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She Kept Me Company


I bought a used trailer in the summer of "93 and the trailer had been

completely redone, the outside was not beatup in any way so I wonder

what the inside looked like. I moved in about the end of october '93,

being single I was the only one here. I could feel a presence here but

was not afraid in any way. A few months later I became sick and did not

get out of bed for 2 days, on the second night while I was lying in bed

I felt the covers being pulled up around me and it was as if some one

was tucking them in around me. I could also feel the breath of "who

ever" it was. I was not on any medicine or dreaming in no way!!!! A

short time later I felt the bed sag as it would when some one sits on

the edge of it, but no one was there. two of my cousins have seen the

same little girl that I have standing in the hall looking into the

living room. she looks to be 8-11 years old, dark hair to the middle of her

back, light blue dress with small yellow flowers on it. A long white

ribbon in her hair, very beautiful child, and she just seems to be

looking at us, she is not frowning nor smiling. I have also noticed that

when I take pictures only around the couch, day or night, there is a

white "mist" or cloud in the pictures. I can not figure it out. I have

now married and we do not have children but Kevin has three from a

previous marriage and that seems to help out. "Sarha" as I call her does

not appear as often as before. I never felt in any danger or harm from

her, maybe just company knowing I was not alone here.

Thank you so much

Haunted Louisiana


I have lived in Missouri most of my life and never have had any significant

paranormal experiences here. But I have had two experiences in Louisiana,

one in St. Francisville (the Myrtles Plantation) and one in New Orleans (the

Beauregard-Keyes House).

As many of you know, the Myrtles Plantation is considered one of the most

haunted houses in the world. When I explored the beautiful (but very eerie)

grounds on a visit in April 1998, I was tapped on the shoulder by an unseen

hand. I also took several snapshots of a famous mirror that often shows

ghostly faces when photographed. Sure enough, after I had the film

developed, several faces were visible in one shot and the body of a woman in

old-fashioned clothing was clearly visible in another. All in all, it was

quite an exhilarating visit!

The Beauregard-Keyes House is one of many famous haunted sites in New

Orleans. As I was touring the house with a large group in April 1997, I kept

hearing loud footsteps behind me. I assumed it was another tour guide or a

caretaker or something. Everywhere we went, the footsteps followed, but they

never quite caught up with us. At one point, as our group turned the corner

of an L-shaped wing of the house, I heard the footsteps in the room just

behind us. Then all hell broke loose. It sounded like someone was opening

and closing drawers and throwing papers around in that room. I couldn't

stand the suspense any longer. So I walked back around the corner and looked

in the room. No one was there, and no papers were askew. In fact, the room

was immaculate. Puzzled, I turned around to rejoin the tour group when I

almost ran into three other tourists. They had heard it, too.

The Little Man


One time a few years ago I woke up in the middle of the night to find two

darker than dark figures standing across my room staring at me. At first I was

scared because I heard that dark figuers were evil but they weren't doing

anything to me so I just stared back at them. After awhile I went back to

sleep and never saw them again.

Another spirit I saw was a little man about 3 feet tall and had a cane. I saw

him almost once a week but the time I saw him was about a month after I saw

the black figures and he was about 2 feet from my face. It was kind of

shocking to wake up to that, so I jumped about as high as you can. I noticed

that he always came at exactly 3:00 am and that my dog wasn't in my room even

though she slept in there all night. One time I woke up a little before 3 am

and got up to see if he was coming, and I saw him walking out of my parents

room and down the hall to my brothers room. After about a minute I saw him

walk out of his room and towards my room. Since I was standing in the doorway

he stopped and stood there looking at me. I also thought it was weird that

every family that ever lived in that house got divorced.

I have other stories and if you want to hear them email me at

Our Ghost Sam


I have a story that still chills me to the bones. Our haunting started

about a year and a half ago. I was the first to see our ghost, but now

he has made himself well known. One night last summer I was home

alone. The settings were perfect for a ghost, 2:30 in the morning,

and a very bad storm outside. I had been watching Tv and was getting

up to got to bed. That's when I heard a faint knocking sound. It was

coming from our dining room. I have to admit I was scared of a robber

or something, it being 2:30 in the morning. I picked up the poker to

the fire place and walked in the dining room. The knocking was coming

from the bay window. Half scared out of my wits already from the storm

I was half determined to turn around and pretend I didn't hear it. But

the other part of me wanted an explanation. I walked up to the window,

but since it was dark out I couldn't see a thing. That's when the

lightening flashed, and I saw a face glaring right back in at me with

the saddest expression on it's face I had ever seen. At first I was

so shocked, my hair stood on end, and my heart stopped. Then, in the

next instant, the face was gone. I grabbed the nearest phone and

called 911. I reported a suspected burgaler. The police came but not

even a clue was found. They set up a watch in my neighborhood, but

nothing came out of that either. After a while they gave up. That's

when our ghost came back. Late one night, about 3 weeks later,

everyone but my brother and I had gone to bed. That's when I heard the

tapping. This time it was coming from the front door. My brother

insisted it was one of his late night friends looking to go out. He

opened the door and noone was there. Suddenly it was like a breeze

blew in the room, that was cold as ice, and literally knocked him off

his feet. Let me remind you this was a perfect night in early August.

The whole room grew very cold, and there was this smell that I still

can't describe. My brother picked himself up and gave me a look like

what the hell just happened?? We shut the front door, just as my mom

came down stairs. She also noticed the smell, although the room was

warming up some. I had heard plenty of ghost encounters in my life to

know that whatever had been outside had wanted to come inside my

house, and just did. Not really saying much, we all went to bed. The

next day is when the actual haunting started. It begain with

unexplained smells and noises in certain rooms, and "cold" spots.

Then, we got to see our ghost.

We were just getting back some pics that we had taken about a week

after the knock at the door incident. In 3 pics taken in our living

room, there is a man standing in the corner, by the piano. He is very

transparent, but he sure wasn't there when we took the pics. We then

knew we had a ghost, not one who had died in the house or wanted

revenge but one who must have chosen us to live with. We even named

him, Sam. We heard him every night and every day, and we knew his

presence by nasty smells, or cold spots in warm rooms. But we have

only seen him in pictures. The best picture is one we took last

Christmas, you can see him standing in the kitchen right next to my

mom. She said that he just wanted his picture taken. Our ghost isn't a

evil spirit or anything we would be afraid of, but it still sends

chills up my spine to think about the first night he was tapping at

the window

Who's Been Touching My Hats?

