George Air Force Base


Victorville, CA. George AFB is deactivated now but back when I was

assigned there in the 70's, I lived next door to a haunted house in base

housing. My wife and I lived in what were known as Wherry housing units.

These were small concrete block duplexes (2 Bedroom)that had swamp coolers

for cooling in summer and natural gas wall heaters for the winter. We moved

into our unit and found it agreeable for just the two of us. While talking

to the neioghbors we found out that our unit and the next 3 units had to

have the heaters replaced. The unit next to ours had malfunctioned and the

woman living there was aphyxiated. The next family to move in had a small

boy and he would wake up screaming every night. His mother asked him what

was wrong and finally he told her the "white lady" kept coming into his

room and saying "I'm going to take you home with me." My wife had told her

that I have had experiences with that kind of thing and "volunteered" me to

go have a look. Naturally I waited until it was full noon (Momma didn't raise

no fools) before I went in to check out the house. Now at this time we had a stupid cat

(what other kind is there)that would follow me around. So, in we go, kitchen-ok, dining

room-ok, living room-ok, master bedroom-ok, bathroom-ok. Kid's room, oh-oh,

no feeling cold or anything, but my eyes are drawn to the far corner of the

room. I can't see anything there but I "know" something is there. I glance

down at the cat and it's looking in the same spot. Glance up, "it" has

moved closer to me, glance down, cat is fluffing up and backing down the

hallway. I figure the cat has the right idea. Now, here is where I made a

stupid mistake, I got in front of the cat. I hear the cat make a loud hiss

and the next thing that happens is the cat went up my back and off the top

of my head running. I don't stop to look behind me (remember what Satchel

Page said about that?)and take off running. My wife said she heard the cat

make a noise then me saying "OH %&*!" than a herd of elephants running out the door.

Needless to say I recommended our neighbor have the chaplain come out. A second episode

after that really had the hair stand up (still does to this day). I was

coming home around 2AM and noticed the master bedroom window was open and a

light was on. I glanced over and there was the gal next door brushing her

blonde hair and not wearing a stitch. Well, good neighbor that I am, I call

out to tell her to close the blind at least. First word out of my mouth,

lights off, blind closed, window shut. I don't to this day know how I got

through the front patio gate or the front door. I woke up my wife and told

her what I had seen. She said 1) Our neighbor's hair is brown, 2)They were

in San Francisco. 3) The woman who died in that house was a blonde.

Illinois Ghosts

I went to Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL. Before I moved into my

dorm room, people asked which dorm I was assigned. When I told them

Stoddard, everyone told me to watch out for the ghost in I believe it was

room 305. Blackburn is a very old school and Stoddard was one of the

oldest dorms dating to the 1800's. The supposed haunted room was the only

single room, the rest were doubles. It was on the 3rd floor as the 3rd

floor was all guys and the first two all girls. the story goes, a freshmen

hung himself in that room years ago, or another one was that a boyfriend

killed his girlfriend and then himself there. Anyways, you were supposed

to be able to hear him walking around at night and see him in windows and

such. My room was diagnal from this room. My only encounters there were

sometimes in the middle of the night if I walked down the hall to the

bathroom, I could swear someone was outside the stall walking around, but

there would be nothing there. Also, I would leave stuff in my room, and

when I came back, it would be gone and then

later return to the same spot. I transferred schools the next semester for

personal reasons, but the weird thing is the guy who lived next door to me

there always said how he would see the ghost, and then I got word that he

tried hanging himself last semester! If you have any questions please feel

free to contact me.

