The Ritz


It all happened more than 20 years ago, at an old theatre on Staten Island,

New York called The Ritz. It had closed in the mid 60's as a movie theatre,

but it had also been a vaudeville theatre with a rich history. It was a big

theatre for its time, holding over 2,000 people. It was one of those nice

old-fashioned ornate theatres, with a big stage, wings, and dressing rooms.

In the early 70's, a group of guys who worked for Con Edison bought the

theatre. They decided to run rock concerts at The Ritz. To get people to

help out fixing up the theatre, they offered anyone who volunteered that they

could work as a stagehand, or an usher. That's where I come in. I was just

out of high school and had no job, so two friends and me volunteered. It

took us a while to mix with everyone, learn their names, and make

acquaintances. We worked every afternoon Monday through Friday. The opening

night show was coming up fast and there was still a lot of work to do. We

came in one afternoon and someone yelled out that all the tools were missing

on stage. We mounted a search and found the tools at the top of the balcony,

hidden behind the radiators. We thought no more about it and got to work.

The next day, we came in and somebody wanted to know who had finished the

exit lights? When nobody came forth, one of the owners said "I left about

half to be finished and now they're all done!" What we didn't know was that

for along time, before we had worked there, that things like this had

happened every day. Nobody thought much of it at the time, more like a

practical joke. But everybody wanted to find out who the trickster was. The

general consensus was that somebody was breaking in at night through the

dressing rooms. Slowly, a plan developed to find out what was going on. We

decided we would meet at the theatre at midnight, turn out the lights, and

wait for whoever it was. We all waited on the stage and a panel off in the

wings controlled the lights. The plan was we would leave a few people on

stage to turn on the lights the moment we started to hear any noises. We

waited until the small hours of the morning. Just as we were ready to call

it a night, strange noises like footsteps started. We could hear them above

the theatre on the cat walks in the dome. At first we thought they were

rats, but then we realized that they were too loud and too fast. Quickly we

turned on the lights. One group climbed the ladders at the back of the

stage, while another group climbed up into the dome from the projection room,

at the top of the balcony. By the time the two groups met in the dome, the

noises had stopped. No rats or people were found. More than ever, the

feeling was that someone was playing tricks on us and we were determined to

catch them.

One afternoon, someone came up with the idea of searching the

catacombs underneath the theatre. Brand new flashlights and batteries had

been delivered for the ushers so we decided to borrow them and check the

catacombs out. We went in through the boiler room, we made sure we left the

light in the boiler room on, and the door open. Slowly, we crept through the

tunnels. One by one, all the flashlights went out. We couldn't understand

it and double-checked them to try to make them work. But in a short while,

ten guys were roaming the catacombs with a single lighter trying to find our

way out. Which wasn't easy because the boiler room door was shut and the

light was turned out. Since we were the only ones in the theatre, we were

pretty confused. Again we thought someone was playing tricks on us. So we

organized another midnight meeting. This time, we would be ready. We set up

booby traps in the dressing room windows so that no one could climb in. The

windows were the easiest way to explain how people were getting in. Me and a

friend of mine, checked out the dressing rooms one afternoon. A fire escape

ran up the side of the building to the roof of the dressing rooms. It would

be easy for someone to climb up and be able to get in. So my buddy and me

headed up to the top floor of the dressing rooms, which were filled by an old

air conditioning system. Tons of garbage was on the floor, old papers,

tickets, magazines, and some kind of journal filled with pages and pages of

stuff that made no sense. It was the first time I got a really creepy

feeling about the place. We left deciding that it would be pretty hard for

anyone to get through this room without killing themselves. While we were

talking, we both agreed that someone was playing tricks on us, but in the

back of our minds, we wondered if it were something else.

We all arrived at the theatre around midnight. There must have been about 30

of us. This time we split into groups with two groups in the back of the

theatre to cover the stage, and two groups to cover the front of the theatre,

the stairs, mezzanine, and balcony. Many armed themselves with the booms of

the microphone stands. We were determined to find out what this thing was.

This time we didn't have to wait for long. The noises began just like that

had before except this time they were louder and sounded like popping noises.

First from the dome, then the noises traveled down the stairs and down the

ladders, and finally to underneath the theatre. The noises went faster and

faster, from the top to the bottom of theatre, around like circles. We

sprang into action, quickly climbing the stairs and ladders covering the

entrances and dressing rooms, but the same as before, when we finally all

met, inside the dome above the theatre, we had caught no one. We were all

baffled, tired, and ready to go home.

