some light coming in from the hall. I suddenly

felt cold and like there was someone standing behind me. I called out to

my friend, thinking he was playing a joke on me. I felt this presence

really strong. I don't know why but I assumed it was her. I'd never met

her before. I told her that it was okay, I was not out to take her

boyfriend. We were only friends. Then I wandered around the place and

for some reason stopped at a little room and was stuck in the doorway,

facing the closet. My friend had finished his phone call and came over

to me and asked why I was just standing there. I said I had no idea. He

asked me, "Do you know you're standing right next to where she shot

herself?" It was very spooky. He took out a bunch of pictures and

letters from her. She was so beautiful and I felt so sad. I felt like

she was also there with us but instead of feeling cold, it felt like she

was just sitting nearby and listening. No animosity.



About 4 years ago, my friends and i went to this abandoned place called

Seaview to skip out on our morning classes. ( i was 15 at the time ) Seaview

was a tuberculosis hospital many years ago and now just sits there. i could

feel that many people suffered and were neglected there and the place just

spooked me. my friends and i just hung out, we walked around in one of the

buildings, and found a place to sit and hang out. the next morning i woke up

for school, and as i was walking down the hall to my bedroom, i turned around,

i don't know why, i just did. standing at the end of the hallway was a figure

that looked like the grim reeper. it was dressed in black, and had a hood

over it's face. i couldn't see it's face, and it seemed to be floating over

the ground a bit. i turned away, and it was gone. the same day, i was

walking home from school, and across the street there was a church. i looked

across the street to the parish house ( the house where the priests live )

and there was the same figure standing in front of the door with his arms

streched out. i turned away, and again it was gone. i never went into

Seaview again. do you blame me? i don't know what it was i saw, or why i saw

it, for my friends didn't see anything. although, i told a co-worker and my

uncle about my experience and they saw the same thing. the only difference is

they were at Seaview at night, and i wasn't . they also saw the figure at

Seaview. never outside of it. if anyone knows what it was or why i saw it, i

would sure like to know.

The House in Michigan


I know you probably get alot of hoaxes and stories that never happened sent to

you each day but what I am about to tell you is the honest to gods truth. Some

events I shall tell you about have been witness by more than one person on

several occasions. It seems alot of them happened while I was around. Perhaps

there is some link between myself and these things. I really dont remember the

exact order each of these incidents happend but I placed them in the best

chronological order I could. Well here goes.....

We have lived in our house for about 13 years now. I dont wish to tell you the

address and or city we live in but I'll tell you this much. We live in the

Downriver Area of Michigan. I dont know the history of the land this house is

built on or the history of the house itself. I am 23 years old and together

with my mom, two brothers, and freinds we have compiled a list of things that

happened. I'll use thier real names beacuse I do not feel that we have

anything to hide from you. But if you decide to publish these stories on your

page would you be so kind as to change the names of each of us? Thank you

The first event that was witnessed and or noticed in the house happened in

December of 1986. It was two weeks after the death of my nephew R.J. My mom

was on her way up to the upstairs bedroom where her and my father slept. My

father worked midnights at GM at the time. As she walked up the stairs a

blueish white mist suddenly appeared before her on the stairway and continued

to float in front of her as she walked up the stairs. I myself didnt hear of

this event till a few years ago.She said the event scared her at first but

then calmed her when she realized it wouldnt hurt her.

The next event has been seen by just about every member of my family save my

father. But then again he wont admit anything about this house except his own words mind you. "I dont trust this house." But onto the

event. Late at night on several evenings one of us had noticed a figure out of

the corner of our eyes walk from our kitchen across the dinningroom and into

the bathroom. The bathroom light would come on and the door would close so we

naturally thought it was one of our family members going to the bathroom. But

later on when nobody came out we would go check and see if they were ok and

find the bathroom light off and nobody in there.

The next event I can recall hearing about from my mother was about a large

puff of smoke eminated from the TV. while her and my oldest brother Chester

sat watching TV late at night. The TV didnt malfunction or blow. It stayed on

the whole time. Needless to say this event scared them both pretty good.

A few months after these other events from what my mom tells me. The light in

the kitchen above the sink had a plastic cover on it that would suddenly fly

off the light and land in the center of the kitchen. We would go to sleep at

night and the next day find the light cover laying on the floor.

This next one happend years ago when I was still a little kid. I'm 23 now. Me

and my two brothers. Herb and Kenneth were playing in our basement one night

when I decided I was going to walk into one of the backrooms of the basement

our parents kept as our toy room and get some Toys. As I approached the

backroom someone ran past me. I felt the wind of the person running past. And

I also remember exactly what the person was wearing. Blue Jeans and a white t-

shirt. After I ran and got help we searched the basement to find nobody there.

I didnt go into the basement for at least a month after that unless someone

else was with me.

The next event I will admit has scared me on many occasions because I cannot

explain it and at least 4 other people have seen the same thing. Late at night

in the upstairs closet a green eye has been seen by myself, my freind Kevin,

my brother Kenny, my freind Jeff...and just as I was writting you this my mom

told me that my brother Chester had admitting to seeing the eye years ago.

Nobody had ever told him that we had seen the eye either. To tell the

truth...none of us ever admitted to seeing the eye until Jeff said he saw it

one night after a saence.

Another strange thing that has happened was with Kenny's radio. He claims that

one several occasions while he laid in bed waiting to fall asleep that his

radio would change stations by itself.

This next event has happened many many times since we have moved into this

house but seems to happen more and more recently. Everyone in the family has

heard this strange and LOUD knock echo through the house. its just one knock

but none of us can say exactly where it comes from. Some say it came from the

upstairs bedroom door...others say it comes from the basement door. All I know

is that its not the house settling.

This next event has happened to myself, my brother kenny and my mom. Not until

the time of this writting did my mother admit that it happened to her as well.

While sleeping each of us has suddenly been jolted awake by the feeling of

someone holding us down. this feeling paralyzed us to the point we couldnt

move let alone scream. I myself couldnt even open my eyes. I thought I was

dying. then suddenly the feeling left as quick as it came. It happened to me

two times and my mother twice.

