My Mother-In-Laws Haunted Home


I live in central Texas. My mother-in-law

whose name is Jane has been the unfortunate victum of living with two entities

for the last fifteen years or so. Let me tell you about Jane, she is real

great and I would never trade her for anything, however, she is a real

cleaner. And I mean this girl can clean! And she knows where

everything in her house is and is supposed to go. It drives her nuts if

the slightest thing is out of order. You can not wear your shoes on the

carpet, lean against the walls, put anything in the refrig without wiping it

off, and no smoking or drinking. They had their home built new in a new up and

coming subdivision in 1984. It is a nice all brick two story home, four

bedrooms, two and half baths. The first experience came the day after they

moved in. Jane and her oldest daughter Lisa had left to go clean their

former home leaving her husband Dan and her two younger daughters Laurie and

Megan at home. Both girls had crawled into bed with Dan and shortly after

Dan heard someone downstairs turning on the water and closing cabinets he also

heard them walking through the rooms and on the stairs. Dan assumed that

Lisa had not left with Jane and went back to sleep. After ten he and the

younger girls got up and when he could not find Lisa he got real

concerned. In fact he was so sure that someone had been in the house he

took both Laurie and Megan and drove back to their former house that Jane AND

Lisa were cleaning up (which was a good twentyfive miles away).

Later Jane would hear voices (high pitched) and

things would be moved. This especially drove her crazy because she KNEW

where she had put something. Bad smells would come up in a room that had

been vacant all day. Cigar smoke would often occur in the one bedroom that

was unused. And the doors would unlock, this was really bad because if her

husband came home he would get really mad and yell at her (causing you guessed

it a real strain on their marriage) she would double and triple check

herself that the door was locked and whalla it would be unlocked and sometimes

wide open when she got home from the store or the bank or whereever. Light

switches would go on and off. Once when she was standing right next to

it!The house had a real freaky feel to it and often

you would see shadows out of the corner of your eye.After I married her son and became more

familier with the

problem Jane opened up to me more. They had lived in the house for about

six years when Lisa first saw the first entity. She had stayed home while

Jane took the younger girls for haircuts. She was in the younger girls

room making Megan's bed (A rarity unto itself!) when she looked up and saw a

girl sitting on the floor near the TV and door.The girl was about twelve

or thirteen with long hair and a long dress. She had her knees bent and

her arms around her knees. Lisa watched her for a few moments and then the

girl disapeared. She was watching TV downstairs and looked up

to see the same girl come down the stairs and fade away.

She quickly went outside and waited nearly hysterical for Jane to come

home. The two younger girls of Janes were often reporting hearing things

and once the older one, Laurie, was pulled slightly down the stairs. When

questioned about it she told her mom that whatever touched her had been


One morning while fixing breakfast Laurie was

sitting at the table nearby and Jane heard a voice clear as day asking her a

question (unfortunately she could not remember what the words were) Jane assumed

it was her younger daughter annoying her and told her to wait. Then she

and Laurie realized at the same time that the voice had not been Megan or anyone


For a long time the entity would awaken her at

night by trying to get into bed with her and Dan. She would feel it crawl

up onto the bed and the weight of it across her legs. She likened it to a

toddler crawling up the bed to sleep with her. When it would happen she

would lay still and wait for the feeling or presence to go away This

happened sometimes several nights in a row and then nothing for a long

time. Sometimes her husband was aware of something and sometimes

not. He remained of the opinion that all of them (wife and girls) were

nuts as he refused to admit to having experienced anything. Several times

when Jane was reading in the bath (she's got one of those great whirlpool tubs

that you can lay and read in for hours) she would hear him murmering in his

sleep like maybe the presence was messing with him. She also woke up twice

and when leaning over to look at the clock looked down and saw two girls laying

on the floor.

There was a night when she

woke and saw a red door hanging in the room. (I never understood where

this fit in) this scared her badly and she never went back to sleep that


As unnerving as all of this is Jane was not ever afraid well

at least not to the point of getting help or moving. But she was afraid

real bad once.While vaccuming she got real real scared and out of the

corner of her eyes saw something. Shortly afterwards (I forget if this was

later that day or the next day) she was doing dishes and got the same feeling

she turned and saw a man in the kitchen behind her close to the table. He

was short with short dark hair parted and combed over. Dark rimmed

glasses, mustache, blue work shirt (like a mechanic) and dark pants with heavy

black shoes. He was gone from her vision instantly but obviously she got a

good enough look. He frightened her very badly but has never been seen


Dan finally got a look at it. Jane was up late reading

the paper at the table (as is her nightly habit before taking her bath) and Dan

came in the kitchen and popped her on top of her head.I just saw

your little friend. he said and continued that he was watching TV

and saw one of the girls standing at the foot of the stairs in a gown watching

him. After a moment he realized both of his girls were much older and they

didn't wear nightgowns nor had he seen them come downstairs. He looked

again and she was still there after a moment he looked again but she was gone

and then he went to thump my mother-in-law on the head and tell her. He

was pretty shaken up about it and later refused to talk about it.