Things quieted down for a while until my friend who was the stage manager

asked me and my girlfriend (who is now my wife) to stay the night inside the

theatre along with him and his girlfriend, and dog. They were staying there

at the time in one of the dressing rooms, but moved out because of the

strange noises at night. They had moved everything down onto the stage, and

set it up nice and comfortable. We met them there at midnight. We talked

the early morning hours away, mostly talking about what was happening at the

theatre, and especially about the noises at night. And although nobody would

say it, we all felt the same way, we wondered if it was some kind of spirit

or ghost. My buddy was afraid that someone would get hurt during one of the

shows, since there was so much noise in the theatre during the shows, if

someone got into trouble, we would never know. Just then, noises started on

the mezzanine level in the front of the theatre. A door slammed shut and we

could hear the urinals being flushed in the men's bathroom. As far as we

knew, we were the only ones in the theatre, and all the doors were locked.

My friend and I decided to investigate. We took his Great Dane, named

dharma. The dog looked really terrified and wouldn't come with us, but

stayed with the two girls on stage, with his hands over his head. I said,

"great, we better get going, before I chicken out." We climbed up the stairs

to the bathroom, checked everything out but found nothing. When we got back

the girls told us they had seen something that disappeared to the left of the

stage. We both climbed the ladder, from where they said they saw it. Looked

around, and found nothing. We moved up to one of the offices on the second

floor, locked the door, and stayed there for the rest of the night. While up

in the room, we heard all kinds of weird things, but none of us was willing

to go down and investigate. We rather liked the door locked, and so we

stayed until morning. After that night, I didn't know what to think anymore,

so I did the easiest thing, I just put it out of my mind, all together.

Back then, I had a band; we practiced and stored our equipment in between

shows on stage. During one practice we all got the munchies, and decided to

go to the store. The lead guitar player said he would stay and watch the

equipment while we were gone. I said, "I don't think it's a good idea, for

you to be here alone, strange things happen." He just laughed and we went to

the store. When we got back, one look on his face told me something had

happened. His face was white as a ghost and he said " don't ever leave me

alone in this theatre again!" The sax player who sensed what we were talking

about started playing this weird music on his flute. He called it voodoo

music. I couldn't stop him, so he just went on. When he stopped, we all had

this creepy feeling we were not alone. The theatre had come alive. It was

like the feeling of static electricity in the air, during a thunderstorm.

The feeling was so intense, we could hear the garbage underneath the seats

crackle like electric was running through it. We all had goosebumps

running down our spine and we asked the sax player never to do that again and

he didn't say a thing. I can't remember if practiced or not after that.

The next day in the afternoon, I went in to practice my drums. There had

been one light, mounted high on the left side on the balcony which flickered

on and off. No one had been able to fix it. As I was practicing, I noticed

that the light was going on and off to my beat. Every time I hit the drum,

the light would go on. So I went into a drum solo. The light was following

my beat and soon after all the lights in the theatre were going on and off to

my drumming. I got up from my seat, walked to the door, and went home. By

this time I was thoroughly puzzled about the theatre. I really didn't know

what to make of all the strange things that were happening. Soon after me

and my buddy (stage manager) were talking one afternoon, and I told him about

a friend of mine, who does the ouja board. I told him I would bring him down

to the theatre one night. We showed up late on a Friday night while a band

was rehearsing. Lots of people were hanging out on stage, so we decided to

set up the ouja board on the second floor in the mezzanine. My friend told

me he goes into a trance and told me how to ask questions to the board. At

first, the board spelled out things that didn't make any sense. Then after a

long time, it spelled out the name of a person. His name was Ignace Jan

Paderewski, and that he was here because he liked the music. After my friend

came out of his trance, we went back to my house and looked him up in the

encyclopedia. Sure enough, Ignace Jan Paderewski was a Polish national and

pianist who had died in New York around 1940. We never thought very much of

this at the time, and forgot about it. The theatre was becoming creepy and

more and more people were having strange occurrences. There are more stories

about the theatre that I know about, but since I wasn't there, when they took

place, I've decided not to talk about them.

My girlfriend worked in the ticket booth along with the stage manager's

girlfriend. When shutting out the lights of the theatre, you had to go first

up to the stage, shut out the house lights, then walk up the center aisle to

the ticket booth to shut off the rest. One day, I had left my 10-speed bike,

behind the stage and went back to get it. I was in the theatre by myself; I

walked up to the stage, turned out the lights, grabbed my bike, and was

walking up the center aisle. I felt a creepy feeling in the back of my neck.

