Mary's Eyes


This is a story I've carried with me for 25 years. At the age of 12 I moved

to Southern California. I soon was befriended by a girl at school and we

soon became best friends. Soon thereafter she began to share with me what

her family was experiencing in their home.

Even at 12 years old I was somewhat skeptical but intrigued by what she told

me. She, her mother, 5 year old sister and 4 year old twin brother and

sister rented a modest house next to a car junk yard. My recollection of

some of the earlier stories of the experiences my friend and her mother had

have escaped me somewhat over the years. I think this has to do with not

really being a believer in what they told me until I had my own experiences.

My friend related to me how toys would fly across the room on their own

accord, particulary when Mary (5-year old sister) was in the room. According

to my friend and here mother on occasion Mary could be heard and observed

apparently talking and playing with this ghost. Window draperies would

open and close on their own and objects would turn up missing. I reasoned

that someone in the family was doing this. My friend said these

objects would later turn up in a crawl space that was located above the top

bunk in the room she shared with Mary. Apparently my friend's mother did

some investigation into the history of the home and discovered that many

years before a retarded five year old

girl had been drowned by her father in the home. I don't recall the reason

behind this, but I believe it had something to do with his being distraught

over having a child of this condition.

I don't know this to be the exact truth and at the time I was like "Yeah,

right." But whatever was happening in this home frightened the mother and

disrupted their lives to the extent that the mother brought in a priest to

bless the house and place rosaries beads in all the doorways. After this

all the previous activities quieted down considerably. This was around the

time I had come into the picture. At this time we had become friends and

practically unseparatable as only 12 year old girls can be. I began

spending practically every weekend at her house. My friend confided in me

that even though the priest had blessed the house that whatever had caused

the problems before had not completely left the house. She didn't want her

mother to know as my friend felt that her mother had been through so much

and didn't want to upset her. Later on we found out that her mother knew

that the problem did not go away. Understand that my earliest times spent

in this house

when my friend was telling me all these stories I never personally

experienced or saw anything that they spoke of. I was a true skeptic. I

really wasn't even spooked to be the house, except I avoided the bathroom

(it had an old claw foot tub) as much as possible.

On one of my many nights that I spent over my friend and I were in her room

on the top and bottom bunks. It was probably 3 o'clock in the morning and

as girls this age naturally do we were still not asleep - still giggling and

talking into the wee hours of the morning. At one time she said to me "This

is what I don't want my mom to know about, listen." she told me. "Something

is going to happen" she told me. She explained to me that often late at

night (or early in the morning) she heard what was soon going to happen.

So I listened. I didn't hear a thing, it was dead quiet, everyone else in

the house was asleep. She insisted that I would hear something. What I

heard next will perplex me the rest of my life.

Her bedroom opened up into one large size room that was used as a

combination living room/dining room. The living room had a front door that

opened to a front porch and the dining room area opened into the kitchen.

Voices, many, many voices sounded out from the living room/dining area. The

bedroom door was closed and it was as if someone had suddenly turned up the

volume of a t.v.

The sounds were the sounds of a good size group of people having a party. I

couldn't make out any words, it was just a bunch of people talking. Then as

suddenly as it "turned on" it

stopped. I am as sure as I am alive that those sounds came from the living

room area and there were no people in the house other than her small family.

It was not the neighbors, all their lights were out as it was around 3 in

the morning. As I said, the house was next to a car junk yard (the living

room/dining area faced the junk yard). My other personal experience is one

that to this day gives me

chills. It was during the day and I can't recall specifically what I was

doing in the house, just spending the weekend again and the kids were

playing in the back yard and the mother working in the kitchen. I had to go

into my friends bedroom for something. I went in and got whatever it was

and was getting ready to close the door and walk out. My back was facing

the room as I was getting ready to leave the the room when I felt someone

looking at me. I've heard many people describe this feeling and haven't

often felt it since. The room was dark even though it was the middle of the

day because the shades were pulled down to keep the house cool. As looked

I saw 2

red, bright eyes glaring back at me. Initially (and I find this kind of

amusing to this day) I thought "Oh, its a cat." But upon closer observation

and adjusting my eyes to the dark, I realized it was a little girl. (Here

come those chills). Her eyes glowed bright

reddish/yellow. I cannot explain this any better but that she looked really

mad at me for being there and seeing her. I kind of got the feeling she

did not want me there, but in some way she was afraid of me. How I felt

this and came to this conclusion at the tender

age of 12 I'll never know. But I knew it, and I know it to this day. As I

stood there mezmerized she crawled (she was kind of stooped down low on the

floor when I first observed her) into the walk thru closet that connected

with my friend's mother room.

There were many clothes hanging in the closet and as she entered it, not one

piece of clothing moved. She just kind of faded into the clothing. I saw

the outline of her long hair. I cannot recall if I was able to make out her

clothing. What memory stays is those

eyes. I left the room not sure of what I saw, I was sort of confused. I

met my friends mother in the kitchen area I and asked her where Mary was.

She told me that she was

playing in the backyard with her brother and sister, and she was. After

this I never saw anything else in this house. Strangely enough, when my

friend's mother researched this house she discovered the little girl's name

that supposedly died in this house was Mary.