Many Haunted Places

Mountain View- There are a number of places that are suspected to be haunted in the area. The

first would be on Highway 17N going toward Jacks Fork river from Mountain View. A Large,

(almost vicorian styled,) house was being built there in the early 1990's.. just before the

building was complete and the doors had not yet all been hung, my husband and I went in to look

around on our way home from swimming at the river. It had been said many times that the land

there was haunted all around by LongPast Native-American warriors... possibly Cherokee... As we

went first to the upper level of the huge house, we heard sounds that we attributed to settling

of the new construction. When we would go from room to room the sounds would move to another

room. It was a very hopt summer day, but one room in particular was rather cool in a spot about

3 feet in diamiter. We went to the ground level of the house and heard nothing out of the

ordinary. We then descended down to the basement which was mostly finished and nothing

remarkable was about the huge room. We stood still and quiet in the center of the basement and

I began to feel very sick at my stomach. I felt a sudden, huge urge to cry and became so afraid

that it made me shake uncontrolably. My husband could only watch. I said to him what was

happening, he suddenly became very cold and shivered and I could see his breath. I knew they

were angry and didn't want us there.... we ran as fast as we could out of the building and into

our pick up. Immediately upon leaving the structure, the fear, nausea and shaking and coldness

left us both. We could only laugh for a long time. The structure bacame a Bed a Breakfast, or

an INN for a few years but it didn't make it as a business. There are people residing there

now. My husband went there while it was an Inn for a 4th of July Celebration the last summer it

was in business and he noticed no activity other than living human activity....

Secondly, there is a site that a big three story house stands where I think that house is about

75 to 100 years old. it consists of first floor, second floor and an attic space area, I don't

know if there is a basement there as i have not been in the house. It is located about 4-5 miles

out on "Y" highway, heading Northwest, toward Jacks Fork River. I don't know when the even of

death was but a child, very young.4-6 years old from what the stories are was wandering and

playing about the big yard. Her mother was hanging laundry on the clothes line. The child fell

into an old well and suffered a great deal before her death. They say that the child can be

heard running through the house and lughing, but also that she can be heard screaming and sobbing

out near the well. There was a new baby in the house in a cradle at the time of the girl's

death and if someone lives there with a cradle or rocking chair it either will rock on their own

and you can hear the little girl singing a lullaby to the baby. Many people have moved in and

moved out of the old place. I don't know who owns it now but it appeared that there had been

some restorations done and it looks real nice. I don't know if people are moving in and out as

fast as they used to but the story of the haunting still lives.

Third- On the street east of Elm on Second Street there lives an old house. Several owners and

renters have resided in this house that was built sometime, (I think) around 1940. I never

investigated the age of the house. About 15 years ago I moved in there with my two small

children and we all slept in the same room. My mother was renting it with her husband and her

sister and my youngest sister. It is a big house with two stories and a full basement. While

my 6 moths time living there before I found my own place to live I encountered several not

unpleasant encounters with 'someone'. It always appeard to be a boy about ten years old, dark

hair , not too thin but not heavy either. The first encounter i could only feel someone watching

me. the washer and dryer were in the basement and my aunt had a huge work table in the center

of the basement that she did her crafts on. I often used a protion at the end of the table to

fold and sort laundry on. It was August of 1984, my son was not yet a year old. My daughter

was 4 years old. I was folding laundry in the basement and my son was napping and my daughter

was out with my mother and her husband. My aunt was at work. I felt someone looking down at me

from the stairs. I looked but didn't see anyone. I shrugged it off. I went back to my folding

and then heard foot steps on the stairs.. I looked and still saw no one. I could smell cinnamon

for a second and then orange... then a cool touch on my right arm that started near my shoulder

and travelled down to my wrist. It was like it was petting me. I wasn't afraid of it, i

thought it was sweet. I had to smile about it but it was gone very quickly. Then I would feel

the presence off and on very often if I were cooking or cleaning the house. It seemed to be

attracted to me. No one in the house was terribly aware of it, but my daughter was very afraid

of our bedroom closet she told me every night that she couldn't sleep in that room unless I was

in her bed with her. She was very afraid to go into the bedroom alone. I moved my sons crib out

in to the alcove near a window so he could have fresh cool air as he slept. the old house was

very hot in the summer. My daughter and I had a fan that blew on us all night but my son was

just not cooled off enough to rest well there. The alcove was just out side the bedroom door.

anyway, my daughter stayed afraid of the bedroom and the closet through the whole six months we

lived there. My son became very ill with pneumonia later on and recovered well as long as we

weren't in that house. If we went to the house he would again become very sick. I never put

the ghost and the kids difficulties together but now I see how they were very much a part of

each other. I have more incidents to tell of this little ghost but have to go for now. Email

me if you want more details.

