Twice Haunted




Atlas Theater

I lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming for many years and worked with the

community theater company there on many occaisions. The theater company

did productions in the Atlas theater located in old downtown Cheyenne

during the summer Frontier Days celebration and put on a haunted house

there in October for Halloween. Both productions are used to raise

money for restoration of the theater. My first experience with a

haunting was during the Haunted House production in 1993.

The top floor of the Theater is off limits because it is considered to

be dangerous and they don't want people to get hurt. The floors are old

and has holes, and there aren't any lights. It is possible to see up

into the third floor from the second floor from an open area balcony

located in the middle of the building. You must keep in mind that the

theater used to be a hotel/brothel when it was first built. There are

many rooms up on the 2nd and 3rd floor which were used by the "women" of

the time. For Halloween, the theater company decorates each room on the

2nd floor as a different horrific scene and then takes people on tours

through it. It's usually fairly generic, but fun. I belive it was

three days before Halloween and I was playing one of the characters in

the haunted house which had fallen off the balcony to her death. I was

to lay on the floor as if I was dead and then when they brought a group

of people through I was supposed to get up and move towards them as if I

was a ghost. From where I was laying on the floor I could easily see up

to the 3rd floor. About half way through the night I was laying on my

back staring up and I could clearly see what looked to be a woman's

figure dressed in a long green dress wearing a hat. It shocked me at

first because I knew no one was allowed on the upper floor. There were

some people in the room next to me and I whispered to them to look up at

the balcony. They said they could see the woman as well. We called out

to the woman, but she didn't answer and she never moved. Even some

people in the groups that went through made comments about her as well

though we never pointed her out to anyone. Eventually one of the

directors went up stairs to make sure no one there. He said he went

through all the rooms and couldn't find anyone. After about an hour or

so the woman dissapeared. It was eerie. The second experience was

during a summer performance of the melodrama in 1994. I was performing

in the play as well as helping out with the tech work on the show

occaisionally. A bunch of my friends were on the tech crew. It was

July and the theater company does performances all month through August.

Everything gets locked up at night after each performance so that no one

can get in until the next evening and the director and tech director are

the only ones with a key.

One evening during Frontier Days we had all the lights and props set up

for the next days performance and had locked up the light board as well.

The next day we went in to the theater and had found that all the props

had been moved and all the lights were rearranged as if someone had put

on a totally different show. No one had been in the theater all evening

or that morning. There was no explanation for the changes to the lights

or any of the props being moved. Some of the people on the tech crew

said that they had thought they felt a presence up in the balcony area

of the theater occaisionaly and they still believe that a ghost haunts

the upstairs.

My Brother's Room


When I was 7 years old we moved to a new house in East Aurora NY.The house we

lived in was made into 3 apartments <we lived on the top floor>. The only way

to get into the attic was through my closet. There was a space through the

ceiling but it was all boarded up and we never went up there. Anyway I had

always been fearless of pretty much anything, especially as a little kid but a

few months later I started to get very frightened when I was in bed. We had a

night light for my baby brother but I would get these haunting feelings

everytime I looked towards the closet. I hated it because I felt that way

everynight. I remember a while after this started happening my older brother

told me that ghosts would come through his closet and talk to him.

I thought may be he was just saying that to try and scare me but I was wrong.

One night my brother had left to go to a friends house <which I was unaware

of> my mom and I were on the couch folding laundry and she told me to go put

my brothers laundry in his room. I opened his door and saw what I thought was

him with his back turned to me looking out the window, I called his name

several times but he wouldn't answer me. I was mad and told my mom he was

ignoring me. She gave me an odd look and told me he had left an hour ago to a

friend's house. I know that what I saw was real. When I was 12 I went and did

some reaseach on the house, It is over a 100 years old and an undertaker used

to live there and he would sometimes keep the corpse in the attic. Thank god

we were on the process of moving out when I did this research.

Parker Estate Apparition


This is an experience I had in 1969 in Janesville, WI. I was home from

college and was driving on old County F, which at the time had become

something of an abandoned road in town. I was with a young lady, we were just

driving around and talking when we drew near the old Parker Estate, a large

deserted mansion that sat up on a hill a fair distance back from the road.

As we were driving by the main gates to the mansion, I saw something dart in

front of the car. I wasn't sure what it was, but my companion had seen it as

well. A few seconds later we both heard a thump, which made me think we had

hit whatever it was that we'd seen. We stopped and got out of the car to see

what we had hit and if it was hurt...but there was nothing anywhere around,

neither in the road nor in the nearby ditches.

I decided to get a flashlight out of the trunk and have a look around. Once I

had the light, I glanced up to the hilltop near the mansion. I saw a man's

silhouette standing alongside a tree at the top of the hill. The man was

backlit but his shape was clearly visible. I flashed my light at him, but

there was no one standing there. When I moved the light away from him, the

silhouette was once again visible. I did this two or three more times, moving

the light on and off the figure, each time you could see the man when the

light was not shining on him but when it was, all you could see was the tree.

The tree was not large enough to hide a person, and he could not possible have

ducked out of the beam of my flashlight quickly enough. I asked my companion

if she saw what I was seeing, and she said that she saw the man too. I am

certain that it was a man, and not a bush or a tree or something that merely

resembled a man. It was about that time that we decided to get the hell out

of Dodge.

As I turned to open the driver's side door, I looked down at the left rear

fender and saw clearly an elongated handprint, as if someone had reached up

from ground level and slapped their hand against the car while it was in

motion. This handprint had not been there earlier in the evening. My

companion and I got into the car and left in a hurry.

I am not aware of anyone else having seen or heard anything unusual at the old

Parker estate, but this experience definitely qualifies as "unusual" in my


Haunted House In New Jersey


I grew up in a haunted house located in Flanders

N.J. My father purchased the house in 1966, it had not been lived in for quite

some time. Some of the things that started to occur in the beginning ; My father

was sanding the bedroom floor, heard who he thought was my mother running up the

hallway staircase. He yelled out to her, noone was there. He felt someone was

watching him when he returned to the bedroom. Another day he heard what sounded

like footsteps running back and forth the attic. He stuck his head up into the

attic and saw nothing, it was sealed with no windows. The house was built in the

1700s. After he had gotten a couple of the rooms finished upstairs, my mother

and I joined him staying in two of the bedrooms that were complete. My father

never told my mother what had happened up to that point since he did'nt want to

upset her. He is a musician, so he left for work around 7:30 in the evening.