By: mnmoisant@CSUPomona.Edu

I am an avid hat collector. I love going to thrift shops and buying old

hats. I keep a lot of my hats on this hall tree that stands in the foyer

of my house. One night, some friends and I were all watching t.v. in my

den. (As a matter of fact, I think we were watching Fast Times at

Ridgemont High, because I had just bought it that day.) So we were all

watching this movie when we all noticed movement in the hallway (the den

is situated so that you can see into the entry hallway, but you can't see

into the foyer); I peered a little more closely and noticed that 3 of my

hats were on the floor near the hall tree. I didn't think this was a big

deal because the hats could have easily fallen. My best friend got up and

replaced the hats to their proper place. Then about 10 minutes later, we

all noticed something fall from the ceiling and land in front of the bathroom

door (the foyer opens to the stairs that will take you to the bedrooms, and

the hallway which leads to the den, and there is a bathroom in that hallway,

which is around the corner from the foyer.)

I looked and saw that it was my hats again, the same three. It was as if

they had been picked up and thrown into the air. There was no way

possible for the hats to just fall like that. I asked my friend where she

put the hats, and she told me that she had put them on the table next to

the hall tree, so there was no way that those hats would have fallen, and

even more so, if they did fall, there is no way they would jump up by

themselves to the ceiling and then land around the corner from where they

had originally been. There was no one else in the house at the time. We

were all too scared to put the hats back (we didn't know what we would see

around the corner) so we left them there, and almost immediately after the

hats were thrown, this freezing gust of wind came at us from the hallway,

but it was the middle of summer!!!!!! and hot outside. We all got freaked

out and my friends decided to go home, by the back door. As soon as they

left, I heard this strange sound, almost like something slowing in

revolutions, it was a very distinct sound, one that I had heard before, I

turned around and saw on the kitchen table, a top (toy) slowly losing its

momentum and revolution power that was making the familiar click/scrape

noise. The thing is that no one had been near the table, the top , which

is totally manual, had been spinning on its own. I decided to join my


The Crying Baby


My experience happened when I was not even two- my parents

experienced it and told me the story a couple of years ago. We had moved into

a townhome that had been renovated- it burned down before we moved in. We had

been moved in fao about a week when my parents heard a baby crying and

footsteps coming from the stairs area. There was a bathroom near the stairs,

and when my parents would come down to investigate, the water in the toilet

would be running just as if someone had flushed it. But who? The baby crying

was even more annoying. They would come running into my room thinking that it

was me, but I would be fast asleep. We didn't have any neighbors with babies.

Where could the noise be coming from? My parents swore that it was coming from

the stairs. Well, a couple of weeks later we were moving out of that spooky

place and found out that a family of four- two parents, a toddler, and an

infant were found under the stairs burned to death. Gross huh?

Well, that's my experience. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Aunt In- Law


I have never done anything like this before and

I'm not for sure that what i have to tell is even considered a ghost story. To

be honest with you I have ignored the paranormal for most of my life and thought

most of the stories to be myths. Then after the birth of my daughter I

definately changed my mind.

I had just brought my daughter home from the

hospital and my husband and I were staying with his parents for a while. One

night in the middle of the night I awoke and heard a loud ringing in my

ears....I couldn't move nor could I talk ....I was trying to wake my husband up

but I couldn't say anything to wake him up.

I felt the entire time like there was a presence

in the room however I didn't feel threatened by this presence what so ever.And

all the while I still heard the loud ringing in my ears.

Finally the ringing started to stop and i could

start to move some...I finally woke my husband up and told him what happened but

of course he laughed at me and told me to go back to sleep.

The next day I told my mother in law about my

experience and she swore that it was her aunt that had died when she was mother in law was very close to her aunt and thought that she had

come back on several occasions to check on my mother in law. She thought that

maybe the aunt was coming to check on the new baby.....who knows? I haven't had

an experience since then

Phone Call from the Grave


This story may sound pretty far fetched but this is the truth. First off

I bought a house that used to be a church back in the 18th century and

it is haunted. After we moved in strange things started happening and

one I didn't know about for awhile. My 16 yr. old son was having a

nightmare every night and in the dream it showed him a grave stone and

a voice would say find this grave and you will know the truth.

So he started going to graveyards every day and I said what's the deal

with these graveyards, he said I just like to go to them. Well this went

on for a year then one day he said "Mom, I think something in this house

wants me to go crazy. I can't stand going to those grave yards any more

but I have that dream every night." Then he told me of the dream. I said

stop going and the dreams will stop so he did and the dreams did stop.

We thought that was the end of it for about 8 months then one day the

phone rang and I said hello and no one would answer so I hung up my

caller I.D. showed it was long distance. Pretty soon the phone rang again

and it was the same person they still would not say anything so my

daughter came over. In a little and it rang again and I said oh it's that

same one that won't answer so she answered the phone and she said what?

I can't hear you seak up she said which Jim do you want my dad or my

brother she said just a minute she laid the phone down and said it's

some wierd chick for Jim she went outside and got my son he came in an

got on the phone and he said what? Who? then his eyes got real big and

he said I don't know no chick named Toshua and he hung up and went

outside. I called the number on the caller I.D. and it was a

disconnected number so I called the operator and she said that phone was

out of order but there was as alternative number I could call the place

was a grave yard about 70 miles away. So I caled the other number and a

man answered the phone he said he was the grounds keeper and that no one

was there today but him. I told him someone had called my house from

there 3 times today but from another number he said what number so I

told him the other number and he said that phone is not working it is in

the other office it is out of service no one could use that phone. I said

well it's on my caller I.D. and it was a young girl named Toshua he said

well I don't know what to say except maybe someone from the grave wanted

to speak to someone at your house. I said I think the same thing. I went

outside and told my son where the call came from and he acted very afraid

and said I don't want to talk about it anymore. I said are you going to

go to that grave yard and check it out and he said hell no. Well my

daughter said the girl sounded like someone who was real spaced out

because all she would say is I want Jim in a real wierd voice so with

all those dreams and then the phone call I would think that the same

thing was after him that was after him with the dreams. It freaked him

out real bad. Some thing still bothers him sometimes at night when he is

going to sleep. He said it's like every time he just gets to sleep for

about a half an hour something taps on his shoulder and wakes him up but

no one is there.

