By: thereza@hotbot.com

I have never seen a ghost that I can think of. (I have family members though that have seen

tons because of my grandparents haunted house) But I have had at least two experiences in my

life that I will never forget. The first one was when I lived in Heidelberg Germany. My sister

was back in the states and she was constantly fighting with my father about her wedding. One

day she got so frustrated she called me in Germany and asked if I would call my grandfather

(who lived 2 minutes from my sisters home) to see if he could do something about my father's

orneryness. I said yes sure, and called my grandfather. I spoke for about 5 minutes and in

that time I asked about my grandmother, to see how she was and if I could talk to her. He

said she was sleeping and would give her a message I had called. I went to sleep shortly

thereafter and had a dream. In this dream I was my grandmother and I had a heart-attack.

I woke up feeling disconnected somehow and strange. The strange feeling whatever it was

never left me. When I went to bed that night I had another dream, again I was my grandmother

and I had a second heart-attack, but this time I actually died in this dream. I woke up at

6:30am with the phone ringing. It was my sister calling to say that our grandmother had a

stroke and was in the hospital. I couldn't believe this! I knew what was going to happen

though, and I told my sister that my grandmother would have another stroke and die. 5 days

later or so that is exactly what happened. I came home for the funeral, but was quiet and

withdrawn. I could not cry. I felt that my grandmother had connected with me because I was

so far away. I felt prepared for her death. I talk to my grandmother every now and again.

I think somehow she is still around and I really like that because I really loved her.

The second story I will be quick about. Presently I live in Arizona and my parents in NY.

My friends and I get together every thursday at a coffee house to play UNO and just relax

from the stress of the week. I had a dream one night that my sister called me at this coffee

house one Thursday to tell me that my father was in the hospital and in serious condition(later

on in the dream he died.) About one month ago I was at our coffee house as usual and I was

told I had a phone call! It was my sister calling to say that our father was in the hospital

and he was in serious condition!!!! I think I really stopped breathing because the dream came

right to my mind. The only good thing about this dream is that my father survived the hospital

and is safe at home....thank you for listening!

Opening Pandora's Box

By: FesterStew@aol.com

My first Husband and I bought our semi-detached, 2 1/2 story home 11 years

ago. We were the third owners. It was built in the 1940s. On the third year

of ownership, my husband & I divorced. Our 4 young children and I remained

living in our home. As they grew we began to use the eaves attic storage

space more often. Upon one of our storage adventures, my son William was

exploring the eaves crawl space. He looked between some boards that were

place over the second floors ceiling (the crawl spaces flooring). He called

to me stating that he saw something positioned along side of the chimney, and

that it resembled a metal box.

The ironicalness of finding this box excited me tremendously because several

of my older neighbors had told me countless stories about the homes first

owner, Theodore Miller, who was believed to have stashed several large sums

of money through out the house. We casually looked for "his"stash several

times, as if we were playing a scavengers hunt game on snow stormy winter

days. However, we discounted the legends as myth and didn't pay much

attention to the rumors until we found this metal box resting alongside the


The hidden area was created for the hiding place of this metal box only and

only a very trained eye could actually see it from it's hiding place. I

personally had stored things in the eaves from the time I had moved into the

home. My ex-husband had been in the eaves many times to repair things and

store things and neither of us had ever found the hidden box before.

Carrying the metal box down to the first floor dining room, I opened the box

with much apprehension, fearing the Pandora's box story of childhood. I was

profoundly amazed by what I found inside. The box to my amusement did not

contain the first owners hidden cash stash but it did however, contain nearly

a hundred photo's. The photo's were that of the owners family and friends.

Several of the photo's were of the neighbor hood, various homes, businesses,

and residents of bygone years. One of the photo's actually showed the nearly

finished construction of the Junior High School in 1940.

The box also contained the original land property purchase receipts, and Mr.

Miller's baptism records from the early 1900s.

This information must seem totally irrelevant to the story of ghosts until

you read what happened next. My children who never suffered from nightmares

began to awaken in the middle of the night to fits of screaming and

horrifying dreams. They continually began to complain of seeing things,

especially and man ghost like figure.

What I haven't shared with you yet is my own personal experience with "our

haunting." From the time that I moved into this home I never felt comfortable

in the home when I was alone. I preferred to remain on the first floor during

the day time hours and I never went to the third floor alone. I always had an

uncomfortable feeling about that room. I always had a feeling of being

watched while on the second floor, and I sometimes felt I saw something but

chalked it up to my fear and imagination. I never gave it much thought, never

made a connection that I was living among a spirit.

Until the box was open and the children complained and began telling me of

experiences they were having.

It was not until my boyfriend, now second husband Jon, moved in to our home

that the pieces to our experiences began to make sense. After spending his

first day alone in our home Jon (he worked nights and I work days) spoke to

me that evening about the strange feelings he felt alone during the daytime

hours. He described in detail the same presence I had always felt in our

home. I had not shared my discomfort with anyone before. He knew of the "box"

we had found because He and I were dating at the time of finding it. Neither

he nor I made a connection until that first night. Our thought was to put the

pictures back and close our "Pandora's box." The one glitch was that I had

already donated some of the pictures to the School District. I felt it would

not help us if we did not put things back completely the way we found them.

Our decision was then to accept that our home was being shared by another and

we came to terms with that fact. Both Jon and I still felt the presence and

didn't fear it or get anode with it. At this time, I began to visually see

the ghostly figure of this man throughout the house. I became so secure with

this situation that I even moved our bedroom to the third floor due to

needing more room during a reconstruction. We spent many blissful years

sleeping in this room. It became a haven filled with peace and love. Two of

my sons now share that room and they embrace it with as much joy as we did.

I want to express to everyone that we were at first very afraid and fearful

of what we were experiencing. It appears that once Jon and made peace with

our home sharing we only felt security and pleasure being in our home at all

times alone or not.