The next few events that I'll tell you about have happened in the last two


One night while myself and my freind Jeff were in the upstairs bedroom talking

to each other across the room while we tried to go to sleep something strange

happened. I sat up to say something to him about something...and out of the

corner of my eye I seen this white light. So I turned my head figuring it was

my imagination. Needless to say it wasnt....there right in front of my eyes

was the ball of bright white light flying wildly around the front room in the

upstairs bedroom. I dont know how long it stayed there flying because I jumped

back on the bed then ran for my life. It frightened me that much. I must say

this event is what trully made me believe in the supernatural.

Another event that happened also happened in the upstairs bedroom. One night

as myself and my older brother herb layed in our beds trying to sleep. I heard

two voices talking and seen the shadows of someone walking past the closet

door (the closet light was on at the time that is how I seen the shadows) and

I heard them say "Shh your going to wake him up" After hearing this I thought

my brother and his freind Rob who was staying the night were sneaking around

our room. So I went downstairs after my eyes adjusted better and confronted

them. They were all the way down in the basement playing. Neither would admit

that it was them. But I definatly heard something though I never heard anyone

walk back down the stairs or open the door at the bottom of the stairs.

The next event happened during the week my parents and brothers were out of

town leaving me with the house by myself so I called my freind Kevin over to

stay with me and was witnessed by him. Kevin as he layed in the upstairs

bedroom. From what he tells me he had just layed down in one of the beds and

was ready to go to sleep. After he closed his eyes he heard a strange noise.

When he opened his eyes he seen a figure at the foot of the bed. He couldnt

tell me what it looked like, if it was a man or a woman or anything. he could

only refer to it as a shadow. As he layed there startled he said *IT* began to

groan and moan like it was talkign to him and suddenly thigns began flying

across the room. I was downstairs at the time and the only thing I heard was

him running down the stairs yelling profanities. When I went to investigate.

Nothing was out of place and the shadwy figure was gone.

A day later me and Kevin were sitting in my livingroom around 4am when out of

nowhere this ungodly groaning noise eminated from the kitchen. It lasted a

good 30 seconds. long enough for it to startle us and for us to look at each

other to see if we both heard the same thing. Seconds later we were both out

of the house and down the street at the church on the corner.

The next events took place during a 42 hour period but the stories are linked

together. I decided one night that me and my freinds should hold a saence.

(stupid me) so I called a bunch of them over and we went into the upstairs

bedroom. The group consisted of myself, Kevin, Kenny, Jeff, Richard, and a

freind from my work named Ed. While conducting the saence we asked for a sign

if anyone or anything was listening to us. Suddenly my freind jeff screams out

"Ohhhh my god. The closet light just turned on by itself!!!" We all jumped up

and turned the lights on and low and behold the closet light was turned on

somehow. That same night was the time Jeff witnessed the Green eye in the

Closet through a hole I had recently punched int he wall that enclosed the

closet from the stairway. The next night...the upstairs bedroom caught fire.

The firedepartment claims it was a cigarette that caused the fire. but the

only people that had stayed the night before the fire was myself and Richard

in the upstairs. Neither of us had smoked before we went to bed and we both

got up early and left the house the next morening to go job hunting. Later the

next day around 10pm is when we came home and approximatly 5 minutes later

noticed the smoke. Nobody had been in the upstairs that whole day.

The next event was also just told to me as I write this letter. it is the only

event that my father will admit that he has seen. Lately he claims that while

he lays in his bedroom trying to sleep that the touchlamp on teh desk near the

bed turns on and off by itself. Strange.

The next three events All happened just last night. I had just went upstairs

to go to bed. As I layed down and closed my eyes I heard a faint sound as if

it were someone whispering something. So I sat up and turned the light on and

nobody was there. But I had this eerie feeling I was being watched so I came

downstairs and told my brother kenny about it. He went upstairs to check and

see if he would hear anything but didnt. The next part scared him so bad that

he ran down the stairs and almost ran through the front door. He says that as

he got to the landing in the middle of the upstairs stairway...both lights in

the upstairs bedroom turned off by themselves. I never thought about it till

now but I do recall the lights up there being on then going back up there a

few minutes later to find them turned off.

That is the extent of what we can remember at this time. I swear to you that

all the events that I witnessed myself are TRUE. This house scares me at

sometimes. But at other times I always get this very strange sence of calm.

Its weird. Well. I shall not take up any more of your time. I just thought you

would like to hear our experiences. Thank you for your time and patience

South Pittsburg, Tennesse


My house has been noted as being haunted by a few of my town's citizens

for the past 20 years , although i am quite sure it has been haunted longer

than that. I purchased it about eight years ago when the granddaughter of the

original owner past away. THree days later my youngest daughter came in the

room frightened saying a woman in a long blue dress was standing at the foot

of her sister's bed. I passed this off at the time thinking she was probably

dreaming or in a half sleep state. All that changed this year. She still

told me stories about feeling something in the house. I became so worried for

her that I actually prayed that if there were ghosts in the house that God

would let me see them so she would not be held in regard as a crazy or weird

person for feeling that presence. Two days later, I encountered my first

ghost in the house. It was a dark haired man, about average height . He was

standing at my bed as I slept. When I awoke hee stayed there for about ten

seconds and then vanished. I could tell he meant no harm, but I was naturally

terrified and began to understand why kim was so afraid. Just the thought of

that presence coming and going is very disturbing. Just two months ago I saw

my second ghost. This one was in the living room at the entrance to my

bedroom. He had possibly been there for some time. I had been babysitting my

two grandchildren that evening and it was about 12:20. I had fallen aseep

and my oldest grandchild was on a floor cushion under a blanket asleep. If

that had not been a ghost, it would have walked right over him. It (the

ghost) was terrified of me. Funny after I mentioned being terrified of it. It

fought at the room divider trying to get away quickly. I feel the presence of

these ghosts at least 3 times a week.... I feel they are a real part of ourr

world. Even the bible speaks of them. Sometimes they just want to return to

that place they grew familiar with.



Our father was just like Carol O'Conner's character in "All in the Family", Archie Bunker. He

dressed like him, looked like him including the hair, smoked cigars, had "his" chair no one was

allowed to sit in, was prejudice (sp?), etc. He loved the show and had an ash tray with a saying

from the show.

Our father was very ill with a serious heart condition. My twin brother and

I were the only ones still living at home, the other three siblings were

older and had moved out. Our mother had died 7 years earlier of a medical

mishap. On our 20th birthday, Dad had open heart surgery for quad-druple

by-pass. He did well as first, but as time went by his color was turning

ash gray. He still was following doctor orders and walking everyday. I

applied for a car loan and needed his signature as co-signer. He told me

that I should get his signature now since he would not be around much

longer. It really it me as strange and try to make light of his comment.

