My House, My Toys, and Me


I am now only a twelve year old girl, but I have already had a few 
paranormal experiences.  Perhaps you will not believe me, but I am  
sure that these things actally hapened. 
	First of all, I'll say that I have been interested in horror all
my  life, and when I was younger(about 6-9)I had a lot of sleepless nights 
from ghost stories I read.  When I was three, I hated dolls, and had a 
model human skeleton(named "Little Skeleton" because he was about a 
foot tall) and substituted him as my doll.  
	It was about this time, that wierd things started happening.  Not 
much, of course, and not very often.  The first thing always happened 
at night.  What would happen, was that first I wouldn't be able to 
feel my blankets.  Then, I would feel a hand on my back.  The hand 
would gently stroke, scratch, and tickle my back. Even though the hand 
never hurt me, it terrified me!  Whenever it did this, I never moved. 
I was too scared; after all, I was only three.
		The "hand" continued to be with me until I was five, when 
I told one of my friends about it. After, that, nothing happened for about a 
year.  Then, when I was six, I was repeatedly scared, because my 
closet door would always open, even when I closed it hard.  This would 
not be so scary, but whenever it would open, a small, green puff of 
smoke would float out. Now that freaked me!       
	In the same year, my best friend saw a ghost behind me, and after
we ran into my room, and were talking, the door slammed.....hard! I knew 
that it wasn't a human, because I was an only child(I still am), and 
both of my perents were doing yard work.  We ran out of the house, and 
she went home.  
	When I was seven, the volume dial on my tape player turned from 
louder to softer repeatedly!  I had started to be afraid of my house.
	It was at this time that I started making concoctions from 
different fragrant things around the house.  Anyway, I had placed one 
batch of the stuff on a ledge by a window in my basement.  I sat down on 
the couch, and picked up the remote to turn on the TV, when I noticed that 
I could hear strange music from the concoction, and the sunlight was 
shining through it onto me.  The music was really eerie, so I moved 
away from the couch.  The music stopped, but when I sat back down, it 
started again.  It sounded like no music from this world, and I have 
never heard any instruments with a sound like I heard.  I ran to my 
bedroom, and calmed down.  As I was walking towards my door, it 
slammed in my face again! I was afraid to touch it, but I opened it 
and ran to my mom.
		Nothing happened then until I was nine. I was doing some 
homework in the study, and when I looked up for a second, Little Skeleton 
was turned so that he was looking at me.  I put my head down, and when I 
looked back up, he was facing the other way.  I was so freaked out!  I 
ran and did the rest of my homework in my parents' room.
		When I was ten, I was home alone, and heard some noises 
coming from the computer room.  The computer was on, which wasn't too 
scary since my dad often forgot to turn it off.  What was scary was that 
I had heard footsteps and voices from it also.  When I looked in the room, 
no one was there!  I told my parents when they got home, but they 
didn't believe me.  
	Just a year ago, I was playing on the computer, when I saw a small 
black something out of the corner of my eye. I saw it again many times  
after that, and still see it.  Only now it has grown, and looks more 
like a shadowy person that darts behind something whenever I turn my 
head. Often now, the door to the attic will close and open by itself.  
I have no idea what is going on!  Is my house the center of a mass 
haunting?  I hope not.  I don't want to be afraid of my house forever.
My name is Nora, I used my dad's E-Mail system.

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Great Grandmother


Hello,my name is Eileen Johnson and I'm here with my friend 
who has had,and knows of, many strange events which certainly 
cannot be explained.
   The first story is of something that happened to her 
brother, who never really believed in ghosts or spiritual 
contact. Their great-grandmother had owned a dry cleaning 
business and lived above it.One day she fell down the steps 
and had a heart attack, which led to her death, all before 
the my friend and her brother were born. The family converted 
the apartment into a storage room and one day Aaron (my 
friend Amber's brother) and his father had to go up there to 
get something. Half-way up the steps he saw the figure of an 
old woman wearing a black dress with white lace around the 
neck, before him and was in shock from the sight. Aaron's 
father never saw it and kept pushing him up the steps towards 
her, and she finally vanished. Later that night Aaron ran the 
story across his mother and found out that the description of 
the lady matched his great-grandmother and what she was 
buried in.

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While none of my experiences were all that intense, there are several 
things that I have seen and heard that are more than real.

