The Little Sailor Boy


When I was about 6 or 7, we moved into a small house in a small peaceful

neighborhood. Shortly after moving in, I began to hear crying sounds in my

bedroom. I told my mother about it and she dismissed it as a childs

imagination running wild. Soon I began to see a full figured little boy

sitting at the foot of my bed with his head in his hands, crying. He was

wearing a shorts and shirt outfit with anchors all over it. (Which years

later we began to refer to him as "The Little Sailer Boy.") Although I spent

many nights in my parents bed, every night I was in my room was the same

thing. A short time later, I became afraid to walk down the hallway by myself

because one night while on my way to the bathroom I saw him standing outside

my brothers room which was next to mine. From then on whether night or day, I

would run down the hall instead of walking. "The little boy" never looked

straight at me, never moved from those two areas and never "said" anything.

Years later in a conversation with my mother, I found out that she had seen

and heard him a time or two. One night she heard him and thought it was me,

she went into my room to see why I was crying only to find me sound asleep.

This prompted her to start asking around to find out if the neighbors knew of

anything happening in this house in the past and several told her about a fire

that happened in that house late at night a few years before. She was told

that there was a family there with two young boys, and their mother and father

and that the whole back of the house burnt. They had no information however

on whether or not it had been fatal. She questioned the owner of the house as

well, but to my knowlede got no sure answers. We lived in that house for about

a year, seeing and hearing him nightly until a house next door opened up, we

then moved into that house and the owner of the original house we lived in

moved in and about a month or so later he moved out, boarded up the windows

and doors and the house remained vacant for years. I have no idea if the

house is still standing or what happened to the "Little Sailer Boy" although

sometimes I still wonder about him. Until now I had only talked of this with

my mother, and my fiance for fear of talk that may occur. Thank you for this

chance to finally share this story.

The Mustard Peddlar


I don`t know if this was a actual haunting, but after years of pondering

this strange visit I can think of no other conclusion. I have always

been reluctant to share this story because directly after it happened, I

met with nothing but ridicule. I shared this story with my best friend

at the time (she was with me when I witnessed my first haunting at our

summer/lake house the previous summer) and she only laughed at me and

said I was making the whole thing up, she believed me only after I still

insisted it had happened after 15 years. When she finally and

reluctanly believed me, she raised the question that maybe I had visited

once again by an apparition. So, lets see what you, the readers, think

of this story. I swear it happened and have no idea what to make of

it. If anybody has any input or comments, feel free to email. So,

here it goes. You be the judge if I have/had a vivid imagination (this

comment one particulary irrates me) or if I actually saw and conversed

with an apparition.

I was around 14 or 15 years old and home alone. It was a late

afternoon/early summer evening. I heard the doorbell ring and

immediately went to answer it. I saw standing on our porch a man, I

will never forget him. He was heavy, with scruffy black hair and beard,

and he was wearing worn out dirty overalls.

The man spoke in a southern accent and told me, and I swear this is

true, he and his son were out "PEDDLIN MUSTARD" and his son had dropped

and broke a jar of mustard on our porch. He asked my permission to

clean it up. I looked out on the porch and couldn`t see any spilled

mustard but thought maybe it was out of my view. I granted him

permission and closed and locked the door. I peered out the window, but

the Mustard Peddler was nowhere in sight. Nor did I ever see his son or

the mustard he was supposedly "peddling".

I always found this very strange. This happened in the mid-80`s and I

had never heard of anybody "peddling mustard" door to door. Actually, I

had never heard of anybody "peddling" anything. That was not a word

commonly used for selling at the time (we used the word selling).

Peddling was an antiquated term where I was living. I recently told

this story to a friend and he came up with a conclusion that fit this

story. He thought it was an apparition and he was from the Depression

Era. When he told me this, it just clicked. "YES", I thought. That

was how I would of described the Mustard Peddlar.

Well, there it is, the story that has made me the butt of many jokes

during my teenage years, the story that has made some think I either had

a vivid imagination or was in need of a psychiarist. You be the judge,

but, don`t judge too harshly.

The Basement Room

I moved with my parents to our house in GA in 1991 and

experienced nothing out of the ordinary for 3 years until we finished the

stud walls in the basement and I took that as my room.

Before long I began having strange experiences in that

room. One morning I woke up to see a small girl (9-10yrs) sitting

on the love seat I had pushed under my window. She was looking toward

my bed and was dressed in a fashion I associate with the late 19th century.

I stared for several seconds then rubbed my eyes, and when I looked again

she was gone.

About 2 weeks later the same thing happened, only this

time the same girl was joined by a young boy of about the same age and

dress. She was looking over at me again (the love seat was perpendicular

to the bed) but he was staring straight ahead at my bookcase on the opposite

wall. Both had very solemn, but not really dour or unhappy expressions

on their faces.

Another time, when I had just turned out the light to

go to bed, a very deep voice called my name from the direction of

the bookcase It was definitely inside the room and loud. Just

to be sure though, I went out into the rest of the basement to see if anyone

was out there (after turning on all the lights of course!) I was


One night I felt my cat jump up on the bed at my feet

and said "Hello, Fuzz" before I realized that I had closed and locked all

3 doors to my room and was alone in there. When I turned on the light

there was nothing on the bed, but I could still feel the weight.

Also, my fiancee at the time and I were sitting on the

foot of the bed watching the tv on my dresser when we heard scraping noise

behind us. We turned just in time to see all of the things that I

kept on the headboard jump off to land on the bed, except the picture of

my fiancee - it landed a good 3' from the bed, face down on the concrete


Other than the one incidence with the voice, I have never

felt threatened down there, and that also the only auditory experience.