I was hot and cold all at the same time. I sensed that something was behind

me, following me up the aisle. When I turned around, directly in front of

me, was a mist that was starting to form a person. I could make out what

seemed to me to be a head and a body. I became so frightened I got on my

bike and road out one of the side doors. After that afternoon, I never went

back to the theatre alone at night and never told anyone what I had seen

except my girlfriend. Years later, we were visiting my buddy, the stage

manager. We both had married our girlfriends and had a lot to talk about.

Of course, we ended up talking about The Ritz. I told them about my bicycle

story, and our wives told us that night that we stayed together on stage,

they had seen something also. It was a round white light shaped as an orb

that came down the center aisle and disappeared to the left behind the stage.

Was this indeed the spirit of Ignace Jan Paderewski? Unfortunately we will

never know.

Post Script- over the course of years The Ritz Theatre had been sold, and

re-sold. It's beautiful interior had been completely gutted and turned into

a roller skating rink. Then a tile store. One afternoon looking for tile, I

stopped in. We went into the back, through the old stage doors, where they

kept their tile. I asked the guy, have you ever stayed here at night? He

just looked at me funny. I said, "Do you ever hear strange noises here?"

And just looked up and said, "yes, how did you know?"

Leave the Baby Alone


This is a story my husband told me about before we were

married. To this day, he will not watch a movie that has to do with the Devil.

About 20 years ago, he was living with a woman who had a baby , in Berry Creek

California. They rented a house there. It is a very small neighborhood around a

small lake. Keep in maind that a lot of devil worshipping went on in these hills

arond the Oroville area. He and this woman were leaving one rented house on the

lake to move to another across the lake. While my now husband was vacuuming the

place the were leaving, he felt a presence. When he turned around, there was a 7

foot figure in a dark hooded robe, staring at him.

They finally moved to another home on the lake. The first

bizarre thing to happen was that the baby of the woman he was living with kept

choking for no reason. They would get in the car to rush the baby to the

hospital, but as soon as they got away from the house, the baby was fine.They

would find tacks, nails, and other things on the floor that the baby could choke

on on the floor at times, even after thay had just vacuumed.

One night the baby started choking again and they called the

hospital. A high pitched scream was heard over the phone. They finally took the

baby to Davis hospital, but nothing was found to cause the choking fits.

One time they had soaked the baby's diapers in the sink with

bleach to find thd sink with the diapers filled with what looked like blood.

They had a friend who came to visit them, but would not get out of the car in

the drive way because of a bad feeling.

Then something happened that made them leave the house for

good. About 3:00 a.m. They heard what sounded like a two footed, cloven-hoofed

something jump onto their second story deck. It made it to the end of the deck

in about 6 steps, which meant it must have had long legs. Then they heard it

jump off the high deck. The next day they moved without taking all their stuff.

As they were leaving, two things happened. The ceiling door to that attic

dropped open ( there was a pentigram and posters of the devil in there they had

found when they first moved there) on it's own. And while my now husband's

girlfriend was carrying the baby down the stairs outside to leave, a hand

grabbed her and cause her to fall. Luckily, they were both okay.

My husband heard later that a prominate family had owned the

house before them and their baby died by falling off the top deck and breaking

it's neck.

Dog Sees Ghost?
















My Encounters


As long as I can remember I've been fascinated with the Supernatural,

probably because the female side of my family, my Grandmother's side, the

Winchester clan, have the uncanny ability to sense things, if not see things

outright. I'm going to retell a few of the stories I've grown up with my

whole life, and then a story or two of my own.

My great uncle S.C. was a trooper in France, and on the night of

V-Day she "dreamed" of him standing before her bed, and he told her he had

died, and that he loved her, that he wanted her to be good for their

parents... and that he was ok, he was goin' to be fine... and not to worry

about him. The next day my grandmother wandered in the kitchen to find her

mother sobbing... S.C. had been in a one way tunnel, and had been hit by

another jeep cruising down the wrong passageway.

That is the only paranormal experience my grandmother will claim

she's had... but I suspect there has been others.

The next incident involves my Aunt Beth and my grandfather. My

grandfather was a Methodist minister and one night he took his youth group to

an area known to be haunted. They stopped their cars in a line, turned off

the lights, and waited. 45 minutes later balls of light began to form,

hopping and dancing about the cars, hitting against them... almost as if they

wanted inside... Needless to say my grandfather and my aunt hightailed it

outta there.

Now... fastforward to about 20 years ago. My great grandparents died

within months of each other, and 4 months before I was born. One morning, my

mom was checking up on me to see how well I was sleeping in my new crib...