Jane started to really miss things around the

house. A favorite hair bow of Lauries was missing for months and one day

while putting away the laundry she closed one drawer put some underwear away

opened the first drawer again and on top of some folded t-shirts was the

hairbow. A Bealls credit card went missing for several weeks and made her

miss using it for a sale. Once when putting up sheets in the closet she

could not shut it and after trying seveal times held the door open all the way

asked the presence to leave and was able to shut the door right


The upstairs TV's had

serious problems one that would glow when unplugged (Jane's room) and one (girls

room) that would change channels continuously when she was in the room once she

really wanted to watch something on Oprah while making beds and when she asked

IT to stop and explained how much she wanted to see the show the TV changed

channels all the way to the channel with Oprah and stopped

Lisa would wake up with one

of her posters (The Nelson's remember them) in bed with her under her


We came to the conclusion

that it was two girls one preteen and one about five. (with the exception

of the man) The subdivision was wooded farmland before being developed so

there is no way of ever knowing what happened to bring the spirits into her


Finally Jane took a step that has help

somewhat. Never particularly religious she made the decision to make it

stop. She asked the presence to leave her and the family alone and put out

her bible. Since then about two years there have only been small

occurences that could also be dismissed as something else, but she knows in her

heart that it is probably the entity making itself known.

The Bow


My great grandmother died in the begining of 1980, months before I would be


Everyone was excited about my birth because they all hoped I would be the

first girl born,since there where so many boys. My mother and father were busy

building there first home and during this, my mom found a small white bow on

the ground of the half built house. It looked like a bow that would be

attached to a little doll. She thought nothing of it and threw it away.Right

before my birth our house was complete. My mother was walking through the

kitchen when she felt a presence behind her,she turned,and for some reason

looked down to find the same little bow she found before. She was sure this

was a sign from my great grandmother that she was having a girl. She placed

the bow in a small green box to save. Sure enough, a few weeks later she

delivered a baby girl ! I still have the little white bow my great grandma

gave to my mother, every once in a while I look at it and remember this story.

The Mass Pike Orb


This may be a rather long story but I'll try my best to condense.

One night while I was alone in my apartment, some presence tried to

get my attention. I was relaxing in the bathtub trying to get rid of a

murderous daylong headache, when suddenly the doorknob started rattling

as if someone were trying to get in. The door had been locked but with

the frantic turning of the knob, the lock popped open. I covered myself

with a towel and quickly got out of the tub expecting one of my male

roommates to come barging in on my female nakedness. I shouted to the

moronic person that I was in the bathroom and wasn't the locked door

obvious! I left the bathroom and checked around the apartment to be

sure the doors and windows were locked and closed. I also wanted to

catch the deviant roommate and yell at him for disturbing my bath. But

my cat and I were alone in the apartment and all entrances were

secured. I was perplexed but kept this incident to myself.

Two nights later I was home alone again and I was lying on the bed

reading. My cat was sitting on the chair next to my bed facing me when

both of us were startled by the sound of plates crashing and scattering

all over the kitchen floor. The cat even heard the noise because she

jumped and looked toward the kitchen. We both got up to head for the

kitchen so I could clean up the mess, but nothing was broken and I had

thoroughly searched the cabinets and the floor. I gave up and went back

to the bed but in the back of my mind, I was starting to wonder if this

was a ghost.

I decided to tell one of my roommates, who I was fairly close with

at the time, my story. We were eating dinner at an ice cream

parlor/diner. The location of the diner is significant because it is

right across from the Mass Pike. Anyway, he was reluctant to believe my

ghostly theory, saying that he believed that I believed what I had seen

but that he had no frame of reference to go on so he didn't know what to

think. Disappointed at his inability to support me, I did not mention

the two incidents the rest of the evening.

We were driving back home on the Mass Pike when I noticed a white

ball of light on the side of the road. I watched it float through the

passenger side headlight and into the van. Because I was rather pi**ed

at the driver's wimpy response to my story about his having no frame of

reference to go by, I felt he was undeserving to be told about the orb.

Plus I figured he wouldn't believe it anyway.

I was shocked when he pulled to the side of the road. He was

rocking back and forth with his hands clasped to his head chanting over

and over again "I don't believe it, I don't believe what I just saw".

To quote myself I said, "You saw the ball of fog, didn't you!", and he

did see it!

What a refreshing feeling for me when I could actually witness him

finally getting a frame of reference to go by. Thanks for listening.

My Old Home


Im not sure what time it was but to my guess around 7:00 pm. I was maybe 6 or

older that time when I first saw them.. I was with my two cousins one older

then me a year and the other younger then me 2 years. The three of us were

sitting on my cousins parents bed drawing. I just looked up from the picture I

was drawing and there before me and my two cousins were men-like shape but no

faces walking around the side of bed. They look like they're searching for

something.. The first thing I said was look! I pointed at the men-like figures

walking around and my cousin(older one) looked up and my older one too saw

them but my younger cousin can't. They were walking in to my cousin's older

sisters room. The room always seemed wierd to me cause of the white curtains

and the bed. Of course... without thinking we ran up to the second floor.About

halfway up we heard my younger cousin still downstairs crying. We told him to

run up but he refused told us to come down and get him. He jumped on his bed

crying. Seemed wierd to me so we just ran upstairs and knocked madly on door

of my sister,me, and other cousin room. They opened the door and we ran in. We

told them what we saw and they were confused not sure to believe us or not.