However, many of my friends get a bad feeling going there, and won't go

down alone.

The happenings seem to be confined to that one room and

there appears to be some connection with the bookcase, but if there is

I don't get it. It is a very modern model bought when I moved into

that room, and there are no occult books in there except some Stephen King

and Anne Rice.

Any professional feedback would be appreciated.

My Ghosts


My story is about not 1 but 3 ghosts that reside in our house.we have pictures

of 2 of them taken in the 1997 october snowstorm.There is a small boy who

visits my daughter Brittany fairly frequently.She says he makes her angry

because he always wants to tell her things at bedtime.Then we have an adult

female who goes around and checks on everyone in the middle of the night.This

has unnerved my son so much he will not sleep downstairs ever again.He said he

felt her checking his feet and made sure his covers were pulled up.Then we

have a mischievious male ghost who I believe likes to play catch.There have

been at least 3 times he has thrown something at me or my sisters to get our

attention.He has also made himself known to my brothers.For many years my

brothers had a beer can collection night they were in the model

room(where the can collection was)working on their models when they felt his

hand come down in a swooshing motion and hit the table knocking down the beer

can collection.Now my mother had her own experience with one of the ghosts

many years ago when her and my dad were fighting.She had decided to sleep

downstairs on the couch.She was wakened suddenly by what she described as hot

breath on her face.Well she thought my dad had come to apologize.when she

looked around there was no one there.So then she thought it must be the cat we

had.That too was nowhere to be seen.By this time she was really getting scared

and moved to leave the room.The ghost moved her from the room to the bottom

step in an instant.She didn't hesitate to look back she ran all the way up the

stairs.This is only a small portion of my experiences with ghosts.Thank you

for letting me share with you.

Her Husbands Love

I just want to say that I love this page and

thank you for letting us share our stories. I have always had an interest

in the paranormal, so when my boyfriend told me what happened to his

grandmother, I was extremely fascinated.I love this story because it is so nice and

there is nothing frightening or bad about it. My boyfriend's grandfather

died almost ten years ago when my boyfriend was about 13 or 14. I never

met his grandfather, but his grandmother is a wonderful woman. After his

grandfather's death, strange things ocurred. A little while after the

death, his grandmother was redoing the den. She wanted to put new

wallpaper up. After putting the wallpaper up, she left for a little while

to let it dry. When she came back into the room, all of the wallpaper was

on the floor. I'm not sure why. I think when his grandfather was

sick he spent a lot of time in the den, but I'm not sure exactly why the den was

important. Well, I didn't think that was too weird, but it gets

better. His grandmother has a picture of her and her husband together

hanging by her stairs. One day she noticed a small red dot between their

heads in the picture. Slowly, over time, this dot grew to a larger,

heart-shaped thing between their heads. My boyfriend and his grandmother

took the picture out of the frame to check it to see if something had happened

to it, but they couldn't see anything wrong with it. The texture of the

picture was the same, and it didn't appear to be a stain since the surface was

no different. There didn't appear to be anything wrong with the

picture. I have seen this picture with my own eyes. The best part is

the last part I will tell. His grandmother complained of waking up in the

middle of the night because it felt like someone was touching her. She

also said sometimes it looked like someone was sitting on the bed because she

could see the indentation on her sheets, but no one was there. So one

night my boyfriend slept over her house. He slept in a bedroom right

across from hers. They agreed that if she screamed he should come into her

room right away. Well, during the night he heard her scream. He came

running in the room. He didn't see anything, but she complained of feeling

someone touch her again. He turned on the light, and in the middle of her

floor was a crucifix. The only problem was that she had never seen this

particular crucifix before She had no idea where it came from. So

to this day she has it hanging on her bedroom wall. It is beautiful.

I think it is her dead husband's way of letting her know he is watching over her

and still loves her.

My Grandfather Closes the Doors

By: jdavis@MNSi.Net

I have a story to tell you about my deceased

grandfather.He died in November 1996. We were all very depressed about his

passing. A few days after we found out he had died, we heard doors gently

closing, things being rearranged, things like that. Well my grandfather

always shut the doors quietly as not to disturb anyone. He was also a neat

freak. If something was out of order he would rearrange it until it suited to

his liking. One night when I was trying to fall asleep, I heard someone

rearranging cups in the cupboards. My room faced the kitchen so if I looked at

the end of my bed..I could see anything that happened in the kitchen.Well

when I heard this I was going to tell the person to be a little more quiet so I

could sleep. I crawled down to the end of my bed. and I looked around the

corner of my door out towards the kitchen. There was no one in the kitchen and

all the cupboard doors were shut. I thought this was so weird.

I walked into the kitchen to look around at what happened. I looked in the glass

cupboard, and all of the coffee mugs were turned around so that the handles were

all facing left..My family always puts the handles towards the right. But when

my grandfather was alive he always grabbed the cup with his left

hand. The next day I did a

test. I put some things in dissaray so he could fix them. Just to see if

it worked.. That night I heard the same rummaging again, I looked at the

objects..and they were arranged alphabetically. My grandfather was also very

careful about how we closed the doors in the house and not to slam them or leave

them open. Well one day I was going out to the garage to get something to

drink. I knew I was all by myself...and the weather was really nice and hot and

there was no wind, so I left the door wide open. When I opened up the fridge

door I heard a creaking sound, I turned around just as I saw the door to

the garage slowly closing and when it shut it click softly. I was so

scared and I didn't know what to do. I went into the house and thought nothing

of it. But as I walked into the house I felt very cold as I walked through

the doorway, like something very cold had been standing there moments


night I tried to sleep again. I dreamt about a grandfather clock that he used to

have. Every time the clock struck midnight in my grandfather would

appear in my room trying to talk to me. I was kinda scared after it

happened 2 times. But the third night I felt so confident. I tried to talk

back to him. He told me he was ok and was watching out for me. He

said he missed me and can't wait to meet up with me again. I said I missed

and loved him very much.. Then in a cloud of smoke he dissappeared. I woke

up crying.. to this day I will not forget him.

