Alice Still Lives Here


I graduated from Mercer University in Macon, GA; a small liberal arts

college in a sleepy southern town. I became aware of an inhabitant of my frat

house the winter of my freshman year when an I experienced Alice for the

first time. The Kappa Alpha house is a stately gray two story building that

dominates the surrounding campus. I'd always had a funny feeling about the

house but always joked that it was one of the brothers from the early part of

the century coming back to get us. The inhabitant of the KA house is not that

of a young man but that of a young woman.

the land destined to become Mercer was a one time a small farm in then rural

middle Georgia. It was owned by a man with an explosive temper who eventaully

murdered his wife

over an imagined affair. He disposed of her body by entombing her within a

closet in an upstairs room. Later renovation by Mercer would lead to the

discovery of human bones and the answer to the wife's disappearance.

The house, which stands on a slight hill, can be an imposing building at

night. The creepiest part of the house was the stairway which lead to the

upstair room where the bones were found. I've always half expected to walk

through the massive front door, look up on the landing and see someone or

something standing there.

That dimly lit landing was the scariest part of the frat house until I spent

one night studying upstairs.

I had just finished cramming for an early exam and was the only person left

in the house. Before I left, I closed all the windows in the upstairs room

and turned off all the lights in the house. I locked the front door ( we

didn't live in the house ) and proceeded down the front walkway. I don't know

what caused me to turn my head but when I did I was stunned. The entire

upstairs was brightly lit from every light and all of the windows were open

with the curtains hanging out.

Needless to say, I turned and walked quickly across the street to my dorm

with every hair on the back of my neck standing straight up. Later

conversations with my buddies revealed experiences such as footsteps on the

wooden floor; a door which would slam in the upstairs room; pool table balls

which would disappear or roll across the floors; and lights that would

inexplicably turn off only to turn back on minutes later.

There were never physical manifestations; only a cold feeling on the back

of ones neck which was often enough to cause one to bolt from the house at

night. We came to know the spirit in our house as Alice and came to enjoy her

pranks. Alice was always playful; I guess it's just how a "young" woman

surrounded by young men would act. Perhaps she's living a life that she never

got to experience. In any event, she's still there and is the unofficial

house mother to many young KA pledges at Mercer.

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The Hallway


Here is a true story that just recently happened to both me and my boyfriend.

I live with my boyfriend in a top story (3rd floor apartment). He has always

said how when he was younger he and his mates used to try and conjure up evil

spirits and were all into the Occult. He stopped trying to contact devils

etc. after a few evil things happened to him and ever since then Clairvoyants

and Mediums have always said that he has dark shadows that follow him around.

I on the other hand have never ever ever had anything happen to me, all my

friends have strange experiences to talk about but I have none. I am away

interstate alot and my boyfriend has to stay by himself in the apartment. He

said that he couldn't see the dark shadows anymore (he used to be able to see

them out of the corner of his eye) and I believed that they had left him.

Occasionally when I was speaking to him on the phone he would suddenly say

"oh my god, what was that" and tell me that he had just seen something small

(the size of a large dog I guess) and black dart across the loungeroom floor

from one wall to another then totally dissapear. To be honest I never truly

believed in what he had seen and didn't worry about it too much until one

night in the apartment I went to bed early and my boyfriend stayed up

watching T.V. in the loungeroom. Our bedroom is at the end of a long hallway

and I've always been a bit scared of the hall as it's very long and dark.

About 2 hours after I went to bed I could hear this faint buzzing noise which

sounded like it came from the other end of the hall near the loungeroom. I

just thought that my boyfriend was using some kind of electrical gadget to

fix one of the computers that we had and didn't worry about it. It was a

very strange sounding buzzing that was slowly getting louder. It sounded

like whatever it was was coming down the hall, I started thinking that it was

my boyfriend walking down the hall in the dark with some strange thing to

play a joke on me (he knows I get scared easily). The noise started getting

unbareably loud and closer to my room. I didn't have a bedside light next to

the bed so I sat up in the dark trying to see into the hallway. As it was

about to come through the bedroom door the noise got unbareably loud and I

was trying to figure out what on earth the noise could be from. I was still

slightly unsure if it was my boyfriend playing a joke on me or not. I then

decided that it was a good idea to start pannicking and consider making a run

for it out of the bedroom (which would mean going into the noise) when my

boyfriend suddenly turned the hall light on and came down the hall.

