My Haunted Childhood Home


My husband and I purchased my childhood home from my parents approximately

three years ago. Although I had not lived in the house for seven years

prior to the purchase, I have experienced a continuation of the unusual

experiences which occurred there from my childhood through my early adult

years. The experiences are too numerous to list at this time, but they can

be best summarized by a series of events which occurred the week before

Christmas of 1998. My husband and I and our two young sons occupy the bottom

floor of our house, and two friends rent the second story master bedroom.

In the first day of that week, I was sitting up in bed finishing up some

work I had brought home. It was approximately 11:30 p.m. and my husband and

children were asleep. The door to our bedroom was closed and I had the t.v.

on for company. I suddenly became aware of something that sounded like the

buzzer on our stove but, dismissed it since I had not set the timer. The

sound continued for fifteen minutes so, I finally got up and went into the

kitchen to find it was the buzzer on the stove. I turned it off, returned

to my room, and woke my husband up to see if he had set the timer for any

reason. He said he had not, and I just dismissed the whole situation as

being caused by an electrical short.

The next morning I went off to work while my friend, who rents our upstairs

master bedroom with her boyfriend, watched our two year old son. When I

returned at noon she told me she had the strangest experience while I was

gone. She was in her room rocking our son when she heard the water come on

in her bathroom. She thought it must be my father, who lives next door,

watering his plants, but when she got to the door of the bathroom she found

the water going full blast in the tub. She had to physically turn both

handles to shut the water off. I relayed the buzzer event from the night

before and we laughed it off that the ghost was trying to get our attention.

Boy was he ever! The next morning I was driving to work when I suddenly

heard vicious snarling, like that of a dog, coming from the rear seat of my

car. I was totally shocked, and whipped around to look in my rear seat but

there was nothing there. At that point, I was completely freaked out and

realized that something utterly unexplainable had happened. I recited Hail

Marys all the way to work because it was the only way I could think to

protect myself from what I heard. When I arrived at work I immediately

called my husband, and he reminded me that I had heard a similar sound a

couple of months before on the staircase landing leading to my friends room.

At that time, I had thought I must have been hearing something from outside,

but after two incidents, I am afraid it is some unseen entity.

The following day I received a call from our nanny while I was at work. She

had just returned from picking my son up from school. When she went in the

kitchen she heard water running upstairs. She went upstairs to check it out

and found the faucets in both sinks running full blast and one of the sinks

was about to overflow. At that point, we decided the ghost was making a

real nuisance of itself. We asked our friends to put a religious object up

in their room, since it had seemed to keep things under control downstairs.

To my knowledge there have been no further incidents upstairs since that


On the final day of that week, my husband, myself, and our kids went away

for a couple of days. When we returned our friends advised that they had

been awoken at 1:00 a.m. the first night by a huge crash from downstairs.

When they went down to investigate they found our fireplace screen in the

middle of the living room. Whether it was the wind or the ghost we will

never know, but it sure scared them!

My older sister rented our house for five years prior to our purchase of the

property. I saw her at Christmas and asked if she had any unusual

experiences in the upstairs bedroom which she occupied while she lived

there. She had also experienced the water turning on by itself, the toilet

flushing by itself, footsteps, and someone calling her name. On one

occasion she felt someone sit on the corner of her waterbed while she was


We do not know who is haunting our house, but we know that there are at

least three entities. Their activity ranges from sporadic to going on a

tirade, like the week described above. We have learned to live with them,

but I would love an explanation for the snarling I heard in my car. Is it

possible for a ghost to leave the premises and follow you around? I would

love to hear from anyone who has had such an experience.

Little Blue Eyed Boy


One night a friend and I were at a girlfriends house .We were hanging

out when I felt a strange feeling overcome me.It was like something telling

me to look up the staircase. So, when I did I saw an undescribable,

illuminating light cascading downward from the top of the stairs. It looked to

be a boy child about the age of 6 years old. He had blonde hair and bright

blue eyes. The shape of his body was out- lined in brillant white light. His

eyes seemed to be beaming down at me. It was not a scarry experience,actually

it was a safe and comforting feeling . I never said anything to anyone about

my sighting, until my friend that was there brought up that night and

proceeded to describe the same experience in full detail. I got goosebumps

all through my body as she was telling me her story on what she saw that

night. We

found out that we both experienced the same apperation that night, but at

different times. Linda and Colleen

The Lady of the House


Two years ago I was asked to house-sit for a

friend. I had watched their house before with no problems, but this time

it was different. I arrived at around four that day and settled in for the

evening. I watched TV and ate dinner. It wasn't until about 9:00

that the strange things started to happen. I was downstairs, the only

thing on was the TV, when all of a sudden I heard a loud bang upstairs.

