The Ghost of Aunt Bernice


First I would like to say how grateful I am for this site. I am new to

the internet and did not know this sort of fellowship was possible a

couple of weeks ago.

When I was about 9 years old my aunt passed away. She was a very kind and

loving woman who had a special place in her heart for me. Her kids had

grown up and moved away years ago and I guess she looked at me as a

surragate son. I spent a lot of time at her house and was glad to be

there. My parents didn't get along very well and being with her provided

a way to get away from them. like I said she was a great lady and I

enjoyed spending time with her, she also spoiled me rotten. Her husband

was a retired police officer who had passed away several years before.

Anyway, Aunt Bernice died in the summer of my ninth year. Nothing

unusual had happened in between the time of her death and the night I

saw her again. No flickering lights or misplaced objects or any thing

else. I simply awoke one night and saw her standing over my bed,not

floating, feet on the floor. I was glad to see her at first but a 9 year

old is fully aware what death is and I knew she did not belong there.

I did not feel threatened but I did not know how to handle this so I

called for my parents. They came in and saw her as well. My dad was of

no use. However my mom got up the nerve to speak to her. She asked my

aunt what she was doing here. She replyed that she had basicly come for

me. Now I began to get scared and I got upset. My mom told Aunt Bernice

that she didnt belong here and that I could not go with her. She looked

at my mom then back at me, I was in tears by now, she made a sad face and

faded away. Now I know that little boys have vivid dreams and nightmares

and now that I am 30 I could easily write off the whole thing as that

but I kmow what I saw and further more my parents were there to back me

up. I know that this stuff is real.

I hope that this story is somehow helpful to someone. Being able to

share it without having to worry about the people I am telling it to thinking I am

some kind of nut has helped me.

The Little Blonde Girl


I want to share a very strange yet wonderful

experience I had in a house I once lived in.It all started when my brother, sister

and her 2 yr old little girl came to live with me in California. I believe now

that the presence of a child in a house that was previously childless brought out the

entity. Shortly after they all moved in, I was babysitting my while my sister worked.

It was close to 2am when I suddenly woke up to find a little blonde girl about 2 years

old standing in thedoorway of my open bedroom door. She was crying softly.

I raised up and thinking it was my sister's daughter, I told her to go back

to bed. I laid back down, but decided to check on her to make sure she was okay.

I went where she was sleeping and that's exactly how I found her, sleeping soundly.

I was puzzled but thought that she might have been sleepwalking.

The next day, I was brushing my hair. I put the brush in the

bathroom sink and turned around to get something. When I turned back around, the

brush was gone. I bent to look on the floor. Not finding it, I stood up and

there was the brush in the sink! I got a little scared. After that, my things

always came up missing. Everyday, I would misplace something only to

find it right back in front of me. It happened whether I was in the house alone

or with everyone at home. I saw the little girl several times always at night

always in my doorway. Even after my sister and her daughter had moved out. It

got to the point when I was so used to having my things taken and then given

back that I would just say, okay, honey, give me back my bracelet or

whatever was missing. Three times I heard a childlike giggle just before the

item was returned. I grew fond of the games she played and was never afraid of


When we moved from the house, I drove back to put the key in

the mailbox for the next tenant. As I stepped onto the porch, I heard a child

crying. I peeked in the front window and there she sat in the middle of the

empty living room. Her hands were covering her eyes and she was sobbing. I knock

on the window and she looked up at me. I told her, I'm so very sorry,

honey, but I cannot play with you anymore. I have to leave. I'm sorry. She

smiled at me that sweetest smile and I swear to God, she just vanished. I was

sad knowing I wouldn't see her or play our take and give back game again. But

deep down I knew she somehow understood how much I cared for her.

I think about her sometimes and wonder if she ever shared

herself with anyone else. I hope they enjoyed being with her as much as I did.

She shall always have a special place in my heart.

At Least Three


My story isn't very exciting, but I don't think I'd want an exciting ghost

experience. Our house isn't very old, maybe 15 or so years old, but this area

was mostly farm land b4 so I honestly don't know where my "little friends"

came from. My parents have heard little children playing and laughing late at

night when we (2 teenagers and me, a college sophomore) in bed and asleep.

Things disapear and turn up in strange places and sometimes, if you can't find

something and start scolding the "ghosts" it'll turn up in a matter of


Sometimes, I'll be in the kitchen and leaning aginst the counter and a

"shadow" will fall from the ceiling and just land in front of you. My father

and brother have seen it too. I usually run, so does my bro. The only other

time we've known a presence is once when I had a friend over for the night.

We were laying on my bed talking and we both felt something jump up on the

bed. Thinking it was my dog, we ignored it until I heard the dog barking

downstairs. We turned to look and, well, there was nothing there. For some

strange reason, it didnt' freak us out and we carried on a typical

conversation and went to sleep.