Ghostly Wanderings

Groveport, Ohio

In 1992 I was a full-time student at Columbus State Community College, earning an associate's

degree in Law Enforcement. I had to earn a full-time salary as well so I took a job as a

security officer during third shift at an American Electric Power lab in Groveport. It was a

facility set out in a rural area and, with the understanding that I would be the only one in the

building during the graveyard shift, figured it would give me time to study.

I will try to make this as short as possible.My first few weeks there were rather strange, as I

kept seeing the shadowy figure of man, walking very fast, out of the corner of my eye. I really

did not consider it a "haunting" or ghost because I never saw the apparition head on, so I just

went along my business and really did not give it much thought. However, I became very uneasy

and spooked during the midnight and early morning hours.

One morning, at about 6:00 am, I happend to be looking in the direction of some window blinds

while I was sitting in the lobby area (the window seperated the lobby and a work area). Just

then I saw the DEFINITE figure of a man walk by the blinds. I got up and, thinking it was an

employee who had gotten in early, went to investigate the area. There was no one there at all.

The cleaning crew then related a story in which they were seeing a ghost in the building. They

described the same type of apparition to me. I had never told them about my experience.

While training new officers, I had some who would stop in their tracks while I was showing them

the building. I would ask them what was wrong and they would be looking toward a room or hallway

and tell me something like, " I thought I saw someone walk by". This happend more than once.

I spoke with a guy who used to manage the security division and he told me he had an officer

leave in the middle of the night because he saw the shadowy figure of a man walking very quickly

around the perimeter of the security fence. There was about two feet of snow on the ground,

but, after investigating the grounds, there were no footprints in the snow.

I told an employee at the building, whom I had gotten to know over the time I worked there, about

the sightings. Almost immediately he said, "Oh, that must be Roger". He was very serious. He

said that Roger died about eight years prior but that he loved his job and that it was probably

him. Indeed, there was a former employee named "Roger" that died eight years ago.

Without going on and on, I will just say that many other security officers had reported the same

types of activity. I quit the job back in June of 1993 (I worked there almost two years) .

I would like to contact some officers working there now and see if the haunting is still going


Haunted Guthrie


Although I have lived in Guthrie, Oklahoma only a few years; 14 to be exact; my family has been

in the area for generations. Besides the Governors Mansion for the Territory, the Territorial

Museum and Carnegie Library Museum are also haunted. The library book room has an unknown force

feeling about it, and even when well lit seems to be extremely dark. The Boiler Room for the

building is haunted by the spirit of a janator who, apparently was not too fond of people

entering "his" boiler room. Staff and volunteers refuse to enter the boiler room even in groups,

and tourists and daily visitors are told never to go below the walkway for any reason. Those

that have, even without knowing about the ghost have always been injured, some seriously. The

Stone Lion Inn, a B&B that sits between NW 10th and NW 11th Streets, is haunted by the ghost of

a little girl who continues to play with living children in her attic retreat. To my knowledge,

no one knows who she is, but she is dressed in turn of the century clothing. Even adult guests

have seen her peeking out of the attic window, and on occasion her laughter can be heard

throughout the house. (Highlighted on the TV-News series "Haunted Oklahoma" on KWTV-Channel 9,

Oklahoma City.)

And there is the Guthrie Lady, whom I have heard and seen. She is a wraith that no long term

resident will discuss, and she "haunts" the area around the Carl's Junior Resturant on South

Division. I have contacted Troy Taylor and Pamela Bayhylle about her. I hope there will be an

investigation on her this year.

