The Cretchmeyer Ghost


I am glad to know that I am not alone with my "ghostly" experience. When I

was five years old my family moved up to northern Michigan. Coming from the

suburbs of Chicago, the wide open fields and forests were an exiting change

for us. We moved into a 4-bedroom colonial house on 10 acres that had been

empty for a year prior to our move.

Something about the upstairs of the house never sat well with me. I would

never go up there alone. I always made my older sister accompany me. There

were four bedrooms and a bathroom in the upstairs. My sister and I each had

our own room, while my parents shared the master bedroom. My Aunt and cousin

lived in the guest room for awile. Anyway, I always had to sleep with a

nightlight on until I was ten years old. I would usually fall asleep in my

parents room and they would carry me to bed in the night. One night when I was six, I

woke up out of a sound sleep paralyzed with fear. I made myself look at the door way

where I felt like somebody was watching me from. I saw a black outline of a tall man

watching me. He was totally opaque and didn't move. He wouldn't disappear. I opened

my mouth to scream but nothing came out. I put my covers over my head until I got

enough courage to fly out of bed and run into my parents room. My parents were very

understanding, even when it happened subsequent times.

When I got older (9 or 10) the pervasive feeling of terror I had at night started to

lessen. I still never felt totaly comfortable in the house.

Last Summer when I was home from college, in a different house, my parents,

sister, aunt and I started talking about the old house. It turns out that

about once a month my parents would be wakened out of a sound sleep by what

sounded like workboots tromping up and down the hallway. They thought it was

my sister or me sleepwalking, but when they went to check on us we would be

asleep. My aunt verified hearing the footsteps too. My sister said one night

she woke up and saw a white mist in her room. My parents never told us the

stories while we lived in the house, not wanting to scare my sister and me. My dad said

that he told our neighbor at the time about the noises, and the

neighbor told him about history of the house. A hundred years ago a farm sat

where our house was. It had burnt down in a horrible fire. The neighbor

mentioned that he thought that the old farmer, Mr. Cretchmeyer might have died in the

fire. I   remember planting trees with my dad and digging up old bricks, so there is some

truth to the story. All I know is that after we moved from the house I never had a

difficult time falling asleep or felt like someone was watching me.

Daddy is Always with Me


I have sent you two stories before and

wanted to share another experience with you. Last March we held a 50th

birthday party for both of my parents because their birthdays were twenty days

apart. Two weeks later my father was diagnosed with cancer in his

throat. Two weeks after that my mother was diagnosed with breast

cancer.; Both kept positive outlooks and were told they were both

curable. My father started radiation treatment and the cancer all but

disappeared.; My mother had surgery and the cancer was removed.; Two

weeks after my father had completed radiation the cancer had returned full force

and he was started on chemotherapy early. My mother started her

chemotherapy not long after him.They both lost their hair and took turns

being sick. My mother had absolutely no problems and still doesn't.

My father lost weight, became weak, and kept getting sicker from infections

caused by low white blood cell counts. One Friday, November 13th, my

father passed away after fighting this disease. The entire family was

shaken and still has not gotten over his loss, especially my

mother. About a week ago I had an incredible

dream. I can recall walking down stairs and seeing my father standing by

the door. I could tell you exactly what he looked like. He had his

hair, neat but uncombed looking. He had his mustache that he was so proud

of and he was wearing a blue sweatshirt with yellow writing. I believe it

was a St, Louis Rams shirt because that was his favorite team. I know this

because I used to tease him about it. His eyes sparkled and he smiled at

me. It's taken a little time to remember all of the details, but it seems

like he said something about still being here. After that I woke up.

I can recall hearing the sound of someone descending the stairs and thinking it

was nothing, then I realized I could hear my mother crying in her room as

well. I got up and walked into her room and touched her shoulder.

Startled by me she threw out her arms and punched me in the mouth. I have

given her a hard time about that since then. That evening I spent hugging

her and listening.I told my friends about this experience and

one of them said that my dad probably knew my mom was upset and wanted me to go

to her. There is a picture I drew posthumously of my day when he was my

age and it sits on his dresser facing their bed. I don't know if anyone

else has noticed but the expression on the picture seems to change with the

occasion. When mom is upset in her room there is a sadness almost

apologetic look to it, but when the day is fine then it seems to have a look

that says everything is alright. For the record, the picture was given to

my mother not long before the dream.

Mr. Lincoln


In summer of 1960, when I was 7, my Mom, Dad, younger sister and I went on

a driving vacation, from St. Louis, MO to Washington, DC. From there to

visit some family in Georgia. In Washington, DC, we ran the normal

monument circuit. I believe we saw every single one of them, which I

didn't mind. I enjoyed the whole thing.

We took one day to visit the White House. When it was our turn to enter

the building, we were at the end of the line. The glass door was locked

behind us by the secret service agents as the tour guide began to talk.

There was a recessed wall in the hallway where there were personal affects

that belonged to Abraham Lincoln, his roll top desk, one of his hats, a

couple of coats on a coat rack, two chairs and a pair of shoes. As the

group made it's way to the Lincoln bedroom, which was down the hall on the

opposite side of his personal affects, the end of the line, which is where

we were, stopped immediately in front of his personal items. Most of what

the tour guide said I couldn't hear, so I just looked at Lincoln's things.

As the group made way to go on, the hair on my arms stood up and I got very

cold. The group stopped at the end of the hall, showing the stairs leading

up to the President's personal quarters. All I could see was blank walls,

so I went back to see more of Lincoln's things. As I stood there, someone

came up to me and said, "Hello, young lady. To what do I owe the pleasure

of your company?". As I looked around, there was this tall man dressed in

black with a hat and beard. I told him of my family's vacation plans. He

thought it was nice that we were doing things together as a family. I

asked him why he was still in the White House. He said it was to help the

president's to come not make the mistakes that he made.

He said I would not be able to understand the entire explanation.