Whaley House


My family and I are originaly from San Diego so naturally I have been in

and experienced some of the strange anomalies that occur in that house

including having an super 8 video of what I can only explain as some one

or something tugging on the curtain between the upstair bedrooms closet

that connects the two. This area became a focus for me because of an

incident that happened to my mother,grandmother and my since departed

grandfather. When they were on a guided tour of the house my grandmother

and mother experienced a cold breeze on the staircase(of which I am sure

you are familiar with the background story on this.)Anyways, they

continued on the tour at first they really didn't notice anything. When

they returned downstairs the tour guide told them that Mrs. Whaley was

being very active that day and did they notice her tugging on the

curtains of the closet. My mother and grandmother proceeded to go up

stairs and sure enough the curtains were moving like somebody was

gently pulling on them. My mother naturally being kind of excited by this

went down and proceeded to get my grandfather(who insisted that there

was no such thing as ghosts)anyways they went upstairs and the curtains

were not moving at all. My grandfather proceeded to turn around and very

sternly tell my mother that there was no such things as gho... at this

point the curtains shook quite violently. Any ways my encounter with this

same area came at Easter time last year my son and I were in the house

and we struck up a conversation with one of the volunteers and I told her

the story of my families encounters. A man carrying a portable tape

recorder introduced himself as someone who was writing about the house

and wanted to record my story because he thought it might be interesting

for his book. Anyways this occurred in the room where my family had

previously had the experience. I proceeded to tell him the story and when

I came to the point of the curtain moving I just happened to glance in

the direction of the curtain to which I said"just like now!"at that

point I proceeded to film the movement and then the windows in either

room to show that they were not open.

My Grampa Watches


Hello. I have visited your page many times to read the stories

people have put about their encounters with ghosts and spirits. My

stories are not much compared to other stories people have. But they

really happend. The first one I have to tell you is one that happend

to me and my sister a few years back. We live in a small house and I

was only about 6 years old. We both awoke in the night to the sound of

a rocking chair in our living room rocking really fast. We would

sleep with our door half open and so my older sis looked out and saw

it rocking! There was no one on it though! We both started to shake

and I was asking her what was out there. WE both clung to eachother

and we could still hear the chair rocking for about 10 minutes at the

same pace as earlier! Finally we became tired again and went to sleep.

The next morning we asked out mom about it and she tried to make it

so we wouldn't be scared and she said that our dad was up and sitting

on the chair rocking! But that is impossible since we could not see

any one on the chair and it kept up a steady pace for that long of a


The next story I am going to tell you is about the time just after

my grampa died. My grandma got up one night to go to the washroom.

After she went she walked into the kitchen for a drink of water! She

lived in a trailer so the living room was right in the open to the

kitchen! She got a glass from the cuboard and turned around to fill

it when she saw what looked like my grampa sitting on his favorite

chair! She thought she was seeing things so she turned around and

filled her glass! But when she looked around he was still there. He

was saying something and it sounded like he was saying. Its ok I am ok

now. He died of lung cancer and was really ill.

Another time was still dealing with my same grampa. Only this one

has to deal with my Aunty. My Aunty is married to a carpenter and he

travels a long ways away from home for a long period of time. My aunty

has a sickness and she gets anxiety attacks and stuff like that and

headaches and she gets really sick at night! One night she woke up

and seen a glowing in the room. She was sick and she was having

problems breathing. She all of a sudden seen our grampa and he was

standing near the door. He was moving his mouth but she couldn't hear

anything. My Aunty use to remeber how he would always be there for her

whenever she was sick. After a few minutes she began to feel better

and soon went back to sleep.

These aren't really anything compared to what I have heard. But I

thought it was kind of weird. My grampa has also been seen by my mom

late at night and my other aunties. I believe he is watching over all

of his daughters and wife.

Bus Ride


This happened to me while on a bus going through southern Utah. I live in

this part of the country, and their is alot a wide open spaces. And alot

of ghost stories. I never thought I would ever encounter a ghost or even

think of seeing one. But this night changed everything. We were on a

deserted strech of road, not a town or person in sight. The lights in the

bus were turned out and is was pitch dark outside. I glanced out of my

window and saw something on the side of the road, in a heart beat it was

gone. I though nothing of it, it was probably a road sign or something. I

shook it of and tried to get some sleep. When I looked out, for a split

second. I saw two people walking down the road. A man and a women hand in

hand. I sat up, quite shook up. But once again I dismissed it as my mind

playing tricks on me. But for the third time I look out, and I saw them

again! Hand in hand walking, I could see them more clearly now, it was an

older coupple. I blinked and they were gone.

This is my story, I dont know if anyone will believe it, but feel free to

put it on your page. Thank you.

Funny Feelings


Hello! I really enjoy reading the experiences on your page.

In any case....

I have a few stories I would like to share.

I grew up on a farm on the Southern end of Vancouver Island, Canada. For

thousands of years this area has been the home of the West Coast Haida

Indians. One summer afternoon 10 years ago, my father was working with

the tractor behind our barn digging up the soil for some reason or

another, when the sunlight glinted of an object buried in the dirt. My

dad hopped down to investigate and discovered the object was a black

stone spearhead in rather good condition considering it's age.