Everything stopped instantly, I screamed for my boyfriend to come into the

room and started babbling about the noise and asking him did he hear it and

what was it?. Well of course he hadn't heard or seen anything and had never

had this sort of thing happen before.

Well I eventually got over it (sort of) and tried not to think about what it

was. A couple of weeks later my boyfriend was in the apartment once again by

himself and he was in the bathroom in the hallway (with no lights on in the

hall) he was happily brushing his teeth when he felt this coldness wash over

him he got the mega creeps and felt something walk by in the hall. As he

looked out of the bathroom into the darkness he said he saw a huge shadow (no

particular shape) walk/move past the bathroom. He followed it into the

hallway and watched this extremely black shadow move slowly down the hall and

into the bedroom and then just melt away into the darkness.

This all happened a couple of weeks ago so we're not sure if anything else is

going to happen or not (I hope not). I know one thing for sure....I won't be

staying in the apartment alone!!!!

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The Hooded Figure


It was late summer or early fall of 1971. My friend and I were traveling

on a stretch of road which leads to a local township. It was around 9:00p.m.

We had traveled this road often to just ride and get out of the bordom of the

nearby city in which we lived. All we did around those times was hang out in

the parking lot of a Burger King.

As I stated we had traveled this road many times without incident. We

rode until we decided to turn around and head back to town and the Burger

King. Along the road was a cemetary. We must have passed this area dozens

and dozens of times. Anyway, on this particular night I was driving down the

road and noticed a figure who seemed to be hitchhiking about 100 or so

yards ahead. I said to my friend,"look at that guy hitchhicking there at this

time of night by the cemetary". He nodded. Upon getting closer the figure

apeared to be in a hooded robe, and holding an old time lantern. When we

reached the figure he turned his head but there was NO face. It was all

black! After passing the figure we turned our heads but saw nothing! We

were both speechless. I sped back to Burger King and neither a word was

said by anyone of us. At Burger King I asked my friend what he saw, if


and he stated exactly what I saw! At the time I didn't tell him what I saw

until he told me what he saw. Let it be known that we were not drinking or

anything during the incident. To this day I still get chills when I pass that


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Corner of My Eye

by dale@kalama.doe.Hawaii.Edu

This happened to me about 10 years ago in Pearl City Hawaii. I'm a very

skeptical person by nature but I can't explain what I saw one night. While

grading papers one night I thought I saw my wife standing 10 feet away from

me out of the corner of my eye. She just stood there staring at me. It was

about 11:30 at night so I thought she was going to come up behind me and

scare me but she just stood there. I had other things to do so I ignored her and forgot

about her being there really until about 10 minutes later I looked out the

corner of my eye and she was still standing there. I went back to work

thinking that she must be crazy. A few minutes later I again looked out the

corner of my eye and she was still there. A good 15-20 minutes had passed

since I first saw her. I decided to turn towards her and scare her so I

quickly turned in my chair and here is what I saw . . .it was a short three

dimensional shadow which had its hands up in front of it waving them up and

down. Its face was featureless with no eyes or mouth. The best way to

describe it is as a guy in a black suit with a flat board over its face.

It was only there for a few seconds when it turned sidewards and jumped off

into an adjoining family room. I sat stunned for a few seconds and then realized

that someone may have broken into my house. Upon looking for "it" and not

finding it I awoke my wife and told her what I saw.

We had the Bishop from my church over the next day. He told us he blessed

the house years earlier when my brother inlaw was seeing things floating

around the ceiling. The part I saw my ghost in was an addition to the house

and had never been blessed. It was almost as if it was trying to get to me

but couldn't. My wife and I discussed seeing "people" out of the corner

of our eyes constantly in that part of the house. We never mentioned it

to each other before since we didn't want to be seen as crazy. She said

she even saw a very large man standing in the doorway to our bedroom as

she was reading in bed one day. She could see him standing there out of the

corner of her eyes but when she looked up, he was gone.

Again, I'm very skeptical about these things and have come up with many

explanations over the years but none of them explain why it stood there

for over 15 minutes. We only had one other experience in that house which

I won't get into now, but even the "people" out of the corners of our eyes

went away after the blessing.

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Haunted Cemetary


While in high school a few people got together and started spending

all their time visting haunted places in the area. Two of us are now

telling others about what we have seen.