Few weeks later everyone went out somewhere but my 1 year older then me cousin

her older cousin and grandma didn't. My cousin told me that they heard strange

noises seeming to be coming under her desk. Grandma was outside doing

something so they screamed out for thier grandma. And when she came in the

noises stopped. When she went out again the noises reappers. Whats wierd? theres

a statue of a boy in our backyard, that really gets me the creeps. I then knew

what was causing this when i asked my sister why do you think its haunted?

has someone been killed here before we moved in? Then my sister told me that

grandma told her before we moved in there was this lady who lives there and

killed every husbands she had had. We finally moved because of family


I Will Not Sleep Alone


I have a rather bizarre ghost story, or maybe it just appears that way

to me since I had never experienced ghost before.

It was many years ago when I was 14 yrs old and spending a few weeks at

our lake home. My best friend was also there spending the time as were

my grandparents.

One night my friend and I decided to spend the night in the den rather

than our bedroom. The den has a lovely view of the lake and has a wall

of windows. It is a very large room. As we were in our sleeping bags,

I noticed what looked like a man sitting in the arm chair. The

apparition was black, you could not distinguish any features. But, you

could see a bowler hat (our a similar hat) on his head. He just sat

there and did not move,his arms resting on the chair. I was paralyzed

with fear. I eventually mentioned this to my friend, or maybe she

mentioned it to me first, I`m not sure. I just remember that after a

long time we started talking about our late night visitor. We compared

notes on what we were seeing and it became apparent that we were both

seein the same thing. A shadow? I think not and if you read on, you

will know why I am so sure.

My friend and I became so scared they buried ourselves in our sleeping

bags and held on to each other for dear life. We knew we had to get out

of there but were too scared to move. Eventually, we got up our nerve

and made a mad dash to the bathroom. Keep in mind, our lake home is

quite large and the bathroom was not nearby. We huddled in the bathroom

for some time and got up our nerve to make it to our bedroom. This

time, for some reason, we didn not run. As we were making our way to

the bedroom, we saw another apparition on the living room sofa. This

was definetely no shadow, there were no windows in this room therefore

no light except the bathroom light. This apparition was easier to see.

It was a woman from the turn of the century. She was dressed in a white

dress, possibly a Victorian wedding gown and lying in the pose of a

deceased person.

As you could imagine, we hightailed it to our bedroom. When in the

bedroom we sat up with the light on. I am not sure how much time passed

but eventually we heard what appeared to be a marching band playing. We

looked at the clock and saw that it was after 3 am and therefore highly

unlikely that a marching band we be performing in this rather sleepy

like community. Had it not been for this, we would of considered at as

teenage imaginations going wild. You can see things, but hearing them

is another story.

In the morning we checked out the house to see if there was anyway for

music of played by itself in the house. We found an old radio down in

the basement but it was not plugged in. We then plugged in the radio

and it did not even work anymore.

We asked my grandparents if they had heard anything and they said they

had not. When we told them our stories, they just laughed. And, almost

everybody else we have told since laughs also. If they don`t laugh,

they listen and nod their heads but we can tell they are just being

considerate and patronizing us.

We are now both 30 yrs old (born a day apart) and live over 1,000 miles

apart. When we are together we still talk about this and stand by our

story and memory. We still agree about what we saw and heard.

I have no explanation about this but I will not sleep alone in this

house. I don`t even visit often but when I do, I`m still scared to


Freaky Experience!

By: anonymous

I was 14 years old when I had the most Freaky Experience!

It was about 4:30 in the morning when it started.I was laying n my

twin bed in my room.

My bedroom was upstairs at the time.There were three rooms upstairs.My

brothers,then a spare room,Then mine which joined the spare room.

My Bedroom didn't have a door on it.The Hall light on the stairs was

always left on.My bed was put to where I could look atthe paneled wall

in the spare room.The Hall light would shine onto that wall in the spare


Well,I woke up at abut 4:30am.It was a school night,and I couldn't

fall back asleep.So I laid in my bed,just looking at the wall.(My floor

was wood).Anyway thats when it started.Iheard like a dogs walkig across

the floor.You know like when you hear a dogs nails hit on a wood floor.

I looked to see what it was.Nothing was there.I thought to myself,you

must be hearing things.

I laid there and looked at the paneled wall in the spare room.

Then the shadows on the wall started to change.It changed into a fetus

curled up still connected to the umbilical cord.I was really freaking

out.I started rubbing my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things.It was

still there.

Then it changed again.I saw two people.A man and a woman.The were

facing each other.And their lips were moving,like they were talking to

each other.I could hear very faint whispering.It was weird.I was scared

and I was curious.I couldn't really move.I did pinch myself

to see if I was fully awake.

I rubbed my eyes several times to see if I was seeing this for

real.Then I saw an elderly woman.She was in a long dress,she was holding

a cain.Her hair was in a bunn.She just appeared next to the other two

people.She just stood there.

I was scared,but I didn't feel true fear till what happened next.The

people o the wall disappeared.Then another figure appeared.

It was a man.He had no hair,and was very muscular.He started walkin

toward my room.I was petrefied.I started to pray to GOD.My brother

coughed n his room.The figure turned his head sharply to look.I was

sweating now,praying my butt off.

He looked my way and you could see himgetting bigger,and closer.He

blocked the light out .The only light that I could see was the light

from where his head was shaped and shoulders.I was stilliing praying.

Then out f no where a white smoke like ball

was above my head.I felt comfortable.Then like everything went whish.And

everything was gone.

It took 2 hours for this to end.I laid in bed till my brothers alarm

went off.As soon as my brother came out of his room,I ran down th stairs

to wake my mother.I was hysterical.

My bed was soaked with sweat.