She opened the nursery door quietly, and was startled to see the solid forms

of my deceased great-grandparents looking over my crib, my great-grandmother

holding my little hand in hers.

I never had any "visitations" besides the ones I believe all kids

have - guardian angels and the like - until I was around 8... this I know as

fact because it was my birthday.. Nov.27th.. when my first and only TRULY

terrifying incident happened. We had had a bonfire, and I was feeling really

witchy... I was LOVING it. Anyway, I was left alone outside when I heard a

voice calling my name, which I ignored like I usually did when I wanted to be

naughty. It got insistant, and louder, almost until it seemed like the voice

was right beside me.. I remember sayin' "What !" and something slapping

the back of my neck hard. I started walking towards the woods, for reasons

I'll probably never know. Ok.... behind my house there was a patch of dense

woods, then a DEEP lake full of fishes and snakes and all that yucky stuff. I

walked until I got to that lake, took off my shoes, and waded in. I remember

something grabbing my leg, and trying to pull me under... all of a sudden I

was be jerked up and out of the water, by some unseen force..I hit a tree

limb, and when I awoke I was inches from that fire, my mother trying to wake

me up. I had a huge circular bruise from where something had latched onto my

foot. I do not remember getting back to my house... and I don't care to know

what was there... it was just evil...

The last story I'm going to tell you is the one that happened about a

year ago.. maybe 2 years. My mom, my mom's new fiance and me moved in a house

that was built in 1912, and next to it was a graveyard. Classic haunting

conditions, no? Yep... and there WERE ghosts there. My first sighting, if you

will, was one morning in the dining room... if you can call it that. I was

eating breakfast, facing the wall, when I just happened to look up.. into a

face in the wall. It was just staring at me, watching me eat. It didnt seem

evil or anything.

Nothing happened for a few weeks, no faces in walls or noises of

anysort, even though either me or my mom would sense something in the house.

Then one night my dog, Wickit, was let outside where he promptly was killed

by a truck.. brakes squeeling, ya know, trying not to hit Wickit.. but Wickit

died anyway. My mom ran outside, but didnt see a truck or anything... no

rubber tire tracks.. no nothing except for the dog's corpse. Then, a few

weeks later, my mom was alone in the house cooking dinner when she heard the

door slam, and then footfalls. She assumed Billy was home, and called out to

him. He didnt answer. She filed it away as the wind. Then, all of a sudden,

she felt something brush her neck, like a caress- a man's hand. She turned

around, praying Billy would be there. He wasn't.

During this time a St.Benard puppy my step sister gave me died


Things started to hide themselves, computer files would become

deleted, or show up in the wrong file... simple things that could be written

off as absentminedness.

But not this. One night around midnight I turned off my computer and

got into bed, and at promptly 2:56 am I awoke to feel my last surviving dog,

Sandy, laying on my bed. Now, Sandy refused to come in my room. No if ands or

buts, so that's why it was so odd for her to be there. I patted the space

beside me, and my hand fell into an indention... like something invisible to

human eyes laid there. I jumped out of bed, turned on the light, and I could

SEE the indention!! It was DEFINITELY a man's body, solid, but not very

tall... perhaps like it was an older man or a younger teenager.

That was the last night I slept in that house. The last time I

stepped foot in that room was last summer.. to get a bathing suit I had left

in my old room. I stopped by the bathroom, and heard my aunt come in and walk

into the kitchen. When I met up with her, she held the packaged food my

grandmother wanted, and she was staring towards that aforementioned wall. "

Did you hear it?" she asked me. I hadn't. She claimed that before I walked in

there had been 2 voices, a male and a female's, quietly arguing, and when I

walked in, they faded away.

The next day Sandy was found dead underneath a shed.

I have more stories, if you'd like to hear them, just email me at the

above address!!

The Shadows


My name is Nic and I was then a 16 year old boy, and I had some birds that had a

baby bird well that baby bird got sick, and I tried to cure it by feeding it.

I kept in a laundrey basket (with no top). Then my parents, and I went

somewhere, then we came back to find out that my dog toldly turned it inside

out. I figured it got well enough when I was gone, and flew out of the

basket. Then my dog got at it. I cried and cried that day, During the night when

I was in bed trying to get to sleep I saw thin dark shadow (in the shape of a

bird) fly from my door to down to the floor. I had had my foot hanging out

of my bed and as soon as I saw it my foot felt something touch it. I recoiled

my foot. I think it was my bird telling me it was ok. I finaly settled my

self down enough to stick my foot out, and start falling asleep. then I

opened my eyes because I felt a presence. I saw about a five foot fuzzy

shadow of a man run from my door to my wall and run into the wall. When

that happened I heard a light rumbling sound. From that night on I would

hear some foot steps, and I would always felt uneasy during the night, so I

would walk around the house with all the lights on, and keeping my back to

the wall. I always stay up to about 1 or 2 in the morning, too. We moved

out of that house, and now I don't feel like i am being watched.