There is a cemetary in a near-by town (for the safety of others, we

will not tell names because the neighbors like to chase people out with

guns). It is the only place that all of us agree is truly haunted. To

clarify things, there were about 30 of our friends involved. However,

we will not discuss what they claim to have happened while we were not

there because we do not know that it happened. We will tell you a few

of the things that have happened to us over the past 3 years.

The first time we went to this place was Halloween night (I know it's

corney, but it's true). Anyway, one of us went into the cemetary while

the other one waited in the car with a friend. While in the cemetary,

she did not see anything. However, she smelled an overpowering oder

that smelled of, as she says, death. She also felt the feeling of death

in the air. It does not seem out of the ordinary, true. But never

since has the smell or feeling been present. While she was in the

cemetary, the ones in the car saw a man. He was in a cluster of trees

and looked like a KKK member dressed in red.

I was the one in the car, who is now typing this. The other is

helping me recall the events as I type.

Nothing much happened to her after that. However, I went back many

more times. I have witnessed a "ghost fog" that followed me and a few

other friends, heard voices that came from nobody, seen the shadowy

figures that followed us around, seen people take on a change of sorts

in their personality, and once a change in their physical appearance (A

friend suddenly either got a very bad case of dry eyes or his eyes glow

red naturally sometimes).

I know it all sounds crazy or like a story, but there a too many of us

that have witnessed strange things to not have the opinion that this is

one truly haunted cemetary!

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Talking with the Spirits


I am a fourth generation daughter with the ability to see and speak

with spirits still attached to this world. It is my gift and sometimes

my curse. Over the course of my life, I have encountered quite a few

spirits that have made a lasting impression on my life. Some good.

Others bad. Here are a few of the most memorable for me.

The first time I remember seeing a ghost, I was only six or seven

years old. I was on vacation with my family in the western part of

Colorado. I wondered away from our camp sight and became lost. I

wandered for what seemed hours before I heard a beautiful flute

playing down by a stream. I followed the sound to a kindly old man who

was dressed in buckskins and beads. Feathers hung from his gray hair.

He was as real to me as anything I had ever seen before. It wasn't

like popular cinematic views of a ghost. I could no more look through

him than I can my own hand.

After a short time, he stopped playing and turned to face me. He had

sad eyes, I always remember his eyes. He smiled and asked me where my

parents were. He said I should not be wandering away like that. He

offered to take me back to my parents.

He sang to me in his language as we walked through the woods.

When we got back to camp, I called out to my parents, but as they

turned around, I felt his hand let go of mine and he was sort of fading

away into just an outline. I knew then that the nice old man was a

ghost. I wasn't afraid though.

The next memorable ghost that crossed into my life was not so


This spirit, (I will refrain from using his name, use of a spirits

name only gives them power.) I encountered through a OUIJA board.

I was enrolled at Catholic school at the time. The school itself had a

harmless spirit of a little boy who had fallen in a well and died. To

this day he still resides there, but that is another story of its own.

My classmates and I decided that we were going to try to speak to the

little boy who haunted our school using a OUIJA board. It was not a

very smart idea. We encountered a spirit who CLAIMED he was the little

boy. He lied. He was a destructive and very evil entity. We took turns taking the OUIJA home with us, as we had all chipped in

to buy it. When it was my turn to have it for the week, the trouble

really started. First my bedroom began to grow cold and have a funny

smell to it. Then objects would move around on my dresser. I started

using the OUIJA board more and more. I was falling into what is called

"progressive entrapment."

When you use a OUIJA board, you open a doorway within yourself and

invite spirits into your body. After awhile, the spirit can trick you

into full possession. Before you know it, you have willingly let a

spirit become part of you. This is what was happening with me. My

personality was becoming altered. I was more of an angry vengeful

person as I took the spirit into me.

Finally I realized what was happening and went to the priest for our

school. I told him what was going on. He demanded the OUIJA board. I

gave it to him willingly. Then he set up a time with my mother to come

and bless the apartment.

When he got there that night, we opened the door to my bedroom to find

it in chaos. The mattress of my bed was hovering upside-down, yet

perfectly made with the sheets and blankets, the air was cold and foul,

there was a strange mist drifting around the bed.

The priest sprinkled holy water and demanded that the entity leave.