I know, it's not much, but what can you do. They don't do anything hurtful so

we really don't have a reason to dislike or like them. They're just here. I

think it's a couple of kids and I don't know what the shadow is, but it

doesn't seem child like so I'd say there are at least 3 ghosts. Maybe it was

a ghost dog jumping up on my bed to sleep with my friend and I that one night.

Thanks for listening.

Feeling or Visitation


This wasn't the first or last but it has always seemed important and the most

genuinely frightening.

I guess it was the shock and actual physicality of the entire experience.

I was living in a rented house, particularily non descript, ( you know 70's

cream brick, cream carpet, cream walls, brown tiles), one morning around 5pm i

awoke and it seemed a figure ,quite large (to my imagination I would describe

him as a lumberjack in apperance, checked shirt & heavy-set)Standing next to

the bed, highlighted by the slight light through the window.

I think i shut my eyes tightly thinking that it was an intruder,.

It felt like not a second or even a breath , a force was pushing on my chest.

My eyes shot open to entire blackness now but a shadow which was even darker

seemed to be sitting upon me, pushing air out.

I think i thrashed around in a hope of throwing it (?) off, i do not really


I again openned my eyes to daylight not even a second later.

To myself ther always seemed something about this experience which i should

have understood or learnt from ?

It still makes me wonder what.

Ghost from the 1920's


My expierienes all started when I was baout 10 years old. I woke up in the

middle of the night with an eeire, chilling feeling. At this time both of my

parents were asleep and my cats were outside. I suddenly heard heavy footsteps

walking down the hallway, they continued to my room, My bedroom door opened

and I saw a figure of a man about 6 feet tall and wearing a old-timish suit. I

remember being, not scared but relaxed and I watched as the figure

dissappeared in a way a human could not.

The next night my dad stayed up late watching TV and about the same time I

spotted the man, My father smelled a very clear smell of some one smoking a

cigar. Neither of my parents smoke. About the same time everynight he would

smell the same smell of someone smoking.

About a year later I stayed up doing homweork and everyone was asleep, but I

heard the foot steps again, My door opened and my light turned off, but my

radio stayed on and so did the hall light, It continued to turn on and off and

then stopped. My door closed and the footsteps continued towards me but faded


About 2 years later we were getting our chimney cleaned and the chimney

cleaner had found a drivers license from 1921 and the man in the license was

the same figure and apperance that has been haunting my house.

Every now and then the fugure still appears in my bedroom or messes with the

light fixtures, But he is harmless.

The Mischievous Ones


I've sentin stories to other sites before, but I wanted to share a few

experiences with you here.

Well, when my parents moved to the apartment my mother still lives in today,

I noticed that it has some quirks... You see, the apartment has a few

mischievous occupants I call gremlins... They tend to take items for sometime

and then relocate them. I will explain...One day, my Mom left $20 in the front

pocket of her jeans. She realized sometime later that she needed to run to the

store, so she went back to her room to get the money. After a few minutes, she

called out to me, saying that she needed help. She couldn't find the money, so

she asked me to look in the pocket. I didn't find it either. I searched quite a

few times before I turned to her and asked if she was mistaken. Had she taken

the money out before? Was she wearing a different pair of jeans? Was she sure

she placed the money in her jeans and not in a jacket? No to each

question...Alright, Mom... You know how this house is... Wait for about 20

minutes and look again. Mom did as I suggested, opting to read a book in

the kitchen for a while. After about half an hour, she went back to check. Where

was the money? In the same pocket I had checked at least 6 times thirty minutes

before...She is not the only victim to these little practical

jokers... One night, my best friends, Coraly, Mia, and Ralph came over to

chitchat. Sometime later, I felt the need to smoke a cigarette (Newports at the

time). Unfortunately, being a college student, neatness was not my forte. My

coffee table was cluttered with everything from magazines to jewelry. So,

knowing I put my pack on this mountain of stuff, I continued to talk while I

searched. Frustrated after a few moments, I pleaded with my friends to help me

take EVERYTHING off of the table so I could find the Newports. We shook out

magazines, cleared off the table, even threw out some stuff, but the pack just

simply was not there. The closest thing that matched the coloring of the pack

was an empty Noxema carton. Oh well, I figured I’d just grab a cigarette

from my Mom. So, we straightened up the table and continued to talk. After some

time, while puffing and chitchatting away, I managed to look at the table

(which, of course, was right in front of me) and saw my pack of cigarettes,

nestled between the pages of a magazine. I said Oh, guys. You are

never going to believe this, and picked up the pack. The look of

shock on each of their faces was undeniable. Now before this episode, I had

spoken to them about the goings on in my house, but each time I received a

polite sure, whatever you say coupled with an I don't

believe you eye-roll. To this day, my friends are believers.

I'm positive that these little guys are not the only ones sharing

living space with my Mom. One night, Coraly was over for dinner. Doing

our usual thing, we sat in my living room talking of nothing and everything.

