My Teacher's House

By: "The Innes's" <>

When I was in high school, my english teacher told us some stories about his house.

I can't say if it's totally true, but some kids did go over to his house to check it out.

In the 1800's a woman killed herself in his house. She hanged herself in the hallway.

That exact place in the hallway, always stays cold, real cold. yhe people who visited

stood there and said that it was true. The ghost was in love with the teacher, she would

get into bed with him. He said he would actually feel the bed move when she got into bed,

and he could feel her next to him. Now the teacher was married and the ghost was

jealous of his wife. One morning he woke up to find his wifes picture on the

floor. It was in a frame . The glass and the frame were broken, so he picked it

up and noticed scatch marks on the back of his wifes photo, like someone's

fingernails had scratched it, that freaked him out. The other thing that he noticed was a

place in the attic. He had an old attic that they used for storeage. There was one area

that would never get dusty, and things would get moved if you put them there. He

would put things there and they would be moved the next day. The one thing that

would be left alone was an old trunk that was there when they moved in. It would

stay there, but never collect dust. It ended up being the area above the cold

spot in the hallway where she hanged herself.....and thats all I know.



I have already sent in most of my big experiences so I thought I would share

a smaller one. When I was little about 5 or 6, I had 2 cousins pass on

within a year of each other. They were brother and sister (I've changed

their names out of respect). Tony and Tamara, Tony was playing alone in a

car that was running and parked on a slanted driveway, his father had gotten

out to run up to the house for something he had forgotten. Tony hit the gear

shift and the car started to roll. He opened the car door and tried to jump

clear, he was only 3, he fell under the wheels and the car rolled over him.

Tamara his sister was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of a year and a

half, she passed on about 9 months after her brother before she was 2 years


Anyways after their deaths, I used to play with them. (for those who don't

know already) I was raised in an atmosphere where ghosts and the supernatural

were very commonplace. We talked about these things and experienced them all

the time.

I had a tire swing in my backyard that would at times swing really high

without the wind blowing or anyone around to push it. My mother often

commented on why the swing was moving again, I would look out the window and

tell her "Oh it is just Tony and Tamara playing." Now this part is gonna

sound like it is right out of Amityville. But late at night my little brown

rocking chair would start rocking back and forth. I would wake up and watch

it for a few minutes and then tell Tony and Tamara it was past their bedtime,

lift my blankets and tell them to get in bed with me. My dad saw me do this

a couple of times and ask me about it. I told him it was Tony and Tamara

. I haven't seen them since I was about 10, I think it was special that

they found each other in the beyond and came back to be my playmates for a

few years. I never saw one without the other. My opinion is that loved ones

will come back to get you when you pass on and if you aren't ready to go they

might stick around awhile with you. What do you think? Thanks for listening.

Experience or Dream


It was several months ago... My (now -ex) fiance was at work and it

was about 1:30 pm when I dozed off. I guess about a half hour later, I

awakened to someone stroking my hair and what sounded like water

running. ( ? ) I called out my (ex) fiance's name, thinking he'd come

home from work for lunch break. I asked him a question, though now I

can't remember what I'd asked- and I very well heard a response from in

the bathroom, where the water seemed to be running (full blast).

I remember saying something else, but then I didn't get a response.

By this time, I was more "awake" so I figured maybe I dreamed he came

home . I thought nothing of it until I remembered the stroking of my

hair. My hair at the time was short so it couldn't have been falling

into place to settle on my shoulders or something.

There wasn't a draft either- I hate air- conditioning because I

get too cold and am unable to sleep well. Was this really an experience

or was I just dreaming or something? I've never had "experiences"

before. Besides my dad dieing 14 years ago, this is another reason why

I'm interested in capturing ghosts on film.

The Weeks After


I have not told many people about the things that happened to me the weeks

after the Okla. City Bombing because in a way it seems I am violating a trust

that was ask of me by spriits or something or someone that needed help. I have

experienced many things in my life that no one I knew could explain. I

wanted to ask you what you think about what I am about to tell you. I work

downtown Okla. City and have for 25 years. That April morning I was late to

work, I normally get to work by 9:00 AM, that morning I was walking from my

car when it happened I ran for 2 blocks because I thought the building I was

working in was going to fall and it is 37 floors tall. There were many things

that happened to me involving the bombing but the same things happened to

many people that worked downtown and felt violated by this act, as did many

people . I don't believe being downtown at the time of the bombing has

anything to do with the things that followed..

The very next day after the bombing I started seeing people that were not

there when I would look back. I would get in an elevator and step to the

side so I wouldn't step on the person that was standing there. Then I would

turn around to apologize for almost stepping on them and no one was there. In

my office I would see a shadow past my office door when I knew no one else

was in the office so I would get up to investgate and there would be no one.

I heard cries coming from areas of my parking garage when I would be walking

from or to my car, and I would follow the cries and no one was there. These

things would happen to me all day long. One morning in my home as I was

getting ready for work I thought my husband walked to the bathroom door and

looked at me as I was putting on my makeup, then he walked on. I started

talking to him and he didn't answer so I went to the other part of the house

and he was not to be found, so I went to the bedroom and he was asleep in

bed. By this time I was very upset about this so I sit down in the living

room in my home and called the spirts , or whatever they were. I told them

they must leave me alone. I knew they were trying to find someone to help

them but it was not me. I told them I was very sorry they had been taken away

from their loved ones without being able to say goodby but I could not help

them and please leave me alone.