I'm 31 now.I remember that day like it was yesterday.I'm an ordinary

person,with an ordinary life.I don't have no super great memory

,but that day I remember very clearly.

I tried to figure out who the people might be.

>From what I understand an elderly woman had died in the house.

My mother lost 2 babies at that time.And my aunt had died...That

explains the woman.She had dark long hair,like the shadow did.

I can't figure out about the man.

The big bald muscular guy,Was evil.I felt it.

I was terrified when he appeared.

The only thing I can figure the white ball was,

was pure and good.Sent from God.

I'm not a real church goer.I'm just an average person.I beleive in

God.I pray.I don't go to church.

Well,theres my story hope you can understand it better then I can...

As far as the dog goes...My mothers dog had died several years before.

Well,I hope you don't think I'm wacked out.I don't do drugs and I dont

drink,except o occassion.

The White Lady


Some years ago, while vacationing in north western Sjealand in Denmark, I had what you might

call a paranormal experience. We had some sort of electrical black out, but the strangest

thing was that the light bulbs on all of the lights glowed a dim redish orange. Very eery...

I looked out the living room window, it's a rather large one so nothing was blocking my

view when I saw an aparition standing just outside the window. She wore a white flowing

shroud, one eye showed from under her wrapping...and the eye was just an empty socket.

She stood there for a few minutes , while I finally got the nerve to run out there and

investigate more, but when I got outside, she was gone

Now mind you, the town I stay in during the summer in Denmark is litered with broze and viking

age grave mounds, heathen worship sites, and the site of the grave of Saint Hellana of Sweden.

Holy wells span through the country side, the local church is buried on top of an old heathen

site, and there is an old road dating back a couple thousand years.

Local myth says that there are elves dwelling by the grave mounds, some of which will try

and lure you to your deaths and suck out your soul. If you ever walk through the forests

in Tisvildehegn, I'm sure you'd agree that it's a spiritual and perhaps a haunted place.

There is a bog in the very same forest, every full moon you can see "spirits" dancing on the

water there, I think they are more commonly known as the Willow of the Wisps, its an exciting

experience....I've seen them once and would love to see them again.

Stories from Mass.


Hi again.

Recently I sent another page of stories and I am here

to add another batch to your great website. In the

first batch I told some of my experiences in my grandma

home, now I will tell you some of the stories that my

family has passed down to me, they come from everywhere

in the U.S mostly in mass. The first one that I can

vividly remember is a recent one which occured about

1yr ago. One day at my gradmothers house in the Cape,

my younger cousin Matt was taking a bath and he felt

like someone was in the room with him. At first he

thought it was his older sister who spent most of her

time in the bathroom, and her told her to get lost but

the presence didn't go away so he pushed the curtain

back a little to see who it was and there was a girl

standing there. He said she had the meanest grin on her

face, which was all swollen and purple, He closed his

eyes and when he opened them again she wasn't there

anymore, but he said he could still feel her there.

The second one I can remember is when my cousin Kelly

(Matts older sister) was home alone and her dog Robin

was with her in the den. Kelly said she could hear

footsteps going across the upstairs rooms, after the

first time her dog flipped out and ran to the foot of

the stairs and started barking. She got up and looked

upstairs and she couldn't see anything and the steps

stopped, so she went and sat back down. When she sat

down the footsteps started again! and the dog went

beserk again, only this time she could here the steps

coming down the stairs! and the dog ran away

whimpering with his tail between his legs. The steps

stopped at the foot of the stairs and Kelly saw a man

come around the corner he had a glow around him and

looked like my uncle. Kelly said she freeked and ran

out the door into her moms arms. Later they asked her

to look at a picture, she did and said THAT'S HIM! It

was my grandpa who had been dead since my dad was 15

and he is now 37. Another story I can remember is a

short one. My aunt had come home from work and was

sooo tired she fell asleep on the couch. She woke up

and felt someone sit down at the end of the couch she

turned on the light, thinking it was my cousin having

a case of insomnia, and looked at the end of the

couch. There was no one there! She could see the

imprint as if someone was there but no one was! She

got up and went upstairs and slept in the bed with my

grandma. Another story was when one day my cousin

Kelly and my aunt were arguing in the T.V. room, my

other cousin Heather was in there to, when the

argument got a little heated the T.V. turned on all by

it's self and started to change channels really fast.

Heather yelled at them to shut up and look, when they

did it stopped. They shrugged their shoulders and

continued in their "disscusion" and again the T.V.

started to act up! My aunt and Kelly stopped arguing

and it stopped to. They apologized and the T.V. shut

off! It was like it was warning them to stop arguing

it never happened again.One night when my dad was

little there was a storm, this is when he lived in a

house in Hingham, him and 4 of his brothers and

sisters where sleeping downstairs because they where

scared. My grandma went out to get some candles and

other supplies for the night, before she left she told

them to pick up all of the toys that were at the

bottom of the steps,so they did then they all went to

bed. About 20 mins later they heard what sounded like

some one was THROWING the toys down the stairs, so his

older sister and brother went and looked. There was no

toys and the noise stopped as soon as they went out

there. This continued for awhile they would hear the

noise get up check and there would be nothing. About

an hour after his mom left his older sisters friends

showed up and they heard the noise to, so they checked

the house and the noise stopped so my dad and the rest

of his brothers and sisters got up the courage and

went out by the stairs. After a few seconds a little

toy barbie boot came tumbling down the stairs from

nowhere! I have two stories left so bear with me! One

night after my parents had met, they went to his house

to watch a movie.(some cheesy horror flick,no doubt)

After they had watched the movie for awhile my dad

went into the kitchen to get some more food, or

something,(at this point I should mention they where

alone)and he left my mom alone. My mom said she turned

around and saw a man sitting near her in a armchair.