However, the children continued to have nightmares and daytime sightings. We

were unable to offer them reassurance and understanding to accept this

presence as okay and non threatening.

Jon and I decided to send our friendly spirit away from our home because of

the fear the children were experiencing. Together we held hands and

proclaimed our belief in God, and told Mr. Miller clearly that he was to move

on and make no further contact with us or our children. We expressed our

selves through words of love and patience and understanding but making it

know to him that he was scaring the children and that it had to stop at this


We have since learned that Theodore and his wife, Violet Miller, never had

children. They were unable to conceive. Jon and I figure that the reason "he"

was contacting the children was that he longed to play with them and enjoy

having the relationship with them that he didn't have with his own during his

time on this plane. Neither of us feel he was trying to hurt or scare them.

It was their misunderstanding that created their fear of him.

We have had many experiences that have happened in our home that leaves us to

believe "he" is with us still all these years later. The exception is that he

no longer contacts us. One memorable time is this past Christmas season. We

had an old but beautiful strand of Christmas lights strung from our piano. I

forgot to unplug them and went to bed. I awoke to find the strand still

plugged in but the cord to the lights were completely burned, melted blacken

plastic. Jon and I both claim the reason our house didn't burn to the ground

is to the loving "ghost of protection" that dwells within our home with us.

Georgia Civil War Haunts

By: bawooten@mindspring.com

Some years ago I was dating a girl in Tucker, Georgia. We

had gone back to her parents house and were downstares (there was an upstars,

main floor and a sunken living room that lead to the garage). While sitting on

the couch and talking I heard some one come downstairs, around into the dining

room and into the kitchen. I turned to see who it was when the steps continued

down to our level (beside me). The weight of the 'person' could be seen on the

steps and the steps (sans body) continued out into the garage. I looked at her

(she was grinning) and followed the steps into the garage. I felt a presence and

saw something to my right. I turned but saw nothing - just felt the impression

that it had passed into the wall at that point. In the tucker/stone

mountain/ decatur area there were many small battles fought during the civil

war. The girl related to me that other houses in the block had experiences too -

all seemed to be in a line. A little research by one of her friends seemed to

intecate that a trench line existed here. She related that the ghost would go up

and down the hall and would also open and shut doors.

Wedding Dress Shop


Hey, I just wanted to post a quick weird thing that happened to me.

I went to Salem, MASS to get my wedding dress two weeks ago (married last

weekend) and something weird happened. I was in Fool's Mansion on a Sunday,

putting my dress on layaway for a week. And they wouldn't let me get part

of the dress, I wanted. Hard to describe, but an Over piece that looks like

a tank top on top and a skirt attached that's wicked long and silky/satiny.

It would go over the dress that I did buy. It's supposed to be custom-made

and would have taken 3-4 weeks to make and I only had two weeks (I know, I

know!) So I asked if I could have the one off the mannequin and she said


I was very disappointed. Oh well. So I went up front to leave her some

money for the part of the dress I did get. There are two separate rooms.

The front where the cashiers are and the back, that they call the

Renaissance Room. After I paid I was waiting for my friend to stop

chattering away with the woman who sells the alcohol free perfume there. So

I decided to go in the back room one more time to look at the part of the

dress I couldn't get. I went back there and the back room also has a small

room attached where they do adjustments and hems and stuff (an open sewing

room.) The light was on when I was back there before. But when I went back

this time the sewing room lights were off and I was walking towards the

dress and looking at it and noticed the lights were off and as I was turning

my head to the right, towards the sewing room I heard far away screams of

many many people and once my head was fully turned to the sewing room, the

screams stopped in an instant! Weird! I did a double take to make sure my

hearing was correct. They also have a cellar where the woman who makes the

dresses was at the time, and that's where she makes them. You have to walk

past the cellar door to get the back room. It was just really weird and

thought it could have been my imagination, but I don't think so. Who knows!

Two Houses

By: rhiannoned@hotmail.com

Hi! I love your website, and I thought I'd share some things that

happened to me, though they're not nearly as dramatic as what other

people have written about....

I grew up in a small split-level house that was situated in a

very "normal" neighborhood in south-eastern PA, but I always thought

the house was haunted, and here's why. First of all, no one could

stand to be in the house alone, even my parents, though we could

never say why. Nothing usually happened, it was just a bad feeling

we would get. When there was more than one person in the house, it

was fine.

The first unusual event that I can remember happened when I was about

5. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and finding what

looked like a black triangle sitting on my bed. I remember touching

it and it bit or shocked me on the finger. I don't remember being

afraid at all, only curious.

The second event did make me afraid. I had to be about 5-6, because

I was sharing my room with my brother (who's 2 years younger) at the

time. The way my room was arranged was like this: the room was

square, and the door was near the bottom left corner. As soon as you

came into the room, my closet was to your left and the foot of my bed

was directly in front of you. My brother's bed was next to mine, to

the right. Well, one night, I woke up and there was a lady standing

next to my closet, by my bed. I know it was not my mother, because

she is very small and has straight dark brown hair, and this woman

was tall with sort of scraggly light brown hair. I remember her face

was very frightening, like she was grimacing. I was so afraid I

jumped into bed with my brother and slept with him for the rest of

the night.

Then, throughout my childhood, I would frequently wake up in the

middle of the night, almost overcome with fear. I would never open

my eyes, but instead would bury my face under my stuffed bear and my

covers, almost suffocating myself rather than expose any part of my

body to the air. (Maybe the lady kept coming back!) I was terrified

of the dark and would scream if anyone closed the door to my

bedroom. I always insisted that the hall light be left on when I had

to go to bed.