First I thought it was the cat, but I looked down and she was laying next to

me. At that time I heard what sounded like something heavy rolling around

on the floor upstairs. I decided to check it out. When I got

upstairs nothing was out of order. I checked everything, all doors and windows

were locked. I went back downstairs and when I walked back into the front

room the french doors leading to the foyer were wide open! Checking it I

noticed that it had two latches at the top had been pulled out. I shut the door

and decided to call it a night. I went to bed feeling uneasy. A

couple of hours passed when I heard something on the stairs right outside the

bedroom, (the door was open and I didn't see a thing). I heard a thump and a

womans voice, she sounded like she was crying. She asked where her baby

was. I jumped out of bed and checked the stairs, nobody was there. I

went into the next room and another latched door was open. I closed the

door went back to the stairs and the cat was standing there with his fur on

end! Thats when I went back in the bedroom and sure enough the closet door

was hanging open. I knew I would not be able to sleep, but I knew I had to

stay till morning. Needless to say I still didn't sleep a wink. The

next morning I left as soon as the sun came up. I never watched their

house again. I told them later what had happened and they told me that

early in the houses history a fire had broken out upstairs. It was one of

the rooms whose door I found open. It happened to be the room of the lady

of the house. So maybe that was the voice I heard. Maybe she was

still there.

My Uncle Roy


I have two stories for now to tell 1 happened to me, the other happened to

my mom. In Febuary 1998 my Uncle Roy who was 27 killed himself. I am

only 17 yrs old and grew up with him like he was my brother. His death

hit me very hard because all Roy and I ever did was fight and argue.

mostly just playing around. I don't think I have ever had a serious

fight with him. But I know I have never hugged him or told him I loved

him. So I resented that until last October. Roys birthday is on the

3rd and I knew when it was but when the day came it totally skipped my

mind. And no one had even mentioned it. I don't know if you are going

to count this cause it happened in what I think was a dream but I believe

it was more real then the other things that I have experienced. Any way

I had gone to bed and I guess it was in my dream I was sort of in this

sandy type beach area and my Uncle Roy had walked up to me and he told

me he was sorry and he knew that I loved him and he gave me a hug and he

said he would always be with me. Any way I woke up and it was in the

middle of the night and I had the feeling of him with me in my room I

could sorta of smell him like he was there. and I feel totally at peace

with it now although I do miss him.

My mothers dream happened around Christmas time. My uncle had came to my

mom and told him that he was sorry and he only needed to get away and

didn't think it to be forever. (This sounds like something he would say)

When my mom woke up she could remember exactly what he was wearing and

called my Aunt Nancy to tell her about it and she said thats what he was

wearing when he died. Another thing just recently I found out the

location where he died. And its near my house, I drive by there often and

its a sandy feild where they are now erecting a highway.

Other things about Roy he has 3 children a 6yr old, 3yr old, and a 2yr old

The the 3yr, old we'll call him DL. Well DL was playing in his room one

day and he came down and said that he was just talking with daddy. DL is

a very bright child and would never lie. I believe they have all come

in contact with their father although I am not sure.

Very Animalistic Experiences


Me and my best friend Angela

have had some very strange things happen to us in my and her woods. One

time we were sitting under this huge oak tree and something in white told us to

leave. We did and about 5 minutes after we did we heard a huge crack and a

huge branch from the tree fell right where we were sitting.

Another time was not so nice.

We were walking through an old orchard and I was in front of her so she couldn't

really see what had happened but at the other end of the orchard I could see the

bottom leg of a black horse. Pretty soon I saw the whole horse. It

was huge, about 7 feet at it's shoulders, well bigger than any horse in the

world. Pure black with red eyes and then it charged at us. I think

that it just wanted to keep us away from something, and it did.

Another time in her woods we were looking

down a creek that runs through her woods and we could see something big and

white down a couple hundred feet. We investigated and found just some

smoke. Another time I was bow hunting in my woods

and I could here wagons and horses and gun fire. I later investigated and

found some fresh horse tracks and wagon tracks. I followed them and they

ended where a pine tree had fallen.In me and her bedrooms we would see

things. In my room, if you look out one of the window you can see a sand

pitt. On most nights there are beams of light coming from it.

One last thing, when we were staying in a

camper, in my woods, we could here a paper bag. Alot of times when we

were walking in the wood we would have a feeling that we were being followed or

that is we went off the path something bad would happen.

All of this is true. Now you decide if it would have hurt us.

Murder on Devaughn St.


My story is a long one so please bare with me.

Four years ago my husband and I moved into a long vacant house. We knew

when we moved in ,that there had been a tradgedy in the house in 1969.

Neither of us were what you call superstitious so it really had not

bearing on us at the time. About a month after we moved in I began

hearing conversations in the middle of the night. It sounded like a

radio broadcast, not quite coming in. Then one day as I was standing at

my stove, I saw a man with his arms crossed, leaning against the

cabinet. My sister has also seen the same man walking by the front

bedroom door. The front bedroom of my house is what I call my

sanctuary. One day when I was feeling really down I went into the front

bedroom and sat down. After a few minutes this feeling of calm came

over me and I just felt at peace. I might add that the lights in this

room continually go off and on, despite several electrical changes.

A year ago I went to see a physical therapist for a problem I was

having, and to my surprise, she out of the blue says to me "theres

something wrong with your house" I said yeah its old and falling down.

