Indian Ghosts


I would like to share my brothers experience as well as my own. I was always

pretty skeptical when it came to ghosts. I never said that they don't exist.

I always wanted to believe in them, but I had never seen one. This all

changed when my older brother started having some sightings at his house in a

western suburb of Chicago. It all started about 10 years ago. One night my

brother was letting his dog out in the backyard before he turned in. In the

middle of the lawn he noticed a grayish mass. As he looked more closely, the

form began to take the shape of what looked like a person kneeling in prayer.

The dog was oblivious to this shape so my brother just shrugged it off as his

eyes playing tricks on him. Ever since that night my brother has had numerous

experiences. About one week later my brother was exiting his front door. As

he walked to his car he once again saw this "shape" kneeling on his front

lawn. To my brothers horror, the shape this time stood up and started walking

towards him as if to greet him. He turned and ran back to the house. Once

inside he became sick to his stomach. He didn't understand. Was someone

playing tricks on him? About 6 months passed. My brother was watching TV

late one night when his wife called him to bed. He turned off the TV and

started heading to the top of the stairs where his wife was waiting for him.

When he got about half way up, a small ball of light materialized between

them. This ball stayed in the same place for a few seconds then suddenly

"whisked" behind my brother and disapeared. Both my brother and sister-in-law

knew now that they were not alone in the house.

My brother called me the next day to tell me what had happened. I thought

maybe he was drinking or something. I told him, "Well, has this thing tried

to harm you in anyway?" He said, "no." So I told him just to relax and

eventually this thing will go away. I was wrong. Whatever was in and around

his house apparently liked it there and had no intentions of leaving. A few

days later my brother heard something rattling around in the bushes in front

of his house. He opened the blinds and stared out the window. There in the

darkness, staring back at him was a face. My brother froze. The face was

that of an Indian, old and wrinkled. Finally realizing what he was looking

at, he closed the blinds and just sat down on his sofa. About a minute later,

a sweet and heavy scent permiated the entire room. Then the ball of light he

had seen before materialized in his living room. He was scared but not as

scared as he was before. He thought back to what I said. This apparently was

not a hostile spirt. It just seemed very interseted in my brother. My

brother lives in a town which borders the Des Plaines river and the land was

once the property of Alexander Robinson, chief of the Potawatomi, Chippewa and

Ottawa Indians. He was given a large plot of land for his aid during the Ft.

Dearborn Massacre. He is buried along with his family no more than 1/2 a mile

from my brothers house. His final resting place, in a forest preserve has

always been a hot spot for supernatural activity. My brother was convinced

that the man he saw was infact an Indian. Maybe even Alexander Robinson

himself! Over the next few years, my brother and this spirit lived together

in peace in the house. Every once and a while the spirit would make himself

known. A ball of light appearing here and there, a sweet and pungent smell.

It was almost as if this spirit was a new member of his family. Occasionally

he would call me and tell me stories. I would play along with him, never

really believing his stories. That all changed one night back in 1992. I was

at my brothers house watching a baseball game. I was sitting on the couch and

just happened to glance up his set of stairs. Up there in the darkness I saw

it! AlI I saw was its head. It had no facial features. I only saw two eyes

looking down at me. I jumped out of my seat. I knew I wasn't seeing things.

My brother said, "relax, he won't hurt you." Just as he said that, it

disapeared. I had just seen my first ghost. I have been a believer in the

paranormal ever since.

Probably the most graphic incident happened to my brother just a little over a

year ago. The spirit spoke to him! It was late at night and my brother was

lying in bed. He was just about to doze off when all of a sudden he heard a

deep voice say, "Wake up. They're trying to get in." My brother jumped out

of bed. As he did he noticed a bright light out side his window. He looked

out and saw a police car driving slowly up the street shining his spot light

at the homes across the street. My brother would later learn that the house

across the street was broken into that night. The spirt was warning my

brother. He is convinced that someone was trying to get in that night. Well,

thats my story. My brother still lives in the house with his Indian friend.

He's says that he will never sell his house. He doesn't want to leave his

friend behind. My brother has become very spiritual since his experiences. I

think this is proof that ghosts are not out there to harm us but to guide us.

Thanks for reading, I hope you can print it on your sight.



The one and only McDonald's in Burlington Vt. has at least one spook. It

seems that it was built on the old foundation of what was a theater. When

the theater burnt to the ground. And the story goes that there were two

children who died in the fire along with an old man that tried to save

them. Many staff have reported that they have heard thing banging around

in the basement, some have seen thing move by them selves, ie.. coffee

cups have been known to fly across the room with out any help. And on one

occasion an old man came in out of the rain and went in to the bathroom,

this is not unusual as many street people use the bathrooms at this store.

What was weird about this time was that no one ever saw him come out, when

the manager went in to check on him all she saw were his watery foot

prints going in, there are no windows in the mens room. Is this a true

story? If you ask the corporation they would say no, but just ask the

staff who saw their coffee cups fly across the break room.

The Monk


Hi! I wrote of an experience with the spirit of my mother a couple

weeks back, a nice ghostly experience. Now I have a different

experience to tell.

It was about 6 or so years ago, at the same apartment I wrote about in

my last story.

Very early one morning I suddenly awakened. I looked at the bedside

clock and saw it was 3:00 A.M. I wasn't nervous or anything, I figured

I must have just finished a dream cycle and woke up. I decided to use

the restroom and exactly three minutes later was back in bed (I again

had looked at the clock). I knew I was wide awake and was settling down

to go back to sleep when suddenly my body felt weird. A feeling of

paralysis came over me, where I could only move my fingers and my head.

I sleep on the right side of the bed, and when I looked over to that

side there was a dark figure right by the side of the bed. It looked

like a monk, dressed in robes and a cowl, but with the cowl pulled over

the head so I couldn't see the face (not that I was really trying to,

mind you!)

I saw the monk reach over me and insert his hands into my heart area

(that's the only way I can describe it). I saw the form of his hands go

into my body and even felt their presence inside me, doing something to

my heart. As I mentioned, I was mostly paralyzed, but was trying with

all my might to awaken my husband, who was sleeping soundly next to me.

I looked over and tried to scream, but could only manage the very

faintest moan, barely audible even to me. My fingers were trying in

vain to touch him but weren't close enough to reach him. I was

definitely on my own!

The only thing I could control was my mind, and I started silently

praying for this thing to leave me, to get out. I was able to use a

force of will from inside me and somehow, between this and all my

praying, this forced the monk to move away and dissolve.