The downstairs part of my house was not quite a basement and was only

partially underground (we lived "in" a hill, so the front part of the

downstairs was about 5 feet underground, while the back part had a

door that opened into the backyard). I was always afraid of the

downstairs, and even my very logical and clear-headed aunt says she

too hated to be down there. It just gave you the creeps. Whenever

she stayed overnight (the pull-out sofa was down there), she would

ask me and my brother to stay with her. The only light was all the

way across the room from the stairs, so if you were there at night

and wanted to leave, you had to turn off the light and run as fast as

you could across the dark room to get to safety. This was always a

problem for me, because the piano was down there, and I often played

at night. The third scary event is related to the piano.

I was about 12 at the time, and had a habit of rocking up on the

front 2 legs of the piano bench when I played. My mother would

always scold me for that, saying I would break the bench if I kept it

up. One day, during the late afternoon, I was playing the piano and

my entire family was upstairs getting ready for dinner. Well, I

started rocking up on the bench, as usual, when I literally felt a

hand push the back of the bench down so that all legs touched the

floor. I got so scared I ran upstairs and told everyone what

happened, but of course, no one believed me. I got into my head the

thought that maybe the hand had belonged to my guardian angel, so I

started drawing pictures of her (I called her Emily) and talking to

her in my mind.

The last event I can remember happened one night at 12:30 am (I

remember looking at the glowing face of my clock and thinking it

looked like a giant cat's eye). There was a mirror on my wall,

situated so that if you were lying in bed, you could look into the

mirror and see down the hall and into the kitchen. Well, that night,

I woke up and just laid there for a while. I started hearing sounds

in the kitchen: the floor creaking, liquid being poured, a glass

being set on the counter. I thought it was my father getting a

drink, so I laid there and watched in my mirror for him to come out

of the kitchen. Only he never came! I waited until about 1, then I

fell asleep. The next morning, I asked my father if he had been in

the kitchen, and he said no. So I figure it was a.....

When I was thirteen, we moved out of that house into the one we live

in now (I'm now 21). I still don't like being there alone (I guess

I'm a natural scaredy-cat), though only one documentably strange

thing has ever occurred. When we had first moved in, my cousins came

to visit us. I was down in the basement (a real basement this time)

playing with my cousin Bettina. Now, not to be rude, but my cousin

is very very slow, mentally. I say this because, knowing her, there

is no way that she could make this up, because she has virtually no

imagination. So we were playing down there, when all of a sudden she

looked up and into the far corner, where in the wall is a sort of

cubby hole. She stared there for a few seconds, and I asked her what

she was looking at. She said, "did you see that?" "What?" I asked.

She said she saw a large figure "covered with eyes" standing in the

corner, and she heard it say "This is the wrong house," and then it

went away. After that, whenever I have to go down there alone, I

sing church hymns (hey, it can't hurt!).

Finally (I know, I'm sorry this is so long!), two semi-strange things

have happened in our house: first, in my room, only on some nights,

strange light reflections will appear on my ceiling and I've never

been able to figure out what causes them or where they come from.

Secondly, since my brother and I have gone to college and my parents

are alone, they have told us that they hear banging noises in their

wall by the bed and in the same wall but downstairs. Gosh, I HOPE

it's just the plumbing!

Strange Things

By: DUKENUKEM5@prodigy.net

One night while my mom was sleeping in our room, she said she

woke up because someone was pulling the covers. She looked

around and saw a black figure. She knew it wasn't me or my brothers

because they were wearing bright shirts, and you can see them in the


She's not sure if she was dreaming or not. It felt real.

My next story is about me and someone in my room...

I was going in my room to get my remote car. I bent down to pick up

the remote when all of a sudden the car drove about a foot before

stopping. The car had no batteries, and that was what really scared

me. I ran downstairs and told my dad. He really didn't pay much

attention. I didn't tell anyone about what happened. It's probally not that

scary, but it's all true.

Porcelain Doll

By: WeRPhoenix@aol.com

My bestfriends mother Mary has told me a couple stories of her personal

experences in the paranormal that I thought might be of interest to the


One day when Mary was about 12 her aunt was planting in the garden. As

she was digging she came across a small doll with a porcline face. It was in

good condition, even thought you could tell that it had been in the ground

for quite a few decades, so she brought it into the house, washed it off and

gave it to Mary. That night Mary put it on her burrow and went to sleep. The

next morning it was gone. She was very upset and asked everyone who lived in

the house if they had taken it but no one had even seen the doll. After a few

weeks she gave up on looking for the doll.

A year later her aunt was again working in the garden and in the same spot

found the same doll laying in the same position. So again she took it into

the house and washed it off (at that time she thought that one of Marys

siblings had played a trick on Mary by hiding the doll in the garden, she

didn't think twice about it being in the same local) she than gave it back to

Mary saying that someone must of hidden it on her. So this time Mary didn't

tell her siblings about her finding the doll and hid it in her underware

drawer where she was sure no one would go. The next day when she went to get

her clothes just before she took her shower, she checked to see if the doll

was still there, SURPRISE!, it wasn't. when she was about thirty and had a

husband and son of her own and she was living in that house with her mother,

husband, and son. That spring she decided to start a garden and lo and

behold there was the doll in the exact same location she brought it into the

house, washed it off, and put it on her burrow. Next day it was gone. Mary

than decided to never dig in that spot again. I just dread the day one of

there dogs digs it up.

The other is a short story of a singing lady. There was once a

kind elderly old lady who haunted Mary's house. She was not like other

ghosts. She was only seen by Mary twice, Mary describes her as a frail

elderly and short wearing a floral dress. Her voice was the most beautiful

that Mary had ever heard and she sang for a few years to anyone, she never

hid her presence because she never felt threatened she sang fo anyone family

friends and strangers. Plus she often helped them out. After about three

years she left just as suddenly as she came, to much the dismay of the family

(they loved her).