I was born in a tiny town not far outside of the New York border.  The 
town grew up as a railroad/mining town.  Our house was built at the edge 
of town, the owner liking his privacy.  While everyone in town took him 
to be a bachelor that spent most of his time at the railyards, it became 
apparent, when the old man died, that he did have a son.

The son moved in and raised a family there, also working on the 
railyard.  The family produced two sons.  (Tin types of the family were 
found in my bedroom closet wall when we remodeled.)  After this lineage, 
a daughter and son were born to one son and the other died.

It was this son's daughter that greeted me not long after we moved into 
the house.  It didn't help that she had died almost thirty years before 
I was born.

Through the back door, across the old linoleum floor to the staircase, 
in the room at the top, I lay snug in my little bed.  I had been playing 
eariler that day and had left an old music box (found inthe room when we 
moved in) open, on my dresser.  My parents were downstairs, enjoying 
their television, when they heard me scream.

I had rolled over, disturbed by something in my sleep that I couldn't 
quite explain, and sat up.  My music box, completely umwound when i'd 
gone to bed, was playing cheerily.  But it wasn't that that had woken 
me.  It was the figure of a girl standing next to my bed, gazing out my 
bedroom window into the backyard.

My first thoughts were that she was lovely, long blonde hair and a pale 
blue dress, hands clasped behind her with a slightly sad air about her.

It changed quickly, though, when she turned to look at me and instead of 
disappearing, advanced on me, hands outstretched, her face changing from 
benevolent to cruel in a heartbeat.

My mother sprinted up the stairs with more energy than I've seen in her 
since, driving her away.  But it would not be the last time I would see 
her, though after that, each visit was absolutely benevolent.

A few years later, we (the family and I) began remodeling the house, 
tearing out walls and finding pieces of the house we had not counted on. 
Anyone who's ever remodeled a house knows the stange things that can be 
found in a house's walls.  Between the gross of finding a mouse corpse 
in one of my walls to finding the remains of a burnt-out old chimney on 
another, we also found a death certificate.

For one Elizabeth Grimney, born July 17, 1940 died march 22, 1952.  

The cause of death was so blurred with time, and so undeterminable.  
But, we finally had our ghost.  Elizabeth.

We've realized, too, that 'my' music box was hers too, tied to it 

Since the remodeling though, I've not seen her.  And I have the sinking 
feeling that I won't again.  Strange, I feel as though I've lost a 

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School Years


I was in the fourth grade when things started getting weird at my best

friends house. After they had their attic made into two bedrooms is

when things started happening. It started off with just a few loud

bumps from behind the walls where a long crawl space was before. It

had been closed off by the guys who were hired to work on the house.

We had been back there before and it did go behind the walls.

After the bumps and thuds, there would be loud crashes and knocking.

That seemed unusual, but it wasn't really all that scary.

In the fifth grade nothing strange really ever happened. But in the sixth

grade...I think I saw a ghost. I used to ride my bike to my friend's

house and sit out in the driveway until she came out. Then we would ride

our bikes to school. One particular morning, I was standing in the

driveway and I glanced up at the window that faced over the driveway.

The window in my friend's room. It was dark, no lights on, when all of

a sudden the lights were on and there was a figure in the

window. It was wrapped in a towel, a yellow towel. I could only see one

eye, none of the other facial features that were supposed to be there. It

had dark hair that was greased up into a spike. I just stared at it until

the lights went out and it disappeared. I know it wasn't my friend because

two minutes later, she was outside, and all ready for school. No wet hair.

In the seventh grade, she and her mom didn't live there. ONly her dad did.

But then he moved elsewhere and they moved back into the house the summer

before eighth grade. I never really went over there that much but when I

would spend the night, freaky stuff would happen. One night we were sitting

upstairs, talking, when we heard crying. Lous crying. It was coming from

the stairs. Then one time I was staying at her house for a week. I was

upstairs in the guest room--which was now her room, because she had switched

rooms--and I was listening to Nirvana while she was downstairs taking a bath.

All of a sudden, the CD started to skip. A little at first, but then a whole

lot. It had never done that before. Then I heard footsteps on the stairs.

Really heavy ones, like someone was banging them down purposely. I ran out

there-no one there. So I ran downstairs and watched TV with her mom.

