Wyoming Log Cabin Ghosts

by: Sttarr@webtv.net

I want to start this at the begining so you fully understand what

happened. My mother, father, little brother and I live in North

Carolina for most of my childhood. My father got laid off from his job

and had to seek other employment. A friend of my fathers had moved away

a few years earlier. They stayed in contact through letters and phone

calls. His friend invited him to come out and see this little town in

Wyoming called Wheatland. He had been telling my father how nice it was

out there for years.

After usuccesful attempts to find work, my father decided to take his

friend up on his offer. I was in the beginning of my sophmore year and

my brother had just started seventh grade. We arrived in Wheatland and

stayed with my dads friend until we could find a place of our own.

Luckily his friend was managing three apartment buildings, so we moved

in to our own apartment.

My father has always been the type to like living miles away from

civilization, and the apartment life was getting to him. So my mother

and father set out to find another place to live. I don't know how they

came across this house exactly, all I remember is one day dad said him

and mom had a house they wanted us to see. That afternoon they took us

to see it. It was about thirty miles out of Wheatland in a little place

known as El Rancho. The house was on a dirt road with only three other

families living on it. One of those people was our landlord and one was

our landlords cousin. The other family had lived there almost as long as

our landlord had.

Our house was the last one on the road. It sat down in a valley and had

two big hills right in front of the house, making it impossible to see from

any road. My brother and I got out to inspect the place and saw the big

hill to the left of the house. We decided that we could see alot more

from up there so we climbed to the top to take a look around. The place

had a creek down to the right of the house, and had an old barn on the

waters edge. In front of that barn was a fenced in area used for storing

hay bales. Across from that was a big Quanset Hut. The hut was empty

and you could tell it had been used mainly for fixing cars. Right

behind the house on the left hand side was an old two story log cabin

that was falling in on the back side. It had only a few windows left in

it and one of them faced the house. The landlord told us that it was

built in the 1800's by two brothers from Kentucky. We never paid much

attention to it, but it soon became something that would grab the

attention of us all.

We moved in the house about three days later and unpacked and got

everything put in its place. For about the first three months

everything went normal. My brother and I were already in school and had

found our new bus stop which was at the restraunt about three miles away

from the house. My brother and I always loved to be outside, we were

always together, if you saw one of us the other was not to far away. We

spent all of our spare time outside playing and finding new adventures

to explore. One day we were playing out by the creek like we had done

many times before. We were knelt down by the water messing with

something, I don't really remember what, when my brother nudged me on

the shoulder and told me to look up. I looked up and saw this little

boy and a blonde colored dog standing about twenty yards down the creek

on the opposite side we were on. We both were a little confused about

him being there because we were unaware of any other kids living in the

area. except for the ones that lived beside the restraunt. The kid we

saw was about eight or nine years old and was wearing a red shirt and

jeans. After sitting there looking at him for what seemed to be five

minutes the boy began to walk away, so we decided to go talk to him. We

walked to the other side of the creek and down towards the area he was

standing at, only to find that he was not there. We looked all around

and saw nothing. The creek had a few trees on each side all the way

down and then it was nothing but a big field that stopped at the base of

the hill our house and the old cabin was on. We were standing on the

edge of the field and knew the boy could not run fast enough to be out

of sight before we could walk across the creek. We looked for a little

while longer and then just figured that maybe he had went on down the

creek. My brother nor I had never seen him before so we thought maybe

he was down visiting someone in the neighborhood. Later that night we

told our parents about seeing this little boy and they came to the same

conclusion we did.

As time passed we kept seeing the little boy but we could never catch

him. Strange things started happening in the house like strange noises

coming from the basement and clatering ourside our bedroom window. My

brother and I shared a room so we were always together when we would

hear these noises. Well I guess my dad got interested in the sightings

of this boy, so one day when him and my mother were at the landlords

house they asked if there was a little boy that lived in the area. We

no longer thought he was just visiting because it had been about six

months since the first sighting. Nobody visits for that long.

When they asked the question they got the answer we were afraid of. No

little children lived any where near our house. At least not in a twenty

mile radius. That meant that the boy was not normal by far. To my

brother and I that made him more interesting than before. The next time

we saw him he was sitting on the top of the hay in the fenced in area of

the front yard. My brother and I were right in front of the house

playing in the driveway. We decided to run really fast and try to talk

to him. The boy let us get about half way there before moving, he just

sat there looking at us. Then he jumped down from the hay bail and ran

around it to the back side which was out of our site. We ran even

faster trying to get close to him. When we got there he was gone.

This went on for a year and a half, then something new happened. We

were in our bedroom trying to go to sleep and talking about one thing or

another. My bed was right under the front window to the house and his

was under the side window of the house. I always slept with my window

open at night because it would get stuffy in the room. While we were

talking I heard a noise outside my window, I motioned to my brother to

stop talking and he heard it too. At first it sounded like single

footsteps then the footsteps got faster. After that it seemed like alot

of footsteps. They were walking on the gravel driveway which was maybe

six feet from my window. My brother looked out his window first to see

if there was a person or a shadow of a person infront of the house. He

saw nothing. Then I decided to look out mine. There was nothing there,

but the footsteps where louder than before. It scared the life out of

me so I layed back down.The footsteps were pacing right in front of the

house. We looked at each other and decided after about five minuted it

was time to go get dad. We ran in to our parents room and woke him up.

