Grand Father Clock


I don't what it is but in my house weird things happen.Like this clock the

part that swings got broke like 7 or 8 years ago then when I was getting

close to my graduation we had one of those hat we wear for graduation and

put it by the clock and the arm started to swing and my mom tells me its my

great grandmother who passed away about 5 years ago is the reason it started to

swing. Now i don't know if its true I want to think that but I'm not sure what

to make out of it.

Dove Hands

By: Anonymous

I have an eerie story to tell. I don't

want my name posted, because I would prefer not to.  Maybe in 1988 or 89 (I

was probably 15-16 at the time) I went to a party at one of my girlfriend's

homes in my hometown, a western suburb of Chicago. I still remember this

rather vividly. Let me start off that I had not been feeling well, so I had not

drank any alcohol, smoked anything illegal, or been around anyone who was

smoking, so it cannot even be written off as a residual high. Late in the

evening everyone was getting tired, so we started looking for a place to

crash. The girl who's house it was, Marie, another friend of ours, and I

all lay down in Marie's room in her large bed. Our friend lay against the

wall, with Marie in the center, and I was on the outside edge. I had

trouble sleeping, and facing outward, closed my eyes. It seemed like

almost immediately, I felt almost a cold light breeze hit my face. I

opened my eyes, and there was a man standing directly in front of me. I

remember he had very pretty hands, because they were nearest to my face, they

reminded me of doves for some strange reason, very thin and long and fair

complected. He was wearing all dark clothing, seemed like a long either

trench coat or a duster, and a dark hat. I don't remember the type of hat,

but the brim seemed not as rigid as that of a top hat, more like a hat that was

popular during the Al Capone era (I was looking up.). His face was very

non-descript, I remember only very fair skin and piercing black eyes, like those

of a bird. I jumped back and almost crushed my friends together.

When Marie asked what was wrong, I told her nothing, thinking I must have been

crazy, and tried to go back to bed. The rest of the night was

uneventful. The next morning, Marie asked me again why I had jumped.

I told her that I thought I had seen something, and she pressed me for

what. I told her then about the man and her face paled. It seemed

that a short time before, another couple of her friends had been sitting on her

rooftop, drinking beer, and had described seeing the same man walk across the

top of the roof and step off the edge. They said when they looked down,

there was no one there, but she had written it off as drunkenness. I then

became convinced that I had seen a ghost. I have lost touch with her and

her family moved out of the house shortly after, so I am unsure if there have

been any more sightings.

Two Experiences


Hello, I`m an eleven-year-old girl and my sister and I would

like to share our experiances. They are not very serious experiances,but they deserve some

credit.Here is my, CalvinKlein_97`s experiance,one stary night I saw some airplanes in the sky, so I went

downstairs to hang up my winter clothes (it was winter) I heard my dad shout out

my name and whistle, but my dad was at work that night, then about a week later,

I saw my cat in the bathroom and in my room at the same time! (my room is right

next to the bathroom. At night, sometimes I`ll look up to my window and I`ll see a

faint silhouette of a human figure and feel like something is watching me,but

noone will  be there.Here is my , Screwdle_Noodle2`s experiance,

I`m thirteen-years-old and am pretty smart. I skipped a grade

and have recently graduated grade eight. I will be going into high-school this

fall. My sister and I live in an average-sized house that is fairly new.

Although I have the brains in my family (I have three sisters and two

parents) I can`t seem to avoid trouble. I`m sent to my room almost on a daily

basis and have spent hours alone there with the door shut all by myself. My bed

is right across from my door and my closet is in the far top left corner

from my bed. I have come to hate my closet and fear it! It is the kind of closet

that has two doors that slide from side to side and it doesn`t close all the

way. ONLY at night it will regularly creek FOR NO REASON and it is not a soft,

quiet creek. It is loud and can even wake heavy sleepers like me. I always think

that something is IN my closet or likes to make it creek. I`ve never seen

anything come or go into my closet, but I get REALLY BAD VIBES from

it. I`m an unofficial insomniac and have mager trouble sleeping

and 9 out of 10 nights will wake uo in the middle of the night and look out my

door and into the hall (I ALWAYS keep my door open.) and have the feeling that

something is going to come down the hall and get me! I`ve never seen anything

come down the hall, but when I don`t wake up in the middle of the night, MY door

is mysteriously shut tight.The last thing I will say is that I sometimes have really