The last incident happened in May 1995. We had gone to her house right

after school were sitting downstairs, doing our homework. We were quietly

working when we heard singing. It was coming from upstairs, kind of opera

like. We were the only people there. We looked at each other, gathered up

our stuff and walked to my house. I believe that spirits were there.

Some good, some evil. A lot of other things happened up in those two rooms,

but theres just too much to type. For one thing it was always FREEZING cold

upstairs. In the summer, winter, fall, spring. No matter what season, no

matter how high the heat was, it was always bitter cold. She and her mom

moved to Nevada in the summer, and now their house there is supposedly

haunted. But that's everything that happened. My friends believes that

theres a poltergeist in the old woman doll that her mother owns, but that

only plays a small part in everything.

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Predicted Her End


It was a wonderful spring morning about thirtysix years ago. My 
grandmother was working in her garden as she should have. I was just 
teenager at the time; visiting my grandmother. As the crisp morning 
disappeared into a scorched afternoon my grandmother still worked in her 
garden. I would go out and check on her just to see if she needed a drink 
or lunch, but she refused perfusely. I thouhgt it strange, but she 
continued in saying," The Lord will get me through my tasks in hand, and 
the Lord will send me to the gates of heaven in a great specticle of 
light." I had never heard such a thing come from my grandmother's mouth. 
She wasn't very religous. I was astounished and knocked back by the power 
in which she said it. I went inside baffled by the weirdness in her tone. 
As I went inside I went to the fridge and got a cool drink when I opened 
the fridge a light something unbelievable, strange, chilling, and warming 
at the same time. I quickly shut the door to the fridge, and ran outside. 
As I searched for my poor old grandmother I saw a face in the sky look 
down on me and smile. As a tear ran down my face my grandmother laid on 
the ground. DEAD!!! She had done something no one else in my family has 
done since, and that was tell when she will die.. I was later told that 
my grandmother wished for me to be with her on that day. I was also told 
that in my families past freat men and women in my family have been able 
to tell what, where, and when their torch finally comes to and abrupt 

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The Rocking Chair


I'm now over my 30 year marker of age. When I was 13 yrs. old I

had a very unusual experience. One I shall never forget. I would

appreciate any responses to this very true tale.

On a night long ago, I was in my bed asleep. I shared a room with

my two sisters and two dogs. Approximately 2:30 a.m. I was jolted awake

by something unknown. I sat up in my bed and let my eyes focus to the

night. I decided to get up and got to the bathroom, which directly

across the hall from mine and my sister's bedroom door. I climbed out

of bed and started to the bathroom. As I was crossing the hallway into

the bathroom I heard our rockingchair squeaking in the familyroom. (Our

house wasn't a big house.) I didn't bother to look to see who was up at

that time. I went to the bathroom. As I came out I heard the rocking-

chair squeaking still so I thought I would go see who was up that late.

From the position of my bedroom door you could see the back of the

rockingchair. (It was the kind of chair that was a recliner and rocker

in one.) As I approached the chair it stopped rocking. I walked around

to the front of the chair and there was nothing there. I looked around

the room and walked into the kitchen and asked if anyone was up. There

was no response. I walked back into the den and started back to my bed-

room thinking I was halucinating. I got to my bedroom door and was just

about to enter when the chair started rocking and squeaking again. I

looked at the back of the chair and looked around the room. This was

getting strange. I walked back to the chair, looked in it again, but

the chair was still empty.

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The New House


I was only about 3 when my mom and I moved in to a new house in a 
cul-du-sac. Nothing happend there until I was about 7. I started 
becoming obsessive about ghosts and hd wanted to do a report about 
ghosts for school. I checked out all of the books in the library about 
ghosts at the school (there were only about 8 or 10). That week the 
unexplained happend. I started hearing someone run through the hallway 
and stop at the dinning room, but no one was ever there. I kept telling 
my mom that I was hearing it constantly but she would never believe me. 
Then one night while she and I were eating dinner, we both heard it and 
were frozen with fright for several seconds.

I also had my assignment sheet for the report on the table with my 
research materials. I got up to take a break since I had been working 
for several hours. I got back and my assignment sheet was gone. I 
accused my mom of hiding it, but she had been cooking dinner all the 
while long. We both searched the house for it. I found it in the foyer 
closet under some shoes. I stopped working on the report that night.

Mind you that this was a brand new house and we couldn't figure out why 
we were getting these weird happenings. Curtians would open and close by 
themseleves. My dogs were afraid to go down the hallway because they had 
sensed something there. Was it because of my obsession that I brought on 
these events?