As soon as this happened I was released from the paralysis and I broke

out in a cold sweat. I didn't awaken my husband just then, I wanted to

be sure I really wasn't dreaming. I wasn't!

Now, for this to happen once was bad enough, but the monk apparently

wasn't through 'reorganizing' my innards!

About a month to 6 weeks after the first incident, I got another visit

from the Monk.

Again, it was very early in the morning (not sure of the time this time

around as I didn't get a chance to look at the clock), and I awakened

suddenly with the distinct feeling that someone or something was there

beside me. Again, the paralysis came over me as before, and as I

looked, there again was the monk beside my bed. This time I watched him

go to the foot of the bed, whereupon he climbed on the bed and straddled

my legs.

He then reached his hands into my solar plexus region and as before I

could feel my organs being moved around. No pain of any kind, just a

very unsettling sensation of energy inside my body. Of course, this was

not something I particularly cared to have happen to me, and after again

trying in vain to somehow awaken my sleeping husband, used a combination

of prayer and inner will to somehow "push" him off of me and away.

This I was able to do once again, but even after I was able to move

again and woken up my husband and told him about it, I could still

"feel" this energy in my body, no matter how hard I tried to push it out

of me.

I'm not sure what this all means. I was of course terrified at the

time, but I am puzzled as to what the meaning of all this was. I am not

exactly sure if this was a negative spirit or a positive one. I was

scared, but mainly because of the experience itself, not because I was


I should also mention that these were not my only experiences with this

entity, whatever it is. I have had at least two dreams that I can

remember in the years previous to these occurrences where the Monk

appeared. Not threatening, but not exactly jolly and calming, either.

More like a presence that was around but I wasn't sure what it's purpose


There were also coinciding odd incidents in the same time frame as the

Monk visits.

On two occassions, about a month apart, I would find a tiny scoop of

flesh taken out of my left middle finger, in the same spot both times.

It was bizarre - I only noticed it as I was reaching for something, and

saw that it was cut with precision, and there was no blood or pain. I

searched the sheets of the bed and anything around the bed that might

have caused this to happen, but there was nothing. And it happened a

month later, as I mentioned. I still have the scar. Have never been

able to explain it, but I have wondered if the wounds and the Monk were

connected in any way.

If anyone has any ideas out there, please do contact me! I'd be really

interested to hear them.

My Aunt's Farmhouse


My Aunt and Uncle bought a farm in Pennsylvania

in the mid-fifties. In 1964 I was five years old. I was staying with my Aunt

because my Mother was going to have another baby. My Aunt kept close tabs

on me and I was rarely out alone. One day I was outside playing by the

barn. Suddenly a little boy appeared. He was so vivid I can still

see him. He was wearing fifties clothes, an aviator type hat and a plaid

jacket. He wanted to play and I said sure. He and I played in the

barn. He showed me a hole in the floor of the barn. He said,

see that hole? My Dad was bringing in a bull and the bull crashed

through the floor. I forget everything else except that my Aunt was

very worried about me and called me into the house.

I found out later that the house was very, very

haunted. From the time they moved in. The house had old-fashioned

thumb latches that would constantly click and open. My Aunt finally put

moleskin under them so they could sleep. My Uncle was found dead in the

house in 1964. He was buried on his thirtieth birthday. My Aunt put

the house up for sale when he started appearing to her, naked, and exhausted, like

he had come a long, long way. One day my Aunt was outside working when a man

rode up in a bicycle. He knew all about the farm. He said he used to

play with a little boy in the barn.

My Aunt still kept property around the

farm. My cousin built a home there. My Cousin was in a restaurant

one day and there were workmen at the next table talking about the

farmhouse. They said it was haunted and they would never go back into that


The old house has had several owners. It is not a happy

place. Now the new house has problems. Vapors go in and out of the

window and my cousin's grandchild keeps saying Hi, to an unknown


I just found out today that a little boy lived in the original

farmhouse with his mother, who was a widow and was very ill. The little

boy had a lot of free time and used to play in the barn a lot. He would

sleep on a chest next to his mother. I have never forgotten


Visitations from Relatives


These visitations from relatives who have passed on

started back in the year 1974. My husbands grandmother passed away before we

were married in 1972. When our 1st child was born 1974, I had known that there

was such things as spirits or ghosts for a couple of years. One night our

son was woken up by what I thought was a possible Diaper change or he wanted a

nighttime feeding. When I finished giving him a bottle, which he didn't drink

much at all, I put my son down to sleep. As I went to put the bottle back,I

walked in the hall to go towards the kitchen , which was on the left,. I felt

a strong presence in the livingroom , which was on the right side off the

hallway. I felt as if eyes were upon me and they were watching my every move.

It was weird. The only thing that came into my mind at that moment was I felt

the personality of my husbands grandmother. I wanted to stay in the

kitchen,Because I was a little fearful of the encounter, but I knew I must go

back to bed. This happened about 2a.m.As I left the Kitchen to go back to

bed,I felt she was still in the livingroom. I just went back to my bedroom.

The next morning I told my husband ,who is aware of the spirit world , what

happened.. My husband called his mother to ask when did Grandma die .She told

us what day.The day Grandma made her presence known was the day of her

anniversary when she died.

A few years later my husbands grandmother ( his fathers

mother) passed away. A year passed and again I was woken up to my toddlers

crys and I went to see what was the matter. After I attended to my son, again

I was going back to my bedroom and as I approached the hallway , I felt a very

strong presence in the livingroom. This time I felt the presence advance

towards the hallway where I was. I was frightened. At that moment the only

thing that came to my mind was my husbands other grandmother. I felt her

personality. She was a very strong headed woman not like his other grandmother

, who was more gentle in spirit. I again told my husband what I experienced

and he again asked his mother what day did his fathers mother die and that day

was the 1st anniversary of his grandmothers death.

My husbands Uncle died back in the 1980s. A month

after his death, my husband was awoken by someone shaking him .

My husband said that when he opened his eyes, he saw his uncle looking very

much alive and healthy. My husband wasn't frightened to see him but

acknowledged his uncle by name and was about to sit up when his uncle extended

his hand out as if to say don't bother getting out of bed. He then told my

husband in a gentle reassuring voice " Tell your mother I'm all right". He

then faded right before my husbands eyes!

Excitedly, my husband jumped out of bed to light up a cigarette. Stirring me

from my sleep. I asked him what the matter was, he told me "I'll tell you


Since then, some Aunts and Uncles on my side have

died but we never got a visitation from them. The visitations seem to happen

on my husbands side of the family.