After that it all stopped and I have not seen anything like that again.

My Guardian Angel-Grandfather


Just a few weeks ago I was getting ready for bed and watching the History

Channel one of my favorites. Well about 2 am I woke up and felt like someone

was holding me down and I was rather scared. I keeping thinking I am

dreaming. So I forced myself to sleep again and I woke up again and still

had the same feeling and could not set up. So I called on my guardian angel

my grandfather and asked him to make this go away. And it did. After that I

awoke very rested for all I have been through. Thanks to him.

This is not the first time he has come to my aid in these matters. I know he

is with me always along no with my grandmother.

My Grandmother, My Best Friend....

By: Anonymous

When I was 5 my mom and dad bought their first house (back in the early

60's). There, my mom, dad, myself (youngest, only girl) and two older

brothers, along with my grandmother (my mom's mom) lived.

Six months later my father was killed by a DWI driver. My mom had to take

over the family business which left my grandmother in complete control of us

kids and the house. Grandma was my "grandmother, mother, & BEST FRIEND" all

rolled into one." (Sorry if this is getting a little boring...)

When I was 18 my grandmother had a heart-attack and "I" did CPR on her.

Little did I know then how much she'd suffer later. It ended up she

would/DID not speak or move for the next 9 months. We kept her with us doing

"home care" type of things (feeding her, washing her, etc.) until she needed

total hospitalization. This lasted approx. 3 weeks (which we did NOT know at

the time but did know she was turning for the worse.)

Anyway, our family did "shifts" to always try to be with her. On the day

prior to her death (which I did NOT know at that time), I was on my "shift."

I was there with my boyfriend at the time and "gram" in a single room. We

came to visit and I suddenly got extremely aggitated (sp?) and told my

boyfriend, "please go get her some fresh water." He could not understand

because she already had some! I INSISTED, PLEASE do this for me, which he

did. People, keep in mind this woman has not moved, nor SPOKEN for over 9

months!! When he left, I totally lost it! I mean I knew I was losing my

best friend! Yes, I went off the wall... I cried, screamed, and banged my

head against the wall screaming "Gramma, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, PLEASE DON'T

LEAVE ME!!" The reply......holding my hand.... "Nancy, I LOVE YOU TOO!!" I

cried and hugged her like I've never hugged anyone in my life. Soon after

my boyfriend came back and was just flabbergastered by seeing me so drawn out

so soon.

That evening, it was time for my mom, my oldest brother and sister in-law to

be with gram. My boyfriend & I stayed at my brothers to watch his kids.

Around 11pm or so (my brother lived in a ground floor apartment at the time)

I just crawled out the window and started to cry and pray. My boyfriend was

on the couch asleep and woke up. He was like "what the heck are you doing

out there?" I just replied "She's gone!" He asked did you get a phone call?

"No..." "Well, how do you know?" "I just KNOW!!!" Two minutes later the

phone rang. It was my sister in-law. "I'm so sorry... gramma just passed

away about 10 minutes ago..."

This was not the end. When I begged her not to leave. I guess she didn't.

I would wake up EVERY morning between 2:00-3:00am and feel a "presence"

there. (I sleep on my stomach.) It was NEVER a bad feeling, but I was

always afraid to look (God, wish I did now!!) This went on for the next

couple of years.

I NEVER spoke about this to anyone until about three years later when I was

visiting my next to older brother down in Texas and we went to a Super Fest

Concert and sat in the parking lot getting into some really heavy

conversation (I'm originally from the east coast.) Anyway, when I told him

about gramma, he kinda went white. He said "Nancy, I thought *I* was going

crazy because when I lived at mom's house gramma used to come and visit me


Truthfully, I don't think I, or we, ever lost her. And I pray she's waiting

to greet me when it's my turn too.

It automatically made me feel better knowing someone who we love so much can

still love us in return, no matter what...

Sorry this is so long but aside of other "freaky things" that's happened in

my life, I can also say it's one of the only one's that's given me some kind

of "comfort."

Thanks for listening...

My Beloved Friend


IN 1986 my best friend former room-mate named Teresa died a horrible death.

She was stabbed to death by someone and died bleed to death. I was so deeply

saddened by her death. A couple of months went by and I could feel her presence

with me. I did not scare me. I forgot to say that her funeral was on Halloween.

but any way I would cry because I felt such a loss and the way she died, she

must of been horrified the last few minutes of her life. That was what I was

having a hard time with.

Then about a year later I would mourn on the day she died, and Halloween was

not fun either. She was always in my thoughts. Then one evening she came to me

when I was asleep, but I remember everything she said to me. She was wearing

her normal clothes she looked the same as the last time we spoke, and I even

asked her questions. I bet you think that is weird when you are sleep I was

in full control of my thoughts. I asked who killed her she said that it was

not important and she knew how bad I was feeling and she could not rest until

I stopped mourning. She told me she was fine but she could not be at peace

until I was. I told her okay I will try. It has

been 13 yrs. later I have gotten over her death and moved on with my life. I have

not felt her presence anymore and I know she is at peace and has moved on to a

better place.