My grandpa moved in a few years later and also reported seeing people 
walk around in his room. That room that he stayed in used to be rented 
out to people through the years. I always wondered if we had rented it 
out to someone involved with the occult. 

After we moved out, the place was rented to some family friends. My 
friend had the room my grandpa had and told me he had weird experiences 
also. I never had told him about things that happened at the house.

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Just read through your collection of people's own stories. It strikes me

strange that alot of the sightings have happened when people have been in

bed asleep. I lived in a different house several years ago and would

also see a figure quite often standing at the foot of my bed or beside my

bed. It was a tall man wearing a trench coat and hat. It did not

"scare" me, I did not feel it was threatening. It had never appeared to

me in any other home nor has it appeared to me in the one I currently

live in. I would wake at night to see it, would wake my husband at that

instant and he would never be able to see the figure. It seemed to only

appear to me. At the same time, our neighbors next door were having

terrible haunting problems which I won't even go into. It will make my

story seem child-like.

Also, several years ago, my husband and I went to a "bed and breakfast".

This was an old huge house in southwestern Virginia. We did not hear of

any of the home's history when we arrived. We went to bed that night and

I awoke in the middle of the night to see a young man kneeling beside the

bed beside me fanning me with a magazine from a basket nearby. At first,

I thought it was my husband as it looked alot like him. I stared at him

for a few moments, then, as I always did when I would see the other

apparition, I just closed my eyes and hoped it would go away.

The next morning upon arising, I told my husband the story. He was not

an avid believer in ghosts at this time. So, he thought I was probably

dreaming. We went down to breakfast. The owners of the home sat with us

and he brought up my sighting from the night before in a joking way. The

wife suddenly appeared very interested and asked me what he looked like.

I told her he had short hair, kind of cut like a crew cut, blond,

muscular, wearing gym pants and a polo shirt. Her face turned white as

she sat down and started to tell us about the previous occupants.

Apparently the house used to room boys from the naval academy if I

remember correctly (it was some sort of armed service). Anyhow, one of

the young men was found dead in a gym room upstairs. It was unclear

whether it was an accident or whether he had committed suicide but she

said my description sounded as if it might have been him. My husband

suddenly grew silent and stopped his joking.

She then related that another guest who had stayed in the same room as we

had, reported that a man had wandered into his room that night, then

wandered back out again. He assumed it had been another guest who had

lost his way but...there were no other guests that night. Upon hearing

about my sighting, she remembered his story and felt as if it might have

been the same spirit. She took my home address and said if she could

ever find a picture of the young man, she would send it to me so I could

verify if that was indeed, who I saw. Interesting, huh?

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Cousin Ralph


My cousin, Ralph, bought a 150 to 200 year old colonial home in Raynham, Massachusetts back in the 1960s. The house was in a semi-rural area with a barn next door. Ralph was single and lived alone. One Saturday, when he was in the Army Reserves, he had taken a shower and had some time to spare before he had to leave to join his unit. He decided not to get dressed, but to lie on his bed with a towel around his waist while he leafed through a magazine. His back was to the only entrance to the room. It was afternoon. He could see directly out the window in front of him. While he was reading, he heard a noise at the door. Since no one should have been in the house except for him, he tried to turn to see who was there. He found he couldn't move. Instead, he heard somebody walking across the room towards him. When the footsteps got to the bed, they stopped. The side of the bed then moved down, as if someone had sat on it. He then felt a hand give a squeeze on his waist, as if to reassure him. The hand remained there for a while. Even with the hand on him, Ralph never felt afraid, but he was amazed by what was happening. He could see the second hand moving on the alarm clock next to the bed, and the leaves blowing in the trees outside, which convinced him he wasn't dreaming. He still couldn't move - not his head, not his body, nothing. He seemed to be frozen in space. After a while, the hand removed itself from his waist and the bed shifted back to its normal position like it would if whoever had been sitting there had gotten up. Ralph heard the footsteps retrace their path to the doorway of the room. As soon as they got there, he could move. He flipped over to see the back of a girl, with long, brown that hung down to her waist, going out the door. Since his home was old, the stairway to the second floor was built in such a way that it was necessary to go up the stairs, take two immediate lefts, and follow the railing back the length of the house to get to his bedroom. In other words, it would have been impossible for anyone, even running, to go around to the head of the stairs and down them by the time he got to his bedroom door. Seeing nobody, he then checked all the other rooms in case somebody was hiding upstairs. He couldn't find any one. My cousin, Ralph, died about eleven years ago, but he told me this story shortly after it happened. He said it really didn't occur to him, at the time, that it could have been a ghost. He just couldn't figure out what was going on. In retrospect, the only thing which did spook him was the hand on his waist. Ralph and I were very close. He kept me updated with the other unusual occurrences which happened in that house until he sold it. Ralph was a talented artist who had money. There were many objects of value in his home, antiques and paintings especially, but small, insignificant things kept being stolen. For instance, he had an antique candelabra with candles in it. He would frequently find one or several of the candles missing, but never all of them. He also would have cheap flashlights disappear. He even tested the ghost by leaving the flashlights out in one of the ghost's favorite places (the bottom of the stairs on the hand railing) to see if they would be gone the next day. At times, this did happen. I forget how many alarm clocks he had to replace. He never saw the ghost after that one Saturday, but since that experience, he was always aware he was not alone in the house. Eventually, he developed an affection for the ghost, and like I mentioned, started playing games with it by leaving the flashlights out to be taken. He was sorry he couldn't take her with him when he moved.

