Hello Dave ~ i have a story to tell you about my beautiful Starrbo , a dog I

raised from a puppy. I also had her father, both of which were very

intelligent animals and very in tune to people.Recently I had to put Starr

to sleep she had contracted diabetes and it was ravaging her entire system

..she had gone blind but could still fine her way upstairs to my room ,,She

was 14 years old..She was a dear and loving animal but very protective of me

...she was a huge white Samoyed. Well When the doctor gaveher tha shot I

held her until she was gone ..I can tell you this for absolute certainity

..Dogs do have a soul and it is definately not entirely weightless. This very

large animal became as light as a feather after she took her final breath and

i could have sworn that I felt her leave. I know that I felt whatever the

essence is leave . I hate to be longwinded but this is such an important

thing to me I know of no other way to tell it. After i put her down I had her

cremated and knowing how sad i would be left the next day for the island of

Captiva..While there i had a strange dream that i had moved into a basement

and iwas walking around looking at all the white walls and I approached a

room that had a stove in it but it looked different than usual and I remember

feeling the heat from it.I woke up sweating and thought it must have been

having been in the sun all day. when i returned home it took me a day to get

up the nerve to go to the Vet and claim Starrs Ashes ..I walked in and asked

for them and they took them down and handed them to me .i had the strangest

feeling a very warm feeling of being hugged by someone I loved , I talked

with Dr. young briefly and glanced down at the date on the urn it was wed and

I remembered i had had that dream on Wed. The Doctor and i talked as i told

her about it i heard her breath in surprised ..she said that is exactly what

the crematory looks like ...the crematory was in indiana I had never been

there ..I live in ky.After i took her home on one ocassion and in broad

daylight i was cleaning my room and i thought i saw her standing there but in

my periferial vision ..not head on .It was just for an instant ..I wished i

had not jumped and i could have seen her longer but it took me by surprise.

Then some time passed and no more sign of her ..Then i began to be awakened

every time i fell asleep by one unmistakeable bark loud and clearly hers. I

would wake up and look around and the other dogs would be sleeping ..I have

two more her daughter and a terrier. well anyway One day the furnace went out

and i had to call the furnace man to come ..What he found was a hole in the

burner that was letting carbon monoxide into my house and thats why I had

been falling asleep so much and having headaches...He told me that it had

been an extremely dangerous thing and that i would probably have gone to

sleep once too often and that would have been that. After having that

fixed,No more barking ..I think Starrbo was still at her post guarding me and

not allowing me to sleep too long or too soundly!!!About 6 months after

that.I moved her urn into a secretary in another bed room to keep it from

getting dusty ...You got it!! More Barking!!!! Moved it back to my bedroom is quiet once more...I don't see her on a regular basis but there are

times when i feel her presence and times when Tasha wags he tail and looks up

for no apparent reason ....and sometimes wheni think i catch a glimpse of

that tail...very swift ..very illusive /..but my imagination ..?? I don't

think so. As a post note i think love between people and animals transcends

what a lot of us consider normal...Starr is scheduled to rest with me someday

.....There is a lot of comfort in knowing that....

Story About my Weird House


My house was built in 1832 and was one of the first five houses built in

the city of Cleveland, so you know that if there are such things as ghosts

there are gonna be some in a house this old. The things I have seen and

heard sent chills down my spine but there were never any realy scary

experiences. The most scary thing I have seen is probably the ghost I seen

when I was about six or seven. I was laying awake in bed under my covers

when I heard a strange sound ,like somebody lightly knocking on my

dresser. I peeked my head from under the covers and seen the shape of a man

about a foot tall and swinging away at the top of my dresser with a

hammer. The figure was all white and had no defining features. The hammer,in

proportion to his body , was about the size of a big sledge hammer to a

normal person. I was afraid to run downstairs because of the way the stair

case twist I feared that he would chase me and jump on me if I tried to

run.(hey ,I was a little kid ,what do you expect.)I was also afraid to yell

because he had not looked at me and I didn't want to draw his attention. So

I crawled under my covers and fell asleep soon after. But that is not the

only story in my house.

If I was home alone upstairs I would hear people talking downstairs ,but

couldn't make out what they were saying , also the same if I was downstairs

,I would hear talking upstairs.My mother has also seen things in this house

too.She told me about one time she seen the shadow of a woman walk past her

room in the night ,her bed was at an angle that she couldn't see out of the

doorway ,but could see the shadow cast into her room of anyone walking in

the hall. She was the only female in the house ,so that's kinda creepy. She

also told me that one time she was in the kitchen and seen a little boy run

past her ,all she seen was the back of his head as he ran past so she

thought it was me ,but when she followed to tell me something she didn't see

anyone. The hallway the boy ran into leads to the bathroom and no where

else. Also ,I had been in the yard playing at the time. That's about it

except for weird noises that could just be the house settling ,but we

haven't seen anything in years ,and we have been remodeling , I hear that

has an effect on ghost sightings.

Several months ago I had been sitting at home wathing t.v. when I heard a

car pull up in the drive. I looked and seen an elderly woman sitting behind

the wheel just sitting there.I went out to see what she wanted and this

lady that looked to be about 70 years old or so told me she had grown up in

my house and wanted to see what it looked like now. I didn't want to invite

her in the house because a lot had changed and the house was a mess from

having walls replaced and I thought she would be better off with her

memories ,though if she had asked to come in I would have happily let

her. We talked a little ,but she only stayed a short while and never left

her car. I was realy kicking myself after that for not finding out more

about the house when I had a chance.The only thing I found out was that the

yard had been a lot bigger ,and there had once been a barn.I really hope she

gets the impulse to come again.

Ghosts Everywhere


Hi, mysterious happenings have occurred all my life, starting when I was just

three years old. My parents rented this real big house and the neighbor next

door to us told my mother to remind her to tell her something when she moved.