Grandpa's Farm


I love your site and end up scaring the hell out of myself when I

read the stories on it. Anyway, to my story....when my Grandfather and

Grandmother were first married, around the early 1900's, they lived on

a farm in Kentucky. This farm, it seems, housed more than your normal

farm animals. At night, in the attic you could hear large pieces of

furniture being moved back and forth across the floor, very rapidly.

Needless to say, they wouldn't bother to check it out until daylight,

but when they did nothing at all was in the attic, it was completely


Out back of the house there was a woodpile where all the wood for

the heating and cooking was split and stacked. Very late at night you

could hear someone or something out there chopping wood. The morning's

investigation showed my Grandfather's axe in the exact same spot he

had left it the day before and not a single stick of wood out of

place. One night my Grandfather felt especially brave, this courage

brought on by some homemade moonshine, so when he heard the commotion

at the woodpile he stood on the porch and yelled out "Chop! You S.O.B,

chop!". Well, apparently the thing heard him, it began to chop faster

and faster and faster to the point where it was chopping at an inhuman

rate of speed. My Grandfather hightailed it into the house, grabbed

his shotgun, and sat up scared out of his wits for the rest of the

night. It goes without saying, my Grandfather never teased it again

while they lived there, which wasn't very long.

Only my Grandfather and Grandmother lived on this farm and at

that time they had no children nor hired hands working on the farm to

account for these stange happenings.

I Resembled Grandma


My name is Sylvana, 27 year old from Malta and this is my TRUE ghost

encounter of when I was sixteen. I sincerely wish to assure you that

I am not making the following up...I still remember facts very


Mum and dad had a family quarrel with grandma and refused to speak to

her for over 10 years. I was only allowed to see her on her death bed

a few minutes before she died; She smiled and made it clear that she

remembered me. I didn't know what to say and just promised her that I

would pray for her. She seemed to be very happy when I told her so

and she nodded. She died a few minutes later.

A week when by and I forgot all about grandma. One night, at 2.30a.m.

I woke up meaning to go to the bathroom.........Just two meters away

from me on the third step of the staircase I saw a blurred tall figure

without features. It seemed like a foggy/stained appearance, just

staring at me......I froze and attempted to call mum and dad, but just

opened my mouth and no could not utter a kept starring

at me.

Then I forced myself under the sheets and covered my head........I

heard the broomstick hitting the wall three times (as if someone was

playing with it). Then the washing machine started working on it's

own. It was then that dad got up and yelled at me to stop joking in

the middle of the night and advised that I should quit going up and

down the stairs bare foot during the night - it was driving him crazy-


Another week went by and again during the night I needed to get out of

bed....I tried to think the previous week was just a dream, I never

believed in ghosts! It was then I saw my grandma's face at the

window........and she was showing me a heart shaped red and white

carnation bouquet and smiling at me.......

I told mum the next day and she said that her four sons together threw

that bouquet over her coffin during the funeral. I never went to her


When I spoke to one of her daughters, she just said that before dying

she kept insisting on seeing me for the simple reason that people

kept telling her that I resembled her in every way and it was a

torture for her not being able to see me.

I did pray for her and didn't see her anymore!

I thank you for at least believing one ever did...

The Things Our Ghost Did


I don't have any pics or audio to send but I do have a very good story. While

I have always believed in ghosts and things of that nature, my husband was

very skeptical. It started when we moved into an old house in which some had elderly man. The house was old and had hardwood floors. It was a

beautiful little place for a couple. The night we moved in we decided to sleep

on the floor in front of the fireplace. We started the fire and it had burned

for several hours before we retired for the night. About two hours into our

slumber I was awaken by an abrupt noise. I thought I was dreaming but soon

realized that was not the case. Above us floated a thick, black band of smoke

billowing out of the fireplace. I thought that an ember had jumped onto the

blankets and set us on fire but nope--there was no explanation for this

occurrence. We extinguished the fire and resumed sleeping. Then next night I

was awakened by the sound of boots stepping across the hardwood floor. I woke

my husband in a panic. He grabbed the gun and set out to find the intruder.

After searching the house top to bottom and front to back, he found nothing or

no one. This continued throughout the night. We joked about the ghost in our

house and let it do its thing for a while--then things began to get a bit more

dangerous. I had given birth to our first child about four months after we had

moved in. The first night home the usual footsteps occurred but this time they

would approach the bedroom door and stop. About the third time this occurred I

attempted to open my eyes and make sure it was just our ghost and not someone

else but I couldn't move, open my eyes, or anything. I began to breath heavy,

as if I couldn't catch my breath, and break a sweat. I became increasingly

concerned because my newborn was lying in the crib two feet from me and I

could do anything to protect him. About ten minutes later I was able to move

and immediately jumped to my feet and looked in the crib to check on my child.

Relief set in when I found him to be OK. My husband awoke the next morning for

work, kissed us good-bye and I went to lock the door behind him. I went back

to the room and went to sleep trying to catch a couple of hours before my son

awoke. About 20 minutes later I became increasingly hot and short of breath

just like earlier in the morning. However, this time I was able to move and I

got up from the bed to discover that our gas heater was turned all the way up

with flames belching out of the face. It was so hot that the stone grates

busted! I was beginning to wonder if I was living with a ghost or the angel of

death. My husband was still a bit skeptical until this final episode. We had

been discussing bills and were sitting on our sectional sofa. He laid his

cigarettes down on the sofa beside him as we continued to talk. He reached for

the smokes to find that they were gone! We both got up and began to look for

them. We went from room to room and pulled the sofa apart and took the

cushions off but no cigarettes. Finally we both left the room and came back

about five minutes later to discover that the sectional was put back together,

cushions on, and the cigarettes lying right where he had sat them. This was an

eerie experience. I could go on and on about the things that came up missing

or moved around, hot water running cold and knocks on the front door with no

one there. Out of fear we moved the next day! Thanks for letting me share my


The Strange Shadow


Ok....this is a story that happened to me when I was 8 or 9....I'm not sure


It was about 7:15 - 7:20 in the morning and I was eating breakfast before I

went to school (our breakfast table is in the kitchen and from there you can see

most of the front door on the other side of the house) and I just happened to

look up and see a shadow of a man about 6'+ on the wall closest to the kitchen.

