Ghosts or Angels


This is a true story, as we are still dumbfounded as to what happened.

My niece and nephew Were spending the weekend with my husband and I. At

age 12 and 9, both children liked to tell and hear spook storys . Me and

my niece Stephanie needed to go to the grocery store, to pick up a few

odds and ends. On the way out the door, I said to Stephanie..." We

should take Chris (Her lttle brother) back behind this old convent,

where there is a Graveyard, and we can all tell scary stories. My

husband over heard us and said..."Don't go back there today it is to

dark and dangerous, for you three alone. We said,"Ok we won't", and

promised not to go.

Little Chris decided to stay home, so Stephanie and I were on our way to

pick up some goodies for the fellows.

Forgetting the promise we made, we headed for the graveyard

anyway. When we got behind the convent, it loked unusually dark,maybee

due to the stormy weather earlier in the day. As we drove toward the

graveyard we noticed two people, a young man and lady , walking toward

us in the middle of the street, they were dressed in white, and slowing

the car down, I thought in my mind...that it was strange for them both

to be dressed in the same manner and in all white clothing. They walked

to the side of the road and as I passed them we noticed the road ahead

looked darker and darker, so we decided to turn the car around,and not

go into the graveyard. Now this had been a matter of only a few seconds,

and as i turned the car around, Stephanie said," Aunt pam, where are

those two people that were on the road?". We did a quick, frantic

search: There was an open field, no cars nearby, no dark shrubs or

trees, in other words, no place for them to hide or not be seen by us ,

if they were really there. We both became extremely frightened by the

event that just happened, but decided to go to the grocery store, then

head home like nothing happened.

When we got to the store,which is usually open 24 hours a day, the

doors were locked, although the lights were on but no-one would let us

in. By this time we were really scared and food or no food, we decided

to go home. On telling my husband this story he replied," Maybe they

were your gardian Angels, because you had promised not to go back

there"! ...While we were talking, Stephanie had picked up the tv remote,

and was flipping through the stations...each station that she stopped at

said either that," Angels were watching you or someone up there was

gaurding you", by then we were both screaming and my husband said," Calm

down, i'll get you a glass of warm milk" and then I said to him..." I'll

do it, i'll get us both a glass ". As my husband opened the fridge, to

get the milk, I reached into a cupboard, for the mugs, and came out with

an old mug that we had not seen for years... my husband grabbed it and

said," Whats this ". When he turned the mug around, there, barely

visible...was a picture of two angels a young man and lady, both dressed

in white...To end our story, we have never yet been back to that

graveyard again, and we truely believe in angels.

Sri Lanka House


This is an actual experience that I had when I was twelve and living in

Sri Lanka with my parents, who were doing development work. We lived in

a very large old house with several bedrooms. We rented it from a family

who had moved out of the country and it had an attic which was locked,

although the family assured us that we could use it for storage space

while we lived in the house. The house was divided into wings,

accessible by separate staircases. My parents and my brother had

bedrooms in one wing of the house, while my room and the rooms of the

nanny, driver and housekeeper that we had were in another. The house had

a very strange feel to it, and indeed, it was constructed in a strange

way - it had several small shrines in various alcoves to Hindu Gods, as

well as an indoor open air garden that made it rain in our living room

and let in swarms of insects.

The supernatural aspect of the house did not become apparent until

we had lived there for almost a year. It began with a late night

disturbance that the servants and I began to notice in the early hours

of the morning. Large houses in Sri Lanka are walled in to prevent

theft, and almost always have a heavy metal sliding garage door, to

allow cars to enter, and seal off the house to intruders. These doors

were very heavy, and I certainly could not pull it back alone at age 12.

Also they made an immense racket when opened. I began to be woken up by

a loud clanging of what sounded like garage doors being pulled back and

pushed forward rapidly, all over the neighborhood, between 3 and 4 am

every morning. After a few nights I mentioned it to my parents, who said

that they had not heard a thing. The noise continued every night for

about a week, until I asked our driver if he had heard it. he said that

he had, and had gotten out of bed on several occasions to see what was

happening in the neighborhood, but when he went outside there was no one

on the street, and he could no longer hear the noise, although the nanny

claimed she had heard it all the while he was gone.

That was the first of the strange occurrences of the house. Although

there was nothing definite I could put my finger on, the house had a

strange atmosphere, and I began to feel as if someone were watching me

while I was alone in my room.

The next occurrence was a sad one. Our nanny, Pushup, was married to

the driver. She became pregnant while living with us, and continued to

work as a nanny to my brother and myself. My family trusted her

completely and felt her and her husband to be part of our family. One

day, while she was about 5 months pregnant, she was walking up the

stairs to her room carrying a glass bottle of water. From the living

room, my family and I heard her scream, and the bottle break. Found

unconscious, she was rushed to the hospital, where she lost her

otherwise healthy baby. She claimed to have seen a small figure hover

down the stairs towards her, and felt a cold hand touch the back of her

neck before she fainted. We knew Pushpa as a completely trustworthy and

levelheaded person, who would not be likely to fabricate a story.

Pushpa's sister Rani came to stay with her during her recovery, and

to help her around the house. Meanwhile, the nighttime clanging seemed

to have subsided, and we didn't think much about it. Several months

after Rani arrived, Pushpa's husband woke my parents, and told them to

come quickly into their rooms as Rani was very ill. I was not allowed

into the room, but my parents told me later what was wrong with Rani.

She was convulsing, with her back arched, and both Pushpa and her

husband were required to keep her lying down. My mother has medical

training, and assessed that she was not having an epileptic seizure, but

was reluctant to send her to a hospital as there was a curfew on that

night. (Sri Lanka is in the grip of a civil war, and those who broke

terrorist imposed curfews were likely to be in some danger). Rani was

speaking frantically in a strange language that Pushpa said was neither

Sinhala or Tamil, but a language she had never heard before, spitting at

those in the room and grinning hysterically.

Finally, Rani fell asleep, and my parents and the servants took turns

watching her in the night. The next day she claimed to feel better and

have no memory of what had happened the night before. Later in the

afternoon, while Pushpa was busy, she ran away. Pushpa contacted

everyone she knew, but we never heard from her again.

We moved soon after that occurrence. Other than the things I

mentioned, the only strange things about the house were that more often

that normal we would lose or mislay various small possessions. After we

moved from the house, it remained vacant for at least the two years we

remained in the country. My whole family was glad to move away, as we

all said that we felt depressed when alone in the house. The next house

we lived in was completely unremarkable in terms of the supernatural.

A Life Time of Ghosts


My first Ghost was one on my Grandfather's farm. During the first

settlement of the area in PA [1740ish] the first grant owner's sister went

to get the cow. However the Indian's in the area had taken the cowbell off

and were ringing it. They scalped her. She was buried where she died in a

field near the main house. On a calm summer night we could hear the

cowbell. Even those who didn't believe could hear it. They still didn't

believe in Ghosts but it scared the daylights out of them. It always

stayed just ahead of you.