My father worked nights then and my mom would here strange noises coming from

the big staircase leading to our bedrooms. She found this cute little wooden

piece with wheels on it and said that she could use it for when she scrubbed

the floors by kneeling on it, it came in quite handy.(the house was a funeral

parlor before we moved in.) It turned out to be the thing they used to wheel

out the coffins!

One time we had company over and us kids were playing down the

cellar and I was sitting on this long table that was against the wall when

suddenly something tapped me on my right shoulder. I was startled and

frightened because the wall was in back of me. I ran up crying to my mother

telling her what happened and she said it was just my imagination ...I was

only three years old at the time. That was my first encounter with the


My father had to quit his night job and we eventually had to move

because my mom didn't want to be in that house anymore. The woman told my

mother that it was a funeral home. Since my incounter I have a fear about

cellars especially at night when its dark.

The next encounter was when I was twelve years old.....It was New

Years Eve and I

was up in my bedroom by myself because I was punished for not cleaning my room

that past week. There was losts of company downstairs Aunts and Uncles cousins

laughing and my brother and sisters were all having fun. I was crying and

sobbing in my room continously crying and crying feeling sorry for myself

that I wasn't down having fun on such a special night. All of a sudden as God

is my wittness I got slapped right across my face, I froze and did not dare

move from such fright....Not a sound was in my room and I was afraid to get

up. My body felt like a ton of cement and I couldn't even move, the door only

maybe two feet above my head. I finally got the courage to jump out of my bed

and turn the door knob screaming to my mother that something had slapped me in

the face. Naturally she didn't believe me and thought I was just telling this

story so that I could join the fun, they still to this day do not believe this

story. Yes there are ghosts I know for a fact because I felt the slap that was

so hard that it put me into a shock of hysteria fright. Many strange things

occurred at that house (Medford, Ma) One night when I was going

to bed I found my sister standing in front of our radiator in our bedroom

that we shared. The room was dark and when I snapped on the light switch

she turn from facing the radiator staring at nothing and walk slowly to her

bed got on it and turn and closed her eyes. I ran downstairs, screaming to my

parents and told them what had happened they ran upstairs and found my sister

comfortably fast alseep. That scared the hell out of me, she doesn't even

remember sleep walking, she was not known for sleep walking.

Another time after my brother got married, my sister moved her stuff into

his bedroom and

I had my own room. One night she was sleeping and saw a black figure standing

at the end of her bed, she came out screaming "I just saw death at the end of

my bed" she not believing in any supernatural things , was totally petrifived

and doesn't remember that ever happening to her. Another time was a sad

time, my uncle died instantly in a car crash on New Year's Eve. My mother and

her brother were very close, he use to live at our home because he had been

away for a while and needed a place to stay and he lived with us until he

married. One day

after several months after his death, she was crying cleaning her bedroom and

thought out loud to herself, "Frankie, give me a sign that you are all right"

all of a sudden in my fathers'

bureau drawer a sound of a small motor started up, in the drawer was a battery

operated shoe cleaner, my mother was not even near the dresser when this

occurred. That house was a

house filled with demons, not ghosts, the man that owned that house died

there, he was brought around by wheel chair for years and was very unhappy.

The years went by and I grew up and got married and lost my husband of

only five years, he drowned at Manaouth MA, he fell overboard on our small

motor boat, he was with one of his buddies and his buddy didn't see he fall

over, just heard the big splash. The reason for this telling is because where

his body never came up, the government would not give me any help for my son,

so after waiting 12 years they finally settled a lump some of money which I

had to give a

third to my lawyer, who tried for years for me, to collect insurance money and

social security

funds. When I received my money I bought a house which I still am living in I

been here 20 yrs. Its a nice big Victorian house. It has four and half big

rooms on the first floor; which is for a young couple (my son and his wife and

three children reside there now) and upstairs is two floors the first consist

of a big reception hall which is part of the up coming story, and four

bedrooms and a bathroom. after being married to my third husband who died

tragically of cancer I was left with two small girls to raise they were 7 and

8 years of age at the time.

Getting back to the buying of the house, I moved in and was so excited to

finally have a home for me and the boys who were just 8, 10 and 14 . That

night after my family left from helping all day my friend decided she would

sleep over so she could finish helping me with the house. She slept in my

room and that morning she came down and we all sat and had breakfast. That

night I went to bed and was just lying there , thinking of how tired I was

from all the moving, I must have just dosed off and woke up to a man form

leaning over my bed, he had a rope over his shoulder and I was startled..... I

told my friend (Paula) about my encounter and she was all upset, she said she

had seen something in my bedroom the night before and thought she had been

dreaming, we were shocked and scared out of our wits to think that a spirit

was in this house. After that, strange things started to happened; not all

the time but just certain times.

My sons were in the bedroom they shared together, my son Chris the

youngest, was listening to the radio, when it decided to turn to all differnt

stations. He ran down screaming, "my radio changed It's own stations". The

years went by everyone got older; my oldest son is married now and lives

downstairs, my second son bought his own house and my youngest son lives in

his basement.

Downstairs my son has had many encounters by waking up from his sleep seeing

black figures standing in his bedroom. The latest one started about two years

ago when he had a few friends over, they where in the living room when

suddenely they heard something in the kitchen

which is two rooms away from the room they where in. My son started to go out

to the kitchen area calling my son Donald's name , figuring he was trying to

play a joke on them , when suddenely a black figure crouched down scattered

across the kitchen opening from the dining area and ran in saying ok donald

where are you? My son was never downstairs in his apartment. My son was

scared out of his wits along with his friends and they had to sleep over that


MY grandson was watching some old family videos and my late second

husband was in one of them and my grandson said to my son , daddy I saw that

man in my room, who is he?