On Friday, Dad had a doctor's appointment. The doctor cleared him to go

back to work the following Monday morning. He like working, he had been with

his company for over 25 years. I went out partying knowing that Dad must be

better. Saturday morning, I was lazily getting ready to go to work. My

brother and his fiance' were at the house. I heard them yelling at me to

call 911. My brother being a EMT was performing CPR on our father with his

fiance' helping. Paramedics took about 4 minutes to arrive. They really

did their best and transported our father to the emergency room. After the

family arrive, we were rushed to a small room inside the waiting room. It

was not long when the doctor came in to tell us our father had gone. My

brother being knowledgeable in the subject found out that his heart had too

much pressure and blew a hole in his heart. Medically speaking he actually

died at the house. It was less than 3 months after his operation and 6 days

before his 57th birthday.

Going home was hard even though all of my brothers and sister and friends

were there now. When we walked in the door, all the medical supplies they

used on him were still scattered throughout the room and was an instant

reminder. We all were very quiet cleaned up the best we could. After trying

to come to grip with what happened, the older siblings left to go home. My

twin brother and I were the only ones left. Being emotionally drained, we

went to bed. About an hour later, my brother woke me. I thought he had

trouble sleeping, but as soon as I gathered myself, I felt a very odd

sensation. My brother stated that was what woke him up. We stood together

and walked down the hallway to the living room. Our father was in "his"

chair, just as clear and defined as if he was still alive. My brother

gasped, I screamed. The figure remained as if he could not see us. He was

looking straight ahead as if he were watching his TV. It was a good minute

and a half or two minutes, and the figure slowly disappeared. We called out

for him, but he was gone.

My brother and I never talked about that again. After the house was sold

and the estate was settled, we all went our seperate way and did not really

keep in contact much with each other. My twin brother had married, then two

boys. The marraige was not working and my brother moved out, eventually

getting divorced. He was tough on himself saying it was all his fault, the

divorce and dad's death that his CPR did not save him. I knew then he was

still having trouble 7 years after Dad's death. My brother started into

risky activities, anything that slightly dangerous, sky diving, scuba

diving, got his pilot's license, and into guns. After a depression, he was

Baker Acted and he faced the source of depression. He got better and


One time when his son's were visiting, my brother was awakened in the middle

of the night. He went to the living room and saw a smoke cloud or

hazecoming out of his sons' room. He froze and could not move. The figure

moved away from the boy's room and disappeared. His wife woke and found my

brother still frozen in the same spot, sweat poring off him, but ice cold

from fright.

Two years ago, my father's sister wanted to come down for a visit in August.

We thought that a little strange since we lived in Florida, and they hated

the humidity. They brought our last grandparent with them. Our Mother's

Mother. She was 87 and the trip would take a lot out of her. It was their

last effort to try to bring the brothers and sisters together. We decided

to have a picinic in the City Park in the town we grew up in, close to the

old house. It would be the first time since the furneral that we were all

together in that town, 11 years after Dad's death. We all brought our

children and things were actually going well. During that day we found 5

half smoke cigars in the park. (There are 5 of us.. 3 boys and 2 girls) The

same kind that Dad smoked. We each tried to blame the other as to where the

cigars were coming from, but all were denying being the one. But being a

christian family, we all knew that we were telling the truth. Dad was

there with us.

The Chess Game


I have always had a fascination with the paranormal and when I meet someone

new, one of my standard questions is, "Have you ever had anything really weird

happen to you?" You would be amazed at some of the answers I've gotten to

that question.

Back in 1982 I was at Fort Leonardwood in Missouri for Basic Training. I

shared a room with seven other guys and lights out was at 8:30 p.m. every

night. One evening when everyone was getting ready for bed I asked the

standard. I got a bunch of strange looks and somebody asked, "What do you

mean?" I replied, "You know, like ghosts or Big Foot or UFOs; stuff like

that?" Most of them replied with, "No," and somebody said, "go to sleep," so

I did.

A few hours later I was awakened out of that sleep by Private Wyngard.

Wyngard had the bunk closest to the door and he had waited for everyone to

fall asleep before approaching me. I asked, "What do you want Wyngard?" And

his reply startled me. He said, "You asked that question earlier and I waited

until everybody fell asleep to tell you because I didn't want anyone to think

I was crazy." This introductory statement immediately caught my attention and

I was instantly wide awake. I inquired, "What happened?" and he related the

following story:

Wyngard lived with his parents before joining the military. As you walk in

the front door there is a set of stairs that lead down into the basement, and

on one side of the basement was his bedroom. One day in the summer, right

around twilight, he was at home by himself. His parents were playing bridge.

His brothers and sisters were with friends. His friends were busy, and there

was nothing good on TV. He was so bored that he made up a game to entertain

himself. The only problem was it turned out to be more than just a game.

At the bottom of the stairs was a stereo rack. On the top of the rack

Wyngard had a chess board with the usual black and white plastic pieces.

Wyngard's boredom led him to create an imaginary war between good and evil,

all recreated on the chess board. In Wyngard's mind, all of the white pieces

represented the forces of good, while the black pieces represented the forces

of evil. The white king was God and the black king was the devil.

In Wyngard's little war, the forces of evil were laying waste to the forces

of good. He would pick up a black piece and use it to send a white piece

flying off the board. Finally it got to the point where the white king was

the only piece for good left and it was completely surrounded by the pieces of

evil. The coup de Gras came when he pick up the black king and lowered it

slowly over the head of the white king.

Just before he could complete the move, the board began shaking violently and

in one sudden motion all of the pieces flew off the board. At the same time,

a blast of hot wind came screaming down the stairs, knocking Wyngard off his

feet. This terrified Wyngard because he always made sure the door at the top

of the stairs was closed. At this point he scrambled out of the house and

waited in the front yard until his parents got home. Then he gathered up the

pieces and the board and threw them all away.

Wyngard told me he also believed in ghosts because of another experience he

had. His grandma lived with the family but was bedridden and critically ill.

During her life she had a favorite yellow dress that she wore that she hadn't

been able to wear for years because of her sickness. She eventually died and

was buried in the dress.

