The Ghost in Boots


This is a little long, but bear with

me... This happened in 1976. My

now ex-husband and I had been living as cheaply as we could since we had

married 3 years previously, and had finally saved up the money for a house of

our own. Meanwhile, we were still living in a trailer house we had put on

a lot next to his Grandmother's house. Another house had been there

previously, and we were surrounded by older homes. No tragedies had ever

occurred there that I knew of. Saving our money

meant no air conditioner so the windows were open most of the year in safe

little Skidmore in hot South Texas. So we were quite open to the immediated

outdoors, both visually and auditorially. After about 2 years of

living in this spot, the manifestations began with the sound of boots. While

sitting in my living room, I would hear boots walking up the drive to the

back door steps under the car port. We had a concrete drive leading past

the side of the trailer into a carport attached to the trailer house.

The boots were (I imagined) worn

by a man, walking in a hurry. As my husband was a big man, who habitually

wore work boots to work, I was familiar with the sound. But these

steps were very individual and I came to recognize the different

gait. They would march up the drive regularly during the day, and then I

would hear the "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" sounds as the boots mounted the 3

steps at the back door. (This is important later) the back door to the

trailer had the master bedroom immediately to the right. The door itself

opened onto a hallway, which led to the left, ending at the

kitchen. From my living room windows, I could clearly see if a person was walking up the drive.

I learned never to jump up to go to the back door unless I heard the dog bark or a car

door slam first. Other people also heard

this phenomenon. A good friend of mine heard this on several occasions, as

did my husband's uncle.Each time (he or she was seated on the couch with

his/her back to the window) asked why I didn't go to the door? So you see

that this was a common experience. I wasn't afraid at this

point as the boots were outside. I laughingly refered to my ghost. I asked my

husband's grandmother if she knew of anything that could shed light on this

phenomenon, but she did not, even though she had lived in the house next

door for over 50 years.Then something odd

happened inside the house. I had a few bits of jewelry I was very fond of. I

kept them all in a standing jewelry case (like a miniature armoire on little

legs) in the bedroom. I might also mention that I am a meticulous

house keeper, and cleaned at least weekly, very thoroughly. The teen-aged

girl next door sometimes asked to use the phone and I would let her. Then two

of my rings went missing. I immediately suspected her and vowed never to let

her in the house again. Then, after several weeks, I was cleaning, and moved

the jewelry case, which I did at least weekly. There were the two rings

under it! I have wondered if she did take them and put them back, but now

I have to be open the possibility that my ghost was coming inside the house

to play pranks. Then I had this strange

experience. One night, in a state of sleep paralysis, I came awake. My mind

was completely alert, but trapped in my body, which felt like a big log. But

more remarkable than that was the fact that there was an entity like

a ball of energy (sorry, words begin to fail me here) in my room. It was

like George Bush's "thousand points of light". Little lights winking on and

off all over. I experienced this entity as female, extremely good humored,

and just plain good. I had no fear whatsoever. I was in a state of great

wonder. I wanted to speak to the entity to ask "Who are you?" but could not

command my body. I have later come to

believe that this was a good spirit or my Guardian Angel who was there to

protect me from the "bad" spirit which was getting stronger. Here come's the

final chapter: Not long after this

I was asleep. My husband had to be at work in Corpus Christi by 6:30 in the

morning, which was an hour's drive away. I didn't have to get up until 7. So

I would make his lunch the night before and leave it in the fridge.