I really don't recall word for word what we discussed after that, but I do

remember that at one point he asked me if I was hungry, which I was. We

went back around the corner to the glass door (which was not glass any

longer) where a bench was. (It wasn't there before.) As we neared it, he

reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife and a red apple. He

began slicing off pieces of apple and we shared it. (Now, I had always had

a bad time with apple skin. It would always get stuck in between my front

teeth.) Soon, my mom and a secret service officer were calling out my

name. I told Mr Lincoln that I was going to have to go. He said he was

having to go also. He got up and walked out the door.

When my mom and the agent turned the corner, they asked where I had been.

I told them I was tired and sat down, turning to show them the bench, which

now was not there, now there was a heater. I asked them if they saw a man

dressed in black that was here with me. My mom starting apologizing to the

agent for my story. She apparently did not see the look on the man's face

of like, oh, no, not again. He quickly said no harm done and suggested we

resume the tour group. My mom was scolding me as we walked back to the

group. I remember saying, "But, Mom, he gave me some apple because I was

hungry." That just made matters worse, until we reached the group. I felt

something stuck between my two front teeth. I asked Mom if she would take

a look. When we got it out, it was a rather large red piece of apple skin.

It had been two days since I ate an apple of any kind. She was dead silent

and said let's just go on. Later, one of the agents approached my mom

and dad to ask if they could talk with me a little. They took me down the

hall, within viewing distance, but not hearing distance, of my family. The

questions they asked, I soon got the idea that they knew I was telling the

truth. They told my parents not to be too hard on me, that they've had

others supposedly see things. They attributed it to the history of the

house, people's imagination take hold. And that was that. I am now 46 and

over the years I have heard of others having experiences in the White

House, but I have yet to hear specifics.

Mr. Mattwick


We live in a house about 100 years old. My

parents got the house about 25 years ago from the man who built it. We got the

house this last year. When I was a child growing up here I would frequently hear

footsteps and see strange shadows out of the corner of my eye.When my husband was

in the service during the

gulf was I moved home to have my second child. My oldest child was 2. One

afternoon he was napping in his crib upstairs. We had a baby moniter and we

could hear him talking to someone. My mother and I thought he was dreaming until

he started screaming. We ran to see what was the matter. He had himself pinned

into a corner of the crib and kept pointing to the oppiste side of the room. All

he would say was a man mommy a man.Needless to say I freaked out. My mom took

him and started to ask questions. My 2 year old son sat and described the man

who built this house and he ahd never seen him. He had died before Anthiny was

ever born!! Nothing physical happened to him but we were all mighty scared. We

told my Dad and he thought we were nuts. My Mom after this told me and my sister

she had had some things happen to her. This was the first time we had all talked

about it. Turns out all of us except my dad experienced things. We decided to

have the house blessed and this seemed to work.

At least until my parents sold us the house.

After my husband and family moved in its started again. So far just myself and 1

son have had things happen. I love this house alot. We have many good memories

here. But it can be very unnerving. Mr. Mattwick (our ghost) has actually shown

himself to me twice. I passed out the first time. The second time I politely

asked him to stop doing that becuse it scared me. He faded away right before my

eyes!!!I have never felt threatened by him. It's almost

as if he's lonely where ever he is and whants to be a part of the house he loved

so much. The thing is I'm worried about the kids and what

it will do to them. I know for me growing up it made me very nervous and

skittish.If you have any comments mail me back. I's like

to hear from someone who doesn't think I'm crazy.

Melissa and Emily


It was December of 1995. I had just moved to Maine to live with my

mother. I was 16. Shortly after i moved in with mom, someone bought

the building that we were living in so we had to move. Being a small

community, it was hard finding a place. We called about a farm house

that was in the paper. We checked it out, and we liked it and we moved

in immeadiately.

Upon our first day there.. i had to get ready to go to work. So i

quickly gathered some clothing and toiletries, and headed for the

bathroom. I got it all ready and began to wash my hair. As I was doing

so, something grabbed me. Scared half to death I screamed, and my mom

came running in to find out why. When I told her she thought i was a

complete nut and told me to get ready for work. So I did.

When I got home that night, I was the only one there.. and i heard a

noise like a little girl crying. It really freaked me out.

I called my best friend and begged her to come over, and I told her why.

She claimed to be able to talk to spirits. When she came over, the

really weird stuff started to happen. The doors would open and close,

lights would go on and off, the crying doubled and got worse.

She told me that she had a vision, and in that vision, she saw a trail

of blood that went from the front roo. of the house, through the

kitchen, and into my room, and she said that my room did not look like

my room, it looked like a bathroom. The trail continued through the

wall and into what was the coat closet now the bathroom. She said that

she felt two spirits in the house. Thinking that it was a good hoax

put on by the landlord's son, did my homework and spent the night at my

friends house.

After that we did not have much activity in the house until summer came.

i was packing up to move again.. this time to an ever more hauted place.

It was late at night, and it was hot. So i proped the window open with a

two inch thick stick.. and it was very sturdy. My cat jumped into the

window and yawled to get outside. And the stick in the window removed

itself sending the window crashing down, almost killing my cat. I

freaked out.

To this day the windows still come crashing down anytime that he sits

in them. Sometimes when it is late at night, you can hear a faint cry

that sounds like a little girl crying. After that incident, I named

them Melissa and Emily. Emily being the little girl.

I have since moved away, my mother however still lives there. She later

found out that what my friend said was true. And that there were in

fact two murders. A woman and a little girl.

If anyone can offer a decent explanation on why some spirits feel the

need to bo a bit violent, please write me.

True Haunts


I lived in Wilmington, NC for two years . I lived downtown on south

sixth st. The house we lived in was haunted I am for sure. Many

strange things happened there. Me, my sister and my husband ,who was in

the marine corps, stayed together. He was gone alot and my sister

worked alot so I was home alone most of the time. I first felt this

house was haunted the day I moved in. It just felt weird. Lots of

little things would happen. I would lay something down and come back

and it would be gone and I would find it latter somewhere I know I did

not put it. I was in the kitchen one night and my husband was in the

living room and I felt something brush against my shoulder and it felt

like a hand touching me. I thought it was my husband, but when I turned

no one was there. While waiting for my sister to come home one night so

we could go out, i got in the shower and I heard the front door open and

shut and i expected it to be her coming in from work, so I called her

name ,no answer. I got out of the shower and walked through the house

and no one was in there. The most frighting thng that happened to me in

that house is I was up late reading one night and it got really late and

my dog was laying beside me and he got up and started growling and this

corner then barking at it like someone was there. I got him calmed down

and he did for about a minute and then it happened again. I realized how

late it was and decided to go to bed. My husband had been asleep for

hours and I had been laying in bed about five min. when I heard my name

being called in the living room. I thought I was just tired and hearing

things. Well again I heard my name and this time it was closer. I knew

I heard it this time but still thought I was crazy, then a minute later,

It was a mans voice standing outside my bedroom and he said my name!! I

started screaming for my husband to get up and look around the house

because I thought some one was in there. no one was. we were alone.