There are other paranormal activity that has

happened in our family,but I will save those for another day.

Sign Of Hope


Here is a story that my mother told me after my father died. I

personally did not witness this but believe me, my mother would never lie

about this. It really isn't that big of a story but I thought you might be


About two weeks after my father commited suicide, my mom was asleep on

the couch in our living room. The living room faced a long hallway in our

house and she was sleeping with her head in that direction. She told me she

awoke suddenely by a gust of wind and when she looked up, she saw a figure

floating down the hall towards her holding a candle. She could not make out a

face but she did notice the figure had on brown work boots. Right there she

knew it was my dad because all he ever wore were brown work boots. She said

she was not scared as the figure floated right by her into the kitchen as

vanished. A couple of days later she spoke with a priest concerning what had

happened. The priest had told my mother that the candle the figure was

holding was a sign of hope.

Ghost in Nursing Home


I am from Ohio..I work in a nursing home and me along with several other

employees have seen and heard a spirit who visits this home especially before

or shortly after someone dies. Nurses are very exact and factual people and I

know what I have seen and when we compare stories it gets too real for all of

us. We think she may of been a nurse named Mary and that she helps them to

the other side. I sometimes think it may be our imagination but then maybe


My Grandpa's Near


my story my seem small to many people but it meant alot to me when it


My story begins when I was 11 going on 12. Raised in a tight family with love.

My mother had me when she was 19 and my father never claimed me as his own, so

the only man in my life was my grandpa. Surrounded only by girls meaning me

my mom, grandma and aunt, he raised me up as a tomboy bigtime. We had a very

close bond me and him, there was never a time when I wasn't with him I think.

Anyway's my grandpa had not been feeling well for many months, the doctors

told it was work and old age and didn't really run any tests even though he

was fully insured by medical coverage. I was at my moms when we got a call

that my grandpa collapsed and fell down and wouldn't wake up. They rushed him to

the emergency room and that's when they finally decided to take some tests to

find out that he had lung cancer. The doctors gave him 2 weeks to 3 months to

live since his blood was already in his spinal cord, which is very bad. He

was in terrible condition and I was devistated. Two days later I stayed at my

friends house, she was trying to comfort me and cheer me up some but how can you

cheer some one up when you know that a loved one is going to die and soon. That

night I cried my self to sleep. Then early that morning I awoke hearing my

grandpas voice saying Alexis I will always love you and be there for you and

that was it. I knew he was dead at that very second, I looked at my friends

alarm clock to see what time it was it was around 1:10 in the morning. The

room was ice cold and I started crying uncontrolably knowing that the only man

I knew as a father was gone. My friend woke up wondering what was wrong but

through my sobs she couldn't understand me. The phone rang about 5 minuetes

later. It was my mother calling saying that they were on their way to pick me

up, to go to the hospital. It was weird when my friends mom came in to tell

me who it was I told her he was dead before she even said a word, and when she

asked me how I knew, I told her he was just here. After my mom and them

picked me up we got to see my grandfather for the last time. He looked very

peaceful. I later asked the doctor at what time my grandpa had passed away

his answer is what shocked me but confirmed to my self that I wasn't mad ( in

the head), he told me some time between 1:05 and 1:15 am. I now know that my

grandpa came to say his last good bye to me at 1:10am waking up hearing his

voice for the last time. There have been two times that he has shown himself

to me. Once in a dream, that was to real, I mean I could smell him when I

awoke even, and the second was when he saved me by pulling me back on to the

curb before getting hit by a car. I know he keeps his promise I still feel

his presence every once and awhile, and he lets me know he is near.

Thank you for taking your time to read this if you have any questions or want to

tell me about any of your experiences you can e-mail me at

The Ghost Who Follows Me


I lived in one house for 22 years, and experienced several unexplainable

happenings. One particularly memorableevent occured while I was resting

on the couch. I could sense something was entering the kitchen, and

moving into the family room. My eyes were closed, and there was no sound,

but I was aware it was moving toward me.

It actually sat on the arm of the couch, grasped both my hands and squeezed them

firmly, then gave me a comforting pat on the head, and then left the

room. I jumped up from the couch and called out, then searched the house,

but found nothing. I recently moved to another house, and one night a valance

fell from above the sliding door in my bedroom, for no apparent reason.

The next morning I heard water running, and discovered the washer was turned

on, and there was water running into it! I had not even been in the utility room

since the previous day.

Ghost Cat


My husband died about two years ago. We both loved animals very much. At one

time he said to me "Ann, when we get to heaven we are going to be met by a

zoo!" In February of this year (1999) I went into the bedroom to turn down

the bed. To my surprise there was a cluster of sparkling lights above my

pillow. I wasn't frightened but was curious about this. I looked carefully

all around the room but didn't see the lights anywhere else. I looked again

at my pillow and the lights were still there, As I continued watching the

lights gathered closer together and formed the image of a cat. This half

formed cat jumped off of my pillow and jumped down off of the bed. It

completely disappeared before it reached the floor. I looked around for it

but couldn't see it anywhere. We have had several small animals over the

years so I couldn't tell which one this was but I got the idea that it was


This house is only about 50 years old but has quite a history. The land was

part of a land grant granted by the King of Spain to a Franciscan order in the

1700's and was used as a cattle range until the last century.

Water Ghost In VietNam


I am writing this story to share with you people about what I have

encountered which is all true. Not a make BELIEVE story. I was around 7

years old when I was going swimming in the old river in Quang

Ngai,Vietnam. My family were living in a suburban place. It is dark and

scary in Vietnam escpecially when we don't have no lights, one scary

things that always scared me was the graveyards. People that died

buried their bodies anywhere, even near rivers or so. Well to continue

my story, it was around 12:00 pm, and the weather was extremely hot. Me

and my two brothers decided to go for a swimming, When we got to the

river, my two brothers went off , leaving me alone by myself. Seeing my

two brothers having fun, I started to go forward to them. As I was

walking, I felt something really abnormal. It was the sands. The sands

was moving down as I take each steps. After realizing that I was scared I

decided to go back, as I turn my body around, something or a hand I

would say grabbed my leg. It started to pull me down. First, I thought it was

just the sands, but then I can feel the fingers and the feeling of a

hands. Then I started to go down. I try to scream but I couldn't. When

my head were almost cover with water, my older brother came to me and

all of the sudden the hands let my leg go and I was up again. I was so

lucky that day. My brother saved me. I told him about the incident but

he told me it might be the sands.(Trust me it wasn't I can feel the

hand.). This is not the end yet. Several days after the incidents a

neighbor's daughters went to swim in the same river but in up North. One

of the sister swim and sometime pull her down. The other sister couldn't

do anything, she decided to grab on to the other one and both of them

die. Many of my townspeople said that the water ghost took the two

sisters life. In case if you don't know, There are alot of Ghost in

Vietnam. The water ghost which is very common, if you have the same

birthday as the person that die, they will pull you down and kill you,

they do it to release their soul. I am currently living in America. I

must say I believe in Ghosts.