In the woods above the house [on top of a hill] there was always shadow

shapes moving at the very edge. I was strictly forbidden to go up there

and it was strong enough that I didn't. [Which is strange because I was

always doing what I shouldn't] I found out later when I was in my teens

there use to be a house there. No one would ever tell me what happened to it.

My Grandmother appeared after she died to me. She was basically my mother

and raised me. She would always show up when I was just getting very sick

leaning over me and looking concerned.

I tend to "feel" rather than see. I feel the emotions. When I was in my

teens my aunts elderly friend hadn't been seen for a day. My mother and

cousin when to check on her and found she had broken a hip. The house was

a 1700s origin and I was excited to be able to go in it. I stepped inside

that door and was met with a feeling of such pure unadultrated HATE I

immediately became sick and had to leave. My mother [who never did believe

in this stuff] said maybe I was picking up on the woman's feelings. I told

her no "THAT HOUSE HATES". It was hating something or someone so much you

made yourself sick all over [wave after wave of nausa]. I never went back in.

I have had riders as I call them. There is a mountain area near here with

a dirt road over it. I took it late one night as a shortcut. That way cut

off 30 miles. I realized there was something in the back seat. It was a

rotting corpse. It stayed with me thru the whole valley from one mountain

top to another [you have to cross 3 mountains on this road with very narrow

valley's in a 10 mile stretch] and it suddenly was gone. He wanted to scare

me and he was enjoying it. A friend told me there had been a man who

missed one of the sharp curves and ran his buggy off the side. They had

found the horse and buggy but never found him. He was the first but not

the last.

I have also noticed in the fall while I was walking thru the Graveyard the

sound of foot steps following me in the leaves. It is where most of my

family is buried.

In boot camp when we were being punished we would be what is called cycled.

It is exercises including running in place. The housing is 3 stories

high. We had the second floor. I slept in a bottom bunk. My bunkmate and

I woke up one night to the sound of running feet and thumping. I said to

her what the $#$#^ is that and her reply was "They are cycling the guys

upstairs they must have done something to piss of their Company Commander"

I said at 1 AM?

We both rolled over and went back to sleep for this wasn't unusual. It

dawned on us the next morning there was NO company in the upstairs unit. I

hated patrol up there. The shower curtians would sway for no reason and

there was no air and I kept getting feelings of fear. [not being afraid

but of fear very similar to the hate feeling]

When I lived in Fla for a while one of my cats got out with her collar on.

I heard her in the middle of the night and went out to look for her. I was

worried about her hanging herself with a nonexpandable collar. Coming down

the road toward me was a glowing greenish figure that took shape as it got

closer. It was half raw muscle and veins with exposed guts and eyeball and

the other half was bones. It was not a pretty sight to say the least. It

was also grinning. I ran back into the house woke my boyfriend and said

there is a ghost out there and described it. He just said Oh that is raw

head and bloody bones my grandfather use to use him to scare us to be good.

Yeah we have all [members of his family] seen him.

The place where he lived was strange. At a certian point the world looked

flat. If you stepped outside of that the perspective went back to normal.

It was about the shape of a large house. His home was a much smaller

modern one within the shape. When I was inside it felt as if I was being

watched from the windows. I could not look out them. The overwhelming

feeling was if I did I would see something so horrible I wouldn't be able

to stop screaming. I found out later that there had been a much larger

house there at the turn of the century which was rebuilt in the 1910's.

The first house was used to house the insane and had burned with the

inmates in it late one night in the 1880s or 90s. The second house had

burned in the 1970's for no reason they could ever determine.

Currently I live with the little black kitten. [I have birds so it must be

having a heyday] You see it streaking around and it will come under the

table as if to rub on your legs...

I have my buddy who is a sort of poltergeist. My buddy spends his time

finding things [course I think he does some loosing of them too]. Suddenly

they appear. The newest incident was the logging boots. We were to have a

snow storm last week. I have been hunting my logging boots forever. [with

our strange warm fall I didn't need them until now] I went in and they sat

in the bathroom one on either side of the commode [won't miss seeing them

there will I?].

I also have the one who lives upstairs. This one resides in the back

attic.[even my landlord who doesn't believe in ghosts hates that attic] He

use to venture all over the top attic and downstairs at night. He was a

walker with heavy tread and noises. However can I say we made a deal He

has full rein of the back attic which is his primary spot. I don't go in

there and he don't come out here. Seems to have worked. He hasn't been

downstairs in a long time. After all even a ghost needs his space.

It is strange for me to think that people have isolated incidents or have

never had a ghost "experience". I have been dealing with them since I was

little. My mother swore she never saw one because she didn't want to see

one. She believed she blocked it.

Advice? Go on the feeling. Not your reaction but the feeling. If it is

bad or fearful then it is. As to reactions... IF you were dead and NO one

noticed you how would you feel??? And if someone could... HEY.... They

know I am here....

I worked with the criminally insane as a prison guard. Worry more about

the live ones than the dead ones. There are some very sick people out


Possessed Coin Jar


Ridiculous as that sounds, it summarizes what I think happened 3 weeks

ago yesterday.

The setting is where I am now (in front of computer desk, with file

cabinet to the right), going through this web site, about 1 am CST. I

started remembering an incident when I was very young (nothing

supernatural) when I felt this bear-shaped coin jar (on top of above

mentioned file cabinet) looking at me. Just that, looking at me. It

was as real as any day time encounter with another human being.

Tense as I became, I waved at the jar (hoping 'it' was the person who

gave the jar to me, a sweet old lady Red Cross worker I knew in the

Army). Going to bed became a high priority right then. Next day after

work, that jar went into the storage room, and three pennies went over

the door to my apartment (a ritual read about here).

The pennies must have worked, not so much as to do with the jar (its

hidden, so who knows), as the movements in my peripheral vision I had

been plagued with had become centered in the direction of the door.

I.e., something had been locked out.

If I offended something benign, I am sorry. However, I was frightened.

Myth or Monster?


I am now 26 married with two children and very interested in all of the

stories posted on this site. I write because of an incident that has left my

sister and my self pondering for years. As young girls, we shared an antique

bed that had about a foot of space under it. One night with my cat sleeping

on my head, I was awaken by the sound of an animals claws walking across the

hardwood floor of our bedroom. My cat, Chester had also heard it, as he at

full alert, and stopped purring. I wondered if the neighbors weener dog had

gotten in somehow, because the clicking of claws was loud enough that it had

to be the size of a small dog. My face grew hot from blood rushing through my

body, and I could hear my heart pounding. I was too frightened to speak to

my sister, so I laid perfectly still untill Chester jumped off the bed. I

beleived him to be my protector, untill I heard him hightailing it down the

hall.;-) Suddenly my sister tells me to go turn on the light, as she had

dropped her beloved stuffed animal. Thinking she would've heard it, and would

never send me into harms way, I hopped off the bed and walked over to the

light switch. As I rounded the bed, I saw two large red pointed eyes staring

at me from under my dresser. I flipped on the light, (and I still don't know

why,) I got down on my hands and knees to look under my dresser. I had a full

view under the bed and dressers and open closet.......... Nothing. Boy, I was

sure relieved. My sis said," o.k., turn off the light." I did, and low and

behold, there they were again under my bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES! Still I

did not say a word to my sister, as acknowledging it would make it real. As I

lay there and tried to sleep, it began wandering and actually ran into a

little book shelf my daddy had made. Eventually I slept and told a friend the

next day who laughed and said I was lying. About 6 years later I brought it

up to my sister who couldn't believe it. She had peered over the side of the

bed to see what was wandering around and saw the exact same eyes staring back

at her. That's when she told me to turn on the light!!!!!! My brother and

brother in law said it was probably a huge rat, but central Washington doesn't

have a real problem with dog sized rats. Not the mention the eyes were facing

forward, not on the sides, and they were pointed, not round. I will belive my

son if he is ever scared of the boogy man.