Aunt Pam

By: CrUDpuT2@aol.com

Alright.There I was, a four year old girl sleeping

on the floor of my living room. My head was facing the doorway that attatched

the living room with the dining room. That night, around 12:25,

I woke up because I was cold. But I was all snug

between 2 thick quilts. Then I looked up into the

dining room and saw my aunt Pam, who passed away before I was born. She was a

twin to my mom. She was all pale with a long white nightgown on.( did I

meantion she died in her sleep?) So I said, " Mom? Is that you?" She nodded

her head no.than I looked down and saw she had no feet!

Then I said, "Go away, I'm trying to sleep!!!"

So then she nodded her head yes, turned around,

and walked up to a bedroom door, put her hand on

the wood, and them vanished! That's not the only

meeting with a ghost though.So I'll tell you more some other time!

Ghosts, Apparitions and Other States of Being


Hello. My name is Barry and I have always been very much into the

subject of ghosts and apparitions. I have many books on ghosts and am

fascinated with them, spending countless hours reading real peoples'

true stories. I do not call them 'the supernatural' because there is

nothing supernatural about ghosts. They are a part of our every day life

and existence, although most people don't think so and so call them

weird or 'supernatural'. Anyway, just wanted to clear that up. Now, on

with my stories....

1). I haven't ever actually SEEN a ghost or apparition. Although I have

had many small experiences and have heard family members and friends

tell theirs, as most of us at some point in our lives have some sort of

brush with the other side. It's bound to happen. So, here is one of my

experiences: It was quite a few years ago and I was getting ready for

school. My dad, step-mom, brother and twin sister were all in the

upstairs bathroom bustling around getting ready frantically. I was

downstairs in the bathroom that is directly under the one upstairs.

There is a vent that leads from the upstairs one to the downstairs one.

I was getting ready to brush my teeth when suddenly I heard someone hiss

my name a couple times. So obvious and not loud but not soft. Enough to

make my head snap to attention and look up. I immediately looked to the

air vent, because that's where it seemed to be coming from. It sort of

sounded like my step-mom's voice, but it obviously wasn't, because why

on earth would she take the time from being so busy to lean down into

the vent and hiss my name? Please. That in and of itself isn't logical.

So I just stood there for a few seconds with the toothbrush in my hand

and then threw it down and booked it upstairs, where I saw my family

still busily getting ready. I didn't tell any of them about it.

2.) The second experience also happened a long time ago. Now I can't

remember exactly how long ago. I was sleeping in my bed and at the time

my bedroom door was open, allowing view out into the hallway and I could

see from the angle my mom's closed bedroom door straight across.

Suddenly I opened my eyes for whatever reason and as soon as I opened my

eyes I saw a white glob or white glowing mass in the air, reaching out

for the doorknob of my mom's closed bedroom door. It was so obvious and

so there! I only layed in awe and in a fraction of a second it

disappeared. Hhmmm.

3.) My old babysitter used to tell us about the house she used to live

in. When she and her husband moved there it was all run-down and the

shutters were sideways and such. But they soon fixed it up and it was

pretty nice. Well, her husband worked the night shift and so she would

fall asleep alone. But often she would be lying in bed and she would

hear a whistling voice slowly coming up the stairs. Oddly enough it

never scared her. It was rather peaceful. Or they would both find

newly-lit cigars in the basement in an ash tray. Also, I have seen a

picture of her bedroom wall where green glob was dripping out and it

bothered her and so eventually she ended up putting a paper plate over

it, and wallpapering it up! :) Also, once when she was home alone with

her dog she heard her dog barking and went to see where he was--the

bathroom. Inside the bathroom she was astonished to find that the entire

bathroom: the walls, the toilet, the sinks the counters, the floor and

even the waste basket were all filled to the brim with water! What

caused that to happen? And also they would be watching television, and

then would get up to leave and turn the tv off. Then it would flip right

back on on its own accord--on a different channel! And it was always a

sports channel so they assumed that that, mixed with the sound of the

whistling and the cigars in the basement, proved it was an elderly man.

What do you think?

Anabella Linken

By: jmbren@essex.ac.uk

My true story began with a simple fun rumour but soon turned out to be

far more chilling than I had ever expected.

It all started with a story about a little girl called Anabella who had

fallen down the old stone steps of the "old building" in our school many

years ago. People said her spirit still roamed this eerie building we

all had to go into at school for various things. Being excitable eleven

year olds a few of my friends and myself began playing around with the

idea of this girl stuck in the old building. Often we'd find these

strange areas of wall covered in a bloodlike paint and we would say it

was her blood when she fell. It was weird but I personally began to

become very obsessed with the idea of a ghost in the school. In lessons I

would gaze out the windows to the dark looming buliding and try and

catch her face in the windows and sometimes I thought I could see a girl

with long black hair and a white sullen face.

This is when I began to get scared, I couldn't sleep at night and I

quite genuinely felt this spirits presence even when I was at home at

night in bed, as though she were watching me or wanting a part of the

childhood she could never have. I never had nightmares but strange

things would happen to me to make me feel "she" was there, of lurking

quite literally behind me. I am now twenty years old and I still feel

afraid at night. Me and my friends messing around in that building and

wanting to see a ghost has caused me to be haunted ever since.

Recently my father, who claims to be sensitive to spirits said when he

went to the same school as a boy he sensed a very strong negative force

in the building but refused to ever tell me when I was young. He said it

was focused around an old trap door at the top of the building and that

something sinister may have happened there, perhaps in connection with

the lost girl anabella, this is all such a mystery to me even now I do

not know the truth of what happened all I know is that it is often not a

good idea to involve yourself in these things because us mortals do

have control over how it will affect us.