Brass Frog


I don't really know what you would think of this, but it certainly

scared me. My husband thought I was crazy, and my best friend laughed

over it. Our husbands had gone fishing, something which was the norm,

and as usual Deb and I rented movies. She was a bit older than I and her

teen-aged children were out for the evening. Well, we had both fallen

asleep watching the movies, Deb on the floor and me on the couch, I woke

up first and on the coffee table was a brass frog (it wasn't there when

I had fallen asleep) positioned so it was staring right at me. As you

can imagine it was very unnerving, but the worse of it came after.

Soon after that night, I borrowed a book from Deb's youngest son. I was

reading while my husband was away sprawled across the bed. When I got up

to use the bathroom, I laid the book on the bed, only to find it missing

when I returned. I tore apart the bedroom looking for it, to the point

of lifting the mattress off the bed. About a week later, my husband

found it inbetween the mattress and the headboard, thats when he stopped

laughing at me.

There were also the nights that I would wake with the feeling of being

watched, to terrified to move, once I got the courage to wake Jim up, it

was gone. This happened once or twice a week, and Jim knew I wasn't just

imaging it because of how often I woke him up.

Once we moved, there were no other occurances, but I will never forget

that brass frog staring at me.

Don's Final Good-Bye


When I was very young, maybe 8 or 9, I woke up out of a pretty deep sleep for

no reason at all. I looked up into the corner of my room and there is a

glowing ball,almost like a nucleas. It had an orangish center with a

yellowish glowing outside. Well then I thought it was some sort of creature,

the way little children imagine things. I pushed it out of my mind until one

day about five years ago. My good friend Don was murdered by another person

I knew, and his brother. I found out the day after it happened when some of

my old friends found out my phone number. The reason it took so long to find

where I was is because I had gotten married and had a child. Don was single

and still liked to do the young partying and acting up that we used to do.

So we kind of split apart for a few years. But he was still there for me,

whereas when I had my daughter he came to see me, and when I was having

marital problems he visisted me then also. So we weren't completely out of

contact. Well, anyway back to the glowing ball. When I found out about Don,

I went to go see a friend of both of ours. There was other people there to.

We sat and talked and comforted each other . Well, eventually it became late

and I decided to leave. I went home with my daughter, who was 1 by then, and

went directly to bed. I was completely exhausted from crying and emotionally

drained. I woke up about 2 hours later, it was around 1:45, and groggily

kind of sat up and saw a glowing ball at the edge of my bed. It kind of just

hovered there at the bottom. Without thinking about it I just looked at it

and said "Hi Don!" smiling at the ball and then just went back to sleep. I

remebered it the next morning and thought about how we used to say to each

other that whoever would pass away first, that person would come back and say

Hi to let the others know that there is an afterlife. I know it sounds kind

of crazy but I am sure it was Don and he was coming to say goodbye. The

reason that I think that, is because when I remembered the other occurence

from when I was young I remembered that it happened about the same time that

my grandfather passed away. I had always been a favorite of his, my mom would

tell me, and before he passed I would go to stay with him and help him when

he was sick from the cancer he had, and from his chemotherapy. So I really

do believe that it was my friend Don coming to let me know that he was

alright, and to say a final goodbye.

Don't Play O-board


Well I have stomped upon your site ;)) a kewl one ;)) Anyway I have had alot

of experiences. From when I was a child till now. I had a ghost friend when

i was young, I feel what parents like to call make believe, well there is

nothing made up really. This ghost was a little boy, I'd say he was about 9.

He would tell me to do things I was not aloud to do. But was my friend, that

lasted a while...till my mother taught me that in God's name You could take

things out of your life, so I tried that out and it worked. I have walked

passed houses in different neighbor hoods, and saw what happened years

ago...For instance...I was walking with my bestfriend when I saw a man

getting stabbed in the head by to men in black skee masks...And she freaked

out, she told me that , 5 years ago there was a robbery at that house and two

black males with black ski masks stabbed a Chinese man in that yard..What I

had saw. So that went on for a while. Then I started to dream, Like I

dreamt that I was giving birth and 3 weeks later I had a miscarriage, Note I

didn't know I was pregnant. Then I got in with some friends on the board,

calling spirits. And did I learn and see some things. All different spirits,

females,males,young,old Sneaky ones. I have found not to trust all of

them...the board I feel is dangerous. I have seen things break, the curser

fly across the room, window shudders slam. That was how I got spirits in my

life ,I believe..... I also had a friend down the street this was my most

exciting this house is haunted!!!! Lots of action would go

on when we all got togather...Again playing with the board... the four of us

felt that together with all of are energy could cause alot of action. We were

all sitting on the bed calling...not even a minute we had something pulling,

spelled out the name Micheal, and started typing that he watched poeple

taking showers, Out of sight things, I thought someone was moving it...being

freaked out in all...I threw my hands off, And so everyone else jerked theirs

also. The pointer was still moving across the board , starting going crazy in

circles a flew across the room. All of us jumped up and were trying to get

out the door, the door would not open, the room got very chilling, finally

after like 2 minutes the door opened. Then we were tripping over each other

to get out. We got out and ran in the living room. And talked about what we

felt. The girl who lived there left her shoes in the room. So I went in with

her,cause nobody else would, the room was totally different, the coldness was

gone...that was the lastime i played with a board. I had always thought

someone was moving it.but we had always felt something was in that house. You

could stand there and it feel like something walk right threw you. the family

in it were moving out..selling it..And they only had a few things night i heard glass breaking ...LOUD...I went out and saw