Haunted House in Bangkok


I am in the entertainment business here in Thailand. To begin with

Thailand is a very spiritual place, there are very few skeptics here.

On with the story.

I was invited to do a tv show that deals on the subjects of ghosts.

They were having a sort of real documentary piece about a very infamous

haunted house in Bangkok. The story of this house is that there was

once this japanese maid that lived there who worked for this really rich

thai guy who would constantly come home and rape this poor lady. The

maid had about all she could take and comitted suicide, hanging herself

in her bedroom. After that, her ghost would come back and literally

just terrorize this man, and the man finally moved out. Everyone knew

the story of this house, and the house was never to be sold again. The

house has been vacant for over 10 years now, it is a place where drug

dealers go to sell drugs, but nobody dares to stay there.

When they asked me to go to this house, of course I was petrified! But

I agreed to go because 2 of my friends were going to go in with me. We

had the whole camera crew and lots of bonfires set up in side the house

so we could see, which made it a bit less frightening. To make this

long story short, while we were filming nothing scary happened to us,

except for some practical pranks the film crew played on us. But just

before the show was over, a friend of mine, who came to watch asked me

for my car keys so we could get the hell outta there when it was done,

so I agreed. We were finally done! Just then my friend came over to me

and told me the doors locked by themselves, with the keys in the

ignition, and the engine already running. I tried to think practically,

it had to be a screwup with the alarm. I told my friend he needed to go

back to my house (about a 15 min. drive) and get my extra set of car

keys, so he left.

It was now pitch dark with only a couple of friends there and a couple

of the cameramen waiting around. All the sudden I hear this loud scream

of woman from inside the house, I freaked! I asked my friends if anyone

heard it, the only guy that said he had heard it was my friend that had

actually gone inside the house with me. I tried to ignore it and not

long after my friend arrived with the keys. We all got into the car and

tried to hurry ourselves out of there, then BOOM! My tire explodes,

right in front of the damn house, I didn't care, I kept on driving

until I found some street lights. After that, there was no way I was

going to sleep at home. I ended up sleeping at my friend's house, now I

have stayed at my friend's house a lot and I never knew he had any dogs,

but that night they started going crazy! We got so scared we didn't

know what to do so we prayed, and I swear to God the dogs just stopped

barking. The scary thing is this ghost is infamous for following people

home. Ever since then I have learned that ghosts ARE real, no matter

what science tries to prove, and people need to respect them.

My Levittown Haunting


Hi. I don't know if this is really the right place for me. I feel kind of

silly writing all of this down. I don't even know who's going to see

this... First off, my name is Joanna . Feel free to call me Jo. I'm

21 and haven't lived with ghosts for a while. For years now. But my

memories in that house are enough to keep me convinced for a lifetime.

Nothing tragic happened there. I was never hurt or attacked. I haven't

been traumatized for life. But everything that happened there was so... It

was incredible for me. I hope no one minds my coming here and sharing my


My friend Russ told me that his psychic friend (not off the phone, he

insists he really had one) told him I was something of a ghost beacon. That

they could see me easily and they were attracted to me. That's why there

were so many in the house. I was sure of the woman, the man, and the little

girl, although there may have been others. I'll talk about each


There was a lady who hung out downstairs. I hope this doesn't bore anybody.

I picked her first because I decided to save the best for last. Anyway, we

all saw here. Ever see somebody approaching from the corner of your eye and

then no one shows up? Well, this happened so many times. But more clearly

than that. And everyone in my family saw her from the same exact place.

Downstairs we had a backyard porch right behind the kitchen. My step-father

turned that porch into a family room, but never took the windows out of the

kitchen. It was an odd set-up, but it worked. Well, occasionally when I'd

be sitting on the couch I'd see my younger sister coming through the

kitchen. To get back there you went through the kitchen, through the dining

room, then back. I'd often see her go into the dining room, but no one

would come out. Going in to look for her... Of course she'd never be

there. But I wasn't the only one who saw her. Once my step-father

approached me and my sister and asked who it was. He had seen one of us go

into the dining room clearly. We laughed at him. We knew who he had seen.

Now there's the man. He's the only one who actually... touched stuff. Once

he flung the lid to my trinket box onto the floor. It was a malevolent

gesture. Kind of, a "Hey, guess who's around!" type of thing. He did

things like that often. Let us know he was there in friendly ways, only he

ended up terrifying one of my friends so that he'd never come back to my

house. I lived every other weekend with my two step-sisters and

step-brother. That just added to me and my sister and my brother. Six of

us total (not including the newest addition to our group who wasn't around

or old enough for most of this stuff). So of course there were tons of

childish pranks and practical jokes. One night my friend had to call home.

I tossed him the cordless and he told me there was no dial tone. I checked

the other kitchen phone and he was right. I ran upstairs to my phone and

saw that someone had hit the speaker phone button. I hit it again, and when

the red light went out, I ran down and told him to make his call. Once

again, there was no dial tone. I ran up again, annoyed this time. Once

again, the red button was on. I ran back down told him to go ahead. He put

the phone up to his ear and just looked at me. I yelled up the steps, "Who

ever's doing that better knock it the hell out!" That's when my girlfriend

who had also been there said, "Jo, everyone's in the family room." We both

looked up the steps with a mixture of awe and fear. We told Keith we'd

watch the phone while he made his call. We went up, hit the button (of

course the red button was on again) and called down to Keith to make his

call. Wouldn't you know it worked this time. But Keith ran out the door

and said, "I'm sorry Jo, but I'm never coming over your house again.

This fellow loved jokes. Once when we came home from shopping at a nearby

mall, I called dibs on the bathroom. My brother was the only one out of the

car first and he made a bee-line for the house. I didn't see where he had

gone, but when I pushed the door open to the hall-way the door shut in my

face. When I pushed on it again, my brother pushed back from the other

side. I started yelling at him and fighting with him to open the door and

let me in. I was struggling with him for about ten seconds (I was really

surprised because he was usually a lot weaker then that) when I finally

burst, "Chris, let me in now!" All of a sudden I heard, "Jo..?" Of course

Chris (and I believe everyone else, too) was in the living room staring at

me. I looked to the door and gave it a gentle nudge. It swung open easily.

Now for the one I actually without a doubt saw. One night I was

baby-sitting my mother's best friend's daughter. She was two or three at

the time. A small girl. I woke up in the middle of the night to see her

figure standing by my bureau (not a whole lot of light through the window).

I sat up groggily and said, "Mandy, Honey, what are you doing out of bed?"