The old State Senate Building which is part of the large Masonic Hall, is haunted by an unknown

number of individuals who seem to spend their time in the Public Gallery above the old Senate

meeting chamber. The gallery is kept locked and no one except maintinance workers ever go up

there. I have "heard" and felt their presence, most seem amused about the "living" walking

around the dead chambers.

I have been reading about and researching (via book research unfortunenately) spirits, haunts,

etc. for 45 years, with no reason to stop, nor desire to do so.

Okinawa's Ghostly Apparitions

A Marine officer living in the Bachelor Officer Quarters on Camp Foster, in

Okinawa, woke up one night and saw a little Okinawan boy staring at him. He

was so scared that he switched rooms the next day.

Scuba divers at a well known dive spot called Maeda Point report seeing the

figure of a monk standing on on of the cliffs... this is said to be a warning

a diver was going to to die soon.

Navy corpsmen who work in the operating room in the Naval Hospital report

seeing medical supplies flying from shelves, radios switching on...

Screams of Japanese soldiers from WWII are reportedly heard along a busy

street at night.

Mathews Room

By: Floranne Casella

It was a cold Winter's day, the year was 1991, and I thought it was a very typical day. Matthew,

the little boy that I care for, was taking an afternoon nap, as usual. I was cleaning up the

kitchen. Then gathered up all Matt's dirty clothes, and put up a wash. It was around three-thirty

in the afternoon when I heard Matt screaming. I could hear his voice very clearly from the baby

monitor that was on the kitchen counter. I called to him, so that he wouldn't get scared, as I

walked upstairs to his bedroom. That's when it first hit me. On the way up the staircase, I was

chilled! I ran back down, got my sweater, then ran back upstairs to Matt's room. Well, that's

where the coldness came from! Sure enough, as I opened the door, that's where all the cold air

was coming from. It was freezing in the baby's room! I walked over to his bed, pulled the railing

down, and held him in my arms. His hands, were ice cold, and he was shaking and crying. In an

effort to calm him down, I held him in my arms, and I tried rocking him back and forth. He

finally had quieted down, so I began to change his clothes, and that's when I noticed my tape

recorder on his dresser. I had forgotten all about that! You see, Matt's family was relocating

to another state soon, and I knew that I wanted something of Matt's to remember him by. So, that

morning I brought my tape recorder with me to have a tape recording of him. Little did I know

that's not all that was on the tape! When I got home, I never did listen to the tape, it was

Friday, so I thought to myself that I had the whole week end to listen to it. On Sunday, I had

some free time, so I started to listen to the tape. In the beginning I thought, well I did it,

I finally have Matthew's voice on tape, and was happy to know that I have something to remember

him by. As I began to listen I heard our voices, Matt's, mine, and something that I couldn't make

out. I kept backing the tape up, because I heard something so strange, that I couldn't even make

out what I was hearing! But it sounded so eerie that it gave me the chills! What could this be?

Did I have a faulty tape here or what? As I kept rewinding and listening, the more clearer it

became. It was definitely a voice saying pull the gate up. But what kind of voice was it? It

sounded ghostly! But, how can this be? I heard nothing that particular day. Only Matt and myself!

There was no one else there, just the two of us.

As I kept listening, I became more frightened, I heard the same voice saying I wish you were

dead. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I never heard of anything like this before. I

thought to myself, your just imagining all of this. Your going crazy. But, it was true. The

tape doesn't lie. It had to be a ghost or something else! I had no other explanation, it just

had to be! After a few hours, I decided to let my daughter listen to the tape. Now my daughter

is a very religious person. She has many religious friends and even knows a couple of Catholic

Priests personally. After she heard the tape she told me that we should contact a Priest right

away. The baby was our first concern! The next day, we called a Catholic Priest that we both

knew very well, and made an appointment with him for the next night. Since the priest knew about

the tape already, when we arrived there we went right into his office. The three of us sat down,

and he listened to the tape right away. Well, it only took him one time to listen to it. He

already knew what had happened. He looked at me, and he asked me if the family was Catholic,

and I answered yes. Then he asked me if there was anything religious in the home? I said no,

and then asked him why? Then he began to explain that the family had no protection in the home.

