Never Alone!

By: Anonymous

Well, it all started a few months after we moved in. First

it started with the refrigerator spiting ice cubes at me only, and no one

else. From there my room windows would shake like a sonic boom, but no one

else would have that same experience! Then one night when I was sick and

laying in my room with the door shut, the lamp shade started moving violently

then suddenly came to a halt as if it never had even started. Then a few

minutes later (as if I wasn't freaked out enough)! My radio turns on to some

weird opera station. I hate opera! Then one night I was trying to sleep and

I heard foot steps and voices in the kitchen when everyone else was asleep.

Then another night I also was trying to sleep and kept getting the feeling

someone was watching me! Then I rolled over quickly and I saw a cloudy

figure standing over me! It appeared to be a women in some kind of peach

80's looking dress. She has appeared to me a few times getting further and

further down the hall each time I looked up from typing on the computer

getting that same feeling someone was watching me!

"Quaker Lady"

By; Anonymous

Hi I believe I have had an encounter, at least once, that I am

sure of.. My Sister had a friend who claimed to have a haunted house. I

wanted so to believe in ghosts and had always wished for something to

happen when I was there. The sounds of a skeptic. Anyway, I

was picking up my sister from her friends home and sat on the couch for a moment

until they had finished up their television show that they were watching. I had

never talked about the house being haunted with the woman who had lived there

until later that night. As I sat on the couch facing forward I got this

terrible stomach turning feeling that can be described like a big knot. I with

all my being wanted to look to my right, but was terrified to. This lasted maybe

2 to 3 minutes before I said something to the woman that lived there. I

just straight out asked (without looking!!) What was to my right? (besides the

hallway that lead into the kitchen) She asked me if I really wanted to know,

then I should look. The feeling didn't go away in my stomach and the woman

told me that someone was standing there (meaning a ghost) Terrified I sat there

not looking to my right, only for about 30 seconds and then I told me myself to

just look or go over there. I had asked if the woman living there with me would


They were more than willing to do this since they were both used to this entity

and knew that it wouldn't cause any harm. We walked over and the woman

living in the house told me to stop right where I was (the threshold of the

kitchen) and smell. I did and I smelt nothing at all. She told me to take on

step forward and smell again. All of a sudden my heart started pounding the knot

in my stomach got tighter and my eyes began to water. What I smelled was the

most beautiful smell. It was just like having every flower in the world

right at my nose. Very overwhelming, but beautiful at the same time. From the

sheer shock I held my breath and began to cry (I'm a big baby!) and within 2

seconds the smell was completely gone. If this had been just a cruel joke the

smell would've lasted a bit longer than 2 seconds, an aerosol can or candle just

wouldn't have smelled quite so clean. The woman that lived there said

that it was a woman that used to live off the land where the house now stands, a

quacker woman or something, but truly the oder was amazing. The Quaker

lady had gone to the basement and wouldn't come back because she saw how

frightened I was. I asked my sisters friend to bring her back, because I

was alright, but the ghost just wouldn't. Believe me, I was alright with it! My

sisters friend also had 2 other ghosts in the house at the same time, I have

never seen or experienced anything with them but her son used to play with his

power ranger friend. In fact this was a small boy, the other being

an evil ghost living in the upstairs room, this one was just not

nice and noone wanted to be in the room. In fact, some kind of blue light

was luminating out of the window (which you could see from the street at times)

I was never able even to go up the first stair from fright. Needless to

say I have never gone back to the house but since the woman living there had the

home cleaned and moved out soon after.

At Peace on Christmas


I had a wierd experience when I was eight years old.

It was Christmas eve 1985, and my older brother and I were told to go to

bed before Santa arrived. We went to bed and later that night, I started

to have nightmares, and began to sweat. I soaked my pjs and my bed with

sweat. My grandma always told me to pray to Jesus (we were Catholic)when I

was scared so he could send an Angel to protect me.. I started to pray and

peeked over my sheets towards my closet. When I looked, the closet door

had opened all the way, the clothing on the hangers seperated to where the

wall was visible from behind. And right smack in the middle of the wall was

a green glowed bright green and was in the shape of a crucifix.