smoke in the road...note this house is right triangle from my house....I

called 911... As I was talking to them I saw people I

thought...All I know is all the neighbors got questioned. I was the only one

to see the people running and someone had called the police before me. The

house was checked out for a year...Nobody knows how the fire started...the

owners were located and the next day I went in with my friend and the only

thing not burned in the room we played Quija in...was the Ouija board and a

bible directly across the room..Tell me that isn't wild...I have so many

stories...between my fathers stories...his friend lived next to a cemetery

and was in a haunted house for 20 years.

My fiance working in a nursing home with a woman he was kinda close to

died...and she use to get mad and go in her room and slam the door. Well once

in a while late at night early morning ...the windows can be closed. And the

pans in the kitchen will go nuts...spinning around the thing they are haning

on. And her old bedroom door will slam shut. I went to this home in the

daytime and i didn't like it...why i don't know but putting your hand in this

room is cold, and you can feel the energy feild. But she was a cranky old

woman. One night I was walking home with a friend, and we saw a ,looked like

a woman(dirty)like she hadn't had a bath in a long while..l.was standing at

the corner of are house. We had passed her about 5 feet was my house..not

even a mintute we turned around she was gone...Either she was fast and sneaky

or she was a ghost...didn't look very healthy. I have tons of stories from my

own to the man that this is your site..I'm not a very good

writer..But I wanted to tell you some. And write me back please and let me

know what you think. If you wanna know more let me know I have alot...Oneday

i hope to do research to...



Boy this is different. For some reason, I don't know why, spirits

seem to be attracted to me. The first time was when I still lived at my mom's

house. I always had a feeling but couldn't pin point it, as I was the only

one in the house that ever felt anything.

The second time was at the house I used to live at down the street. I

started calling him Charlie. Charlie liked to play games. He was mischievious

like a child. He first made himself known via the CD player. I had loaded it

up with my favorite tunes and was cleaning the house. All of a sudden, a

classical piece started playing. I didn't recognize it, and ran to the living

room to check and make sure I hadn't hit the wrong button. I hadn't, the

digital reading said it was playing Pearl Jam, but this was clearly not the

music I had loaded.

The next thing was in the bathroom. I was leaning over the sink

getting ready to go out. I had come home to an empty house. One that had been

empty since my roomate and I had left for work that morning. I was in such a

hurry, I hadn't even run any water. Not even the toilet. The faucet started

dripping, steadily. I looked down and it stopped. I shrugged and continued

with putting on my mascara. It started dripping again. I looked down and it

stopped again. I took a deep breath and continued. This time the drip drip

drip was very fast. I stood up and told Charlie (by name) I didn't have time

to play right then and it stopped at once.

Another time my boyfriend and I were each woken up by someone

calling our names. These events were at different times, and nobody was home

with us to be calling.

These events weren't spectacular, but I thought I would share them

anyway. There are more instances. If you would like to hear more, please let

me know.

The Shadow


When I lived in Woodbrige my family had a nice little house and

everything. As far back as I can remember though, every night I would

stay up scared of waited across the hallway in my parents room. My

parents always kept their doorway open as did I. I was a little kid and

was always to afraid of the dark so I never shut my door ether. I don't

know exactly what I saw but I know that I saw something every night.

There was a very large shadow head staring at me from across the

hallway. I know something was there because it had a defined eyes,

nose, and mouth. It seemed like some kinda of leader or something of

these little black creatures. It would watch as the the head would

actually whisper to these little creatures. Then the mouth opened and

closed, all I heard was a sound like flowing air. The worst part is

though is that the little black creatures would run across the hallway

after a couple of minutes and enter my room. They ran like monkeys, for

a lack of a better comparison, and they would run straight in and walk

around my room for a couple of seconds but then they would run into a

dark spot under my desk and disappear. It happened every night until I

moved away 10 years ago. This seemed so strange to me. They never made

contact with me, probably cause I never confronted one of them or told

them to leave my room. My parents didn't believe me though. They said

that I was just seeing shadows of the trees, but oddly enough the

windows in my parents room where on the back side of the house that was

next to the neighbor's house where there was no light. I still don't

know what to make of this but I haven't seen it scince so I am certain

that it has to do with something odd in that house.