Strange Things at Grandma's


I live in a big city called Juarez, it's in the border of

Mexico here. My whole family lives here, so my grandparents had lived in the same

house for years and decided to move to a new house not far from the old one. So

they moved to the new house, it was beautiful!! I really loved that house!! So

my grandparents don't believe in ghosts, but they say that after this experience

they DO!!...well the house had a second floor where all the bed room were and at

the back yard there was a little bedroom where my greatgrandmother lives, she

swears she saw fire in the middle of the backyard!! In Mexico we have a thought

that if you see fire in a hounted house, it means that theres money hiding

there, so my uncle went to the house, sat on the couch and this trully

amazed uncle said I'm going to bring a man to help me dig and see

if theres really a treasure.... just as he finished talking, one of the

legs of the couch riped and the couch fell to the ground, I was petrefied!! so

was my uncle!!so he decided to leave them alone.but my grandparents felt a lot of

things, like my grandma, she heard all of the windows and doors opening and closing

and as she went down stairs to check it out the noise would stop and begin upstairs,

aunt was in the bath room when she heard a male calling her but she thought it

was my grandma who was calling her, so she said in a minute...but

then the voice came out stronger and it sounded like if my grandma had hurt

herself so my aunt ran as fast as she could and found my grandma just fine, she

asked if she was ok, and my grandmother laughed but she knew what was going

on!!....soon they moved back to the old house ...




































Black Cape


It started when I was real young in a house on williwanna road in Chemung New

York. One night I was sitting in bed and I saw a man dressed in all black. I

got up and followed him he got to the living room and a light flashed and he

disapered. Later My Mom said she had seen a man dressed in all black sitting

and rocking in a chair. Many strange things started happening . The man keep

walking around the house at night all the time. His eyes glowing red.

It was a scary sight. We left and to this day that house has been unocupied.

We still do not know what had happend. If anyone has information let me now.



I should first start with a little bit of a background . I have been a sound

engineer for over 20 years. The first part of my career was spent living out of

suitcases. My old girlfriend at the time, who I had known since high school,

lived in a small bachelor apartment while I was out on the road. We will call

her K. One of the musicians I was working with at the time asked

myself K if we wanted to share a house with him and a student

friend of his. It was a nice attached home in downtown Toronto. As I stated

earlier K and myself had been together for a long time. I have always

been interested in the para-normal, UFO's and other strange

phenomena.K did not have the same interests in these things as I

did. In fact she thought it was ridiculous. After living in the house for a few

months I started to hear and feel strange things. One night when I was out to

dinner with K she asked me if I had noticed anything strange

happening around the house. I told her that I had and she said I think we

have a little visitor in the house. This surprised me. She said she

started to notice strange sounds like the front door opening and someone walking

up the hardwood floor and proceed up the stairs to the second floor. But on

investigation there would be no one upstairs. After dinner when we got home we

asked our student roommate M if he had experienced anything strange

in the house. He said he was a little embarrassed to bring it up, but he had. He

too had heard the front door opening and footsteps into the house, in fact there

was a night recently he had heard K and myself leave for the

evening, shortly thereafter he heard the front door open and someone walking up

the hallway. He was in the basement and came upstairs thinking that we had

returned . When the got to the top of the basement stairs he tried to open the

door but the door would not open. This door does not have the lock on

it.M first thought that we were playing at joke on him. He said he

called out our names but there was no reply. Then he thought someone had broken

into the house not knowing that he was in the basement. Armed with a baseball

bat M tried the door again. This time the door openned. After

walking around the house and finding the front door locked there was no one

there. K also told me that when she had come home after visiting me

in the Quebec City where I was working for Christmas and New years , that she

found all of the towels from the upstairs bathroom were piled in the middle of

the living room floor and no one had been in the house. This was just the start.

At first I thought it was sounds coming from the house next-door. The person who

live next-door was an elderly Chinese gentleman who lived alone. When I heard

the noises during the day I would go next-door to see if the old gentleman was

home. Most of the time he wasn't there, and his floors and stairs were carpeted.