He put on his shoes and grabbed his pistol to go check things out. When

he went outside we followed, there was nothing there and the footsteps

had stopped.

The noises and sightings of the little boy went on for the next year.

Then another sighting took place this time it was a woman. I saw her in

a window in the old cabin just looking out into the never ending fields.

I stared at her for a few moments not believing my eyes and then looked

away. When I looked back a few seconds later she was gone. I knew

better than try to go find her, because I knew she would not be there.

The next one was what made my mother a believer. My father had seen the

boy himself so he knew we were telling the truth. My mom on the other

hand had never experienced it for herself. She was down stairs in the

basement, which is where the washer and dryer was located and heard

someone calling her. My father, brother and I had went in town to get

some groceries. My mother went up stairs thinking we had forgot

something. When she got there she found nothing, nobody was home except


June came and my father had given me permission to fly home and spend

the summer with my sister in North Carolina. I spent the whole summer

there and then decided I wanted to stay for my senior year. My parents

did not like the idea but respected my decision.

Hunting season came and my father and brother went out of town with

friends to Snowy Range, which is known for good size deer and big game.

They were to be gone for three weeks. That left my mother alone. She

had a friend that came over alot and stayed a couple nights with her,

but for the most part she was by herself.

Everything went ok until the day before my father was coming home. My

mom was at the kitchen sink washing dishes, were you could look up and

see the old log cabin through the window. She looked out the window and

saw something that took her breath away. She saw a lady standing in the

second story window in the front of the cabin. She was wearing a white

dress and was very bright. My mother stood there for about thirty

minutes and the lady never moved, she just stood there looking out the

window. Eventually my mother got scared and couldn't take no more. She

grabbed the keys to the truck and headed for town. She stayed that

night with her friend.

The next day my father found her at her friends and she expained what

happened. About three months later I came home and they told me what

happened. My dad decided to open his own business, so we needed a place

closer to town. We moved out about four months later and have not been

back since. I don't know what happened to the place or why the ghosts

were there, but I do know that they are real and looking for something.

Now we all live in Texas and often sit and talk about that old cabin,

because to us it was an on going mystery.

Evil is Out There

by: pssim@ebtech.net

It all started when I was about 13 years old. My mother was practising witchcraft

(which I later learned about) and she had the neighbour lady over for coffee one

day. This lady was supposedly the head witch of this white magic cult. She, my

mother and I were sitting at our kitchen table when she got up out of her seat

and said I feel a presence in this house. She walked to my parents

bedroom door and said The presence is in here. That made my hair stand

on end. She said Do you ever have anything strange going on in or around this

bedroom? My mother tripped my memory off by saying, As a matter of fact

we do. My parents home was over 100 years old at the time(whether or not that

has any bearing, I don't know. My mother told her that no matter when or how you

closed the door, it would always be open a crack when you returned. Or that we could be

sitting right in the living room (outside the door) and you would literally watch it creak

open.   My mother also told her that whenever our cat was anywhere in the radious of

one foot from the door, it would put its head between its front paws and do a somersault

right there and then continue on its way like nothing ever happened.(The cat was never

seen doing this anywhere else in the house besides in front of the bedroom door.) This

lady said It's just what I thought. A woman died in this bedroom years ago

and her spirit can't get any farther than the room. So when the door opens, it is her

looking out. Trying to get out. There went my hair standing on end again. This story

freaks me when I tell it. I don't tell it to too many people because it's the unknown and

they don't want to believe it.They look at you like you've lost your marbles. I often

wondered if I had. Being 13, I was very skeptacle and thought she was just trying to

scare us. Anyhow, a couple of weeks later I asked the old woman who lived next door if

there was anything weird about our house (since she was born in her house and raised

there). She said that a woman had died in the front bedroom many years before. I asked

her if she knew this woman whom my mother had had over for coffee and she said No.

She said that she preferred to keep to herself and didn't mingle with the neighbours. I

ask you. Since this witch woman was newer in the neighbourhood How could she have

known that? Trudging on. About 4 months after her first visit I was walking around our

house with my mother, watching her put stars on all of our windowpanes. I asked her

why and she told me it was so no evil spirits could get in.   (I found out later that she was

actually welcoming them in by doing that). One night about 3 months later I was in a

deep sleep. My room only illuminated by my alarm clock, my door shut.   I was

awakened by a mans breathing. A heavy, deep, loud, almost panicky breathing sound. I

sat up in my bed, fully awake now and listened. The moment I sat up, it stopped. I

thought to myself Whew, I was only dreaming. I had only been sitting there for about 10

seconds when it started again, only louder this time. I had my eyes open when I heard it.