It was at this time that I understood what he was talking about. He was very concerned for the

baby's welfare. He said that what he heard on the tape was evil voices, and other things, that

I didn't even hear! Certain sounds of doors slamming, and some creaking floors! He told me to

tape Matt's room again, and if it happened again, then I should tell the parents. But, what

should I have told them? That Matt's room was haunted, or the whole house was haunted?

I didn't know what to do? If I told the parents the whole story, would they think I was nuts?

So, I decided to take this to a Doctor friend of mine. He happens to be a Psychiatrist, and also

dabbles a little into strange and unexplainable things.... Parapsychology. When I went to see

the Doctor, I told him the whole story thus far, then he listened to the tape. His exact words

were: This voice is not from this word, it's from another dimension, this is not a human voice.

Well, from then until this day, from a Priest to a Doctor, this tape has been a mystery to me.

So, I have decided to take my tape and story to any Parapsychologist or Website that has to do

with the Paranormal, and let the experts decide for themselves. What in the world happened in

Matthew's Room, that cold Winter's Day in 1991? I'm finally ready to hear what they have to

say, aren't you?


The Captain and His Wife

WV- The Mallow Family Farm is haunted by two ghosts. One of them is Capt. Dougherty, a

confederate civil war captain who walks the central staircase repeatedly during the day and the

night. He evidently had a wooden leg to replace his own. An observer can clearly hear the

difference between his "step" and the "thump" of wood as he walks. The other ghost is his wife,

who haunts the upstairs bedroom. She is always seen wearing a purple dress, and is often staring

out the window. The room, even in the heat of summer, is deathly cold. And no matter how it is

blockaded, the doors leading from the room to the stairs and to the attic cannot be closed. On

one occasion they were nailed and wired shut. The next morning they were open and the wire was

hanging loose from the doorknob. The "purple lady" also speaks, it seems. Once, a young lady

was sleeping in the haunted bedroom. During the night, she awoke and heard a woman tell her, "You

should turn over before you fall out of bed." The girl looked, and she was hanging over the

edge of the bed. Thanking the woman, she turned over and went to sleep. The next morning, she

thanked her aunt (the only other woman in the house), but her aunt knew nothing about it. They

attributed it to the "purple lady". Capt. Dougherty himself has only been seen once, though he

has been heard many times. A local schoolteacher moved into the farmhouse, and was unpacking when

she heard movement upstairs. She followed the sounds up to the attic, where she saw a man

sitting in a rocking chair. As she stared horrified, the man removed his head, placed it in his

lap, and laughed as the rocking chair rocked and spun in circles. That is the only reported

sighting of Capt. Dougherty. The teacher moved out the next day. Later, when a family of four

moved in, they reported hearing the footsteps and the "purple lady". They were the ones who

nailed the doors shut, and later found them open.

The two children of the family were evidently the buffers against the spirit's malicious

activities. If any member of the family was home, the ghosts were relatively quiet. If relatives

dropped by and no one was home, they were chased out of the house with loud bangings and thumps.

The father of the family would never spend time in the house alone. Many times the mother and

two boys would return home to find him out in the yard.

I know this from personal experience. That was my father.