I guess then it noticed I was looking at it because it moved very fast towards

the living room and ran towards the picture windows. As curious as I am I then

went into the room to look for it. It wasn't there. I asked my stepfather who

was still in bed if he had gotten up and moved around he

didn't.....I told my mom and she didn't really believe me.

About a year or so later we moved out of that house (I was 9 then). We rented

a house for a while until we could find another at a reasonable

was here at this age and this house where I noticed somethng wasn't right. I

saw the shadow again,and again,and again,etc. it would be in the hallways at

night and rooms where there was little started to scare me..I told

my mom and once again she put it off as another example of my vivid

imagination. We finally left that house and moved in to my grand mothers house

when she died.(I've experienced other things in this house not related to

this"shadow"). When we moved I guess it decided to do I say

this.."bothering" me as much but its still around. I see it out of the corner

of my eye every now and then. Maybe it wants to keep haunting me but maybe my

grandmother is keeping it from hurting us....When I see it I never get a very

comfortable feeling.....I'm now 13 going on 14 and it still shows up every

once in a while.......

(just for a couple examples on how this is real: 1) first incident-the shadow

had to have come from the inside because outside it was completely dark and the

only lights on was the one in the kitchen.

rest of incidents-a shadow can not change its angle on the

wall without a change in the angle of the light.

if you have any questions e-mail me at or

Grandma in Nova Scotia


This isn't really much of a story, but to me it proves the reality of the

supernatural, since it occurred to my mother, who would never ever lie about

anything, much less this!

It happened when I wasn't much more than 7 years old, so this makes the

story dated about 24 years ago. We lived in a big house on North Drive in

the city of Kitchener, and one day while my mother was alone in the house,

cleaning the upstairs, she began to get the sensation of being watched. It

made her anxious, but it didn't make her want to bolt out of the house or

anything like that. She continued to clean, and once in the upstairs

bathroom, she began to scrub the tub. It was then that it happened. Out of

the corner of her eye, she saw something. Turning to look, my mother saw in

the doorway of the bathroom a solid black figure, clearly definable, with

hands and feet and easy to see fingers. There were no facial features, no

distinct detail, it was just as if a shadow were standing in front of her,

watching her clean. Well, needless to say, my mother kind of lost it.

Then, in the blink of an eye, it was gone. My mother ran out of the house

and to a neighbor's, where she stayed until my father came home.

Later that evening, we received a phone call informing us of the fact that

my father's mother, who lived in Amherst, Nova Scotia, had died. A chill

ran down my mother's spine when she found out that Grandma had died in the

afternoon, at the same time she saw the figure in the bathroom doorway! It

was as if Grandma had reached out to say "goodbye".

That isn't the end of the story. That night, after making preparations to

go to Nova Scotia for the funeral, my mother had a dream that we were in

Amherst, and that the entire family had gathered for a spaghetti dinner.

Well, needless to say, a few days later when we reached my Grandma's house

in Amherst, we walked through the door to see the entire family had

gathered, and were eating spaghetti! My mother was almost in shock, since

it was exactly like her dream.

I know this gives no one definitive evidence of the supernatural, but it

does to me. If you knew my mother, it would give you all the proof you


My Mom's Doll


My mother has had a Madame Alexander bride doll since she was about 5. She

loved the doll, Betty, which she got for Christmas one year. When we moved to

our new house when I was 7 (I'm now 13) the doll was put on a shelf in my

room. It was fine there for the first couple years we lived here. But when I

was 9, I started having nightmares about it killing me. I would wake up

screaming and run into my parents' room. I went to bed one night as usual, but

right before (I did this every night since the nightmares started) went over

and would be really friendly to the doll even though I knew she couldn't give

me nightmares. I noticed her shoes were untied. Then I climbed back into bed

and fell asleep. I didn't have a nightmare that night. I woke up at 2 in the

morning for no reason. I turned over in my bed and saw the doll bend down and

tie her shoes. I fell asleep again immediately after that. In the morning, I

got up and went over to the doll. She was turned slightly and her shoes were

tied. I got really scared and made my mom put the doll in the back of the

closet. I haven't had any nightmares about her since. I don't know if it was a

ghost or what but it was really weird and my younger brothers have always been

scared of the doll too so they wouldn't do something like that.

Circle of Light


I've enjoyed reading these pages for a while now and having read the

stories about spheres of light has lead me to want to share my story.

This is about as close to a supernatural encounter I've had; it could

have been my imagination, or I've been told that it could have been my

Guardian Angel. I'd love to hear from anyone who's got any comments,

explanations or who's seen anything similar.

Anyway, here it is. When I was about 7 I shared a room with my 5 year

old brother in a new-ish (about 10-15 years old) semi detached house

in Cleveland, England. My parents where in the next room and they

were the only other people (or animals) living in the house. One

night I went to bed only to awake several hours later in the dead of

night. I was in the habit of sleeping with my head under the covers

but with my face pointing towards the wall at the head of my bed.

When I opened my eyes I saw a bright circle of light on the wall,

about 5 or 6 centimetres in diameter, as if someone had shone a torch

at the wall (except there was no light diffusion - it was a circle of

light and totally dark around it). It definitely wasn't my brother...

Around 6 or 7 years later I saw it again. We'd moved house 50 miles

north to Morpeth in Northumberland. I now had my own room - nobody

else was there - and the light was as before. Both times I squeezed

my eyes shut, and when I opened them again, it had gone. I remember

feeling a bit frightened both times, but when the morning came I

shrugged it off and after a few days I was no longer bothered about it.