This particular morning, I woke up to the sound of heavy boots slamming

about the kitchen, going frantically back and forth, back and

forth. My first thought was

that he had forgot his lunch and hadhurried back for it. I was also a little

p-o'ed because of thekitchen floor. Remember, I'm the good housekeeper. I

kept thatlinoleum waxed to a fare-the-well, and I knew that it was

beingscarred up by his boots and there would be little clods of

dirteverywhere. Also, I felt

my cat leap on the bed. It sniffed my backand then curled up against my

legs. (My back was to hall that led directly to kitchen so the cat was

between me and the kitchenarea. But then I

looked at the clock. It was almost 6:30! Hewould never have come back for

his lunch so late but would have bought some that day in town. Then I heard

the boots hit the loose board at the edge of the linoleum where the

carpeted hallway began that led to my bedroom! With that creak, my

heart begin to hammer so hard I thought I was going to have a

heart attack. I didn't even think of the ghost. I thought this was a real

person in my house, coming for me. I lay there frozen in fear, thinking that

the best thing to do was for me to pretend to be asleep. The boots RAN down

the hall toward me. The trailer shookwith every step. It was as if a big,

heavy man was running down that hall. I just knew that whoever it was was

going to leap on top of me. Just as the boots got to my bedroom, though,

they exited through the back door (down the same back steps on the carport

they always came up to) and slammed the door so hard the entire trailer

rocked, even though it was a big trailer and tied down. I sat bolt-upright in

bed, hardly able to catch my breathfrom fear. There was no cat in

my room. In fact, it was outside, I later found out. And when I ran to

the window I couldn't see anyone. This was a very small town, population 400.

Someone running around loose would have been noted, and I would have been

asked about it, believe me. Even though our new

house was 3 months to completion, andthe trailer had not yet been sold, I

moved out within 3 days to live with my mother-in-law. My explanation for

some of this is as follows...(not to sayit is correct, but this is only what

I think)... I believe that my Guardian Angel appeared to me (only experience

I've ever had like that) to let me know that I was protected. The "bad"

spirit was getting stronger, the boots making more frequent

appearances. To the best of my knowledge, "she" came after the incident

with the rings. I think the morning of the "boots in the

kitchen" incident, that it was her again in the form of a cat, lying in

a state of protection and comfort between me and the thing that

was intruding in my house. Please let me state that

at this time in my life that I had never done drugs of any kind and did not

dabble in the occult. I have run into 1 or 2 other ghosts in my lifetime but

nothing ever to this extent. I don't know what would have happened if I

had remained in the trailer, but as the bad spirit was creating

more numerous incidents and coming inside the trailer, I don't think it

would have been good. Thanks for reading my very long

story. Hope it was worth it.

Little Girl on the Creek


This ghostly sighting happened to my fiance.

He was living near the little town of Goliad, Texas

about 12years ago in the Springtime. His in-laws had a place

which bordered a creek. This place was somewhat isolated and had

heavy brush on it. He decided to go fishing in the creek and walked down

toward it, fighting the heavy brush. Realizing that most of y'all don't

understand the significance of this, let me explain that this means that you

have to be paying very close attention to where your body is at all times in

relation to all the thorns. Your attention must be close-up and personal if

you don't expect to become an uncomfortable pin cushion. This should also

give you the impression that there aren't going to be many other

people around. Anyway, as he is approaching the creek (about 30-40

yards off), he suddenly looks up toward the creek. There he sees a

little Hispanic girl about 6 years old. Her dark hair is cut

shoulder- length. She is wearing a white dress with a red sash tied in

a big red bow in back. She has on red shoes to match. But he knows she's a

ghost because he can see clear through her even though he can see every

detail. He is stunned and afraid, but feels no menace. He

stops dead (sorry!) in his tracks and just watches until she is lost

from sight. Scared as he was by the ghost, he was more afraid

that people would think he was crazy for talking about it. It was about

a year and half later before he asked his mother-in-law about

the apparition. His mother-in-law said that she had heard that a little

girl had drowned a long time ago and that she was seen from time to time

along the creek. She had no other information than that.

Poor Little Lost Soul


I had recently sent a story about my grandfather visting me about a week

after his death. Well. that was one of the more comforting things that has

happened to me. The next story I am about to submit actaully happened as a

dream, but to this day, I feel a very strong connection with it.

It all happened about 6 years ago. A 10 year old girl mysterouisly

vanished from a sleep over at her friends house. I had never meant this

girl, and although we only shared the same first name, I had several odd

dreams about her after her dissappearence.

One day, about one week after the child turned up missing, I woke up

early one morning to go to work. It wasn't like any day though. I woke up

feeling very sad and upset. I didn't have any idea why I was feeling like

this, but something just wasn't right. So, I continued to get ready for

work. When I got there, I still had this bizarre feeling that something

"big" was about to unfold.