College Ghost


Tampa, University of Tampa

It is said that U.T. is haunted by the ghosts of residents that had stayed in it when it was the

tampa bay hotel and I have personally seen the paranormal events in the university about 3 years

ago I arrived at about 5:30 in the morning to help my father in the mail room I asked if I could

walk around the main builiding he said yes and off i went it is a pretty straight shot from the

mail room to the museum at the other end of the main building as I walked by the the large ball

room to the right I started to get a very uneasy feeling but I thought it was nothing but as I

continued to the far stair case and ascended to the top floor what hadent been remdeled the

feeling grew stronger as I walked out of the stairwell onto the top floor I saw a man dressed in

a 3 piece suit satanding there his clothes were of an older style and he didnt seem to belong

there I did so I called out to this strange man standing probably 300 feet away from me at first

I got no response so I called out to him again I asked if there was somthing I could help him

with he said nothing but turned his head as if to aknowledge me and his were bright red almost

illuminating his face he was pale and thin but he began to walk towards me and then his walk

turned to a jog and finally a dead sprint seeing this I turned and ran back down the stairs to

the ground floor I then asked my father waht time the construction crews started work on the

top floor and he said that the top floor wasnt to be remodeled for another month it was then

after a 5 minute ordeal on the top floor that I realized that I had seen a ghost.

MacKenzie House


Mackenzie House is located at 82 Bond Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario Canada. It was the last

home of the first mayor of Toronto, William Lyon MacKenzie. This house was a gift to MacKenzie

from his friends in the twilight of his years in 1859. He lived there until his death in 1861.

William Lyon MacKenzie is a well-known figure in Canadian history. He was the leader of the Upper

Canada Rebellion of the 1830's as well as publisher of an important newspaper of the day known

as The Colonial Advocate. The haunting of this three story brick residence took place roughtly

between the years of 1956 and 1966.

The hauntings consisted of sighting of a woman and a man in period dress, the latter being bald.

It is a well known fact that MacKenzie, in his day, was bald but wore a wig, which is how he

appears in all his portraits. Much of the haunting was witnessed by various caretakers who were

employed by the City of Toronto. These caretakers actually lived in the house, on the third floor

. Besides the sightings of the woman and man, they were said to have heard the parlour piano

playing, as well as hearing the old printing press, once belonging to MacKenzie, and on display

in the basement, working away in the dead of night. One lady even reports waking up and seeing a

lady looking over her from the head of her bed, and then promptly striking her,leaving a very

visible bruise. The haunting received much play in the Toronto media at the time, and at least

one well-publicized seance was held there. The results are not known, but any reports of further

hauntings, if any, have been few and far between from this Heritage location. Having visited

this place on more than one occasion myself, and knowing the history of the house, I can say that

there is, real or imagined, an eerie feeling when one walks within it's walls, and looks upon

the famous printing press which is still located there.

Edgefield Manor, Troutdale, Oregon


One of many McMinnimin's pubs/inns/restaurants in restored

historic buildings. Edgefield Manor is a combination inn &

pub complex on the property of what was originally a "poor

house" and later a rest home. There are several ghosts said

to be on the property, many of which have been experienced

by both employees and guests.

My husband and I were married and began our honeymoon here,

and we ran into the ghost of the little girl who haunts the

upstairs "attic" rooms. My husband heard her call his name

twice while no one was around, the second time only 2 feet

behind him. He said she sounded playful, like she was just

having fun, but he was terrified. Later, my husband worked

at Edgefield, were he learned from other employees that the

little girl is a very active spirit. Also, there are at

least two other spirits as well. One of them moves furniture

and scares guests in a downstairs room. Lastly, there have

been some odd "slips-in-time" occurances in the huge

basement of the mansion. Again, my husband experienced this

personally once. Sometimes, employees sent into the celler

to find wine or ale stored there will be lost and find that

the celler no longer looks familiar, but instead is dirty,

cobwebbed and confusing. (Actually, the celler is well-

maintained, clean, and easy to navigate, normally.) There

seems to be a time-placement discordance as well. My

husband, for example, was lost for 45 minutes, wandering

around, worried about missing his next catering shift.

When he finally found the door "back out," he found that

though 47 minutes had passed on his watch, only about 10

or 11 minutes passed to everyone else. He refused adamently

to ever fetch things out of the basement stores again, and

he is not the only employee to decide this. (They always

make the NEW employees fetch stuff, because they haven't

been lost yet.

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