A Ghost in the House


My husband, Chris, & I had just moved into our first apartment together. As I

was out working, Chris had noticed that there were two bowls placed in our

cupboard, with a single fork resting at the top. We were using the cupboard

only to store food, so when I had gotten home, Chris had questioned whether I

had put the bowls there. Of course, I hadn't.

For the next couple of days after that, Chris and I would wake up with a start

-- literally shot up from our sleep -- at exactly 6:30 every morning. What

made this even more unusual was that the both of us didn't need to wake up

until 10:00a.m. for work. But there we were, up from the middle of our sleep,

leaving us to do nothing but look at each other & wonder why.

Several days pass, and I started to feel nervous. I started getting the idea

into my head that there could be a ghost in the house, causing us to wake up

at this ungodly hour. As Chris and I were about to go to sleep, I began to

hear creaking noises from the kitchen nearby. I got up, turned on the kitchen

light, and found that the cabinet, the utensil draw, and the cupboard directly

across from the former two were all slightly opened to the same degree. I

closed all of them, went back to bed, and began to hear the same creaking

noises all over again. Now totally scared, I found myself getting up every 15

minutes to shut the doors and draw -- which were progressing opening more and

more, faster and faster. I had to finally ignore it to get a decent night's


One morning, I was awoken by a man's voice, saying,"Who are you?" Again,

waking up at 6:30, we both shot up to see an old man standing at the foot of

our bed, sternly looking at us, dressed in overalls and a red plaid shirt.

Although I could see him in color, the window behind him shined the morning

rays right through him. We stared in shock for about 10 seconds, then he


With that, we didn't see or hear from him again.

The little old lady downstairs, our landlady, showed us her family pictures

about a month after the hauntings ended. Chris and I both agreed that the man

we saw was her husband, who had built the house himself and died about 10

years ago. We've never told our landlady, but we think that her husband was

just making sure that we wouldn't harm his wife.

My Dog Bandit


Hello, I was reading your stories and found them very fascinating..I have a

story I would like to share about my dog Bandit. Bandit was a lhasa apso that

me and my family had for about 14years. Bandit had a series of medical

problems, which since he was mainly "my" dog, I got a job to pay his vet

bills. (I was barely in my teens) we all loved that little dog so much. I have

a large family..4 brothers and my parents and myself. Well, towards the end of

his life he became very ill, I was not living at home at the time, but my mom

would always call me when something was wrong with him. On this day, I was

driving out to my moms, I started to cry and became very sad, I think I had a

premonition of what was to come the next few days. Bandit it turned out had

diabetes, and we didn't know it, he was very sick and spent the next few days

in the vet while they tried to stabilize his glucose no avail, he

wouldn't eat, he was very weak, he kept getting fevers..there was no hope. We

had to make the decision to put him to sleep. I must say that was the single

most difficult decision I had ever had to make. I was devasted. My mom called

my brothers at there jobs, and everyone was there at that vet that day, except

my dad,he was working. We spent a little time with him in the room before they

took him back to give him the shot. That dog was smart...I could swear the

little guy knew somthing was up..finally, they took him back and 2 of my

brothers went back there with him...they came back out crying and I knew it

was done..I was completely devasted..that was my baby. But strangely on the

way home, I felt a sense of relief, like he wasn't in pain or suffering

anymore. Like any crazy pet owner, I had him privatley cremated at a cemetary,

and to this day his ashes are in my mothers armoirre. the weeks to

come after we put him to sleep, my little brother...(who still lived at home)

could swear he heard bandit at night..sometimes when Bandit would get

restless, he would kind of wimper, like he wanted someone to pay attention to

him, that's what my brother would hear..then my brother would call out his

name(which is what he used to do when Bandit was alive) and it would stop. And

my father...big spook skeptic...also heard Bandits claws tapping on the tile

floor in the of his favorite places to sleep. My mom is always

trying to get me to take the ashes with me, now that I have my own home, but I

always tell her no, because that is his home. I don't know about anyone else,

but I firmly believe that if an animal is treated and loved like one of the

family, that they develop a soul, and maybe, just maybe, they are waiting for

us in heaven...My belief is that my 2 grandpas that passed on some time ago,

are taking care of Bandit till I get there...:)

The Box


I would like to tell you about an experience

that happened two summers ago in my ex's aunt's store in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

I was hanging around with my ex and his uncle while they were doing some work in the

store. I was sitting on the stairs while they were working. About

two feet away from me and about three feet from my companions, there was a box

of vegetables sitiing flatly on top of another box of equal size and

weight. All of a sudden, the box flipped upside down, like some unseen

force threw it, and vegetables went flying as the box went flying. It

raised goose-bumps on all of our arms. Apparently, there was some other

weird things that went on but no one would reveal to me what it was. Thank

you for not thinking me crazy!!!