For the funeral, Wyngard's younger brother and sister weren't allowed to

attend the services because his parents thought it might traumatize them.

They were both young enough that they didn't really know their grandmother

since she had been ill ever since they were born. The night after the

funeral, the children awoke, came to the breakfast table and stated, "Guess

what? Grandma came to see us last night?" The parents replied, "How cute?

What did she want?" The children exclaimed, "She told us that everything was

all right and she showed us her pretty yellow dress."

Sometimes you don't need to experience something firsthand to feel the truth

of it. The look of intensity in Wyngard's eye as he shared these stories was

a witness to me that he really believed the things he related. There are many

questions out there.

Everything Will Be All Right


In the late '60s, several years before I was born, my maternal grandmother

died of cancer. My mother and two sisters, Teresa and Ann, were all alone at

the time, as my father was in the middle of his tour in Vietnam.

My grandmother, from what I've been told, was held quite dear by all in the

family. To this day, my mother tears up whenever her name is mentioned. My

sisters still, over 30 years after her death, speak of how nice and sweet she

was, and how much they loved her.

She had been ill for some time before she finally passed away. My mother, of

course, was quite devastated. My sisters were also understandably quite upset.

They were 12 and 10 years old at the time of my grandmother's death.

The night of our grandmother's death, Teresa was sent to bed by my mother.

Hurt, devastated and confused, she lay crying. Slowly, the door to the bedroom

opened, and our grandmother entered.

"Stop crying, Teresa," she said. "Everything will be all right. We'll se each

other again." Then she was gone.

The next day at breakfast Teresa relayed the story to the family. Our mother

became visibly upset, saying "Don't be silly, it was just your imagination!"

Then Ann spoke up. "But Mom, I saw her too. She came into my bedroom and told

me exactly the same thing!"

Both my sisters and my mother recount this story on occasion. They all believe

that my grandmother's spirit remained for a while to comfort them after her

death. After all, that was the just the kind of gentle soul she was.

Uncle Came Back


I am a 32 year old educated female with great belief in God. I have always

been facinated with the super natural and somewhat sensitive to things its

this nature.

About six years ago on Christmas Eve my Uncle commited suicide. This was

after years of drug addiction and emotional (mental) problems. I was always

been close to my Uncle and happened to be the last person he spoke to prior to

his final act. When I spoke to him he "hinted" at his intentions. I did not

react to this because he had done this before as a means of seeking attention.

He was in Orlando and my entire family was in Miami for the holiday. I didn't

inform anyone of his tone because I felt we was just trying to, again, ruin

the holiday.

My Grandfather returned to Orlando approximately two days after Christmas and

found Michael. He had left a note advising his burial wishes and requesting

prayer from the family. He removed all his jewlery, drank enough alcohol to

thin the blood, turned the heater on in the bathroom (again to thin the blood)

and slit his wrists.

When I got the phone call from my Aunt, she didn't even have to tell me what

happened. I knew. I was devistated at the fact that he was gone and I had

done nothing to prevent it.

In the following months I had many strange events take place. It started by a

wiccan witch at my work repeatedly giving me "messages" from my uncle. I then

started having dreams where my uncle would be speaking to me. In general I

would write this off to the stress caused by his death, but he was telling me

things that I would have no knowledge of. I was able to verify all of the

information he had given me during the waking hours. To give you one example,

in one of the dreams he, in a very distressed tone, was telling me he had to

get in touch with Julie. I thought it strange when I woke up because I had no

knowledge of any Julie. It was so realistic that I called my Grandmother who

informed me that Julie was his AA spouncer who he would speak to when ever he

was depressed or suicidal. She went on to advise me that Michael had tried to

contact Julie the night of his death but she was unavailable.

I began searching for guidence from churches. I finally found a church that

was able to assist me. I spoke to the Pastor about the recent events. He

advised me that this was a very bad situation and requested that a group of

church memebers be aloud to pray for me. I agreed. As they were praying for

me I started to feel........well uncomfortable isn't a strong enough word. I

started to feel as if I may throw up. I told the Pastor I needed to leave to

use the restroom. He advised me that I needed to let go of my Uncle. Now as

a rational person this seems like a small reasonable request. As I think back

on it I am amazed at my reaction. I almost got violent. I went into

hysterics, crying, panicing, rocking back and forth..... I did vomit at this

point. I began to understand that I was dealing this something too big for me

to handle alone. I held my breath and used every ounce of energy I could call

upon and said I let Michael go and that I didn't want him around any more. My

first reaction was a feeling that I had betrayed a family member.... but then

I saw it. This grotesque black.... mass leaving my body. It was like pure

evil. I was in shock. It spead away and left the room.

I felt so much better. I knew that thing was not any part of my Uncle.

Because of my facination with the super natural I knew what it was. It was a

familiar spirit. (I am assuming that you are aware of the term) It made

perfect sence. Its like if something were watching our entire lives, like a

movie, it would be aware of every move we had ever made.

Through my desparation to understand my Uncles action on Christmas Eve, I had

inadvertently began "speaking" to him, asking why he had done this. I opened

myself up to this ugly spirit that was full aware of all his action during his

life time. This spirit had pretended to be my Uncle that I wanted so much to

speak to. In the mean time, while I was running around trying to find answers

to what was going on I was distracted from what I was supose to be doing in my

life, my children, family and God. It accomplished what it had set out to do.

I truly believe that the world we live in and the spiritual relm do intersect

at times. I do not believe that we contact spirits of long gone loved ones or

souls that once inhabited our relm. Rather, spirits that have always existed

in the other relm and have their own reason for misguiding or distracting us

from our own lives. These spirits can be very convincing players, especially

to a willing audience.

I wish you the best of luck in your life and pray that the Holy Spirit will

protect and guide you in your works. I also pray that God will give you

wisdom and discernment to truly see what you are dealing with.

Uncle Emil


I just finished reading some of the experiences that other people have sent in

and would like to relate my own. It isn't scary or evil or anything like

that, it's just, well, unusual.

My grandmother lives in a mobile home on the same property as my parents home.