My son said "what do you mean you saw him." He was standing in my bedroom, (

the male figure was my dead husband.

My next ecounter was the eve of my first husbands' death , I was lying on my

sofa watching some television, my daghters were upstairs in their rooms, it

was quiet and I looked at the french door to the tv room and could see the

reflection of the foyer . I saw a figure walking by into my parlor and

thought which daughter was downstairs. I asked "whos that"? waited and asked

again got up and went to the kitchen no persons, dining room,parlor I was kind

of nervous by this time I went into the foyer and called up to my daughters,

who was just down here, they said no one , why do you ask.

I Attract Them


First off just let me say that I usually don't tell this story to many

people as they may think I am a bit odder than I appear. I am going to

shorten this story to just a few of my (and my friends, families)

experiences because I would be here all day and be taking up quite a bit of

room because alot has happened over a several year time goes. I moved out of my mother and father's home

the day I graduated from high school and moved in with my grandmother whom I

adored. She was still working at the time on the 3 to 11pm shift so I was

home alone alot of the time. The first thing that ever happened was one

night I came home from work and went into one of the living rooms to turn on

the tv and saw the newspaper laying on one of the couches spread open

completely and carefully. I thought nothing of this of course and went

about my business. In the following months things got quite a bit stranger

though. I started hearing noise from upstairs which seemed to be coming

from a specific room, the bedroom right at the top of the stairs which I had

to pass to get to my bedroom. This graduated to hearing people talking at

night through the registers in my room. It sounded like the tv was on. I

could definately hear voices of different people talking. I found out I

wasn't crazy one night when a friend of mine slept over and woke me up in

the middle of the night asking who was talking in here. I have seen lights

turn on and off that were right next to me, heard doors opening and closing,

voices as well but I couldnt make out what they were saying. In fact I rang

my mother one night (my mother and I didnt get on very well at the time) and

pleaded with her to come over just until my grandmother got home because I

was hearing things. She wouldn't at first but finally conceded. When she

got there I was in the kitchen sitting there with a look on my face. She

came in and looked at me like I had lost my mind. Maybe 5 minutes later

guess what....she heard it too!!. A deep voice from right above our heads.

I guess my mother believed me at that point because she looked into it and

had a psychic come in after I woke up one morning to find my grandfather's

(who died a couple months before I was born) Elk's ring on my dresser and a

white tailored man's shirt on the floor of my bedroom. Funny thing was that

sometimes when things would happen I would be afraid and sometimes I

wouldn't. At one point my cousin, a friend of mine and myself decided to

use the Ouija board up in my room one evening. I won't do that again!! I

never really believed those things worked until that night. I threw it away

after that. That graduated to hearing people walk down the stairs and into

one of the rooms and then back upstairs again. I wasn't the only one to

hear it either. Everyone who came to the house with me heard it. The only

one who wouldnt confess to hearing or seeing anything was my grandmother.

The most frightening experience ( this one still gives me goosebumps)

happened one day when a very good friend of mine was over. We were in my

room listening to music and I had just purchased a new poster for my wall.

I grabbed a chair and stood on it to put it up and leaned up against it to

hold it tight against the wall. I asked my friend for a tack and all of a

sudden realized I couldn't move!!! I was sort of calm at first, but soon

went into panic. My friend I think thought I was joking and pulled the

chair out from underneath me. Bad news was.....I was still stuck. There I

was suspended in mid air up against the wall. She panicked and starting

pulling on my legs until I was finally released. I could go on and on. The

stereo used to turn on, lights turned on and off, things would rattle on

shelves ...just certain objects, not everything on the shelf.....footsteps,

voices, doors opening and closing. Most of the activity ceased when I moved

out, but it's still there. My girlfiend and I were there not too long ago

and no one was home. We were in the kitchen making lunch and we could hear

music and footsteps upstairs. My girlfriend wasn't accustomed to this

activity and just kind of looked at me strangely. I told her to ignore it,

it used to happen all the time. It went on for some time and finally we

went upstairs to check things out just in case someone was up there who

shouldnt be. No one was of course. We came down the stairs and stood at

the bottom for a moment then I yelled up for whoever was doing it to knock

it off and something GROWLED at us!!!! .....anyway, I could go on and on as

I have mentioned before...if you would like any detailed accounts of what

happened I will be glad to send in some separately. It might be good for me

to get them off my chest...thanks for listening.

This house was not my only experience, I seem to "attract" them.

Robstown Texas Haunting


In 1977, my parents decided to sell our house and build a home in the

country about 15 miles away from town. We sold our house quickly, and

had to move into a rent home. The house is not spooky at all, until you

go inside. I was only 11 at the time, but it is still very vivid in my


Everything began about 2 months after we moved in. Our neighboors kids,

my friends, would not go into our back yard at night. It was a large

yard, and many kids took it as a short cut to get to the store across

the street. They told us that a very sinister Negro man had stopped

them one night-he just popped up behind them as they crossed the yard

goig home-and told them to stay out of his yard. They got scared and

ran home to tell their dad. Living in their house for over ten years,

he did not know who this Negro man was-the rent house had been vacant

for a while. And he did not know of any Negro families ever living in

the house. They never went into our yard at night. Ever.

I was awakened by footsteps one night. I heard deep moaning sounds,

more like frustrated humphs more than anything. I woke my brother Ryan

up and he heard them to. That was very scary.

My sister Julie Anne, who was around nine, woke up one night and went

into the living room to check on our Beagle puppy. There, in front of

the window a/c, were small children jumping up and down. There was no

sound, just the apparitions. It scared the hell out of my sister, who

woke up my mom and dad. They dismissed it of course, but I believe

her. Both she and my other brother Regan experienced something in that

house one night (sperate times respectively) that neither will talk

about. My brother is a professional, very accomplished in the law

field. And he is profoundly honest. He will get to the point of

getting snappy if you even bring up that house.