Don't Wake Him


I have lived in my house

for 10 years now.I moved here when I was four years old.Our house is 101 years

old now.It was built in October,1898.My first experience with my great

grandmother was the night we moved in.I was sleeping and I saw the figure of a

beautiful woman dressed in a ball gown that was probably dated in the 1800's.She

walked over to my bed and looked at me sternly,what happened after that I do not

know.When I awoke in the morning my clothes were tatterd and torn and I had

scratches and bruises all over me. My mom was terrified to because the ghost had

visited her to.She says that the figure just stared at her for a long time until

my mom became so frightened that she had to turn on the light.I never saw

anything again for seven years.On November 21,1994 my best friend and her older

sister were staying all night with me.We were all sleeping in my room(we had

school in the morning).My room gets cold in the winter because there is no way

of heat up there so I had a little portable plug in heater in my room.At about 4

a.m. they woke up and saw the knob on my heater turning on it's own and

the shadow of an old woman on my blinds.They tried to wake me but I was in such

of a deep sleep they thought I was comatose.Things have gotten alot crazier

since then.Things came up missing in the house after we had just placed them

there,we here footsteps in the hallways upstairs,door slamming and flying open

by themselves,etc.We've finally become used to all of this.The past two years

have been so chaotic they often frighten me.Last summer my friend Andrea was

standing underneath the chandlier in the living room and one of the light covers

fell right in front of her,if she hadn't have jumped back it would've landed on

her head.I checked the chandlier and the bolts and screws were so tight they

couldn't be moved.Then it stopped for a couple of months. Last Semptember was

the first time I had seen my great grandmother since I was four.I was asleep in

my room when the instumental Clairde Lune came on.My room went completely black

then I saw lights like from a disco ball or something(the little circles of

light all over the floor,ceiling,etc.)and I saw the figure of my great

grandmother and great grandfather dancing to it.When the song was over they

disapeared and my normal lighting returned.Then last December I had a

party,three of my friends were sleeping in the extra room upstairs while me,my

boyfriend and another friend were sleeping in my room.My friends that were

in the extra room talking when the door started swaying back and forth.They

checked the windows which were shut tightly and locked as well as all other

windows upstairs.Then the room went completely pitch black and an elderly woman

appeared and began talking to them.She told them to be very careful of what they

say in the house and to be quiet so they wouldn't awaken him.She also said that

she's been protecting all of us for years from him.Then she disappeared and

everything returned to normal.My most recent experiences were last night and

right now.Last night I was laying awake when the song Living Dead

Girl by Rob Zombie came on the TV. All of a sudden the volume went all the

way up,I have no remote to my tv so I couldnt've accidently turned it up.My TV

is on one side of my room and my bed is on the other.When the song was over the

volume returned to where I had it. As I'm typing this everytime I mention

him(whoever he may be)I get a very cold chill and the hair on my neck and back

stands up,my cats tail gets real puffy and his hair stands up on his back.Then I

hear people arguing in the hallway upstairs(I'm home alone) then it's all over

and I feel safe.I just wish I could talk to my great grandmother and thank her

for protecting me,my family,and friends.I'm glad to have her around even though

she's scared me from time to time.

The Brides Maid


I have seen ghosts all of my life and live with one now. I was told

by my grandfather that it is a gift so I just accepted it. I have many stories but I will start

with the most interesting. Some years ago a co-worker and friend asked my to grow and arrange

the flowers for her wedding. She asked my in Feb. so all winter we talked about it at

work. She has one sister who is handicapped and in a wheel chair, who was the flower girl. There

were five brides maids. I kept having this dream of the wedding. There was someone at the

alter, then the bride would come down the isle, then the sister in the wheelchair. Finally I asked

my friend if she had an older sister. The succession of the three women made me think there

must be someone. She was shocked when I asked her because indeed she had an older sister who

died when she was three weeks old. I told my friend of my dream and told her, her sister

is with her in spirit and grieves the fact that she can't truly be your older sister in the

living. I asked the bride if we could make a bouquet for her and lay it on the alter. The morning of

the wedding, when I was lugging in big buckets of flowers from the garden, she came. She

was a small precious sweet soul. Of course she startled me, but I clamed down and turned to

focus on her.  She nodded her head and closed her eyes as if to say thank you. What a

sweet spirit.

She Moved Through Me


My name is John and I'm 22 years old. I'm currently living in California in

the home I grew up in. I'm writing to ask you a few questions that will

hopefully shed a little more light on my "encounters". I'm a rational young

man, not normally taken to flights of fancy. I'm an ex Police Officer and

served in the United States Air Force as such.

I came home a few months ago and am living at home until I can reasonably get

myself on my feet financially. Being an ex cop, I have a few compact firearms

located throughout the house which are normally locked up. One of which is

located in the bedtable beside my bed. It's a Sig 226 with a lazersight and

halogen minibulb. (Not a cheap sidearm). Anyways, to get down to my point.

I am a light sleeper, as the Military has done to me in the past few years.

One night, around 0415 I awoke with the feeling that I was being watched. I

woke up and turned onto my side and looked at the doorway, which was open.

Just outside my doorframe in the darkened hallway was a shadowed shape.

Thinking it an intruder, I watched for a moment, and blinked the sleep from my

eyes and got ready to take a course of action. As I stirred slightly to

attempt to reach for my gun, the figure moved deeper into the shadows of the

hall and moved down the hallway towards the landing. I opened the nighttable

and grabbed my gun, and ran to my doorframe and then uncharacteristically just

jumped into the hallway, my finger on the button that enabled my halogen

minibulb and lazersight to activate.

What I saw still scares the bejesus out of me even to talk or think about.

Standing at the top of the stairs was a vaguely female shape. I could make

out the contours and lines of the female form. My small light illuminated the

entire hallway like a small sun, my lazersight showing as a hazy dot against

the dark shape. The thing that mystifies me, is that whatever it was, cast a

shadow of its own on the wall. I got the distinct impression that whatever

this thing was, it turned around in that instant. I stood there looking at it

and it stood there looking at me. I've been in wartime situations and have

seen death in someone's eyes more times than I dare to even want to count.

But whatever this was scared me into being numb! Whatever this thing was, it

slowly started "walking" towards me and I raised my gun and drew down on

whatever approached me. It seemed almost to pause for a moment, then seemed

to almost "blur" and rushed at me and then through me and then was gone, as

the only thing behind me was the hallway towel closet. I dropped my gun,

unable to keep from shaking in pure terror, much as I am now. I woke my

parents and my father proceeded to grumble at me with some very colorful

explatives about being woken for a "ghost" and walked out to the hallway,

grabbed up my gun and did a walk-thru of the house and found everything

secured and in proper order.

When this thing walked "through" me, I didn't feel the coldness that I've

read about on your page. I felt warmth, almost like a warm body, then it was

gone. That's my question. Am I imagining all this? Why the warmth? Is that

unusual? Even now I'm scared stiff and always close my door and lock it at

night and normally don't sleep until about 3am, as I am terrified of what

could be outside in the hallway.

My Grandfather is with Me


I rarley tell anyone this story cause usually they think I am off my rocker.