My Late Husband

By: Anonymous

My beautiful husband died of a heroin overdose 11 days before his 26th

birhtday. First of all, I really believe we are soul mates and that we

have been together before we met in this lifetime, but thats another

story. Anyway, when he overdosed, the paramedics brought him back to

where he was in a coma for 3 days. I was there the whole time, and

before he died on the 3rd day, he squeezed my hand 3 times. This was

almost 5 years ago and I still get tears in my eyes when I think about

it. I firmly believe he had a choice to come back, but felt so much

peace where he was at that he didn't want to come back. Later, a psychic

whose abilities I have every confidence in, told me he was in a sort of

limbo, that he had not walked through the door because I would not let

him go, and he was not wanting to leave me in a state like that. She

told me I had to let him go because he died for a reason and he has a

job to do. That night I told him to go, but by God he better be waiting

for me when I go through the door! I totally believe he will be. Anyway,

before he died, we made this pact that if one of us died that that one

would come back to let the other one know we were okay. One night

shortly after he died I was sleeping on my parents couch. Something

shook me awake and I knew I was not alone in the room. However, it

scared the hell out of me, and right then was a trail of little

different colored lights kind of swoosh up and then disappear. I then

realized that this was my husband, and he didn't want to scare me so he

left. I begged him to come back but nothing further happened. Until one

night when I spent the night at my friends house, the same house my

husband had died in. (I guess technically he died in the hospital, but

this was the house he first died in, and even after the paramedics

brought him back, it was just his body that was alive.) I was sitting in

my friends bed, staring into space, when all of a sudden something told

me to look at the TV. It was not on, but I did, and in the reflection I

perfectly saw my husband sitting next to me. I turned to lookbut there

was nothing beside me, but when I looked back in the TV he was plainly

sitting next to me! I was so happy I started crying and even though I

had so many things to say to him all I could say was 'I Love You!!" and

"I Miss You!!" over and over. Then I put my hand up and said "Hold my

hand, baby!" and he did! I felt an electricity go through my hand. He

even moved once so he was sitting exactly where I was, like he was

superimposed over me! I felt the most beautiful electricity going

through me, but then I said, "I want to SEE you sweetheart!" and he

moved again so I could see him. I would repeatedly turn around but never

see anything nextto me, but you could see him plain as day in the

reflection of the TV! Then I heard my friend coming into the room and I

yelled for him to stay out, I thought hed chase mybaby away, but to my

surprise, when my friend walked in, my husband was still there! I told

my friend what was happening and he freaked, but not before he looked at

the TV and saw exactly what I saw! I was so glad to have someone else

see this, as I was so overcome with grief, and I know your mind can play

tricks on you to ease the pain. After visiting for almost 5 minutes, I

saw part of a man behind my husband, he put his hand on his shoulder and

I knew he was saying it was time to go. I was so grateful that he came

at all that I didnt beg him to stay, as I wanted him to now his coming

was a good thing, and it was. Right when my husband started to fade I

turned and saw those very same little lights swoosh up and then he was

gone. The reflection returned to normal. However, after this happened I

wanted more and I cannot tell you how many hours I spent staring into

the reflection of different TV's. I never saw him again, though, and

after that happened I learned about mirror gazing, something of which I

previosly knew nothing about. I did have a dream in which I talked to

him but that was later to come.

A Powerful Experience


All my life I have experienced the paranormal. In fact

it has been such a part of my life that I have simply grown to accept it. I have

seen, heard and felt many things. However there is one particular experience

from my childhood that stands out from all others. This incident occurred in what was a thoroughly haunted

house Manifestations included: noises, flying objects, cold rooms,

pungent and unexplainable odors and the like. My childhood was often a

frightening one. Lets just say my parents were never religious but I learned

quickly how to pray. It was particularly unfortunate that my bedroom was the

epicenter of the paranormal activity. However I digress.

This incident occurred on one summer night when I found

myself all alone in that house. You see my parents and sister were

at the neighbors across the street having a get together. And so while

playing outside with the neighborhood kids I got hungry for a popsicle. So

knowing we had some I went my house. At first I went to get the food upstairs.

This was no sweat since this was not a bad part of the house--it always felt

safer.In any case after I had gotten the

popsicle I felt the urge to urinate. I do not know why I did not opt to go

at the neighbors since my fear of the downstairs was substantial enough to make

my blood run cold and my heart beat fiercely in my ears. But the fact is I went

downstairs. Now it is important to understand that I always feared having to go

downstairs alone to go to the washroom. This is because it meant passing the

three bedroom entrances (my parents, my own and my sisters) to get to the end of

the hall where the washroom was(our only washroom). Nonetheless I remember

summing up the courage to go down those stairs. Although I must say

I did this very quickly while making sure not to even look inside

the rooms while I passed them. After I finished my business in a brightly lit

bathroom I realized I would have to face those doorways again. Not bad I thought

since I could now keep the bathroom light on as a sort of buffer (a lit area

somehow always feels safer huh?) It was then that I pictured my Mother, who was

energy conscious, chastising me for keeping that bathroom light on all

night. While I dreaded shutting it off I also did not want to upset my

Mother. And so I shut the light off and slowly started walking down the hallway.