She told me she had the gift of sight, and that sometimes she'll just

see things. This is what she told me. She said there are two spirits

in your house, a benevolent spirit, and a manevolent spirit. By

manevolent I don't really mean evil just mischievious, the other is a

young mother looking for her baby.

After hearing this my sister and I went to the local library and dug up

the old newspaper article of the murders on Devaughn St..

A young couple lived here at the time with their 7mth old baby. A

friend of theirs had had an argument with her husband the day before and

had brought her two children to stay for awhile.

The following morning, the estranged husband showed up and shot them all

in the head (in the front bedroom ), he then killed himself in the

hallway. Now things begin to make sense. I believe the killer and the

lady who owned this house are my spirits. I believe that the front

bedroom is off limits to him, that is why I feel so at peace there, this

is her room. I feel like the hallway is his, because this is where

everyone gets the creeps. My husband says all this is nonsense, even

when the lights go on and off. Even when several people tell him they

see things. Even when things are constantly being moved, and bread just

flys off the cabinet. Perhaps if he believed he'd have to move, and I

don't want that. I love my house on Devaughn St. By the way, none of

the children were killed that morning, just the four adults.

More about Lilly and Friends


Last time I told you about Lilly, the spirit who kept me company

when we lived on our little farm in the Ozarks. Lilly was the first

spirit I met there, but she was by no means the last. Many strange

things happened there. Umbrellas, school books, and jackets would

disappear as the children were hurrying to meet the bus. Glasses of milk

would float up over the table and slowly spill the contents in full view

of one and all. When I would become frustrated and yell, "Stop that!" the

front door would open and slam close. This would end the ghostly

escapades for a few days, anyway.

One day we were painting and papering the living room. We had taken

down the curtains and I had deposited the rod brackets in a big wooden

bowl that set on the counter top. Finally we were done and ready to

rehang the curtains. But when I went to retrieve the brackets, they were

not in the bowl. I was positive I had put them there and I knew the kids

hadn't bothered them. They had hidden in their rooms all day terrified

that they might be drafted into action.

By now I was tired. My husband was cranky and all I wanted to do was

get this job over with and go to bed. My patience thin I said to no one

in particular, "I don't know who you are, but you better give back my

property!" Just then we heard a chink, chink, chink sound over head.

Looking up there were the curtain rod brackets floating 6 inches below

the ceiling. We stared in tired amazement as "our spirit" toyed with us

yet again.. Then, as if in slow motion, the brackets floated down and

landed in my upturned hand.

Next time I'll tell you about the dimes.

My Animal Friends


When I was a child I had a cat named Midnight. He was my best friend.

The day he was killed I went to school like any other day and we had a

field day. I came home so happy about my two first prize ribbons and my

second prize ribbon. When I got inside the house I looked for him and

couldn't find him. My mother told me that my father had ran over him by

accident. I ran to my bedroom and shut the door and jumped onto my bed

and cried for him. As I was crying and saying his name I felt cat paws

on my back and a soft purring in my ear. I turned my head thinking that

my mom was teasing me but there was nothing there even though as I

looked the paws and purring persisted. I turned over slowly and the paws

moved off of me and then back as I settled down on my back. The funny

thing is Midnight use to always sleep on my chest and purr into my ear.

That is how he got me to go to sleep on time. If I was ever late to get

to bed he would sleep at the bottom of my bed instead. I suppose that it

was supposed to be a punishment. This continued to happen on and off for

about a year. I never saw him but I knew when he was there. The only

time I saw him was on Halloween night I slipped and fell. I started to

wimper and a tear ran down my cheek. He appeared in front of me and

brushed up against me as it to dry my tears. I have seen him on and off

ever since then.

Later on I got a dog that I named Jenny. When I would play in my

sandbox she would sit beneath the tree in our backyard. The tree was

right next to the sandbox. She would sit there and watch me until I got

out of the sandbox and moved on to something else. She was my protector

and my best friend. For a long time after she died I would go and sit in

my sandbox and I would look over at the base of the tree and she would

be there. Sitting on the grave we made for her. I have seen her

elsewhere too. I was over at a neighbors house talking and she showed up

in one of my neighbors chairs. My neighbor didn't see her though.

Whenever I need a friend she is there to be that friend.

Another one of my pets that has come back is a stray cat we adopted

he would always lay beside me and purr in my ear until he knew I was

asleep or it was time to tuck my sister in. The night he died he went on

his usual rounds and went into our basement. It was there he died. The

next day we buried him next to Jenny and that night he went on his usual

rounds. Although I never asked my sister if he came into her room I knew

that he was with me. A few nights later I felt a cat beside me and a cat

on my chest. That went on for about a month.

Now at night I hear soft music and a baby crying. Not always, just

sometimes. I also see things move out of the corner of my eye but when I

look they are gone. I know that the occurrences that are happening now

can be explained by my eyes playing tricks on me and someone having

their t.v. on but what would be the explanation for the cat paws and the

purring? Or Jenny watching over me? There is none that I can think of.