When he got home after 2:00am, my mother had all the lights on. She told him we

are not alone. She had heard someone sigh in the room. Another night my father

was getting ready for work, he looked in the mirror to comb his hair and saw a

figure of an old man dressed in black sitting in his windsor rocker. The man had

white hair the face was blurry. Looking bacck I remember my sister who was born

while we lived there speaking in a language I didn't understand while she was

sleeping. Perhaps the oddest part of the story was one night when my father was

asleep on the couch my mother in the upstairs bedroom with my sister and I in

the other two upstairs bedrooms. My father was asleep when he felt a pressure on

his chest, like someone taking there hands in pressing down. He couldn't wake up

at that moment, but when he finally did he assumed it was one of our cats. He

then saw that all four were asleep locked up in the inside back porch. Well, the

next day at the breakfast table my mother said to him she felt something weird

had happened the night before. My father asked what she meant, not telling her

what he experienced and she said the same thing about the pressure on her chest.

The phone rang a short time later, our neighbor down the street who had a

telescope in his window had seen some strange lights over our house, he through

on a jacket but before he could come over our place they vanished. I remember

years later that I felt that same feeling, waking up to a bright white light and

a very strange feeling like something had happened at the house. I was young at

the time, so it took some time to figure out that it was probably that same

night that this had all happened. It was such a profound experience to me that I

remember getting on the schoolbus the next morning and telling this girl who

lived up the hill from us about how strange I felt the night before that

something had happened. I recall feeling numb, like I couldn't wake up. bright

white lights. Now was this in fact a UFO that had nothing to do with the fact

that that the house was haunted or were they somehow linked together? There had

been UFO sightings in the area before, my father and I having seen things in

broad daylight on a couple occassions. Anyway my parents divorced in 1973, the

house was sold in 1974, My parents never told the people who bought the house

about the fact that strange things had happened. They told us a couple months

later when we invited them to a party that weird things had been happening and

they knew they were not alone. The house was sold this year, since the husband

had died. His wife never told the new people about anything, but they have told

a neighbor they had heard a ringing sound like a bell or something that they

couldn't locate, so the story continues.

The Singing Lady


This story took place in a house that me and my family lived in when I

was a young girl. The house was over 100 years old and when we moved in

my father had to do alot of work on it.

While tearing out a wall seperating the kichen and the stairway leading

up stairs,

he found an old necklace hanging on a board inside the wall. We took

the necklace to a jewler becouse there was writing on the clasp . The

jewler told us that the stamp on the clasp was from an old jewler in

Ireland, dating back at least 100 years. He also said that it was an old

custom back then to hide something in the stucture of newly built houses

to bring good luck to the owners and keep bad spirits away. My father

gave me the necklace when we sold the house some years later . Well

anyway to get to the point of this story , after finding the necklace

and finishing the work in the house. Some family members started hearing

things when one of us were in the house alone. At first we just chalked

it up to noises in an old house, but there was this one bedroom upstairs

, the only bedroom on the back side of the house ,well my father didn't

get to fixing that room up right away becouse it was always so cold in

there .So we used it for a storage room for many years. Untill my mother

got the great idea to redo the room for me. Well she put shag carpet in

it and beads on the closet door you know teenagers room. That room

always kinda gave me the creeps for some reason ,but to please my mother

I made it my domain. When I would be sleeping in the middle of the night

I would wake up and have this great feeling that there was something in

there with me . I would go running into my sisters room as fast as I

could in the pitch dark and as I was running I would here my name being

whispered in my ear in a long dragged out manner. I don't mind telling

you It scared the hell out of me. I started sleeping with my sister more

and more until I just didn't use the room at all. Later on my mother

started caring for some elderly people and she gave my room to one of

the women named Marie. she always slept with the doorshut at night

because some of the other ladies would snore and keep her awake. One

morning at breakfest she was conplaining that she didn't get much sleep

due to the snoring . My mother asked her why didn't you close your door

as you always have . She said well Mrs.Kluge I didn't want to say

anything but I sometimes hear voices in the room at night.

Well not long after that I was sleeping in my sisters room and I heard

this young womens voice singing this happy kinda lulluby in the hall

way . It was loud too . It woke me up out of a sound sleep. The next

thing I know I here my door start squeeking open and my heart was

racing. It was my mother , she popped her head in and asked me if I had

heard that too .

she checked all the women and they were sound asleep. We started

asking around to some of the old neighbors and found out that a young

women , a relative of one of the neighbors had died in that very

roomwhile during child birth .We still continued to hear stuff in the

house but we're not as afraid as we were before . I felt sorry for the

lost soul . She must be looking for her child. Thats it . It's kinda

long . but oh well.

A Most Fascinating Experience


I originally discovered this house through a friend of mine who was looking

for a house to rent, and when she saw this one, it scared the hell out of

her. She told me that she heard a voice say to her, "Get out!". So of

course when she told me about this, I HAD to see it! I told another ghost

hunter friend of mine about it, and he immediately leased it for himself.

We went to have a look. The first time we walked up the driveway, we both

felt like we were being watched. When we walked inside the house, we both

felt like we weren't alone, but that the ghosts were somehow scared of us,

and had retreated away. (Sounds weird, I know) One of them was definitely

a woman, and I felt a masculine presence as well.

The house was built in the late 20's, early 30's. Some of the original

stained glass and woodwork was still there, but most of the wood floors

were carpeted over. The upstairs was a complete home. It had 3 bedrooms,

3 bathrooms, an office, kitchen, laundry room and a huge living room with a

balcony off of it. The basement was completely separate from the upstairs.

It had 2 bedrooms, a huge bathroom, small kitchen, laundry room, a living

room with huge wet bar and a wood floor. (Great for parties!) The weird

part is, you couldn't get upstairs from the basement without going outside

the house! There was also a maids quarters. It was just a room with a

bathroom and small kitchenette. You couldn't get anywhere else in the

house from that room either. The garage was the same way, completely shut

off from the rest of the house, even though it was part of the house. The

maid's quarters had a small door that led to a crawl space underneath the

house. There was also a crawl space above the wet bar in the basement.