He brought in the house to show my mother, sister and I and placed it in

a shallow box on top of our side board to protect it from the curious

hands of a 9 and 7 year old. A few days later my mum and I were at home

together alone (I think I was sick)my dad being at work and my sister at

school. Suddenly we heard a crash from the sideboard. The box and

spearhead had fallen off the top self. This was a little odd considering

my father had pushed it a good 4 inches away from the edge. The box and

spearhead have been kept in the cupboard since.

During the Christmas of 1997 my family and I went to Louisiana

to visit friends. When in Louisiana you must go and visit the

plantation houses in the area which we did. First my family went to Oak Alley

plantation house (where they filmed the opening scene on "Interview

with the Vampire") built in 1839. As we followed the tour guide upstairs to

the bedrooms, both my mum and I felt a strong presence in the master

bedroom; not evil nor good but rather sad. Later in the tour we learned

that the upstairs is haunted by the ghost of what appears to be an

unidentified young woman with long brown hair (you can buy a photo of

her in the gift shop). She has been known to move about objects upstairs

but she has never harmed anyone. Sometimes, if you stand on the lawn

outside the bedroom window, you can see her looking out at you.

Anyway, moving on.....

Next we went to Nottoway Plantation house in Baton Rouge. This house was

not quite as old as Oak Alley but much grander. Once again we were

upstairs and I felt there was someone still there as well. The family

that lived there during the Civil War, I believed had 8 children (6

daughters & 2 sons). In the bottom level of the house there are a few

artifacts from the Civil War including a bayonette, bullets and a


Also amoung these items is a picture of the family's 17-year-old son who

fought and died in the Civil War, so it may be his ghost who walks the

halls of the house.

That evening when we were back at our friends house and in bed I was

sure I felt the presence of the young soldier in my bedroom with me. I

didn't feel scared, but protected as if he were watching over me as I slept.

Or perhaps it was the romantic fancies of a 17-year-old girls' mind?

Hotel in England


When I was 16 I went to Europe with a program with the school district.

The trip ended in London, England. Although I wasn't around to bear

witness to them, two different groups of people heard different

hauntings; one on the top floor, and one on the very bottom. This hotel

was very old, and most every step would creak. The next night, there was

a knocking on the door, but no creaks. We found no one was there. This

happened two more times that night. We also found a room with an open

door and the television was on; it was on in that there was sound coming

from it, but no picture on the screen. The hall on the top floor would

creak when no one else was around, and sounds would come from inside the

walls. One girl claimed to have seen a figure disappear. Two others said

they saw its face suspended in the air. Different parts of the hotel

would feel cooler than others. On the floor below us, two others claimed

the television would suddenly turn on. I was in this hotel, and though I

didn't witness everything, I did see the empty television room, feel the

cool air, and hear the knockings on the door, and sounds in the hall.

My Haunted House


When I was growing up I have had several experiences which led

me to believe the house was haunted.The first, I was about 6 years

old. I was lying in bed just about to fall asleep when I heard what I

thought was laughing. I turned over to tell my sister to be quiet when I

saw a black form floating beside my bed. My sister was sound asleep.

This form had no legs that I could see. It did have a smile on what I call

Its face. The next encounter did not happen until I was 16. I was

coming home late one night and came face to face with this

thing. It was the same thing I saw when I was 6 only this time there was

no smile. After an indescernable amount of time I ran to my room. I

have had several encounters with this thing throughout my teen years and began

calling it Paul Don't ask me why because I dont know

myself. My sister and brothers claim they have never saw it but one

brother says he has had haunting experiences such as things floating in his

room. My mother says she knows the house was haunted but she refused to

give any examples. I know this thing was not harmful because nothing

harmful ever happened. I also came to feel that this thing was protective

of us because I never felt alone or afraid in the house when I was alone.

When ever something was going to happen we were given warning signs such as

popping noises on the stove that we found out had a gas leak and

uneasy feelings using the garbage disposal that checked out to have a bare wire

that an electrician said could have caused a fire. This is my story, hope

it wasnt too long.

My Father


My father died in Las Vegas in 1993. The youngest of his five children,

I was the first one to make it out to Vegas for his funeral. (He was

cremated.) I got there on a Wednesday. Thursday morning, one of my

mother's friends came over to our house with some soda and other things

for us. I ran out of the house to help her unload her car. Out of the

corner of my eye, I saw my father standing beside the house. He had his

right hand on his hip and held his left hand in mid-air, as if he were

going to take a puff of a cigarette (ironic, because he died of lung

cancer) or as if he wanted to wave at or beckon to me. It was only a few

seconds, but a whole jumble of thoughts ran through my mind: "He's going

to say something to me! I don't want to hear it!" So I looked away, and

when I looked back, he was gone. I regret not stopping to hear what he

had to say to me. My brother says he chose me to say good-bye to. This

was the first time I've ever seen a ghost. I'm waiting to see my mother,

who died in May 1998. A footnote: When I saw him, I noticed that my

father was wearing his favorite khaki pants and a gold-and-white striped

shirt. That afternoon, I went to my father's office to work on the

program for the memorial service. His boss gave me a picture of my

father. In it, he was wearing that gold-and-white striped shirt.

Childhood Poltergeist


From the time I was 4, until I was about 16, my grandparents lived in a

house on Cloverdale road that had a poltergeist in it. I lived with them

for the first four years, then moved out with my mother, but even after we

moved I would spend weekends or holidays at my grandparents house. The

happenings were noticed by everyone in the family, my grandfather was the

only one who never said anything was out of the ordinary. He's a staunch

man of God and kept pictures of Jesus around, and he prayed daily, to bless

our house, and everyone in it.