I'm now nearly 29 and I've never seen the light again.

Neither of the times it appeared were especially stressful times for

me and there had been no deaths in the family at these times. Thanks

for listening!

The Pale Woman


When people ask me if I believe in ghosts, I tend to tell them my brief

encounter with The Pale woman.

It happened in the winter of 1975, I was 8 years old. My mother thought

it would be a good idea for me to stay home and miss school since I had a

slight fever. I remember that day in great detail. The sky was a rather

morbid looking grey and the street I lived on was unusually quiet. My mother

was taking care of me the whole day, Keeping me in high spirits. My mother

is a devout christian. She had in her bedroom a shelf that contained dozens

of holy statues, Pictures and candles. Earlier that day my mother placed a

tambourine among the many the statues on the shelf. Even though I was a mere

8 years old, I looked at that as being very odd, The tambourine seemed out

of place to me. But I said nothing of it.

As night came I was laid to sleep with my mother right by my side. She

turned off the lamp and attempted to fall asleep as well. I was starting to

fall into a deep sleep, when a loud crash suddenly awoke me. Without even

looking, I knew the loud crash was the sound of the tambourine crashing into

the floor. My heart started pounding very heavily. Out of instinct, my

mother called my name aloud. We both sat up in the bed simultaniously, she

turned on the lamp and That's when we saw her. She was standing at the foot

of the bed. Although I looked at her for only a few seconds I was able to

recall all of her features, down to the most mundane of details. She was a

middle aged woman, with white hair and a very pale skin tone. She was

soaking wet, As if she was standing in the rain. She had on a torn, dirty

white gown and had tree leaves in her hair and on her gown as if she rolled

around in dirt. She did not say a word and she did not do anything, she just

stood there looking at us. almost staring through me and my mother. By this

time I had already put the covers over my head and began to cry. I could hear

my mother pleading with this 'intruder' to leave our home. It all ended in a

matter of minutes. My mother held me and told me that she was gone, and that

she could not hurt us. After all the chaos I got up to get a better grip on

things. The tambourine was broken, But there was no sign that the pale woman

was in our home, The only thing that remained was the foul odor of wet

clothing. I asked my mother why did the pale woman break the tambourine. My

mother had no answer. To this day she has no answer.

This encounter is the only one I ever had with anything dealing with the

supernatural. Because of it, I have trouble sleeping at night to this day.

It has made me a virtual prisoner. I hope never, ever to see something like

this again. So when people ask if I believe in ghosts, I tell them about the

pale woman. In an attempt to let them know that incident was the most

frightening thing that has ever happened to me And that non-believers should


Just The Spirits


I live in a little town in Wisconsin near Madison. Our house is only 15

years old and it is haunted. Occassionally, at night, we can hear walking

around in the attic. My mom is a very big beleiver in the paranormal and

spirits. She says "oh, it's just the spirits, that's all." -like it's no

big deal. But it scares the crap out of me! Some times there are things

that are missing in the house when just a second ago there it was right in

front of us.

On time, when it was me and my mom, our dog started barking at nothing.

Then she started following whatever it was around the room we were in. She

stopped right between my mother and i and barked furoisly at nothing.

Then a shadow swept by us. The dog stopped barking and layed down and

everything went back to normal. "Don't look so scared, it's just the

spirits," my mom replied. I couldn't get it out of my head for weeks.

Falling Picture

BY: name withheld by request

This isn't a ghost story as such, just a strange occurrence that I remembered whilst reading

other stories. I used to live in a flat in Walthamstow in East London and so far nothing

strange had happened. One day I was in the bathroom when a picture above the toilet fell

off the wall and landed face up on the cistern, thinking nothing of this I re-hung the picture

and went to leave the room only to have the picture fall again. This time I was quite

irritated and stomped over to the toilet and re-hung the picture only to have it literally

slide down the wall and land on the cistern. I re-hung the picture only for it to fall again

so I just swore and gave up. (I must add that when the picture fell for the first time, my

first thought was of the old superstition that when a picture falls there will soon be a death

in the family). By now I was quite spooked by the continual falling of the picture and the

superstition and just left the picture resting on the cistern.

A few days later my mum called me at work asking when I would be arriving home that night and

could my boyfriend and myself stay in as she would be coming round along with my grandparents.

I remember being rather stunned as to my mum's abrupt conversation and agreed to stay in for

them. Later that evening, my mum and grand parents came round with the news that my great-uncle

Tony had been found dead that morning in his flat - it looked like he'd had a heart attack when

in bed.

Okay, nothing odd or spooky in that you may think, until I tell you that in total the picture

fell four times on the morning of 30th June, and my great-uncle died on the 4th July.

I have since moved into my Great Grandparents house in another area of East London and

let's just say that this house has quite a ghostly history!

My Little Haunting

BY: name withheld by request

Please do not use my real name. I would apprieciate it. If you must,

call me Jane. I'll start with the death of my older brother Chris. He

died last March on the seventh. About ten days ago, I began to see my

brother in my room and I'd have conversations with him. At first I

thought I was hallucinating, but it began to happen every night around

one in the morning. We'd discuss different things about me, him, death

and the usual everyday things. Two nights ago, I had a friend over and

we were up in my room with the lights off talking. I have a mirror next

to my bed and both my friend and I saw a bright blue light coming from

within the mirror. I flipped the light on and we ran downstairs. Now,

the night before this, I told my roomate about my brother coming to see

me. He noticed the mirror and told me to put a crack in it. I took a

hammer and cracked the lower righthand corner. That night Chris came to

me and he looked badly decomposed. Every other time he came, he looked

like he ususally did, but this night he was all bloody and cut up. He

told me that I was going to die in twenty seven days. Then he left. Now,

the next night is when my friend and I saw the blue light. My roomate

called one of his friends and had him come over. We'll call my roomate

Dan and his friend John. John and I went upstairs to see if anything was

out of place. During that week, things in my room had been moved around

and put in different places. Also, my CD player had been tampered with

every day. The CD "Kettle Whistle" by Jane's Addiction was always in my

player. I tested this out. I put Marilyn Manson in and the next day when

I got home from work, Jane's Addiction was in the player. As I said

before, we went up there to see if anything had been moved. Nothing was

moved. John told me to remove a piece of my mirror to see what would

happen. He happened to glance up and look across the hall to the window

in the other bedroom. He saw a person floating at the window with red

eyes and an angry smirk on it's face. A thing about that room: there is

no place a person could stand and have leverage. It is also two stories

up. We ran downstairs into Dan's room and shut the door. I was not going

to sleep in my room, so we stayed up all night. For three hours, we

heard footsteps in my room. My room is directly above Dan's room and the

bathroom and all of us could hear it. We have four cats, but no cat made

that sound. Yesterday I moved all of my things into the extra bedroom.