Lots of other things happened to . Like pulling my hair, turning on

lights and turning them off. we also heard people talking. a man and a

woman having an argument but you could never make out words and as soon

as you got to the source, it stopped. I could write more but this is

good for now.

Black Thing


hello I would like to tell one of the things I have experienced. One

night I took my daughter home it was about 2.30 a.m. on my way back home

I looked into the side view mirror of my grand prix and to my extreme

horror I saw a black creature walking behind my car he was reaching out

to touch my trunk he was about 9 ft. tall and totally black he had no

face just a shinyhead all black. I was going 38 m.p.h. and he was just

walking I ad the feeling if he touched my car I would die. He had big

black hands wth long claws his feet came to a point no toes. he was

wearing a black smock type of thing it came to just above his knees. I

sped up to 45mph but he was still walking behind my car I became very

terrified so I really put the hammer down finally he started to lose

momentum and I started losing him. I came around this corner at pretty

high speed and I saw him catching up again I screamed my God here he

comes again so I floored it all the way and I could see I was losing him

finally he was out of sight and I made it home alive which I didnt

think would ever happen I was afraid to go to bed I had to keep the

light on all night I couldnt rid myself of the terror inside I felt he

looked like something straight from hell I still think that.The next day

I was setting outside at the picnic table thinking about the creature

and all of a sudden I realized it was not the first time I had ever seen

him one year ago at the same time of night I was setting outside at the

picnic table with a friend of my son and he said is that a man out there

in the road? I stood up and looked and I said yes I think its a black

man so Rob screams what are you looking at the man said nothing so Rob

repeated the question he still did not answer so Rob started running

down to the road and when he got almost there the man started running

and he ran up the driveway and across the yard behind the chicken coop

pretty soon Rob comes running back up to the house he said you will

never believe this but I was just about close enough to bust him in the

back of the head and he just vanished. He was very upset and I said dont

be upset Rob you know my house is haunted its probably one of our

ghosts.He said maybe your right. But one week later Rob was shot in the

head and killed at seven eleven. Besides being totally devestated by his

death I was afraid the man he chased that night might have had something

to do with his murder. So as I set there at the table I realized it was

the same creature that chased my car. and I was filled with fear that I

cant describe.He came back the next year again but I wasnt home that

night we have a party store and I was at my store but my daughter was

over to my house and she called me at work and was almost hysterical and

said there was a black man outside looking in the window she said he

probably isnt realy black he probably has a black outfit on with a black

ski mask I knew right away who it was and I sent my son home right

then. He got there in ten minutes but the thing was gone it did not come

back this year but it came in1995 1996 1997 so hopefully it wont be back

but I wont count on it I know how the spirit world works .

Harmful Spirit


Here is my story...One night about 4 months ago I was lying in bed,

and fitfully trying to sleep for school the next morning...all of the

sudden I felt my blankets press hard agaisnt my body, and a crushing

force was sitting or standing on my chest...I layed very still and

stopped breathing...I felt a very hot breathing on my chin and

neck...And I still layed there very still...I prayed for the thing to

go away and after about 5 minutes it disappeared, but I was scared out

of my wits...Another scary thing that happened to me, was me and my

best friend were in my room talking and all of the sudden this huge

deep gash appeared on her arm...She didnt say anything, but got up and

took care of the gash...and suddenly after she left, I felt a burning

down my spine, and I called for my friend, and asked her to look at my

back. It was split from the nape of my neck to my lower back, and had

even cut my bra strap in half...I freaked out and called the

ambulance. When they came, the "thing" wouldnt let them in the house,

or me and my friend out...We moved out of that house about 2 months

ago, and luckily "it" didnt follow me..

Many Ghosts


There are so many stories to relate that I barely know where to start.

I suppose the best place would be the beginning.

My earliest memory of the paranormal occurred when I was 5 years old.

The house that we lived in was built for us, especially, so I don't know

whether or not there was something there before the house was built, or

if it was just a passing spirit. I remember dreaming about a spirit or

a snake talking to me, and this snake told me to open my eyes. When I

woke up, there was a glowing white skeleton-like apparition there, and

it appeared to be bleeding. I screamed, and it disappeared. My

grandmother was sleeping in the bed next to me, and she did not see or

hear anything. My mother came into the room, and she tried to convince

me that I had been dreaming. I still don't know about that...

My second memory of the "other worldly" happened at a slumber party on

my thirteenth birthday. We had moved to a house on the other side of

our small Oklahoma town, and had been living there for four years before

anything happened. On the night I am speaking of, I had about 7 friends

sleeping over. We were all in the living room of the house, which is

next to a spare bedroom. This bedroom contained our family's piano,

some files, my mother's clothes (there wasn't room for them in her

closet upstairs in my parents' room), and a large fish tank. While we

were all trying to drift off to sleep, one of the girls happened to

glance into this extra bedroom. She screamed and pointed, and we all

looked. Every one of us saw a face floating in the tank with the fish.

This was not a human face, however. It appeared to be almost like an

animal, or a reptile of some sort. Needless to say, we didn't sleep

much that night.

To continue my story, later that year, a girl who lived across the

street came over to visit, and we were on the back porch talking. We

both looked in through the back door, and saw a pair of womens' legs

coming out of the stairwell. The legs only went up to about the knee,

and were wearing the kind of boots that they wore in the late 1800's,

early 1900's. She left immediately, and I stayed outside until my

parents came home!