Nora's House


This is an account of what happened to my friend Nora and her husband Max

about one year ago in their house.

Nora lives in the house she grew up in with her husband Max, her mother and

younger sister Gina. Nora's father passed away 4 years ago. There have

been quite a few strange occurances in Nora's house since her father passed

away, but this one scared me the most when she told me about it.

One night, Nora was at home alone with her husband. Her mother and sister

had tickets for a play downtown, and would be home quite late. Since it

was about 10:00 at night, and the middle of winter, Nora and Max decided to

go to their room and watch some television in bed. After being in bed for

some time, there was a knock on their bedroom door. "Come in", Nora called

out, thinking it was odd that her mother and sister were home so early. No

one came in. Nora started thinking she imagined the knocking, but Max had

heard it too. Just as she was about to dismiss the whole incident, there

was another knock at the door. Nora looked over at Max, hesitated for a

minute, and then repeated, "Come in" louder this time. Still no one

entered. Since their bed faced the door, they both had a clear view

without any furniture or other obstructions. After what seemed like hours,

a cigarette rolled under the door and into the room. No one in the house

smoked, except Nora's father who had passed away years ago. The house had

been rid of all cigarettes by now. It was bad enough that this cigarette

appeared in the first place, but it was the same brand that Nora's father

smoked. Max and Nora sat frozen in bed. Eventually the two got up enough

nerve to open the door and examine the hallway and the rest of the house.

As they suspected, Nora's mother and sister had not been home, and indeed

did not make it home until about 1:00 a.m. (Nora and Max waited up for


Since then other things have happened in Nora's house (stereo coming on by

itself, doors opening & locking from the inside). But they all occur quite

sporadically. It seems as though whatever entity is in the house doesn't

want to harass them, but at the same time, doesn't want them to forget

about it either.

Adam's Lesson


I was only 4 years old, but I remember it like it was only yesterday. The

first sign that I had was the room in the back of our house. The room was

always cold, and if you tried to leve the door open, less than five minutes

later the door would slam shut! I though that it was because there was a

window open, but the window was closed! The first time the ghost talked to

me I was petrified. It was late at night, and I was asleep in my room,

which was right next to the room. I heard a voice call my name, but it

wasn't wavy like in the movies, it was solid, and it almost sounded like my

dad. The voice called to me three times then I called to my mom and said to

her "Mom tell dad to stop it" her answer was "Jenn, dad is at work." I

thought that my mind was playing tricks on me, until the voice called to me

again. I looked up, and there was nothing. After that night the mysterious

"person" visited me daily. I would sit in my room and talk to him for

hours. He told me that his name was Allen, and that he had lived in the

house before we moved in there. When I asked him where he was, he would

tell me that he was right beside me! I'd look there, and would see nothing.

One day I asked him how, and where he died he told me that he died in the

room that was always cold, and that he died from a drug overdose. This made

me cry, I asked him why, and this time he wouldn't tell me the answer. He

said that he didn't know why. He told me to never try drugs or anything

like that. That was the last time I talked to him. After I told my mom all

of this she told me that before we had moved in the land lord told them

that his son had died in the back room from a drug overdose!!

You can choose to belive this, or not, but I know what I heard. This isn't

a fantasy that I made up while I was writing. This experience has made me

look at life differently. I wish that I had more proof to make others

belive, but my words will have to do for now.

The Little Boy


I never thought I would be telling this story to a GHOST web sight but I

feel it should be told . About five years ago I was a full time nanny for

two small children ages 3 yrs & 5 months .

One day early in the afternoon the children's aunt called to tell her

sister their

father ( the children's grandfather ) had suddenly and quite unexpectedly

passed away. I took the message and called my boss at work to tell her the sad

news of her father's passing . She came home from work and plans were made

for the family to travel to Arizona to attened the wake and funeral . They

stayed for two weeks, when they returned and I went back to work they asked me

not to speak of the death so as not to scare the little boy . I agreed and

nothing was said of the death or of the grandfather there after .