(This is where my friend heard the ghost say to him; "Get out") And a

crawl space in the garage. There was even a hidden space behind a closet

wall in the hall of the upper floor of the house. There wasn't anything in

that one, we figured that stairs leading to the basement had once been

there, and when they took them out, it left a space. The space in the

garage was left uninvestigated, and we never investigated the ceiling crawl

space because the house is pretty old, and it didn't look like it could

support much weight. We shined a flashlight in it a few times, but really

couldn't see anything but wires. The crawl space in the maid's quarters

was, I must admit, a bit scary. It looked like there were trenches under

the house. I don't know anything about building houses, so these trenches

could have contained electrical wiring or the water pipes. There were

quite possibly rats in there, too. So neither one of us ventured very far

into it. We did, however, go far enough into the crawl space to find some

old 1970's pornographic magazines. ;) But that was about it.

Over the years, the house had been renovated quite a bit by people who

didn't have any style or taste whatsoever, and I said to my friend, "You

can tell this house was once beautiful, but someone really screwed it up."

All of a sudden, it was like someone opened a flood gate! It was the

female ghost. I could feel her right next to me, and I suddenly felt like

my hand was being pulled from room to room. In each room, I was being

"shown" what the room originally looked like. I would look into the room,

and then a second later, get a picture of what it looked like when she

lived there. This went on for about 15 minutes. I thanked her for showing

me her house, and as strange as it may sound, I felt as if I'd made a real

connection with this spirit. From then on, every time I went to that

house, I got a very welcome feeling. She was always very communicative

with us.

In the kitchen pantry, there were 2 bins, I said to my friend, "I wonder

what these are for?" Before the words were out of my mouth, I got a

picture of 1 bin filled with rice and the other filled with dried beans!

Both my friend and I kept thinking of a diamond necklace, we both thought

it was in a cabinet off of the master bedroom. So we took it apart,

looking for the necklace. As we were taking it apart, my friend said to

me, "I wonder what this room was used for." In my mind I heard, `It's a

sitting room, STUPID!', and I said to him, "It's a sitting room." He said,

"Go ahead and say it." "What?" "STUPID!" He said it just like I heard it

in my mind! We never found the necklace, but we found an old perfume

bottle and an old medicine bottle. We thought it best just to put them

back as we found them.

Later on, my friend and I were in the kitchen talking. All of a sudden, I

heard, in a most shocked and alarming voice, "What are you doing wearing

pants!?" I then explained to her that women now were able to wear pants.

I got the feeling she was very confused and upset by this, it turns out

that she had no concept of time. She had been trapped in that house for

quite a while!

A few nights later, we decided to sit in the living room with the lights

off and just see what happens. There was light from the street coming in

through the windows, so it wasn't totally black. After sitting for maybe

2-3 minutes, we saw a purple orb in the opposite corner of the room. It

was about the size of a basketball, and if you looked straight at it, you

could just barely see it. But if you looked away, and watched it from the

corner of your eye, you could see it quite clearly. I put my hand out,

hoping it would come closer, but it never did. It just bobbed around in

the opposite corner of the room.

My friend then decided to take pictures inside of the house. He got a

disposable camera and took 24 pictures. When he got the film developed,

what he saw was absolutely amazing! There were 5 pictures with small

floating white orbs. On a couple of them, there was what looked like

stretched cotton, like they make the Halloween spider webs from, in the top

left corner. (My friend kept the pictures, and I've since lost touch with

him, otherwise I would have loved to have sent them in for you to see!)

Some of the pictures were blurred, but only in part of the picture. As if

part of the picture were out of focus, but the rest of the picture was

fine. I'd never heard of that happening before.

The basement is where the male ghost mostly hung out. I remember looking

around down there, and opening a closet door. I was immediately hit with a

blast of cold air, and I got a picture of the Grim Reaper. I wanted to

laugh! It was as scary as a little kid with a sheet over his head, saying

"BOO!". I said `Hello' to him, and let him know that we weren't going to

hurt him, that we just wanted to look around. He seemed to calm down a

little, but was still upset at the intrusion. My friend told me that while

he was in one part of the basement, and I was in another, he heard this one

say in a very low whisper, "Get out". Although I always felt his presence,

he pretty much left us alone.

There was only one incident that was actually scary. Evidently, while my

friend was away for the weekend, some people had broken into part of the

house. (There was a shed that was attached to the house, but you could not

enter the house from inside of it. There was a small door that led to

another crawl space underneath the house.) They must have been screwing

around with a Ouija board or something, because there was a new presence.

I kept getting the impression of hands around my neck and choking. I said

to my friend that I didn't like this presence. He said, "Me neither, it

keeps saying `choke her, choke the bitch'" We decided to go out for a cup

of coffee! We got half way down the block, and I still felt this presence.

So did my friend. He was able to get rid of it. I never asked him how he

did it, but I never felt the presence of that one again!

Every once in a while, we would see the ghost of a small child run down the

upstairs hall. It happened maybe 2-3 times. We asked the female ghost

about it, she didn't want to let the child go. It was comforting to her.

>From there, we found that the male ghost was holding the female ghost in

the house. One night, we were able to get her to let go of the child

ghost. After that night, we never saw it again. And we never heard the

very faint child's cry again, either. We then went to work on setting the

female ghost free. I'm not honestly sure if we ever accomplished this. We

got her to a point where she was able to leave. But I have always felt

that she wanted to stay there for some reason. Unfortunately, this is

where the story ends. Both my friend and I got busy with other things. He

had a short lease on the place, and when that was up, he moved to another

city, we lost touch after that. We never were able to help the male ghost.

I did drive by the place not too long ago. I told another friend about it,

and we just drove by and stopped on the street in front of it. She swore

she saw something in one of the windows. I didn't

Back Seat Protector


This is my first time checking out this site, so I thought I'd share an

experience I had back in 1986.

My aunt had just passed away after a very long, painful illness with

cancer. We were very close, and had been so since the day I was born.

One day, very shortly after her death, I was at a very important meeting

downtown. I had parked my car in an elaborate underground parking

structure. As I had been to this building many times, I was comfortable

and familiar with the building and the parking structure, so I had no

reason to be concerned manouvering my car inside the area.