Being only 13 my ghost experiences are not many but for ones I have had to me

they are freaky. The whole thing started when my Grandfather died. He was

only 56 and I felt guilty because I had to leave the hospital. When I

returned about an hour later he was dead. I have always carried that guilt

with me and always will. My parents often leave me alone to go shopping and I

just sit around and watch TV. One time it was a hot Australian summer ( I am

australin) and I thought I would die ( pardon the pun) without any cool

breeze. I was watching an old Titanic movie when the shutters started

banging. Now not really banging but swining back and forth and hitting the

window. Well this scared me to death ( pardon another pun) but I soon forgot

about the incident. Another time at the same setting it was a corner of the

eye thing that got me. Just for a brief second I think I saw a tall figure

outlined in black. Well we eventually moved to America to travel and see the

country. Well this spirit or ghost or grandfather must have just got packed

away in the baggage because when we moved to Texas it was just the same. Its

just a feeling. I mean not just that kind of feeling but a strong I-am-

scared-as-heck feeling. This continued throught to phoenix where I saw

shadows a couple of times. We know live in Connecticut and grandad is making

himself known. Our house detects any move. I mean you move a muscle it

creaks. Well it seems when I alone the creaks are just always happening. In

the dead ( I keep punning) of the night it still creaks. Its not my parents

or my brother. My brother sleeps above me and is only 5. My parents are

across the hall and I can always hear them geeting out or into bed. My dad has

had some experiences. While in our current house he was collecting firewood

and felt a squeeze on his shoulder. He has also seen a little boy with lumps

on his head when he was a kid. My mother has seen a ghost. They are both

nurses and know what they see. Now the thing is I always feel guilty when I

see or feel the presence. I think it might be grandad telling me not to feel

guilty or something. But its everywhere. Its like grandad just follows me.

I have the feeling 24/7. I will try and get my parents to e-mail you with

their stories. Thanks for reading

Colonel Daniels

By :

Well, I recently was discussing 'ghost' experiences with my friends at work

and I mentioned a frightening experience that happened to me, my husband, and

my sister in-law. Talking about what happened 6 years ago got me curious

again and

I decided to see if anyone had experienced this same sighting.

It all started 6 years ago when my husband and I went to Glenburnie,


to visit my sister in-law. At the time she rented the upstairs space of an

old house. When you open the front door, the stairs are directly in front of

you. There is another door leading to the down stairs rooms, however it has

been bolted shut. Upstairs, she placed a curtain at the top for added

privacy. There are two rooms, one to each side of you. Each room has a walk-

in closet, one closet has been transformed into a kitchen, with a small sink,

refrigerator, and microwave. Directly across the stairs is a bathroom. The

room to the left she has converted into a T.V/living room.

The night we arrived we sat around talking about childhood memories. I

noticed as we were talking, I would hear the toilet flush for no reason. She

made a comment about how the toilet liked to mess with her. She said it

flushed sporadically, mostly when she had guests over. My husband had

jokingly made a comment about how it must be haunted, and the ghost didn't like to share her

with anyone. The next night the three of us had gone out to a local club and had came

back slightly intoxicated. We were being somewhat loud, not to where we were

disturbing, just laughing and having fun. The toilet was silent the whole

night, as if it was mad at us. The next day we were out sight seeing and got in late.

My husband was tired so he went to bed and my sister and I stayed up to girl-

talk. When we finally went to bed, it was just after 1:00am. That night changed my

outlook on everything supernatural, however I didn't realize it until several

days after.

Me and my husband slept in the waterbed in one of the bedrooms and my sister

slept on a cushion/mattress on the floor in the living room. At 2:00am I was

awakened by sudden harsh movement of the waterbed. It felt as if someone was

pounding on it. I looked around and nobody was there. My husband was sound

asleep. I layed back down and no more than 10 minutes later I felt another

hard movement. This time I sat straight up, my husband also felt the movement

and he sat up. We were blaming each other, telling the other to knock it off. I had

a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. About 40 minutes later the

movement came again, this time harder. At the time I was just starting to

fall asleep again.

I got mad and yelled to the air to quit moving the damn bed. I don't really

know who I was talking to, but it felt good to yell. I then fell completely asleep

along with my husband. Let me just mention that it was the 4th of July

weekend and the humidity was awful. I was sleeping in just a light T-shirt and we were

not using any blankets. Around 4:00am my I was awakened to my husband

throwing the blankets atop of us, he kept saying "don't move, he is here" over

and over again. My husband, however was still asleep. I thought he was

dreaming. Then I felt another hard pound on the bed and I screamed. I knew

someone was standing at the bottom of the bed, I felt him. My scream woke my

husband up completely and he threw back the covers. I was expecting to see a mass murderer standing

there, however the room was empty. He went over and turned on the lights. We both looked pale as if we saw a

ghost. I asked him why he threw the covers over me and he told me he had a

strange dream. He said in his dream he had gotten out of bed and looked out

the window down to the front porch of the house next door. There was an older

man dressed in a colonial outfit sitting in a rocking chair, smoking a handmade pipe. He

looked up at my husband and waved. My husband then turned around to face the

bed where I was laying. The man was now standing over the bed staring at me.

My husband said in his dream he yelled at the man and he ran over to cover me


In reality, my husband never got out of bed. I was fully awake after my

husband had thrown the blankets over me and we were both completely still when

the violent pounding happened. I wanted nothing more than to get out of the


There was no way were we going to fall asleep again, so we turned on all the

lights and went into the room where his sister was sleeping to wake her up.

We told her what happened and she said she had a strange, scary dream also

that night. She said she was laying down on her stomach and she heard

something behind her.

She tried to get up to see what it was, but she couldn't move. She said it

was as if something was on top of her. I had this feeling as if something was there

still. I can't explain the feeling, but my hair on the back of my neck was

up. My husband went downstairs to go outside a little while after we woke up his sister, it

was now about 6:00am. He found the front door wide open, as if someone ran

out of the house in a hurry and forgot to shut it. We were trying to rationalize

what had happened and we couldn't. Everything was just not in order.

Everything I have said so far doesn't really account to much, just some young people scaring

themselves with pretend ghosts, right.

Well, we left the next day, thank goodness. The night we got back to

California, where we are from, I called his sister to let her know we had made

it. She said she was going to a friend's house to spend the night because her toilet was

flushing every 10 minutes and she was scared. We both made a joke of it, but deep down

inside we knew something was wrong. That same night we were watching TV,

trying to unwind from the long trip. I turned it to Sightings, the TV show,

which I might add I never watch. For some reason I felt I needed to see this show.

The show aired a strange, horrifying story. It was about the ghost of Glenburnie

Maryland, Colonel Daniels. He apparently was the local townskeeper back in

the day. He would sit on his porch and smoke his pipe and watch the town.

There were several sightings where he would come check on all the new people in the

town. I was never so scared as I was at that moment.