The Car


I just read some of you other stories and

thought mine would fit in. My grandmother was a

medium. While she was alive they had sittings at the house and the one

that sticks out the most took place in 1974 in Washington state. We had all

gathered and was starting into the sitting when a car drove into the

driveway and four doors opened and closed then footsteps in the gravel and

up the porch stopping at the window looking in on the living room, I got up

to open the door for them and there was no one there. the 6 people that were

there in the house also looked out the window to see the car and there was no

car and we all heard it and also heard the doors opening again and closing ,it

starting up and leaving.

The Ghost in the Apartment


I was raised in a high-rise apartment building where we rented a fifth-floor

apartment. The arrangement consisted of a kitchen/breakfast room, a living

room and a bedroom with a hallway that ran from the bedroom into a dressing

room with a bathroom off to one side. The bedroom had a Murphy folding bed

which folded into a closet and left the room open for daytime activities.

When I was about six years old, I was playing on the floor in the living

room, about six feet from the French doors (which were open) leading to the

bedroom. My mother was in the bathroom washing something in the sink. I was

playing with modeling clay and as I played, I became aware of movement from

the hall into the bedroom. Assuming it was my mother, I looked up. I saw the

figure of a very old woman dressed in a floor-length dress which was a dusty

faded blue-gray. Around her shoulders and head she wore a light brown knit

shawl. The apparition was moving out of the hall and parallel to the French

door opening. I screamed out and as I did, the thing turned and looked at

me, as though it was as startled as I was. I will never forget that look. I

have never seen such hatred and malevolence in a look since. It stared at me

for a fraction of a second and disappeared, not fading, but in an instant.

When I screamed, my mother came rushing out of the bathroom. She later

confirmed that she had "felt" someone looking at her as she washed in the

bathroom sink, although thinking it was me, she never turned to see it


I know when most of you read this, you will say it was just a child's

imagination or a bad dream remembered. Not so. That was almost seventy years

ago and the memory of that look is burned deeply in my memory. Do I believe

in ghosts? On a logical level, no, but I know what I saw and it was not a

dream or my imagination. My mother felt as strongly about it as I do until

the day she died in the 70's. I don't know who or what it was and there was

never any repetition of the event. The apartment was relatively new and as

far as I know, had no history of any violent deaths occurring in it.

Body Of Water


-norfolk virginia-I was staying with a friend for the week back in the mid 70's(I am now 40)

and she lived down the road from my parents home. On that Sunday I woke up and went down stairs

to the kitchen,now this home is very old and large,and they live on the water.I went down to

the kitchen to get a glass of water (by the way,my friend and her parents were a church at the

time which I did not know,I thought noone had gotten up yet)anyway I got the glass and I

felt a very strong presence of someone standing behind me.I turned around and there was my

friends sister who had drowned 4 or 5 yrs earlier in that body of water,as I got the glass I

felt a very strong presence of someone standing behind me I turned and I saw a young girl

arund 18 or so in jeans and tee shirt and she was wet,I turned around very fast and closed

my eyes I wanted to run but could not move,as I slowly opened my eyes out in front of me

was the window that looks across the water,I saw a young girl in the water waving her hands

back and fourth as if she was in trouble,I ran to the back of the house and as I got to

the edge of were the water meets the end of the back yard there was no one there.I got in my

car and went home thinking I can't believe I saw what I saw.A day later I got a phone call

from my girlfriend asking was everything ok because I left without waiting for them to come

back so I could say good-bye.

I told her no I was not feeling well,she asked me if I had seen something or heard something

I told her yes ,why did she asked me that she asked me if I had seen her sister Betty anywere

in the house or outside I told her both places.She said for me not to worry they see her

on&off but it was the first time they knew of that she showed herself to someone that is not

a family member. Needless to say I never went back to the house,I still stay in contact with

my friend via the phone.

Mama's Approval


Although I have had many and varied experiences in the paranormal realm,

this particular experience was at once eerie and heartwarming and proof

positive that there is life beyond this existence.

About 7 years ago my husband and oldest daughter (our youngest wasn't

even conceived yet) were living in a four-plex apartment just 10 blocks

from where we are now.

My husband had left a few days before for a five-week training course in

the midwest, and it was the first time my child and I had been left by

ourselves for an extended amount of time. Amazingly, I wasn't nervous,

but was looking forward to the freedom his absence would afford me.

It was a Sunday, and the day before I had been initiated as a Reiki

Master Therapist. (Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing technique that

both my husband and I - and even my young daughter - had been initiated

into a year or so before) I had worked hard to reach Master level and

was one of 7 initiated that day. It had been a very deep spiritual

experience, and one which had left me feeling not only more powerful

psychically, but also very scared of that power. I wasn't sure that I

was ready to assume the responsibility but there was no turning back


Anyway, by the next evening, Sunday, I had calmed down and felt more at

ease with my new power and responsibility and was settling in for a

relaxing phone chat with a dear friend. My six-year old daughter had

already gone to sleep and there was no one else in the place - at least

not anyone corporeal!