Suddenly, it hit me I smelled fried fish! Don't you smell

it?, I asked. Of course she didn't, until a few minutes later, when

the smell left me. Back and forth, for over an hour, the smell drifted between

us, changing once in a while to the scent of fresh flowers. After a while, it

faded until we could no longer smell it. I don't know who it was or what

it was trying to say, but it certainly was an interesting experience.

Carport Shadow


I'm not sure why I'm doing this...ghost as such don't bother me. I've

been around them all my life. I've had them breath on my neck, call my

name, open doors, move things....I've even seen them. What bothers me

and what I would like to talk to you about happened two years ago. It

was dusk and I was cooking supper...there's a window in my kitchen

that's over the stove, it looks out onto the carport. I had gone outside

to empty the garbage when I saw a was solid black....about 6

feet tall...and it was looking in the kitchen window. Thinking it was my

son trying to scare me, I called his name. The shadow turned and looked

at me, then I watched as it ran off the carport....only it dissappeared

before it got to the edge of the carport ( it's 24 feet from the window

to the edge of the concret) Still thinking it was Jason, I went in the

house laughing until I walked in his room and he was sitting on his bed.

Thinking back, the shadow had no face...there were no white to it's eyes

or even eyes. That's why I call it a shadow. My kids and thier friends

have told me stories about the ghost in the night , right at

sunset, my son chased it around the barn...until he realized his were

the only footprints in the grass. I'm not even sure why this bothers

me.......I haven't seen it again but I did notice a nose print on the

outside of one of the one sunroom windows.

Lake Titicaca


Having just sent you an e-mail saying that I don't have time, I'm going

to send you a couple of stories, anyway. Typical contributor, no? I

have a couple of stories from Peru, this being the first of them.

My wife is from Puno, Peru. It's a beautiful place, full of clean

streets and friendly people, the town climbing up the mountains from the

shore of Lake Titicaca to the edge of the highland pampas. A thoroughly

unlikely-looking place for hauntings. In the center of town, on a

corner of the Plaza de Armas, across from the Cathedral, is the

crumbling ruin of an old Spanish adobe building. It is the former home

of the Conde de Lemnos, one of the Viceroys from Spain, and a place

feared by everyone in the neighborhood.

In the 17th century the Conde de Lemnos, the Viceroy of Peru, was known

as a particularly evil, cruel despot. In Puno the family Laycacota

struck an extremely rich vein of silver ore, so rich that they quickly

became the greatest power in the Andean highlands. The Viceroy lost

patience and went after the Laycacotas with an army. They barricaded

themselves in their mine, several dozen men, women and children, well

supplied with food and munitions. As the siege extended into several

months the Conde took over their house on the Plaza and the Laycacotas

began to starve. When the women and children were sent out, to save

them from the suffering, the Conde proceeded to kill them in front of

the barricaded holdouts. When the men finally ran out of powder he had

them all burned alive in the mine.

His house has noises and lights that appear and move around that are

discernible from the street. The police station is next door, and a

small store is around the corner, on the other side of the house. The

police will walk all the way around the block to get to the store at

night, rather than cross in front of it. Several people have purchased

the property, and all have gone on to financial ruin. The last people

to spend a night in the house were a young German couple on their

honeymoon. They were accomplished sailors, having crossed the Atlantic

on the first stage of their trip. After a noisy, restless night they

took a sailboat out on Lake Titicaca. The boat capsized in a high wind

and both drowned.

The house is still empty today.

I Have Something Here

By: Anonymous

Love your page! I've been checking out similar pages for a few months

now (due to some weird stuff happening, but we'll get to that later),

and yours is the one I've found most readable and helpful. It also has

the best links page on the web, IMO.

Anyway; stories...

Although I'm basically a skeptic about things like ghosts and angels and

all, I've always felt that there's more to heaven and earth than is

dreamt of in our philosophy (etc., etc.) and I try to keep an open mind.

Three things have happened in my life that tend to make me think that

ghosts (or something like them) probably do exist.

1.) When I was about 8 years old (maybe 9), my brother and I were alone

in the house one night. My parents were divorced, we lived with my

Dad. Dad had a lady friend next door he was visiting (now she's my

step-mom) at the time, but since it was right next door and my brother

was 2 years older than me, he felt o.k. about leaving us; we had the

phone number as well.

We were supposed to be asleep, but I was having a hard time

sleeping. I had this feeling of fear and sadness that felt like it was

coming from outside of myself. I was an analytical child, and kept

telling myself that I was feeling my own fear and sadness because we

were alone and because I was a tad jealous of my Dad's new girlfriend,

but the feelings just intensified as the minutes went by.