When I saw that, I started crying and yelling for my brother to wake up..I

screamed for my mom and dad, and yelled for someone to help me..I was

unable to move from my was like I was frozen. Then all of a

sudden, it glowed brighter, and I felt this calm, serene

somehow put me at ease, and I went back to sleep. The next morning, I went

running to my parents room in tears asking why they didn't come to me the

night this day, my parents do not remember even hearing me, nor

does my brother..I showed my parents my closet, and told them what

happened..they never believed me..I know what I saw, and to this day, I am

convinced it was some sort of aparition. My brother and I were too short to

even reach the clothing in the closet, much less have the ability to push

the clothing to opposite sides of the closet..if you ask me, I experienced

something that night..I have no idea what it was, and it has not happened


Basement Shadow


I've not experianced much. I just wanted to give you this little story that

happened about 7 years ago.

I was 5 years old and I had just gotten home from kinderguarden school. I

went down to the basement, where I lived with my mother and my brother. No

one was down there but me. The only light there was was the light that

filtered in from the small windowed in the kitchen/living room (the both

connected, or they were in the same room). I looked up at the wall near the

top of the reftigerator. And there, stood an erie shadow in the shape of a

miny troll. "Wierd,"I thought. I looked all over the room trying to find

what was making this shadow but found nothing. I only saw this for a few

weeks but after that, it stoped. I've never seen it again.

Spirit guide???

By: Anonymous

A couple of years ago I had my first and so far only experience with the

supernatural. First a little background, I live next to a canal and at

night I get light from street lights reflected up through my window in that

moving watery way. I am also a fairly heavy sleeper and hardly ever wake up

in the middle of the night.

It was a Thursday night no different from any other I was in bed asleep as

usual when....guess what... I woke up. The way my bedroom was laid out I

had a digital clock facing me so I know it was 2:36 am. I'm sure you know

that in this kind of situation you realise that its the middle of the night

and take great pleasure in going back to sleep, I however felt odd. I can

not explain it any better then that I simply felt odd, I was laying on my

left side facing away from my door. As I laid there awake and a little

confused as to what I was feeling for no real reason I looked over my right

shoulder in the direction of the corner of my bed/doorway and there standing

silently was what I can only describe as a monk. He was wearing the long

robes with the cowl covering his bowed head. I was initially startled as

you'd expect but then I felt.... safe. I was not afraid, I had no desire to

run because it did not feel at all threatening. It was solid not misty or

transparent and I could see the way the reflected light feel on the contours

of his robes. Then it was gone, no fading just there one second gone the

next. I rolled over a feel seemingly instantly back to sleep.

I have always believed in the supernatural and spirit guides and as I am not

religious the closest thing to praying I ever to speak to my spirit guide if

I'm worried or stressed. It sounds funny but speaking a problem out loud

even to what might just be an empty room can be helpful in putting it into

perspective. Could it be this acceptance and acknowledgement of my guide

that allowed me this glimpse at the being who is working to help me in some


Papa's Love

By: (Tina)

Hi. My name is Tina. My story has to do with my two year-old son

and my father. My father passed away May 27, 1999. My son was close to

him and loved him very much. He couldn't wait to see his "Papa". About

a week after my father had passed away, my son started doing some

strange things. First, My son was playing in his playroom, when I

looked in to check on him he was sitting on the floor facing a chair

just talking away to the chair. He was paying very close attention to

whatever he was hearing. I didn't think much of it, though. He is only

two years old, and I figured this is normal. But then, my son was

playing with a toy case when he came to me saying "Mama, Papa's in

here." I said "Where's Papa?" And again, he replied "Papa's in here!"

And he closed the case and carried it around with him. And finally, the

strangest of all, was at night when I was putting his sisters to bed.

He was down stairs in the playroom looking out the front window,

talking. He called for my boyfriend and my son told him to look out the

window. When my boyfriend asked him what it was, my son said "Papa's

out there", pointing out the window. My boyfriend asked him "Where?"