By: Mrmeal2@aol.com

This really happened to my family and I in the mid 80s.I was about 15 at

the time and two siblings.Steve 17 and Val 4. My stepdad was at work and my

mother was watching t.v. with us that evening in the livingroom. I was laying

on the floor and everyone else was on the couch. I remember hearing a sound

like air was being let out of something and then suddenly the door to the

living room slammed shut.This door is not on springs it will only close if

someone shuts it and it was wide open at the time. Anyway we all jumped to our

feet and my brother ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and told my mom

and sis to stay on the couch. Steve and I opened the door and ran throughout

the house not finding anything. We then went back to the living room where my

mom and sis were and asked if they saw anyone or heard anyone run by while we

were running throughout. Just then we heard something from the celler . This

time my mother ran to the phone as my brother (as nuts as he is ) went

downstairs into the basement. Its not a big basement and he saw nothing. As

he entered the upstairs my mother asked if anyone was down there as she held

the phone. I kept saying "call the police..call the police." and as I did we

heard noises from outside in the garage. The garage is not attached to the

house so we didnt know what was going on. A few minutes went by and everything

was calm and my mother started to explain. We all knew our first father

passed away from a heart attack in the garage in 1972. She told us weeks after

his death she would hear things clang in the sink. He use to throw his spoon

into the sink after eating cereal and stuff and made a game out of reaching

the sink. He always told my mom if he ever died he would come back to scare

her. He was only kidding of course .So we thought. She also saw shadows and

pictures on the walls would suddenly be crooked.Sometimes they fell. In fact

the first time my wife (girlfriend at the time) came over I told her the

story outside before we went in. The minute we went to go upstairs a picture

fell from the wall. Also weeks after that night, Christmas morning my brother,

mother, and I waited for my stepdad and sister to come downstairs to open the

gifts. As we looked through our stocking stuffers and talked we heard someone

coming down the stairs. But there was no-one there and the steps walked past

us and smelt like flowers. We all looked at each other a smiled we knew that

was our Dad. Well ever since the last picture falling off the wall which was

about 5 and a half years ago I don't think anything else has happened. I ask

my mother from time to time.

My Short Experience

By: Robin121@cwcom.net

It was about three in the morning when I found myself waking from a deep

sleep. I live in an old victorian servants room, just outside London. As

I woke I noticed a large white mass in front of me slightly to my right,

as I only had my eyes slightly open I thought at first it was my duvets

that had bunched up during the night, but when I fully stretched out mu

arm to pull them towards me,my hand swiped through the mass and as my

vision became clear I saw a woman's face starirng over me towards a

small stained glass window I have on my left. At that point she slowly

faded away and then the shock hit me. With 2 duvets pulled up around me,

I was in a hot sweat with shock, but my ears and nose were icy cold, it

took me 3/4 of an hour to allow myself to move.

The Toy Room

By: gary@dervish1.freeserve.co.uk

I am not sure whether this is actually a

supernatural occurence or not, but when I was five years old, we used to live in

a different house. I was (and still am) an only child, and there were

three bedrooms. I got two of them, one for my toys, and the other for me

to sleep in. Don't ask why this was the arrangement, I don't know to this

day. I just know that one of the bedrooms, the one with toys in, was

bigger than the other by a huge margin. we could only fit a bed in the

other one, and that is where I slept. Strangely though, not where my

experience occured.

I had previously chosen the little bedroom to

sleep in, for whatever reason sprang into my mind long ago. About two

months after we moved into this house, my cousin told me a ghost story, which

was to be the basis for my whole interest into the supernatural, but that is

another matter.

When we were in that house, I never used to like

to get my toys, and it was always a little colder than the rest of the

house. When I lay in bed at night in the other bedroom, I used to hear

things sometimes move, as if being pushed. But how much does a little

child who has been told a ghost story imagine I hear you say?

Well let me tell you that after we moved (about

3 years later) my mother told me that it was in fact colder in the room, and she

did not like it in there either. That seemed kind of strange to me, as I

led myself to believe that it was just my imaginings, being young and

impressionable as I was.

The story that I was told which made me

most scared was about a man who lived near a grave yard. Every night, the

faces of the teeming dead would visit his very bedroom wall, and wail in

pain......If you want to hear the full story then email me.

The Middle Flat

By: jheermann@mfi.com

Well, here's another one of those ghost stories for you to post, if

you feel it's worthy. It might not be as spectacular as some of them,

but it was pretty exciting when it was all going on... Congratulations

on the site, by the way, it's all most interesting.

Though I've been in quite a few (supposedly) haunted houses where

friends or relatives lived, I've only lived in one for about a year.

All the strange occurrences ceased only a couple months after they

began, but I still have some vivid memories of it all.

It began in August of 1992, when I was 22. I moved to San

Francisco from California's Central Valley, and took up residence in a

large, pre-1906 quake Victorian that had been divided into three large

flats, each one occupying a full floor. The upper flat was being

repaired by the landlord and wasn't available for rent, and the lower

flat was unoccupied. I rented the middle flat with three friends of

mine, all of which were planning to move in a couple of weeks after I

did (they were finishing summer school, taking vacations, etc.). I was

a little unnerved spending my first night in a new city alone in a

100-year-old building, but I made the move and started unpacking, and

settling into the new place. Strange things started happening


The first couple of nights I had dreams that took place in the flat,

that featured an older couple, and a very young boy and girl, that I

took to be brother and sister. They weren't really doing anything, just

sort of standing in the long hallway, immobile. I dismissed it as the

result of stress, but later began to think that they were more real than

characters in a dream.

There were lots of problems with the lights in the house, but the

problems seemed to start when I walked into a room--the ceiling fixture

would flicker and spark while I stood in whatever room it might have

been, and the moment I would step back out, the problem would stop. It

was actually kind of comical--one evening I was showering and the

bathroom light started acting up. I said aloud, "please stop, I need

to take a shower", and it did.

After a couple weeks, my other roommates moved in, and things really

started picking up. First, we began to hear footsteps coming from the

supposedly vacant flat above us, at times of night when it was

impossible that they were workers or the landlord's handymen. I should

mention that this building was very secure with a sturdy gate and no

windows reachable from the street--there was definitely no one in the

building other than the four of us.