We moved around 9 months later, when our home was finished. Nothing

followed, and that house still stands. Why, I don't know. It has not

been lived in since 1983. I wonder what happened to them...Located on

Main street in Robstown Tx.

A Father's Spirit


I had read your section on apparitions of living people, and was reminded of

an incident that happened when I was about six.

When I was little, I was extremely close to my father, and had never been

parted from him for any longer than a day; when I was six, he traveled to

Beijing to visit his family for a week. I missed him horribly, of course,

and one afternoon in our house, probably the third day into his trip, he

came into the kitchen just as he would always do, dressed just as usual,

acting very normally. He was there just long enough for me to see him, and I

think I hugged him and was so happy that he had come back. Afterwards, he

left the kitchen, and then was nowhere to be found, but called from Beijing

that evening, and mentioned nothing of the sort--obviously, if he was in

Beijing, then he wouldn't also be in our house in Illinois! My mother never

mentioned seeing him, and I never said anything to her about it. I believe

that some part of him could feel how much I missed him and returned to see

me and make me feel better for a little while, because that is the way that

my father was.

In China we speak of the dead "begging dreams" to the living, which is to

say that they appear in dreams to the living to tell them something. My

father died two years ago, and I promptly threw away all the plans I had

made before he died, moved out to California, and sank into depression,

drinking, drugs, and general self-destructiveness. A few months afterwards,

at the nadir of my depression, my aunt, with whom I am also very close,

called me to tell me that ever since I had moved, she had been dreaming of

my father, who never said anything to her in the dreams but merely looked at

her with a sorrowful and reproachful expression. She asked me if there was

anything the matter, and I had to tell her what I had never voiced before,

how low I felt and how disconnected I was from any kind of living or joy.

Since then she has made a point of keeping in close contact with me,

offering me her support, encouragement, a shoulder to lean on and someone to

scream at when I had to, and with her kindness and love I am now emotionally

and physically fine. Was it the bond between my aunt and I or my father's

concern from the afterlife that prompted her to call me? We won't know, but

I know my father and I know ths at that is a way in which he would have

behaved if he knew I was in trouble and couldn't help me himself.

Not all ghosts are malevolent. Sometimes, I believe, they are the love of

another, love strong eough to overpower corporeal boundaries. If I ever feel

my father's presence, it will be as it was when I was 6, and I will merely

be happy for the chance to see him again, just for a while, without asking

any question, simply taking with gratitude this gift of his love.

Good-Bye a Week Late.


When I was about 7 years old, my grandfather and grandmother were moving to

Florida for his retirement. They had been gone for about 3 days and

everynight we would hear from them and where they were--that kind of thing.

One night after all of us were sound asleep, we were all woke up with a phone

call. It was around 3 oclock in the morning, and it was the kind of news no

one ever wants to here. They were about 8 miles from their destination in

Florida, when they were struck by a truck, and grandpa was killed instantly.

Grandma survived having to have her hip replaced.

About one week later, my mother, my younger sister and I, were at a local

gas station that we went to all the time. I was in the back seat, and my

sister was upfront with my mother. As the man came out of the gas

station--this was the days when all gas stations was full service--I yelled

out, "Mom, that is grandpa." Of course, mom went on to say..."We have gone

over this, grandpa is up in heaven now"....So the man came over towards the

car taking the gas amount my mother wanted in the car, and he started to pump

and then came to my side of the car. It was summer--so all the windows were

down, and the man proceeded to tell me about how much he will miss his

favorite granddaughter and to never worry about him because he will always be

with her. He also said with a smile how much he loves his family and the

grandma will be fine. The whole time this was happening, mom and my sister

just sat in the front talking to each another. He then took the money from my

mom and left, but, first he turned and smiled at me. I know this sounds

alittle strange, but the man looked exactly like grandpa and even smelled like

him. Mom says that he was only saying good-bye to me because he did

practically raise me as a child while her and dad worked and before my sister

came along. I truly believe too...that he said good-bye and felt he was

taken from us too soon. I miss him alot. Although this happened about 20

years ago, all I have to do is think of that warm summers day and his last

smile to me and all sorrow goes away.

A Spirit with Evil Intent


Any encounter with a spirit entity can be one of the most frightening

experiences imaginable, especially for a child. Unless the spirit entity

is their to assist you or your loved ones in some way such as a former

family member, the experiences can become annoying or downright

dangerous . My encounters with what I consider to have been a very mean

and nasty spirit began around 1970 in the state of New Jersey. We lived

in a nice

two story home that my parents had recently purchased. It all seem to

start when certain pieces of furniture

had been moved in the attic by me. I was then a child of 8 years of age

and as innocent as they come growing up in a traditional home with

parents that still espoused victorian values. The entity which we later


was a young man who had committed suicide made his first appearance in a

hallway area adjacent to my bedroom. All I saw was a silhouette of what

seemed like a man wearing a long coat and a hat. I thought it was some

sort of odd refection from some light that came through the kitchen

window, that is until the shadow moved and shifted and then I freaked

out. My parents were awakened and they searched the house hi and low

but no sign of an intruder. Things started to escalate very quickly

thereafter. In the following months I constantly felt a sense of fear

dread that something or someone was watching me and the hair on my back

would stand up each and every time. Then I started seeing family members

in places within the house when they were somewhere else or in another

part of the home. Every time as I approached this apparition it seemed

to just break up like a fog and disappear. At times I did feel that

something was pulling on my bed sheet and at times felt hands coming

through the bottom of the bed and touching my body, it was too weird to

even talk about a thought I was really losing my mind. I was always an

outgoing child making friends easy and getting good marks in school, why

is this happening to me? Did I do something to deserve this? An 8 year

old child? The situation escalated after some 8 months until I felt such

extreme terror that I made an attempt to take me on life. I really

wanted to die the fear and agony that I went through was beyond words,

I truly do not wish it on anyone. I later feel into a deep depression

and slowly thereafter became very ill and had to be hospitalized. This

was a medical hospital not psychiatric. I had lost my eyesight and

conscienceness, I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where I was on