And again, my son said "There. Papa's out there!" pointing out the

window with a big smile on his face. When I came down stairs, my

boyfriend told me what had happened. I asked my son to show me where

Papa was. He brought me to the window and looked out. He paused for a

moment, held his hands up and said "Papa's gone." I am not sure

what to think of this. I would like to think that my father is reaching

out to my son because of the love they shared. Am I just imagining

things, or could something like this be real?

Thank you for listening.


When I was 8 years old I had a sleepover with my best friend. We slept

down in the guest room. My mom and dad's room was at the other end of

the hall and my room was in the middle. I could'nt get to sleep, so I

tiptoed down to my room and got a book. I walked down to the room that

we were slepping in a I heard footsteps. I looked round the door and saw

my dad. They about 2 seconds later I looked round the door and my dad

was gone. And our hall was about 35 feet long. I think that it was a

poltergeist. How my dad got down the hall without making noise is beyond


My House


Hi! This is is my story, if you wouldn't mind posting it! Anyway, if you

post this on your website I will love you forever! Thank you so much for

creating a website on ghosts and stuff that really believes it. I have

been ridiculed for my belief in ghosts before, and it is wonderful to

find someone that doesn't think they're hogwash!

I moved to Denver about three years ago, in the fall of 1996. Anyway,

the ghost in my house started to manifest itself in the winter of 1996.

I woke up in my bedroom (which is now the guest bedroom, by the way,

because I refuse to sleep in it anymore) about 1:00 am, and glanced over

at my bedside. There was a black, Persian-looking cat there, with its

paws propped up against the bedside so that it was standing on its hind

paws. I'll never forget the sight for as long as I live. It's body was

only semi-solid, but it had completely solid yellow eyes. It was staring

at me fixedly. I don't think that it was just a trick of the light,

because of three reasons; one, those eyes. Two, it moved slightly,

closing its eyes and shaking its head in a very catlike fashion. Three,

I moved my head to look at it better, and it stayed the same. I started

to scream, and my father came into the room after about five seconds of

this. I looked up for a second when he came in. I looked back down, and

it was gone. Me and my father conducted a very thorough search of the

house, and turned up no evidence of a cat either being there or getting


After that, odd things started to happen. Only when only I was there, as

if it was selective. Things that have happened; my cat's dish was

mysteriously moved from the floor to the kitchen sink when no-one was

home; a gray scarf-like object quickly flashed in a deserted room; a

white skirt-like movement accompanied by rustling, resembling a wide

skirt's; I heard footsteps in my parent's bedroom, slowly walking around

their bed; my cat sometimes stares at a point in my bedroom late at

night when no-one is there, using a Look I know when she is watching a

threat; one night when I was in bed I felt a hand quite distinctly on my

head; I saw a white figure in a corner in a deserted room; slinking gray

cat shape out of corner of my eye when I was at the computer; things

will disappear, and then when I check back in a place I've checked

before, they are there; and one night I heard something resembling

footsteps walking slowly down the bedroom hallway starting at the

haunted bedroom, and stopping at my door for several minutes before

moving on.

Thankfully, it has a happy ending. A few months ago, I was sitting at

the computer reading a story I had picked off the internet. It was about

ten at night and everyone else was asleep. Anyway, I felt a cold

presence and was really freaked out. By this time, I felt like a

prisoner in my own house whenever I was alone. Fear turned to anger. I

got really mad and told the ghost to get out now, and to never come

back. Nothing actually happened that night, but after about a moment of

dead silence my anger and courage left me and I ran upstairs to bed. I

took my cat with me to bed. I fell asleep with the radio and lights on

and the door shut. I had the most terrible time getting to sleep that

night, because I kept feeling presences. But whenever I felt anything I

would just tell it to go away. The most horrifying episode was when my

cat actually stared at a corner of my bed, and I had the most horrible

feeling of something crouching there waiting to pounce. For about a

week, the ghost seemed to gain strength; more things happened in that

week than any other time. Then he just left. The last time I saw him was

at about six in the morning. I had gotten up early to make myself some

hot cocoa, and was sitting at the kitchen table sipping a mug. To

explain; my kitchen has two entrances. One to the bedroom hall on one

side of the room, and the other is to the dining room and living room.