She smiled and he smiled back, the girl on the screen

screamed and my mom turned away for a second and when

she looked back he was gone! When my dad came back in

the room she told him what happened, they shrugged it

off as her imagination overreacting. At the end of the

movie as she was leaving she saw a picture hanging on

the wall near the door she asked my dad who it was. He

said "oh thats my dad, Why?" She said "thats the man

in the chair". My dad got really pale and said "he's

been dead since I was fifteen". seems my dads dad was

saying hello to his sons girlfriend! O.K my last story

has to do with my moms side of the family. A few days

after the death of my great-grandma my mom was folding

laundry in my living room (we used to live in Hull in

my grandma's house.) She smeled this overwhelming rose

scent. It reminded her of the roses at her grandmas

funeral, They had all roses because that was her name.

After awhile the smell didn't go away and my mom left

the room to go get her mother who was upstairs. When

she left the room she could no longer smell the roses.

Freeking out she ran up to her mother and when she got

in the room with her her mother was white as a ghost

and all she could smell was roses! It was only in

those two parts of the house. The thing is the room my

grandma was in used to be Roses room! and the living

room was her favorite place to read! They decided it

was Rose telling them she was Ok after a few days the

smell decided to dissipate. Oh! one more short one. A

few days before my parents wedding my mom was looking

at a picture of her grandma Rose, When the picture was

originally taken she had a half-smile on her face but

when my mother was looking at it the smile was huge

and she could see her teeth! It was the only picture

they had of her since she hated having her picture

taken. There was no mistake, she checked with everyone

they all agreed the smile was bigger! Thanks for

hanging on with me. I have more stories but will tell

them another time.

Restaurant Bill


I have been bar manager at a local restaurant in our victorian tourist

town for almost six years. In this time I seemed to have made a friend

whom I have never actually met. I named him Bill. Three months

after I started working there the restaurant sold, this is when

several things began to happen. We use to have wooden slats behind the

bar to walk on which were around three inches off the floor, this was

much easier on the feet rather than the concrete below it. One evenig

after I closed and everything was locked up tight , I stood behind the

bar finishing up dishes, I heard the swinging door open behind me, I

assumed it was the boss coming back for somethig, then I felt the boards

moving under my feet just like they would if someone were walking on

them, I was turning around saying my bosses name at the same time, and

no one was there. Cold chills coverd me, and it startled me but I

shook it off ,although I was eager to leave. I nthe weeks to follow

would come in the bar to find all the ashtays turned upside down, dishes

banging in the kitchen when the restaurant side was closed,cold chills

running all over me when you least expect it. Tme passed and the owner

decided to lease the bar out to a couple, without my knowledg of it.

Basically , I had worked there two years came to work and had no job.

I left in tears extremely upset. What is so strange about this is the

couple only kept the bar two weeks. I found out later , when the

womanwas closing one night and had her keys in hand to leave she said

she heard and felt hard, heavy runing coming right at her, again no one

was there. She said sh never beleived in ghosts and was always a skeptic

until this happened to her. The other employees told me Bill the ghost

knew they had done me dirty and wanted them out. When they left I

returned back to work about five months later. Then things would

happen in spurts. I heard music playing in the kitchen from what

sounded like the 1920 or 1930s period. The restaurant was closed and I

checked the stereo system which was off. The othe employees would hve

things happen to them as well. One of the girls was in the restroom

when the toilet paper roll in the next stall started unrolling by

itself, no one else was in the restroom. Another girl came out of the

restroom one night and had a blank look on her face, I asked her what

was wrong, she said someone said her name in the bathroom and no one was

there. She was obviously upset about this. She would not go back in

that bathroom unless someone went with her. Silverware would be moved

from one table to another after it was just setup. We found out the

restaurant was going t sell again. This time all hell broke loose.

Glasses were seen flying off the shelves, coffee pots turned upside down

on the counter, two of the employees said they seen an apparition on two

separate occasions. I beleive he actually followed me home one night ,

I woke up at four o clock in the morning wide awake,when I realized

what time it was I went back to bed. I had not been in bed more than two

minutes when a hard thump hit right between myfeet at the foot of my

bed. I KNEW SOMEONE WAS THERE. My dog went nuts. I happen to live

on the same property near this restaurant. The next day I called in a

local tarot card reader to the restauraunt. She said he was very upset

about the change of new owners coming in . She did smething with the

cards as kind of a help gesture for our ghost. Since she did it has

been relatively peaceful.

Ghost or Spirit?


Hi. I am new to this sort of thing and I am not one to delve into the supernatural,

but I would like to share my story with you because it truly has made me think twice

about the spirit world.

About two years ago my parents were sitting in our family room when they both heard

a loud crash as if a large upstairs window had broken and landed on the outside

driveway. My father rushed upstairs to see if my grandfather (who was ill and

living with us) had fallen out the window. My mother heard the crash too. After

discovering my grandfater still sleeping and everything was ok, they began to

look outside for anything out of the ordinary. Everything outside was still.

It was just a mystery they wouldn't be able to solve.