I was in the bedroom and had closed the door so as not to wake up my

daughter with my chatter. Before I had done that I had turned out the

lights in the living room, which I could see from my bedroom doorway.

While conversing I kept hearing the sound of footsteps right outside the

door and in the hallway. I would open the door but there would be no

one there. It didn't bother me much, oddly enough, and I would just

close the door and continue talking. When I had gotten off the phone and

was getting ready to go to sleep, I opened the bedroom door. As I

glanced out I saw the silhouette of an adult person walking through the

living room, illuminated by the streetlight outside through a window. I

watched for a second, then for some reason simply turned off the light

and went to bed without investigating. I wasn't even nervous!

The next day, I got my daughter and myself ready for school and work and

left the place at the usual time in the morning. Because my daughter

got out earlier than I did, I had my mother-in-law pick her up from

school and take her to our apartment and wait until I got home from

work. As I walked in the door, my mother-in-law's first words were, "Why

did you hang these earrings on the door?" I asked her what earrings and

she opened her hand to display a pair of small gold dangling earrings

that had been a gift from my mother when I was very young, and which

were the only ones left from my childhood. I had recently given them to

my daughter as a keepsake from her grandmother who had died several

years before and who she had not had a chance to meet. Because of her

age (she was six) and her penchant for losing things, I was keeping them

safe for her, wrapped in tissue paper in a small box in my dresser. I

don't even think she knew where they were.

My mother-in-law related that as they were walking up the steps to the

apartment, they both spied something glittering on the screen door and

as they approached the door could see one earring hanging on the inside

of the screen door at adult eye-level. Upon opening the screen door

they saw the other one dropped on the bottom of the door.

Of course, the door had been locked and there had been no one home

during the day, until they had gotten there, so how did the earrings get

there, especially as carefully hidden away as they had been?

As I gazed on the earrings I got a very eerie yet warm feeling that this

was a message from my mother, telling me that she was proud of my

accomplishments and wanted to let me know. Although I had received

previous visits from my mother, none had any proof to back it up, and

now I had absolutely no doubt that she was there, watching over us from


The Watchful Grandmother


A dear friend of my family was raised an only child in south

Mississippi. Two years before she was born her parents had a son that

only lived to be three months old. Her mother died when she was only

eleven. She grew up and four children of her own. She was very close to

her children because they were the only immediate family she had left.

I was just a toddler at the time so all the information you are

receiving is all second-hand. It was a cold night in February, 1980 when

my mom and her dear friend received the phone call from the Methodist

Hospital saying that her oldest son, Chad, and one of his friends were

in a fatal car accident. They went on to tell them that Chad was alright

but when the got to the hospital they found out that it was indeed Chad

that was dead.

My mother's dear friend couldn't take this, she had already had enough

tragedy in her life and now her that her first born was dead at

seventeen she didn't see any point in living if her children couldn't.

Finally, a glimpse of hope helped her, at Chad's funeral after all of

the flowers were laid down they took a picture of the flowered cross at

the head of his grave sight. Once the film came back she noticed a gray,

ashy figure appeared in the top left corner. She could not make it out

and got it enlarged several times finally at the 11'x14' size the image

became clear; it was a woman holding a baby looking over Chad's grave.

She believes to this day that the woman was her mother holding her first

born and taking care of her first born grandson that she had never met.

This helped my mother's friend with the grieving process of her son

knowing that her mother was taking care of her baby boy.

Where Have all the Cookies Gone?


My story is probably similar to others, but I'll share it with you anyway.

Up until I was 18, I never had any experiences with ghosts. That soon

changed. My fiance's grandparents were buildinng a new house, far into the

country. One night my fiance and I decided to stay the night out there with

some friends. We stayed in the basement, it being the only section that was

finished enough. The first thing we heard were footsteps from the upstairs,

they were very distinct. Upon investigation we found nothing. Later, my

fiance and I were upstairs in a room which would be the master bathroom. We

heard what we thought was a baby crying. Later that evening, a skateboard

slid across the floor right in front of us. We were all quite scared, the

telephone lines had not been run to the house yet,and no one wanted to go

outside to get in the car.

About a year later the house was complete, and my fiance and I moved out

there. One day I was in the kitchen when I saw something far down the lane.

There are glass doors that go down the whole side of the kitchen. I looked

down, and when I looked back up it was closer. The odd thing was whenever I

would look at it, it wouldn't move. The next time it got closer, I could

make out blue clothing. Finally I left the kitchen.

The next night his grandmother told me a story. She had gotten out of bed

to check something, when she walked past the stairway to the basement,

there was a boy sitting on the top step. She said he had his hand on his

chin, as if he were thinking.

She also said he was wearing blue. She ran to get her husband, she turned

around as she got to his door and the boy was gone. After she finished I

told her my experience. We both agreed not to tell my fiance, he gets

spooked quite easily. A couple of days later, my fiance was working out in

the garage. When he walked in the house I knew something was wrong. He then

told us that while in the garage, he looked out the window and a boy was

staring in at him. Strange things still go on out there, but it seems

pretty harmless.