After a long meeting, I took the elevator down to the level where I was

parked. I got into my car, put my briefcase in the back seat, and

started to put the key in the ignition. I should point out that I had

nothing of my aunt's in the car, nor had she driven in it for quite

awhile as she had been in the hospital for months. As I went to start

the car, I had a distinct feeling of her presence, most particularly her

smell. My aunt did not wear perfume, but always had a pleasant smell of

clean soap, a smell I had come to know very well during my lifetime.

The sense of her smell and presence was so strong, that I was sure that

if I turned my head, I would see her sitting in the passenger seat!

The feeling that she was with me in the car gave me a sense of great

peace, I was not afraid. I backed out of the parking spot and proceeded

to drive towards the exit. There was a curve to get up to the next

level, for which I had the right of way and the cars coming from the

left had a stop sign. As I came to the curve (which I would have

normally just proceeded through) I heard her voice clearly say STOP!!!

I slammed on the brakes, and just as I did so, a car came through the

stop sign and sped past me at high speed. Had I not stopped, I would

have been right in the centre of the curve and the car would surely have

slammed into me broadside! As the space was very small around the

curve, I would also have been crushed into the steel structure itself.

I have always remembered that day, and not told too many people about

it. There have been other times that I have felt her presence, even to

this day, but I do believe that that day, she saved my life.

Thanks for letting me tell my story.

Spooky Times!

i have a few stories to share, but first let me explain that although

i've had occurences i've never (thank god) had a sighting yet in my


the second house my family lived in was not a very old house, maybe

30yrs old at the most. we moved in when i was 11. it started off with a

horrible stench in my room. previous to me the room was unoccupied. the

door almost always locked and a tear in the screen for the cats to come

in and out. it was the cats room! steam cleaning and perfumes only made

the horrid, almost skunklike stench worse. the winter after we moved in

my father was away for a month on buisness. my mother was up late

wallpapering, and she heard one of us get up, walk down the hall, go

into the bathroom and then back down the hall. she thought nothing of it

until a short while later it happened again so she went into the hall to

check who it was. there was no one there! around the same time my sister

began having nightmares of a woman she'd never seen before scream and

curse at her! her dreams concerned her and upset her as she was only 10!

after my father returned from buisness he was awoken suddenly one night

to hear 2 people on the stairs (just outside his room) he laid quietly

in bed and saw a woman and man enter the room then leave. he woke my

mother who had to check the house, and she of course found nothing. he

still was quite shaken and made her call the police, who arrived and

again found nothing! a few months later my mother asked the spirit to

leave and burned sage in the house. within a day, the smell in my rrom

was gone and my sisters dreams stopped.

The Little Man:

my mother told me the story of the ghost in my grandparents house, and i

must share it!

as she was growing up every once in awhile she would be sitting watching

tv in the livingroom and see something out of the corner of her eye in

the hallway (which runs away from the livingroom). she would turn and

see a little man peeking around the corner of one of the rooms at her.

she never told anyone of this and eventually got used to it. one day she

was home alone with her friend watching tv. her friend turned slowly to

look down the hallway then turned back ghost white. all my mom could say

was "you saw it didn't you?". in the years since the ghost has stopped

revealing himself.

the b&b:

when i was in jr.high a friend of mine had the "good fortune"???? of

staying with her family in a reputedly haunted bed and breakfast. the

story was that, years ago the man who lived there shot his wife while

she was sitting up in bed. unfortunately they exerienced nothing except

for been scared. in the morning my friend jolted upright looked at the

headboard behind her, looked behind the headboard only to find the never

filled in bullethole!

not too long ago i had the good fortune of being in the cbs remake of

"in cold blood". on the whole the story is enough to give any one

nightmares, however even a year after filming i am plagued by sporatic

nightmares of nancy clutter begging for help! they come only once in a

while by are enough to spook me for a day or two! if anyone has any info

regarding the clutter murders and clutter hauntings i would be most

interested and greatful!!!

also, even today, as i read the stories people have left on your page.

in an effort to over come my fear of ghosts, i was overwhelmed with the

wonderful smell of the bread my mother was baking. i though nothing of

this and listened to sounds and looked at pictures and your teriffic

links! an hour later as i shut off the computer i discovered there was

no bread in the oven at all!! what do you make of that? i'd love some

feedback. we think my grandmother may be visiting, as it is our first

christmas since she died. she sent me a message in a dream the other

day, and things keep disapearing!

Imaginary Friend or Not?


My Husband,son and I was invited to a get together from an associate at my

husbands work. The people there, was from their work of course.

The friend who's house we was at ,had a little

girl around my son's age..,5-6yrs.old.

It was a cookout party and all of us was mostly outside. When at one point I

noticed my son and our friends daughter was not outside. So.,We went looking

for them. When we went inside hunting for them..,we finally found them screaming and

banging on the attic door.(there was a door with steps leading to their attic just like a

basement would be) We finally got the door opened and they ran crying

outside. We figured they thought they was stuck and became frighten as a child

would in a situation like that. We assured them that they would be


Then, like 5 years later my son seen this scary movie on tv of a ghost

floating down the stairs that triggered his memory of that night.

What had happened that night was.., they went up to the attic to play.,because

it was her toy room. (the 2 of them) My son noticed another little girl up

there. And his friend said oh don't worry about her she's my friend. This

little girls parents always said she had an imaginary friend. But.,she was'nt

imaginary at all..,in our opinion. For.,my son and his friend started to head

down the steps when the other girl stayed at the top of the steps,sadly

watching them leave.As they aproached the door it wouldn't open. They looked

back at the girl at the top of the steps and she looked

mad and started to come/float toward them. That's when we heard them

screaming and pounding on the door. When my son told me of this.,my husband

questioned his friend about the whole thing. He asked his daughter about it

and her story was identical. And they now know , that it wasn't no imaginary

person that their daughter had been seeing all this time., while living in

that house. And.,they no longer live there anymore. When my son told me this I

was mad at that ghost/spirit..,if i'd of know this happened at the time it did

take place..,this sort of thing would have given me the will/strength and

courage to go in that attic with power inside of me(especially once you find

out they have messed with your children like that)and to tell them to leave

and I would of said "I rebuke you in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST get the

 _ell out of here.,Go to JESUS for he is waiting for you..,follow the light..,etc..,

Some peoples stories are frightening and some are loving...,but some (like

this one) can make you brave(adrenalin flowing) enough to face the unknown..,when they

mess with your child.

Oh Christmas Tree!