About a week or so went by and nothing seemed abnormal , until the rainy

stormy day that this occourance happened . I had both children in the

kitchen eating lunch

the little boy was sitting opposite me looking onto the back porch I had

opened the back doors to listen to the storm moving in . I was facing him

holding the baby waiting for her to finish her bottle and he to finish his

lunch . It was raining pretty hard and he was fasinated by the storm . I

asked him to hurry and finish his lunch so he could lay down for his nap .

He looked at me and said " shhh , don't you see him ?" I thought he was

talking about the bunny we had seen earlier in the yard

that day . I told him " no, I don't see the bunny , it's raining the bunny

is sleeping

now" . He looked at me again and said " no . I mean grandpa he's standing

on the stairs . " It chilled me to the bone when he said this , he was

perfectly fine with the fact that grandpa was on the porch . He then told me

that grandpa had been there

before to watch him when it was scary and stormy .

I no longer work for the family but I believe grandpa came back to see

the little

boy who was named after him and the granddaughter he never got to see

while he

was alive.

The Log Cabin


Greetings, First I just wish to say that

your site has to be the best that I have ever seen!!!!!!A friend of mine and his son moved a

1770's log country Inn and attatched it to his home in Pittsburgh, PA. I

stayed at the home a few night and had a few strange occurences. First,

while sleeping on the 2nd floor and having turned off all of the lights, an

upstairs light kept going on then going off. The stairs to the loft are

open so you can see if the lights turn on.

In the early morning I took some

photographs as my friend is a military collector, artist and living historian he

has life sized figures dressed in historical garb. When I deveoloped the

photo's I saw what looked like an orb what you refer to as globule. It had

the sensation of movement.In a second photo it was not as clear but

present. Jokingly I sent the photo to my friend who called and told me

that he had an almost matching photo taken in the modern part of his home by I

believe his sister in law. My friend is highly artistic and

psychic. He has also had his share of sadness. His son died of

cancer and a son in law committed suicide...both not in the home. However

his daughter and children now live with him. He consulted a psychic and was told

that the orb in the photo was in fact an older German woman whom had nursed her

dying husband in the house. She cleans and looks after his grandchildren

and daughter. He was told that she/ the spirit was attracted to him and

his grandson.

Friends from N.J. stayed in the

house and reported hearing labored breathing and heavy footsteps going up and

down the nearrow staircase. Just also for the record....I am a

volunteer historic interpretor at Old Fort Niagara, one of the haunted sites

that you mentioned. I have spent the night on several occassions but have

not felt anything of yet...although never in the french castle. If you

ever wish to have more info on the fort please let me know as I do a lot of

research in the sites research library.

The House in Kansas


My three girlfriends and I decided to be roomys together and split

payment on and old house in Kansas. The house was very old and run down(and

cheap) so we decided to buy it and fix it up. about a few weeks after

settling down one of my friends, Susan, reported hearing heavy footsteps(

Like heavy boots) above her room. To investigate, I traded rooms with her

for a night. As she had told I heard the heavy footsteps pacing back and

fourth above me. I explored the room above me witch was the attic and found

no sign of any paranormal activity. But the pacing continued more

sporadically as time passed. Other things began to occur, such as both the

front door and back door screens woud slam shut with the the solid doors

closed. My other two room mates reported seeing a shadow of a man through the

corner of their eyes.My bed would tremble and my windows would rattle. My

other room mate Caire was the one who was mostly afraid of these strange

activitys so she got a huge doberman. One day as the dog lay snoozing on the

hard wood floor, I heard him yelp and saw him come flying across the wood

floor!! Dana was none the least bit frightened of these happenings and

believed the "ghost" was her dead sister.She told us that at night the

rocking chair in her room would rock back and forth. We all had had enough of

the huose and decided to move out. A week before we moved out we were sitting

in the living room watching TV when we a loud clattering and clashing. We all

turned to look in the hall and saw change falling from the ceiling. We

decided to call a phsycic and see what was happening and why. she told us

that this house was very dangerous and should not be lived in alone. Dana did

not believe her and insisted on staying(because she believed the ghost was

her dead sister). All of us high tailed it out of there while Dana had to

have someone stay with her. That was the end of are rooming together and I

moved to San Diego. I still have one more experience to tell you . I had a

boyfriend and he lived in a very big house that was so big they had turned it

into an apartment complex. The

heaters would clank and rattling. I finally asked him what it was and he told

me that it was his ghost. He said that the ghost appeared one night in his

closet hanging by a rope. Apparently the ghost had hung himself. My boyfriend

told me that if i were ever to come in contact with it that I should not run

away but stare it down and show it that I am not scared of it.(As you have

read you know I have had my experience with ghosts) One Day I was going to his

apartment when on the wall a black figure started to appear. The figure

turned into more of a short man but shadow like,about 4'11(AND NO IT WAS NOT

MY SHADOW) I just held my ground and it slowly disapeared. I hope you have

enjoyed tales as they are true and that my writing may not seem to good for I

have written this in too much of a hurry.