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My Friend's House


Heylo.. I've been looking for a place to put my experience, and I've decided to share it here first. (Lucky you!) Forgive me if some of the details are vague, it happened several years ago. It happened my freshman year, about 5 years ago, now. I had a friend who lived on the same road as I, and we rode the same bus. We always sat together and talked, since we didn't see each other to talk during school. This girl had many problems, mostly stemming from her family. She was often nervous and/or upset due to the many stresses in her life. One week she seemed edgier than usual, and started to tell me of things that were happening in her home. Her house wasn't previously haunted, nothing unusual happened there until the things she told me. Her only idea was that it could've been a relative that had recently been killed, and the circumstances of the death were hazy. She told of a malevolent 'presence' that would breathe on her face while she tried to sleep, and would come close to her while she bathed if she was alone. At one time this thing attacked her kindergarten-age brother while he was in a room playing video games. The thing yanked his shirt over his head and left scratches on his back. Needless to say, the kids (there were 4) stayed out of that room. They took to sleeping in the living room together, as they were scared to go into their own rooms. I'm sure more than this happened, but I don't remember much of the little I was told. Anyway, I became curious after a few days of hearing her tell me things, and we decided to get together at her house after school that Friday. She wanted to use a Ouija board to find out what was in her house. Neither of us had one, but we made a makeshift out of a plain piece of paper and a ring. It worked pretty well most of the time. (I don't know if that was bad or not, but I've been told it is.) She wanted me in particular, because for some reason the thing always worked well if I touched it. Anyways, I went to her home that evening, w/ the crude Ouija. It was pretty cold out, and unfortunately we had to use it outside, due to the girls parents. (To whom nothing ever happened.) This time it didn't work real well, we got almost no information. Fortunately, her parents left and we went inside. It was me, this girl, and her sister. We sat around talking a bit, they were obviously nervous. I, ever curious, asked if we could go into the game room where their brother had been attacked. They reluctantly agreed. They put me in front of them, and stayed close behind me. This rooms door was just a curtain, so I pulled i t back and went inside--and didn't make it past the threshold. The room smelled putrid, like rotting flesh, and there was a definite feeling of something there, almost tangible. I felt pushed out of the doorway, as well as my friend. I was shocked and pretty frightened. We went quickly back to their living room and sat down close to each other, frightened. A little while later, I decided we should just listen to music or something. We did, and our fear went away a little. Finally we went back to one of the bedrooms, to see if the presence had gone there, but there was no trace. When we went back into the game room, there was no longer any presence, but the smell was still in the air, as if whatever was there had left some sort of 'residue.' My friend spent that night with me at my house. She was too frightened to stay in her own. However, the next times I asked her about her 'ghost' she said that some little things have happened, but for the most part whatever it was is now gone.