About 6 months later, again the loud crash. The same crash. Again everything


Now, I have become aware of the mysterious sounds. I live in another city,

but over the holidays I was at home and heard a mysterious noise. It started

when I was upstairs dismantling my Christmas tree in my room. I heard my mother

running the vacuum downstairs. I kept on working not thinking anything of the

vacuum sound. A few minutes passed and I went downstairs and said something about

my mother vacuuming the floor. She responded by saying she thought I was running

the vacuum upstairs! We both heard the vacuum running but neither one of us had it!



Graveyard Footsteps


Hi I'm 14 yrs old and I'm pretty sure I had a ghost experience.....Well it

happened only twice when I was there. It was last Sept. or Oct. when My friend

and I were bike riding in a graveyard near my house, it has a few trails in

the forest area that we go on, but theres a place we go to just hang out and

like swing off this long rope tied to a tree. Well we're sitting down on this

ledge where there used to be a pond and we were talking, then we started hearing

these sounds like branches snapping, right, so we just thought it was like a

squirrel or something, right, so we kept talking and we heard these leaves

crunching like foot steps. So I stood up to see who was coming, but when I stood

up I couldn't see anyone and I like knew there wasn't anyone there cause all

the leaves were off the trees. So I asked my friend if he heard it too and he

said yeah but it had stopped by then so I couldn't tell exactly where it was

coming from, so I sat back down and a couple of seconds later it started again

it sounded closer now. So I jumped quickly to see who was there, it didn't

stop this time and it kept coming closer. It started to move a little faster

so we both were standing looking to see if it was some kid playing a joke so

we were still looking, we could see right to the other side of the forest.

It's not a really thick area and all the leaves were on the ground so I was

joking around with my friend and said oh I'd laugh if it was ghost and he

started to get a little scared after I said that so he was like heading

towards the begining of the trail and I was calling him, as he turned around we

both saw where the sound was coming from, it looked like foot steps kicking

the leaves as it headed towards us. As soon as we saw that we started running. My

friend ran all the way out and grabbed his bike at the entrance and took off I

stopped half way to see if I could see it again but there was nothing there

so I caught up with my friend and left............This happened a second time

but I didn't stick around as long....and I know it wasn't the wind if thats

what your thinking cause it was a calm day out.....Oh well tell me what you

think thanx c-ya

My Teacup Collection


First, before I tell this story I need to explain that a number of minor

odd incidences occurred in our family home just as they do to many

persons who have submitted stories. I do not feel that we had

a'resident' ghost as such; rather, it was more like random

visitsfrom spirits which were just 'passing through' whenever my twin

sister and I would hear disembodied voices or experience anything

else of an unusual nature. My father was the only other person in the

family who admitted seeing a ghost when he was very young, my

younger sister, brother, and mother weren't at all interested

in focusing on such a subject and it's doubtful they would have

ever listened if we tried to share our experiences with them, at

least not then.  This particular set of ocurrances took place after our family

had split up due to my parents' divorce, and our younger sister

and older brother had both married and left home, leaving just

myself,my twin sister, and our mother in a place by

ourselves. My sister and I shared a bedroom with twin beds. At that

timeI had been collecting china teacups, some antique, some not,

and had about nine of them displayed in a wooden

3-shelved display rack which was hung on the wall right above my bed.

I enjoyed arranging and changed the cups occasionally since

I had more cups collected than I could display all at

once.  I was lying in bed one night and was beginning to drowse

but was not asleep yet, when I suddenly 'felt' a presence

of two female spirits floating above me looking at my teacups.

They didn't seem to pay any attention to me or anything else

in the room, they just spoke to each other. The conversation

was as follows: "Oh, look at that!"(One of the

spirits) "Oh, isn't it cute?!!"(The other spirit). The emphasis on the

word 'cute' was such that it went up several octaves and turned

into a very loud, girlish shriek of admiration which rudely

snapped me out of getting to sleep at that moment. "Thanks a

whole lot" I muttered, but by that time I no longer felt their

presence.   The rest of the night was uneventful and I managed to get

my sleep soon after. The other part of the story took place not too long after, if

I can recall correctly. I remember entering my bedroom one afternoon

and found my wooden display rack lying on my pillow with the

teacups sitting neatly arranged, on the bedspread below it.

Now, I grew up in California where earthquakes were just about

an everyday ocurrance, but that sort of shaking would have simply

spilled the rack and its contents randomly over the bed and onto

the floor if it had been strong enough to knock things off the wall.

And there had been no such earthquake activity that day.

Thinking my mother might have been in our room dusting and perhaps

left the rack and cups on my bed, I called down the stairs and

asked her if she had been in there. To which she replied

no.  My twin was not at home at the time.

What else could I do? I replaced my collection back up on the

wall. They were never bothered in that manner again. I still wonder

to this day who found them so interesting, and why did they take

the whole display down and spread it over my bed? It genuinely

puzzles me! Hope you enjoyed my story.


Two States -Two Experiences


We have now had two experiences with ghosts. The first time was in Kentucky.

we lived in an apartment. It started about 3 months after I became pregnant

with my first child. I would be standing at the sink and feel a tug on the

back of my shirt or the lights would flicker every now and then. I blew it

off thinking it was probably nothing. Then I started hearing distinct foot

steps. Sometimes up stairs, sometimes coming down the stairs. I was the only

one in the house at the time.