The living room connects the two, so you can walk from one door to the

other through the living room without being seen from the kitchen.

However, this takes a good five seconds. Anyway, so I am just sitting

there. I watch the door to the bedroom hall for no particular reason,

and see a gray cat shape leap out really quickly and then leap out of

sight. I smiled, thinking it was only my own grayish cat. But not even

one second later, my own cat prances in through the other doorway. There

was no possible way for him to get from one end to the other. I can only

conclude that he was saying goodbye.

Something else I think is related; when I am going up this one stairwell

in my house, I feel this horrible, heart-stopping sensation of fear. It

feels as if someone is behind me Idon't know who they want to kill me I have to get away

I have to get away I have to get awaay away away away away. The danger feeling seems

to emanate from a door at the base of the stairs leading outside into

the garage. Sometimes when I run up the stairs from the fear, the

feeling pursues you until about three feet away from the head of the

stairs, where it stops immediately after a final burst. The fear is

absolutely blinding, as if you are running for your life. I've asked

other people in my house about that, and they all notice nothing.

And another one; except in the hottest part of summer, when it is

almost, but not quite, the same temperature as the rest of the house,

the room I saw the cat spirit in is deathly cold. There is no

explanation, because it has the same amount of heating as the rest of

the house. There are three thermostats in the house; one for the

bedrooms, one for the living areas, and one for downstairs. Anyway, the

living areas are always kept warmer in the house, then the downstairs,

then the bedrooms are the coolest. But this room is frigid.

Another, not entirely explained phenomena was once, about October of

1998, when I was trying to dowse with a pendulum. I had it set to search

for yellow, gold, or females, but once when I held it over a red object

it started to circle for no reason at all. It was completely reliable

for everything else.

I don't know the story of the house, but the most recent house owners

were a young couple who remodeled it completely. Then there was a FBI

agent (if I'm not mistaken) and then there was an elderly couple who

lived in the house since it was built in the 50s, until they both died

of old age.

I'm keeping a journal now on my computer of strange happenings.

Anyway, the ghost is out. I will also be moving out sometime this

summer. Everyone else in my family loves the house, and never wants to

move out. But I hate this house, and can't wait to move. I still feel

like the ghost is there, waiting for me. I wonder about the next owners

of the house, and what they will go through...

Night Time Visitor


I'm not sure if this could be considered a ghost story, but here goes. This

incident happened about three years ago when my son was about two. My parents

took my son to a fair along with another couple and their two children ages

around 7 and 10. This couple are my parents best friends and the children would

play together often. When they arrived they were all starving. They decided

to get some hot dogs and eat. The seven year old, *David started choking on his

hot dog. Everything was done to try and save him but he was pronounced

brain-dead at the hospital and died the next day. My son saw the whole thing.

One night about four months later I went through the normal nightly ritual of

giving my son a bath, reading him a story, and putting him to bed with a kiss

and a hug goodnight. I went out to the living room and started to watch T.V.

with my husband. We lived in an apartment at the time. Not 5 minutes had past

when I heard my son laughing. His laughter went from a small chuckle to

hysterical laughter within about 30 seconds. I looked at my husband and said, "

If I go in there and see stuff flying around the room we're moving." I went

into his room and he was looking up at the ceiling laughing his head off. I

said, " What's so funny in here?" He didn't even acknowledge my presence in

the room. He just continued to laugh. I got his attention and asked him again.