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Saying Good-bye


In September of 1983, several friends of mine were killed in a car accident

on my 10th birthday. That was hard in and of itself, but what really got me

was that I never got to say goodbye to my best friend, Scott. At that time,

my younger brother John ( who is 18 months younger than me) was sleeping in

my room for no paritcular reason, just because he felt like it. Now, my

brother has had no reason to lie about anything like this, so I am inclined

to believe him. He claims that sometime in the middle of the night, he awoke

and peered across the room and saw our friend, (presumably wearing the same

clothes he had prior to the accident) and Scott smiled, waived his hand and

disappeared. John told me about this the next day and it has always been my

impression that Scott was saying goodbye to us in his way.

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Bell Witch


We have a sort of legend here in Western Kentucky called the Bell Witch Cemetery. The body of a supposed witch is believed to buried there, but the actual burial site is in Tennessee. Anyway, me, my girlfriend, my aunt, and one of my aunt's friends all decided to visit this cemetery one night to find out if this thing was real or not. We took with us two flashlights and a Bible. We took the Bible because we had been told to read from the Book of Ruth to cause this thing to appear. Once we got there, we walked all through this cemetery reading this same passage from Ruth over and over but nothing ever happened. Although the flashlight did go out, we learned later that the batteries were very old and it was probably about timefor them to go out anyway. So we started back home, but only got to the entrance to the cemetery when my aunt said she had an idea that she wanted to try before we left. Even though we hadn't saw any strange or scary things everyone was still kind fo shook up. We tried to get her to go on home, but somehow she talked us into going back. When we got back, I got out of the car with my aunt, who was standing back near the trunk of the car, and asked her what her idea was. Suddenly she started to curse at this thing. Just daring it to do something. It couldn't have been five seconds later that what looked like an evergreen tree appeared in front of us about fifty feet away. At first I thought that my eyes had just begun to readjust to the darkness, but then we noticed that it was moving toward us. It wasn't moving very fast, but the closer that it got the more that it began to take on the shape of a person. I asked my aunt if she could see it to and she said that she did. We started to smell something that smelled like cabbage that was being boiled. After that we decided we'd had enough and turned to jump back into the car when the entire car shook from what seemed to be a blow from the rear of the car. Cranking the car and slamming on the gas we took off down the road to get away from the cemetery. As we were pulling back out onto the main highway, something caught my aunt's friend's eye as she turned to look--standing on the side of the road was what looked like an old woman in a blue long-sleeved dress with her hair up in a bun on top of her head smiling at us. Since then we have all had strange things happen at each of our houses: we hear voices, knocks on the wall, scrathing coming from our heating and air conditioning vents, and we still smell that cabbage smell occasionly (But that's all a different story).

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The Closet


Where should I start?

Lets go back to when I was 7 years old.  I was abused by my mother and 
taken away.  I went from home to home and then wound up at my Aunt's 
house for the summer.  Because of all the things that happened in my 
life, I had lost my childhood, finding comfort with being with adults.  
One summer day my Aunt wanted me to go outside and play, but I wanted 
to stay with her.  She insisted yet so did I.  So she sent me to my 
room for the rest of the day.  I cryed and screamed for her to let me 
come out with her, but she wanted me to break the habbit I was. 
Exhausted from all the screaming and crying, I fell asleep.  I woke up 
some hours later to the room being very cold!  I can't give a logical 
reason for y it was so cool except there was someone there with me.  I 
looked toward the foot of the bed and right in front of the closet 
door was a shadow of a very tall built man. no face, but a huge 
shadow!  I dare not more or make a sound!  I pryed and prayed for God 
to protect me and I fell back to sleep.
Again!  Two years later, I was with my father.  All was fine, I was 
with one of the most loving men I know.  Yet I saw this figure in 
front of my closet again!
Then I egged it!  When I was 12 years old some friends of mine had 
this board to contact spirits.  I played but really shouldn't had.  
Some very frightening things took place on the board and in the 
feelings of the room.  I went home to do my chores, I was alone.  I 
went in the bathroom to get the trash.  Right before I picked it up I 
got really scared and started shaking.  I had too run out of there as 
fast as possible!  The next morning, I was questioned why there fork 
stab marks in the wall right where I was standing!!! 
Time for the challenge...I had it set in my mind once and for all, I 
wanted to know what was following me from home to home.  When I was 13 
years old I was on a field trip with my ROTC Jr group.  We were 
spending the night in a hotel.  Again, I woke up to the room being ice 
cold, I then looked over to the side of the bed and saw him again.  He 
was standing right next to the girl I was sharing the bed with.  I was 
going to let this chance pass me by.  I got up on my knees and leaned 
over the girl next to me so carefully that i didn't wake her and I 
TOUCHED HIM!  COLD!!!  The touch wasn't very long or very comforting.  
I then suddenly had to run to the bathroom to vomit. I'm not sure what 
or who he is.  But that was the last time I saw him.  
I wound up getting pregnant soon after.  Some really strange things 
happened when I was pregnant.  Lights turning off and on.  Losing 
things and finding them in places I know I didn't put them... My 
mother blowdryer turned on right in front of her.  
This is where it gets wierd.  I talked to my mother about it...She 
told me that the father of my sister, he died before she was born, 
comes and visits her once and a while.  She thinks that was him who 
was watvhing me because I look identical to my mother.  When I told 
her that things had suddenly stopped after the birth of Jamie, she 
commented that he maybe Jamie.