I'm sorry I can't send a picture because we

don't have a scanner. I'm 11 years old and have already been in 2 ghost

experiences. The first one was whan I was at my cousin Mellissa's house to spend

the night. We were telling ghost stories in her closet when she suggested we

have a s`eance. I agreed thinking we were just going to do something fun that we

have never done before. We did and nothing happened even though we did call

someone who I wish not to name any names so we went to sleep. I was just going

to sleep when I saw a white figure over by her closet. I went over there and I

clearly saw that it was a face of a young girl! The second time was at my

families Christmas in July party. We decorated one of the evergreen trees in my

cousin Kelly's backyard and my Uncle Chris took a picture.Last week, at our

Christmas Eve party he thought it would be appropriate to show the pictures from

the Christmas In July party. They all turned out really good except the last

one. It showed the tree with a kind of hazy fog around it. We thought it was fog

but then we relized we were there and it wasn't a foggy day out. Then,we decided

it was someone smoking a ciggarette because everyone in ouir family smokes but

it was only around the tree and nowhere else. Then we thought since it was humid

out maybe the humidity just setteled around objects but there was also a lawn

chair next to it and it wasn't around the chair. Maybe it was my grandparents

wanting to be in the picture so they stood by the tree! Who knows?

My Friends Apartment

By: Redshark7

Hi ive been reading these stories and i find them very fascinating,

ever since i can remember ive always been very intrested in the

paranormal, even though ive never experienced anything first hand

I have a story that I think you would be interested in. It happened

to a friend of mine when her and a friend of hers had an apartment.

When they first moved in nothing happened but later on they started

to hear somethings in the kitchen as if someone were in there making

dinner or something, they heard this everyday morning, afternoon, and

night, as if breakfast lunch and dinner were being made, but every time

they would go in there nothing would be moved. Then on another occasion

my friend was in the bathroom getting ready for work and her roomate was

still asleep, well she went to grab for the phone to take it with here

when she was walking about of the bathroom and a womens voice said

"Excuse Me" that startled her a bit but she thought it was her roomate,

but when she looked around she saw noone and her roomate was sound asleep

still in her room. Another time they had their boyfrineds over and they were

sitting in the dinning room talking and all of a sudden the tv came on, so

one of the girls got up and turned it off no thinkin anything of it, then

a couple min later the stereo, once again they turned it off chalking it up

to electrical problem, the everything came on full blast and they turned it

off and unplugged it, by this time they were all kinda starting to wonder

and the guys were getting kind of scared, so they resumed what they were doing

and a couple min later the stereo and tv cam back on again, myfriend said shes

never seen two guys run so fast in her life!! Well when my frined and her

roomate went to go check it out the tv and stereo were on and they were

still unplugged!!!! And the last experience they had was when my friends

roomate was sick and laying on the couch on night alone in the apartment

and the way they had theyre apartment set up the couch was sitting right next

to the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and bathroom, well the way she was

laying the hallway was behind her..she was watching tv and felt like some one

was behind her she turned around and there was this lady in a white dress just

standing there she freaked out and ran to the nieghbors apt..needless to say they

got out of their lease and moved out..well i just thought youd enjoy this its a

true story have fun......

The Phantom Up The Street


You can believe me or not but the stories I'm about to tell are true. I never

really believed in ghosts when I was little. My mother told me they were made

up by people a long time ago. And I believed it until I stayed a night at my

neighbor's house up the street. The Smiths we'll call them, had a beautiful colonial

style house which dated back to the late 1700s. I guess alot of interesting events

occured there. The house was apparently owned by a wealthy family including a house

across the street. The Smith's house had been used as a servant home while the house

across the street was the main mansion. Anyway, one day in the late 1900s, a man

named Edward was working in the barn with a piece of machinery. Suddenly he lost

control of the machine. His arm got caught inside and it tore it off. For hours, he laid in

the barn bleeding, and crying for help, but no one saved him until it was too late.

Supposedly, his ghost haunts the Smith's house.

So, now the story begins. It Rhode Island, 1987. I was about 6 years old, but

I was well aware of my surroundings. My parents were going on vacation and my sister

and I were to stay at the Smith's house. It was especially crowded this particular

night because their relatives from West Virginia were spending the night also. At about

5 o'clock, we all had dinner, afterwards we all played like little kids do, and finally

we all got together to settle down to go to sleep. Since there were lack of rooms, one of

hte Smith's sons, John and I had to sleep in the attic. Their attic wasn't the stereotypical

spooky attic. One half of it was made for occupation and the other half was for storage.

John and I settled on the floor with our sleeping bags, and within 10 minutes, we were

fast asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up. Forgetting where I was, I

looked  around the room until I realized where I was sleeping. Slowly I looked to the

right to see  if John was sleeping. He was. Then I looked up at the doorway to the other

half of the attic, and what I saw, I'll never forget. In the darkness was a dark figure with

an incredibly light face, crouching down in the doorway. The face was so white, it looked

like a mask. It looked like his head was just floating there without a body. I became so

frightened, I couldn't move.  The only movements the figure made was the blinking of

his eyes. Suddenly, I threw my blankets over my head, and screamed for help while I

cried uncontrollably. It must've been 10 minutes before Mrs. Smith ascended the attic

stairs in a rush to see what had startled me. I told her I needed to go home, but I was

stuck at the Smith's. Mrs. Smith's only resolution was to put me to sleep with my sister.

So, the rest of the night, I slept with my sister safely. Some people I have told tell me

that I probably just saw things since I was young and still questionning everything

around me. But, I wasn't the only one who saw things there. Mrs. Smith had many

experiences with the entity. One night, while the rest of her family was away in Cape

Cod,  she got ready to go to sleep. Before she fell asleep, she decided to read the rest of

one of her books. While she was reading, she looked up at her bedroom door. She

became immediately startled at what she saw. There was a man in clothing that looked

old-fashioned, standing  in the doorway, just staring at her. Slowly, she got herself

together and asked the man what he wanted. Without a word, he turned around and

walked down the hallway and into the wall, disappearing. Mrs. Smith, scared out of her

mind, ran down to our house for some comfort.