The house had a sunroom that was added on the second floor, over the front

porch, this became my room. The wall between my bedroom and the master

bedroom (where my mother slept) was brick, and had two small windows on

either side of the door. I had to walk through her room to get to the

upstairs hall, where there was a door leading to the middle room (always

dark, because the only window was 2 feet from the house next door), and the

back of the upstairs had a small kitchen over top of the one on the first

floor, and a bathroom at the very back over top of my grandparents room on

the first floor. The downstairs had a living/dining combination that was

curtained off, the front room was a bedroom, the middle the dining room,

and stairs to the basement went down at the doorway to the kitchen, (beyond

was my grandparents room, as I mentioned).

My grandparents, my mother, my aunts and myself all lived there at once.

My aunts were teenagers, and experimenting with the occult and spirit

invocations- I really think this had a lot to do with everything. At their

age, they couldn't have understood the consequences of what they were


You could clearly hear footsteps in the middle bedroom, even during the

day, and then find out later that my aunt wasn't home. So many things got

moved around in Susan's middle room, that she put a lock on her door. But

it wasn't any of us. We heard walking, someone laying down heavily on the

bed, drawers opening and closing, the closet opening and closing- not loud

or frightening, just the normal noises Susan would have made if she was

there. Many times, when I was very young, I'd scamper up the stairs,

convinced she was there, and wanting to play with her, and when I got there

the door would be locked and noone would answer me when I knocked. Once I

even saw that the light was on in her room, it was shining around the door.

I called to her, and tried to open it, but it went out and the noises

stopped, my scalp would tingle with fear, and I'd run crying to my

grandmother and tell her what happened.

Once, when I was about 5 or 6, I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle

of the night, my room was awash with streetlamp light, but my mothers (with

no other windows) was very dark, I had to go slowly even though I was dying

to goto the bathroom, because I didn't want to crash into something and wake her up.

When I got there, I was just flushing and was suddenly possessed (no pun

intended) with the most abject horror for no apparent reason, I screamed

and screamed and screamed, I ran all the way from the bathroom past my

mother who was struggling to get up, into my room and under my blankets, I

was trembling and pale and shaking. It woke up the whole house, and it

took me hours to calm down and sleep, with the light on. I never knew what

had set me off, just blind panic.

Our pots and pans could be heard falling out of the cupboards, and when

you'd go check, everything would be in place, except maybe one thing, and

that would turn up days or weeks later. My mother saw a "black shadow

about 2-3 feet high", at the foot of her bed when she'd wake up in the

middle of the night. One day it waited until she was awake, then slowly,

deliberately came around the side of the bed and advanced towards her head,

she prayed fervently while it just stayed there, then mysteriously it faded

away. But it would always come back another night. She was the only one

who saw anything. The rest of us just heard disturbances.

I was playing with my toys one sunny day, in my room, I was about 7 at the

time. I picked up a bunting-bag (sort of like a baby sleeper but like a

gown sewed closed at the bottom instead of two legs, and also the ends of

the sleeve are sewn closed, and it had a hood). It was made of flannel,

and had flowers on it. I loved putting my baby dolls in it, it fit the

ones that were about 12" high. I had a doll prepared to put in it, and

reached for the flannel bag on the floor next to me, then I shrieked and

jumped up, flinging it away from me. I could feel there was something

(felt like a garter snake, or two) writhing inside of it, and making a

buzzing noise like the world's biggest housefly or bee. I stared at it in

horror as it lay on the floor, and the writhing could be seen. Then the

noise died down, and as it did so, the shapes quit squirming, and went

flat. I was screaming for help. My mother and aunt came upstairs, and I

told them what happened. I was sobbing so hard they could barely

understand me. They picked it up (even though I screamed and begged them

not to) and looked inside, there was nothing. The only way out, if

something was in there was through the neckhole and it was laying face up a

couple of feet from me, and I had not taken my eyes off it for anything.

They searched the room and found nothing. They said I imagined it, and

took me downstairs to have juice to drink. I swear I never played with it

ever again. I put that thing in the bottom of a box and left a pile of

heavy toys on top of it.

The house still stands, and when we all left none of those things ever

followed us, I wonder what else has happened there, over the last twenty


The Haunted Path

By: name withheld by request

The story I am about to relay was told to me by a very reliable friend

during my years in college. I had no reason to question the

authenticity of his story since I knew him to be a very "level headed"

man and was not given to "ghosts and goblin stories".

It appears that his grandfather lived in an old home out in the lonely

countryside of North Carolina during the 30's and 40's. He was a farmer

by trade and a very religious man. He lived there some years alone, his

wife having died of an unusual sickness. I had occasion to visit the

area myself and if you go to this area of North Carolina today you will

still find many cousins and aunts and uncles living very near one

another. It was the same way during his grandfathers time where he

lived very near to his son (my friends father). In fact the homes were

only 2 miles apart and connected via a dark path that wound through a

gloomy forest through which the relatives often traveled on visits back

and forth. It was always the goal to leave well before sunset. Lamp oil

was a precious commodity before and during the war years (W.W.II) and

one could not waste it on long trips in the dark.

On this particular occasion, my friends grandfather went to visit the

relatives on the other side of the forest. It was Thanksgiving time and

the trees had shed most of their leaves going into winter and there was

a chill in the air. The family had a joyous time together feasting on

turkey and all the trimmings. Grandfather was deeply engrossed in the

family time and no one noticed the sun starting to dip low on the

horizon - in fact too low for the safe journey back through the forest.