We moved into a new apartment, all seemed well. One day I baked cookies. I

put them in a bowl and sat them on the stove.I came home from work, before

my, now husband. But he arrived soon after. I rememberd the cookies and

went to get some. The bowl was empty. I accused my husband of coming home

and eating them, and we got into a fight. He denys knowing the whereabout

of the cookies. Soon other things started happening. My vacumm was found at

the top of the stairs, knockings on the wall. But the bathroom always made

me feel uncomfortable. Our bedroom was right next to the bathroom, you

could hear the water being turned on in the bathtub. Whenever I would take

a shower, I felt that if I would just look out of the shower curtain I

would see someone watching me. I never had the courage to do this.Nothing

ever seemed to happen to my husband, until one night. We had turned off all

the lights it was completely dark. I was already in bed and my husband was

on his way. As I laid there my eyes focused on a smokey white form on the

ceiling. I don't know why I wasn't scared, I was trying to figure this form

out. My husband laid down next to me, and I pointed it out and asked him if

he saw it. He jumped out of bed, saying some choice words, and flipped the

lights on. From my view of this form, all I saw was what could be desribed

as a small white cloud. From my husbands view he says he could make out

facial features. Thhe only other "ghost" I've ever seen was white mist

that once floated pass me, leaving a scent of my late grandma's perfume.

We now live in a non-haunted apartment. We still argue over the missing

cookies, what would a ghost want with cookies?



I am not the one to believe in ghosts. I do like however to get

scared to death reading the stories. The experiences I've had I passed

off as me tripping.

When I was about 13 years old, I lived with my dad and his

girlfriend Julia. Julia had 3 kids of her own one was from my dad.

Anyway the house was a three bedroom all the bedrooms were connected by

a door. My parents bedroom had a laundry room added to it, They had a

red curtain on the window which length was the entire length of the

room. This curtain made everything in the room dark, and whoever was in

front of the window figure would be a siluetted.Okay the point is my

brother Terry was a practical joker. To this day he swears he had

nothing to do with this, knowing Terry he would have told me.

This day no one was home except us two. Terry was in his

room. I failed to mention his entrance into the next room was locked

from the other side so their is no way he could have gotten into my

parents room. So anyway I was about to go into my parents room to put a

load of clothes into the washing machine. I was walking not watching

where I was going and my attention was on the bedroom floor. When I

heard what I thought was noises in the laundry room. Like some one was

looking for something. I looked up to see the siluette of someone

looking down and bending and like actually looking for something. I

stopped and asked Terry, what he was looking for. The figure stood up it

was quite tall to be Terry, but it's head was shaped just like his. I

started walking toward the laundry room without paying any more

attention to the figure because I figured it was my brother. But the

hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, When I looked back at the

figure while I was walking toward it, it seemed surprised that I was

walking toward it. I know it was looking straight at me. It never made a

sound just started gliding toward me staring at me. Real slow because

the way the room was it would not have took long to close the

distance.Anyway like I was saying the hairs on my neck stood straight up

like they are now just remembering, a voice said into my ear like

someone standing right next to me said to turn around calmly and walk

out the room. It didn't take me twice. I didn't care where the voice

came from I just wanted to leave. As I walked out the room back into the

light I was about to turn around when the voice told me not to look

back. I walked to see where my brother was, even though it was plain and

simple I had just seen a ghost, I still hoped it was my brother trying to

scare me. I walked into my brother's room. My brother was fast asleep in

his bed. I tried to shake him awake he told me to leave him alone. I

went back my parents room door but nothing was there, of course. I

watched t.v for about 30 minutes and went back into my brother room he

was still asleep.

My New Apartment


My fiance Shane and I have moved into our new apartment a week ago. The very

first day in it, I felt a presense. It started after Shane and I were

intimate. I felt a very male presence and it was not happy. I knew right

where he was standing and felt like i could hear his breathing. mostly i felt

his rage and jealousy. Frightened, i tried to wake Shane but couldn't. The

next day, we were cuddling on the couch, and he "arrived" again. This time,

Shane felt him too. Whithin days, the curtains started moving, faucets

turned themselves on, hide and go seek with belongings and knocking on walls

all began. I talked to him and thought my acknowledging him would

only seemed to worsen things. I was standing in our door way, when I took a

step, felt something brush my hand, and when I looked at it, there was a cut

about two inches along my ring finger. Also bruises started show up on both

shane and I. We don't know where they came from. I am finding scratches on me

with no clue where they came from. The only time Shane feels him is after a

romantic time with me, a hug, a kiss, anything. People who come over, feel

something, but can't tell what. I have tried to bind it and am having a Roman

Catholic priest bless here, but I just want my home back, without his harm. I

can deal with the knocks, the things moving by themselves, but not his hatred

and harmful injuries. Before I tried to bind him, he was getting more violent

towards us. Now we just feel him, and his rage.