a strict liquid diet for weeks, I had to be escorted to the bathroom

because I was to weak to stand up, lost control of my bowels and slept

almost all the time. This is all happening to an 8 year old child that

NEVER had any medical conditions of any kind previous to this period. I

was eventually released from the general hospital and began to regain my

strength.over a period of weeks. We eventually moved out and sold the

home. That was more than 23 years ago. I have since then graduated from

the University with a 3.75 GPA a four your tour in the USAF and have my

own business as well as being married to a beautiful woman. It seems I

came out of it OK but the fear and questions linger. If you encounter

any entities DO NOT FEAR THEM they draw energy from your fear. Tell the

entity to leave and say it FORCEFULLY. If it still persist you should

recite some biblical passages and rebuke the entity. Frankincense and

Myrrh are great to burn as in incense that has holy properties. If you

doubt this, don't.

Its wasn't because the wise men thought that a little frankenscence and

myrrh might be nice that they traveled hundreds of miles to bring it to

the manger. No, they were told to by the almighty himself for very REAL

and PURPOSEFUL reasons. It wasn't for fragrance, its much more profound

and esoteric than that. Any way I hope this may help anyone out there

but, the Number one weapon is LOVE. Fill your heart with as much of it

as you can in an unselfish way. Its the strongest of all and a natural

repellent to anything evil.

My Uncle Larry


My name is Jillian , and I want to share my experience with

you and other readers. When I was 2, my uncle, Larry, was my best

friend. He would take me places, buy me all of these cute dresses that I

would wear to church, and he just loved me to death. Then it all

happened. Larry was working on a building they had been constructing for

6 years, when the worker controling the big concrete pump boom lost

control. The concrete pump had crushed my uncle, and he died right then.

2 weeks later, I was in this little room that my Aunt Joanne (Larry's

wife) had called my Playroom. I loved that room. I played sega genesis,

watched TV, and played with my dolls. One day, I was watching videos

when, on the edge of my bed, in broad daylight, I saw my uncle Larry. He

had his working clothes on, and was talking to me. He said "Jillian, I

have come to say goodbye. You are my most darling niece and I will be in

your heart watching over you". With this, I ran downstairs and told my

mom that I saw a man with a beard in my room. She told me not to worry,

for my uncle had come to say goodbye.

The Musical Angel


I have had alot of experiences. Here is just one of them. My grandma gave

me a musical angel for x-mas , that plays. "Wind between my wings" Out

of the blue it just started playing. I asked my husband if he had turned it

on, and he said he hadn't touched it since we displayed it on our shelves

right after x-mas and neither have I. We just looked at each other and said

oh well, because this sort of thing has been happening to me since i was a

child . My husband is getting use to it. I have more stories maybe i'll

write more when i get a chance. Thanx for letting me share my story.

A Taiwanese Ghost Story


I just submitted a story about my father's spirit and had barely hit SEND

when I remembered a ghost story in my family.

My mother comes from a family where 5 sons and 5 daughters survived to

adulthood; they lived in rural Taiwan during and after WW2. The third-oldest

girl was, they say, the prettiest, sweetest, and most outgoing of the five

sisters, and the one with a busy social life in their town; everyone loved

her, and even my grandmother, not by nature an affectionate or demonstrative

person, adored her. When my aunt was in her late teens or early twenties,

she became ill with what I understand to have been pneumonia. She saw a

doctor, who prescribed medicine and promised that there was no danger.

However, as the night wore on, my aunt grew worse and worse: she could

barely breathe, her muscles weakened, and she grew deathly pale. That night

my grandmother, knowing that her daughter would die, stayed awake, and deep

in the night my aunt came to her to say that she loved her and to say

good-bye. She died before dawn.

It turned out that that doctor who had assured them my aunt was in no danger

had given her the wrong medicine. What he gave her destroyed her heart and


Ten years later, the doctor was riding his motorcycle through town when he

lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree. The accident killed

him. Witnesses said that just before impact, he was screaming my aunt's name

and imploring her to forgive him.

My Boyfriends Back!


When I was seventeen I dated a guy named "Steve" who was twenty-two. I found

out that he was an alcoholic and broke up with him. He was very upset but I

we remained good friends.

A couple of years later, I was living by myself in a duplex, taking care of an

elderly woman. A friend of mine called to give me the bad news that Steve was

killed in an accident. I felt terrible. I called his mother to give my

condolences. It was then that I found Steve had had an obsession with me.

His family went as far as to bury my pictures, which he kept in his room, in

his coffin.

I went to the grocery store and when I came back, after carrying two bags in,

I came back outside to get more. The area rug by the front door was flipped

upside down. (This was a very large piece of indoor/outdoor carpet.) I

flipped it back over and retrieved two more bags. It happened again and once

again, I flipped the carpet back over and I said out loud, "Stop it Steve!"

The carpet was turned once more and after putting it back in its place for a

final time I went inside to put up my groceries. Curiosity got the best of me

so I went out to see if it flipped again. The carpet was laid neatly across a

chair on the front porch. Steve has been with me ever since. Moving things.