I moved a lot slower this time and I remember feeling particularly odd. It

was about then that I reached my parents bedroom doorway. This door was the

closest to the stairs so I was almost there. It was then that all previous

experiences with flying objects and other smaller manifestations failed to ever

compare again. My life seriously changed when I saw it. I call it

it because I still don't know what it really was. At this

point you must understand I was situated at my parents bedroom doorway and

looking at this thing staring at me from the window. Now this is on a ground

floor and this window looked out onto our backyard (this detail might help). And

so let me describe this thing before I continue. It was huge and filled up the

very large window (which was double paned and could allow for a man to enter

through it). Although I called this thing an it, I recognized

its form. It was a bull. But with a difference. It had the features and the feel

of something more intelligent. I remember this experience so vividly--I always

have. It is like it is etched in my brain. Anyways, I mostly remember its black

muscular outline which shined with a orangy-red-white light source from who

knows where. Its horns were very large and stretched out over its head. Its

position was one of crouching--like when a bull is about to charge. But instead

it was still and stared at me. My most vivid memory is of those eyes. I

was fascinated, curious and terrified all at once. I remember squinting to prove

whether I was really seeing this. I don't know how long I stood there for with

this thing. aI kept staring into its eyes. Then I recall moving towards

them. I know that the outline of its body disappeared from my visual

frame. I was closing in on its eyes. They had glints in them, a light in them

that I can't describe. The emotions behind them are still indescribable to me.

For certain it was evil. And I was so totally caught in its gaze. But this

is when my faith in Good became solid for life. Someone called out my name. It

was a women. She was stern but not mean and very serious. I snapped out of

it. Next I was at the bedroom entrance again and it was still there

although I never did look directly at it again. I could feel a strong,

warm and loving presence over my back. It was then the angel (which I consider

it) told me (in my head all this time) to go, and to (and I quote) Turn

around and walk away. She ordered me sternly (I simply could not refuse

her) to go to see my Mother. When I got to the door leading to the outside I

heard her say RUN! And she did not have to say it twice.I ran

to my Mother's side for certain. So there is my story which is 100%

true and as I have recalled it all these years. It is quite unbelievable

and I myself find it so sometimes. But it is so true and I would swear

anything on it.

The Back Room


Dave In reading your story, you have reminded me of my own situation.

I cannot remember when it all started, however I do know the tall dark

figure that you mentioned. It came connected, I believe to the original

ghost that dwelled at 1260 Belle Isle View, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

While we were a family of 5, only 3 of us will ever admit to our own seperate

experiences. My father being very "old school" scoffs at the idea

but has never verbally bashed it either. My sister is of a very scientific

nature and didn't spend much time in the rooms where these occurances took

place. Her bedroom was upstairs, as well as was mine for a while

and nothing ever occured there. The stairway leading up was a different

matter. Although nothing ever happened there you always felt, even

her, as if you had to run because something was behind you. You will

have to excuse me if this letter runs a little amuck but it's been a long

time since I've spoke of it being that we moved from the house 7 years

ago. The first stories come from my mother. Most of the sightings

take place in the back room of the house on the main floor. It was

there that she saw the ghost for the first time. It was dusk and

she was at the dresser when she looked toward the window. That was

when she saw someone in the room with her. She screamed and ran into

the next room for my father. When they returned, of course, no one

was there. (These stories are not my own experiences and are therefore

a little choppy-however as a get older I, like yourself, seem to become

the focus of this apparition) Another of her stories goes to the

time she was going to the store and locked up all the doors, and shut the

windows, and turned off the lights. When she arrived home, all the

windows and doors were wide open and the lights on. Knowing that

something was wrong she got a neighbour to check out the house before going

in. This man checked every room and there was nothing. Also,

when my brother was a baby, his room was that very back room. Every

night my mother would put him to sleep in his crib and very often, in the

morning, he would be out of his crib, out of that room. Either on

the floor in the hall, the living room, etc. So now onto him.

Of his many experiences, there is one that stands out in my mind, one he

never related to me until I had an experience of my own. I was on

the phone in the living room, when all of a sudden our 2 cats ran by me

to the upstairs-the farthest point in the house from the basement.

I thought that was odd, but then cats aren't always the brightest animals

so I continued to talk. It was then that I heard footsteps coming

up the stairs from the basement. They were quite heavy and sounded

like a large man wearing construction boots walking slowy up the stairs,

even to pause at the top and shuffle to turn left and go up the remaining

2 steps. Now I was really scared, told the person I was talking to

to come over and ran like hell out of the house. What was odd about

this was that in talking to my brother some time later he told me the exact

same story-before I had told him what had happened to me. And from

then on, what continued to happen, happened to me. There are a lot

of occasions in which I came to be visited so I'll try to stick to the

major events. My bedroom became that back room when I was about 16.

Odd occurances always took place in the house. We had a large screen

t.v. in the basement that made a deep booming sound when turned on.

This would happen, and you would hear the t.v-people talking, etc.

Only upon going down there, the t.v wasn't on at all. The television

in the room next to the back room would frequently change channel (and

over the 17 years we lived in the house, it wasn't always the same television)

or turn off and on as would the lights. As for my personal relationship

with this spirit, it called me by my name and I wasn't the only person

to here "Katie" whispered in these back 2 rooms. As a matter of fact

one night a friend was sleeping over and we were lying there watching t.v

when the light went dim, then bright, then dim, then out followed by someone

whispering my name in the room-we were the only 2 people in the house.

This was so scary that my friend was up and gone despite the fact that

it was 3 a.m. and they lived on the other side of town. At night

I would lie in bed with the cat sound asleep at my feet. Suddenly

the cat would jump up and stare at a point above my head and take off like

a bat out of hell. There were nights when I'd wake to see a dark

figure (not the man) beside my bed watching me, and on one occasion floating

about 2-3 feet above me-that felt very oppressive. I made the mistake

after being frightened for so long to start to talk to it. I figured

that if it was going to hurt me it would have done so by then.