She gasped and absolutely took off down the hall. I never saw a kid bolt

like that. I heard her footsteps go back into her room, but I figured I

better tuck her in. When I got to her room, she was out like a light. And

this child wasn't pretending to be asleep. And she certainly hadn't just

sprint like a leopard, either. That little girl didn't appear often. I

only saw her once. But my Daddy told me that when my sister and I were

little, he saw one of us walking around upstairs while we were supposed to

be napping. When he went up to put whoever it was back in bed, he found us

both asleep.

That's pretty much it. There was one incident that confuses me, though.

One night when my cousin was sleeping over I felt her throw a pillow at my

face. I yelled at her and started feeling around for the pillow. Of course

there was none. She told me she hadn't thrown anything. It had felt like a

pillow almost. Or like a really strong puff of wind. Just with more mass

then air. I don't even know if that was a malevolent gesture. Just an

isolated incident. One that doesn't seem to fit with the others.

Well, that just about does it. I hope I didn't put anyone to sleep. It

really was a pleasure getting all of this down, though. If anyone wants to

get back to me, please, I'm begging you to write me. I'd love to give what

I can. This stuff didn't terrify me. It scared me a bit at the time, but

gave me a love for ghosts and an eagerness to find out more about them. So

if you want to hear anything more or talk to me about your experiences,

please email Jo.

Hope to hear from you!

Burial Dress


I must admit, I had never been much of one to believe in ghosts or

supernatural phenomena until I had a rather chilling conversation with a

friend of mine's mother back in 1989. She was a cherokee lady, and one day at

my friends house she began to tell me that weird experiences had followed her

from place to place since childhood. As we talked, she told me the story of

her daughter. Her daughter had been murdered in a park in Durham, North

Carolina in 1985. It seems that the next night after the funeral, she had a

very strange dream, or so she thought. At about 3:00 a.m. , she heard a knock

on the door. She went to answer the door, and when she opened it , her

daughter was standing in the doorway wearing the dress she was buried in. Her

daughter said "mamma, i've come home, i'm home mamma". She told me that she

woke up immediately after this, but attributed it to the trauma of having just

lost a child. The next morning, she was preparing breakfast for her two sons,

who were only around 10 and 12 at the time. They were playing in the sisters

room, and one of them opened the closet. They came out terrified yelling

"mamma, the dress is in the closet, the dress is in the closet." Not knowing

what they were talking about, she went with them into her sisters room. There

hanging in the closet was the dress that her daughter had been buried in the

day before! I thought this was all crazy, saying "yeah, right." Then she

proceded to show me a couple of pictures. She had taken a picture of her

daughter in the casket right before they had closed it . (why do people do

this?) Anyway, she showed me where there was a little blood on the collar

where the mortician had done a sloppy job (she had been badly beaten). She

then showed me the dress that had been hanging in the closet, and it had the

exact same blood marks on it as did the picture! I had unbelievable chills run

down my spine. Even weirder when I went to pull out of their driveway that

night, I looked in my rearview mirror, and he daughter was sitting in my back

seat smiling at me. I turned around quickly, and she was gone.Nothing in my

mirror either. I almost did not believe this, but it's funny how it takes

something like this to get someone to believe sometimes. This was my first,

but not my last ghostly experience. It seems like this opened a door for

weird stuff, but I will never forget that night.

Connection Between My Neighbors and Me


Hello again, this is Sherry. Last night I wrote to you about an

experience in my California home...seeing my daughter in the window,

then discovering that she was at her friends house and not where I had

seen her at all. When I first began my letter I had mentioned that I

wanted to tell you about two experiences. Well, tonight I am writing to

tell you about the second experience. For me it was the most terrifying

experience in my life.

It happened this way...

I had just wakened from my sleep, it was about 7:00 AM. The state I was

in was some where between being awake and asleep when all of a sudden I

began to experience a terrible sensation all over my body. It felt as if

my body was inside a compression chamber. At first I felt hands touching

me, then I felt a body covering my body. It all happened in a very

intimate way. Once I felt the presence of this thing pressing against by

entire body, I mean, It was like I was in a vice grip from head to toe.

I began to experience a tremendous amount of fear, yet mentally

questioning what was happening at the same time. Then the pressure began

to increase, it became stronger and stronger, to the point where my fear

began to turn into terror. It became so intense and horrifying. My

body was being squeezed to the point beyond pain. I sensed the most

heightened sense of evil, it was beyond anything that I could possibly

imagine. I felt it crushing my life away. If it didn't stop, I knew I

was going to die. I was in such a state of terror that even when I

tried to scream I could not. Finally, upon my realization that my only

tool was my mind and heart I began praying to God, saying his name over

and over, begging for his protection. It was only after this that I felt

it's grip on me slowly began to break and release. Finally, it seemed

like it was gone. It actually was gone. But the effects of what it had

done to me kept me completely horrified. When the whole experience was

over I couldn't tell if it was really real or just a very bad nightmare.

what was really strange was that this was the second time that I had

experience this. The first time it happened it was very mild or subtle

and not threatening at all, just strange. It was the latter that was

terrifying. That same morning I called a friend of my who had always

been physic. I explained to her what had happened and asked her if it

were a dream or real. After some consideration she said that she thought

that it was a dream, however, for a long time she has sensed something

very evil in the back part of my house, where my bedroom was.

Even though I didn't experience that again, for many nights after the

experience I slept with all my lights on and cried myself to sleep.

A couple of years earlier while I was out of the State and living with

my husband where his job was (in Florida), my oldest daughter was living

in the house by herself. So I had decided to call her and ask her if

anything strange had ever happened to her while living in the house. She

told me that there were several occasions when she heard things and a

few times she actually saw some very strange things. Many of the noises

we sounds of doors opening and closing, the TV coming on by itself and

then shutting off. Then she said that the house became so cold

everywhere that she felt forced back into my bedroom, she said it was

the only place she could get warm. So she began to sleep there. Then one

night she said she was awakened by something and when she opened her

eyes she saw a line of people who looked Amish walking down the hall

toward her, they continued walking right into the bedroom and right

through the walls leading outside. She said she was horrified by what

she saw and as a result she moved a bed out into the living room and

continued to sleep in there from then on.

After I spoke to her about all of what had seen and my own experiences I

remembered that my next door neighbors had mentioned years earlier, when

we had bought the house that they had a ghost. At the time I laughed and

shrugged my shoulders, but now I decided that I would go talk to them

about all of this. But first, before telling them anything I began

asking them a lot of questions, trying to assertion any correlation.

They had lots of stories to tell me and they did. They had been living

in their house for about 30 years or so. I didn't see any connection

until after they were done telling me their experiences, I began telling

them about my daughter's and then mine. Their were two instances where

our stories connected. The first one was when they had their daughter

home one night and had some girlfriends at their house for the evening.

To make a long story short. They had seen a forth girl sitting on the

floor with the other girls talking and laughing. when they left the room

and then returned just a few minutes later, the girl was gone. When they

asked about her whereabouts everyone one said there's no one else here.

You must be seeing things. There was another time when they saw the same

girl walking into a bedroom of the house.