I plugged my ears and started to freak. I was flailing around, kicking and screaming Oh

my God, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy......... until my dad finally came bargeing through the

door. He turned on the light and saw me freaking and said What in the hell is the matter.

I kept kicking with my eyes shut and yelling et it out Daddy. Something's in my room.

Get it out. Oh my God please get it out. It's under the bed or something. He yelled

What's in your room? I was frantic and I screamed back, There's a man breathing in

here, get it out, oh please get it out. He sat down on the side of my bed and grabbed

ahold of me and said There's nothing in here, I checked. It's okay and he held me close.

When I finally got to look at him, he had panick and terror in his eyes. He could tell that

I wasn't freaking for no reason.  I was a very good child and never told any big lies like

that one would be. He got me calmed down and I went back to sleep.Ever since then,

this whatever has followed me to different places I have lived as an adult. I once saw

the sillouette of a man in the hallway from my bed. Once again woken up by the feeling

someone was watching me. I have a younger sister. 7 years younger. One day at my

parents about 6 years ago, our family was discussing that night in my room many years

before which my sister never knew about. All of a sudden, she started to cry. I gave her

a hug and asked what was wrong and she said that she had seen a ghost of a lady

standing outside my bedroom door years earlier. She described what she was

wearingand than she said that she just turned to a skeleton and the bones just fell into a

heap on the floor. She also said she had kept this secret from anyone for fear everyone

would think that she was lying. The look on my parents face was priceless. Now I know

that they really do believe that there was something in my room that night. My mom

had since all this, turned christian and threw out everything on witchery but I've been

told that this thing was following me because I was never properly prayed for to

completely rid me of it. I started to go to church and have never had another episode. I

have left out a few small happenings for fear of running out of room, but believeyou-me,

the unknown is scary and it is really out there. Just like God is there for us, so are evil

sprits, or lost spirits etc. roaming this earth. If you don't beleive it, it's because you

haven't experienced it and I hope you never do.

Ghost Dreams

by: boltz1@ibm.net

I had a very awful experience with ghosts.I will explain to you. When I

first moved into my boyfriends house, everything was going great. I had

no idea that his house was haunted nor that anyone had died in it. His

mother had lived there since he was born and had many boyfriends. Well,

one of them had a heart attack in the bathroom and died. People say that

he was a real jerk. Anyways, when my man was 18, his mother died. After

that had happened, he said that he knew she was watching over him. He

said that he would see her on some rare occasions, like when him and his

ex-girlfriend would fight. Well, one morning at around 5:30am, I saw a

shadow of a man that I thought at first to be my boyfriend, but he had

already gone to work. I had this terrible horrible feeling in my gut. He

had walked from my side of the bed to the door then I felt someone

trying to pull me out of bed. I had been in and out of sleep up until

that point. I instantly was wide awake. I did not sleep again til the

next night. My theory on this was that the man that I saw was a very bad

man and my boyfriends mom was trying to wake me up from the horrible

things that I was half dreaming.

Haunted New Orleans Hotel

by: LDDD1000@aol.com

My husband and I visit the beautiful town of New Orleans. With us are two

couples, one from San Diego and one from New Jersey. New Orleans is a great

city, whether or not you are interested in hauntings, beautiful sights and

full of history. We are staying at the ?Thomas Jefferson Hotel? (the hotel

next to the "corn row fence"). Beautiful hotel, great service, small rooms.

Anyone who has been to New Orleans knows how much fun you can have on Bourbon

Street, but I don't think that explains the following experience.

My husband and I had the smallest room and the room closest to the

courtyard. One night as we were going to sleep, or should I say, my husband

was asleep and I was trying to go to sleep, I felt something I have never felt

before. I felt an undulating current of air flowing over me. ( I know,

sounds weird). The air was not particularily cold, but it had an unusual

movement to it. Kind of an up and down wave pattern. My first instinct was

to giggle, this air simply felt funny. But after a few minutes, I started

wondering where this air current was coming from. I could not see any vents

or windows that could account for the unusal feeling of the air, but I assumed

there was an air conditioning vent under the bed that forced the air into this

weird pattern. I looked behind the bed but could see nothing. Finally, I

fell asleep, the next morning I had my husband pull the bed out from the wall

to locate the vent that caused the current, of course, there was no vent, so I

just dismissed the whole event.

The next night, our friends and us took a "ghost tour" (great fun!) We

toured much of the city and learned about some probable haunted sights. One

of the last stops we made, to our surprise, was to our hotel. Our guide told

us that the sight, once was the home of a "Boy's School". The school had

suffered from a tragic fire and many of the students had been lost to the

blaze. Our guide was not allowed on hotel grounds (the hotel did not want

the negative publicity), but she told us an interesting story. Many children

were lost in the fire. The hotel was reputed to be haunted by the ghosts of

the children who died in the fire. Our guide suggested that the ghosts were

very playful ( as children will be ), and that the hotel did not want the

publicity that a verified haunting would bring. She was very surprised that

we were staying at the hotel, and wanted to know if we experienced anything

unusal. Since we were guests, we invited her in to the courtyard and talked

about the stories she has heard surrounding the hotel. I did not tell her

about my experiences, I don't know why. But, I feel, I felt the presence of

the ghost of a child.