Soldier in the Box

By: Anonymous

This is completely true. I have witnessed this first hand. I was the female


My husbands grandfather had fought in WWII. He had brought back with him

badges and guns stolen from German soldiers that he had fought and killed.

One of the sets was given to my husband just before we moved into our first

apartment. They hadn't been out of the box that they were kept in since

grandpa had come back from Germany. I thought they were very interesting

and needed to be displayed. BIG MISTAKE!! After I had taken them from the

box, I started seeing things in the apartment. Just little shadows out of

the corner of my eye. They always had the shape of a person but they were

brown, like a cloud of dust. The shadows were there even when no source

could be found for them, and always around where the badges were displayed.

I started to get really freaked out so I put the badges in a new box and

put them in the closet of my baby's nursery. One night about two weeks

after I had done this I went to put my baby to bed, as I walked down the

hall I saw a man standing in the doorway of the nursery. I saw just his

figure outlined by the moonlight streaming in from the window behind him.

As I walked tword it, it slammed the door shut. I turned and ran, baby and

all to the neighbors. I stayed there until I heard my husband come up the

stairs to our apartment. After that I begged my husband to put them in the

storage unit. We moved a few years later to a small house. My husband

decided to put the box in our closet. One night while my husband was on the

night shift something grabbed my foot. Thinking my husband had come home

early I opened my eyes to look at him, but noone was there. I screamed and

it started sqeezing my foot and violently shaking it. I beged it to stop,

and it did. The only people in the house at the time were myself and my 4

year old son. I again moved the box to the spare bedroom. This is when it

started to get really bad. My husband would not part with these items so I

put them in a corner of this spare room. The room was always cold after

that and had the smell of rotten food. My husband atributed this to bad

insulation and a mouse dead in the walls. This room did not stink before

the box, and it wasen't cold either. I had an antique train set that had

not worked in years on display in this room. At night the whistle would

sound and you could hear the train running on the track. It had no

batteries and no electricity to run on. On night my husband was feeling

very brave and decided to go stop it. As he ran into the room the train

whistle blew very loud and the train was running on the track. He yelled at

it to stop, it flipped the train and threw it about 10 feet into the

hallway, missing my husbands head by inches. My husband locked the door to

the room and forbid any of us from opening it. We heard no more for about a

year. I had some guests stay over and we had no where for them to stay

other than this room. Since we had not heard or seen anything since the

train incident, and I figured that it would be safe for them to sleep in

that room. My female guest complained that she saw a man standing by the

closet, which was where the box now was. I told her that it was just a

shadow and everything would be fine. I had not told them any of the story.

The next night as she was preparing for bed something pushed her down on

the bed and would not let her get up until she screamed. She refused to

sleep in the room saying that she was terribly frightened by what was in

there. She said she felt it wanted to hurt her. They went to stay at a

nearby hotel for the duration of the visit. We locked the room again. Then

we started to hear growls and moans from the room, and the door knob would

twist like it wanted out. My husband decided to get rid of the items. He

put them in a plastic bag and sealed it with wax. We said a prayer over it

and told whatever it was to leave our family. He then threw the items in

the nearby dump. We have had no problems with that room, or anything else




My husband and I purchased and old English Tutdor house in Norfolk about

two years ago. The house had not been lived in for several years. I

couldn't even get to the fireplace in the huge living room because boxes

and old furniture were every where. The house was in disrepair but as

soon as I walked in the door I told the agent to write a full price

offer that I just had to have the house. She was surprised because I

had not gone much further than the front door. I bought it and helped

the man that owned it get all of his belongings out. He had inherited

the house from the owner. She grew up in the house and when her parents

died she stayed on there. She was an invalid and she left the house to

the man because he took care of her everyday for about twenty or so

years. She had never married and died without any family. They were

very close and we thought his imagination had the best of him because he

sat us down before we went to closing and told us the house was haunted

and if we wanted out of the contract he would understand. It was his

dream to bring the house back to life but he became ill and was not able

to do that. We were actually the third owners of the house. Things

started happening shortly after we moved in. We just shrugged it off

and made up excuses.

Lights would flicker on and off and we would smell a real sweet smell in

certain parts of the house. We have a cat and he was always a real calm

one but when we moved there he was a nervous wreck.. He was so jumpy and

he would all of the sudden hump up and start hissing and swatting at

air. The first month we were there he some how managed to get himself

in the bathroom and close the door behind him. We came home on more

than one occasion to find him in the bathroom and the tub full of water

not to mention the window open. I became very good friends with the man

we bought the house from and he showed me pictures of the lady and he

gave me some of her things from when she was a little girl. He also

gave me some of the antique's that belonged to her. I already had a

house full of antique's myself. One of the pieces that I have is a

secretary and I moved it where I thought I would like to have it. I

don't know why but for some reason I moved it the very same day. The

man I bought the house from came over for a visit and when he walked in

he said"Oh my, Martha had a secretary just like that and that is the

exact place she had it. From then on things got interesting. Whenever

someone would go near the secretary the room would fill with the smell

of perfume. It was confined to that area and not any other part of the

house. We didn't dicuss this with any one because we thought they would

think we were crazy. On several visits from friends the smell appeared

and the visitors would always ask what is that smell and the cat would

start acting real weird and running around that area swatting at the

air. Shortly after that the people would leave

The strange thing was that I always felt very safe in that great big old

house and I was very happy there. My husband's job transferred us back

home to New Orleans and he left months before I did. We had not

finished renovating the house and I was getting it ready to go on the

market. I had spent an entire day in what I called "Martha's bedroom".