The footsteps seem to come from a younger person walking on hardwood floors. The

sounds would happen day or night. It generally never happend late night when you

might think something might spook you. In fact nothing would happen for months

at a time and then over the course of two or three weeks a bunch of things would

happen. Every once and a while when you are walking upstairs ,you would get the

impression that someone was trying to run past you and beat you to the top of

the stairs. Then we started to notice that quite often while you are sitting on

the main floor, reading or watching television that you would get the impression

that someone was peaking around corner at you. When you looked in their

direction they would duck away. We never felt threatend. It was almost as if it

was playing a game with you. One afternoon around four or 5 p.m. I was standing

in the kitchen talking toK who had just got off work. The stereo was

on in the next room. From corner of my eye I saw a hand come through the doorway

three times. Like someone dancing in the other room. I ignored this thinking it

was one of the roommates joking around . Then it happened again. The first

gesture caught my attention, the second gesture I turned and looked, the third

gesture I focused on a semi transparent hand. The hand looked to be the hand of

a young girl. With one step backwards I could see through the kitchen doorway

and around the main floor of the house. There was no one there. After a few

years K moved out and so did my two other roommates. I then got two

new roommates. J was a university professor. R was a bit

of a globe traveler who just needed a place to stay between trips abroad. One

afternoon when R was in town with his girlfriend Y ,I

was walking up the stairs to the bathroom on the second floor to get ready to go

to work. When I got to the top of the stairs the hallway was dark because the

three bedroom doors were all close , the only light was coming through the

bathroom window into the hallway. I saw the silhouette of a woman or girl

walking out of the bathroom. Thinking it was Y I asked her if she

needed to use the bathroom because I needed it to get ready for work. The image

came out of the bathroom turned and walked up the hallway and dissipated. At

this point Y opened the bedroom door and asked me if I was talking

to her. I did not want to alarm her at what I had just witnessed. So I said to

her I just wanted to know if she needed to use the bathroom because I needed to

get ready for work. She said no thank you and turned that went back into the

bedroom. At this point in time with having three bachelor guys under one roof we

did a lot of entertaining. In fact it was R who nicknamed the entity

or spirit Margaret. Sometimes when we would have guests over

watching television or playing cards Margaret would start acting

up.R would look at me to say don't say anything . Guests would ask

us what the noise was coming from and we would just say next-door. Then one day

we had a Sunday brunch with friends and colleagues that we all worked with. As

the evening progressed R and myself felt that some of our guests had

a little too much to drink so if we knew they were driving we would hide their

car keys. Some of the guests slept over. The next morning R and

myself were up early to head off to work, one of the guests had just woken up.

We told her that there was a fresh pot of coffee on and when her boyfriend woke

up they could leave at their leisure and just make sure the front door got

locked. The young woman went into the kitchen ,got herself a cup of coffee ,and

started to clean up the dishes from the day before. At this point she noticed

the little hand waving at her through the kitchen door. She was absolutely

terrified. After backing her way around the kitchen to see through the kitchen

doorway she saw no one there. She then ran to the front room to wake-up her

boyfriend who was asleep on the coach. He thought by her reaction that something

terrible had happened in the middle of the night . She wanted to leave the house

immediately but her boyfriend said he had to use the bathroom first. She would

not let him close the bathroom door. I later saw this woman that evening and she

was furious with me that I had not told her about Margaret. One summer morning I

had been sleeping with a new girlfriend in the guest bedroom in the basement

where it was nice and cool. My girlfriend got out of bed and went up to the

kitchen to get something to drink. She immediately came back downstairs and woke

me up, asking me if my other roommates J always got up first thing

in the morning and smoked pot in the living room. This surprise me because I

knew J did not smoke at all and he was in bed with the flu. I ran

upstairs to see who was in the house. There was no one in the living room and I

could not smell pot. I went back downstairs and asked my girlfriend what she had

seen. She said she did not get a good look at who ever it was because she was

only wearing a T-shirt and she was embarrassed. She said the person was of

slender build and had long hair and she could smell pot. Things seemed to quiet

down for while and then one evening I was standing in the front hallway by the

front door talking to a cinematographer friend of mine about a music video that

we were about to work together on. Then we both heard a women's voice say

Ian ,like someone was trying to get my attention. My friend turned

to me and said I'll let you go, talk to you tomorrow ,and left. I then walked

through to the kitchen to where R and his girlfriend were at the

table working on their taxes. I asked them if they had called me. They said they

had not said a word. I then called my friend on his cell phone and asked him if

he had heard someone called my name, he said yes. I had asked the landlord about

the history of the house and he told me that he had lived in the house for a

longtime before us. I asked him if anything strange had happened to him while he

lived in the house. He laughed and said no. He eventually asked me if I wanted

to buy the house, because he was going to sell it. R and myself

discussed the idea but decided the timing was bad because he was going to

Australia and I was going on a six-week tour in Europe. I lived in that house

for eight years so moving was a real pain. It's surprising how much stuff you

can collect. My girlfriend ,who is now my wife,and I were moving in together to

a new house. Her sister offered to give us a hand in moving. She had never been

in the house and did not know it's history. She was not in the house for more

than a minute before she walked into the kitchen, turnaround, looking quite

startled and said Who is the girl I just saw in the kitchen ? She

left the house immediately. On the very last night I was in the house moving out

the last odds and ends by myself, Margaret really started acting up.

I was dying to call some of my more skeptical friends to come over and give me

at hand. You could hear her banging around upstairs and when I was outside,

she'd peak through the windows at me and then duck away. After I had the van all

packed up I walked around the house talking out loud to Margaret telling her

that I was leaving and she should leave to, because everything must move on.

What Was It??


I have experienced a few minor incidents on occasion that have caused me to

think "hmm...that was odd" But, the story I am about to relay is to date

the only "major" incident I have ever experienced. I'm going to tell you

exactly, step-by-step what I remember happening. And, let me say this at

the outset, I don't know what this was, but I sincerely hope nothing like

it ever happens again. Anyway, here goes:

About 12 years ago, I was living with my parents in Goodyear, Ariz. It was

springtime and I was taking a few classes at a local community college.