My room was dark, but the door to the hallway was open and the light

was on in the hall. Suddenly, I felt I should keep still. I didn't

hear a noise or anything, I just felt scared stiff. A man walked into

the hallway from the living room. I saw him so clearly; he was a very

young man, maybe only 18. He was black; his face was clean-shaven and

quite handsome. He was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt and he was

carrying his sneakers over his shoulder; he was in his stocking feet, as

though he was trying to be very quiet. Of course, I thought he was a

robber. I lay very quiet and tried to "squinch" my eyes shut so I could

still see him, but my eyes looked shut. He stared into my room for a

long time, then silently proceeded down the hall to my father's room.

I knew he would have to pass by me again; there was no way out of my

father's room except through the window, and the hallway ended there;

there were no other rooms off the hall.

I waited and waited, but he didn't come out; there was no sound at

all, but he must be in there still. I finally decided I couldn't stand

it any more and I would sneak down the hall myself and get to the phone

in the kitchen and call my Dad. It took a lot of guts, but I did it.

When I got to the kitchen, though, there was the man!! He was standing

by the kitchen door; how did he get there? There was no way he could

have climbed out my father's window and come back in, because I would

have heard him, and anyway, the door was locked.

I don't know why, but I suddenly didn't feel all that scared; he

seemed so frightened of me! He seemed lost and disoriented. I finally

got my throat working and squeaked out "Who are you?". His eyes

widened, as though he was surprised or frightened and... he vanished.

I'm not kidding; he disappeared. The kitchen door banged, but I swear

it didn't open or close. I called my Dad, and when he got there, the

door was locked; he had to use his key to get in.

Nothing in the house was missing or disturbed; my Dad's window was

shut tight and all the doors were locked. My brother didn't see or hear

anything. Of course, everybody thinks I dreamt it or made it up, but I

know I didn't.

2.) When I was about 14, I was at a friend's house and we decided to

play with her Ouija board (I know, I know, it was dangerous, but we

didn't know that).

Neither of us were serious about it, and were giggling and being

generally silly; asking the board stupid questions about who we were

going to marry, etc.. I can't remember who said it, but one of us asked

if there was a spirit present. Suddenly, the little thingy you put your

fingers on (I forget what they call it) was literally jerked out from

under my fingers and flew across the room. Predictably, we screamed and

ran out of the room. Later, when we were calmer and went to put the

board away, I was surprised to find that my friend was kind of mad at me

for "playing such a mean joke". I was just thinking the same thing

about her, and told her so! We both claimed that the other person had

made the thing fly off the board like that.

To this day, she says she didn't do it, and I know I didn't. One

thing's for sure, we never played with the Ouija board again. If I ever

find out she was lying, though, she's in big trouble!

3.) Just recently, I started getting the feeling of "not being alone"

in the basement/family room of our house. I sometimes thought I heard

whispering or soft singing, and a couple of times I could swear someone

called my name. I was tempted to put this down to my overactive

imagination, but then our dog developed the habit of leaping up and

barking hysterically at nothing, then lying down again (rather

sheepishy!). I started looking on the web and found numerous pictures

that people had taken of things that weren't visible to the naked eye at

the time the picture was taken, and I thought "Aha! I'll try that, and

see if I get anything!". I went down to the basement with our digital

camera, mentally asked "whoever" to show it/him/herself, and snapped a

picture. Several "orbs" appeared in it! I tried again; even more


The next morning, my 11-year-old son complained that he had been

awakened early by a "moaning" sound, and by his bed being shaken

roughly. I had told him nothing of my feelings about the house, or the

pictures I took. I told my son he must have been dreaming (I didn't

want to scare him, especially since he could have dreamt it; I don't

know). When I was alone in my son's room, I asked "whoever" to please

not frighten my son. There has not been a repeat incident.

For weeks afterward, almost every picture I took in every room of

the house had one or more "orbs" in it. I wanted to know if this was a

defect in the camera, so I searched on the web for information. Some

folk claim that with digital cameras in particular, you can get an "orb"

effect because of dust particles in the air quite close to the lens.

So. I felt a bit relieved in a way (and maybe just a little

disappointed), and decided I had imagined the whole thing. On the very

day this happened, though, the orbs disappeared from my pictures. The

whispering and singing and feelings of being watched stopped, too, and

the dog has settled down.

Now, I'm not sure what to think. It's almost as though I'm doing it

somehow; when I believe something's happening it does. When I don't,

it doesn't. There was a death in the basement/family room a couple

years ago due to a freak accident, and maybe that just has my

imagination working overtime; what do you think?

T.B. Hospital in Louisville, Ky


Louisville Kentucky - Waverly Hills T.B. Sanatorium

On November 30, 1998 myself and two of my friends witnessed an number of

paranormal occurences while ghost hunting in the Waverly Hills T.B.

Sanatorium. I had heard several different rumors about the place since I was

in 10th grade and was determined to find out the truth for myself. The place is

huge and their are other buildings but the main hospital is the place where there

have been sightings and noises and other things reported. It was closed by the

state in 1961 and re-opened as a nursing home but was once again closed in 1980

allegedly because of poor patient treatment. Anyway, We arrived their at

about 9:00 p.m. and were in the building about 15 minutes after that due to the long

walk up the hill and into the woods. It's totaly isolated. When we finaly

got to the top of the hill we walked to the front. Now, when I saw this place

I stood there in disbeleif because this place looks so scary and creepy and

erie that it looks like someone set it up to film a movie there, I swear!