Whispering. At first I was frightened. Now I am used to it. However, Steve

has attracted other ghosts! But that's another story!! Ronni

Red Robed Figure and Ghostly Cat


I lived in a house for seventeen years where strange things

occasionally happened. our dryer would often stop in mid cycle and the door

open by itself. It normally took quite a pull to open it and I am sure it

would not just pop open without help. A couple japanese lanterns hanging

would swing when we would walk by often would swing on their own even when no

one had passed and there was no draft that could cause them to move as they we

not near a window. Often my dog would run from one end of the house to the

other just to sit and bark at some unseen thing in an upper corner of a

room. Perhaps the scariest thing was when my sister saw a figure in a long

hooded red robe pass down the hallway in front of her bedroom door without a

sound lit only by the hall nightlight. One last incident there was shortly

before we moved. I heard a cat jump down from the kitchen counter which

was right above my bedroom. It then pitter pattered down the stairs and

jumped up on the end of my bed. I heard the footsteps. I felt it

walk along the bottom of my bed and curl up behind my knees. The house had

no history because it was new when we moved in. We did lose a couple pet

cats when we were there.There seems to be no reason for the hooded figure

that we know of.

Haunted House


Ok, I used live in a small town of Pennsylvania called Youngsville. My mom,

brother, and I moved into a house on Poplar street. A girl I knew used to live

there and she told me that the house was haunted. I didn't really believe her.

I wasn't really interested in ghosts and stuff. I always thought that Ghosts

stories and and the uija board were just a bunch of made up junk just to spook

peoples interests. Boy was I wrong. A week after we moved in is when I started

to hear strange and unusual sounds most likely coming from the atteck. I tried

to ignore it but it kept on doing it's thing. The sound was a low tone. More

like the dial tone sound of a phone but it was more high pitch. Well I decided

to go check it out. so I went up to the attic and got this really freaky

felling. I mean I had goose bumps on my goose bumps. I didn't hear the sound

again so I went back down stairs to finish unpacking my stuff. I didn't hear

it again for about another 4 weeks. only this time it was coming from the

basement. I of course went down to check it out and again, found nothing.

well later that night I started getting ready for bed when I thought I saw

someone or something standing in my window, but then again my window was on

the second floor. I ignored it and got into bed. A few minutes later I thought

I saw a person w/ red eyes watching me from the corner of my room. I immediatly

sat up and turned on my light and saw nothing but my boxes of stuff. I shut

the light off again, and laid back down. This time I thought I saw someone

sitting indian style next to my bed w/ yellow eyes, and they were glaring at

me. I sat up again and it was gone. I called for my mom, and she did the

whole "check the closet and bed there's no such thing as monsters and ghost"

thing. I did manage to get to sleep later that night. A few months later I had

a friend over for the night and we were home alone. We decided to sleep in the

living room so we could watch t.v. or play w/ my dog. We were looking at

magazines when we suddenly heard something crash on the front porch. It

couldn't of been my cat cause he was sleeping infront of the fire place. The

wierd thing was, was that the front porch door was locked right after my mom

left, only when we went to see what happend the door was wide open. We just

kinda laughed and locked the door and went back inside. An hour later it

happend again only it was louder and we also heard the door slam shut. We both

freaked and ran up stairs to my brothers room and grabbed his hocky stick,

num-chucks, army knife, bb gun, the base ball bat, and a crow bar. when we

got back down stairs we noticed that the porch door was open and the back door

was open w/ My dog barking in the back yard when we went out side we saw

nothing, but when we turned around and looked up at the attic window we saw a

person standing in the window and then disappeared. We were both completely

wigged out and went to her house instead.

A Grandmother's Love


I am 28 and at about age 12 , I can remember an incident involving my

Grandmother whom I had never met that had passed away 13 years before I

was even born. I have alway's felt this special connection to my

Grandmother , I have been told that out of seven Grandchildren I look

the most like her and that my mannerisms' are most like her. In fact I

am quite identical to her. We had just moved in to a new home and I was

nervous about meeting new people. I remember having a hard time falling

asleep. I usually only sleep with a sheet over me . It was around 2:00

am and I remember this warm feeling and a soft white glow hovering above

me . It was my Grandmother and her face was very distinct. I felt her

place a blanket on me. She gave me a reassuring pat as if to say,"

everything will be ok." I asked my mother the next morning if she had

maybe put the blanket on me overnight being a little skeptical of what I

saw and felt. She said ,"No" and we checked the box which the blanket

had been in and it was opened.

It was a blanket that I had brought from her home that my Grandfather

still resided in. To this day I ask my Mom if she thinks it could have

happened, and her response is," If it was to happen to anyone it would

have to be you, You would have held a very special place in your

Grandmothers' heart."

The Howling


It was hard to decide which on to write about, cause I've seen alot of

things that can only be explained in one word, paranormal. But the one

that stick in my mind the most happened a couple years ago when some

friends and I decided to go road cruising in Clay County, Indiana. The

name of the area is known as Hells Gates, because if ya look at a

topographical map there are seven viaducts that are connected by county

roods and if ya draw a line from on to the other it makes a pentagram.

Any ways we were driving around this country road and stopped in front

of what we call the Virgin Mary Cemetery, because of the statue of the

Virgin Mary standing in it. Some other people we know said that across

the street from it was another cemetery in a groove of trees, so a

couple of friends wanted to check it out. They had ran into some guy in

Terre Haute that was supposedly a paranormal investigator that had

showed them some photos of a house in Greencastle and there was an

entity on the film. So they wanted to see if they could get one on

video, since the guy said that they would also show up on tape as well.

As they got out of the trucks I decided to stay behind with a couple of

other friend because it was cold and I was gettin a cold, and got a

really bad feeling about it. So four of my friends took off across the

field towards this grove of trees. As soon as they started walking we

heard what sounded like coyotes behind us, which wasn't unusual for that

time of the morning, and that area. The only thing is as my friends got

closer to the cemetery the howls got louder and more abundant, not only

were they coming from behind us but they were coming from all around

us. I seen my friends starting to run back towards the trucks, and they

were about a hundred yards away so I figured I would buy them some time

and stepped out of the truck to fire off a couple of rounds in the air

to scare anything off that was in the woods around us. Fortunately they

were fast runners and I didn't get any shots off. The weird thing is

that we've been back there a hundred times since then and never heard a

sound, until someone decides to go walking towards the groove of trees.