My grandfather died during my sophomore year of high school. He lived

in California, and my mother flew there to be with him. My father had

taken her to the airport, and I was home alone with my best friend, when

all of the windows and doors started to shake and be knocked upon. This

lasted for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, then it stopped. It occurred

at about the same time my grandfather passed away, and I have always

believed that he was saying goodbye.

When I was 17, I was home alone, and on the phone with my best friend

when I heard my front door open, then shut. I then heard someone run

through the house and out the back door. While we were still on the

phone, her mother got on the other extension in their house and called

the police. When the police came, I went downstairs only to find both

doors locked from the inside, and a total mess on the first floor.

Laundry had been thrown around, dishes knocked off the cabinets, and

things generally tossed all around the downstairs rooms. The police

looked around the house and grounds, found no sign of forced entry, and

left, promising to watch the house for the rest of the night.

But wait, there is more! When I turned 19, I moved to Philadelphia.

(Not with my parents, just me.) I lived with roommates in several

apartments until I was 23. At that time I moved into a one-room

apartment above a bar. This was about one block from my boyfriend's

house, and my boyfriend's father found the apartment for me. My

apartment was the only one in the building, and I was the only one with

a key. Several times I would hear the door downstairs open and shut,

and then someone come up the stairs and open the door to my apartment.

But the door was always closed, and there was no one there. One night I

woke up to see a man hovering at my bed with an almost maniacal smile on

his face, and his hands raised as if to grab me or choke me. I jerked

away and he disappeared.

Meanwhile, back in Oklahoma...

Most recently, in my parents' house, my aunt and my brother were home

with my mom. My brother was asleep, and he heard someone come into his

room, and then open his drawers on his dresser and close them, then open

the door and gointo his closet and shut the door. He looked, and saw a

woman's form, and he assumed that it was my mother. My brother's room

is the room that I had while I was home, and I remember my mom always

came in to put things away on Saturday mornings while I was sleeping

late. But, the form never left the closet. While this was happening in

my brother's room, my aunt looked up the stairs, and saw a woman walk

across the hallway and into my parents' room. She also assumed it was

my mother until my mother came in from outside a few minutes later. My

aunt had been sitting at a table at the foot of the stairs, and she knew

that my mother had not come down the stairs. My mother was not in the

house at all when these things occurred at the stairs and in my

brother's room. You have to go through my parents' room to get to my

brother's room. The house was built on the site where a church burned

down about 100 years ago. The house is about 85 - 90 years old This

makes me wonder if my mom was the only one putting things away in my

room all those years...

About a year and 1/2 ago my boyfriend and I bought a house. No

occurrences so far, but you never know....

If you have any information regarding these events, or comments, please

mail me.

A Ghostly Dream


Although I've experienced a number of

supernatural occurrences, this ghostly dream was one of the most upsetting for

me. It happened quite a long time ago--in the spring of 1977, I


I was a young divorced Mom who had gone back to

college to earn a master's degree and teaching certificate.  I was living

in family housing at the University of Michigan and doing my student teaching at

a nearby middle school. Like most teachers who are genuinely interested in

their students, I came to know the details of many of my students' lives.

One fourteen-year-old boy in my Reading class had had a particularly difficult

time, having lived in various foster homes. He was currently living in a

group home but hoping that his family would resolve their problems and reunite

one day in the near future.

Tony used to stop by before class fairly often

to kid around with me or tell me about interesting things and people in his

life. One day, just before spring break, he rushed up to my desk,

obviously excited. I'll bet I'm gonna have a better spring break

than you! he said.Everybody at our group home's gonna take a

bus trip down to Florida. We're going to Disney World! I joked

with him about how he would have it all over me.--I'd be staying in town,

catching up on studying. I was really happy that Tony had something to

look forward to, but didn't think about his trip beyond that day. Spring

break started, and I was busy with my own concerns.

One morning during spring break, I couldn't seem

to rouse myself completely in order to get out of bed and fix breakfast for my

son. Instead I kept drifting off to sleep. As my preschooler gave up

his attempts to wake me and went off to find the cereal himself, I had a

strangely vivid dream--so lifelike that I believed I was actually experiencing

it. I was standing inside a moving bus, a bus filled with children.

Because I was at the very back, I couldn't see anyone's face, so I didn't know

who the children were. Suddenly the bus veered off the road and headed for

a tree. I could see the impending accident but could do nothing about it.

I heard screams and felt the impact.

Next I found myself standing on the grass at the

side of the road. People who had been injured in the accident were lying

on the grass in front of me, while rescuers worked to treat their

injuries. It was a horrible scene. I was upset, and was

crying.Just then, someone came up to me. Although I couldn't see

his face, I realized that I knew him from somewhere. He seemed to have two

friends with him, who stood a bit apart from him, waiting while we talked.

The person I couldn't quite recognize comforted me, repeating again and again

that things were all right now, that everyone was okay, the tragedy

was over.Gradually he helped me to feel at least a bit more calm, more

accepting of what had happened.

Then he started to move away.

Wait! I called.Don't go! I don't know who

you are. He turned back toward me, just for an instant, with a

friend standing on either side. I sensed that he was revealing his

identity as a favor to me, but that he had somewhere else--somewhere

important--to go. And in that split second I did recognize him: The

husky build, the bright red hair and freckled face.--Tony! I

said. He flashed me a beautiful smile. I became briefly aware that

his two friends were slightly-built African American boys, somewhat younger than

he. All three were looking at me intently. Once more, Tony reassured

me:We're all right now. Then they were


I awoke from my dream thoroughly shaken up, but

kept telling myself that it had just been a nightmare, not a real

occurrence. I couldn't comfort myself with that for long, though, because

later that day the phone rang. It was my critic teacher (my supervisor for

student teaching).Through sobs she told me about the terrible accident in

which Tony and two other boys from the group home had been killed.

There was an open-casket funeral in nearby

Ypsilanti for the three boys. I attended, paying my respects to Tony--and

to two younger boys, slightly-built African American children whose faces I now


I don't think I'll ever quite get over the shock

of that dream; but at the same time, I understand that it was an important

experience. I'm convinced that Tony came to me in this dream not only to

say goodbye but also to reassure me that people do exist after death, and that

they can go to good places.