Haunting in Athens, Ohio


Thirty years ago when I attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, I lived in

off-campus housing....a turn-of-the-century duplex two blocks from a large,

inter-city graveyard, which dated to the Revolutionary War. I shared my

bedroom with another female - she took the double bed in the middle of the

room and I slept on single-wide

daybed located in front of makeshift closet by the wall. We were on the

second floor.

Not long after we moved in did she experience night-mares whereupon she would

wake up in the middle of the night and stare at the closet. I, on the other

hand, experienced "cold spots" on my feet and which gradually spread up my

torso as I lay down. I was afraid to look at the closet.

Several of my friends were "into the occult"; I invited one in particular

over to help me solve the situation. His name was Bill. We spent hours one

evening in an attempt to open my mind and accept the appartion, which I

did. My roommate was gone for the evening , so I reclined on the edge of her

bed that was closest to the closet.; Bill reclined on my daybed. We waited

in the dark.

Not long after, the upper half of a torso appeared "peeking" through the

closet. It appeared to be a male with a moustache and wearing a vest. The

apparition reclined on the daybed over Bill...Moments later, it seemed to sit

up! Then it reclined again.In an upright position it seemed to float back

into the closet, where it seemed to play "peek-a-boo" with me. I closed my

eyes, having accepted what I had seen.

The next day Bill recounted that he had experienced the cold spots and I told

him what I had seen. Several evenings later when we were sitting in the

bedroom-turned living room, Bill and I together saw our ghost. Bill said

that he was standing in the doorway of the room; actually the ghost was

leaning on the doorway with his arms folded. Bill went over to the doorway

and assumed the same position as the spirit;this confirmed that Bill and I

saw the same being.

Years later, I had an unusual dream that I had astro-projected to Athens,

Ohio. My spirit guide, a unknown female, warned me never to research my

ghost. And I haven't.

Night Haunts


To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Jeff and im 17yrs old. I'm writing this to add another

ghost story to your site. To some it may sound like a hoax,but if you were

me and saw and heard what I did when I was younger...then you'd beleive me.

When I was about 8 or 9,I was in my room sleeping when I heard the

microwaves' buttons being pushed. First thing I thought was that it was my

mom getting a snack and warming it up so I thought nothing of it and I went

back to sleep. well the next night I heard the same thing and I went out to

the kitchen to check it out. When I got there I saw some kind of misty, thick,

yet vaugely humanoid looking object. Well being about 8 or 9, I yelled and

then ran into my younger brothers room (it being the closest room around) and

hid under the covers. While hiding I felt something grab ahold of my leg and

try to drag me out but I froze and it let go. The next morning, I told my mom

and she still to this day doesn't beleive me.



I was living in a small town in west Texas. My friends had always told

me storys about a ghost in the local park. At first was so skeptical.

Infact most the stories were hear say and I had only one friend that

swore up and down the he had seen on more then one occasion. So another

friend and I decided that we would go and investagate. Since the park

closed at midnight we had to park my car across the street. I was never

prepared for what we saw that night. we were in my car laughing and

making jokes about the whole situtation and really wondering why we

actually were in a parked car waiting to see a ghost that was supposed to

roam the park at night. All the sudden I got this uncomforting feeling

in my gut. I looked straight ahead and saw what looked be a young

women. Walking around the park. she was wearing a long white dress that

had some what of a train on it. she had long brown hair and a strange

glow that made every thing around her light up. I then started to cry.

I am not sure why I cried. I dont think it was out of fright. Because to

be honest did not feel frightened. I just felt a feeling of sadness come

over me. I wanted to look up the history of that park but I soon moved

and never got the chance.

My Dog?


I just don`t understand this,but here go's. One night I was

sleeping,and I woke like someone was watching me. I turned over,and this

black figure was coming toward me. I put the covers over my head.and I

was scared to death,yes I slept with the covers on my head all night. I

was afraid that I might see it again. I was going to bed again,but I was

watching tv,but I fell a sleep. So I woke up,and turn the tv off,and went

back to sleep,but I got this feeling someone was watching me. I opened my

eyes. I felt scared,so I went back to sleep. It took me a while to get

back to sleep,but I did.Well the next morning I was laying in the

bed,and I felt someone lay beside me,I looked around and it was no one

around,that is really scary,and it still bothering me,and it still doing

it. Yes, I put my dog to sleep,and he always slept with me.Thanks for

listening to my story.