Last night I was on the phone with a close friend and I saw a figure

walk by the living room window. No one was home but Dan and I and he was

asleep. I went into his room and told him what I saw. I guess he saw

someone walk through his wall. At about midnight I went to bed in my new

room. I was still awake and Chris came to talk to me again. This time he

said ' don't trust what you see upstairs'. I noticed something that I

hadden't noticed before. Chris had a silver pinky ring that he wore all

the time before he died. Last night he was wearing it. All the other

nights he wasn't. How's that for weird??

He Watches Me

By: Marilyn

After my experiences with the haunted house on Kern's

Avenue, I hoped to never again encounter the forces of

the supernatural. It seems the forces though, had other


In late September 1979, I was married and now had a six

year old daughter. We had just moved from California to

Mesa, Arizona. We found an affordable two bedroom home.

It was part of a four-plex. It seemed like a nice place

for the first month that we were there. That all changed

though just before Halloween.

It all started innocently enough. My 24th birthday was

coming on November 10th. My mom always likes to send me a

birthday card early. This has always been her habit.

That year was no exception. I got the mail that day, and

there in it was a card from my mom. Inside the card was a

five dollar bill. I was pretty tickled to receive the

money, since I had been wanting a little eye shadow duo

that I had seen in the grocery store a few nights earlier.

I decided to hop on my bike and dash on up to the store

before my daughter Dody got out of school that day.

Before I left though, I left a note for my husband to let

him know where I was going. Don sometimes was able to

come by the house for lunch. He was a computer service

technician, and he traveled all over the city. If he

happened to be near the house at lunch time, he would just

drop in.

I wrote the note to Don saying that mom sent me five

dollars in a birthday card and I was going to the store.

I sat the note on the table and drew an arrow on it which

pointed to the card. I sat the card up with the pretty

cover showing. This card was very pretty as it had a

birthstone set in the center of a flower on the cover. I

sat it up to show that. Then I left.

I got back about half an hour later. Don wasn't there.

But, I saw that he had been. At least, that's what I

concluded by what I saw on the table. The card was

flipped over and upside down. The part of the card

visible now was the back side, with the part that

displayed the price, facing forward.

I was sorry that I missed Don. But I thought he was

really clever in letting me know he had been there by

flipping the card that way. Finally, Don came home at the

end of his work day. I told him that I was sorry that I

had missed him. He didn't know what I was talking about.

He hadn't been by the house that day at all.

That really freaked me out because I had made such a

production of setting the card up to show the birthstone.

So, there was no room in my mind to doubt myself. Finally

though, I told myself that I must have somehow flipped the

card over myself. I had to tell myself this just to be

able to sleep that night.

A week went by with no other strange happenings. Then, lo

and behold, another spooky thing occurred. I was home

alone doing my housework. I was washing dishes, when I

left the room. When I got back to the

kitchen I saw a strange sight. A drinking glass was

sitting upside down on the side of the sink. I knew that

I hadn't left it there. A chill ran up my spine.

Then it all became more pronounced. I would leave a room

and come back to find an object turned upside down, on a

regular basis. I was so frightened by it. The worst part

was that no one wanted to believe me. These things only

occurred to torment me it seemed.

One day though, my sister in law, Rhonda was over. I was

telling her about some of the incidents. We were sitting

at the kitchen table at the time and I was cooking us some

macaroni and cheese. We also had a pot of coffee going.

Anyway, as soon as I had finished telling her about all of

the weird things, she did a brave (or crazy) thing.

Rhonda said aloud,"If you're here, show yourself." At the

instant the words were gone from her mouth, the

electricity died!!!! The macaroni stopped cooking, and

the Mr. Coffee shut off. We both ran outside. We ran to

the back of the four-plex to where the breaker box was.

We looked inside the box, but no breakers were tripped

off. I need to say also that no one was around outside

that day but us. We finally called the electric company

to send out a repair man. When he arrived, he quickly

found the problem and fixed it. We asked him what the

problem had been. He told us that a pertinent part was

missing from the breaker box, and he just replaced it.

That really spooked Rhonda and me. We had gone straight

outside when the electricity failed. No one had been

outside. Even if a human had done it, what were the odds

of it occurring just when Rhonda had asked the presence to

show itself. After this incident, I was really scared. At

first, the entity seemed almost playful. Turning objects

upside down seems quite harmless. Playing games with the

breaker box seemed powerful, cunning, and sinister.

One rainy morning after Dody left for school, I decided to

go back to bed for awhile. Don had gone to work early

that morning. I wasn't too surprised though when I heard

him coming up the sidewalk with his keys jangling. I

heard him open the front door, and come into the

apartment. I decided to keep the covers over my head. I

was pretending to be asleep. I was going to wait until he

came into the room to greet him. Silly, I know. I heard

him come into the room. He was standing by the bed. I

could hear him breathing. But he never spoke. Finally, I

whipped the covers off my head and yelled, "BOO!." No one

was there!!!! Then, as I was about to jump up out of the

bed something pushed me back down. I was screaming and

crying by now for this thing to go away and leave me

alone. It just pushed harder on my chest, pushing my body

deeper down into the waterbed mattress. I felt such awful

pressure. I couldn't breathe. I really and truly thought

that I was going to die. Just when I thought that I

couldn't take anymore pressure and live--it stopped! Just

as quickly as it had all happened, it was over. I got

some clothes on and drove myself over to my mother in laws

house for the day. I was not going to stay alone in that

house! Not that day, anyway.