The connection? you may wonder is this: After my first experience of

seeing whom I thought was my daughter in the window late at night (the

experience I sent you last night) was where I started to make a

connection. You see later after that experience, I began to analyze the

whole "ghost theory" and after much thought I realized that whom I saw

in the window may very well have been the image of my sister who died at

age 14, she was almost 15 when she had died from a terrible freak horse

accident. My youngest daughter Sara resembles my sister very much. Once

my neighbor Al told me about seeing this young girl those two times in

his house I asked him to describe what she looked like to me. The more

he described her the more she sounded like my sister. Finally I went

home and got an old photograph of my sister and took it over to Al. I

showed the photo to him and asked him did the girl resemble her. He

looked at it for a good long minute and said, yes. What is so strange

is that when Al and his wife Wilma saw this girl years before, It was

many years prior to my buying the house next to them. Although it was

after my sister's death. As things turned out Al and Wilma have become

my closest and dearest friends. If fate were something that is real I

would say that it was just that that brought us together.

The other connection was when I was sitting in Al and Wilma's living

room with them talking one night. I began to tell them about my

horrifying experience of the hands and body, then the pressure to near

death. Once I had finished telling them about what had happened Al

looked at Wilma and then at his arm, then he looked at me and said look

at my arm. I looked at his arm and the hairs were standing straight up.

He then told me that there had been several occasions when he had

experienced almost exactly the same thing. The only difference was that

his experience wasn't as intense--to the point of near death as mine.

Then Wilma told me about waking up several times because she felt hands

on her. She would ask Al to stop touching her, thinking that it was he.

But it wasn't. She described the hands lightly caressing her back and

shoulders in a very motherly way. Strange.

There have been many experiences in both houses by both Al and Wilma and

their girls, and also by my daughter Jessica and myself. Like I

mentioned last night, the only thing that has ever seemed to make a

difference was when my husband is home, in the house. Everything is

quiet then.

I am very curious as to what other's thoughts might be about these

events. I Especially would like to hear from people who have some kind

of knowledge of the paranormal.

Thank you for listening.

Ghost Encounter in an Old Hospital


It is now Decemeber 3rd, 1998, and I am writing about this

encounter now at the suggestion of a friend who I told it to the previous

evening. Although this was a very strange and frieghtening experience, I am

not sure of the exact day and date on which it happened, except that it was in

September of 1995. I have not spoke of this to anyone since it happened other

than my friend and I must admit I feel a little bit uncomfortable writing

about it, but maybe it will help me deal with this experience better, as I

still think about it on a day to day basis. I was a security officer at an old

hospital in Massachusettes, which was purchased by the state and had several

abandoned floors and wings. The hospital contained a detox unit, a court

ordered program for people convicted of drunken driving offenses, and of all

things to go along with these programs, a unit for people suffering from

respiritory difficulties. We were required to do patrols throughout all area's

of the hospital, interior and exterior, and even check the floors and wings

that had not been in service for years. I had been working in the hospital for

about four months at the time on the overnight shift, and although I was

slightly weary of checking these vacant floors, which were in semi-darkness at

the time, tried to put any "Fears" I may have had out of my head. There were

two of us on during the midnight shift, and I think it was either at two or

three in the morning it was my turn to do the rounds. I started the way I

usually did, working from the sixth floor down. I finally began to check the

second floor, which at one time was a wing to treat terminally ill patients, I

knew thats what it was for at one time but never really thought anything of

it. I checked the floor from one end to the other , checking all the rooms and

the old office behind the nurses station, and all was clear. As i started

making my way back towards the elevator to go to the first floor, I heard the

sound of voices. I could not make out whether it was two or three, but they

were without a doubt there coming from not to far down the hall that I had

just checked. The first thing that came to my mind was that these were detox

clients that had gotten off thier unit, past the detox staff and made thier

way down to the second floor, and were fooling around, possibly hiding in the

closets of one of the rooms I had just checked. I listened very intently to be

sure of myself, and could clearly hear the voices. The strange thing was that

they sounded like they were just voices, which could be heard very clearly,

but there were no words, just voices. I called out down the hall for who ever

it was to step out of the room into the hallway. I got no response to this

request. I called out again. Still no response, but the voices were still

there. I used my radio to contact my partner and alert her that I had a

trespass situation on the second floor as this is what I thought I was dealing

with and needed her assistance. The response I got back over the radio came

back broken up and nearly in-audible. To me personally that was no surprise as

that was a typical occurance with our communications system, but I was sure I

had gotten a response out of her as I thought I heard her voice through all

the crackling and interference. I began to make my way down the hall, thinking

without a doubt in my mind I was dealing with detox clients. I called out

again for whoever it was to step out into the hallway. That's when I noticed

the temperature suddenly drop in the hallway that was warm just a few seconds

ago, due to the fact that it was a warm September night. And although in the

back of my mind I knew it was there, it finally hit me that a crackling sound

was coming over my radio even though I had not hit the button to transmit. I

tried once again to contact my partner over the radio, knowing full well that

if she heard me the first time she would have been here by now, but the

crackling and interference continued to come over the radio whether I hit the

button to transmit or not. At that point I could feel something was just not

right, but I tried to tell myself that this was just a couple of people who

had wandered onto the hospitals old out of service unit. I noticed at this

time that the voices had gotten louder and the hallway had gotten colder, and

all I could think about was getting off the floor to the elevator or the

stairway. The stairway was closer to me so I turned and began searching for my

keys to unlock the door. The voices were louder now and more presistant, and I

could clearly hear footsteps along with them, not coming from one direction of

the hallway, but all directions. The voices started coming from all directions

as well, and that's when I fell to the floor, which was ice cold, just as cold

as putting you're hand on a steel fence outside during the dead of winter, I

wanted to push myself away from the floor as soon as I touched it but I did'nt

have the energy to do so. All I could hear was voices, but I still could not

make out what was being said, and the footsteps were growing louder. I was on

my hands and knees, looking at the floor, I struggled to hold my head up, just

so I could find the door leading to the stairs, but what instead caught my

attention was what looked like several people walking around me. I could'nt

make out what they looked like or if they were male or female, as they had no

faces and no type of clothing could be seen. They simply looked like wrinkles

and blurs in the air with a human shape walking all around me through the

dimly lit hallway. It was then that one of these "shapes" walked towards me as

I was still on my hands and knees, and then walked right "through" me. At that

point I had severe difficulty breathing, and seemed to lose more control of

myself physically that

I already had. I struggled painfully to get air into my lungs and then force

it out. After repeating this process several times, I noticed a funny taste in

my mouth, and then noticed several small puddles of blood on the floor, which

I was exhaling with the air. It was then that I panicked and then forced

myself to then stairwell door with every ounce of strength that I had, which

was not much, and when I almost had myself standing, fell to the floor again.