I am writing to you to not only share my experience, but to also ask you if

you have any information about this particular haunting of the town of

Glenburnie, Maryland. Thank you for letting me share my story.

My Friend's Haunted House


Hello. I have visited you site many times and thought I should share my

story with your readers also. Just so you know I am 21 and I live in a

small city in Michigan. My friend's parent's house is haunted. I've

known her since we were 10 yrs old but have only been going to her house

since I was 16.

Right off the bat I should tell you that the house was built sometime

during the 1860's. Everyone that goes there knows that you either feel

right at home there and are really comfortable or you can't stand to sit

in the house at all. I have always been comfortable there. I even lived

there for almost a year. Anyways back to what I was saying.....there

were many couples and families that moved in before they did. everyone

of them moved out in a hurry. One couple was there for 2 nights and then

left. Her family has been there for quite a few years now. My friend has

2 older sisters her mom and her dad.

Two times since they moved in the ghosts (we know there is a man,

woman, and a little girl ) kept pestering her dad while he was trying to

go to sleep to let him know that the house was going to catch on fire.

Another time years ago, the middle sister was home alone watching TV

when she heard my friend calling her from upstairs. She went to the

bottom of the stairs to see what she wanted but before she climbed the

first step she remembered that she was alone and that my friend was

still at school.

A few of our friends have also seen strange things happen. Once another

friend of mine and I were watching TV waiting for our friend to come

home. (The couch faces the big window in their livingroom) We saw a

little girl skip across the porch in front of the window heading for the

door. My friend and I thought it was our friend's neice so she went and

opened the door for her, but no one was there.

Just recently though her mom was in the kitchen and she looked out the

window to see what the guys were up to. They were looking under the hood

of my friend's boyfriend's truck. When her dad came in her mom asked who

was out there with him and he said Steve* and his brother. She said no

there was another man standing right next to you. None of them had seen

the male ghost out there but her mom.

One time my friend was sick and she was laying in bed it was about 1 or

2am. Her door was open a bit and she saw a woman whom she thought was

her mom looking in on her. She called for her mom but the woman just

left. She asked her mom the next day and her mom said she never got up

last night.

Her mom had slept in one Saturday morning and she heard what she

thought was one of her grandaughter's come in her bedroom. She had her

eyes closed and felt someone kiss her forehead. She opened her eyes to

say goodmorning and there was no one in the room. The girls weren't even


Another time her mom was sitting on the floor in the livingroom playing

solitare and my friend was sleeping on the couch. Out of nowhere she saw

footprints in the carpet walking around her and the cards. They have

really plush carpet.

Also in the old houses they had parlor rooms for funerals. It's now

their den but I have noticed that no matter what it is always cold in

there, and I always feel like someone is watching me when I'm in there.

There are many more things that have happened in that house, but I

don't want to use up all of your space. I'm just glad that they are nice

ghosts and not violent. I will swear on a stack of bibles that

everything I described is true to my knowledge, and my own experiances

that this story IS real. Thanks for reading.

Weird Experience


Hi my name is Kal and I wanted to share an experience I had in the

Philippines when I went on vacation there with my mother. We were staying at my aunts house

and were all sleeping in the same room because it was summer there and

the house only had one air conditioner. Anyway to make a long story

short one night my mom,me,aunt,and two cousins

were sleeping in that room when I heard my mom calling my name. She was

telling me to wake up. So as I started to wake up I heard the drawers on dresser

opening and closing.

The lamp was also turning on and off there was also a horrible smell in

the room it smelt like rotten eggs. I was kind of scared but not to bad because other

things like this had happened before to me and my friends but we never

really paid that much attention to them before because when they happened

we were usually drunk or really tired and it only occured three or four times before.

Anyway back to my beginning story. When my aunt said "He knows your

here the rucuss stopped. You see my mom and aunt believe that the "ghost" was my grandpa

coming to see me because I left the Philippines when I was only two

years old and now I am twenty-five. I was also my grandpa's favorite grandson.

Well that is it thanks for listening and I would really appreciate any

comments you cared to make about this inncedent.

My Grandmother's Friend


This story is one that my grandmother told me.

About 15 years ago my Grandmother's friend Kioko was married in the back

yard of her (my Grandmother's) house. After they were married they decided

to go for a little trip to Yellow Stone National Park. They told my

Grandma that they would return in about 2 weeks and they would call and

tell her how they were doing every once in a while they left an emergency

# just incase.

About the third night that they were gone, Grandma was in her bed and she

was trying to sleep but had a terrible time getting comfortable. She had a

terrible feeling that something was wrong. She couldn't quite pinpoint

what was wrong so she decided to try and call the number that Kioko gave

her in case she needed something. As she was getting out of bed she heard

something. She knew that she was probably hearing things so she didn't

think anything of it. She walked down the hall and then all of a sudden

she saw "Kioko" walking down the hall. Grandma reached out to grab her and

Kioko dissapeared.

Later, when she finally gathered her senses and walked into the kitchen

and called the number. Kioko picked up the phone on the other line and

When Grandma heard her voice, she knew that she was okay.

Ghost Cats?


I have always believed in the supernatural because the

house I grew up in, and which my parents still own, is haunted. It is an

old farmhouse from 1828. We would hear people walking up the stairs, and

people talking in other rooms, but you couldn't make out what they were

saying. My grandfather on my father's side of the family wouldn't even

stay in the house at night; he was scared of the voices.

In the past ten years or so,

the walking and voices have stopped. I'm not sure if it is because I used

to try to talk to the ghosts when I was a child and reassure them that we

weren't there to harm them, but they no longer seem very active. I've

heard recently that sometimes they respond like that if you try to talk to them,

but that was just what I did when I was a child and afraid of them. The

most recent ghostly activity there was when my father's glasses went missing for

about a week. All of us looked for them, but they were nowhere to be

found. Then, one day, they were back again, lying in their case on the

table just inside the back door! We also have a large library of books,

and often books will go missing also.

Another strange thing in our

house is the ghost cat. I'm not really sure which of our deceased cats it

is, or if it's even one of our own. I never experienced it firsthand, but

one night my husband (then boyfriend) was sleeping in the spare room and the

cats' food bowls were on the ground by the bed, right below where his head

was. He was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of a cat

eating hard cat food, and he looked down to see which one it was. There

were no cats in the room, but he could still hear the noise of a cat eating out

of the bowl.