weird dreams. Like once, I was 12 at the time and dream that I was a little girl

about 7, or 8 years old, she had light brown hair and a night gown on I`d

never seen before. She had a face that wasn`t mine when I was her age and I

think maybe green or blue eyes or maybe the same color as mine (mine are hazel).

My bed faced the window and I, the little girl, was sleeping on my back(I always

sleep on my stomach) and I suddenly woke up for no reason. Some one,I think it

was my mom, was in the kitchen and the light from the kitchen lit up my room a

bit so it was only partially dark.I suddenly woke up and looked straight up and out my

window. I have this dog, a husky/sheperd mix and a dog just like him came

through the window! It was see-through whitish and was NOT my dog! MY dog looks

ALOT like a wolf, everybody says so, but the dog that floated through my window

was EVIL and I think actually WAS a wolf! I don`t even think it was my room, It

was more like a room I had when I was younger in the same house.

Similiar Experience


When I read what happened to you, all the hairs went up on the back of

my neck. You see, I too was visited by a stranger in the night when I

was young. And just like you, it looked like a little person with a big,

swollen head.

One night when I was about twelve or so, I woke to the feeling of

someone watching me. The first thing that I thought was that it was my

twin brother Paul. Paul used to sleepwalk and sometimes I would find him

in my room. Now, waking up to ANYONE standing by your bed staring at you

is frightening in itself, but when your brother does it all the time in

his sleep, you kind of get used to it.

Anyway, I woke up in total blackness to the feeling that someone was

staring at me from the corner of the room. When I sat up and adjusted my

eyes, I could make out a slight figure standing in the corner. I said

"Paul, go back to bed!" But the visitor was *not* my brother, after all.

It slowly moved to the foot of my bed, and in one quick movement jumped

up on the bed and sat on my chest! It was a horrible looking thing, with

a small, baby-like body with a big, unnatural-sized bald head. The face

was distorted - I can't quite explain it, but the features weren't

right. Almost like it was trying to look human, but wasn't quite getting

it right. It was clearly female, and it started talking to me. I was so

scared I tried to jump out of my bed, but I couldn't move. I don't know

if that's because if this *thing* or because I was so frightened. It's

lips were moving, but I couldn't understand what it was trying to say.

Even though it was small, the gibberish coming out of it's mouth was

very deep and resonating. Anyway, the only other things I remember of

that night was a blue light coming from my window by my bed as it sat on

me. I DO remember at some later time in the night running to the kitchen

and writing down my experience on paper.

The next morning I was apparently the first up, so I ran to the kitchen

to the spot where I hid the papers (ten pages in all I remember - so a

lot more must of happened that I don't remember) and they were gone! I

asked everyone if they've seen them, but to this day either my parents

are lying to me (which IS possible, they are devout Christians and maybe

they thought it best to dispose of them) But I can't understand to this

day what they would be doing digging around where I hid the papers

before six in the morning.

After this event I became more and more interested in trying to find out

what it was that came to me that night. I knew it wasn't a dream because

dreams fade. I was never so sure of anything in my life as this event

was to me. So by the age of sixteen I decided to make my own weijie

board to try to communicate with whatever it was that might be there

lurking in my house. This I would later reflect on was a VERY bad idea.

Immediately things started happening to me. First, the swollen headed

creature returned to me, but it was getting more sinister. It's face

would take the face of people I knew. First it took the face of my

girlfriend Lisa, then other people in my family and occasionally it

would appear as itself. Every time was the events were the same - I'd

wake up with a creepy feeling that I was being watched, suddenly the

thing would jump on my bed and pin me down, I'd see a blue light from

somewhere, and then I would awaken scared to death.