I started to feel the presence stronger and more often. Then I made

the mistake of going so far as to tell it when I would be leaving the house

and when I would be coming back - even if I couldn't feel it there.

After doing this for about a week, I'd come home at night and it was as

if the house was looking at me, watching, waiting. This began to

really scare me and I stopped talking to it. Then we put the house

up for sale and things really began to get weird. My parents split

up, my mother left home, my dad stayed at his girlfriend's, my sister had

long since moved out-which left my brother, who would stay at his girlfriend's

house most nights and me. It was as if the spirit knew I was about

to leave forever. I heard my name called every night at least once

a night without fail. The lights in the back room turned themselves

off and on. The basement was so full of bad vibes that people who

didn't know of the situation would still say things like "It feels very

strange down here" And to further add to the situation, if I went

down to play pool when I was angry about something, my anger would escalate

to a fury until I would finally leave-usually after having thrown a ball

at the brick fireplace. Like I said it's been a while since I've

spoken of this house, and there are seperate incidences that could be discussed

in further detail. Now on to the tall dark man. It was early

in the morning and my brother had just left for school. I was asleep

on the couch and half-watched him leave. About 5 minutes later I

heard a noise in the kitchen. I figured my brother had forgotten

something and came back through the side door. I opened my eyes only

slightly when I saw the cat run like hell for the upstairs. I kept

a watch at the hall but with my eyes still half closed as though I was

still asleep. It was then that I saw a tall (about 7 feet) dark figure

of a man lean around the corner and look at me, then continue down the

hall, the closet door swung open as he walked past into the back room where

I heard the sound of someone searching-looking through drawers and shuffling

papers. I jumped off the couch and ran out the front door so scared

that it didn't matter that I was wearing just underwear and a t-shirt.

There have been accounts of people visiting the house when no one was home

and as they were leaving seeing a tall dark figure with his arms crossed

watching from the front bay window. As for the history of the house,

I can't say for sure.The house is built on old farmland (isn't everything

though?) and there are rumours of Indian grounds. My mother told

me there was an epileptic boy who lived in the house before us, who had

a seizure while in the shower and died. This is very believable being

that there is always a cold breeze coming from behind, no matter how hot

the shower and often bottles falling from the shelves. There were

also times when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder or tug on my shirt,

only to find that there was no one there. On the day of the move

the house was filled with a thick feeling of sorrow. Not only my

sorrow of leaving the house I lived in my whole life, but also the spirits

sorrow for losing me and I, now, it. The spirit had grown to be,

no matter how terrifying, a part of me it seemed. The house was in

a very good part of town with 4 bedrooms, a finished basement complete

with pool table and fireplace, and an inground pool in the yard, however

we had a very difficult time selling it. In the end, it was a minister

and his wife who bought the place. An odd coincidence? Often

I have wanted to go back and ask if they themselves have had any strange

experiences, and do still pass by the house quite frequently, but have

never had the nerve to go and knock on the door. Maybe one day I

will. I am sure you get a lot of people sending you false accounts

but I swear on my life to everything I have written here and much like

yourself take the matter very seriously. In reading your account I do feel

a sort of bond with you. Probably because I have never heard anyone

else talk of the tall dark man who never had anything to do with the past

hauntings but was a very strong presence once there.

Hotel Casino


I worked as a security guard there when it was closed down for a while. It is

an old hotel-casino. I worked a graveyard shift and I patrolled the entire

place alone. Several times I would hear doors and large object movements on

other floors and sometimes nearby. I never thought much about it or jumped at

any menacing ideas; I was used to sounds in the dead of the night for no

reason. Then one night while wandering about in a long hallway I began to

notice a strange reverberation to my footsteps, so I stopped. The sound

reverb stopped a split second after mine. I immediately turned thinking

someone was fooling about, but no one was there. So I continued my pace still

the sound started up. I thought maybe it was an echo of sorts, so I walked

more loudly, still i heard the sound but it was not at an increased sound

level. I ran then stopped. And the sound shuffled to a stop at a different

rythym than I had. I have been a martial artist for close to 20 years and

feel I have a pretty firm grasp on life energys and proven to peers that I

can sense others prescence through this energy. That night I felt something

there standing there. So, i broke into a full sprint for a few feet stopped

and turned to still try to find some giveaway of a prank or self dillusion.

When I turned I felt a prescence standing face to face with me. My adrenaline

sky-rocketed and I bolted though the end of the hallway and down the stair

well. I heard the foot steps trying to keep pace with me until I had burst

through the heavy metal door at the end of the hall. From that night on I

could feel a prescence moving from floor to floor, which I always avoided

from there on. Keep in mind that no pranksters could have gotten in and had

they, they would have shown up on the other security systems.



It all started at Christmas I don't remember the year only that we were

watching the 1st show of the X-files,when the christmas tree branch

stared swinging,yes that scared us but then we start saying "Oh we have

a ghost".