She moved there when I was 8 years old. When I still lived at home, I would

sleep over at my grandma's on the weekends and during the summer. Grandma is

a smoker, and has been for years, so her house usually smelled like cigarette

smoke, and it was pretty hard to smell anything other than that. But every

once in a while, for no apparent reason, you can smell rum and maple--usually

in Grandma's bedroom. My great-uncle Emil used to smoke rum and maple in his

pipe. Grandma believes that he watches over her. I never knew Uncle Emil (he

died long before I was born) but for some reason he seemed to have a special

affinity for me, especially after I met my now ex-fiance. Brian my

grandmother's back bedroom and the whole time he was there, I always smelled

Uncle Emil in that room--especially in the adjoining bathroom, close to the

toilet. Or he would "hang out" near my grandma's standing lamp in the living

room which was right next to Brian's bedroom door. I don't think Uncle Emil

liked him very much--Brian was not exactly the nicest person in the world.

When we were together I would "smell" Uncle Emil almost daily, especially if

Brian and I happened to be in the bedroom. But since he and I split up, I

almost never smell him anymore. I'm not the only one to have encountered

Uncle Emil, either. My grandma senses him all the time, and he's even been to

my parents house. But I don't think anyone has "smelled" him since Brian

left. It makes me think that he was watching out for me while I was with

Brian, because he knew what kind of person he was, and now that he's out of my

life, he doesn't have to anymore. I think he's still around though, he just

doesn't feel that it's necessary to make himself known. It makes me feel good

knowing that he's out there, watching over me.

My Father's Spirit


There is an experience I want to share with all of you other paranormal people, and also for those of you facing life after the recent death of a loved one. There is hope. My father passed away on August 28th, 1998. We were devastated by his loss, even though we were somewhat prepared for it. He always had a strong belief and faith in God and the Heavenly realms, but he also said that he would never leave us. As far as we know, he hasn't. A month after his death, my mother was sitting on the front porch, facing the window into the dining room of our home. The light from the kitchen was behind it. Suddenly, she saw a shadow cross the light in the dining room. It looked a lot like my father had before his death. Needless to say, she was upset, but she didn't tell me, for fear I would be upset as well. A few nights later, a friend of mine was sitting in the same chair, and saw a shadow crossing the porch. It looked like a person. A month after that, I was sitting in the same seat and saw my father stand up and walk into the dining room, but his shadow never crossed the light in front of the kitchen. I told my mother about this, and she was relieved and somewhat afraid that she was not the only one. I want to believe that my father made it to Heaven, but it is rather a relief to know that he wants to remain here with his family as well.

Good and Evil


The only thing that scares me is true evil,

nothing else. You can feel it. Sometimes, I lay in bed, thinking

about things, only to have my mind wander into something that strikes

fear. I have had multiple experiences, some dream, some real. I

think the first experience I had with poltergeists (I guess that's what you'd

call it) was in a dream. There was a lot of stress in my life, I was in

the 8th grade. My grandpa used to own a duplex, which we now own.

The first time I saw the place, I refused to go inside...the place gave me the

creeps. One night, maybe a few months to a year after living there, I had

a dream. Most landscapes and scenery are not recreated realistically in

dreams, but in my dream, I thought I was awake. I heard a small stomping,

starting on the second floor, moving down, growing louder as it got closer, and

a voice said something to me which I do not recall...I got out of bed and went

to the bottom of the stairs where I could feel something at the top. I

could not see it, it was invisible. It was a feeling. It screamed at

me and ran into me, at which point I woke up and turned on the


Several other occurances like this happened, not

too frequently, but throughout the years. One while I was in high school,

very similar to the previously described, but this time in my grandparents

house. But the one that stands out in my mind the most was in the house we

are now living in. I had gone into a deep depression and

self-hatred. One night I had a dream. My dad stood over me as I lay

in bed. He didn't seem to be like my dad though...he had strange

intents. He reached into me, rummaging wrist-deep into my guts. It

was as if he were a ghost. But when I awoke, I was somehow frozen. I

could not move or speak. a black, hooded figure stood over me, wrist-deep

in my guts, as my father in the dream. Upon noticing me, it stared at me,

moved back slowly...nodded it's head from side to side, and then faded

away. The event was very real, I knew I was no longer dreaming. I

turned on my lights and refused to be alone.

The most recent occurence was when I was having

trouble believing in God. One night, after trying to deny the existance

thereof, I had a dream. It was realistically recreated as in the other

dreams, and similar in structure. I found myself in bed (which is not too

far from the my closet in front of it) and I sat up. The room was dark,

and suddenly filled with a hateful presence that heightened. Suddenly, my

closet doors burst open, and a rush came toward me. The best way to

visually describe the rush was a distortion similar to what the invisible

Predator looks like. It dived out of the closet onto my body, forcing it's

way into my body. It made it halfway into my body, unable to force out my

unwilling soul. I cried to God and confessed my belief and sorrow, at

which point it left, I awoke, and slept with a copy of the bible next to my bed

with the lights on. I'm not a better Christian after having this happen to

me, maybe a lot of you think I should be. But after resolving troubles in

my life, I have not had these problems. I have learned to avoid things

that are evil, though I am not perfect.The thing that makes me know that

evil is real, is that I've seen it. My advice: Don't let anyone tell

you what to believe in, or what to do. If it makes you feel evil, or

uncomfortable, avoid it. Everyone has a




In May of 1995, my fiance was driving home to Pontiac, Michigan. She had

recently moved into a new apartment and was not familiar with the area. She

took a wrong turn and was going the wrong way on a one way street. Before she

quickly turned around, she noticed a dog walking across the street. She

pulled over and discovered a poodle that was very dirty and obviously very

hungry. She took the dog home and discovered that his owner just didn't want

him anymore. We adopted him and we became inseparable. At the time my fiance

found the poodle, he was already 12 years old. He was found on a street

called "Widetrack" so we named him Widetrack.

Widetrack lived very happily with us for 3 1/2 years. Because of the many

years of neglect he suffered, by the time he was 15 years old, he began to

have strokes and died in my arms in August 1997. We buried him in a pet

cemetary a few miles from our home. Because he lived to be an old dog,

Widetrack walked slowly. You could hear his toe nails click on the linoleum

floor of our kitchen floor. On certain days, in the late afternoon, his toe

nails can still be distinctly heard on the kitchen floor. Widetrack had a

habit of pushing his head up under my legs when I was sitting down to let me

know he was there and wanted to be picked up to be next to me. At times I can

feel a knudge under my legs as if he is still around. Widetrack would curl up

with me on the couch and I would put my arm around him. At times I will wake

up from a deep sleep as I feel his body next to mine. At times I can hear him

breathing as if he is sleeping next to me on the couch. It seems that

"Widetrack" finally found the love he was looking for in our house that had

eluded him for the first 12 years of his life. Since he lived with us for

only 3 1/2 years, it seems he was not ready to go yet and is still enjoying

the love and comfort of our home. I hope he stays for a long time.