Then the howling starts again.

Like I said this is only one of my experiences, but one of the


The 1956 Chevy


When I was in high school, my friend Heather was given a 1956 Chevy car

for her 17th birthday. It was in pristine condition, for being so old.

The fist night, Heather, myself, and two others went on a joy ride on

the outskirts of our little town. The small winding roads that went

into the countryside were very common for the small Texas towns near

ours. Heather didn't know much about the car, only the name of the woman

who her father bought it from. After an hour or so, out of the darkness

we saw something in the road. It was a cow. We knew that if we hit it,

there would be severe damage to both the car and the cow. So Heather

steered towards the fence. The car crashed into the fence, and none of

us were hurt. We got out of the car to see if the cow could be herded

into the pasture, but the cow was gone! Not even a sight of it! We

looked around and decided that it must have been lights playing tricks

on us. The car had minimal damage to the front fender, and we went

home. The next week, Heather was picking me up for school, and we made

a stop at the local conveneince store for breakfast. The car just

wouldn't stop! We went right through the glass in the front of the

store. The car was examined, and the brake line had been severed. And

the last and final incident was two weeks later. Heather, myself and

another friend were driving home from the next town from a football

game. It was getting late, so we decided to take a shortcut through

some of the backroads. All three of us were in the front seat. All of

a sudden, Heather screamed. She stopped the car and got out, we

followed. When she finally caught her breath, there was a moment of

silence when she told us what she saw. She claimed to have seen red

eyes in the backseat as she glanced in the rearview mirror. We all

believed her.

The next day, we all took a trip, in my car, to see the woman whom her

father had bought the car from. We told her about the events that had

occured in the few months that Heather had the car. She was not

surprised at all. Her husband bought her the car as a wedding present

back in 1956, and it was his pride and joy. She had only decided to

sell the car after he died just weeks before she sold the car. She told

us that the money would be returned to her father if that was okay. We

all believe that the spirit of the man who loved his wife so much could

not bear to see their car sold. We all believe that these events were

caused by the man to make the car come back.

My Experiences


Hi I'm glad that there is a place for people like me to tell their

stories with out being laughed at or scoffed at. I've told some of my

stories to a few people but I get strange looks, they nod and smile and

walk away. I have tried to write the stories but I get interference.

Something always stops me. Family emergency, pencils breaking,

typewriters screwing up, mental blocks, I start shaking uncontrollably.

The last only happened when I tried to write in the house.

I lived in the same house for almost my whole life. There were little

things that happened back then. I remember being terrified to go to the

bathroom because I had to go through the utility room to get there. The

worst part was the closet right by the bathroom door. I would run "Hell

for leather" to get past that door. The upstairs was a night mare. My

brothers told me that they saw things walk through the room on several

occasions. I didn't sleep up there but I was afraid to go up there

alone because it felt like I was being watched. The landing in

particular was the worst. I'd jump across it and didn't want to be


I got married and moved out. A few years later I moved back in. My

father had died and Mom had moved out leaving the house empty. My Now

ex husband and I moved in with our two little boys. My husband became

violent and abusive. He had always been verbally abusive but he started

beating me. He also started drinking and smoking dope more regularly.

That made it worse. He finally moved out.

My girlfriend "T" moved in. She was a girl I went to school with and

she was divorced..We decided to share the house. She claimed to be

Psychic was her Mother. I don't know if they were. I do know I had to

go to her on one very frightening experience and they did help. One

night she left the house to call her mother,(Ididn't have a phone). I

was struggling to get the coal burning stove going. It was bitter cold

and it was my only source of heat. The kids were there and the house was

freezing I had to get that thing going. I only had some paper and some

little sticks.Most people don't have experience with coal, but it is

very hard to start, nothing like charcoal. I'd say 10 times harder to

get going. I threw some coal on top and turned to get some more wood

and the fire started on it's own. I hadn't been home since the night

before and there were no embers left. I hadn't lit a match. It just

started by itself. It didn't just start it roared to life. I had to

slam the door to keep the fire from scorching me. You could hear the

flames crackling and whooshing up the chimney. It was terrifying.

"T" came back right after that. I stood in the living room and she came

in with a smile on her face and said something about the fire and how

warm it was getting. She was acting weird. Finally she said someting

about getting a little unsolicited help, and suddenly I couldn't

breath. I wasn't choking, my throat just closed, i couldn't breathe, I

was freezing cold and tears were streaming from my eyes. She grabbed me

and told me that it was my father and to stop fighting it. He just

wanted to let me know he was okay, afraid but okay. It let up a little

and I could breathe again. She told me that Dad knew he was gone but

didn't want to move on. I don't remember too much after that it's kind

of blury and hazy. I remember feeling very warm and safe for a short

time, (maybe Dad gave me a good bye hug). She was talking to" Dad" and

told him that he had to move on and he could keep watch but not from

where he was now. Like I said before I don't remember much it all

disjointed and jumbled. I do remember watching the back door for some

reason. I woke up the next morning and nothing was mentioned about the

night before. Months later she refered to it in some manner or

another. She said I had abilities that I should practice, but I'm not

clear on what she meant.

That was a mild event. Maybe I'll tell that one some other time. Maybe

one of the stories that doesn't like to be told.