It''s unbeleivable.( I swear I'm telling the truth). In fact, I started to

have second thoughts about it. I felt like I was in a horror movie. After we

walked in through one of the many entrances that stand wide open I could tell

that something was unsettled in this place. I just felt like If I turned

around I would see something following us. The atmosphere completely changed.

We walked through the hallways and wen't into rooms where patients were held.

You could see scratch marks all over many of the doors and walls and when we

got to the basement we saw blood stains. No more than a second after we all

saw the blood we heard footsteps upstairs for about 30 or 40 seconds. We

ignored the sounds and headed towards a door in hopes of escaping to the

outside only to find a long tunnel that we could see down for about 15 feet.

We walked in and walked for about 6or7 minutes but ended up stopping hudled up

because after stopping to smoke, we heard footsteps and scuffeling noises

behind us. We decided to get back up to the first floor and than leave. We

got to the top of the stairs and finaly found our way out. We were taking

pictures of the outside when my friend saw what we originaly came to find. In

the third floor at the 5th window on the right side of the building we all saw

a young femal child just staring at us.

I swear this is what happened and none of this event is a lie. I would say

that this place is worth looking into and should be investigated by paranormal

researchers. I would be willing to help. If you would like to respond back

to me personally my e-mail address is: (please reply, I

would like to know if you or anyone is interested)

Unusual Occurances


I am living in a 200 year old house which was dismantled and moved from its

former location in Eagle Bridge, NY. As I was moving in, I became aware of

music playing faintly and I was not able to determine its source. I sat at

my desk one day to pay my bills and noticed the surface was extremely hot

in one small area, about the size of my hand. The desk everywhere else was

cool to my touch, as wood is normally. I also noticed the faint smells of

old roses and some type of animal. One morning I got up to go out for a

walk before work; I put on my watch and checked the time, which I believed

to be 7:05 a.m. After walking a distance, I again checked my watch and

discovered it had stopped, which I did not understand as the battery was

new. Later that day, I discovered I had put my watch on upside down so it

had actually stopped at 1:35 a.m., and the stem was pulled out. I reset it

and wore it all day. When I took it off to go to bed that night, I checked

it and it was running. I placed it on the table in the bedroom and the

next morning discovered it had stopped at 1:35 a.m. and the stem was pulled

out. Several days later, my watch disappeared entirely. Mysteriously, it

was found in the middle of my 15 acre field, where I had not been. Shortly

after that, it disappeared again and I have not found it. There is always

a great deal of interference in my telephone, TV, stereo, clocks, and my

clothes dryer has even started to run on its own. One night I was coming

down my stairs and felt something grab me by the wrist. There is a brick

which holds the kitchen door open (the location is extremely windy most of

the time) and it disappeared for over a week. I found it in a drawer and I

am certain it was not placed there by anyone living in the house. This

happened again after a visit from the owner--the very same night I told him

about its previous disappearance. The can opener also disappeared for over

a week and then suddenly appeared in an obvious place, where I could not

have missed it had it really been there all along. Before I met the current

owner of the house, during a phone converstation, I told him I kept hearing

music but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. He asked, "Are you

afraid?" I then asked him what he had not told me about the house. I

learned he had purchased it from a Jehovah named George Peabody because

George had bad experiences (unidentified) in the house and with articles

removed from the house so he believed the house was inhabited by demonic

spirits. I also learned the last residents of the house were two spinsters

and their pet baboon--about 15 years ago. Apparently one of the women died

in the house and her body could not be removed without killing the baboon.

The current owner also told me that he'd experienced strange happenings and

so had his father; they are both Baptist ministers. Over the recent

Thanksgiving holiday, I bought a new mattress. When I removed the old one,

I discovered several pools of dried blood under the bed which I can't

explain. Stranger still, on the mattress pad on the other bed in the same

room I found a ring of dried blood. There was no blood on the sheets or on

the mattress and the pad was new; the bed had not been ever slept in. The

house is now in White Creek, NY and is on the National Register of Historic

Houses. Grandma Moses lived in the house as a child servant. The house

was a part of the Underground Railroad and was both a parsonage and a

funeral home. I am not afraid and apparently there have been articles

written about the house and its ghosts, which I am trying to locate. I am

also interested in knowing about the people who have lived in the house but

have not had time to research..

Paranormal Invasion


Hi Dave.

My name is Fiona and I live in Australia.

My husband Paul and I are currently compiling a book on peoples experiences

of the supernatural and I thought that I would share a little of our own

experiences with you.

We bought our first home in August 1994 and moved in with our then, 8 month

old son James.