A short time later we got a dog . I noticed no matter how much you begged it

the dog would not go in our spare bedroom. This room was always noticably

cooler than the other rooms in the house. One night I walked in to the spare

room there was an ink pen laying on the dresser and it started spinning in

circles. That's when it really began.

At night I would be awakened by noises.(our room was right next to it.) I

would here someone walk across the floor and come right up to me...yet noone

was there. ( we had hard wood floors so foot steps were easy to hear.)

One day as I was in the kitchen peeling potatoes,the coffee maker came on .(

it wasn't plugged in). The knife that I had been using was laying about 4 ft.

from me and started sliding across the counter at me. One night as me and my

husband were sitting in the living room I felt my hair being pulled. Next "it

" pulled a handfull right from the top of my head and dropped it on the floor

in front of me.

I would feel someone touch me as I was in the shower but my husband would be

at work and there was noone else in the house. Then I started having dreams.

they were about a man. He had red eyes and was sitting behind a candle

flame. I would once and a while catch a glimps of a newspaper but couldn't

read the headline. I would hear a woman named Julie talk to me. She would

warn me to go. That I was in danger. She was always very sad. Sometimes

crying. After several weeks I dreamed more and more sometimes unable to

wake up easily in the morning.the dog would have unexplainable barking

spells.(as if it saw someone). I figured out that the man in my dreams (our

ghost ) had killed his wife (julie) after she had lost their baby. this was

the headline in the newspaper. Evendently because I was pregnant "he" didn't

want me to have a child either. I was given a cross that had been blessed by

a priest and the hair pulling and touching stopped. The noise in the spare

room however didn't. One night when we new it was in the room we closed the

door and hung a cross on the door knob. It evedently trapped it there. Ihe

noise was so bad at times we ended up sleeping downstairs on the floor . later

my husband went in the room burned some sulpher after opening the window. I

heard screaming from clear down stairs and it left. all was normal.( my

husband also has the ability to feel the presence of a spirit)

The second time was in Colorado . Actually just a few days ago. About

November I started catching a glimps of something out ofthe corner of my eye.

I figured maybe it was my daughter who is now 3. She is always on the move.

We left for vacation on the 17 th of December. We were gone for 15 days.

When we returned my daughter would say she had been in her room playing with a

little boy. I assumed it was her boy baby doll or an imaginary friend. A few

nights ago she had been in bed for about a half an hour. She came out of her

room screaming and was white as a sheet. she said that there was a boy ghost

in her room and it was getting in to her bed. It had told her it was mad she

left for so long. I walked right in her room hoping to prove her otherwise.

I walked around the corner and there was this little boy appearring to be

maybe 3 yrs old or so, standing in front of my daughters closet. It made the

awfullest face and was dripping wet. My first reaction was to throw things at

it. BIG MISTAKE. that just made it mad . It dissappeared and my husband came

in. We exited the room and my husband came in the living room and sat down at

the computer. He got an uneasy feeling and the hairs on his neck and arms

were standing straight up.( he said o.k. it's here beside me). My daughter

was shaking and let me tell you I was not far from a nervous break down.

It continued to bang on the walls, scream and move things in my daughters

room. My husband hung a cross from a string right in the doorway after it

went back in her rrom and it didn't come out. That night I didn't get much

sleep . Between my 3 yr. old and 10 mo. old waking up screaming and all the

noise in my daughters room it was rather nerve racking.

The next day it screamed louder than any child I have ever heard. Someone

told me to confront it and talk to it and ask it who it was and what it wanted

and then ask it to leave. It just appeared to pout. I started questioning my

daughter about it. Asking if she had seen it before she said "oh yes!"" He

plays with me sometimes and tries to sleep in my bed at night." she said

that he got mad when she wouldn't let it in her bed and it scared her. Which

in turn made her come out screaming. she told me that it had taken some of her

toys and she couldn't find them. Anyway my mother in law sent me a little poem

to say and said to put bay leaves in the 4 corners of the house to keep it out

when it was gone. The poem involved putting a drop of olive oil in the door

frame and saying that by the power of god we want all evil banished from

here. Haven't heard it since. Found my daughter's toys in the top of her


Ouija Board Nightmare


My house had always been a place of comfort for me. l always felt safe there.

l never thought l'd see the day, l was scared of my own room.

When l first noticed the hot and cold spots in my room l didnt think anything

of it. The day before they started l'd brought a oujia board in my room to try

and "contact" ghosts. The thing did move, but l was convinced it was because

one of my believer friends wanted to change my mind about ghost being a bunch

of hooey. At the moment l was scared. Not of the board which l heard could

wreak havioc on my house...but my mother if she knew what l was doing. She'd

kill me if she knew l'd let my friends bring it over! Anyways, the experience

went by pretty uneventfully until one of my friends asked if there was a

ghosty in my house. The pointer move towards yes and stopped there. They

contiued to ask questions until they heard a loud BANG from downstairs.

Everyone screamed , including me. l grabbed the board , shoved it in it's box

and flung it across the room. l knew it was only my mom, but l didnt want to

get caught with the board. My friends all told me what a dumb move it was. If

only l'd listened to them!

The day after my little "experience" l began to notice hot and cold spots in

my room. lt bugged me, because no matter what l did my room would be too hot

in some places and to cold in others. l heard creaks and moans, and just

assumed it was the neighbors. But when l heard dry, hoarse whispering voices

calling my name , that was enough. l walked into my brothers room only to find

him fast alseep. Puzzled l walked back down the stairs and into my room. When

l returned l had someone to greet me. A large swirling black mist was in my

room! l rubbed my eys and looked again and saw...nothing. l sighed. My freaky

friends were wearing off on me! l looked in my room and found a large black

mark that looked like some kind of picture. l glanced more closely and gasped.