Christopher's Story


In 1969 my parents left Toronto. Ontario for a rural community on the other side of the province. It was a classic case of culture shock for my brother and two sisters. I was 3, so life there came naturally and I grew up a typical small-town farmboy. In the mid-70's, the summer after I finished Grade 4, my parents bought a new house in a different part of town. It was a cheery-looking yellow brick home that dated back to the 1800's. It'd been kept in good shape for its age, only it was just too big for us. By that time, my brother and one sister had moved out and had been living on their own for some time. The sister had married and moved away. My brother had married that same year. So my dad divided the house into a duplex and we lived on one side and my brother and his new wife had the other.   All that summer I thought myself lucky because my room stayed comfortably cold no matter how hot the weather. My parents thought it odd, because it was an upstairs room. Even when the rest of the house was like an oven, it was always bordering on chilly in my room. Come that first winter, however, I quickly changed my tune: It was freezing in that room! I shivered all night, every night, no matter how many extra blankets I had. I actually slept in my snowsuit some nights and was cold even then.My folks figured it had something to do with that room being at the end of its own short hallway. -For some reason the heat just wasn't circulating from the rest of the house. So I was duly instructed to never close my door except when changing butit didn't help things any. The heat register was beside the closet door and I took to opening that door hoping to deflect some heat towards my bed. It seemed like a good idea at the time, only it didn't work in practice.   At some point that winter, we had company come for several days. I remember going to bed and grumbling to myself because all the lights upstairs were left on so our guests could find their ways to their rooms later on. The light was keeping me awake; as was the sounds of conversation and laughter echoing up the stairwell from downstairs. Soon after there was a lull in the sounds from downstairs and that's when I heard it.   ...The sound of slow, stealthy footsteps approaching my bed. The floor was hardwood, yet it sounded like someone shuffling their feet across carpeting. I heard each measured step and even the creaking of the boards underfoot. Only, in the light from out in the hall, I could see no one there. At first I was puzzled, then it sunk in that in another few moments whatever it was  would be between my bed and the door. I panicked, and took off downstairs screaming. I'm told it took a good 3 hours to calm me down. And even then, I refused to go back up to bed. I do remember spending the rest of the night on the couch, all the lights on, and me wide awake till dawn. The adults didn't believe me so I learned to keep my mouth shut lest they think me crazy. And that decision made it like it was open season on me or something. After that first incident, I always felt eyes above and behind me, looking down from the corners of the ceiling. Things would go missing or be moved. I was a fair artist and an avid reader. -Pens I'd literally just put down for a second would disappear. Books would vanish and reappear in other parts of the house, sometimes months later. I'd hear my name called or catch flickers of movement out the corners of my eye. After dark was the worst. I was scared to sleep, scared of not knowing what was going on around me, not knowing why no one else seemed to experience the things I was. (*They were, but that was kept from me so's not to frighten me. Like I could have been any MORE scared than I already was!) I kept that closet door shut and locked but that didn't help much either. Eventually, my dad renovated my sister still living at home took that room. Me, I was just glad to be out of it.   By the time I got into highschool, the strange going's on had become second nature. I began dating a wonderful girl and  being a lovestruck fool, managed to all but forget about the haunting. Only it hadn't forgotten about me.... One night in the summer of '86, my girlfriend and I had the house to ourselves. We were snuggled on a loveseat in the living room watching videos. She observed that it was really cooling down outside, because she felt a cold draft. I felt fine, but took it as an invitation to cuddle closer. A few minutes later, she complained she was freezing so I went to get up to start closing windows. I asked her where she felt the draft coming from and she gestured towards the couch and we both glanced over at the same moment and I felt every hair on my head go up.  -For there, on the couch, one of the cushions was sagged right down as if under the weight of a full grown adult. The spot was exactly underneath where the closet was in that small upstairs room. She ran for the door and I was right on her heels. She didn't stop for 3 blocks and nothing could convince either of us to go back in the house after I confessed some of the other things I'd experienced since moving there. We hung around across the street for 2 hours till my parents got home and even  then she wouldn't go back inside. She was still so upset that my dad drove her home. On the way back, I was lectured about renting scary movies but the tape we'd been watching was Eddie Murphy-Delirious, a stand-up comedy video. I tried to explain that, but one look from my dad told me he was in no mood for backtalk of any kind. So I shut up and let it slide. My girlfriend stayed with me despite her scare. I thought for sure she'd dump me. A year later, we were out of school and engaged. I was the last child still at home. My other sister had married and moved away back when I was still in public school and my brother had moved to another town because of his work. Since I was leaving soon anyway, my parents felt the time was right to sell. They bought themselves a bungalow across town and in August of '87, my fiancee and I helped them move.   There was a pretty severe heatwave that summer. High temperatures, high humidity and violent thunderstorms almost nightly that only seemed to make the humidity worse. We took our time with the move because of the weather. On the last day, my dad asked us to go back and take one last good look around to make sure nothing had been forgotten and left behind and then to make sure the place was securely locked up. We did so and then popped around the corner to a variety store for cold drinks. That day was the worst thus far, weatherwise. The sky was cloudless and it was utterly calm and still without eventhe slightest breath of wind. Despite all that, we were joking about what my dad had said about not forgetting anything. We giggled that we had, and on purpose too. Namely, the ghost or entity or whatever the invisible being was. We were just walking past the old house when all this was being said and we looked over, and felt the smiles get wiped right off our faces  because the aluminum storm door was opening ever slow slowly. It kept going till we s aw it could open no further and it began to swing shut just as slowly. My fiancee and I just stood gawking until, just before it closed, it slammed the rest of the way shut. That bang was like a starts' pistol in a race: We started running. I mean, it's one thing to experience something at night and then rationalize some explanation by the clear light of day. But to see THAT, in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day was all just too much. We didn't stop till we got to my parents' new place and then worried that the ghost might've followed us there. -In fact, it very well may have. My mom was alone in the house a week later when she thought she heard her name being called from the basement. She was half way down the steps when something pushed her from behind. She went right to the bottom, but got off lucky with only scrapes and bruises.   That experience did it. When my one sister heard of it, she confessed her own encounters in the old house, as did our sister-in-law. (They'd seen the ghost standing in the closet of that upstairs room early one morning.) I shared mine, and my fiancee vouched for the things that'd happened to the both of us. My dad finally admitted that he'd known all along about 2 deaths in that house. One had been a girl who'd fallen over the upstairs railing to break her neck on the stairs. We wondered if she'd been pushed, like our mom had. The other death was a suicide. An undertaker had owned the house at some point and hung himself in that very closet. He seemed the prime candidate for all the weird goings-on. None of us knows for sure. The last of these events happened over a decade ago. Lately, my wife and I have talked seriously about moving back to that town. Only it's the memories that's holding us back right now. Perhaps the time has come for a reckoning. Maybe the spirit left, as the new owners seem happy enough. They've put a lot of work into renovating the grounds and exterior. So maybe it's safe to go back to town again. Or maybe it isn't. And that's what we're afraid of finding out....