I was really begining to lose control of myself at this point, due to the fact

that I was very scared, and, I don't know if people always feel this way in

ghost encounters, but thought I was going to die. I was still having

difficulty breathing, and still had blood coming up from my throat. I was also

shaking uncontrolably, and was struggling to regain control of myself,as the

hallway was still very active with voices, footsteps, and blurry images which

continued to wander up and down the unit. I tried once again for the keys and

practically crawled to the stairwell door. My hand touched the doorknob, which

even though I was very cold already, was absoloutley freezing and almost

stingingly painful to the touch. I grabbed for the key, the whole time

thinking that it was so cold that the lock may be frozen. I managed to control

my shaking just long enough to get the key into the lock and turn it. I fell

through the door and out of the unit out into the stairwell, crawling from the

hallway to the stairs. The door finally closed once I got my legs out of the

way, and the warm air in the dimly lit stairwell hit me almost immediately,

and I could feel some of the energy coming back. If this phenomenon was still

going on behind the door I had just exited, I did'nt care one bit, I wanted to

get as far away from it as I could. I grabbed the railing for support and

walked myself, still quite shaken, down the stairs to the first floor, and

into a bathroom. I was breathing easier now, but was coughing heavily, I made

my way to a toilet, which I coughed up several clots of blood up into, and

when I was done checked myself out in a mirror. My eyes were glassy and

bloodshot, my skin was very pale, and for a guy freezing his rear off a few

minutes ago, sweating like a pig. I splashed some cold water on my face,

toweled off and tried to compose myself the best I could, and then made my way

back to the security office, where my partner immediately noticed that I

was'nt back in the same condition that I left in earlier. She questioned me on

why I took so long on my patrol, at which point I realized she did not get my

transmission over the radio earlier, and when I asked her about it, stated

that she had her radio with her the whole time, and not once did che receive a

transmission from me. I used the excuse of illness for the reason why the

patrol took as long as it did, and further stated that I thought I should go

home. A replacement was called in for me and I left immediatley upon his

arrival. I arrived home and sat in the living room trying to make sense of

what happened, but I could'nt. I never spoke a word of this to my fiance, my

co-workers on that job, or the one I have now, or any of my friends until last

night. I still don't fully understand what happened that morning. Although I

was apparently hurt physically, I don't think it was done intentionally by

whatever it was, I had been on that floor several times before and never

encountered anything at all like what I came face to face with then, or

anywhere else throughout the hospital for that matter. I think I may have just

been up there at the wrong time or my presence there set something off.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about what happened. I never

spoke about it because, like alot of other people who have been in this

situation feel I'm sure, I thought nobody would believe me or they would think

I'm crazy. I was very scared at the time, but looking back on it now, it was a

freightening, but interesting experience, and I actually hope to have another

encounter without the same side effects. Thank you for giving me the

opportunity to write about this experience, and thank you for listening.

Spiritual Messages

dear sir I am writing in regards to a haunting by a ghost and a cat in our old home.we were not forced out by the ghost.but rather,haunted by sightings nightly and noise.not just slight noise but books and papers crashing to and around the house.this only happened once or twice.but the sightings were nightly to the point of waking me and my family by staring at us. We built our home and this is when the problem started. It never attempted to hurt any of us but made it's presence well known to anyone that spent more than one night. I told my wife of this ghost for several months. But she thought that I was perhaps having a little to much to drink. Until one night this ghost made itself known to her by waking her up in the middle of the night. She awoke me with a elbow in the ribs. I looked and said to her I told you about him. Loud voices didn't bother it at all, but when I turned on the lamp it disappeared from sight. We often seen and heard the ghost. This wasn't the worst of the problem. I then started having dreams about things happening. At first I thought nothing of it but after having a dream three times one week, I then told my wife about the dream. I dreamed that a vacant double wide home next door would burn down. Needless to say 45 days later it burnt down. One week later I dreamt that our neighbor house next door several hundred yards away burnt down. 29 days after my dream it also burnt down.i then had another dream about another house burning down and 28 days there about it burnt down. By this time my wife was getting nervous, and I dont mind saying I myself was also getting very nervous. Soon after that we were forced to move because of the lack of work. I later was told that this property was an old indian battle ground. Since we have moved this problem has ceased. I don't mind saying I am glad. Thanks for your time.

Camp Zama pt. 2


Hi, I am sorry I do not have a story to tell you ,but I do want to say

that I read the story Camp Zama. I thought it was really neat because I just

moved from Japan 7 months ago.I went to Zama American High School. I was

in the JROTC program,and we went on a tour around the base. They told us

how the road leading to Zama was one of the first paved roads, because Zama

was a Japanese military base for WW2. I was shown the area where the

suicides took place and there is now a man-made pond and park where the stables

burned down. There is also a statue for the men who died and the horses

with a small description of what happened. I also had many friends that

lived on Sagami-hara, who told me of the many times they heard moving

around in their houses and would wake up to find things missing. Also

there were the times when my friends would be out walking around late at night

returning from the park there. They always saw beams of light moving in

between the houses like someone was trying to find something. Another

story was that the park was haunted, and if you went there late at night you

could hear the moaning of the dead who wanted their place of death back,

and some say they were even chased out of the park by apparitions

carrying flashlights. I can not tell you if these stories are true, but I have

every reason not to doubt them, along with the first author of Camp Zama. I

wanted to write and say that it is a small world, and how neat it was

that someone else knew of the sightings and stories of Camp Zama.

Pon Pon


I have been reading your stories and have two to share. They are not as

exciting as some of the ones I have read but would like to know if anyone else

has had similar experiences.

When my husband and I were first married we lived in a small mobile home on a

small tidal creek in Beaufort, South Carolina. It only had 2 bedrooms and a

very small kitchen that was located in the very front with the sink facing 2

windows. This meant that when you were washing dishes that your back would be

facing the the rest of the mobile home. Whenever I was in the house alone or

my husband was sleeping and I was doing the dishes I would feel like someone

was walking up behind me and I would have to turn around. No one was ever

there but the feeling always remained. It got so bad that I started doing the

dishes turned sideways or only when someone else was there with me. I first

thought that I was just being paranoid until things started turning up

missing. We would put groceries in the cabinet and then go to get them and

they would be gone. My husband thought that someone was coming into the house

and taking them but we could never figure out how they got in and why they

would take the items that were missing. I always knew what was missing because

we lived on a very tight budget and bought groceries with each meal planned.

Also, we would go to bed and wake up with all the cabinet doors in the kitchen

open. Never any of the cabinets in any other part of the house just the ones

in the kitchen. My husband lived in this mobile home before we got married and

he told me that before I moved in there was a door between the livingroom and

the hallway that connected the 2 bedrooms and the bathroom. Because he was

single he often slept in the livingroom in front of the T.V.. He said that he

finally took the door off the hinges and put it outside because everynight

when he shut the door he would walk up to find it wide open. Everyone we told

this story to told us it was just pressure changes in the house or that we

were imagining things but when we moved we never had these kind of experiences

in our new home. I still feel like there was something there but I never

really knew what.

My second experience happened after we moved to another town in South Carolina

called Walterboro. My husband was working out of town and my sister, 2 of her

friends and I decided to go Charleston to have dinner and catch a movie and

just waste some time. On the way back to Walterboro my sister told me of an old

haunted church called Pon Pon that we would pass by on the way home. Pon Pon

is the ruines of a church that was burnt down several times before it was

finally decided not to rebuild. All that is left standing is 4 brick walls

with large holes where the stained glass windows would have been. The story

around this area is that sometimes there will be lights in the windows that no

one can explain. We all agreed that it would be fun to stop and check it out.