Things were wonderful for about ayear and a half and then in early 1996 we

went to visit my grandmothers grave to lay flowers.

We arrived home late afternoon and put James down for a nap. We then decided

to have one ourselves and laid down hoping to catch at least an hour. (at

that time our son didn't sleep too well.) Well we had barely laid our heads

down when Paul began to tell me to stop it.

Well you can imagine that I didn't know what on earth he was talking about,

so I said stop what?

He went on to tell me that I had been tickling his backside and that he

wasn't really in the mood so I should just cut it out.

After about half an hour I finally convinced him that I hadn't been touching

him and he gave up the argument.

Well let me tell you since then we have experienced nothing short of a

paranormal invasion.

Lights turn on and off by themselves, food is constantly stacked up in the

pantry in the most unusual ways, things actually go flying accross the room

right in front of your face and general confusion reigns.

These occurences continued on a daily basis. And in 1997 when i was about

eight months pregnant with our second child i experienced the most

unbelievable experience yet.

I was watching a childrens program with james, then almost three, when right

before my eyes a young boy, looking to be about five appeared. I couldn't

say where he came from, he was just simply there.

At first the thought of a ghost didn't even enter my head i just thought,

there is a child in our house!

It was then that he walked into the hallway. So i got up very casually and

followed him. Without mentioning any thing to james. I followed him through

the hall and he turned left into james room. But as you can probably guess

when i went in he had gone. When i came back into the living room james

looked up at me very innocently and said, Did you see the little boy? He

then explained that his name was michael and that he played in his room with

him all the time.

I wasn't too disturbed by it rather i was intrigued. I had always had a

fascination with the supernatural so it was of great interest to me.

I explained it all to my husband when he got home and i think he thought i

was imagining things, being pregnant and all. ( at the time he was a bit of

a sceptic.) But when he had his evening shower he soon changed his mind.

He was just finishing up in the shower when he knocked on the wall. We

usually knock on the wall when either of us is in there and ask whether the

other one wants it after us and we will then leave it running.

So i went in to see what he wanted and he said The showers ready for you.

I said no thanks, iv'e already had one.

He then yurned to me and said well then why did you ask me to leave it


I said that i hadn't and he went on to tell me that i had opened the door,

entered the bathroom and said leave it running for me when your finished

paul! and then i had left the room.

Well i certainly hadn't done that and it took a lot of talking to convince

him otherwise.

There are plenty more stories to tell, as i write this email things are

still occurring. the most frequent things are Voices on a tape that we have

our little boy singing on. voices that definately weren't there before.

I just yesterday bumped into an invisible figure in the hallway and the tv

remote control was thrown accross the room.

There are too many things to even mention here they would fit into a book.

Hey maybe i'll do that next.

P.S If anybody would like to tell us of their experiences for our book we

would love to hear from you.



I have had an unearthly(scuse the pun) amount of experiences over the

course of my 34 years.My mother,her mother and her mother before

her,have unusual abilities,for lack of a better term.I was born the

same,as was my daughter now.My mother is able to communicate with people

that have passed on and this is her account.I will tell it as she told


"About three days before your brother(much older than I) was born,your

grandfather,myfather,passed away of a heart attack,in his sleep.He and I

were very close,as I never had a good relationship with my mother,we

seldom saw eye to eye,and so my father was my hero.

When I heard of his death I was devastated,and went into labour with

your brother 3 days later.I cried for joy at the sight of my new son,but

also for pure sadness that my own father wouldnt be able to see him,or

so I thought.

I believe in the afterworld,I know when we die,our spirits,our souls are

released from the earthly body.This belief became more convincing when I

experienced it first hand.

When your brother was 6 months old, I became depressed at the thought of

my dead father,I was still mourning the loss,and I had good days and

bad.It was summer,a gorgeous warm day,and so the inner door was open and

the screen door was closed,but still allowing a breeze.I was doing some

housecleaning when I thought of your grandfather,and started to feel

sad,when there was a knock at the screen door.

I wasnt expecting anyone,and assumed it was a salesman.As I entered the

front hall,.I saw a tall slim man with his back to me and wondered who

the dickens this was at 2 in the afternoon.I opened the screen door and

said "can I help you" The man turned and let me see that it was my

father! I was astounded,shocked,scared,every emotion possible zoomed

thro me within a few seconds.He smiled at me gently,and without moving a

muscle said "Your Uncle Sam will pass away 2 weeks from this day,at

exactly 6am.Then he vanished.I thoguht maybe the depression was getting

to me and I was imagining things. Two weeks to the day at 6am my

wonderful Uncle Sam passed away in his sleep.I was again devastated at

loosing another very important person in my life.

Shortly after that,my father again came to me,with news of another

relative passing on.IT happened as he said,when he said and I thought I

was going crazy.Needless to say,I never told a soul what was going on,it

was the 50's and they would have tried to put me in a hospital

About 3 months after the last visit,my sister had come for coffee in the

afternoon,I was busy doing something,probably changing a diaper when the

door bell rang.I yelled at my sister to please answer it as I had my

hands full

About 1 min later I heard a god aweful scream and rushed to see what it

was.My sister stood frozen at the door,door wide open and no one there.