Doors would open and close in the hallway, usually when one

particular roommate of mine was home. People would see figures out of

the corners of their eyes, only to find that no one was there. During

all of these occurrences I never had the feeling that there was any

malevolence to the "ghosts", just more that they were keeping an eye on

the new tenants.

All the weird goings-on stopped, ironically enough, on that

Halloween night. At least, I didn't notice anything past that point, so

I assume that whatever it was either got tired of us or was unable to

communicate. My roommates were all away, celebrating the holiday, and a

couple friends of mine came by to visit. I'd been home most of the

evening, and there was no one in the house other than myself and my

guests--I'm sure of it. I started recounting the "supernatural"

occurrences in the flat, during which one of my friends asked if we were

talking too loud and waking up any of my roommates. I said that there

wasn't anyone home. At that point, one of the bedroom doors off the

hallway flung open (we heard it, rather than saw it), followed by the

front door and the metal gate across the porch. There were no

footsteps, just the doors slamming open right after another. After

that, as I said, I never noticed any weirdness (of the paranormal kind)

around the house.

I guess I got off pretty easily compared to some, but my experiences

living in a haunted house weren't really traumatic--just kind of


Little Girl Lost

By: brendac@onlink.net

This is a story my father swears by. He had just moved

us all to a rural community, just outside of the city he worked in, when the

dreams started. At first he could not recall details, all he knew was that

in them the same young child was present. It would be months before he saw

her clearly. At first, she would stand at the edge of the bed; although

she was only a few feet from him, he could barely see her. She would just

stand there, unmoving and silent. The dream repeated this way and as it

did his vision of her enhanced. He could now tell that she had dark brown,

curly hair; which was tied back with a ribbon that was sliding out of her

hair. She was wearing a pale blue dress, and was holding something in her

hand. Although he was unsure if ever saw them clearly, he was sure her

eyes were green.As the years went by, the dreams continued on a monthly

and sometimes, weekly basis.

As she became clearer to him, he could see that her lips were

moving and from time to time he could hear a fragmented whisper of what she was

saying. It would be another year before he could piece the sentences

together.She was telling him that she was cold and covered in dirt.

She would often plead with him to find her father. She would tell him that

she was afraid of the dark.My father became deeply troubled by the

dreams. It never occurred to him that they could be anything else.

This conviction did not change even when he felt a tugging at his blanket and

she was there again, this time telling him that she was wet and covered in

mud. This dream occurred during the worst rain storm, I can


We had been living here for nearly seven years when a water

line had to be routed as the earth around it was falling into the ever expanding

lake. They feared that the exposed pipe would be vulnerable to

damage. Towards the end of that summer they had nearly finished digging

the new line and where just a few yards from my house, when they came upon a

starting discovery; the body of a small child. It was later determined

that the body was that of a little girl, who was never identified. In her

right hand, still clutched after so many years of death, was a wooden handle of

a bag that had long since rotted away.

He confessed the dreams a few months later when several pints

of beer had loosened his tongue. He even confessed to having wondered the

bush surrounding our house in search of ...


The Black Figure

By: bentley@sweetwater.net

Well I guess the first thing I will let you know is my first experience

with ghost was back in 1980, from then on I have had several Encounters

with them . I was not one to even think of ghost , I never had any

experiences with them when I was a child , my parents never really

mentioned anything about ghost . In 1987 I had bought my own house ,

which I was very proud of , since I was divorced and was raising my 5

children alone. It was a two story , three bedroom house , we loved it

. I had dated a year and a little after that year we got married , well

even before we got married I had started experienceing some things in

my house , Our dog would bark at the bathroom , like he was going to

kill something , he would stand right outside the bathroom door, I would

go and look in to see what he was barking at ,but nothing would be

there, nothing that I could see anyway.. We would hear walking at

night , I started smelling a foul smell , like some dead carcess, but

just in my bedroom at night .. then one day while I was home alone I

went into the bathroom and I started smelling it in the bathroom .. That

really puzzled me for it to be in the bathroon because I slept in a

waterbed and when I would be in the bed I thought " maybe it was a mouse

that might have gotten under the bed and died , so when I would smell it

while I was in bed I would think ," I am going to have to take this bed

apart in the morning and find what has died under my bed . So it was to

my surprise that I smelt it in the bathroom that day . Of course the

smell would always be gone in the morning , so I never did take my bed

apart ,actually the smell would be there for a while and then just go

away and then return , it was a smell that would just come and go, I

never thought of it being a ghost .. Then one night , my husband and I

went to bed , I had the hall light on and the door just barely open. I

woke up to see a black figure standing on my husband side of the bed ,

at first I thought " oh it is my imagination , it will dissapear any

second now ". So I kept watching it and it looked like his hand was

extended out to me , pointing at me . He wouldn't ever dissapear, I

was really scared at that point because I thought " We must have left

one of the doors unlocked and someone came in and he is pointing a gun

at me , and thats why he has his arm extended out to me , he is holding

a gun !!! I can't explain the fear that came over me , I was awake , I

know I was awake , to much time had gone by . I knew I had to do

something before he pulled the trigger , so I started screaming , but I

never took my eyes off of him . Of course that brought my husband out of

a good sleep , he jumped straight up , in a set up position , and as he

came up I watched the figure go down on his side of the bed .. It didn't

squat down , but how can I explain it in words ?? The same way my

husbands body came up in bed is how that black figure went down.. I was

still screaming at this point , my husband jumped out of bed and flipped

on the light , I was yelling " he's on the floor, on your side of the

bed !!! A man , on the floor !!! I think my husband thought I was

crazy ,he looked and no one was there, I got up and looked to make

sure because I had never took my eyes off of him . After we had calmed

down I cuddled up to my husband but everytime I would start to fall

asleep I would feel this dark evil coming over me , needless to say I

did not sleep much that night . That was not to be the last time I had

see that black figure , It did continue into another house we bought ,

and we have had many more experiences , but this is the one I will

share with you at this time ..Thanks for listening.