The Shadow Figure


When I was a teenager (about ten years ago) I had a friend who lived in a

strange house. All sorts of weird things happened there and his whole family

felt the house was haunted. I experienced a few too many occurences there and

needless to say I believe now. Everything from seeing shadows, to footsteps,

doors slamming, washing machines going on by themselves, you name it. I know

alot can be explained but I don't think there's an answer for this. My friend

and I were working out in his basement one winter night. We had the stereo on

in the other room and the volume went down by itself. We went and turned it up

but something turned it down again and again. I'd normally say the stereo was

defective but you have to turn a knob for the volume. It was turned. Anyway,

after a while we heard footsteps run up the stairs, a door slammed then ran up

the stairs above to the second floor, and another door slammed. We checked it out,

no one was home. I left and had to walk three streets or so away to my house.

As I left his backyard I looked back to see his back light go off and on. I

was about 300 ft. away now and could see a dark shadow like figure standing

there as the light went off and on. It had no face really, just the outline of

a body and all black. Finally the light went off, and it started to walk

towards me. I have to tell you that the switch for the light was inside. I got

a little nervous and kept walking, faster, and faster. Now it was running real

fast. I booked it, slipped and fell on the ice. I could hear it coming so I

just got up and ran. I didn't look back, ran through a yard, hopped a brook

and ran home. I got home and no one was there. I thought now I'm in trouble.

But whatever it was left me in the yard by the brook. I immediately called my

friend, thinking it was him and he wouldn't be home yet. He answered. I asked

how he got home so fast? There was no way it could've been him. The next day I

looked and saw footprints in the snow following mine to the brook, they

departed and headed towards the swamp through another yard. The next night I

was working out in another friend's basement. This house was next door to the

one I was in the night before. We heard a BOOM on the bulkhead, then I saw the

same figure in the basement window. I then told my friend what happened the

night before. I left his house and the figure popped out from behind the house

and just ran full force. I got home safely again, this time running a

different way.The thing that gets me was this thing was fast, almost too fast

to be human. I think it could've caught me but it seems it just didn't want me

there. It scared the heck out of me and I'll never forget it.

Stories from Western PA


While I was working security for a local firm in Pittsburgh for most of

last year and the year before I was posted at a hospital in Kennedy Township.

This hospital was on a hill just south of the city and had a spectacular

view of the Golden Triangle from many floors and the roof. But behind

the hustle of a working hospital was a few forgotten secrets that popped

up now and then especially for me.

I remember the first time I had arun in with the supernatural. It was about

three thirty in the morning

and I was on one of my usual security rounds. I was near the old

I.C.U. in a wing of the hospital that was very much unused. I checked

the doors as I went down the hall and found them all to be locked.

As I rounded the corner and headed for the main hallway, I distinctly heard

a door shut and two people talking very quietly to each other and then

another door opened and shut and there was silence.I was shocked

to think that someone had slipped past me in a well light hallway and that

I had mistaken a locked door for an open one was ridiculous. So I

went back to check the hall and the hair on the back of my neck stood up

and I felt that I was being watched from all sides.  I lost my courage

and hightailed it to the doors out of there and didn't look back till I

was in my office.I never did find out what it was that made the

noise nor did I care.

The second time was in the school

of nursing that was affiliated with the hospital and right across from

the main building. It was about five in the morning and I was opening

the doors for the morning when I saw a light that hadn't been on all night

on the third floor. I went upstairs to turn it off and while I was

going up the steps I could have swore I heard whispering in the stairwells.

I shook it off as nothing and started down the hall and as I got about

halfway down the light went out and the door slammed shut. When that

happened I stopped cold in my tracks and started to freak. Then one

by one the rest of the doors from the far end of the hall began to slam

shut. I again turned tail and ran as fast as I could out of the building.

I got to the bottom and ran into the night maintenance man and told him

what happened. Together we went up and checked the third floor.

The building was a convent before it's conversion to a school of nursing

and the top floor was odd because it was empty now and yet had shower rooms

in it that were stacked with old files and such. The old cells were

wall to wall with the same. Most of them had no light bulbs in them

and we found that all the doors were shut. But what was odd was the

rooms at the end where the slamming started had no doors to speak of at

all. When we got to the room that I saw the light on in I was nervous

as heck. It to had no door or light bulb. The air felt electric

and the smell of rotten eggs was weak but noticeable but just as soon as

we noticed it, then it was gone.I chalked that experience up to sleep

depravation and never thought of it again. About two weeks later

I was performing the same task and was again at the school of nursing.

I had already opened all the other doors and was going to cut through the

building to get the last door. Now as before I was the only one with

the key for this building and I knew that the doors were locked from the

previous shift. There was again no way for anyone to be in the building.

As I fumbled with the keys and unlocked the first door I had to go through

the same stairwell that I had heard the whispering in before to get to

the last door. I was just in the door and in the foyer when I heard

a laugh that made my bones begin to shake. It was deep and almost

menical sounding. I stood there and got enough bravery to look down

the hall to see that there was nothing there but the sound of laughter.

I backed slowly out of the building and went around the side to get the

last door from the outside. from that time on I did not enter the

building unless it was a dire emergency.

My last encounter was a little amusing.

It was towards the end of my tour at the hospital in January of '98.

I was walking around whistling a favorite tune of mine when I forgot the

rhythm. I couldn't seem to get the notes right when all of the sudden

I heard it like someone was standing right behind me. They whistled

the right set of notes and I picked it up from there like nothing happened

as I went to get a cup of coffee and was leaving the hall this happened

in I said thanks for the help and I felt a reassuring, gentle tap on my

shoulder as if whatever it was, I think it was trying to say your welcome.

Believe it or not, all of this is

true and I would bet my money on it that if you go yourself you might just

see what I'm talking about. for those of you in the Pittsburgh area

contact for directions.