We started hearing strange thing like something falling but nothing

would be out of place. I did see something in my room up in the corner, it

looked like a prism all white and about the size of your hand, I asked

it if she was Felisha, (my oldest daughter says it told her it was her name

and she was 12). It didn't do anything when I asked it just disapeared.

Then quite ofton a small pinlight would race around the ceiling of my

room, or you would see something out of the corner of your eye at times.

There are so many thing it did I can't even start to tell, I do know

that we were never afraid and we liked having here around.

The only thing I that bothered me is she scared our cat to death, I had

my brother to come and put it to sleep, my poor cat would hide under

covers or pillows to get away from her, would not go into any room that

Felisha might have been in.

Since she came to us at

christmas we joked we were going to put up a stocking for her that year

we did not, but the next year when all the stockings were hung

we joked again about it till I was setting on the couch and all the

stockings flew off the wall needless to say Felisha got her

stocking and we hung it every year. We also had a christmas bear that

would play music, it was hard to get it to play, but everytime you came

home the bear would start playing. Thats how I got My friend to believe

me and did they get freaked out when your just sittng there and the bear

starts playing music, we thought it was a defect so we took out the

batterys, it was still her favorite toy and it stayed out all year long.

When we moved from the house we hoped that Felisha would go with us,

sure enough she did when we were unpacking we heard the bear, we were

happy but I don't think she liked the mountains,because when my neice

came to see me(she was alway in aw with Felisha) we

did't see or have any more signs that she was with us and my neice said

some pretty strange things were happening in her home.

Know one really believes this when I tell them but everything I have said

is the truth and would like to have Felisha with us again. My new

husband thinks I'm nuts but what can I say.

Thanks for your websight, I truely believe,I'm just glad Felisha was

friendly and that no-one was afraid of her and we always looked forward

to what she would do to let us know she was around.

A believer.

Ghost Cat


After reading the ghost stories posted here, I was shocked to

find a story that closely resembled an experience of my own.

I thought that, since this has happened elsewhere, it just might reassure

my doubting coscience that this actually happened to me.

I now live in Australia, but when I was a child growingg up in

the Western New York area, my parents had purchased a new house in a newly

developing area.The houses were brand new in a new area, but the

construction sites were deadly for any cats that might have been feral at that

time. I was six years old when we moved in, so I didn't pay much attention

to ghostly details, but my 8 year old brother immediately remarked on things not

feeling right in the house. For the next 12 years, as long as

I lived there, we were victimized by our own Ghost Cat, although I

am not so keen to accept that it was actually a ghost. The

most occurances happened to my brother, who almost regularly felt the feet of an

advancing cat upon his blankets, which would slowly creep towards his

head. We had a cat at the time, so when this happened he would reach down

with his hand to first check if it was the real cat or the

ghost cat, and when he found nothing there he would flip the

blankets up into the air to get rid of the ghost. All too often the ghost

cat would simply jump back on, and the proceedure would start anew. This

happened a few times to myself and my parents as well, the scariest bit about it

being the paw prints visible as it walked towards me! Of the few times that it

happened to me, I believe one of them was the most severe of all our

occurances. Our cat at the time, Tigger, was sleeping with me on my

pillow. During the middle of the night Tigger jumped up and hissed.

I opened my eyes to see what she was startled by, but there was nothing to

see! Of course, I immediately assumed Ghost Cat, but I tried

to consider other possibilities before fully freaking out. Tigger lashed

out, and then ran to the side of the bed, looking over the edge. I thought

she may have chased something small that I didnt see, like a mouse or bug, over

the edge. So I peered over the edge to see what she was now growling

at. But there was nothing that I could see! Of course, it was dark,

so I thought my eyes were simply unable to see the bug or whatever that she had

chased. However, suddenly Tigger was flipped onto her back as if something

had jumped back up from the floor and attacked her, and bugs certainly aren't

that strong. For about half a minute I watched amazed as Tigger fought

with nothing! When I finally shook off the shock I grabbed ahjold of my

flailing puss and ran out of the room to the safety of my parent's

bedroom. I was very frightened, but still not perfectly convinced that it

was in fact a ghost, skeptical of that sort of thing in my teen years. I

always thought I had a very healthy imagination, you see. But then, within

a couple days of this incident Tigger became very ill. We took her to the

vet, and he had to keep her for a while to find out what was wrong with

her.  He found a scratch that went in a straight line from the middle of

one hind leg, all the way up to the base of her neck. Because of the way

that cat's move, it is very strange to find such a long scratch on their

bodies. The wound also was infected, and surgery had to be

performed. After a few days, Tigger had died of the strange

infection/illness that our vet, after consulting the Veterinary School at

Cornell University, could only describe as being documented only

about four times in the history of vetrinary medicine. Today I am still a

bit skeptical, but reading a story that featured a similar ghost cat

revived old fears and wonder. After reading my story, perhaps others

recognize some details as familiar? What do you think? Am I

nuts? I am still lookin for answers after all these years. Please

email me if you have also met a ghost cat

An Angel Watching


Well the story starts with a close friend of my family. Lydia

has been going through a very tough time over the past few months.