The Red-Eyed Man


This story is about the house I grew up in. The house was built in the

1970's, so only 2 families have lived there, mine and the original owner's.

Neither one had any deaths occur at the house.

One night my sister had two of her friends come over and spend the night. The

three of them were the only ones there. My sister went upstairs to sleep in

her room, and her friends slept downstairs in the den on the couches. Very

early in the morning my sister woke up to bone-chilling screams coming from

the den. She grabbed the heaviest thing she could find--intent on knocking

the crap out of whoever had broken in and was scaring her friends. When she

got downstairs she threw the light switch on and found her friends cowering in

the corner, paler than anyone should ever be. After some prodding, she got

them to tell her that there had been something floating above the door frame.

They said that it had red eyes and that it wiggled and jiggled around the

ceiling up until the point when she turned on the light. At first we thought

that someones brake lights had reflected into the room somehow, but there was

no way that a car could have gotten near the back windows. The rest of my

family pretty much dismissed the idea as a hoax, not that the girls had

deliberately made it up, but that they saw some sort of reflection.

I didn't really think much of it until one weekend when I went home to visit.

I rolled over in my bed and saw two red eyes staring at me. I didn't really

know what to do. They were about four or five feet away from me, floating

along the wall. They were only about three feet off the floor, much lower

than the first sighting. I figured that either the thing was going to mess

with me or leave me well enough alone, so I opted to just close my eyes for

awhile and see what happened. When I opened them a few minutes later it was


No one has seen the ghost since then. I'm pretty sure he's still there and

has been there much longer than we realize. As a child many unexplained

things happened, mostly in my room. Radios would turn on/off, lights, etc.

At least it doesn't hurt anyone!

The Impossible Shadow


I have had several

brushes with the supranatural during my life (No, that wasn't a typo -- I

believe the word supranaturalis more accurate than

supernatural.) However, the one incident -- the second

encounter with the unknown -- is the one that stands out in my mind clearest of

all. I was about four or five years old at the time (some may say that

that taints my account, but I know what I experienced, and recall it very

clearly). It was a saturday morning, the sun shining brightly. I was

in the habit of getting up early to watch the saturday morning shows.

(This would have been 1968 or '69, if you should be wondering.) We lived

in a small trailer, at the time, on my paternal grandparent's farm; to get to

the living room, where the t.v. was, I had to pass through my parent's bedroom

and the kitchen/dining area. My parents were still asleep. I had

crossed about halfway through my parent's bedroom (so I was then standing at the

foot of their bed), when I saw the entity. There was a combination china

cabinet and storage cabinet separating the kitchen/dining area from the living

room; a counter space of about one and a half to two feet separated the

two elements (the china cabinet was suspended/supported above the storage

cabinet). Upon the storage cabinet sat a figure, entirely a featureless

black, like a silhouette. It was shaped like a skeleton sitting

cross-legged upon a rocking chair runner, its hands gripping either end of the

runner, and it rocked slowly, rhythmically from side to side. Although I

could see no features, I was certain it not only faced me, but was aware of

me. Over the years, I have thought long and hard about this encounter,

trying to define exactly what I sensed, or felt. It seemed as if wave

after wave of -- for lack of a better way to describe it -- power was washing

against me, much like ocean waves wash against a cliff. (For years, I

thought of it as waves of evil, but I have long since decided that I was putting

cultural values upon something that cannot be properly classified within such a

context. All that I can honestly say is that it was the property of

something non-human; therefore our cultural values are not applicable.)

Curiousity and terror warred within me. Terror at last won, and I got down

on my belly, instinctively trying to make myself hidden. I could not tear

my eyes away from the apparition, but was too scared to keep looking. My

father's cowboy hat happened to be close at hand (as were all his clothing; he

always dumps his clothes on the floor), so I clapped that over my eyes. I

do not know how long a time I stayed like that, but curiousity once again

overrode fear, and I snuck a peek. It was gone, and so was that peculiar

wave-like sensation. With the amazing powers of a child to take anything

in stride, I got up, and proceeded into the living room (passing right by its

perch), and watched my morning shows as if nothing had happened. I call

the apparition The Impossible Shadow for good reason; the front

windows, full sunshine pouring through the sheer white curtains over them, were

squarely behind the figure, and therefore it existed where no shadow had any

business existing.

I have puzzled over this

encounter ever since. To this day, I have no real idea what it was I

beheld that sunny saturday morning long ago. I do know that I have had the

priviledge to witness something that few others, if any, have ever seen.

It may be totally unconnected with that experience; it may even be the reason

why I had had that encounter; or it may be the result of that encounter; but I

have always had a sensitivity, since, to the presence of death. Sometimes

I fancy that on that long ago morning, I may in fact have seen death

him/herself. Though why he/she should have chosen to appear to me is

beyond my poor powers to understand -- if indeed it was death I saw. (I do

have reason to entertain that notion, beyond a mere senstivity to death's

presence, but that's another story, taking place at a much later

time.) If you have even the

foggiest notion what it was I encountered that morning, please let me

know. I can be contacted at

I have not heard of, or read of, anything quite like this entity, and I

often wonder if anyone else has seen such a thing -- or if it may possibly have

been an extraordinary display of my senses playing tricks on me (my other

encounters with the supranatural notwithstanding).