Even though members of the family pleaded with him to stay the night,

grandfather shrugged them off, "I have to start out early tomorrow

morning for town, my house is closer, I'll be alright." He departed

just as the sun disappeared behind the horizon and everything was bathed

in the misty light of twilight.

As I said before, Grandfather was a very religious man and wasn't in the

least bit intimidated by ghosts and ghouls. So the trek back through

the forest, although very dark without a lamp, didn't even cross his

mind as being risky. It was a waning moon that evening and cloudy, so

there was very little light, and under the eaves of the forest it was

even darker. He told his grandson later that even though he knew the

trail well he found himself thrashing around in underbrush on several

occasions. He even miscalculated the stream that crossed the path

around halfway through the forest and got his feet soaking wet. It had

rained the night before so the trail itself was muddy and his feet

started getting heavy from the mud. It was at about this point in the

trail that he "felt" something. As if something were following him.

Never having been on the trail after dark he explained it away as his

"imagination". Perhaps another 50 yards down the dark trail (as he

recalled) he heard something behind him splash through the creek he had

just crossed only moments before. "I didn't know what to think of that,

maybe a deer or something that was spooked back down the trail by his

passing", he later told his grandson. It sounded like it was in a big

hurry whatever it was. Perhaps it was the uncertainty derived from the

extreme darkness, maybe it WAS his imagination, but when he heard a twig

snap no more than 20 yards behind him only seconds later, he new it was

time to make tracks.

His grandfather was in his early forties at the time and was in

excellent physical condition (like many farmers from years of working

with their hands). From his estimation he was only a half mile from

home when he had started running (more of a jog than anything - as he

recalled). The mud made it tricky work and his feet were pretty heavy

with the thickness of mud clinging to them. But when he broke from the

trees and saw the shadow of the house around 100 yards away, he *heard*

what ever it was behind him give out a guttural growl as if it were

exerting itself by pouring on the steam for the final stretch.

That was his queue to let loose with a full out run for his life - mud

or no mud. He didn't look back, but heard the beastly thing behind him

chugging for air and crashing through the underbrush as it too broke

into the open. He then thought it might be a cougar or panther because

of the snarl, he didn't turn around to find out! He made for the back

door that was unlocked and at full speed, dove through the door. The

door crashed open at the force of his huge frame. He promptly slammed

it shut with his foot and quickly locked it. No sooner had he gotten to

his feet and backed away from the door (perhaps 3 second time lapse)

when "something" hit the door - the force of which shook the house. The

center of the door bowed in and he heard the hinges creak under the

stress, but thankfully (as he was to recall later) it held solid. He

quickly reached for his shotgun and like many hearty folk of his era,

leapt at the window just next to the door and aimed his shotgun out

at... NOTHING! There was nothing there.

Immediately he went around the house to make sure all the doors and

windows were locked (of course they were all wide open). But nothing

got in that he could find. It didn't rain that night so the next

morning, before he went to town, he went to check out the tracks of the

great beast that chased him. To his surprise, and dismay, he found

none. Nothing to verify his story - that he didn't imagine it. Only

his word (which was significant since he grew up in an era where a mans

word really WAS his bond). He rarely told the story because he just

figured it was a panther or maybe a bear. He did find it strange that

between the time it took him to grab his shotgun and get to the window

was less than a second and there was nothing there. He couldn't see

anything racing off back toward the forest in the decreasing light.

What about footprints? Certainly something that knocks down trees and

crashes into doors with such force should leave tracks.

To this day it remains unexplained.

Blue Calvary Rider


I live in Spartanburg, SC I live fairly close to the Cowpens Battlefield

area. I am going to tell you about one of the times I went there. A couple of

weeks ago I visited the battlefield for a picnic. It was weird from the start

because I swear I could no longer find the visitor's center. The asphalt roads

had been replaced with dirt roads. In the clearing where concerts are held was

all covered with trees and bushes. When I finally found my way to the area

where the big Calvary battle was fought I began to feel an eerie presence like

I was being watched. I turned around to find a bush shaking furiously. From

the bush a big flash quickly followed by the sound of a loud bang erupted. I

quickly turned to see who or what was shooting at. In the clearing a good 50

yards away a blue Calvary rider surely American stood with a traditional 17th

century revolutionary uniform on. And before my eyes he vanished into thin

air. I have not been back since.

The Wheelchair


I have experienced hauntings in almost every place I've ever lived in.

(That's probably because my mother never sees ghosts, but loves

old-fashioned houses!)

The first house I grew up in, was a single-level 2-bedroom with a

basement. When you passed inside the front door, you came upon a

hallway with 4 doors -- first my parents' bedroom door, then the

bathroom door, then the basement door, then the door to the bedroom that

I shared with my brother.

When I was little I was always the first one awake. (How I wish I had

that kind of energy now!) I would walk into the hallway to go to the

bathroom. Once, I saw a carved wooden chair with big wheels, one on

each side, sitting right outside my parents' bedroom. Normally, I would

have lost no time in climbing all over this new piece of furniture, but

this one, for no apparent reason, made the hair stand up on the back of

my neck. I ran back into my room and slammed the door.

Later that day, I asked my father to please get rid of the big wooden

chair in the hallway. Thinking I was playing a game, he said there

weren't any chairs in the hallway but if he ever saw one, he'd be sure

to move it. I didn't see the chair again for almost 6 years. When I

saw it the next time, it was sitting in the exact same place as before.