It was a picture that looked like some kind of a demon! Terrified l backed

aways from the wall and fell on my bed. l knew something went wrong . The next

morning l called my friends and told them what had happened. They agreed to

help me, after they said one little phrase... l told you so! We planned to

use the ouija board, one last time.

We were all nervous when we began to ask questions. Finally we got into

action. We asked whatever it was to please leave. We told it we never meant

for it to come. There was another loud crash and a rumble, and it was gone. To

this day l hear things once in a while, but l'm no longer haunted by the ghost

in my room.

Little Women at Work


I started a new job as a special patrolmen in a large building. I patrol the

building at night form 4pm to midnight. The first six months it was quiet. We

check the floors with a flash lights. One nIght I took a meal break at 8pm, I

went to the second floor medical lunch room. It over looks the medical

clerical dept.

I walk into the lunch room and one of the porters was eating his meal. As

I walk to one of the tables in the room. I looked up and saw a small women

walking across the doorway. I walk to the doorway to check . The building was

closed and no one should be in the building without security knowing. The

lights were off. I walk into the room and walked though, their was no one

there. I went back to the lunch room to eat. As I was eating the porter in the

room was sitting across from me , we talked and then he said "Wow, it feel like someone pushed

my chair in." We laugh and he said "Their must be a ghost in here."

We finished meal break and went back to work. Around 11pm my sargent told me

to give the final check of the medical floor. I went up to the floor the lights

were out. I walked into the lunch area it was freezing, but the heat was on. I

note it in my book. Then I walk into the clerical dept. it also was cold.I

walked through and a window was open and a radio on one of the desk was on. It was playing a

disco song. I closed the window andturned off the radio. I radio my sargent on my walky

talky to find out if anyone was on the floor ,after I checked it the first

time. He told me "No one was on that floor, after you took your meal up

there." I was think to myself " Who opened that window and put the radio on ?"

I had to finish checking the floor. I walked into the waiting area and the

windows were opened and the cushions of the couch was on the floor. I closed the

windows and pick up the cushions. I walk through the doctors offices. I walk

into the X-ray room as I was walking out the X-ray machine started moving side

by side I radio my sargent to ask how to shut it off. He said "I'll be right

there,wait there." The machine stop moving. My sargent walked into the room.

He check the power on the machine and it was off. He then check the main power

source and it was off. I walked out of the room. My sargent told me "alot of

strange things are happening in this place." Then he said " maybe, its a

ghost" I went to finish the floor and the sargent left. I went into the lab

area all the doors were open, they should be locked and closed. I then went

to the Examining rooms the windows were open, these windows are shut and lock

everday. I finished the floor and went to the elevator and I waited. As I

waited I saw the figure of a women walking by the medical entrance. I went

back into the medical dept. to take a look. I called out "Anyone here." I herd

someone call back "Sharah." It was a women voice.I call back " Where are you?

No one should be in here. Do you need help? Can I help you? Where are you?" No

one answered me again. I radio for back up. My sargent and another security

guard come to help. We walked the floor and found windows open ,again. The

same ones I closed before. Their was no one there. We locked the floor off ,

noted everthing that happen and went home.

The next night everyone that worked nights had a story about something

strange that happened to them on that same floor. I still don't know who

Sharah is.

Angel with Six Wings


It was October 24, 1997, and my best friend was sleeping over at my

house. We decided to hold a seance. We went to this hill in my

neighborhood. This hill is very steep and dark. We put our hands

together and raised them towards the dripping wet sky (it was raining).

Anyway, she started to talk to her "lord". We were trying to bring back

my deceased grandmother. We opened our eyes and started "talking" to

her, trying to get her to talk back. It didn't work. But a few minutes

later, my friend collapsed onto the wet ground. I kept telling her to

get up, cuz I thought she was just playing around. I left to start

walking home. After a while, I turned around and she was running towrds

me. She ran right past me and to my house. She was standing outside by

the time I got there. I calmed her down and asked her to tell me what

had happened. She said that when she collapsed, she was there

physically, but not mentally. She heard everything I was saying to her,

but she couldn't do anything. She told me she "saw" a beautiful angel of

some sort with six wings; two on his feet, two on his back, and two on

his head. She also saw my grandmother with birds flying all around her.

When she looked at the angel, she saw everybody in the world, but they

were frozen. When she finally was able to get up, she started walking up

the hill, she turned around and saw ice everywhere. That was when she

started running. We then saw a car coming down the road and she jumped

in front of it. I pulled her to the sidewalk just in time. She was

trying to kill herself! I couldn't believe it. So far, I hadn't believed

anything she was telling me. I finally realized how serious she was and

started believing. But then she remembered that in the Bible, it says

that Satan has six wings. We're not entirely sure about that though. For

some odd reason, she started running after the car. She stopped. She saw

the same angel coming towards her. She told me to run but I wasn't about

to leave her there. I grabbed her hand and ran! We were safe in my room

but still pretty shooken up. I told her to change her clothes then call

her boyfriend for comfort, so she did. He thinks she's crazy now. That's

just about all that happened. But it was totally scary!

P.S. If you have any explanaton of what this whole thing was about,

please let me know. Thanx!!

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