Another time, Mrs. Smith had an incredibly strange dream. In her dream, she was

walking around her house aimlessly. She opened her front door, and walked around the

perimeter. As she turned a corner to where there was a back stairwell that lead to a

deck, she saw an old man standing on the steps, repeating the word "Here" and pointing

to the stairs. Mrs. Smith then woke up and thought nothing of the dream. But during the

day, she started to clean the house. She stood at the bottom of the stairs and started to

walk up. As she looked up, she saw a window in the room she was walking up to. But as

she walked closer, she could see a face pressed against the window. It was the old man

that she dreamt about. Mrs. Smith couldn't believe it. She just stood on the stairs and

watched him. He was mouthing something through the glass but she couldn't make it out.

It was like he was trying to talk to her. Naturally, she ran downstairs and stayed there.

But even stranger about that was the window was on a second story window.

Another story about the Smith's house was told to me on accident by a girl named Jen

who used to live up the street from me. She told me that one Halloween, her, her sister,

and her mother went trick-or-treating up the street. They reached the Smith's house.

You would always get excited when you reached the Smith's because they put on the

most frightening haunted houses. So, Jen, her mother and sister all went up to the

Smith's front door. All the lights in the house were out, but the front door was wide open.

Thinking it was part of the haunted house, they went in. The living room was completely

dark and the house was silent. But within a few seconds, commotion began directly

upstairs. Jen and her family heard ghostly laughter, whispering, and crying. They also

heard things rolling on the floor above and a ball bounce until it bounced down the stairs,

straight ahead of them. They were scared the way you're scared on Halloween. But all

of that changed. Soon after the ball, a figure in the darkness fell down the stairway,

screaming. The figure wasn't just sliding down, it was flipping over on it's head,

smashing itself into the banister and just damaging itself. After it's fall,

the figure just laid at the foot of the stairs completely silent. Jen, her mother, and sister,

all ran from the house screaming, not knowing if what they saw was real or fake. But,

the next week, the Smiths announced that they were in New Jersey visiting relatives.

The figure they saw was not one of the Smiths.

Other things have happened here but they were all small. Everything from nightly

whispering, to loud thumpings and crashes. There have been other witnesses to the

events at the Smith's house but no one knows why the house is haunted. People think

that Edward is the ghost that haunts, but the visions everyone saw didn't fit his

description. The  hauntings still continue today, but they're not as extreme as they were

before. Hopefully, the ghost or ghosts will move on into the afterlife.

Figure In The Doorway


My mum told me this story a few years back now. It happened

when i was just a baby and we lived in a house in country

Australia.Before we lived in that house there was a teenage girl who had

overdosed in the room my parents had and died. My mum was not aware of this til

some years later.One night my mum was sleeping and then woke at about twelve

and saw a figure standing at the doorway. She went back to sleep thinking it was

just my dad come home who had been out at the pub.At about three o'clock my

Dad climbed in to bed. My mum, feeling his precense rolled over and asked him

why he had come home earlier on in the night. He said he hadnt. My mum never

realised that it was a ghost she had seen not my Dad until she was told the

story of the girl who died there years later.

Cherry Hill-Albany NY


I have some information on Cherry Hill,which was mentioned in the Haunted

Places site under New York.A close friend of mine is involved in community

theater,and a couple years ago she worked on a show called "The Confession

of Jesse Strang". The show was about Jesse Strang,who was the last person

to be publicly hanged in New York state in the late 1800's.

At that time,Cherry Hill was a farm which took in migrant workers during

busy seasons and allowed them to live on the premises.Jesse was one of

these migrant workers. He began to have an affair with the wife of the

man who owned Cherry Hill at the time. She convinced Jesse to kill her

husband so she and Jesse could be together. Jesse shot and killed the

husband on the landing of a staircase. Both Jesse and the wife were tried

for the crime, but only Jesse was convicted.He wrote out his confession

before his execution,copies of it are available from Cherry Hill.The wife

denied coercing Jesse. My friend toured Cherry Hill during research for

thr show,and felt the presence of a spirit there.She believes it to be the

murdered husband.If you would like more information,please contact Cherry

Hill Historic Society. It is an interesting story!

The Bathroom Sink


Ok...I go to a private all girl's high school in Baltimore Maryland...and I'm just

going to jump right into the story. It's kind of stupid. Anyway, my school is really

really in 1800's old. And one day i went into our 3 -stall bathroom,

and there was no one in there. So I went into one of the stalls. While I was in there,

no one came in. I would know if someone did because the floor is wood and creaks.

So I heard this noise like a faucet was I finished and came out.

The sink had been turned on. So I walk up to the sink..and it just shut off

by itself. So naturally..I run out. And that weekend my school had a gathering

thing..and me and me friend went up to the floor of that bathroom.

I went up to the sink..and turned it on. We waited for a few seconds and it turned

back off again. It may have been plumbing problems..but I doubt it. Because...a long

time ago a girl had either been pushed or fell off one fourth floor balconys .....and

that is true because there is a stone bench dedicated to her on the grounds of the


The Shaking Door


This is the experience that made me a believer...

About 11 or 12 years ago I was working in a retail picture framing shop. It

was a Sunday afternoon and business was slow. The store was set up with a

retail showroom in the front of the store and the back half of the store was

where we did the framing. There was a bathroom and a manager's office. This

was a pretty laid back place to work. On this particular Sunday I was working

along with two other part timers. The one part timer was allowed to bring in

his portable t.v. to work so that he could watch football when he wasn't at

the counter.

It was a beautiful fall day. The back door to the shop was propped open, the

game was on the t.v., and it was close to quitting time. Some other employees

had stopped in to "hang out." The bathroom door was always wedged open with a

piece of wood, unless it was being used. There was a sink and two stalls, but

we only used it one person at a time. Anyway, I was standing outside of the

wedged open bathroom door next to someone else and suddenly the door shook,

violently. It lasted about 5 seconds and stopped just as abruptly as it had

began. I froze and stared at the door and asked in astonishment, "did you

just see that?" The person next to me had not seen it. No one did, except

me. It was noisy too. I couldn't believe that no one else saw it.

Especially the person that was standing right next to me!

After asking around, I learned that the space where the store was located had

formerly been a biker bar called the Bratwurst House. I went to the library

and learned that there had been a murder in the bathroom. At this point my

husband called me off the quest. He was afraid that if there was a unhappy

spirit, and someone expressed interest, that it might try to manifest itself

through that person. I felt I had learned enough, and nothing more ever

happened. It made me a believer though. Someone/something was in control of

that door. It was a controlled shake and stop.