(hadn't made the jump to the university yet). We had lived in the house

since I was 7 (I was 20 at the time), and nothing much had happend to this

point. (I'll tack on some of the minor stuff at the end of this story)

However, one night during the spring I woke from a strange nightmare. I

wasn't anything I could remember vividly, just a scared feeling that

someone "bad" had been talking to me. I remember saying the 43rd Psalm to

myself and waking up. Anyway, I decided to go into the kitchen to get a

drink of water. When I got to the kitchen, my mother was sitting at the

table by herself in the dark. I asked her what she was doing. She said she

couldn't sleep and that she had had a strange nightmare. Something about a

"monster" trying to get in the house. I don't remember what exactly happend

next. I think I made some joke about it and went back to bed.

The next morning, I was getting ready for school and my mom was going to go

shopping with my grandmother. I remember I was bent over tying my shoe,

when suddenly the cats in our garage began screaming (We had a mother cat

and five or six babies which we kept in the garage overnight) But, not only

were they screaming but I remember hearing thing bang off the wall hard

enough to shake items on our living room shelves and clank on the concrete

floor like someone was throwing stuff around.

I looked up at my mother and she was looked at me. We were both puzzled

because the outside garage door was shut and locked and no one was home but

the two of us. (My father leaves for work at 5 a.m. It was now about 8


As quick as I could I ran to the door leading from the living room into the

garage and opened it. When I did, all of the cats rushed past me as fast as

they could into the house. I stood there staring into what looked like an

empty garage, but suddently -- I'm not kidding you -- something started

howling. It was a long, loud sound like someone blowing a medim-pitched

note on a claranet or something. The sound faded away in just a second or

two. I said "what the h??? was that? My mother just shook her head.

The only thing that popped into my mind was that some type of animal -- a

rabbit or gopher or something -- had somehow gotten into the garage and

that the cats had hurt it. I told my mom to hold the door and I would go

see if I could find it. I looked around as good as I could but could find

nothing. No fur. No blood. Nothing. Then my mother said "Come here quick

and look at the cats."

I walked back into the house and all of the cats were gathered in the

hallway. The kittens were bunched around the mother, and she was following

something in the air above her with her eyes and hissing at it. She was

even swatting at the sky with her paws. Suddenly, one of the baby kittens

started kicking and spinning on the ground crying. The mother cat pounced

on the baby and started biting it like she wanted to kill it. I pulled the

mother cat off and literally threw her into my bedroom and at the same time

I threw the baby into the hall bathroom and closed the door.

The remaining baby cats ran into my room after the mother. But as soon as

they got in there, they all turned and ran out, including the mother cat,

And, all of them hid in the living room.

My mother was scared and said she had had enough. She demanded that I take

her to my grandmothers right away. That sounded like a pretty damned good

idea to me too. And we practically fell over each other getting down the

hall way into the kitchen to get my car keys.

While I was rumaging through our "junk drawer" to get my keys, my mother

went to the kitchen phone to call my grandmother to let her know she was

coming early. The distance between the drawer and the phone was about 8 to

10 feet. Suddenly, my mother turned to me and said "That's not funny!" I

asked her what she was talking about and she accused my of breathing loudly

in her ear and then chuckling. I said it wasn't me, and asked how she

thought I could do that from across the room. But, just as I got my words

out -- no joke -- someone did the same thing to me. It felt like they were

standing behind my right shoulder. Only this time my mom heard it too.

Okay, I'm not ashamed to say I ran. Like a little kid I ran straight to the

car and started it. In fact, I was mad that I had to wait for my mom to

catch up.

I drove to my grandmother's house (about 1.5 miles from our home) and I

started feeling a little silly. I mean here I was a 20 year old man running

out of his own home because he was scared. So, I left my mother at my

grandmothers and went home by myself. (there was no way she was going

back.) When I got there everything was quiet. The cats were no where to be

found. So I turned on the television set and sat down. I started watching

some inane daytime program when I remembered the baby cat in the bathroom.

Curious as to what happend and still thinking that some "animal" had caused

all the ruckus, I opened the door to the bathroom. The kitten was lying on

the floor soaking wet. The entire room smelled like sh*t. But there was no

excrement anywhere. I grabbed a towel, picked up the kitten with it and

began looking it over for bite marks or cuts of any kind. Couldn't find

anyting. So I wrapped the cat in the towel and took it into the living room

with me. After we sat down, the other baby cats started coming out of their

hiding places one by one and gathered around me. For the rest of the day,

the cats were at my heels. If I got up to get a drink they would litterally

following me so closely that I had to shuffle my feet to avoid tripping

over them.

That's it. nothing else happend. I called my mom said that the coast was

clear and she came home.

Again, I don't know what happend that day. I don't make any pretenses to

being a psychic or a "sensitive." I don't go for New Age philosphy or

religion. Heck, I'm a registered Republican for crying out loud (don't hold

it against me). But, I do know what I heard and saw that day. And, I know

I dont' want anything like it to happen again. I don't think it was fun or

interesting or anything of the sort. If any of you have an idea about what

it might have been -- particularly if you have "rational" explanation --

I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

BTW -- Since this is soooo long, I will post the minor events separately.

What Was It???Pt.2


My story, part 1 relates the only "major unexplained incident" I have ever

encountered. It happend at our home in Goodyear, Arizona.

Below is a list of some of the "minor" incidents that happend in that house

and our community. Although I can't explain the "major" incident at all. I

have tried to include rational explanations for these minor events where I


My first "incident" could have been a dream -- doesn't seem like it to me,

but it could have. We lived in a very old (for Arizona) house in Goodyear.