I was older now and wasn't quite so afraid, so I came closer. The chair

was battered and scarred this time. Part of the back corner had been

broken off, and the seat was yellowed. It smelled like very old, musty

leather. I still couldn't bring myself to actually touch the chair, but

I managed to go to the bathroom, anyway. While I was brushing my teeth,

I heard a metallic crash in the basement. I figured my dad was

downstairs trying to fix the furnace again (it was October, after all),

but that was odd, since I hadn't heard him go down there -- but maybe he

was up before me. When I came back out, the chair was gone.

I went to the refrigerator and poured myself some juice. My mother came

into the kitchen in her nightrobe, and I asked her if Dad had gotten the

furnace fixed yet. She said no, but he'd probably try again once he got

out of bed. I said he's already up, I heard him in the basement. She

told me, "You mean that loud noise? I heard it too, it woke me up.

Your dad's still in bed. Go downstairs, maybe a stray got into the

basement last night." and I went.

The basement was very cold, colder than usual even for an October

morning. I searched the entire area (not too difficult since it was

just a big, concrete floor -- not much on it except for shelves of

canned goods), but I didn't find any signs of an animal being there: no

droppings, claw marks, paw prints, or jars of food broken. There was no

animal smell, either. I thought for a moment. The crash I heard was

too loud to be just any animal, unless something had been knocked over,

and everything appeared to be in its usual place.

That wasn't the first time we had heard strange noises coming from the

basement, either. They normally happened around winter or late fall,

and the noises always sounded like metal clanking -- like someone

banging a shovel against a wall. The sounds would come at night or

early morning, and one week they got so bad that we all had to move into

the living room just to get some sleep!

I didn't put two and two together until many years later, when I was a

teenager. Mother finally told me the story of how they had bought the

house. It had been cheap to buy because a man had fallen to his death

down the basement stairs a few months prior to Dad buying the place.

The man was fairly wealthy, and had the house built (one story high) to

his accomodate his special needs -- because he was in a wheelchair.

I told my mother about the chair I had seen in the hallway twice before

("chair with wheels": I was too little to have seen a wheelchair) and

she told me what our next-door neighbor had told her: that when the man

had died, he was sitting in the hallway while his nurse ran a bath for

him, and the basement door opened (or had been left open -- who knows?).

The man was a miser, according to neighbors, and probably didn't want a

draft coming into the house, so he wheeled himself over to shut the

door. One of the wheels accidentally went over the edge, somehow, and

the poor guy fell down the stairs and split his head open. (There were

still bloodstains at the bottom of the stairway! My brother and I had

always just assumed it was old red paint!) The nurse called out for him

to come and take his bath, and heard him flailing around downstairs,

trying to get back into his chair.

Mom and Dad never told me or my brother. I guess they didn't want us to

grow up nervous or jittery. The ghost (if that's what it was) was never

really mean. I guess he just wanted his wheelchair back.

My Strange Story


Hello! I would like to tell you of a strange thing that happened to me.

It started with a dream that would not leave me alone. It was about a

house that was important to me for some reason. I dreamt of it over and

over seeing all of its different owners as they moved in and changed the

houses layout. Parties they had and everyday things that were done

there. One early owner was an older female that did not like me being

there. I wondered about this house for years until I moved to my recent

address and ran across the house on a drive. I was angry because they

had moved "my garden" and replaced it with a pool! I was surprised by

this feeling! Why did I feel angry about that? I decided to talk with

the recent owners and tell them of the remodeling I had seen and about

the baby that was lost in the home early on. The owner was astonished

that everything I said was true and explaned to me the house was

haunted! I was surprised at this and wondered who was haunting this

place. Could it have been me ? Was I haunting them while I was deaming?

Can this happen? Why was I drawn to this house? I assure you I had never

visited the house in real time and am in awe as to what secret this

house holds for me. Could I be the woman who died in childbirth in this

house over 100 yrs ago? Also, the woman who I spoke of earlier who did

not want me in the house, she turned out to be the original owners

second wife. The first died in childbirth.

Please write back with any insight you might have on this subject. I

have not dreamt of the house since finding it. Thank you.

Spirits in the House


I don't think I need any help now , I sure wish

the help would have been there in 1974, we didn't know where to turn at

the time. I thought you might be interested in what happened to us.

The couple who rented the apt. to my daughter

were 80 plus yrs old. We told them about the lights going out at

different times and they couldn't figure it out. So we never told them

any thing else.

One time my 2 daughters and my 2 yr old grandson were sitting on the

floor and way back in the kitchen they suddenly started to hear a

strange sound. And my grandson said Tiger

Mommy Tiger. It was a growling sound. My Grandson was scared and jumped

up and made a bee line for the stairs. Then my daughters also jumped up

and they left the house for the night .

Every other day or so they would here pots and pans falling out of the

cupboards , but when they would go look nothing was out of order.

It was a very nice apt. very clean and pleasant looking.

It was getting close to xmas and she decided to move. She couldn't take

it any more. Too scary. So I would go over in the day time and thinking

nothing scary would happen then in day light,

I went over to pack some things up while she was at class. I started to

grab some things off the shelf but I had a funny feeling that I didn't

want to reach in the closed. And all of a sudden it sounded like a 100

footsteps in there, walking.

So I ran out of there an quick as I could and

refused to go back there by myself.

From then on we would go over at least 2 of us.

at a time. Then one of the last times I went over

I was standing waiting for my grandson to finish in the bathroom , and I

was afraid to stand with

my back to the hall for some reason . I kept thinking someone was going

to touch me .

Sure enough I turned to ask my grandson if he was finished yet , and it

felt like someones hand touched me on my left arm . I grabbed my

grandson and ran to the front room with my family and told them what

happened. So after that we pretty much stayed together and worked to get

her move out of there.