We all thought it was a great joke. When we got there it was pitch black and

we used the headlights from the car to see. When we got out of the car and

walked towards the church I felt a deep feeling of cold and the hairs on the

back of my neck stood up. The closer to the church I got the worse the feeling

was until I couldn't go any further. I have never felt a feeling like that

before, not even in the mobile home where we lived before. Although I had felt

something in our mobile home it was never like this. The only way I can

explain it is just a feeling of WRONGNESS. No one else felt it but I wanted to

leave right then and made everyone get in the car. I never saw the lights that

everyone said would appear but what I felt convinced me that I would never go

back. From then on whenever anyone says something about Pon Pon I always tell

them that I will NEVER go back. People always tell me that I just scared

myself but I KNOW that I felt something and I didn't like it. Since then I

have wondered if other people have had similar experieces. I know I'm not

crazy and I didn't scare myself. Something was there and whatever it was

wasn't nice. I later found out that people say that Pon Pon is used for Black

Mass and have wondered if this had anything to do with what I felt.

A Strange House


I was born and raised in the California gold country. The

house I lived in from the time I was three to 14 years old

was DEFINITELY strange. It was located just outside of town off of the

main highway at the edge of a wooded area.

It wasn't that old at the time, maybe 20 to 30 years old. I didn't know

the history of it, other than we were renting it from

a college history professor and his wife, who seemed a little odd to me

at the time.

I started sensing that the place was kind of strange when I

was in grade school. At night I often felt like something

else was in the house that you couldn't see, and I was scared a lot. I

heard lots of noises - the normal ones like settling

and wood rats that had gotten inside our walls, but there were other

things that could not be explained.

In the summertime I would hear human footsteps outside my

window. This would start at around 2:00 a.m., and it

was usually around August that I heard them. This happened for several

years that I can remember. I was never brave

enough to look and see what was making the sounds. I knew there was no

reason for anyone to pace around there night

after night at that time (or any other time for that matter). I'd go

to my mother's room and beg her to let me sleep in her bed

and she'd reluctantly let me sleep there. I felt better not being


One night, during another part of the year, I got up to go

to the bathroom. I stepped into the small hall in the center

of the house and looked into the living room. There was a row of

windows along the front wall in there, and the drapes were

usually kept open. I saw the siluoette of a man's head moving down and

up in front of one of the windows. There was no

sound. I shot into my bed and pulled the covers over my head, my heart

pounding. There was absoutely no reason for that

guy (whoever or whatever he was) to be there!

On another occasion, I awoke to find myself on the other

side of my double bed. I felt the presence of another body

on my side but I thought it was my mother, so I didn't think any more

about it and went back to sleep. She had fought with

my dad earlier in the evening, and I told her she could sleep in my room

if she wanted to. The next morning she was not in

my bed when I awoke, so I asked her about it. She said she did not come

into my room that night - she slept in her own bed

as my dad left and went to the place he was staying in Stockton (he was

doing some work for my grandfather just outside of

that city). Who was in my bed that night? I have no siblings, and no

one else was there.

Just below the window closest to my bed there was a robin

and her babies in a nest she built in the bushes that grew

there. I liked to watch them, and thought it was really neat that they

were there. This was in the late spring-early summer,

so I kept that window open a lot, even at night (no air-conditioning).

This window was about eight feet up from the ground

and the nest was about 18 inches below the window. The window was

double-hung and had a screen that hung from two

hinges at the top and was latched shut. I woke up one morning to find

the screen opened, hanging from one hinge and the

lower left corner was caught in the bushes and opened about a foot

wide! There was no sign of the robin family or any part

of their nest. I was horrified. We had two cats and I thought maybe

one of them had done it. If they had, they would have

fallen out the window, given the distance between the window and the

nest. They were both in the house, and had not gotten

out. When I closed and relatched the screen, I checked to see if a cat

could have unlatched the latch. It hooked in pretty

tightly - a cat could not unlatch it. I checked all around outside, and

there was absolutely no sign of the nest, or that the birds

had ever been there.

One night my mother had some people over to visit. When we

walked the last guests out to their car at about 1:00

in the morning, we heard a sound coming from another part of the

property. We went to investigate, and found one of the

faucets turned on full blast! (There were several faucets located on

the property). My mom questioned everyone who was

at the house that night and nobody turned on that faucet.

On yet another night, I woke up and looked out the window.

An orange-gold ball came down from the sky(?) and

made a weird bouncing motion through the air. It went behind some trees

and made a flash. I looked at my clock and it

was about 3:15 a.m. That could have been ball lightning, but I'd never

seen anything like it before or since then.

Years later, I discussed that house with my mom. She

admitted to feeling uneasy living there and had also seen the

siluoetted man in the living room. We both heard many of the same

sounds and thought there was something strange about

the place. The house has since been sold twice, and as far as I know

the current residents have been there for quite a while.

I now live in a city about an hour and a half's drive away, and the last

time I was up in that area visiting was in Jan. 1996.

That house had been repainted and the kitchen enlarged (from what I

could see from the road). I do have to wonder if

the current residents ever experienced anything unusual.

Well, that's my story. Thanks for reading.

Strange Phenomenon

My name is Laura. I`m submitting you a true story of a strange

occurence that I hope you won`t consider as "passé" since it happened

to my mother a very long time ago and would be now difficult to

investigate. Here it goes:

The following is an actual event which happened to my mother along with

two relatives back in the late 1940`s when she was 13 or 14 years old.

My mother, a city child, used to spend her summers at her aunt Patsy's

farm situated in Albany (now known as Carignan) Quebec, Canada. Back

then in the area lived several Polish and Ukrainian farmers. One calm

sunny afternoon in 1948 or 1949, my mother, her mother (my grandmother)

and her aunt Anastasia (my great aunt and half-sister of my grandmother

and aunt Patsy) &endash; all three (except great-aunt Patsy) went to visit a

neighbour at his house. He was a very old man &endash; a Ukrainian immigrant

in his 90's &endash; whose wife (also over 90) had died just a few months

earlier. My mother had met the woman while she was alive a few times

before and had found her to be a very nice old lady.