Grandmother's Watching

by: Chassie25@aol.com

My Grandmother died when I was a teenager. My daughter never knew her. When

she was 3 or 4 we were going through some old photo's and came across one of

my grandmother, who my daughter never seen. She said that was my grandmother

and that she had seen her before and had talked to her. I thought that was

pretty neat..It let me know that my grandmother is watching over us all.

The Voices and the Entity

by: Johanna450@aol.com

Hi. My name is Johanna and my story goes back to when I was around 12 or 13

years old. My sister (twin) had a bedroom up in the attic my father finished

off. He built a huge walk in closet. On both sides of the doorway entering

the closet was a picture of my grandfather and my greatgrandfather. One night

I was in the closet trying to select some clothes to wear to school the next

day and I heard the voice. It was a whisper and it called my name Johanna. I

heard it twice and got so scared I ran downstairs and told my folks. They

thought it was just my imigination. It seemed like everytime I was by myself

and I went into the closet, I would hear that whisper. It didn't happen all

the time. Just on occasion. It really scared me. Then one day, my twin

sister said she too heard a voice. This was the house we lived in New

Brunswick, NJ. I heard the voices off and on until we moved to another house

in East Brunswick. I though, good we are in another house I won't hear

anything. Soon after we moved in the house, my mother set up the ironing

board down the cellar. We would go down there to iron are clothes. One night

I was down the cellar ironing not even thinking about the voice and boom! I

heard that very faint call Johanna. I flew up the cellar stairs and didn't

say anything because I thought maybe I'm drinking too much coffee, I tried not

to believe I was hearing this again. Again, this would not happen all the time

but I never new when it would happen again and I was scared. If I had to go

down the cellar, I always asked my father to come down with me while I ironed.

Now something else started in this house in my bedroom. One night I was

sleeping in my room with the light out. I felt a presence like someone was

staring at me from across the room. I layed in my bed thinking I was being

stupid - just go to sleep I said to myself. It came closer and then went

away. Again another night I was sleeping and again I felt this presence

someone standing there all black and tall. I froze, I couldn't move, I

couldn't screem. I felt my bed tremble and I put the covers over my head and

hoped it would go away and it did that night. Another night again I felt this

presence only this time I actually felt this thing come over and lay on top of

me. I tried to scream, fight. I was paralyzed. I couldn't move. It felt

like it lasted for a number of minutes. Then it got off me and disappeared.

I through the light on in my room. I'm telling you, I have never been so

scared in my life. Questions running through my head yelling what is this?

This happened too often so I always slept with the light on. This never

happened when I had the light on. We lived in this house for around six

years. We now moved to another house down the road, still in East Brunswick,

NJ. I took a room that had a very old small looking closet. This house was

around 50 years old. I did not like the way I felt whenever I stood in front

of that closet. We were in this house for a couple of months and it started

again. I was sleeping one night and again I felt there was a presence in my

room. I knew it was there because I got very cold and I felt like I was

paralyzed again and could not move. This thing was not nice. I felt like it

was evil. It came over to my bed and again layed on time of me feeling like

it pinned me down. I through the light on again and slept with the light on.

This happened a number of times. I finally moved out of this house after 8

years and moved into a farm house sharing it some friends of mine. One

thing I forgot to mention is that the first house in East Brunswick - when I

was down the cellar ironing one night trying to whistle or do anything to not

let me think of hearing voices, I heard a voice call not my name but my

sisters name. I panicked and was screaming for my father to come downstairs.

To get back to the farmhouse now in Cranbury. The voices stopped. I no

longer hear voices calling my name but the presence is here again. I was in

my bedroom with my dog and I put the light out to go to sleep. I was laying

there a little while and I felt someone staring at me from across the room. I

thought oh know, not again. I layed there scared. I tried to reach over and

put the light on and I couldn't. I was frozen again. This thing came over

and layed on top of my. It was a pressure like someone actually laying on you

holding you down. My dog apparently did not do anything. One night this

happened so bad, I found myself trying to scream and I actually did. I ran

downstairs while my roommate was watching TV and sat and watched TV. I didn't

say anthing to him. I thought he would think I'm looney tunes. The next day

I contacted a psychic. I had to try and get an answer. This had been going

on too long. I explained to her my story and she said what I told her was

what she heard many times from other people. She called this an "entity".

She recommended I sleep with a cross in my room. and keep a nightlight on.

Well ever since then nothing had happened. I have since gotten married and

have lived in two other locations and nothing is happening. Its just that

since I was 12 yrs old and I am now 50, why me? Why was this thing bothering

me? Why was I hearing a voice calling my name?