A friend of my daughters knew the couple who lived in that apt. before

her. and they got in touch with the woman and told her what hapened

there. She wanted to meet with my daughter because she had some scary

things happen to her..

Her husband had drowned in the Maumee River in Toledo Ohio. under

suspicious circumstances. the police were never able to prove it , but

thought he might have been murdered.

So his wife had a seance in the apt. where they lived. And she said she

brought him there and he told her he was murdered.She had a big

insurance on him that he had taken out on himself. and when she went

home from work at night her house would be all messed up with

things tossed all around. She had to move away couldn't take it .

Over these past 24 yrs. we've had strange things happen. Spiritual

things.and such.

Seems to have settled down now.

But I thought you would be interested to hear our story . And all that

I've have told you is true. There are no lies here. Let me know what you

think. It's comforting to have someone to tell this stuff to . A lot of

people think your nuts when you mention these things. So we pretty much

keep it to ourselves. I'm interested to hear what you have to say about

these things.

Never Alone


I think my house is haunted. I was really terrified, but after a year I'm used

to it, for example me and my boyfriend have heard footsteps up and down the

hall outside our bedroom. Sometimes it sounds like someone is checking the doors

and windows, and one night me and my boyfriend had a fight and I went to go stay

at a friend's house. When my boyfriend came home, he sat on the sofa and started

dozing off. When all of a sudden there was a series of loud banging up and down

the hall like someone was angry. He jumped up and came ran out the door and came

to my friends to ask me to come home. Another strange time my boyfriend came home

for a few hours to take a nap. He called me at work, I was about 45 minutes away, we

talked for a few minutes. After we hung up he went into the bedroom to lay down

when again all of a sudden it sounded like someone was putting dishes away and

moving around. So my boyfriend says he thought to himself "oh, Ivy's home" after

about a minute he realized it could not have been me because he just got off the

phone with me and I was 45 minutes away. Alot of unexplained things have happened.

Sometimes when we've been in the house alone and sworn that we're not alone even

when we are alone. Iit feels like someone is watching us. We've been together in the

house and feel like we are being watched. I don't feel afraid anymore but now we are

moving out of this apartment and it may sound even stranger but you can almost

feel a sad feeling like whatever is with us knows we are going and is sad. But I

find myself feeling sad too. I hope it likes who moves in.

Suicide Home


I've had strange things happen to me for most of my

life. Unexplainable things.... but the the strangest things happened at my

last home. We built our home on a property that had a suicide committed on

it. We often heard loud bangs and crashes that had no explanations. The

doorbell would ring and no one would be there (we had 40 acres and it would have

been impossible for anyone to be playing jokes on us), water faucets would turn

off and on, off and on, strong cologne smells that would wake me in the middle

of the night (my husband would still be at work and no, I wasn't having an

affair) people talking and laughing in our bedroom, only we couldn't see them,

light switches turning off by themselves, loud, heavy footsteps coming into my

room, stopping and then leaving, plants and lamps being turned upside

down. My mother and her dog would come for a visit. Mom would feel a real

presence in her room and the dog would stand at the foot of the stairs, barking

madly. I left the home 5 years ago and it doesn't seem like whatever was

there followed ... thank the the Lord.

It's Followed Us


I'm not sure why, but both my cousin Jessie and I, who now own a house

together, seem to be overwhelmed by ghostly happenings. Several months

after her father's death, she witnessed a bright light materialize in a

rocking chair in her home back in Ontario, and, as the chair began to rock

steadily, she smelled her dad's favorite aftershave wafting through the

room; about the same time, my whole family was rocked by the nightly

sing-song of Neil Diamond's "Song Sung Blue" upstairs in the kitchen while

we stared nervously up the stairs, both fascinated and frightened on

hearing the voice of my late brother, a mildly retarded young man who had

died of nephritis years before. Once Alan decided to stop serenading, our

old dog died... but we continued to hear the slow "pit-a-pat" of her

footsteps up the stairs every day until my parents sold the house and moved

away. Later, by peculiar chance, my art consultant lived in the house.

The dog, apparently, was still there too.

About six years ago, Jess and I (at that point unaware that we were first

cousins!) moved into an ancient and rickety house downtown here in Calgary.

Three days later, as I hung up clothes in the deep closet in my room, a

cheerful voice, that of an elderly man, from BEHIND the barrier of

clothing, said, "Hello." That guy said hello to me every morning until we

moved out-- from down the stairs, in the foyer as I came inside, everywhere

and anywhere... except down in the basement. Down there was something we

called the Lump; I don't know what the Lump was, but I had the impression

it might have been a severely disturbed or retarded adolescent that had

been kept locked in the canning kitchen down in that hellhole of a lower

level. His presence was overwhelming, even stifling: our roommate, Gloria,

wouldn't even go downstairs, and, if she needed anything from the boxes

that we all kept stored down there, she insisted we go fetch it. Still, if

she wouldn't visit the Lump, it would visit her. More than once the

sliding door of her bedroom on the main floor was pushed open, and she

would sense someone looking at her, checking on her. She blamed us.

Funny... our bedrooms were upstairs... and she was really too much of a

bi**h to bother visiting in the middle of the night.

Jessie also saw a white poodle run down the upstairs hallway a few times.

Right now, in our new house, things move about and disappear, sometimes

for a week or more. They always reappear clean and dusted. Hopefully,

that's the extent of this poltergeist-type activity... and if they move my

keyboard or monitor, I think I'll consult an exorcist.

All true, and thanks for listening

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