To make a long story short, this friend has been suffering severe

menopause symptoms. Severe hemorrhaging and her blood level has been

very low over the past several months. She has been in and out of

the hospital, on many different drugs to help control this but nothing

seemed to be working. A couple of days ago she had been feeling at

her worst and was getting very scared. The gynecologist had told

her that surgery had to wait (hysterectomy) until her blood level came

up which could be months. So she was waiting and her condition

was getting worse. On Thursday (April 29th) she took her son

to his karate class and decided not to go in with him because she was feeling

very weak. She didn't go home but stayed in the car and waited.

When the class was just about over she decided to go in and get him.

She met one of the other mothers inside and she told her "you don't look

very well" and Lydia responded "no, I'm very weak today". Lydia

had spoken with this lady many times in the past and she had told her that

she is able to speak with angels. Guardian angels?? I'm not

sure but, the other mother proceeded by telling her "I will say a

pray for you tonight, and ask your guardian angel to watch over you"

Lydia went home and never thought twice about what the lady said.

Morning came and Lydia was feeling worse than she did the day before.

She was getting ready to start her day when the phone rang. It was

the mother from her sons karate class. Lydia was puzzled as to why

she was calling since she only knows her from karate. This lady proceeded

to tell her that she did pray for her last night but had spoken with Lydia's

angel. She said that things did not look very good for her and she was

to call her doctor right away. Needless to say that freaked Lydia.

She called her specialist and the receptionist said the doctor had

gone away for the weekend. She asked Lydia what was wrong and all

she could say was "all I know is that I need to contact the doctor"

The receptionist said she would not be speaking with him until Monday but

she will give him the message. Lydia hung up the phone and was very

confused. Seconds later the phone rang and it was the Dr's office.

The receptionist said "I don't understand this but the doctor just called

in (which he never has done before) and he himself doesn't know why but

wanted to know if there were any messages for him" The receptionist

gave the doctor's only message, which was from Lydia. The doctor

in tern booked her in for a hysterectomy for Wednesday the 5th, on his

day off because he is booked up.

Coincidence?? Maybe. All I know is Someone

is watching over her

The Haunted Church


HI I am 19 years old I live in Morganton

NC. This is a ghost sighting that happened to me once before. About

1993 I went to a church that was kinda of old with paint chipping off. One

day I was in a bible school lesson. There where two

rooms down stairs, the only thing that sperated the

rooms was a big sliding door. One room was for

real young childern, and the other was for teenagers.

While we was in the middle of a lesson, I saw

something move through the crack of the door. I didn't

think anything of it at the time so I continued

the lesson. But this time I saw it, the thing that stuck

through the door looked like a hand with red

fingernails, it appeared to have held a piece of cardboard.

I got scared but didn't say anything. A few

minutes later a Boy from across the table saw it to and told everybody but they

didn't believe him until I told them that I had saw it too. After the

lesson we went into the other room and asked them if they saw anything wierd,

but they said they didn't see a thing.I realy got scared and never went back to that

church again.

A Short Tale


I am writing you with some interesting

occurrences which have taken place in the home my wife and I rent. We first

moved here nearly a year ago and have had some interesting experiences. The

basement of the house is old and crumbling. When you walk down the stairs you

get an instant feeling of unease. At the base of the stairs there is a door to

your immediate left. This door when opened reveals a room which has a dirt slope

that runs up to ground level where there is a small door which opens to the

outside. I presume that this is a coal chute from days gone by. I have only

twice opened that door. Both times I was assailed by a horrible stench and a

feeling of uncontrollable fear. I must make a note at this time that I am not an

overly fearless person, nor do I quake in my boots when I hear a strange noise,

and I have heard many of those in our previous apartment, but that is another


Those are my only experiences with the

door, though I believe that it has something to do with our house and its

oddities. In the center of the basement there is the new gas furnace and the

water heater. The washer and dryer are directly ahead when you walk down the

stairs, and in the opposite corner from them (to your left when you are at the

bottom of the stairs) is a spot. I have never noticed that it is a 'cold spot'

but it is certainly a location that my cats don't like. We have to keep the

basement door closed or else they will walk around it and meow for hours. My

wife will not enter the basement after dark.

That is the preamble, now for the odd

occurrences. The most harmless is the bathroom light. It is almost always on.

It's not just poor wiring, the switch is constantly flipping up. My wife is more

sensitive to these things than I and she sometimes sees things. Once she saw the

infamous man in a black hat walk past one of our windows. It was right near the

back door and she looked outside and did not see anyone. There is about a 300

foot run to the nearest cover, so I don't think that anyone was in our yard.

Later she took a picture while standing here and there appeared on the print

what looks like one of the vortexes shown on this site, only it was black. As a

note, this place is right where the small wooden door to the room with the

stench is.

Other than the cats and the light nothing

else happens except for one time our presence took the bread out of the fridge

tore it up all down the basement stairs and then left several whole pieces in

'the spot'. The loaf was full, minus one piece I ate before bed, in the morning

the bag was back in the fridge with only the crusts inside. The twist tie was

done up. That one completely inexplicable piece of evidence is the final

incident that pushed me to believe for certain that our house has other

presences in it. As a final note, it would seem that an old lady and her husband

both lived in the house until their separate deaths, caused innocently by old

age. Between that time and now the house was rented out to a series of

individuals who did drugs and partied heavily.

Nothing terribly serious, but interesting.

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