Months later, a customer who claimed to have abilities, came into the store

and I asked if they would go into the bathroom and see if they felt anything.

They agreed and said that there was a cold area around the bathroom mirror.

Whether they were a reliable source, I'll never know, but since then I have

been a firm believer.

Thanks for reading!

An Apparition

By:  Anonymous

The following experience is recounted exactly how I remember it, and I swear to its


When I was eight years old we moved from the westside of Cleveland to a rural hamlet

in Mingo County, Ben Creek, West Virginia. My parents, being Appalachian people,

wanted to move back to the area of their family and roots. The area was mountainous

and rugged with vast foliage, and the house we moved into on Ben Creek was in need

of serious repair. Because it would only be a temporary housing situation for us,

we would make it work. Our closest neighbors lived about 3/4 mile further down

the creek on the winding, narrow, and isolated road. This area was nothing like

my urban experience in Cleveland.

My parents, along with my five other brothers and sisters (I am the youngest

of six children), made do in the cramped confines of the house. For the first

couple of weeks nothing unusual occured. What was unusual, however, were the constant

questions my brothers and sisters and I encountered almost daily from the other school

children as to the "haunted house" we supposedly lived in. We simply did not pay much

attention to these remarks and questions because we had not seen or heard anything to

give credence to their questions. One spring evening, though, that changed dramatically.

My parents along with my one of my sisters had gone into town (Matewan) for groceries

and to visit my dad's brother. Matewan was about twenty miles away and we expected

them back certainly before nightfall. When we first witnessed the apparition, I was home

along with my two sisters (15 and 13) and my brother who was ten at the time (as I said I

was 8  years old). That evening we four were watching television in the living room when

our dog "Mitten" (who was tied up to the front porch) began to bark hysterically and

incessently. Immediately, due to the urgency in his bark, my brother, eldest sister, and I

quickly jumped up and ran to the opened front door (thinking we were about to be visited

by a neighbor).   It was then as we peered toward where Mitten was barking, and

standing straight as a soldier and on the edge of the house was a figure of a man in

slicker-type apparel. That is to say, he (it?) was wearing a fisherman-type hat (the kind

that goes to the shoulders) with what appeared to be a raincoat reminescent of the type

that goes fully past the calf. It was a flat black human figure with no light reflecting off

whatsoever. It almost appeared as a  black hole of some sort. By the way he (it?) was

standing we could only make out the front half of this figure, as the back half was hidden

behind the corner of the house. We, initially, thought it was a man who wanted to break

into our home--until it moved.

As I write these words I am again reliving the cold chills. As it moved, it moved

as one single unit with no body motion at all. That is, it moved as one would move a

solid object. And, I swear before all that is Holy, this thing floated above the

ground about one foot. My sister who is now 42, and my 37 y.o. brother, and I all know

this to be true. This figure floated down our gravel driveway--making no sound

whatsoever--and simply made a right turn at the road and was gone.

My mother, on a later occassion, sitting in the doorway after a spring rain, said she

witnessed the same figure come up out of the roadway and run up the driveway before

disappearing behing the house. The only dissimilarities in our experiences is that

the figure came toward the house and she actually saw body motion.

Lastly, and on another evening a short while later, my entire family and I heard

"all hell breaking loose" in an unoccupied attic. Crashing sounds as though somebody

was breaking glass and stomping through it, woke us all. My father and eldest brother

(18 at the time), armed with makeshift weapons climbed the attic stairs thinking a

madman had broken in and was destroying our attic. When they opened the door to the

attic,  nothing had been displaced. Not a thing. Even the cobwebs were undisturbed in

the window sills. My dad was finally convinced--this house was insane, or "haunted."

We moved shortly thereafter.

I still emotionally deal with the other-worldly trauma to this very day. Though I have

learned to live quite well with the experience, I admit it occassionally still occupies

my dreams. When I hear people--who have never experienced something of this

paranormal nature--scoff and dismiss, I smile. I used to get upset at their narrow

perspective.   But not anymore. I am a thrity-four year old man who was severly

traumatized as a child  by an apparition. And that is the truth.

Tunnelton Tunnel


Me, Joe, Matt, and Steve were walking to Joe's house after a party. It

was about midnight. So we walked along the train tracks. Joe lives on

the other side of this tunnel. when we got inside the tunnel about one

hundred yards (the tunnel is curved so you cant see out the other side)

we seen this figure caring a lanteren as he got closer to us we can see

he has no head so we ran past him got to joe's house the next morning we

all told his grandpa what we seen he said the tunnel was used in ww2 and

they had guards to make rounds one night about the time we seen the

guard the guard was walking back from his rounds he lost his footing and

slipped the train came thru and decapated him

Houston's Haunted House


Hi There

This is a true story about a house me and my 2 yr old daughter and my

boyfriend used to live in but had to move out of because of all the crazy

stuff that went on there. This happened in 1978. 20 yrs ago, and it is

still freshon my memory. This house was

at least 110yrs old and in the old downtown district of houston. Montrose

area is what it is called. My landlady told me she bought this house in

1948. Before then it was a insane asslym or what they now call a Mental

Hospital. Well, this house was divided into six different apts. I

believe we had the better part of the house. We had the front porch

and front door entrance. The living room had a large piano in it and

a winding staircase. I have caught my little girl 2 yrs

old stareing up at the balcony as if there were someone there .

I ampretty sinsitive to stuff like this and I did feel there was

something watching us all the time. One night late, about 3am my boyfriend

Tommy jumped out of bed so fast it woke me up. I said

honey, where are you going? He said Im getting the hell out of here.

Theres a ghost of a man standing over on your side of the bed. Dont you

dare leave me alone here. I NEVER got dressed so fast in all my life.

We both ran out to the car, left the front door open. We sat at the

Dunkin Doughnuts until dawn. Then went back to the house. We

knew for sure we had a problem then. Well Tommy couldnt take it so he

left me there. I stayed a few more months until I had saved enough

to move out. One winter evening around 9pm I WAS HOME ALONE, reading

the newspaper when a males voice breathed in my

left ear. It was loud and warm and terrifying. I hit the front door

running. Forgot to put on my shoes and coat. And I forgot my purse and

my car keys. I ran 3 blks to a girlfriends house. Screaming and crying.