The visit that afternoon went along well. My mother recalls that the

elderly neighbour had mentioned to them during their conversation that

he felt lonely not having his wife anymore. When it was time to leave,

it was still a calm sunny afternoon outside. The old man said to them

in Ukrainian "Oh please wait before you go, I would like to give you

some extra potatoes from my garden as I have too many for myself`". So

they agreed, and off the neighbour went outside to his garden in the

back of his house, leaving all three standing in the kitchen. During

the wait, my grandmother and great-aunt Anastasia began talking between

themselves. My mother remembers that my great-aunt Anastasia had made

a foolish remark about the dead lady, joking that since the woman was

now dead, her husband could no longer make love to her anymore. Then

immediately after &endash; it couldn't have been more than a minute - the

screen kitchen door opened from outside. (Now this was the type of door

common on old farmhouses &endash; a wood frame screen door held by a strong

spring, and that a visitor would have to pull open from the outside to

come in). With a swooshing sound - like a gust of wind - came in an

object over and around their heads that looked like a dirty dish towel &endash;

it was greyish-white - and it kept circling wildly and frantically

around and around them in the air towards the ceiling. All three

relatives were astounded and terribly frightened. My grandmother

exclaimed in horror: "My, it is the soul of the dead woman!" and with

that, she grabbed my mother by the arm and all three ran out of the

house just as the old man was coming out of his garden. He saw them

running and he shouted after them, "Wait, wait! Why are you running

away, don't you want the potatoes?" Great-aunt Anastasia who was

running, along with my mother and grandmother, turned her head around in

the direction of the old man, and shouted back waving: "Oh! No! No! No!

we must leave right now, we can't stay, we have something important to

do" and all three ran back in terror to my great-aunt Patsy's farm.

Never again did they go to visit the old man. They were just too

scared! Being superstitious women, my grandmother and great-aunt

cautioned my mother to never tell anyone about what happened or else

people will think they are crazy or that something bad will happen to


As I was growing up I could never discuss this occurrence with my

grandmother (she was senile by the time I was born in 1961) but I did

try with great-aunt Anastasia at a wedding shower in 1987 before she

herself died. She didn't appreciate my having brought up the subject

but nevertheless dismissed the word "ghost" (being as superstitious as

she was) and said that she thought that the object was a bat that flew

in. I have wondered if it were a bird, but of course a bird more

closely resembles a bat and it would have made chirping or screeching

sounds since it would have been probably frightened in its new

surroundings. My mother, on the other hand, believed and still

believes to this day that it was a ghost. It certainly didn't look like

a bat, bird or even animal to her (as far as we know, bats come out at

dusk or night - not in broad daylight - and are usually dark coloured,

not greyish-white), and how could a dirty dish towel or rag of some kind

come in by itself from the outdoors and fly like crazy around and around

people standing in a room? (especially when the door had to be pulled

from outside in order for someone or something to come into the house).

I saw the house myself (from outside and at a distance of about 100

yards) a few times in the 1970's as a child. I recall it being an old

two-storey brown farmhouse from the turn of the century situated not far

from railroad tracks. Today I do not know if it is still standing since

I haven't visited that part of town since 1979. (I've heard that most

of the farms are now gone - the area has become more urban - as people

have been building themselves bungalows there since the 1980's).

Every now and then over the years (now counting 50), the memory of this

event comes up with my mother and still to this day it remains a

mystery. Although we are both not great fans of the paranormal and

distrust the majority of psychics, this did happen and we would like an

explanation. Was the object truly the spirit of the dead woman (as

believed by my late grandmother) who appeared because she was upset by

my great-aunt's remark? Or did an invisible force or spirit open the

door and propel a dirty cloth (resembling a greyish-white towel for

wiping dishes) inside the kitchen? Or was it something else? We would

also like to know if occurences similar to ours have been seen before.

Nevertheless, here is a valuable lesson the experience has taught our

family: "Speak no evil of anyone, even if they are dead".

The Shaking Bed


When I was 10 my family moved into a 3 bedroom condo in San Diego. (My

mom, step-dad, 5 yr. old sister and me) After our parents signed the

lease, they took me and my sister to go see the place and pick out or

bedroom. (my sister and I were to share one room and make the other one

a playroom for us) We picked out the room we wanted. As my mom, me, and

my sister were standing in that empty room, I said it smells like peanut

butter in here. My mom gave me a startled look then said , yeah, it

does. Someone must have had a sandwich in here when they were cleaning

up the place. I woudn't know why my mom looked so startled when I

mentioned peanut butter until later.

About a week into living in the place, I awoke from a deep sleep in the

middle of the night. My bed was shaking pretty hard. I screamed out to

my mom down the hallway. I said my bed is shaking! My step-dad said it

was probably a little earthquake and to go back to sleep.(By then, my

bed had stopped shaking, so I rolled over and went back to sleep)

The next night the same thing happened. The bed was shaking a little

harder this time though. It startled me so bad, I jumped up and ran down

the hall to my parents room. I woke up my mom and told her my bed was

shaking again. She didn't feel any earthquakes or shaking so she thought

it was my imagination or something and told me to go back to bed.

A few nights went by and nothing happened to wake me up. Then after

about 3-4 days of peaceful nights it happened again. My bed was shaking

very hard. I felt like I was being bounced.(My little sister seemed to

always be in a very deep sleep and would never wake up during the bed

shaking like me) I stayed in bed,but I sat up and really screamed out

for my mother to come in there. The bed still was bouncing and my sister

didn't even wake up after I had just screamed out for mom. I heard mom

down the hallway saying out loud that this was ridiculous. She got out

of bed and started walking down the hall to my room. She planned on

telling me it was just my imagination because the whole house was sound

and quiet and my bed couldn't be the only thing to shake if everything

else wasnt. But as she entered my room, it was very dark and she

couldn't see my bed(which was still shaking very hard). She walked over

to my bed's edge and sat down to talk to me. The bed just shook her like

it was shaking me and my sister. My mother realized that the bed was

shaking hard and it scared her. She paniced and said go get in her bed

NOW and she scooped up my still sleeping sister in her arms. We all

slept in their bed that night . My step -dad said it was all our

imaginations now, but they never made me sleep in that room again. I<

usually slept downstairs on the couch from then on.

My mom later told me that the landlord had told them that an old man had

died in one of the bedrooms before we had rented it. He died chockig to

death on a peanut butter sandwich. She had thought he meant the room we

made into a playroom, but found out it really was our bedroom.



I went to college in Brevard, NC. There was an old abandoned house there

just past a daffodil farm. It was at one time a summer home for a

family from Charlotte. But now it was torn up and run down. There is a

big farmhouse type house in front, then a brick building RIGHT behind

it. Then behind that on either side, concrete one level rooms (separate

from the buildings) where migrant workers stayed. Then a big barn

behind that. We used to go to the house because they said it was

haunted. And it IS.

We went there DURING THE DAY. You could hear voices....several. And a

woman's voice. I turned back from standing in front of the barn and saw

a woman standing in the top right back window of the FIRST house. I

looked away for a second and looked back and realized that you CANNOT

see that window from where I was standing - the second building blocks

it!! I thought maybe I imagined it, but another person with us saw the

same thing.

I went up there one night with a friend. It was dark, and misty. We

went into the house. We had gotten inside the front door and walked

into the front right room. I turned and saw a figure standing in the

next room, facing me. He was a grey figure, an older man. And so so so

SAD. I felt a deep and stabbing sadness go from the top of my head all

the way down to my feet. The friend that was with me was asking me

questions about what I saw, and I quietly explained it to him...but had

a hard time speaking and could not move. But when my friend got to the

door of the room that the figure was standing in, the figure


We left right after and the next morning I found myself hugging one of

my stuffed animals, curled in the fetal position and sucking my thumb.

To THIS DAY I can see that figure in my mind and feel that sadness as

though it was that same day.

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