Also, I recently went to a house that was supposed to be haunted over

halloween. They gave tours throughout the house by a well known psychic.

Before our group went into the house we were standing on a large porch and it

was in front of the doorway with glass go you could see inside the foyer and

up the stairs. As she was speeking about the house and where we were going to

go. I glanced inside the doorway and was drawn to the landing up the stairs.

I sensed someone was looking down at us watching. It looked like a person

with a very long skirt. Like a victorian skirt. I saw like a silhouette.

As this psychic spoke more about the house, she now addressed the group and

said we are now going to go into this house and the first site of energy will

be at the first landing on top of the stairs. This is where she felt an

entity. Well when I heard that I thought, is it that I have some kind of not

calling but I don't know how to explain why is it that I possibly could see or

sense something. Anyway this is my story. If you have any answers I sure

would appreciate some answers.

Thank you.

The Pink Lady

By: SpcNeeedle@aol.com

This happened to my niece Amy who was probably 8 or 9 at the time. She had a

good friend named Sarah, and would frequently spend the night with her. One

night, at Sarah's house, the girls got hungry so as girls will do, they

started to creep upstairs. It was early morning, possibly 1 or 2am. As they

headed up the stairs, they noticed a pinkish light reflecting in the base of a

lamp sitting at the top of the stairs. They turned and to their amazement saw

a woman seated on the couch, holding a baby or small child in her lap. Both

were glowing bright pink. The girls, their hunger forgotten, ran back down the

stairs and dove under the Hyda-Bed they had been sleeping in. The next morning

no one believed them.

As far as I know Sarah's family is still there and have not seen the ghosts

since. I changed the girls names but this story is true. It happened perhaps

15 years ago in Washington state.

The Mystery Man

BY: GOODGRL699@aol.com

I have spent my whole life with ghosts. My mothers house is haunted and

growing up I had strange experiences . I was 3 years old when I first saw him,

he use to come into my bedroom at night and play with my toys. He was a tall

man in a blue suit. I would lay in my bed and pretend I was asleep but I kept

one eye open then when he would turn and look at me I would put my head under

the covers. When your a little kid you think if you can't see them they can't

see you . Anyways he would go to the end of my bed and grab the end of my

covers and slowly pull them down off of my head. I would quickly grab the

blanket and pull it back up Yelling for my mother to come into my room. She

would come running in and I would tell her what I saw and like any other

mother she would blame it on the late night snack I ate.

This happened pretty close to every night growing up then when I was 8

years old he started to move stuff around my house and making himself known to

not only me but the whole family. One night about 3 am my mother woke up and

started down the hallway (her room was at the end of a long hall). to get a

drink my mom was one to walk in the dark she never turned on lights we use to

call her catwoman . Anyways she was walking kind of quickly and bumped in to

a solid figure in the hall way when this happened she fell backwards the

figure picked her back up and turned on the light and as the light came on

there was no one there My mom said she didn't know what to do so she just said

thank you and ran back to her room and shut the door. Things progressed from

there .After my mothers experience he left me alone and started on her, he

would walk the end of her bed every night and watch her. This went on for about

a month . Then he got a bit braver and would get into her bed in the middle of

the night. She knew he was there because she had a water bed and her side

would raise up when he got in. She started to sleep with me after that.

Then he started to take a liking to my older sister and would open and close

the bathroom door on her while she was in there taking a shower. Finally my

mom just got tired of all that was going on and one day as he was moving the

rocking chair from the living room to the kitchen she started yelling at him.

She told him that if he wanted to live in her house he had to play by her

rules Which I thought was funny because I heard the same speech when I was

16. Anyways my mother still lives in the house and he doesn't bother her

anymore. He is still there but he has set his sites on the cats now and

torments them instead of her.

Nanna's House

By: donovan@cyberbiz.net.au

( i have changed my name.. and also other peoples)

My Nanna lives in Holland Park, and old suburb of Brisbane, Australia. She

had lived there with my pa for more then ten years. I never knew my

grandfather. pa died before I was born, and died in his sleep in this


Ever since I was five years old I experienced many strange things in my

nanna's house. when I use to stay overnight I would sleep in my uncle's

old room, which is situated right next to my nanna's bedroom. I would lay

there on the bed, and soon after would here tapping coming from the floor

boards, and begin to hear footsteps, as if there were someone walking in

the room. all of a sudden the room became cold and I would hear whispering

coming from the corner of the room, and I would try and forget it but it

seemed to come louder and closer. there was dresser near the door, and

there were many statues and things on there, they would begin to move from

side to side, or move up and down. I would hope it would go, and when it

didn't I would go outside and sleep on the couch.

This room is not the only room I have experienced these things. In the back

room the same things would happen. I would have the door open and I would

see a white light.. kinda soft light that would float across the room look

out the window and then walk past the bed where I was layin and then stand

in front of the dresser for a few minutes, in front of the Jesus statue

there, and would go. Sometimes I would see the figure wonder in my

grandmother room.. and just stand at the doorway and disappear after a few


These things would happen very often. Only two years ago.. when I was 15 a

friend and myself went under the house.. to get this suitcase of books my

parents had stored there. We were looking at the books when my friend Kaye

had noticed a wind blow up outside, when all day there was no wind at all.