Tottally terrified. Shaking like a leaf.

Well youd think I Should have moved by this time, but money was hard

to come by for a one parent household. I found out soon after this my

land lady was calling in vagabond spirits into her side of the house,

she said she wanted to direct them to the other side. Well, that was it.

I borrowed some cash from a friend who knew about our problem. I moved

so fast I left some really nice furniture there. I Had no way to stuff

it in my volkswagen beatle. When me and Tommy

talk about this today we laugh so hard. We cry.

My Haunted House


I was delighted to find your website because I realized once again that

paranormal happenings are not so unusual!

About 1972, my husband and I bought a house that was only two years old and

which had been rented for that short time by a large, happy family whose

father was our real estate agent. After we moved in, strange but rather

comforting things began to happen on relatively regular basis which

continued for the eight years we lived there. As an example, one afternoon

I arrived home, tired after a day of teaching at a public high school in

Louisville, Kentucky. (By the way, this beautiful old school has its own

ghostly lore!) I went upstairs to change my clothes, take a quick nap and

attack the huge stack of English composition papers I had brought home with

me. When I opened our closet, I discovered to my delight that all the

clothes had been arranged by type and color, the shoes were neatly placed

side-by-side, the shelves were tidy--in sum, everything was as shipshape as

a sea captain's quarters. I've long been of the random type, so this

pleased me enormously. When my husband called from work for our nightly

conversation (he was on night shift in those days), I thanked him profusely

for his hard work on the closet that day. He replied in his usual serious,

no-nonsense way that he hadn't even opened the closet door, having put out

his outer clothes to wear one more day and changing only his underwear and

socks! Because we were often alone in the house at different times of the

day and night. we independently heard similar phenomena: heavy steps both

upstairs and downstairs, the mouthwatering aroma of baking bread wafting

from the kitchen (but, sadly, no bread to be found!), lost items showing up

in bizarre places, and a pervasive feeling of being watched over by a benign

presence. Because we often unearthed hand-forged nails and hinges when we

dug holes to plant trees and shrubbery, we asked a local historian about the

background of the area. He informed us that we lived on a former plantation

of vast proportions and our house stood on the site of the slave quarters.

Could it be that a dear lady from the last century was trying to take care

of two young, disorganized newly-weds--who had also lost their mothers?

More things occurred, but I think you get the drift. We have lived in

another house for many years, but it's essentially "empty" of extra

inhabitants. I must confess that I miss our friend!

My Two New Friends


I could remember when I was younger, oh about 10 or so, I had just moved

to a new state. We had been living at my new (rented) house for a few

months then, and we were getting new neighbors across the street. Being

friendly, I went over and greeted them. I met the family; A couple with a

7-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy. We became friends pretty quickly; my

sister, myself, and the two. That's when things started to happen.

I had started to think a lot about pets and family that had died before

I had moved there. There was my grandfather Jerry [who lived in MI and died

the Xmas prior], my dog Denny, and a few countless others, but those two

were more distinct then the others.

I had a dream one night, involving my grandfather. I had seen myself,

sleeping in my bed, and him coming to sit down next to me, stroking my hair

and humming his favorite tune. I woke up crying, looking out my window. The

outside was a dim colored grey-blue.

A few months later I was reading a book, A Time for Dancing by Davida

Wills Hurwin, and at the end I started sobbing. I mean really sobbing, I

had never cried before to anything; not a book, not a movie, not anything.

I had a sudden sweep of sadness I hadn't felt since the night I had gotten

the phone call from my grandmother speaking of my grandfather's death.

I told the boy, who I had become almost best friends with. He told me all

of his stories, but told me one that sounded a lot like my dream. It

involved his grandmother. I didn't tell him about it and went home

afterward, not thinking much of it.

That night I was thinking about Denny. I had cried for a while, missing

him, even though it had been over 7 years since his untimely death. I went

to bed, and lied back, but couldn't sleep. I was looking out my window

again. The color shifted, turning to a pale grey-blue/green. Then I saw a

small orb, floating outside my window, followed by a light whine and a

single bark. I knew it was Denny. I suddenly had the feeling he was laying

at my side, nuzzling me, licking my hand. I could feel my smile, and sleep

overwelmed me.

Two months later, the boy told me about his dad's Objiua board story. His

grandmother had owned it, and one day his mom and dad (being teenagers)

started to play. They got a haunting message (which I didn't remember) that

spooked the living crap out of them. They told their grandmother, and

instantly she said they should get rid of it. They threw it out. But it

appeared in the room again. They broke it and threw it out. But it appeared

once more in the room. They took it out and burnt it, then did a prayer. It

didn't return.

I always wondered what these moments ment. I never really thought about

them, and usually kept quiet about them, until now. I wondered, was it

those two children, who are still my friends today, that brought out these

thoughts to my attention? Probably to rid me of my grief?

My Uncle's Spirits


Ever since i was 10 years old my cousins would always tell me about

ghost that lived it in the attic and in the basement. I always thought

they were playing around. 13 years later i returned to thier house

(saturday that just past) we were all talking about the good days we had

growing up. My uncle started to talk about the ghost are still living

with them. I was suprised , since i just thought was just lies. But he

assured me they were real. My uncle said they were not just one but 4

ghost that lived in the house. There was a Old Lady that will only

appear in the attic and a old man that would appear in the attic and

basement , a small boy about 5 years old that will apear all over the

house and the backyard , a Young man that appeared recently in the

basement. My uncle and aunt are remodeling thier attic . While cleaning

out the attic theyfound strange Things . Old Newspapers that were very

well hidden in the attic like someone was hidding , Found a Old Coach

Wallet that had pieces of paper and human hair and a strange piece of

metal in it. the strangest thing they found where something that look

like a birds wings but where too large too be a birds. Also what they

found in the basements where Books on how to rid ghost and some bags of

powder that what they tell me look like a indian bag. I am not sure

what they tell me is true but don't know if it is the truth. Also they

say when they really see the boy around the house playing jumping on

tables and running around , But when one of my nieces come over the

little boy dissappears. Can you tell me why the boy appears only when

the girl is not around. They allways talk about the ghost never bother

them just that at times they scare them. can you tell me what kind of

advise should i give them any at all , How to get rid of them or

something to let their spirits rest any info or advise would help.

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