I was about 5. My parents sent me to bed. They were awake in the living

room. I was afraid of the dark so my mom let me go to sleep with the light

on. Well, I was in my bed and trying to go to sleep. But, I was scared and

didn't want to be alone. All of a sudden I got this urge to look up. So I

turned my head and looked at the foot of my bed. Sitting there as plain as

could be was a "blue woman." She looked a little older than my mother. She

was thin and had short neat hair. She was smiling at me and she had one

hand resting on my leg. Thinking about it, she looked almost like an "old

movie," but more bluish than gray. Anyway, I remember looking at her for a

second -- long enough I can still clearly remember the details of what she

looked like -- then I closed my eyes hard and opened them. She was gone.

Needless to say, I screamed for my mother and spent that night in her bed.

Like I said, maybe it was a dream. I don't know. It was strange though.

Shortly after that we moved into another house. We had it built brand new.

At night I would hear someone walking in the living room, and I would call

my dad to see who it was. Nobody was ever there. Sometimes I would also see

"shadows" moving down the hall. My mom would always tell me that I was just

seeing my father and her checking in on us kids, but later she told me that

she only said that to not scare me. In fact, we only lived in that brand

new house about 14 months. Before moving just down the street to another

brand new one. A big reason for the move, I found out later, is that my

mother would often see a shadow or shadows of "little kids" moving around

the house. I do remember occassions when she would say stuff like "Jerry,

stop standing on the couch." when I would be down the hall in my bedroom.

She always seemed shocked when I answered from the other room.

After moving from the house mentioned above, we moved into the house

featured in Part 1. It was just down the street and around the corner from

the previous house. And, it too was a "new construction," no previous

occupants. I HATED this house. I actually cried when we moved in. I don't

know why. I was 7. You don't really need reasons when you're 7, do you? L

Anyway, few of "minor" things in addition to the one "major" happend here.

But, mostly it was simply feelings. I wouldn't sit in that house alone.

Whenever my mom and sisters wanted to go somewhere I didn't -- even as a

teenager -- I would spend the whole time they were away across the street

at the park or at a friends house. It just made my skin crawl to be there

alone. I remember once when I was in high school, I went into my parents

bathroom to take a shower. I remember turning on the water. The next thing

I knew I woke up on the floor. The room was full of steam. I was naked and

had a towel draped across my lap. My fist thought was I better get in the

shower before I'm late for school, but when I brushed my hand through my

hair it was soaking wet and the shower water had been turned off. Another

time (I was 14), a gopher litterally chased me to my front door. I was on

the front step waiting for some friends to pick me up. I heard a sound in

the bushes and suddenly this thing -- a large gopher -- comes running out

at me. It was quite a distance from me (maybe 10 feet) I jumped back inside

and slammed the door. My dad asked me what was the matter and I told him.

He did believe me so he went to look and there on our doorstep was this

gopher spinning in circles just like the baby cat in part 1 would do a few

years later. I grabbed my pellet rifle and put about six into him before he

died. Finally, and this was the strangest, aside from the story in part 1,

my girlfriend spent the night one night. Not with me. Just at my house. We

were about 18. I slept in my bedroom and she slept in my parents room. My

parents slept in the living room. Well, the next morning, she came into my

room and asked me what I was doing last night. I said "sleeping," what are

you talking about. She thought I was kidding her and told me to stop

messing around. I told her I had no idea what she was talking about.

Finally, she told me that when she woke up, her pajama's

were folded neatly and lying beside her pillow and that she was nude from

the waist down. I told her maybe she did it in her sleep. But, she said

"why would I fold them up so neatly and lay them by my pillow." I asked her

why would anyone do that. We had no answer.

Luckily since moving from there when I was in college, I've had no further

experiences, and I DON'T WANT ANY EITHER. If you've got questions or

comments drop me a note. Thanks.

The Lady Upstairs


When I was about six years old we lived in a two family house and up

stairs lived a old women named margert and I was so scaerd of her you

could just say her name and I would run in fear.

But she never harmed me or any thing like that it was just everything

about her that scared me. Her name, her clothes, everything. When we were at

supper I was always told to go get her, cus my mom would always give her

something to eat, and here she would come down the stairs in her rags of

of clothing, and her smell of bad odors and her little tv dinner tray she

kept to eat out of. Every time I would run and hide under my dad and hold

onto his legs but then one day while sitting outside with my mother

and her friend, these women came to take margert to bingo

and I ran over to her and said to margert dont go with them they won't

bring you back. She just smiled at me so big in disbeleif and hugged

me so tight and said it will be ok I'll be back you'll see and I kept

begging for her not to go. The two other women kept trying to get me

to go away and the one women gave me a quarter to leave them alone. Well

then they left and margert did not come back she had a heart attack, and

they pulled into a gas staion where she then died. That summer we had the

whole house rented to us and my dad cleaned her apt. out he took out

sixteen garbage bags out and clean up the whole place. You could always

hear noises from the upstairs when no one was even up there and every

day around supper time you could hear foot steps coming down the stairs. I

have a friend that lives in the building now and say's that things like

that still go on even before I said a word about it. He did not even know I

even lived there so I know he was tellng the truth.