Spinola Palace

By: sylvana@farsons.com.mt

Malta is very well known to have many haunted places. Personally, I

never believed in any of them. Many fortifications in Malta date back

to 1568, at the time of the Knights of St. John.

One particular experience which made me a believer was when I worked

as a secretary to a parliamentary minister in Palazzo Spinola in 1987.

This Palace had incredibly high steps and too much of them! It was

being used as a Government Property for offices. It was built about

1657 and was used at the time as the Governor's residence and prisons

for the Spanish Inquisition. Mayor torture there was to be tied to

the walls from the wrists by chains for life.

Anyway, it was summer and a hot one indeed. One evening I remained

working late and alone on the third floor of the Palace. There was

only myself and the Minister's messenger at the Reception on the first

floor. While typing, I heard very clearly my name being called from

the forth floor. Tony (the messenger) was downstairs I was positive.

I looked around and concluded that probably I was hearing things. I

finished all pending work, closed all huge heavy wooden windows

(windows were kept identical to the antique style due to historical


I then locked all drawers and kept the key for security reasons, took

all the papers and personal items and went downstairs to wait for the

minister to arrive. Tony was still at the reception. We chatted for

quite a while, when all of a sudden we felt cold. Summer in Malta

feels like hell; not even a breeze. So you can imagine what a dash of

freezing air would feel like in 39C temperature. Then all of a

sudden, we heard all the windows bang open, a great riot of noises as

if hell broke loose, The drawers which I had previously locked were

also being banged shut with great force.

It sounded like there was something or someone very angry upstairs and

kept banging furiously. Tony looked at me and asked me if I had

locked everywhere? I confirmed and the noise was still going on.

There was no wind to clap those windows in that way, besides, I had

closed them all! We ran outside and confirmed that all windows were

closed. I asked Tony to come with me upstairs. He didn't like the

idea, but we went up the stairs slowly approaching the noise.

Everything was very quiet suddenly and yes all drawers and things were

in order.

I had to leave the place after a couple of months. I kept hearing

noises from particular rooms. My job involved working overtime alone

and I couldn't make it anymore.

Ghost Domain

By: ProseZac2@aol.com

The house I lived in for 5 years had to be ghosts domain. If I was angry at

son the ghost would push me 2times into bath tub, once while I was cleaning

his room. One night I walked into bathroom, the door was shut ( we always

keep it open) when I went into bathroom, someone came out before I could

reach doorknob, the door flew open and something cold went right thru me...it

robbed me of any strength I had. I had to call in to work because I was

drained of energy.

I am a sensitive...

Another house we lived in would smell like cigarettes, nobody in house

smoked. I was in living room and my cat was backing out of the hallway

looking up. There was smoke coming from sons room into hall. I later found

out a witch lived at the place.The windows all opened one cold night.I blamed

my husband for having all windows opened. He told me they were open when he

came home from work..

That is all.

College Apartment

By: ace9@epix.net

I have had an experience with the supernatural. In 1996 my cousin,

myself, and two friends rented an apartment in our town. We were in

college at the time and basically just happy to be on our own. A few

months after we moved in another friend of mine told me that she was in

a bind and asked if she could move in. I better explain the layout of

the apartment. We were renting from a man who had a business on the

first floor, so the majority of our rooms were on the second floor. The

entrance was on the first floor. Our kitchen was the only room on the

first floor. We kept a sofa in the kitchen for guests. From the

kitchen the stairs led up to a main hallway. To the left was a

bedroom(mine which I shared with another roommate) and the bathroom. To

the right was another bedroom off of the hall(which was occupied by my

cousin and our other roommate). At the end of the hall to the right was

the living room. As you can see there was not much room for another

person. However, I did have a gigantic walk-in closet off of my

bedroom. It was one of those old cedar closets that people used to keep

their furs in. Anyway, I told my friend that she could move into this

closet. Everything went well until...

One night I woke up for no particular reason in the middle of the

night. I was startled by the appearance of a small child sized figure

standing at the foot of my bed. This figure seemed to be looking in at

my friend who was sleeping in her closet. I passed it off as one of

those half asleep deals and rolled over to enjoy the rest of my nights

sleep. In the morning my roommate who had been living in the closet

very anxiously shook me until I was awake. She told me this story of

how she saw a figure standing in front of my bed looking in at her.

(Wow, I just got a major chill writing that sentence!) I was shocked.

I told her that I had seen the same figure that she described. We

relayed the information to our other roommates, but they did not believe

us until...

Strange things began to occur following the sighting. One day I was

home alone. I decided to take a shower. I have this habit of always

locking the bathroom door behind me. Well, when I turned off the water

and opened the curtain the water in the sink was running full blast from

both faucets. Another time two of my roommates and I came home to find

my cousin nervously smoking cigarettes and drinking a beer. He said

that he was sitting there watching TV when, all of a sudden, every door

on the second floor slammed shut. He thought it may have been the

wind. He proceeded to go along the hallway opening all of the doors.

As soon as he sat back down all of the doors immediately slammed shut

again. That left only one roommate who had not experienced the

phenomenon. Well, one evening while getting ready to go out, he got

his. I had finished getting ready before him. I entered the living

room and began to watch TV with my other roommates. Suddenly he entered

and asked me why I walked away without answering him. I had no idea

what he was talking about. He said that while he was in his closet

searching for clothing someone who he assumed was me came in and stood

in the doorway. He had asked a question and the figure walked away.

The rest of us knew what it must have been considering that there was no

one else present and we had been in the living room. Now all of us had

had an experience, but none of our other friends believed us. We began

to think that we were suffering from mass hysteria until..