The House I Grew Up In


When I was little we lived with my grandmother in her house. My younger

sister and I

shared a bedroom. I never slept with the doors shut ( our room had two

doors). I always felt uneasy in the room. I remember one night hearing the

sounds of someone walking in the room we had wood floors and I felt the

presence of someone. Not wanting to get in trouble for not being asleep I kept

my eyes closed. When it seemed as if the person was standing next to the bed I

opened my eyes. There was no one there and I felt scared to death. Not to

long after that I woke up and felt and heard my bed hitting the floor as if it

had been dropped... I didn't want to sleep in that room anymore. When I told

my Grandmother about it she said its just the house and not to worry. I did

worry and started sleeping in the living room.

When I was older I moved into another bedroom of the house figuring it

would be safer. Again I would sleep with the door open but sometimes would

wake up to find the door shut. One night I woke up and the door was shut and

I felt scared to death. My eyes were open but I couldn't move. I tried to

scream for my Grandmother and Sister to help me but I couldn't. I felt a

pressure on my chest as if someone was laying over me. Finally I was able to

move my fingers then the pressure left my body... Other people came to the

house and would say they felt something weird in the house.

The Devil?




Restaurant Bill


I have worked in a restaurant in EUREKA SPRINGS AR. for

almost six years. During that time I have witnessed several

bizarre things.. Ashtrays being turned upside down, doors opening,

music playing, footsteps behind me, dishes being tossed, employees

hearing their names when noone is around them, an apparition seen by

two of he employees,and even running one of the employees out

of the door , she explained it as hard, heavy, footsteps running right

at her. She was skptical until this happened to her. I named our ghosts

BILL. I always say goodnight to him when I close at night.

I recentley had a local tarot reader come in

to see if she could calm him down because he had been so active, it

must have calmed him because it has been a lot quieter. I have seen

the business sold twice since I started working their, it seems that is

the time all hell will start breaking loose with our ghost. I don't

think he likes change.

Backdoor Ghost


When I was in elementary school, some

twenty years ago, I had a strange experience that I consider ghostly. I

had just gotten home from school and found myself locked out of the house, not

really that unusual, but I didn't have my house key with me. At the back

of the house there is a porch that conects to a garage. After trying the

backdoor, and finding it locked as well, I decided I'd have to break in to the

house. Inside the garage there's a door that leads into part of the house, and

even if that door was locked it has a removeable window that would at least

allow me to unlock it so I could get in. The interesting thing about the

door in the garage was that it allowed me to see through the house to a window

which had a view of the locked back door. Well, as I was breaking in, I

happened to look through that window and I saw the locked door open. No

one else was home at that time, and after I put the window back, shaking the

whole time, I ran to the phone and called my mother to tell her what had

happened. I think my parents were reluctant to believe me, and who

could blame them, I'll admit I was a strange child with a vivid imagination, but

this really happened.I'd like to write again and tell some more of

mine and my family and friends unusual experiences.

My Dear "Omi"


Just a quick story to perhaps add to your collection...

My maternal grandmother, who I called "Omi", passed away at the age of 92

about 3 years ago. We had been very close, and she was always my defender

and biggest fan. She was a very spiritual person, and she told me once

that she had been visited by the ghost of her own mother many years ago.

Omi always promised me that, if it was possible, she would come back to

visit me after she died.

Well, 2 years pass with no visit (and I admit, if anyone could come back

from the Other Side, it would be my grandmother!), I put her promise out of

my mind. This year my mother contracted cancer of the brain and died

shortly after, very suddenly. I do not get along very well with the rest

of my family (my brothers and sister are all over 20 years older than I am,

and my dad and I just can't seem to agree on much of anything), and my

mother's passing was very hard for me, since she and my grandmother were

really the only members of the family I was close to.

I have very vivid dreams quite frequently, and often they are very surreal

and I don't quite understand what they mean. But one night recently, I had

a dream I was back in the house I grew up in and in my grandmother's room.

In the dream, I knew she was dead, but it didn't seem unusual to me for her

to be there. I had just had a fight with my siblings and my dad and I was

crying. She hugged me and I pressed my left cheek against hers and she

told me something to the effect of that she was always there with me and

not to be sad or feel alone.

Right then, I woke up, and her presence was definitely in my room (far away

from my old house)and I could still feel her where I had pressed my cheek

against hers in the dream. It was eerie, but comforting at the same time.

I guess I had been waiting for her to fully appear to me as she said her

own mother had done for her, but now I realize that her spirit was there in

the room with me just as intensely as if I had been able to see her.

Bedroom Sillouette


When I was 18 years old (I am now 23) I was staying with my mother. One night I

had a friend sleep over with me. It was getting late, so my mother and her

husband decided to go to bed, as did my friend. I was the last one to go

to bed that night. I remember laying there, staring out of the window

because I was having trouble going to sleep. (Please note that I shut my

bedroom door). About 10 minutes later, I heard what I thought was my

Step-father crying. (This was not uncommon due to his Mental

disabilities.)I glanced over at the corner of my room, and saw what I

thought was him crouched down, with his head buryied in his hands. I have

never heard such anguish coming from anyone in my entire life. It was dark

in my room, so all I could see was a solid black sillouette. It looked

like the best way I can describe it now. I raised my

head up, and after a few more seconds, asked, Ed, are you alright?

What's wrong?? As soon as I had spoken the words I realized that

this thing was Not my mother's husband.It suddenly turned and looked at

me, and it had glowing red eyes. (corny sounding I know.) I have never in

my life been so terrified. The malice and hatred that it projected at me

is something I have never again experienced. I was so terrified that it

was going to attack me that I tried to scream. Yet Nothing came out.