Unseen Roomate


About four or five years ago I lived with my parents in an old Savannah

Georgia estate type house. I was nine at the time and was constantly being

frightened by the place, so at night, I would sneak into my parents room and

sleep there (for protection). On a number of occasions, as I was sneaking, I

would look into the Family Room. As I looked out onto the Family Room, I

would see a man watching TV (actually turned on), he would look up, wave

hello, and go back to watch TV. I would then run hysterically, amazingly not

screaming for fear of waking parents, into their room and hide under the

sheets. Just to let you know, it was only us three, and they were both there

all the time. After the fact, I realized that my baby-sitter had known the

old residents. When I asked her if she had any information on the haunting,

she said that the reason the old resident moved out was because of the loss

of her husband to a heart attack that had happened in THAT ROOM! I was

petrified at this information, and immediately started closing and locking my

door to my room every night.

The Old House


When I was very young, I lived in a house that seemed like a

dreamhouse to me. I had a cat that I would die for and plenty of woods in

the back. Things soon got creepy though. I was in the bathroom one day when

the lights went out. I saw a hunchback figure run across the room very

fast.(The room was too small to run that fast.)

My next experience was when I was asleep in my grandmothers room.

They had a very large closet. I looked up and saw a figure look out from

behind one of the doors at me and then it retreated back in. I ran into the

living room as fast as I could screaming at the top of my lungs.

I am not the only one in my family to see ghosts. When my mother was

young, she and her family had repeated experiences. She sometimes saw an 18

inch red headed girl in her room late at night. Another time she and her

parents woke up to someone banging on the back door and screaming. My

grandfather went to get his gun and shouted profanities at whoever was doing

it. He opened the door and looked out the screen door only to see nothing.

The screaming and banging continued all night.

The Haunted Elvis Tape


I happened across the Shadowlands by chance and found it quite

interesting. After reading many of the articles contained within I decided to

submit my own story to your web site. (One of them anyway)

It happened in Baumholder, Germany in the late 1970's where my father

was stationed with the Army. We lived in a small community that was comprised

of several large apartment type buildings. My parents and a few other adults

got together and purchased what was at the time a novelty type item called a

"spookbox" I think it was. This sound activated tape recorder was placed in

the attic of our building and left for 24 hours. The next day the box was

brought down to our appartment where everyone gathered for a social in which

the parents would playback the recording and see what was on it. My older

sister and I who were still in the single digit age range at the time were

listening to a tape recording of Elvis songs my parents owned. My mother

entered the living romm and told us to go watch TV because they were taking

the tape player. At the point where my mother stopped the tape to remove it

and replace it with the attic recording, the Elvis tape no longer contained

the music we were listening to. From that point on there is only a blank tape

with a little static here and there. The tape was merely stopped and removed.

If anything the tape should only have been damaged at the point where the

tape was stopped.

I do not know the whereabouts of either tape but to this day my

parents will not disclose to my sister and I what they heard on the attic

recording. I wish I could tell you more about it though.

I'm sure you receive many of these stories daily and will probably

just chock it up to just that, a ghost story but as I said I have others that

surround my mother that still give me goose bumps.

My Families True Ghost Stories

By: (Mallory House)

I myself have had some very spooky things happen to me. About a year ago

I was living in a trailer park and we were getting ready to move. I

lived in that house for seven years and nothing strange had ever happened

until a week before we were moving. My brother and I were sitting in my

room telling each other stuff when my mom started yeling our names like

we had done something wrong we went out there to see what she wanted and

she exclaimed "Stop throwing stuff!!!" when we were in my room the

entire time. She told us to go back in my room when just minutes past and

she started yelling again. We went out there and there were books lieing

on the other side of the room. We told her we were in my room the entire

time and that we didn't touch anything. She went to pick the books up

when someone slapped my moms butt and she fell over. A few days later

we were sitting in the family room talking with my sister and the vacuum

cleaner started up. It was really weird.

Ghosts aren't always people. My uncle had a dog that he was

very attached to in '93. But he got very sick and had to put him to

sleep. He was very sad. Not a month later he was stopped at a street

light and was the only one on the road. When the light turned green he

stopped suddenly to see his dog run in front of him! Surprised he jumped

out of his car and ran after him. But the dog turned a corner and he was

nowhere to be found . My uncle raced back to his car, and before his

very eyes his car went up in smoke. He prayed to god to thank his

dog that saved his life. A few years later, he saw the dog again but it

was when he was at work. He worked at a bakery. The dog was sitting next

to the door and was whining like he wanted in then as my uncle went

toward the door the dog started to bark and growl. He turned around to

find a man dressed in black about to hit him with a crowbar and rob the

store. My uncle managed to keep him down and called the police since then

he hasn't seen the dog.