Then we both heard whispering coming from the the front of the house...

right under the room I slept in.. and then it became louder, and the wind

blew up even more.. we became frightened when saw a dark figure coming

towards us.. and we ran out the door and outside. it stopped after we moved

outside. I am not the only one who have experienced things like this.. my

cousins who stay over a fair bit would experience these things, and so has

my nanna. well she said she saw a white figure standing outside here door.

My mother thinks it would be grandfather, and she might be right. but it

still spooks me out when I go in there cause I experience the same feelings

all the time.

You Are Not Alone

By: Mustang-Queen1@webtv.net

I would like if my story could be told to let people let them know they're

really not alone. When I was a child I always was afraid to sleep with

out a lite on. My images would come to me at night. Often I felt I was

never alone someone was always watching me. One night I was sleeping in

my bed,and I heard my door open and I woke up right way. To a great

suprise I saw a white figment with glowing red eyes . Long black hair

,she was wearing a long white flowing gown. Fear ran threw my body I

follwed the image in to my closet. I jump up out of bed and turn on my

light right away. I ran to my closet to see if it was still there. But

there was nothing, later I found out that I was not the only one who had

seen this ghost. My sister too has seen it. It often sat in my living room

as my sister told me. After that I had more trouble then ever when ever I

took showers the curtain would slid open, it was more aggresive then ever

things would turn off and on all the time. Till one night I seen about

enough I was laying in bed and it over look my attic to my eyes I saw

eyes looking back at me. I screamed out loud . They where green glowing

eyes . My mom came in and asked me what was wrong and I told her . More

problems came along I would wake up for reasons being my bed would

shake. As I grew older it would haunt me, scare me, torment me .Time past

on my sister and I were living in the house, my mom and me up stairs ,and

my sister was married and had bulit an apartment down stairs at that time

she had two childen . One night I woke up to my niece screaming. I ran down

stairs to find that thing had been in the room with them. My neice had

described it to me . She told me it looked half goat and half human like

. She had to tell me no more I went to library to look up this beast

,to only find out that it was the devils right hand man. After finding

this out I study more in to it we had played with oujie board in the

house when I was a teen. But go figure they say its just a game. So I told

my mother and she had me show the picture to my sister and my neice. My neice she

said that was the thing. My sister and I had asked a pastor to come in the

house and bless the house and ever since then everything was over. I can sleep at

night now . We ended up ripping apart the apartment downstairs . There are

ways of keeping things from happening I now have holy water placed in every

room just in case. thank you for your time . Im hoping this will

help somebody out there with some what of the same problem. If you have any

? please e-mail me and I would be happy to help someone

Thank you so much.

Why look back when you can always go forward.

Cont. from Haunted House I lived In

By: H2OMyers@webtv.net

I wrote to you the other day, about me growing up in a haunted house. I

knew I would do this, there are some things I forgot to tell you about.

A few years ago, my husband joined the Air Force. At the time, our

daughter was just a few months old. We moved into the house with my Mom

(so that I wouldn't be living alone while my husband was at basic

training). Well, my husband doesn't believe in anything supernatural.

On several occasions, I would hear people calling my name. It is a very

big house (17 rooms, 3 stories). One occasion, I was in the basement

doing laundry, I heard my name being called. I went upstairs to the

kitchen, where my Mom was at. I asked her "what?" . She said "what do

you mean what?". I sad, "well, you called me, what do you want?" She

told me that she hadn't called my name. I told her that I heard someone

calling my name. I kind of dismissed it.

A couple weeks later, I was in the kitchen. My Mom had gone to a

banquet her office was having. My husband was asleep in the living room

(where we had kind of set up as a bedroom for us, so we wouldn't have to

move furniture up and down the stairs-plus I didn't want to sleep in any

of the bedrooms). My daughter was also asleep. I was going through the

cupboards trying to find something to snack on. When I heard my

husbands voice (coming from the top of the back staircase), saying my

name. I hadn't heard him up walking around. So, I listened, thinking I

was just hearing things. I heard it again. I went into the living

room, without saying anything. I found him fast asleep in bed.

Needless to say, I immediately went to bed.

While we were staying there, I found out that an older man had died in

the master bedroom (it was the uncle of a man my sister had babysat

for). No one was using the bedroom at the time. We kept it closed up

so the cats wouldn't go in there. It was connected to the bathroom.

One day, my husband was in the bathroom showering or getting cleaned up,

or something like that. He heard someone in there moving around. When

he came downstairs, he said "very funny, I know that was you." I had no

idea what he was talking about. He told me that he knew I was in the

bedroom. I finally got him to believe that I had been downstairs the

whole time. He then said that one of the cats was probably on the room.

We checked it out and found nothing.