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by smcilwai%cor3@PICA.ARMY.MIL

I don't know if this was actually a haunting but....

A couple of years ago I lived in the bottom part of a

2 family house. The house was originally once family and was

part of a farm, behind it was the barn that was converted into

an apartment. In the living room closet was part of the staircase

that connected the two floors of the original house, behind the

sheetrock was a small room that was boarded off by the living room

closet on one side and my daughters bedroom closet on the other.

The room was visible through a hole in the sheetrock in the living

room, the room was musty and had the petrified remians of several

small rodents in it. The whole thing gave the impression of having

been one big room that was divided into smaller rooms. From the

very beginning my daughter was afraid to sleep in her room. Before we

moved into this house she would sleep without a nightlight, when

we moved in here she had to have the light on and would only stay

asleep in the room till I went to bed....then she would come into my

room. I thought this was just 3 year old sleep problems, now

I'm not so sure. We got a cat after we moved in and the cat

got very strange. Occasionally I would see a dark shadow in the

kitchen cross the room and if this happened when Cody (the cat)

was in the kitchen he would run from the room with his eyes and tail

all bugged out and hide in my bedroom which was the opposite end of

the house. Occasionally I would lay in bed and be afraid to face

the doorway because it felt as if I was being watched. The topper

came on two separate occasions, both when my daughter was out of

the house. The first time I was lying in bed about to doze off and

I felt as if hands were pinning my shoulders to the bed. I

remember trying to struggle but being unable to move. Suddenly

the pressure was gone and i could move. The second time was also

in my bedroom, I was lying in bed when I felt like I was being dragged

by my feet out of the bed. I tried to kick my feet free but

couldn't. When the feeling stopped I was diagonally across the

bed with both feet hanging off. At this point I got angry and

stood in the living room and announced that whatever was in the

house could have it all day when I was home but that when we were

in it I expected it to leave us alone. I didn't have the experiences

again but my friends who lived in the apartment in the barn had

2 experiences at this time. My girlfriend was in the kitchen and

felt someone touch her back and no one was home at the time. Her

husband was in th shower and felt someone grab him from behind,

when he stuck his head out of the shower stall no one was in the

room with him and the door was locked from the inside. Shortly after

this I moved out. My friends have had no other occurances but I

don't know if the new tenants in my house have had any.

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My House Expirence


First I'll describe the layout of my house as it is important to the 
sightings.  When you enter the north entrance(front door) you come in 
from a sunporch.  Immediatelly to your left are the stairs to the second 
floor.  The steps are odd, there are two steps and a landing a right turn 
six steps and another landing, another right turn five steps and the 
upstairs hall.  Back to the downstairs, behind the front door when it is 
open is a wall that we have a peg rack for coats.  After this four or 
five foot wall is the entrance to the living room.  The living room has 
huge bay windows that look out onto the front sunporch.  The living room 
and dining room are kinda the same room as this large area runs almost 
the whole length of the house.  It is all open except of a jut out in the 
middle where the chimeney is.  The room is divided into the living room 
and dining room.  The couch is on the north wall infront of the bay 
windows.  The entertainment center is on the east wall facing out into 
the hall by the front door.  My father's chair is to your immediate left 
as you enter the living room from the hall.  A love seat seperates a the 
dining room from the living room. You can still get from room to room 
between the end of the love seat and the east wall.  In the hall under 
the stairs on the right is a closet witha pitched ceiling due to the 
stairs.  At the end of the hall is the kitchen.  There is a door from the 
dining room into the kitchen on the east wall of the kitchen.  A door on 
the south wall of the kitchen leades out to the deck.  Three or four feet 
to the south of the door from the kitchen to the dining room is a door to 
a small bathroom.  Upstairs as you reach the top of the stairs you are 
looking right into my parents room.  To the left around the corner is the 
main bath.  At the end of the hall is my brother's room door and mine is 
beside it facing west.  My room is on the south-east corner of the house.
The basement is accessed from the kitchen from a door on the north wall 
three feet to the right of the door to the hall.  The basement stairs and 
the hall closet are back to back.  That is the basic layout of the house, 
any more description I'll include later.