The Ghost Party


Hello everyone,

I've been reading the stories at this page for a while now and finally got

up enough nerve to tell you about a few of mine. I live in a haunted house in

the South Side of Chicago. The house is about 110 years old and has been in

my family since it was built. Let me give you a bit of info on the layout, so

you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

The First floor was a neighborhood tavern and hall from about 1890 until

1945, The second floor is the apartment where My Great-grandparents lived.

The tavern still has the old Bar and most of the old fixtures intact.

Basically it's now become a place where me and my friends hang out have

parties etc. That's the first story. First of all we have multiple ghosts

that we know of; My Grandparents, Great-grandparents, Aunts, Cousins and a few

other assorted ones that we haven't figured out why they're here yet. any

way, on with the story, it seems (according to family tales) that the bar was

very active during the 20's, the prohibition years, seems the place never got

raided, and it also seems that the parties from then haven't stopped. Every

so often, if I'm falling asleep down here, I'll begin to hear laughter, music,

the sounds of glasses and bottles being moved and used, things like that, Some

friends of mine have even reported having seen a party going on reflected in

the mirrored part of the back bar, all in the clothes of the 20's and 30's. It

seems these spirits even party with us at times, me and a lot of my friends

like the music of that time period, and there have been sightings of couples

on the dance floor. Pictures seem to smile back at people, and voices and

cold spots are common. Plus the first floor kitchen (the one that used to

serve the hall) never gets warm, It will be ninety degrees outside, but about

forty in there. Not only that, but it seems that people that have gotten

under the "family's' skin find it hard to enter the house again, much less

stay there. the funny thing is, since I'm told I'm an exact likeness of My

Grandfather I keep getting asked why I was standing in a spot and watching

that person, Usually when this happens, I'm upstairs or even outside, I guess

its just my grandfather playing tricks...

Well, this tale has gone on long enough, I'd be happy to share more of the

stories with you so, Please E-mail me at if you want to hear

more. Thanks for listening.

Psychic Forerunner

by: Anonymous

I wanted to send you a quick summary of a very strange experience I had.

I don't know if it's exactly the same as a ghost, but about a year after

this happened to me, I stumbled onto a possible answer on the Internet.

Here it goes:

Almost two years ago, I was going into my first semester of graduate

school. As it was a small, private college, they weren't quite yet set

up on the web to do web-based registration - new incoming students had

to go to their advisor's office to turn in their schedule plan.

I had worked hard to get into graduate school and was very excited about

the upcoming semester. I planned my schedule out carefully and had it

all ready to go.

We had a window of one week in which to go to the advisor's office to

get classes. No appointments, just windows of time each day. I reported

to the University after work on the second day of the week and headed to

the office of the advisor listed in my acceptance letter.

When I got there, I knocked on the door and was cheerfully told to come

in. I walked in and held out my hand for a handshake to introduce


The advisor looked befuddled for a second, then took my hand.

I said hello and introduced myself. Her face wrinkled up a bit, and she

said politely, "Yes, I remember."

I said, "You remember? I'm a new student, I haven't been here yet."

She looked very confused now. "Well, you were in here yesterday

registering for class."

I told her that I hadn't been there because I'd had a schedule conflict

the day before; this was the first day I was able to make it. I assured

her I hadn't been there.

She appeared to be getting a little exasperated. She began to describe

the outfit I was wearing - very significant to her because none of the

other students came in wearing formal business suits. (I already had a

professional job and wore business suits every day.) She had even

commented on how nice the black suit was, and how she was glad she

didn't have to wear expensive suits to work like I did.

She was beginning to scare me. I repeated that I hadn't ever been there


She conceded, and I sat down.

She asked for clarification on the spelling of my last name, and opened

her filing cabinet. She pulled out a manila file from her incoming

student files and placed it on the desk.

She asked for my class requests and I handed them over.

She opened my file and, after a few moments, looked up and said I was

already registered.

I told her that was impossible. There was no phone or web registration

yet and I hadn't been to see the advisor until that very day. They

couldn't possibly have known my class choices. This was getting very,

very weird.

Rather than make a scene, I fumbled around and told her I must have been

mistaken, maybe I was just stressed out, etc. I'm sure she considers me

a very strange bird, indeed. As it is a fairly small campus, I've seen

her around several times, and she never talks to me.

To wrap this up, while I was surfing the internet a few months ago, I

was casually wandering around some "paranormal" websites and saw

something mentioned that made me feel dizzy and frightened.

The website spoke of something called a "psychic forerunner", or a

"Vardogr". This apparition is the exact psychic double of its

flesh-and-blood counterpart, and may sometimes precede the person who is

planning on going somewhere that they may be looking forward to going

to. The website said that they weren't considered dangerous, or

frightening, just odd. Well, it sure frightened me. To this day, I

can't explain how I went and got myself registered for classes the day

before I physically went there. It hasn't happened again, but once was

enough to really scare me.

Hallway Haunt


This happened to my sister in 1973 in an old district of Baltimore near

the Maryland College of Art. She would be too embarrassed to write you

but I will. I will state here strongly that she did not use drugs or


She was in her apartment - in an old brick building- one evening. She

decided to go into the living room,and walked up the hall. She ran

"into" something - could not get past it - but it was invisible. She was

terrified. She tells me that something told her it was enormous,

cylindrical in shape and penetraed not just her apartment. She turned

and fled to her bedroom where she cowered for a long time. Eventually

she came out and the thing - whatever it was- was gone. She asked

neighbors if anyone else had had odd experiences but they denied it. My

sister is totally sane.

The Deep Growl


I am a highschool senior now and reading the stories on this website brought

back the memory of an incident that I experienced when I was in eighth grade.

I was at a sleep over at a friends house, there were about five of us spending

the night at one friends house. At one point in the party we played hide and

go seek. My best friend Al (not his real name) and I were hiding in the only

unfurnished room in the house, it was about three o'clock in the afternoon.