There was a great shriek and shaking of the room and then everything

was normal. It was a very scary experience. One I should have learned


To this day, I can not touch a OUIJA board. Every time I do, I

connect with the same spirit. Only a few years ago did I have another

occasion to have a OUIJA and found myself in the same situation, only a

little more advanced. After riding myself of the spirit twice, I can assure

you that it is not wise to reinvite a destructive spirit back into your

life, it gives them more power.

That was not my final or most serious contact with an evil spirit.

The worst event happened about five years ago, and to this day I still have

nightmares about it.

My mother and I had moved in to a house with one of her friends. We

were going though some financial problems and sharing rent was better

than paying full rent. My mom's friend Karen (not her real name...

She'd kill me for using it!) had a daughter my own age... Kay (not her

real name either) and we had the basement to ourselves, while our

mothers had the upstairs.

One night, I was woke up from a deep sleep by a cold chill and the

fact that someone had their hand on my leg and was slowly moving it to

my thigh. I opened my eyes and saw a black wavering mass over me. There

was no real form to the entity. I started to scream, but a cold hand

gripped my throat after the first weak shout escaped. A deep voice told

me not to scream, that I was going to die. It said it had come to take

me to hell.

About this time, Kay had heard my weak cry and had come to see what

was wrong. She said that she saw me about six inches off the bed,

indentations on my neck like there was a hand there. She screamed and

the entity flung me across the room with brutal force.

The next day, my leg had deep scratches on it and my neck was badly

bruised. The entity never came back, and I never felt it in the house

again. I don't know what happened that night.

Finally, to end this on a good note, I will tell you about the spirit

I live with now. He is a very kind, protective spirit with a passion

for stealing keys.

Shortly after the incident explained above, I was out at the

cemetery with a friend, I stumbled across this grave sight, it was from the

early 1800's. The stone was broken and covered with weeds. The

inscription read "You shall not be forgotten." There was a deep sadness

connected with the grave. I felt bad that there had been a promise made

to this person and it had been broken.

I went out there almost every week, clearing the weeds and grass away

from the stone, bringing flowers or other little gifts. It took the

spirit six months to "say" something to me. It was afraid if I knew he

was there, I would stop coming.

Before long, Eddie (the spirits name) was coming home with me. I took

a chance inviting this spirit into my home. I was lucky. I wouldn't

recommend anyone else doing it unless you are prepared for what could


Eddie has been a constant companion for these last years. He has

saved my life on two occasions. One, I was supposed to be in a car that

crashed and everyone died. He prevented me from going by hiding my own

keys. For if I had been able to drive to my friends house to car-pool

over to a party, I would have been killed.

Second. I had a man break into my apartment when I was living alone. I

was getting out of the shower and heard someone in the apartment.

Thinking it was my boyfriend, I continued to dry and dress not worried.

As I heard the footsteps coming toward the bathroom, the door slammed

violently and the lock (that can only be operated from the inside)


Next I heard things flying about the apartment, there was a

shrieking like I would never forget. It wasn't quite human.

When the door unlocked, there was the would be criminal unconscious

and tied up with a phone cord. The apartment looked as clean and as

intact as it had been when I got in the shower, despite the sounds of

breaking dishes and glass and other noises.

That was a fun one to explain to the police. I told them what

happened. They didn't believe me until Eddie made his presence known,

by stealing the policeman's keys and them moving his notebook across

the table. It was funny to see the look on their face when that

happened... And when the keys just appeared out of thin air and dropped

on the table in front of them.

Eddie likes to play little pranks on my current boyfriend... He

steals his keys often. Especially if he thinks i am upset with my boyfriend.

He is also known to move things away from me, like now... As I sit her

typing, my glass of tea has moved from next to my keyboard to over by

our fish tank, half way across the room.

Our animals and Eddie seem to get along fine. Sometimes you can see

invisible hands petting one of the cats, or a dog toy rolling across

the floor on its own.

I think we all have spirits around us. It is just a matter of seeing

and hearing them. All in all, you can't be afraid of them; not even the

evil ones. You have to stand up for your space, you can offer to share

it with those who are still earthbound, or you can demand that they

leave. One way or the other, you have to understand, that you are the

dominant entity and fear only gives them the power they need to control


I am always interested in sharing stories and support with others

that have spirits in their life. If you would care to E-Mail me at the above

address, that would be fine. Some times it is nice to talk with other

people about a subject that most people find insane.


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