I wanted to wake my friend who was sleeping next to me, but I couldn't move

because I was so afraid. The only thing I could do was clamp my eyes

closed, so I did. When I opened them up again a few minutes later, it was

gone. I didn't get out of bed, instead I laid there untill I fell

asleep. Needless to say, I did not sleep well that night, so I was the

first one up in the morning. My door was wide open....I questioned everyone in the

house about it that morning when they got up, but all said that they had slept

soundly and never got out of bed. I never really mentioned it again, but I

still remember the feeling of intense hatred, and rage, that whatever that thing

was felt towards me.....I now question whether the whole experience was a dream,

but only one fact keeps me from thinking so.....I never went to sleep untill

after it was all over with. Have you heard of anything similar to this at

all?? I don't mean hauntings, or ghosts flying around.....But the

impression that this thing gave me was that it was a deamon of some sort.

Maybe I'm just crazy.....but I would love to know.Thank you for listening

to my story. I hope it is of help to you.

Attic Visitor


Some years ago I lived in a 3-storey house in Penzance U.K. The house

was about 100 years old, granite construction in a terrace of 11 houses.

The house had 5 bedrooms, two of which were on the top floor, ie attic

bedrooms. One overlooked the front of the house and the other the back.

My brother who was a couple of years younger than me claimed the front

bedroom as his own. A few years later he married and left home. I had a

bedroom at t he back of the house on the next floor down.

One night my girlfriend slept over in the front attic bedroom, at the

same time our neighbours daughter and her friend slept over in another

spare bedroom.

In the very early hours of the morning my girlfriend heard someone at

her bedroom door. It was as though someone was trying to open the door,

finding it locked or stuck, and then using more and more force to try

and open it. The sounds stopped abruptly at which point my girlfriend

grabbed her bed-clothes and ran down stairs and spent the rest of the

night with the neighbours daughter and friend. She staunchly refused to

sleep in the room again, even refusing to go back up to get her clothes

the next morning.

Some time later I moved into the attic bedroom myself and experienced

the same manifestation, however there was just the one occasion. It was

just as my girlfriend had reported. The door sounded as though someone

was trying to force it open. The noise was sufficient to wake me and,

although it was somewhere around 12 - 1 o'clock in the morning there was

sufficient light from a street light outside for me to see that the door

was open, exactly as I'd left when I went to bed.

An interesting sequel to this story is that a few years later when most

of the family had married and left home my parents sold the house to

move to a smaller cottage nearby. One morning my mother was returning

from the local shop when she met the lady whose attic bedroom adjoined

the the one in question. After the usual pleasantries the neighbour said

that something strange had happened a few days earlier. She'd been in

her main bedroom which was directly below her attic bedroom when she

heard footsteps on bare floor boards walk from our attic bedroom across

into her attic bedroom. Our attic bedroom had been carpeted and although

my parents had sold the property the new owners at that time hadn't

moved in as they were still in the process of selling their property.

The Woman


I don't know whether I was dreaming or what because I heard that

sometimes when a person thinks they are awake, they are actually

still dreaming. One night about one year ago, I was sound

asleep in my bed. I woke up at about 2:30 am, I guess cause I

was interupted by a noise from outside or something. I turned

over to find what looked like the figure of a woman standing

over me smilling. I closed my eyes for a brief second and when

I opened them again, the figure was still there. I was so scared

that I started screaming for my mother; it dissappeared when I started

screaming about five to ten seconds after. I don't know whether

that was a weird hallucination, or a brief visit from one of my

deceased relatives. All i know is that it never happened

again, and i hope it never does.

The Little Boy in the Sailor Suit


Before I start this little story I just want to say

that my aunt only has two daughters and they are both young girls, one

is 12 and the other is 14. One night while my aunt was washing dishes,(her

back was turned) she said it felt like the little toddler had fell and

tried to catch on to her back leg calves. So she then turned around but

didn't see anything. It also has happened to her more than once, but she

doesn't get scared it really doesn't bother her.

Also, one day my mother went to my aunt's house

to visit with her so my mom was outside the door waiting for my aunt to

answer the door. My mom said that the wind wasn't blowing and all of a

sudden she heard a little boy laughing so she turned to her right and sees

this little boy in a blue sailor suit swinging on the swings. And she said

he was kind of transparent, foggy like. She said he stayed there for a

second smiling at her but then he disappeared just like that. My aunt no

longer lives there and it didn't follow her, but now my other aunt lives

there but she hasn't experienced anything. And we aren't going to tell

her about my other aunt's experieces because this aunt is way dingy-like.

And by the way, they knew of no history of the house!

Southern Graveyard


Well, my dad was stationed on an Air Force base in Tenn (well over 20 years

ago). He and some of his friends were clowning around in an old graveyard.

It was old and not very well cared for. Some of the graves were sunken in and

some were shallow enough that there were holes from the final collapse of the

coffin. Well, dad and his friends got a little rowdy and something in the

graveyard didnt' like it. Dad said they could hear this growling sound and it

got louder and louder, comeing from every direction. Well, these guys weren't

so dumb that they waited around for something to happen. They took off like

the devil himself was on their heels and the very second they crossed the

threshold of the cemetary, the growling stopped.

My family is prone to strange happenings. My Grandma predicted my grandpa's

death. She had a dream that Grandpa, my dad and one of my uncles went over a

hill and it was close to dinner time so she called them back. My dad and

uncle came back, but when she called for Grandpa, he said he wasn't comeing

back. No more than two weeks after the dream, Grandpa had a heart attack at

the dinner table and died before the paramedics arrived. That was 19 years

ago and Grandma hasn't dreamt about grandpa untill just recently. She thinks

she'd going to die soon because of it and I can't dismiss it. I've predicted

the death of some of our favorite pets and can't explain it, but I know it's

for real. I just looked at one of our parrots one night and she just looked

funny. I thought to myself, "Sunny-bird, you look dead." Sure enough, no

more than a week later, she dies accidentally.

Than we have a ghost in our house too. Nothing but silly pranks; hiding

things and not giving them back till we ask, teasing the pets, jumping up on

occupied beds, children laughing in the night, playing with the buttons on the

alarm clocks, nothing major. We think it's a kid. But the one that gets up

on the beds may be a dog. I thought it was my dog a couple of times, but when

I looked, there was nothing there, not even a depression, but I know I felt

something. Thanks for listening.

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