The room that she pretty much spent the last ten years of her eighty

years in. I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors, then I

painted the room, set up an antigue bed, put some pretty pictures on the

wall and retired for the night to the third floor. The next morning,

which was in February I went downstairs and before I walked in the

living room I could smell her perfume. I got to the point where I would

tell her good morning and for some reason I was drawn to the other side

of the house, up a few stairs to the landing opening into her bedroom.

The door had always been kept shut and it was open wide. the windows

were open and the sun was streaming in. I looked down on the floor and

there were three rose petals....fresh rose petals.....

I was alone in the house and had been for some time. I picked the

petals up and put them in my pocket and walked back through the living

room past the secretary the smell was so strong. I went to the phone

and called the man I bought the house from. He was in North Carolina at

the time. He was very calm and he asked me what color they were...i

told him they were a deep burgundy and all he said was that was her

favortie color. He asked me if I had done anything to the house and I

told him. He didn't seem surprised at all. I kept saying "But this is

Feb. there aren't any roses on her bushes in the garden. Another very

strange thing happened a few days later. I went with a friend to a

grave yard. I had never been there before and we were going to put

flowers on his mothers grave. He was walking behind me and all of the

sudden I felt a burst of cold air go right through my body and I

screamed and turned around and he was standing there with his mouth open

holding his chest and he said 'Did you feel that". We both just stood

there a few moments and I glanced down at a grave near my feet and it

was her grave. It was Martha;s grave. I didn't even know she was

buried there. I had the most errie feeling for days. There was no more

movement in the house after that , no more smells or anything. It

really made me sad because I felt like I had come to know her. I know

that sounds crazy. I have gone back to visit the house and was able to

go in. I felt nothing at all when I stepped inside. I went in every

room hoping she was still there but she has gone. I talked in length

with the new owners and they said they knew the house was haunted when

they bought it but they had not smelled her perfume or had any strange

things happen at all. They said they thought it would be great to have

a house with a ghost in it but she had not shown herself at all and it's

been well overo year and a half now I don't think a day goes by that I

don't think about that house and the lady that lived in it even after

she died. I have alot of her belongings and I think sometimes that is

why I have such strong feelings for that house. Do you have any

explanations for the smell of perfume and the rose petals.? Most

importantly what do you think happened at that grave yard.? Why do you

think I have such strong feelings about a person I didn't know? Any

thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

The Park Swing


Hello. My name is Benito . I would like to share a ghost

experience with you that took place in a small Texas town.

One foggy morning during my band class, a student came running in

late. He yelled out, "ya'll need to come see this swing that is

swinging by itself at the park." With those words the whole band class

ran out the back door to look at what was happening. My first look at

the empty seat swinging back and forth at a medium swing was one of

shock. I was confused on how the swing was swinging by itself in still

air. Others were frightened by the experience. While the remaining few

tried to convince others that it was just the wind moving it. (But like

I said there was not even a breeze that day and if there was any wind

the other swings would also be swinging.)

Throught the whole day the swing continued to swing without any

pace change. Many of the students in school were leaving during there

breaks to see the empty swing. Many of the teachers in school were

tired of all the commotion that was going on with the swing that they

banned anybody from going to see the swing. Yet there were some of us

that still decided that we were going to go see the swing close up to

see what was causing it to swing.

In my last period class, which was athletics, four of us decided to

go out to the park which was only about 80 yards away from the school.

The funny thing about this experience is that I wasn't afraid to go out

to the swing untill we where about 20 yards away from it. The closer we

got to the swing the slower it rocked untill finally it stopped. We

became frightned and turned back. When we turned back and walked away

the swing began to rock at a slow pace untill finally it returned to a

regular swing and pace. We were so confused that we decided to make it

stop so we rushed back to the swing and without hesataion tied it up

against one leg of its A-frame.

I'm sorry that my explination is a little sketchy but I am really

tring to keep it short. You may think that this is a hoax yet I kid you

not, this is a true store because there was 50 to 60 students who saw it

during my band class not to mention anyone else in school.

Over the next couple of years many people have told stories, gave

explinations and some possible answers for what everybody saw that day.

For instance one story was that there was once a house at that site and

a little girl that lived there was hit by a drunk driver. Another story

was that a young girl broke here neck on that swing because she jumped

of the swing when it was swinging too high.

My answer is that maybe there is a ghost, but how did it get there?

It has been five years since it has happend and to this day it has never

happened again.

If you have any questions please feel free to reply. Thank you for

listening to my experience.

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