He said, " *David and the angels are playing up there." He didn't really say

anything else other than they were playing. The laughter lasted about 10

minutes at the most. He continued to see him on occasion only in his bedroom of

the apartment. He also said that he saw, (these are his exact words) a black

god and an orange god. He was afraid of the black god. He said the orange god

didn't scare him. The black god would ultimately send him screaming and running

into my bed where he would sleep for the rest of the night. He said the black

god was mean. My husband and I never saw anything. We have since moved into a

house and he has not mentioned seeing anything. He still mentions David. He

doesn't mention seeing him. He only says that he was his friend and that he

misses him. My husband and I don't know what to make of the incidents that

happened in the apartment. I don't think he could have made it up because we

never talked about ghosts or monsters in fear of scaring him. Thanks for


Lady in my house


When I was around 5 or 6 years old, I remember seeing a figure of a

woman standing outside of my room. The living room was the next room

from mine. I always thought it was just light coming from outside the

windows in the living room, but when I went up to the light figure and

tried blocking the light with my hand, nothing would happen. The light

would still be there. I wasn't scared, because I wasn't aware of ghosts

when I was around that age. But as I got older, maybe around 9 or 10, I

sometimes would sleep in the living room, on the couch, because my room

would get really hot in the summer. Well as I would lie on the couch

getting ready to fall asleep, I would hear things in the kitchen, like

the sound of someone placing a glass on the table. I would sometimes go

see if anyone was there, but nothing would be there. I still hear the

sounds in the kitchen sometimes. And when I would be home alone, I would

sometimes go into the basement and watch tv or exercise. As I would work

out or watch tv I would sometimes here footsteps above me seeing how the

tv was right below my room. But what happened to me 2 months ago

terrified me. I'm 17 years old now and It was raining harshly in the

middle of April, and I was working on an art project in the dining room

which was the room after the living room. I was home alone at that time.

My mother was picking up my sister from work, and my father was working.

As I was working on my art project on the table, the lights went out,

and as soon as they went out, in front of me I saw a woman sitting

across from me. I couldn't see her clearly, but she seemed to be

smiling. About a second later the lights turned back on. I was so

scared, I ran into the kitchen and stayed there until my mother and

sister came back. When they finally returned I told them about what I

saw, and my sister kind of freaked out, because she hates hearing about

things like ghosts and other things related to that. My mother told me

it was probably just my nerves and that I've been working too hard on my

project. I believe what I saw, was real. I don't know what this ghost

lady is doing in my house, but she seems to bring attention to me only.



This is just one account from over 40 experiences I have recorded in my

"ghost" journal. It was a very unusual day in Chicago, Only 4 days in to the

New Year and in the middle of winter, it was 63 degrees. Yet the skies were

dark, eerie, gray black but there were tons of fluffy clouds! My friend

Christine and I decided to enjoy this rare day, and go walking around the

park.We watched as the clouds seemed to speed across the sky and realized a

storm was near. Somehow, the conversation switched to cemetaries. She told

me of an OLD German cemetary that was near the park that she had gone to.

They have a section of infant graves from the late 1800's to early 1900's.

She noticed the babies died in groups, around the same times. After hearing

this, I wanted to go see for myself.. She told me where to go, and

as I drove into the cemetary, I pointed to a corner and asked her if that is

where they were. She said yes. I'd NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE! I don't know

how I knew.

We parked on the road, got out and looked around. Some of the graves were so

old and worn, the names and dates hardly visible. The baby section was so sad

to see, and we figured there must have been a plague of some sort in the

area. It was beginning to get dark , even though it was about 4pm in the

afternoon. The cemetary closed at 5, so we wanted to hurry and see

everything before they closed and before the storm came. We were walking

thru the cemetary when it felt like the temperature had dropped 20 degrees in

a few minutes. I stopped in my tracks and noticed a familiar smell. the

scent became stronger and I realized it was roses. I asked my friend if she

smelled anything. She said yes. I asked her what did she smell? And she

said ROSES! I was bending down to smell the flowers on a grave, (which were

not roses) I wanted to figure out WHERE the smell suddenly came from.

Christine asked me why was I sniffing FAKE flowers, real flowers are not

permitted in Winter in the Cemetary. i realized something strange was

happening. I walked away from the area of the smell, and it got fainter. I

walked toward a certain grave, and it got stronger. I began to get a perfume

headache. I touched all the flowers to

see if just one, ONE of them, could have been a real flower. All were fake.