Iasked her what the matter was and she said "Dad" just that, nothing

else and I knew that Dad had come to visit again.WHen she calmed down

she made me swear that I was NOT to tell a soul about what she heard or

saw,and that when she was done telling me,we would never bring it up

again.She said "Dad told me that such and such was going to die on this

date at that time and then he vanished" I told her that he had come to

me also with the same kind of news.We never spoke of it again,even now

some 40 odd years later.

Dad came to me one last time,but before he could speak I said to him

"Dad I love you,and I miss you terribly but I cant stand hearing about

relatives dying I dont want to know the future,please dont tell me"

Dad smiled at me,winked his eye,as was his habit and said "pet,iam so

sorry I caused you such pain and fear,and I will never come to you in

this form again,but know that I will be with you always,you only need

ask,and my grandson is beautiful"

He kept his promise,he never again came to me in that form but hes come

to me often in my time of need,Ican feel his presence and his love and

warmth. Your brother looks very much like your grandfather,almost his

spittin image,and it was your grandfathers ring that saved your brothers

finger when he almost lost it using a band saw.

I know now that your Grandfather is your brothers guardian angel"

As told to me by my mother

Aliens or ghosts?


I grew up in a little town in a large house--we had few neighbors and

lived on a basically deserted street....All of my family members, except my father,

experienced very weird, strange things....

I personally, felt like there was a presence in our home, which mostly emanated

from one particular bedroom in our house. Unfortunately, that bedroom was mine.

For years I had been unable to sleep a sound night's sleep because I had this

terrible dread and fear that something was watching me.

One night when I was about 9 or 10 years old, I awoke to find 4 creatures in our

hallway--I saw them clearly because the light was on. They were floating about a

foot off the floor. Three of them were adults-the one in the middle was smaller

than the other two. One very small creating was floating above them. They were

an opaque/white/transparent color, with very, very large black eyes. I sensed that

they were totally chaotic, but not necessary evil. It felt as though they were very

mischevious. At this point in time, the upstairs was only half finished. They

literally melted into the door that led into the unfinished portion of the upstairs.

They just passed right through the door like it wasn't even there. That was the most

frightening experience I've ever had. I never saw them again. Sometimes I have

wondered if I were having a dream that night, but the memory of them is so vivid

that I believe that I actually experienced this unusual phenomena.

My brothers both had experiences as well-my oldest brother was upstairs-after it

was finished--and he felt something walk by him. It was a palpable feeling that

someone/something was brushing his shoulder to get by him.

At other times, I heard footsteps upstairs when there was no one home but me. The

footsteps always led into my bedroom, the room I felt was especially haunted....

My younger brother experienced something as well. He was in bed one night-he

was about 5 or 6 years old when he saw what he describes as a "bright red flying

bat" he says it was glowing and that it emanated a very evil presence. He said

he was paralyzed with fear and felt unable to leave his bed.

My mother and my oldest brother have heard voices which chant--my sister was

about 12 years old and she was sleeping/or in some kind of a trance in her room

when my brother came running downstairs to tell my mother about the voices he

was hearing in her room. My mother immediately went to my sister's bedroom-the

haunted room upstairs--and also heard voices chanting the same chant over and

over again. My sister was apparently in a very deep sleep--my mother tried to

walk her, but she would not wake up. My mother finally dragged my sister out of

the room and down the stairs. Finally, my sister awoke, but had no idea of how she

got downstairs, or what had happened to her.

I don't know if I really believe in ghosts or not, but it seems that for a while,

something inhabited our home that can only be labelled as "evil". Eventually,

the evil spirit left, but my Mother takes no chances--there are religious

symbols/pictures in almost every room of the house. !

Ongoing Cycle


I can't remember a lot of my childhood but my mother has informed me

about this part. She said it started when I was about five years

old.... my mother would catch me starting into space and laughing. When

she asked me what I was laughing at my reply would be simply "look he's

funny." Although I don't remember this to be true or what exactly it

was I assume it was some sort of ghost.

When I was about ten years old I loved to be out doors and spent

most of my time in the woods behind our house. I can still remember

this like it was yesterday. I was taking my normal walk through one of

our trails and saw something in the corner of my eye. A figure of a man

stood on a trail that was directly right from me. He suddenly turned

and started walking down the trail. He then went around a corner and I

lost sight of him. The strange thing about him was that he was dressed

in winter clothes (almost like hunting gear) with a coat, hat, and all.

I really didn't get a good look at him that time. About two days later

me and my brother were walking through the woods and saw the same figure

in a tree (my brother pointed him out). He was hazy kind of. Any way

we both looked at each other and looked back in the tree and he was

gone. Then we high tailed it out of there.