It started to happen. One by one our house guests were becoming

freaked upon entering. At first people would spend the night without

thinking twice, but now they were running home. One night while one of

my friends was sleeping in the living room he woke the whole house up

because he was terrified. He told of a cold feeling that overcame the

room, and how no matter what he did he could not get warm. He said that

he heard the light switch in the hallway continually flip on and off,

but the light never came on. He said that he heard sounds coming from

the kitchen downstairs. He described them as sounding like someone

washing the dishes and banging them together. Needless to say he never

stayed the night again. On another occasion we had a guest sleeping in

the kitchen on the before mentioned sofa. We awoke in the morning to

find him gone. He called later that day and described how he saw a

figure moving about the kitchen. He high tailed it out of there! The

last experience that I feel needs mentioning is the pill box incident.

One evening while everyone else was asleep my cousin and I(we were night

owls by this point) were sitting in the living room watching a movie.

My cousin had a cold and had just taken some over the counter

medication. He set the box flat side down on the end table and sat to

watch the movie. I specifically remember this because he had just asked

me something about the medication(I am a nurse). All of a sudden there

was a strange noise. We both heard it but could not distinguish what it

was. After searching the room I noticed the box of pills standing on

its side wobbling back and forth as if it had not had time to completely

balance yet. We looked at each other and shook our heads.

As you can see the spirit never harmed anyone. It was more

playful. Almost as if it just wanted to let us know that it was there.

Strange occurrences continued until we moved out a year later. We tried

unsuccessfully to research the history of the house. Nobody seemed to

know anything about the family who had lived there before us. My

experiences during the time that I lived there made me believe that

there is something that is worth further investigation. I never doubt

anyone when they tell me about an experience that they had which they

could not explain.

Noise in the Kitchen

By: II0Mega7ll@aol.com

Hello my name is Simon I live in a city a little north of NYC

It was about 4 years ago when I used to live in my old apartment building,

it was a small apartment, me and my sister had to sleep on pull out beds in

the living room.

one night I heard noises in the kitchen that woke me up

it was the sound of something opening like a plastic bag or something,

at first I thought it was my hamsters scratching or running in the wheel but

when I looked at them they were all curled up and asleep.

then I thought it was my mom or dad so I rolled over to see what it was

because from the living room I had a pretty good look into the kitchen, when

I rolled over I saw a bright human shaped figure, it was a transparent white

but not blinding bright, I could tell it was transparent because I could

still see the painting that hung on the wall, it was about 6 feet tall or so

and looked to be the shape of an adult male. When I saw it I didn't know what

to do, I couldn't makeout the face, all I saw on its face was where the eyes

were, or should be, in fright when I saw it I sat up in my bed and tried to

call for my mom or dad but nothing could come out but a slight whimper, I

guess it heard me because when I made the noise its head whipped over in my

direction, then it moved with amazing speed into the rest of the kitchen

where I couldn't see from my bed view and then it looked like it was floating

because I couldn't make out any leg movement but it floated in my direction

very fast and just went right through the wall, I dropped into my bed still

unable to speak and pulled the covers over my head and I didn't get a wink of

sleep all night, every noise I heard would wake me.

The next day when I was coming up the hill from school there was alot of

police cars in front of my house and an ambulance, my sister and I went to

ask what was going on and they had said the super (the guy that does all the

work in the building that's hired by the land lord) was shot in the back of

his head in the underground garage, I didn't think much of it until I

rememberd the other night and it scared the hell out of me.

that was my ghost experience

The Golden Chest

By: taybear14@webtv.net

Hello,my story took place about 1 year ago.I never really thought about

this story until I seen the lists. Well...me and me cuz was upstair at

her grandmas house listening to music. About 20 years ago,I had a little

cousin that died of leukimia. She was only 7. I never knew her because she

had passed away before I was born. Well,to mine and my cuzs suspense,we

pulled the chest out of the closet. We did not know what was in

it.then,we went down stairs to try and find the key. It was only me and

my cuz and her grandma in the house. Her grandma was with us and we

couldn't find the key. Well...her grandma told us not to mess with that

chest because it was our little cousins(the one who died)clothes in

it. We were totally shocked so we went up stairs to put it back and the

chest was already put back in the closet the exact same way we found

it. The blankets and everything was put back on top of it.I suppose our

little cousin put it back on her own,and if you want ot e-mail me about

anything,please do so.Thanx for reading the story

Slumber Party Haunts

By: Raoul557@aol.com

it was a few years ago,I was in 3rd grade. I was at my friends home at a

slumber party. I was never at her house before,even though she just lived up

the street. Well once I was in her house it felt...different like something in

the air wasn't right. Even though it was before I knew anything about ghosts I

had a gut feeling that it was haunted. In the middle of the night when we

were talking we heard the water running(we were of course telling what

else,ghosts stories so we were freaked out)so we had a few of us check it

out,I was among the group who checked it out. When we were there we saw the

water running without anybody there,then all of a sudden it turned off. We ran

into the room and told everyone,we couldn't get to sleep. Throughout the night

we heard bells ring and glasses drop,one girl said it could be the pets,but

there were no pets. Then one girl and I saw a hand go through the door. We

screamed and it went away. For the rest of the night we heard all these noises

and did not get to sleep till dawn when we got up we saw bells on the

floor,and two glasses broken on the kitchen floor.

Mary the Practical Joker

By: mmtavani@clam.rutgers.edu

I moved into my condo about five years ago. When I first moved in, I

felt as if someone was staring at me. When my mother moved in with me,

she also had a sense of a persence. There are many incedents which I can

recall, the first is when my mother had a class to attend at the local

college, she was in the shower, and the electric turned off. I went

down stairs to the common storage area and only my breaker was off.

Another incident was when my mother was getting out of the shower,

she felt something push her forward or as my mother told me " something

banged into me."

Another time my mother ussally keep gifts boxes on top of the

washer, one day, I went to get one to wrap my mothers gift and there was

a card inside, thinking it was one of my relatives, I asked my mother,

she said no. I showed the picture to my neighbor, and she said it was

Mary the lady who owned the condo before me.

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