Soon after this experience, I got a job that would keep me

away from the house during the day. I worked from 6 a.m.

to 2 p.m. That was perfect for me because Dody got out of

school at 3 p.m. So, I would hardly ever be alone in the


I had begun to have awful nightmares of dismembered

bodies. I dreamt that our house was on a patch of land

that had been used as an Indian burial ground. I never

did any research of the land, so I don't know if the

dreams had any basis in fact. The nightmares were just so

dark and gruesome. I began to dread going to sleep.

After I got the job, I was rarely alone in the house. I

liked that just fine. One day though, the presence still

managed to give me a spook. I had just picked Dody up

from school. We were going over to Don's mom's house, but

Dody wanted to change her clothes first. We stopped by

our house. I went to the bathroom while Dody changed in

her bedroom. As I was washing my hands in the bathroom, I

decided to move a little plaque off of the bathroom shelf

and put it away. The plaque read, "All that I like is

either immoral, illegal, or fattening." For some reason

that day, the plaque made me feel disgusted. I hated it's

message. So, I took it off the shelf and put it in the

cabinet under the bathroom sink. I noticed that the shelf

needed to be dusted as there was a clean line where the

plaque had rested. I decided to leave the dusting until I

returned from my mother in law's house.

Dody and I finally returned home. I was glad that I had

made it home before Don because I was going to fix up a

nice dinner to surprise him. I remembered though that I

wanted to dust the bathroom shelf. I went into the

bathroom. I stood frozen in shock at what I saw.

There sat the plaque exactly where it had been

before I had moved it and put it away!!! It had even been

set meticulously back the way it had been--sitting

perfectly in the line with all the dust surrounding it.

I rushed Dody back to the car and drove straight to a

phone. I called my mother in law and she sent my brother

in law over to stay with us until Don came home. It

didn't really help that much to have someone else there.

I was so terrified of this house. To know that something

was watching me even in the bathroom was just way too


That May we finally got our tax refund and we used the

money to move. We moved away from Mesa and got an

apartment in Phoenix. Luckily, the entity didn't follow us

there to our new home.

To this day though, if ever I see something turned upside

down, it unnerves me. I'm always afraid that the terror

will begin again.

A Musical Ghost


Olmstead Falls, Ohio

Chestnut Grove Cemetary...If that dosen't sound creepy, I don't know

what does. I got curious one day, and decided to go to an old, old

cemetary. Curiousity killed the cat you say? Well, fortunatly, I am

not the cat. I lived to tell my story.

My step mother and I decided to check out an old party spot. Her

friends used to go there when they felt like a little scare. They came

running back telling all sorts of crazy stories. I guess she was to

scared to see for herself. Years later, (she graduated from high

school), she told me about this cemetary in the valley. Fearless me,

had to investigate. I don't believe anything unless I see it with my

own two eyes.

As we strolled to the back of the cemetary, looking at any random

epitaph, we saw 1800's to the 1990's. She stopped, I stopped. "Do you

hear that?" she asked. "Yeah, I hear that..." I said. I heard it

with my own ears, in broad daylight. What other than organ music.

Now you know the story of Chestnut Grove Cemetary.

Questions? Comments? Please e-mail me at!!

Let me know of any unpopular haunted places in Ohio. I love in

Cleveland. THANKS!!! :)

Ohio Haunting


I have a few encounters I would like to share with you.

In 1965 my grandparents bought a house that was built in 1850.

At one time this house was involved in the underground railroad (I know


because there is a published book with my house in it.).I know that they

were a few deaths in this house.

As far as we can tell there were only four owners, by grandparent were

the last.(until 10yrs ago when they sold it.)

I should tell you that it was also built on and Indian burial ground.

I'll tell you one of my dad's stories first....

When my mom and dad were dating my mom would come over and play cards


On one such occasion my dad went upstairs to use the bathroom(there were

2 doors into the bathroom) while he was in there he heard the little

bathroom door shaking(and saw it)

so he was scared and decided to get out of there, by the time he got to

the other door the little door flew open(I should add that this door was

incredibly hard to open).My dad flew down stairs and saw that everyone

was still in the kitchen!

On a regular basis the rooms would get cold and you would smell lilac

perfume, they always said Agnes is here.

My uncle was awakened one night by his bed shaking violently and

something was breathing heavily in his ear.

I understand that my aunt was walking past one bedroom(later to be my

sisters and mine) and heard a baby crying, they didn't have any babies

at that time.

For as long as I can remember we were afraid to go upstairs alone.

I don't know any thing in particular that happened to my twin sis, but

my oldest had an encounter twice...

Once she was told to go into the living room and on her way through the

dining room a lady stopped her and wouldn't let her go in.

Another time she was holding a ball and something took it out of her


I had two encounters, there was a double bed and single bed in our

room(the 3 of us shared) my sisters were mean to me, they wouldn't let

me sleep with them in the big bed so I had to sleep over in the other

bed, on night I saw something outside the window, I think it was a man,

I'm not sure. I was terrified!

Another time I was home alone(I'm not sure why?) and the door to the

stairs opened, these door had very old latches on them, you had to lift

the lever to get them open. I saw the lever lift and the door was pushed


I never stayed home alone again.

Once a plate flew out of the dish drain while my grandpa was in the


When my grandparents moved a glass candy jar flew off the refrigerator.

The house is empty now, which is a shame because it was a lovely big


Its located in Westerville Ohio If anyone lives in the area I would be

happy to tell them the address so they can check it out!


Ghosts In My Life


Since i was very little I have always had strange things happen that i

could never understand . I would see and hear things that terrified me

but would never mention to anyone until i got to my teen years. Then

my sisters would start mentioning things to me that they had

experienced. The first thing that i had seen was in cincinnati,

ohio. We lived in a old and big green house on henshaw , us kids slept

upstairs where there were three large bedrooms . Plus there was a door

that led to the attic. I never heard voices until I started in my

teens but I saw things. Like I was downstairs getting ready to go up

stairs to play, when I opened the door and there at the top of the

stairs stood a dark figure of a man.. he was looking down at me I know

that even if he had no eyes . He was just black solid black. So i

quickly shut the door and stayed downstairs until my sisters went up to

play , thats when i would go up. It happened again one day, but this

time the figure was looking over the banister at me. that was the last

time i saw it until many years later. But he had big glowing eyes and

he asked me a question about a aunt of mine . just a semple question.