About three years after that some thing even wierder happened. I

would go into my room to go to bed and either when I was in bed or

getting ready to my closet would open. But when I would look at it, it

would either freeze in the position it ws in or slam shut. I talked to

my mother about it and she convinced me that it was wind currents (this

started in late summer so I had my windows open). But as the months

passed these events did not stop. In fact they grew worse. The window

was now shut and the door would still do it. I lived in a old farmhouse

and there was no heating duct in my room. This lasted for about a year.

Ever since that started happening, I have not had any peace. Lights

come on, doors slam, sounds of footsteps would echo in the halls, ect.

Some of my frineds even witnessed these events but the central focus

always seemed to be on me.

Now I'm in college and wouldn't you just know that I move into a

dorm that has a repetion for being haunted, go figure. I have

experienced drawers opening and closing, closet doors coming open,

sudden heating of my room that lasts only seconds, and of course the

uneasiness that follows.

I get scared still from these events but the truth is I am kind of

use to it too. My only queston is why do these things follow me? It

seems that no matter where I go I'm haunted. These are only a few of

the encounters I have experienced and in my mind I know that they

probally won't be the last of them either.

The Landlady's Husband


Seeing ghosts is something that kind of runs in the family. Most of my

family on my mothers side have consistant stories of seeing ghosts dated

back too far to remember. This really isn't so strange considering all

my relatives but myself were born and bred in England.I seem to have

carried on the family trait.

Now don't get me wrong. I am just an ordinary mom with two teenage

daughters. I not a mental case and I don't have a hidden stash of Prozac

any where. I am not a firm believer in any thing really, but I do see


My last encounter was just a few years ago. I had just moved to Missouri

and I had rented a fairly old farm house that was in great condition.

The house belonged to a woman in her 70's who had recently remarried and

had moved to another town. At first I hadn't noticed too much because

I was trying to get settled in a new town and deal with an overbearing

mother-law. Plus to add to matters, the lady I was renting from was

always around puttering in the garden in the back of the house or

staying the garage. (I secretly think back then, she thought I was going

to steal one on of her prize tomatoes.The elderly can be pretty strange

sometimes, especially when your a "foreigner from California".)

After I had been there for a few weeks, I started noticeing things.

While cleaning the master bathroom.I watch the faucet to the bathroom

sink turn on to a full stream and then turn off. Ok, it might be

explainable. A week or so later, I was in the kitchen baking and I saw

something in the corner of my eye. I turned around, an low and behold,

there is a male ghost standing in my kitchen with his hands on his

hips.The look on his face was if to say "what the hell are you doing

here?!". A little unnerving to say the least. Especially, since he

looked about 6' and probably out weighed me by at least 100lbs.But that

I could handle that. What I could not handle was when he turned my alarm

clock on at 4am in the morning for the daily fishing and farm report

even after the power had gone out and I had not reset the clock.

I didn't get to stay in the house very long. After three months of no

privacy from the land lady, I had to move out. Later, I was approached

by her son. He had confided in me that no one stayed in the house long.

Personally, I think she knew it was her deceased husband lurking in the

house and they both didn't want to share it with anyone. Not even her

newly married third husband.

The Three Girls


I was about 11 years old, and at a small primary school in a small

village in Scotland. At lunch breaks me and a group of my friends

would sneak out of the school grounds and go to the woods behind the

school. It was part of our daily routine, we would run along the dryed

up river bed, sit in someones tree house, and then end up sitting with

our backs against the school wall so we could hear the bell ring for the

end of lunch break. There was a small bridge to the right of where we

sat, so when people came by we would have to pretend that we were meant

to be there doing a project or something. This particular day we were

feeling extra rebellious and didn't care whether someone came across the

bridge or not. So when three girls camee over the bridge with thier

backs to where we were I stared at them daring them to see us and tell

our teacher. As I stared I realised that they were all dressed in long

white flowing robes, and glided rather than wlaked. I couldn't avert

my eyes and they simultaneously turned their heads towards me as if they

had trouble turning their necks, when thier faces finally met mine the

dark deep pits that filled the space where their eyes once were

ddrowned my senses, their faces were pale as the snow and then they

faded away before my eyes. I never said anything to my friends who

were talking about the new guy at school.

Ghost Encounters


This happened some couple of years ago at my home in southern

Kentucky. I was 16 at the time at up late working on some homework

after my mother and father had already gone to bed. Well, something or

"someone" told me to look up just as I began really to study then out of

the corner of my eye and then my full vision, as I turned around, I saw

a man dressed in Union Blue standing in my living room. What a shocker!

Scared to death I jumped up and raced to confront this, then thought,

theif. However, when I was in arms length he avnished never to


This isn't my only experience though. Just a few weeks ago i had the

feeling not to open the attic door, but when I did something in old

fashioned white puffy sleeves came charging at me and knocked me down.

I have prove of this encounter but none of the other.

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