We were in the room hiding in a corner and out of no where we both got

extremely cold, unusual because the heat was at full blast in the house and

everyone else was sweating. Alvin and I looked at each other and then heard a

very deep and scary growl, like something was growling in my ear something not

human or animal. Both of us ran out of the room and found the rest of our

friends. The friend who lived in the house believed us, he said no one else

in his family wanted to live in that room because strange things happened,

that's why it was unfurnished. Just to be sure it wasn't my imagination,

Alvin and I went outside to see if there were any animals that may have made

the sound, but the only animal in sight was an old cat who was confined to the

garage the whole afternoon and could not have possibly made the noise. All of

us spent the night on the first floor rather than take our chances of running

into something on the second floor where the unfurnished room was. On other

visits to that house, my friend, a Muslim told me that that was the only room

without a religious symbol in it. Muslims don't have crosses or crucifixes,

but some do put up plaques with phrases from the Koran written on them in

Arabic. That was the first experience I had. The second happened in 1997,

when I was a junior in high school. There are rumors that the school is

haunted by everything from a former student to a Native American who died

there when California belonged to Spain, some of the teachers and custodial

staff have had experiences and most believe there is a presence in the school

but no one is sure of what it is. One, day after correcting papers after

school for the head of the Math Department, to earn service hours I began to

lock up his office. He told me all I had to do was turn off the

lights, lock the door and close it. He had left me his keys and I began

closing up, leaving the papers I corrected in a very neat pile on his desk. I

did everything like he asked me to and closed the door and walked to my

locker, which was directly across the hall from the Math Department office. I

gathered up my belongings and then as I turned around, got the same cold

feeling I did in eighth grade. I saw through the glass part of the door that

the lights were on and the papers I had corrected and left in a neat pile were

spread all over the desk, like someone had flung them very roughly. I checked

the door and it was locked. There was another way into the office, from an

adjacent classroom but it was locked. I inspected the hall quickly and the

custodians were no where near the office and I would have heard them if they

opened the door because I was at my locker which faces the office. I looked

again and the lights were still this point I heard the same kind of

growl that I had heard so many years before. I just turned and walked down

the hallway to the nearest exit, as fast as I could. The next day I talked to

the head of the math department and told him what had happened the day before.

He believed me and told me that the same thing had happened to him a year ago.

I don't know if the two incidents are connected but if anyone can shed some

light on the subject please email me, Thank You

Mischievous Little Boy Ghost


OK here's my story. It all started when I was about 6, my little sister

was about two. At this time my parents were still together. My little

sister and I shared a room, our bed was just below the window, it was a

full sized bed. Every night I would have a nightmare, never the same

one, but I would wake terrified and I's get my teddy bear and go sleep

in my parents bed. Well one night I had a dream that I being chased by a

man with a blurred face. He was tall about 6 foot, that's huge when your

only 6. He was wearing a hat and he had a deformed right hand, his

fingers were very long, thin and sharp. He chased me down an unfamiliar

street to a dead end. I turned around and there he was lifting his

hidious hand as if he was going to slash my face. He said in a crusty

voice "Poor innocent child, didn't do a thing and now she will..." Then

I woke up suddenly terrified. I looked around the room it was dark and

my sister was laying asleep. I grabbed my teddy and dashed down the hall

into my parents room. I screamed "daddy daddy I had a bad dream!" so he

scooted over and let me crawl into bed between him and my mom. I

couldn't go back to sleep in fear that man would come back. So I laid

there and starred at the hall closet, cause I could see light reflecting

off it that was coming from my room. I started to doze off when I saw a

shadow on the closet coming from my room. It was a tall shadow with a

hat and a deformed right hand. I sank into the bed saying "daddy daddy

wake up that mans in my room he's going to hurt Lindsay! DADDY!! WAKE UP

MOMMY!!" my dad just muttered it just a shadow of your teddy bear. Then

I looked at where my teddy was and he was gone. I looked back up at the

shadow, and my dad was right it was now a shadow of my teddy bear. I

distinctly remember grabbing him when I ran out of my room. For the next

few years nothing strange happened and I totaly forgot that night as if

it never happened. Then when I was about 11, my sister was 7, we still

lived in that house and my sister and I still shared that room, except

now we had separate beds. mine was by the wall and hers by the door. One

night she went to her friends house, and I was alone in the room. I was

halfway asleep and rolled over because I was uncomfortable, and i saw a

small white figure by my sisters bed, at first I thought it was my

sister and I said "Go to bed!" then I realized she wasn't home. I was

fully awake now and I looked at it and it put it's hand out as if it

wanted me to hold it's hand I screamed "DAD!!" as he walked in the door

it vanished started with it's feet. Then about 6 months later in the

winter time and I begged my dad to let my cat, who've we had for about 9

years, in the house. He was sweet natured cat who would never hurt a fly

let alone me, the one who spoiled him rotten. Well that night he slept

with me on our new bunck beds on the top. It was about 1:00 in the

morning when my cat woke me up, he was sitting on my face suffacating

me. I pushed him off and he started hissing at me. I looked and said

"peaches?" then he tried to scratch my face. I pushed him back and he

reared up like a bear and making a screaming noise.I kicked him off the

bed and reached out for the light switch. He jumped and clawed my hand.

it was bleeding really bad. So I decided to do what I always do and

yelled for my dad. He walked in and turned on the light and said "WHAT?"

I told him what happened and we both looked at my cat who was sitting on

the floor purring and looking at my dad so innocently. This happened a

few times. Basically the exact same thing! Then the last weird event was

after christmas dinner when I was about 14 I was about to take a

shower,I walked in and looked in mirror and I saw my reflection at first

then it faded away to revael a young woman dressed the 1920's type of

clothes and next to her holding her hand was a little boy about 3 or 4. I

wasn't really afraid, but I was scared enough to where I couldn't move

or yell. She looked at me, then the boy, then at me and whispered "I'm

sorry for what my son has been doing to you, we are leaving now" and

they vanished and my reflection came back. Nothing else weird happened

to me while I lived in that house!

Flying Yo-Yo


A couple of years ago, while living at home with my parents I had a very

freaky experience. It may not sound like much in writing but it was definately

something I will never forget. It happened in the basement of the house,

right in my bedroom. It was a very hot summer night, my dog and I were lying

on my bed watching t.v. I had a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo hanging from the tile

ceiling in my room. There was absolutely no breeze blowing through the

window. Suddenly I got a huge chill and that yo-yo began spinning wildly

around and around. I sat there in complete shock while this went on for a few

seconds. Then just as quickly as it started spinning it stopped. When it

stopped though it somehow became untied and came crashing to the floor and

broke completely in half. While this was going on my dog was in total

hysterics and when I gained my composure I hi-tailed it out of that room and

did not return during the night for a very long time.

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