My aunt has seen animal ghosts too. When she was

about seventeen her and my family lived in Harrisberg SD. where there

isn't a cemetary far from. Her and her friend were drunk and they were

at the park. They just sat there for a little bit and started to sober

up when some of their friends came speeding into the parking lot. They

started to wave for them to come over and when they did their friends

said that there was some weird light in the cemetary. So my aunt jumped

in the car with her friend and went to the cemetary . When they got

there they parked the car and went in quietly. When they went in the

gates they were startled by a bareback white horse tied to a fence in

the ditch. They went ahead more and found a lantern along with some

gypsy cards. When they went in there was a weird

kind of flashlight light in the trees. I was moving very fast and it was

moving from one side of the cemetary to the other. They stood there for

about 5 min. (which is an unusual time for a ghost) and then they got

spooked and left. I have many other stories so feel free to write to me at

The House Up The Street


I now am 12 years old and when I first heard this story I was 8. I

thought it was just a story to keep me interested, but it wasn't. About

a year after the story was told to me, a book came out about this. Here

is the story of it:

I live about 5 minutes away from this house. They believe that the

man that owned the house 1st, Charlie Apple, had died but loved his

house so much he didn't want to leave. Things that gave away a ghost

being in the presence were closet doors open in the morning when there

were 2 locks on it, creaking floors, windows open, sudden cold spots,

strange pictures, and disturbing noises in the night. Charlie Apple

drove the 2nd family living in that house away, what will happen to the

one living there now? The boy says his friends are even afraid to go

into his house. Also, if you've ever seen this house (which I have many

times), it is the creepiest house i have ever seen!!

My Grandmother's House


Hi my name is Martin, I'm Austrian. I have a story to tell which I

will never forget and was probably the most terrifying experience I've

ever had in my whole life. This happened about a year ago and never

happened again after that one incident.

My grandmother owns this house that has been passed down from

generation to generation, its about 200 years old and the amazing thing

is it still stands!! Well anyway, for summer vacation I usually go to

visit her and I always get to stay in the top floor. One night my

grandmother was out at a restaurant with some of her old friends, I

decided to stay home. I started watching T.V.(downstairs) when I heard

the water start running from the sink upstairs, it was really loud. I

was really tired and I thought I was out of my imagination, but about 2

minutes later my radio started playing. I decided to go up, which I did,

when I reached the last few stairs, I fell, I had the feeling something

pushed me down and didn't want me to go up, but eventually I did get up.

When I walked to my room I also had the feeling that something was

watching me and also following me. I also felt so cold suddenly, it felt

like the wind was blowing even though the windows weren't open. This is

part was when my spirit practically jumped out of my body. I walked into

my room and I was pushed on the floor, it felt like cold hands on my

back. Once I fell, the door opened and closed about 5 times and on the

last time the glass in the door shattered and I heard the most evil

laugh in my life. I was so frightend that I just got up and practically

tumbled down the stairs and ran out of the house and waited on the

sidewalk until my grandmother arrived.

I told her this story and amazingly, she believed me because she said

she had a similar experience though less rougher. She said that two men

were once murdered on the top floor and the murderer himself commited

suicide at the same time.

After that incident occured it never happened again and I've went back

to my grandmother and stayed in the same room as the incident occured,

but nothing happened.

I came along your site one day and thought I'd share my story. If you

don't believe it, well I guess I can't really prove it, but I now it was

real. Thanks for listening. If you have any questions just email at :

The Haunted Lake


Dallas, Tx.

Hello my name is Laila and Iam 18 years old, I am going to tell you of an

experience that happened this year to me and 4 of my friends. One night my

boyfriend and 3 of my friends were sitting around telling ghost stories, when

my boyfriend happened to mention that he knew of a story about Grapevine

Lake, which is not very far from my house, He continued to tell the stroy of

the man who shot and killed his wife and son and then turned the gun onto

himself. He said that if you put out baby powder on your car (to see the

handprints) go and park your car in front of there old house, which is now

torn down and all that remains is the chimney, and turn off you car and

lights the ghost of the family will push your car away. So of course being as

bored as we were we all jumped into my car and headed out there. I don't think

I ever really thought anything was going to happen, it was just something to

do. We parked in front of there house settlement, which is right next to the

lake, and turned off the car and the lights. We must have sat there for about

5 minutes when my car started to move, it freaked me out I turned the car and

the lights on and sped out of there, with some coaching from my friends I

went back and resumed my original position in front of there gate and we

waited. this time we were there for about 20 minutes when out of no where my

friend Jenny in the backseat rolled down her window and yelled" You sick

freak, you shot your wife and kid etc..." we all laughed for a second at her,

but a second is all we had to laugh because my car started to bounce up and

down like someone was pushing on the trunk, then all of a sudden my car

started to roll backwards(up-hill)about 4 miles an hour straight back towards

the lake, we must have been pushed about 200 feet when I saw the lake comming

I turned my car and threw it into drive and we were out of there, no one

talked we all just sat there while I drove, I could see in my rear-view

mirror, the look of sheer panic and fear on my friends faces, my boyfriend

sitting next to me just looked straight ahead, we pulled into a gas sation,

far from the lake,and without saying a word to each other we all jumped out

and ran to the front and back of the car to see the baby powder, on the front

of my car were two sets of adult handprints, we all looked at each other, and

my two girlfriends began to cry, the other boy who was with us just stood

there and looked without speaking, my boyfriend and I ran to the back, and

there on my bumper were shoe-prints from a child. I looked at him and started

to cry to, I ran back to my car and my friends followed, I tried to start the

car but it wouldnt start(my car has never NEVER given me problems before)

after about 10 minutes it started and we went back to my friends house, that

night we all slept in the same bed. we have never gone back, and decided not

to tell anyone, afraid our peers would think us insane. thank you for your

time. I am sorry this was so long but, thats what happened.

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