I decided to get my friends involved. One of them named Frank was

delving into meditation and out-of-body experiences and such, so I asked

him to come over. Immediately things started going from bad to worse.

When we used the board, we contacted *something* right away. It said it

was the spirit of my dead grandfather. I told it to show itself, and it

spelled out "look behind you". I turned, and my cat was there, staring

at me - swaying back and forth. It was the creepiest thing. It had a

dead look in it's eyes. I know how hard this must be to digest, but I

got the feeling *something* was inhabiting my cat at that time. After

several attempts to "shew" the cat away, I finally picked up the board

and threw it against the wall. The cat then seemed to come to it's

senses and ran back upstairs.

Frank and I grabbed the board again and told it to stop scaring us. We

asked it a lot of questions, and it always gave an answer. It would also

perform tricks for us. Like spelling out "lights" and then the lights

would go out for a couple of seconds and then come on. It would spell

out "phone" and the phone would ring just once. We played around with it

for about a week or so.

One night when my parents were away we decided to move to the next level

and have a séance in my kitchen. We turned all the lights out and lit a

black candle and placed it in the center of the table. We then joined

hands and started chanting "spirit, come. Spirit, come." Suddenly, a

>moth flew out of nowhere and dove right into the candle flame, killing

itself! That's the last thing I remember, because something very bizarre

happened next which I don't remember, but my friends will definitely not


After seeing the moth burn up, my next recollection is lying on the

couch in my living room with all my friends standing around me looking

down at me. I asked them what was wrong, and they told me that right

after the moth burned up they watched my eyes roll into the back of my

head, my head went back and I screamed something in a different language

and then I collapsed. They then moved me over to the couch, where I laid

for about five minutes before I woke.

Right after this happened, Frank was still muttering the phrase I

blurted out over and over to himself, trying to figure out where he

heard that phrase before. Suddenly he ran out to his car and grabbed a

black book and brought it into the living room. He told us it was the

satanic bible. I immediately told him to get it the hell out of my house

(after all I *was* raised in a Christian home). He turned to the back of

the book feverishly scanning the pages and then said "Oh my God...". We

all were looking at him when he raised his head and quoted the phrase I

blurted out, apparently reading it right out of the book! According to

the satanic bible, it was an ancient Sanskrit language that I spoke, and

the phrase I spoke was translated to say "In the name of Satan, I


After that event, we stopped playing around - but whatever was in my

house , although no longer appearing in physical form, was still messing

around with me. One night I was home alone, talking to my girlfriend

Lisa on the phone, when I heard footsteps on our basement staircase. The

staircase squeaked something awful whenever anyone went up or down it,

so I knew someone was on the stairs. I told Lisa to hold on and walked

to the top of the staircase, looking down into the basement and saw

noone. But slowly, the steps were creaking closer and closer up to me,

as if someone WAS walking up them. I was scared silly. When it reached

the top of the stairs, the creaking stopped and then suddenly started

again, but this time down my hallway and into my bedroom. I hung up the

phone and ran outside, where my parents found me three hours later when

they came home. It was cold out there - only in the 40's, but better to

be cold outside then to be warm and freaked-out inside. I told them I

locked myself out - which didn't make any sense, because my father

walked right up to the door and it was not locked. But to this day they

don't ask me why I was really outside.

After this I began to pray to God to rid my house of this evil. I began

to go back to church, much to the chagrin of my friends, and it

eventually went away.

Years later, I was talking to my twin brother about some of the things

we did together those nights, like hide things in one room, run to the

basement and tell the board to move the item, run back upstairs and the

item was gone - only to reappear later in strange places. We talked

about the night we were about nine years old and walked into our dark

bedroom in the middle of a thunderstorm to find a huge, cat-like face

staring at us through our window (he remembered THAT quite clearly) and

many other strange events.

I don't like to talk about them anymore, because I guess I'm afraid that

talking about it will bring it back.

Anyway, I thought you should know that you're not alone in some of the

details of your tale.