We got spooked as the winds picked up and it started to rain. And the rain

did not dilute the scent of roses. It was a wierdly beautiful experience. I

stood mesmerized in the rain, as my friend asked me what it all meant. I

said, either a child's spirit, an encounter with an angel, or somebody just


I got proof of an answer 11 months later....ARIANE @AOL.COM

Church Lady Ghost


This happened to my fiance about 37 years ago in Karnes City, Texas. He was about 5 years old

and was attending a church function with his grandparents at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church

there. He was running around with two of his slightly younger cousins, having a good time. This

function was taking place out of doors. Now there were actually two church buildings there. A

new church had been built and the older wooden structure was still standing close by and being

used exclusively for storage. The church had been collecting clothing and had put it in the

older building.

Anyway, my fiance and his cousins had been told to

stay out of the churches, but being little kids and the adults having their

attention taken up with visiting, the boys decided to "explore" the old church.

They went into the older building and looked into the large room where the

clothing was piled on 3 tables. My fiance said the first thing he noticed was

the clothing on one of the tables agitating violently. And he could see a lady,

who just happened to be transparent, sorting through the clothes that were

shaking! All that he remembers of her appearance is that she was a motherly- or

grandmotherly-looking figure with a high-necked dress and her hair pulled back

in a bun. She paid no attention to the 3 little boys but they ran out of their

as fast as their feet would carry them! He says he may have been the only one to

see the lady. He thinks the other 2 boys just saw the clothes shaking on the


My fiance says that he believes that the only

reason the clothes were shaking was because of the ghost. The windows were all

closed, there were no fans, and of course no central cooling system in this old

building. And remember that the clothes on the other tables were laying

still.They went to tell their grandmother about the

situation. Naturally they got chewed out for being where they weren't supposed

to be. And were told that no one was in that building. But they remember it


Haunted House


This story is one that may or may not be scary to you. It's more of a mystery

to me and my friends. When I was young me and my cousin were always together

and trying to scare each other. It just so happens that there was an old

house which my grandfather had built in the early 1900's which we thought may

be haunted. It should be mentioned that I am from a small town in Virginia

and in the early 1900's was pretty isolated from the rest of the state. My

grandfather was a Pastor of the local church, being that the church was very

big and my grandfather's house was he would have wakes or funerals in his

den. The house was very big and there was plenty of room for people to attend

these funerals. Anyway my cousin and I used to see things through the windows

which we could not explain. The house had not been lived in in many years

when we would see these unexplainable lights. They were blue in color and

seemed to go from window to window when we were looking at them. We finally

got the nerve to sneak into the house, which probably wasn't too smart.

Anyway we had to enter through the basement in order for my father to not see

us trying to get inside. This was very scary because there was no

electricity and we had to try and make it through the dark and up the stairs

to the entry of the den. We did this several times and on some occasions we

heard and seen strange things and sometimes we didn't. On one occasion we

were in the house and we heard a tapping on the ceiling upstairs as if

someone was hitting it with a cane. This was very odd because my father had

lived in the house as a child and said his uncle lived with them and he had a

cane. When he needed something he would tap it on the floor for someone to

come and help him. This scared the living daylights out of us, but my cousin

was a little more courageous than I was and he persuaded me to go up the

stairs. When we got there he asked whatever it was that we were seeing and

hearing to leave us alone in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. The sounds

stopped and we left the house. My father was a little skeptical about the

whole thing but he felt there may be some truth in it. He himself saw a

ghostly apparition which he can't explain. This is coming from a man who is

himself now a preacher and I don't think he doubts seeing this at all. I

really feel there is some connection to the noises and sightings with the

funerals that were held in that house. There are other occurrences which have

happened but would take a while to tell them all. I have read in other

experiences about blue lights being represented with the supernatural. This

story may not be that scary to some of you, but to me and my cousin we know

that there is something paranormal about that house.

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