The first sighting was in my bedroom.  Out of the correr of my eye I saw 
movement to my left while laying in bed.  My bed is on the west wall 
pointing east.  The hall light shines through my door accross my bed and 
onto the south wall.  On that wall I saw a shadow cast, but there was 
nothing between the light and the wall to cast the shadow.  I got out of 
bed and tried to figure it out.  I figured that what ever was the source 
of the shadow(apparently a small human figure) had to be standing at the 
south east corner of my bed.  I waved my hand through this area and felt 
nothing but an extreem cold.  The air in that spot was at least 40 to 45 
degrees colder than the rest of the room.  It felt to be about 20 to 25 
degrees.  I called my mother who was down watching tv at the time.  I 
remained totally calm but felt, not excited as such but very calmly 
excited.  I can't come up with a word to explain the feeling.  When my 
mother got to my room she turned the light on, before I thought to tell 
her not to due so.  I ran over and shut the light off but the shadow was 
gone along with the cold spot.  I continued to odd expirences in this 
house but seemed to be the only one, until my grandfather came to live 
with us.  He had fallen in the stairs at his house and injured his hand 
terrablly.  He needed constant care due to the injury and his age.  He 
claimed to have a little boy that would come into his room and talk to 
him while he watched tv.  He spent most of his time watching tv cause he 
was in such poor physical condition.  I should say his room was the 
living room, while he was with us we built a wall between the living room 
and dining room and the dining room became the living room. He described 
the little bot as short with short blond hair.  The right size to fit the 
shadow.  After he died, in the kitchen of our house, more strange things 
happened.  My grandfather used to always wash his hands in the down 
stairs bathroom before eating.  One day we sat down to eat and the 
bathroom sink came on full blast with no one in the room.  Jokingly one 
of us said it was pepere(french for grandfather).  My father jokingly 
shouted." Dad, Knock it off".  The sink immediately went off and that was 
it.  I've since seen the little bot myself,  I never see him in the 
room.  But I will see the reflection of him walking through a room in the 
windows, mostly in the dining room.  Once I saw a reflection of him walk 
in front of the door that goes from the hall to the living room.  I saw 
it in the tv screen, it walked down the hall and walked up the stairs.  I 
was too surprised to turn around and see if I could see it this time, so 
I tried running upstairs to follow it but never saw it.  Last summer the 
former owner's daughter came by to see the house, for nostalgia's sake I 
guess.  After walking through the house she commented that my room used 
to be her room.  Then she asked me if I ever saw "him".  I asked who she 
meant.  She said that she had numerous expirences with the ghost of a 
small bot in the house.  I said yes and asked the nature of them.  She 
told me about them and they all sounded just like the expirences I had.  
Other than my grand father we were the only two that ever saw him.  The 
only connection between the two of us was that bedroom.  She said that 
the kitchen used to be split in half and half was a laundry room.  She 
said you could actually hear his voice in there saying things like let me 
out, help I'm stuck, I can't get out.  She also said that after they tore 
out the wall she saw him through the whole house.  Then we got on the 
subject of the basement.  The basement is wide open with the stairs 
coming down in the southeast corner.  When you turn you can see the whole 
basement.  Anyone, and I do mean anyone who goes down there at night with 
the lights out WILL come back up alot faster.  You get a feeling of dread 
that penetrates all through you.  And as you run back up the stairs you 
always feel like something is going to grab you by the ankles.  Everyone 
we have tested this on comes back up with the same story.  The closet 
door in the hall seems to have a mind of it's own also.  Some times when 
we try to close it it keeps popping back open.  You can keep you hand on 
the know until you hear the pin thing fall into place then let go and the 
door will pop open.  I guess that is all with the exception of items 
moving around when no one is looking and lights turning on and off by 
them selves.  That stuff happens regularlly. 

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