Old Air Force Base


Hi, my name is Sandy and I live in an old air force base in Ontario.We

live in townhouses that where once family quarters.At one point we

lived in #12 which is where my experiences happened.There was several

times that different things would happen, like the toilet flushing on

it's own or the taps coming on by themselves.One night I was kissing my

husband good-night and I looked down toward the end of our bed,

standing there was a black man dressed like he had been out in the

fields many years ago.I wasn't quite sure what to do so I just went to

sleep.Alot of the time in the house I'd catch someone out of the corner

of my eye but when I turned to look at them, they'd be gone.My young

daughter complained about a man with big teeth, that dressed in jeans

and a t-shirt.When we moved from the unit she never mentioned him

again.I figure he was the one that wouldn't let me see him.

A Simple Hello


I have encountered very strange things in

my home. I will keep it simple, The one most frightening experience I've

had was brief, but terrifying. My daughter was about maybe 4 months

old. I was awake in our bedroom which is next to our daughters room, It

was approx. 2 or 3 am, I couldnt sleep for some reason. My daughter

started crying real loud I went to check on her when I entered the doorway

of her room I was greeted with Hello that was all it said. It was

off to the left of me and I could feel it. (My daughters crib was on that side

of the wall) I heard it I felt it. I was not in a slumber,I was wide

awake. As I entered the Hello was eerie as hell. It was

a mans voice, it was a familiar voice but I could not place it, it was also

friendly but freaky. I pretended none of this happened.(imagine

that). I WAS FREAKED OUT !!! I picked up my screaming baby with all the

hair on my body raised acting like nothing happened, walked her down the hallway

sat in a chair comforting her. I had full view of the hallway with

the light on of course, still freaked out but comforting my baby. Nothing

happened after that but what I had encountered that night still affects

me. It was just a hello, but a damn frightening hello, I still

remember the tone of the voice, familiar, friendly


New Hampshire


I grew up in an old victorian house in Dover, New Hampshire. I lived there

from 1966 to 1981 at which time I left home to pursue my career. My family

owned the house for a few more years and eventually sold it {I believe in

1984.} During the years I lived in that house I had some experiences which

still trouble me. I wonder often if the present inhabitants have been as

uncomfortable as I was there. I was three

years old when we moved into the house at 4 hough St. I am the sixth of seven

children and we all took rooms on the second floor. The oldest kids got the

bigger rooms and the younger kids crowded together in the smaller ones. As we

grew up the older kids married and moved out and the younger ones graduated

to better bedrooms. For many years I experienced an uncomfortable feeling in

various parts of the house and avoided them. The basement stands in my memory

as a particularly disquieting place. When I was about thirteen I moved into a

room that had been used by two of my sisters before me. It was at this time

that I became truely frightened of the house.


me preface this by saying that my sisters never felt uncomfortable in this

room. I have questioned them both and they have no idea what I am refering

to. Neither do any of my other six brothers or sisters have any similar

stories. One day after I had moved into what

had been my sister's room I went to an unoccupied space in the attic and sat

in the closet. I felt like I had "glossed over," that I wasn't unconcious but

not completely in touch with what I was doing. In the dark I began feeling

the texture of the walls. I dug with my fingers into the plaster until I

found an arrowhead buried about two inches deep. I suddenly realized that I

was sitting in a closet doing something odd and ran back downstairs.

Aside from this, on many occassions I felt that

someone was with me in that bedroom. I began waking in the middle of the

night certain that someone was watching me. Eventually I would wake up

feeling that I was parylized and that something was smothering me. I was

afraid to even go to sleep. I kept the lights on all night. After some months

it became too frightening and I moved to another room. I tried to avoid going

into that room after that and to avoid the parts of the house that I had

found to be hot spots." I lived in that house until I graduated from high

school and then moved south to Massachussettes.

I do not discount the

possibility that I may have imagined this. I think it would be easier to

believe that I was crazy. But if anyone has lived in this houseand had a

similar experience I would love to talk to them.

I don't know what I am

expecting from this. I am 36 years old and I haven't lived in New Hampshire

for over 15 years. But something still bothers me about my time there. If you

could give me your reaction to this I would be grateful. If you know of any

other history of this house please share it.

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