That room had been my sister's room off and on. She had said that on

several occasions that she had heard voices in that room. Once, she had

come home from work and decided to take a short nap. As soon as she

started to fall asleep, she heard a male voice yell at her to get up.

Everytime I had ever slept in that room, I had felt uneasy and had

problems sleeping. That was before I had found out that someone had

died in it.

My daughter also noticed things while we were living there. She wasn't

a year old yet. She would be in her swing or bouncy seat. And she

would just start laughing, at nothing. She would also act like she was

watching something.

I thought I would write to add this to my story, since I forgot to last

time I wrote.

General Weird Stuff

By: wannemacher.25@osu.edu

Well my family and I have had some weirdo stuff occur at our new house.

I'm currently at college, so I don't know how often some of these things

happen. Anyway, here's some background on the place. The house we live

in on the property was built in the 60's I believe. An older man and his

wife lived there. She died in the 80's I think, and her ashes were

scattered across the property. The man had cancer, and it grew worse.

He stayed in a hospital bed, where our breakfast booth is, and left the

doors open, letting animals come in and out (we live kind of in the

country) Anyway, he died in that bed, and his family cleaned up the

place. We bought it about a year or so ago from his sister. My mom has

experienced supernatural things before, she could be sensitive to this

stuff. Many times she will be watching TV alone at night, sitting on the

floor in front of it. She'll feel something rub up against her, like a

cat would. But our cat is nowhere to be seen, and besides he is very

vocal. We've also had things happen with our phones, and I know spirits

like to screw with those. We have two lines, one regular, and one for

the modem, fax, and the personal use of my brother and I. On the first

line we have voice mail, and on the second my brother uses the fax's

built in answering machine. The second line was added when we moved in,

and is only on the upper floor. Sometimes when checking voice mail on

the first line, we'll get a message that is just like a dead line, but

with more static. It will go on until the system just cuts it off, about

5 minutes. Many times during the recording, it sounds like someone is

trying to dial out, not with tones, but with the old rotary style sounds.

And the phones were originally rotary in the house, in fact we still

have one in our laundry room. The laundry room will show up later in my

story. This other phone thing has only happened once so far. My mother

and I heard the first line ring, then right after the second line began

ringing. We really didn't feel like answering, so we let them go. We

heard my brother's answering machine come on, and say it's little speel,

but there was just silence when it came time to record the message. No

big deal, people don't like answering machines much. We checked the

voice mail message and it was my bro's answering machine

message! Somehow the second line had called the first one and

left the answering machine message. Very kooky, because I don't know how

that could be a system glitch. Okay, my bedroom is down in the basement.

I have 3 doors in it, one to the laundry room, one to the outside, and

one across from that to the rest of the house. The laundry room door is

usually open, and many times I'll think I see a dark figure out of the

corner of my eye in there, sometimes in the hallway too. Creepy, but

could be my eyes playing tricks on me. One night in the summer I had the

outside door open, to get some cool airflow in there. The door to the

hallway was closed, but not latched. I was sitting at the end of my bed,

and I felt a strong breeze blow by me as the outside door moved open a

bit more. About 5 seconds later, I heard a thump and saw the hallway

door swing open. It was like when a cat or dog opens up a door, but

there no animals in my room, and the breeze would have opened the door up

quicker, and with out the thump. I was a little wierded out, but okay.

10 minutes later, I was looking at the little table next to my bed,

thinking I needed to clean it up. I had a pair of those foam yellow

earplugs on there, next to each other. All of a sudden, one just rolled

off on to the floor, there was nothing to have caused it. I picked it up

and put back in the exact spot, and it stayed right where it was. Okay,

so it's not scary, but still weird. The worst thing to happen, of course

happened to me. It rattled me good. I was laying in my bed one night,

close to morning, but still dark. I had woken up for some reason, but I

wasn't completely awake, just laying there with my eyes closed. I was

laying on my side, back to the hallway door, when I felt something lay

their hands on me and start slowly pulling me across the bed! My head

was laying normally on the pillow, so if I opened my eyes I could see who

was doing this to me. But I couldn't open my eyes or move at all. I

could sort off "see" through my eyelids a large dark figure. I couldn't

do anything, I tried to scream over and over but nothing came out, only

weak breath. Finally I eked out a moan, not loud, but it shattered

everything it seemed. I could open my eyes and I sat up. There was

nothing at all in the room, and I turned on the light quickly to look

around. I don't know if this was a crazy waking dream, or a spirit

dicking with me. I couldn't sleep down there the next night, but the one

after I did. I haven't had anything happen down there since, but we will

see. I tried taking photographs of the bedroom and area where the man

dies, but nothing has shown up. Well, thanks for listening to my story!

Grandmother's 'Little House'

By: carijackson@home.com

This is not a whole story ... In other words, a compositon. I'm writing

mostly because I'm curious about some things I've experienced in my



I've lived in this house for about 3 years now. It was my grandmother's

house and I am buying it from my father at present. It's an adobe brick

house and has been in the family since the mid 1950s, about 5 or so

years after it was built.