But there was no importance of the question. but I was living in

Midland , ohio then. I had many things happen since. I've had a

ghost whistle in my ear. I never told my sister whom I was living with

at the time because she was nine months pregnant at the time. because i

didn't want to upset her. But it happened to her a couple weeks later

and she freaked out. This place was a apt. in Wilmngton, ohio. I

slept upstairs by myself and she and her husband slept downstairs.

There was only one bathroom and it was across the hall from my room.

And that is where we heard the flirty type whistle in our ears. We

both mentioned it to each other and when she told me I told her that it

happened to me too but I didn't want her to know. She could never go

upstairs by herself again. There was only one other bedroom upstairs

but we could never get ourselves to using it. because it was always so

ice cold in there even in the summer. We didn't even put any furniture

, boxes or anything in there. There has been many things

that I had seen and heard. But the very recent one was when my father-

in-law died. My husband came home early from work and told me that his

dad died. Shortly after he went back to work, I was writing out a

shopping list of things I needed in order for us to go to Chattanooga for

the furneral. When suddenly I was scared by his voice. I didn't know

what he said because it happened so fast and it was like he was in a


Mr. Fix-It


We live in an old home that was built in 1893 by a man named

J. W. Reed, here in Akron, Ohio.  The home was originally built as a single

family home but was converted to a two unit in 1955.

We moved into the house in 1992, after it was empty for many

years.; Immediately, we began to notice some very strange things happening

around us. Every morning at approximately 4:30 a.m., we could hear what

sounded like a radio talk show coming from what was the kitchen downstairs and

could faintly hear someone shuffling around but when we would get up to

investigate, we could find nothing. It was obvious that whoever this was

was a male getting up every morning to go to work, as far as we could

tell. And.....this person did...and does for my husband!

My husband takes great pride in his tools and had set up a small workshop in one

of the old bedrooms. Obviously, this did not please this old man, because

he would toss the tools around, and they usually ended up on the floor.

And now, we find, his tools are ending up missing. However, I do believe

that he likes ME. I had an old wringer washer in the basement that I loved

very much and it was acting up. I jokingly remarked to the ghost to please

fix my washer ---- and he did!!!! My refrigerator door needed some

adjustments and my husband, the great procrastinator, could never find time to

fix it. All I had to do was ask the ghost, and my door was fixed. My

husband and I had a huge fight one day, as most couples do, but evidently the

ghost thought he was going to harm me because he grabbed my

husband.We have a shower in the basement and when you go down, you can

smell very faintly roses, like a cream cachet and sometimes you can smell

something baking, mostly brownies or some type of chocolate cookie, so we know

that a woman is also here.Upstairs in what used to be a nursery, there is a little

boy. He plays with my dog and cat but I also think that there is a man who

is in there, too.My three year old granddaughter entered the room because

she thought my husband was there, but when she went in she said, "You're not

grandpa and left. When we asked who she was talking to, she said

"The man in there, he's not grandpa. She is afraid to go into

my kitchen because she says there are ghosts.Things are continuosly missing or moved.  They even took

my dentures!!! I still can find them.; Thank God, I have

dental insurance.These are just a few of the things that happen at my

house.; They don't harm us but do things that are irritating, like move and

misplace things.

Mars Hill College


I was a freshman at MHC in the fall of

1989. All freshman live in the same dormitory. Enda Corpening

Moore. Coming in as a scholar, I was sent to the fourth floor where all of

the scholars were to live for their first year. I was on the short end of

the hallway where there are only 5 rooms. Luckily, I was not right next to

the stairwell, but one room down from it. Over one of our breaks, everyone

in our dorm had gone home, away, fishing or something. My friend and I

decided to stay on campus. We were THE only ones in the dorm that long

weekend. The first night alone, we drank a few beers and watched some

TV. As we grew weary, we went off to our own rooms. We lived in

rooms diagonal from each other.About an hour or so after retiring, I

heard heavy footsteps across my ceiling, coming from the attic. I heard

them open the door and stomp down the stairs. I went to my door, intending

to race across the hall to Meg's room. I opened the door. Meg stood

in her doorway. She had heard the same noises. We just stood there

and stared at each other. We looked down. At each of our feet, there

were blood stains on the carpet. Only in front of each of our

doorways. Not drops all the way down the hall. I slammed my door

& locked.I remained awake until sunrise several hours later, but

never heard anything more from our late night visitor. We never told our

suitemates about the experience.

The story goes that a young girl got pregnant

and was dragging herself up to the attic after giving herself an abortion.

Supposedly, she is coming down to warn young girls not to let it happen to

them. Another story says that the ghost is actually Edna Moore, whose

father killed her when he found out she was pregnant. He dragged her

corpse to the attic. She periodically comes back down to look for her


I don't know who it was they scared the hell out

of me that night, but I know I will never forget it.

You may post this story on your


My Best Friends House


This story is not as facsinating as some of the others I have

read, but to me... I'll never forget it. I guess in many ways, I am very

lucky, my experience was not scarey... just kind of an expreience.

I was 9 years old, and staying over at my best friends Julie's

place. We were sleeping downstairs on the hide-away, watching the movie

Ice Castles. Nothing strange, just being girls. I can remember, like

it was yesterday. I was on the left side of the bed, facing into the

kitchen. I can remember being wakened late in the night (early am) by

what, I am not sure. All that I heard was something saying..."Hello,

can you hear me? Hello? Hello? are you awake? Can you

hear me?His(it was definitely a man) voice was SO

clear, tt was as if he was leaning over me, 'trying' to wake me

up....Everyone one the house was asleep, except for me of course (figures!)

Well, being 9 years old, I did the only thing that I could think of.... I yanked

the covers up over my head! The next morning, I told Julie what had

happened, and she told me that she had had some strange experiences in that

place too! It wasn't so much that it was scary, just....different.

Well, Julie moved away within a year. I never heard from him

again, but I can promise that I will always remember him.

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