The next morning, my husband told us about the incident. My father got a strange look on his face, and

then he said, Well, that's funny because... and he told us about

feeling a little cat jump on his bed and curl up by him almost every night, but

when he would look for it, there was nothing there. We also noticed that

the two cats who live in the house often seem like they are watching something

or someone moving across the room, but whatever it is is invisible to

us. One final interesting incident, although I'm not positive that you could call it a ghostly

incident, also involved a deceased cat. The background is that my father

had found a little black cat who had stumbled across the busy highway in front

of his car one morning. He quickly pulled onto the side of the highway and

rescued the cat, which he took home with him that afternoon. The cat was

so happy that all it wanted to do was lie in the grass in the warm sun and

purr. Unfortunately, despite my parents' efforts to save it, it was too

sick and weak to ever recover. They told me about this incident a day or

two after the cat had died, and I was upset because I like black cats the best

and I had never gotten to meet it.

A few months later, I was on the highway, driving to Cincinnati to see my parents. I wasn't thinking

about much of anything, and certainly not about cats. Suddenly, I got a

most vivid image of the little black cat in my mind, although I had never seen

it. I could see it lying in my parents' yard in the sun, as they had told

me it loved to do, and it was like a wave of sadness sweeping over me when I saw

it. When I glanced over then at the side of the highway, I thought I saw a

tiny little kitten face peering between some weeds at the edge of the

shoulder. Although I often stop to help stray cats and dogs, I do not

think I would have stopped for this one, thinking it was just my mind playing

tricks on me, if I hadn't just had the vision of the little black cat who had

died. The kitten I thought I saw on the side of the highway looked so

small that I wasn't even sure I really had seen it, especially since I

was going at least 65 mph! When I pulled my truck over

and backed up along the highway shoulder, I couldn't see anything at all, since

the weeds were high. But when I got out of the truck and walked back along

the highway, I spotted a small black and white kitten with long hair. It

was so scared and starved that at first it didn't even notice I was there; it

just was lying down with it's nose touching the ground. When I called to

it, though, it finally looked up, and then it started running towards me, crying

as loudly as it could. It was so small that I could hold it in one hand,

and I never would have seen it without the intervention of the black

cat. I took it into the truck and gave it to my parents, who nursed it

back to health and still have it to this day.I think that the haunting in

our house when I was a child was fairly normal and not at all sinister, from

what I've heard of other accounts. I'm actually glad that I grew up in a

haunted house, because that experience gave me a lot of faith in the reality of

the spiritual world. It's also nice to have had experiences with ghost

cats, since I am deeply committed to helping stray animals, and I think that if

there can be animal ghosts, then that offers some proof that they have souls

too. I've just found your web site (I've just gotten hooked up to the internet for the first time!), and I really

enjoyed reading the true stories and thought I'd send you mine if you want to

use it. Thanks for having such a lot of information about the


Coal Miner's Ghost


My mother told me this story. It happened to her years ago (1940's) when

she lived in the coal mining region of West Virginia, and was then married

to her first husband. If my own mother didn't tell me this first-hand, I'm

not sure if I'd believe it, but my mother isn't one to spin yarns.

She had walked down the street (approx 1/4 mile) to her mother's house for

supper. When she left Granny's house, it was dark. On the other side of

the street, between Granny's house and Mom's house there was a mountain

which had a dirt trail leading up to a house. A light caught her eye, so

she watched it figuring someone was walking up the trail carrying a lantern.

But when the light rose up into the trees, and then up above the trees, she

thought it was rather strange, but really didn't think too much about it.

When she got to her house, she called for her girlfriend (she lived in the

apartment upstairs from Mom) to come out to see it. All of a sudden her

friend started uncontrollably crying and saying that there was going to be

an accident in the mines. Both her husband and my mother's worked the night

shift in the coal mines. That every time that light was seen an accident

happened. Legend had it that an old coal miner used to live up on that

mountain, and that he had died in an explosion in the mines. Since then,

his ghost comes back to warn the men when there's going to be another

explosion. And sure enough, whenever that light was seen, there was an

explosion indeed.

My mom tried to calm her friend down, and they all went in for the night.

At about 2:00 am Mom was awoken by a knock at the door. It was some men

from the mine who came to tell her that there was an explosion in the mine,

and that her husband had been hurt (he lost two fingers in the explosion).

From that night on, Mom said she would never look up that mountain trail

again. She didn't want to see the lantern light.

The Architect's House


In the early 1980's I lived in Bloomington, Illinois. I did not then

drive a car, and would take the bus to work and back every day. Each

day to and from work the bus passed by a beautiful old house with lovely

stained glass windows. Whenever I passed by that house I thought to

myself that it looked haunted. There was no reason for me to think so.

I never saw anything unusual while passing by.

One day at the office, a co-worker named Sue, was telling a story of

some strange experiences she had been having. Sue was living with her

boyfriend who was then out of town. She and her boyfriend hadn't been

getting along, and while he was gone she was considering leaving him.

Sue was living in the very house I thought to be haunted.

Up until that time, Sue had never experienced anything unusual while

living in the house, but as soon as she started thinking about leaving,

she began hearing loud booming noises as if someone was pounding on the

walls and doors. Also, while walking up or down the stairs, she would

feel someone grab her ankle and try to trip her. She thought maybe her

boyfriend hadn't really left town and was trying to scare her. She

called where her boyfriend was supposed to be and he was indeed there.

Sue did a little research on the house and found out it was the last

house built by a local architect. Also, the architect had lived in this

house before his death some decades before.

Sue eventually broke up with her boyfriend, moved out of the house and

after a time, left the state.

Two years later I was drinking beer in a local bar when I overheard

another friend of mine, Frank, telling some people about some strange

experiences he was having at the house he lived in. He had just decided

the day before that he couldn't afford the rent where he was living and

would have to move out. That night while he was laying in bed he heard

a very loud booming noise is if someone was pounding on the door outside

of his bedroom, but when the noise stopped and he went out to

investigate, no one was there. It was the very same house! As far as I

could tell, Frank and Sue did not know each other.

I was very intrigued by Frank's story. I had never seen or heard a

ghost and thought I could handle the experience if I was not alone. I

asked Frank if I could spend the night with him in the house. He


I had never been in the house before. It was as beautiful inside as it

was outside. I particularly remember a circular stained glass window in

the west wall of the living room; a picture of some birds and plants.

Apparently, the ghost of the house only started acting up when the

current resident began to think about leaving. Perhaps because I

admired the house so much nothing happened while I was there,

but I believe Sue's and Frank's stories.

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