Dancing Feet


This is something that happened to my mother one night a couple of

years ago. First of all, my mother does not believe in ghosts. She

has told me a couple of ghost stories that she has heard over the

years, but it was mainly for a laugh at the expense of the poor naive

soul (bad pun--sorry) who was the source of the stories. Even though

my father passed away years ago, she had not had any supernatural

experiences (until that night), and neither have I for that matter.

She has never been one to scare easily, her imagination does not run

away with her, and she looks for the logical explaination to

EVERYTHING. This is partly why the following incident scared me so


A little background info on my mom and me and the night this incident

occurred, to maybe better set the scene: One Saturday night, I was

getting ready to go out dancing with my friend Irene. We love to go

dancing on the weekends, but being an only child and coming from a VERY

strict Greek background, my overprotective mother hates the idea of my

being out late at night (late to her is past 9 p.m). Therefore,

everytime I go out in the evenings (or any time for that matter) she

always warns me (endlessly) to be careful of the muggers/drunk

drivers/theives/rapists etc. that are out there. (I'm 27 years old by

the way, and at the time I was 25). My response is usually silence as

I try to ignore her and hurry up and get out of the house to escape her


On this particular night, I was leaving the house fairly late, and as I

was grabbing my coat & keys, my mother warned me (for the 58th time

that night) not to come home late. She said, and I quote, "Try to tear

those dancing feet away from the floor at a decent hour, will you?" To

which I replied somthing to the effect of "Yeah, sure".

Well, Irene and I had a great time that night. We went to our favorite

Italian restaurant and then went straight to the club for some serious

dancing. Later that night, I looked at my watch and it was 1:15 a.m.

Irene saw me looking at my watch and asked if I wanted to get going. I

said no, and we ended up leaving at about 3:00 am. When I got home, it

was about 3:30 in the morning and my mother was waiting up for me. She

asked me if I had come home that night and gone out again. I told her

no. She then proceeded to tell me what happened to her just a few

hours before I got home. We live in a very small apartment, and in the

middle of the night, the slightest noise is very audible. As I said

before, my mother is quite overprotective and she is a light sleeper

and typically hears me come in at night and makes note of the time I

come in so she can lecture me the next morning. Well on that night, my

mother heard the back door open and heard me walk through the house,

setting my keys and purse down, taking off my coat etc. She looked at

the digital clock next to her bed and it was 1:15 (the same time I

looked at my watch at the club). She lay back down on her side, facing

the wall when she heard me come into her bedroom. Now this is strange

in itself because I try to sneak in the house,

trying to make as little noise as possible so that she won't hear me

come in. I would certainly NOT go to her room and make my presence

known. Anyway, she said I came into the room, but she did not turn on

the light or turn over to look at me (or whoever it was that came into

her room). She commented sarcastically that she was suprised I came

home so early. And apparently the thing in her room answered her (in

my voice), "Well didn't you tell me to 'try and tear my dancing feet

away from the floor at a decent hour?'" You'll notice that this is

exactly what she said to me before I left that night. As if that

wasn't bad enough, whatever was in the room with her leaned over and

kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the room. My mother still

did not think anything of this. She thought I would go to the bathroom

to take of my makeup and get ready for bed. In a few minutes, however,

the house was completely quiet. She did not hear any footsteps or any

water running (the bathroom is right next to her room). After a while

she got out of bed looking for me. I wasn't anywhere in the house.

Not a trace of me. From that moment on, she sat up in bed reading,

waiting for me to get home, which is how I found her when I finally

did get home. When she told me this story I was afraid to go to sleep

in my room -- or to stay in the house, for that matter (I admit it --

I"m a chicken -- a rather big chicken sometimes). When I finally did

got to bed, it was all I could do to keep from pulling the covers over

my head, so that whatever kissed my mother wouldn't try to kiss me

(because I knew that if that had happened to me, I would have gone into

cardiac arrest for sure). So to this day, I still wonder what that

thing was that came into my mother's room, repeated in my voice part of

a conversation we had had earlier that night (reminds me of the movie

"The Exorcist" when the devil is speaking to the young priest in his

mother's voice). And it actually KISSED my mother. What would she

have seen if she had turned around? Why was it there in the first

place? Was it a huge coincidence that I looked at my watch at the same

time my mother looked at her clock? Was it a doppelganger? Do I

really want to know????

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