As I said, it was my grandmother's house, as it always has been since I

can remember. Of course she had a husband, as well as children ...

however, I was seperated from this side of my family between the ages of

3 and 18 so I never really knew my grandfather and don't associate the

house with anyone but my grandma. AND not only that but I believe that

she may be the one who is lingering.

My grandmother had a powerful presence during her life and she LOVED

this house. In her last few months, she repeatedly expressed the desire

not to leave it. She called it "my little house" and was heartbroken

when after a few years of rapid deterioration, first physical and then

mental, my father needed to send her to a "home" because she had become

a great burden to care for. Then she died within two weeks of leaving

... but one of the last things I ever heard her say was, "I miss my

little house." She died of heart failure at the home of a foster family

that cared for elderly patients like her.


About a year after my grandmother's death, I moved into the house with

my son and my dad (who has lived here since well before her death). The

following are some of the experiences I've had since moving into the


1) My first experience occurred a few weeks after moving in. I was

sitting on my bed, talking on the phone, in the late afternoon after

coming home from work, when I heard the distinct sound of shuffling

footsteps and heavy sighing. This IS the way my grandmother had

sounded, especially in the last few years of her life. BUT it is also

the way that my father sounds, even now, so I thought nothing of it at

the time. I just continued my phone conversation and when I was done, I

went to tell him that I was off the phone, since I figured he was

sighing impatiently because he needed the phone, but there was nobody

home and no evidence that he had been there. This of course scared me a

little but I was able not to panic by telling myself that he had been

there and had just left. It was not until later that evening that he

said he had never been home that afternoon.

2) Another afternoon, just a little while later, I was at the back door

to the house when I heard the front door shut. I know it was the front

door because, after checking to see who had come in and finding no one,

I opened and shut every door in the house while the memory was still

fresh enough to be clear.

There have been other sounds, but these two instances are the most

distinct in my mind since they were the first and therefore the most


3) My son may or may not have heard things as well ... he mentioned a

few things, such as scratching on his window at night. But I have

recently had another experience that may discredit that - an acacia

beetle was making an eerie noise on my window one night but vanishing

each time I lifted the blinds to look out. On this occassion, I

discovered the culprit after sending out my dogs who then came to my

window, as they always do to get back in. They then chased the bug up

onto the sill where I could see it. My son claims to have seen things

though. Once he said he saw a shadow peeking around the corner at him

while he sat on the couch watching TV. It was during the day and he was

alone in the house except for one of our dogs, a male german shepard. He

claims to have seen it out of the corner of his eye ... What was notable

about this experience though was the fact that it sent the dog into a

panic. Whatever it was startled the dog into leaping up and then

cowering against my son's leg. He was shaking and whimpering and while

he's not exactly a guard dog or anything, this is the only time I know

that he has ever done that.

Angel of Comfort

By: Darious12@hotmail.com

Okay, so mine isn't really a haunting, but more of an experience. I like

to call it my Angel of Comfort story.

I am in a military family and move constantly. One cold winter our

family adopted, not on purpose, a cat. She just came in to our house one

night and never left. A precious little girl named Missy Kitty. After

traveling with us for about 4 or 5 years we thought she would never

leave us. When we finally got to our final home she died an old lady.

The experience is this. When we went to the pet cemetary to bury her, it

was assumed you just find a spot and dig it up and bury your loved pet.

My mother did this and soon after the cat was burried, a young man in a

uniform approached her. His exact words to her were, "don't be sad, she

is in a good place now. She is happy and well taken care of. She was a

good cat and now she is in a better place. She is happy where she is

now. God is with her."

After my mother gave him a hug and and cried on his shoulder for a bit,

he turned around and left. He made my mother feel comforted and took the

saddness away. When my mother turned around to catch him and thank him,

he was gone, just vanished into thin air. She drove up to the front

office and asked about the young man and they said they had no clue who

whe was talking about.

Evil on the 1st Floor

By: Tarianna@theshadowlands.net

When I was 4 we rented a farm house in Iowa, The farm was worked by the

landlord. The house was old. I have no history or knowledge if the house is

still there. I do know that the doors would never stay shut and the basement

was avoided by my whole family. There was a sense of evil there so we locked

the door outside leading to the basement, and the basement door inside. The

indoor basement door was found open most mornings although the door had been

locked by a key and the key was in my parents room!

Another strange incident in that house was footsteps walking around the

1st floor at night. Since we all slept on the 2nd floor this rarely disturbed

us. Although on occassion, there was a need to go downstairs in the middle of

the night. Anyone venturing down would encounter a shadow that would lurk in

the corners of the room and follow you from room to room no matter how bright

the lights were. Years later after we had moved to town, the farmhouse was

gutted by fire. Many people driving out that direction later claimed to have

seen a white flowing woman leaning out the 2nd story window. Although the

house was empty at the time of the fire and the only presence we felt in the

house when we lived there seemed to be male.

Believe it or not!!!!

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