Strange Lights


When I was about 14-15 years old, two friends

and I went on a camping trip. None of us were old enough to have a driver's

license, so we walked the 3 miles from our hometown, Point Pleasant, WV. We had

gotten permission to camp on the farm of one of our old elementry school

teachers. It was

the middle of the summer, so we didn't bother with a tent. We just dropped our

sleeping bags in a small grove of trees in a hill-side pasture-field (The cattle

were in another pasture at the time.). We picked the spot both because the trees

would block any inclement weather, and because it was within 50' of a large

spring-fed concrete cattle tank that was perfect for a cool soak on a hot


By the time night had fallen, we had a good fire going, and after the usual

round of b.s. and horseplay that occured wherever we happened to be, we turned

in. I managed to go to sleep on top of a knotty root (as usual), and the

discomfort woke me, probably sometime after midnight. The fire had burned down

to a tiny pile of glowing coals, giving off no light to speak of. As I

readjusted myself, I noticed the lights on the opposite

hill. That hill was entirely and

heavily wooded, and about 300 yards away across a grassy bottom with a tiny

brook running running through it where the grass gave way to woods. The view was

relativly clear even in the darkness . A fine mist was just beginning to rise,

but it was not thick enough to obscure anything; I could still make out

individual trees and bushes. A light was moving through the trees along

the side of the opposite hill. It moved several yards, then abruptly went out. I

took it to be a coon-hunter's flashlight at first, although I had heard no dogs.

Another light came on a short distance away, and repeated the performance

of the first one. About this time, Bob woke up and noticed the show; like me, he

assumed that it was either someone coon hunting, or maybe some aquaintances from

school trying to scare us. Soon, the whole hillside was dotted with moving

lights, all of which traveled about the same distance as the first, before going

out (average duration about 5 seconds). We began to get scared when we realized

that there were too many lights for a hunting party, they were moving faster

than a man could run in heavy woods, and they were getting closer! We tried

awakening our other friend with hissing whispers, but he is a notoriously sound

sleeper, and we could get no more out of him than a snoring grunt. Soon, the

lights began to appear in the grassy bottom. Our fright went to a whole new

level, for the grass was not over ankle high, and the lights drifted over it; no

one was holding them! They came closer, as Bob clutched a knife and I held a

hatchet; I don't know what we would have done with them, but we were near panic.

They came within 50'; one of them even made half a circut around the cattle tank

in plain view before winking out like the rest. After that, they began drifting

back toward the other hill. The entire sequence was repeated in reverse order,

until the last light winked out near where the first one had appeared. The whole

thing took probably 15 min. to half an hour. Neither Bob nor I had ever seen

anything like this before, or since, for that matter. I've never heard of anyone

else seeing anything similar in this area, either. If anyone has, then I'd like

to hear about it.

The Attic


One night when I was baking I had set my cookbook on the counter and left the

room for a minute. I came back and the cookbook was inside of a pot of boiling

water. I freaked and went to bed. The next night it had snowed and I opened

the curtains to watch the snow fall down. Then I left the room and came back,

and the curtains were closed. Just the other night I was online and I heard

someone talking so I opened the door and both of our sterios were turned on

along with the T.V.'s . I went out of the room and turned everything off

thinking it was just a power surge. But when I went back into the room where

the computer was there was someone or something standing by the window. It was

a black figure, very short and had no arms or head. Every since then we've had

no problems. But I later found out that a person was murdered in my attic 1

year before we moved in here. Someone had broken into the house and cut off

the guys legs and arms and shove him into the attic and left him there.

Guardian Grandmother


Well my name is Erika I was born on January 11, 1984 in Springfeild,OR.

We first lived in a duplex. My mom and dad said they experienced strange

things. I was

to little to know of anything happening. My dad worked early in yhe morning

and often said he seen an old lady walking up and down the hall. One night

my mom and I were home alone and I was already in bed my mom whent to chek

on me and said see seen an old woman holding me. My mom immediatly went and

called my dad who was at my grandmas house and told him to came home he did

and seen nothing. Later that night

I started to cry and before my parents could respond I stopped. When they

entered my room there I was hovering above the ground. I am now told at the

age of 15 that it was my dads grandmother, which they think is my guardian

angel. I have had other experiences which I will write about later.

Morgue Restaurant

By: Anonymous

Well, first of all, I have to admit, I

have read EVERYONE of the stories on your page, and I think they are

great. Most of this stuff scares the bee-gee-bees out of me, but I can't

help but to continue reading. I have a couple of other experiences I will

send at a later date. However, today I wanted to send you a quick mail

telling you about a place out here in CA that is 'supposedly' haunted.... to

me... there is no 'supposedily' part to it. Well, this is a restaurant in

Los Gatos, CA. It is called the Chart house. Unfortunately (or

fortunately for those that enjoy this kind of stuff), this place has a couple of

.......'residents'. This restaurant once was a Morgue! Well, it

obviously is not something that they owners like to be known to the public,

being bad for business and all. Well, I had the occasion to dine at the

Chart house one evening. We had ordered and the food had arrived...

everything good so far. Well, I decided to use the restroom (RR) (which is

in the downstairs part of the resturant). Well, in the RR, its as normal

as any other, except that it has a nice, old, and tall standing mirror that is

in one corner of the RR, and looking into the mirror, you can see the

sinks. Well, I was in there, all alone... so I thought. I was

putting on some lipstick, and making sure that I looked ok...normal stuff, when

the faucet (which I can see from the mirror) came on FULL BLAST. Needless

to say, it scare the you-know-what out of me. I know that this sounds

stupid and all, but the only thing that I could think of was to say out loud (as

calmly as I could) Please, Don't scare me like that!!! and I walked

over (ok... I moved pretty quickly) to the faucet, turned it off, and pretty

much took off upstairs to my table. Well, I talked to the guy I was having

dinner with and he told me that the place used to be a morgue.... I was a tad

freaked on that. The waitress had to wait until the table next to us left,

(she didn't want to scare them off I guess) then she came over and told us the

brief history of the place.... and yes, it was a morgue at one point. I ended up

taking my dinner home....

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