About half an hour into my long work day, I forgot about the "feeling" and

went on with my day. A woman I work with came into work about an hour later

and asked me, "Did you hear they found the missing girl?" All of the sudden

this feeling came back, and I said, "Yes, they found her in a dumpster

wearing her blue night gown." She replied, "Then you did hear?" I then

started to cry uncontrolably and said, "No, she (the young girl) came to me

in my dreams and showed me where she was, and told me that I no longer had

to play with her, because it was time to move on, and now she could rest in

peace." The woman just looked at me in disbelieve and really didn't know

what to say. And neither did I. I then realized this poor young soul felt

compelled to have someone be with her. Why she chose me, I will never know.

Again, we did share the same first name, but other then that, I can not

explain what happened. Most people I tell this story too, have a tendency

of just looking at me with an odd expression on their face, but I to this

day believe it was all more then just a dream.

Spirit that Follows


I have a "visitor" that has been with me for the last 6 years. It is male,

if I see anything I see a black shroud, like you invision death. Mostly it

is a feeling or a sense of his being present. He has moved with me several

times, from South Carolina to North Carolina to Alabama. He travels with me,

I have sensed him in my car on trips. Sometimes he lets me know that he is

near by letting me hear foot steps. Mainly, he comes at night, and I have

felt him lay down with me and put his arms around me. At these times I have

a cold feeling and cannot move or talk, I am afraid. I had a friend who

spent the night and as she slept she was covered up with the sheet and became

very frightened. We thought that the spirit had attached to a Bible and I

threw it away, but he was still there. My grown children have sensed this

being. I have used Bibles open to the 23rd Psalm, black salt, black candles,

salt, and other things, but he is still present. As I move he seems to go

with me. He does not appear every week, just every once in a while.

A Relative


it was 1979,we( my husband at the time and myself)

bought his aunts home...we were in the home about 1 month and we had

gas heat, but the house always seemed chilly night as we

watched tv ..a gray foggy shadow came from the kitchen.moved past the tv

and went up the first 4 steps, stopped bent over the railing..looked at

me, turned and looked at my husband nodded his head in a up and down

motion....then went up the rest of the steps.....the gray shadow was my

husbands uncle who lived and died in that home....ever since the home

never had a chill...

we think his uncle was checking out who was in the

home....when he saw us, he approved.....we never

had any other experenices...

The Shackles


I"ve never seen ghosts or had any sort of experiences with the

supernatural but my friend, Amber, has. She was friends with this guy

named Seth, whose mother was my high school coach. She was telling me

about this house Seth's parents bought in Monticello, Florida, about 45

minutes away from where we live. It was a real old house with lots of

land aroound it. This house was a weekend house for Seth's family. One

day, Amber was invited to spend the weekend with them. She told me that

on the way up there they tried to warn her not to get scared because

there were ghosts there. She thought they were pulling her leg and was

laughing and playing along. When they got there, Amber was impressed

with the two-story wooden house. It was built in some old style from

the 1800's, apparently. She walked upstairs to her room for the weekend

and was given a tour of the house. Upon entering one room, she smelled

something sour and bitter. It was right beneath the attic. She couldn't

describe it to me but let me know it wasn't pleasant. Then, she was led

to the attic, supposedly the most haunted room. There were old rusted

chains and shackles attached to the walls. A long time ago, a slave

owner owned this house. The slaves would be punished by whipping and

being shackled in the attic with no food and water for several days.

Amber said she had no eerie feeling and didn't see anything out of

ordinary. Later on that night, Seth and Amber were staying up late and

playing games. They dared each other to go up to the attic, knowing the

stories behind the deaths of slaves in the attics. When they went up

the stairs and turned on the lights, they smelled that sour and

metallic smell and saw dark stains on the floor that wasn't there

previously. Amber said she had never been so scared in her life. She

thought her heart was going to stop beating because it was beating so

fast and hard. She and Seth went downstairs, wasting no time at all.

Amber couldn't sleep all night because she was certain she could hear

groans and cracking. The next day, Amber came straight home and refused

to come back to the house again. I talked later on with Seth's mother,

my high school coach, and she said it was true. She gave more stories

about she'd find things moved or missing, how she smelled cigar smoke

when no one smoked. She told me how she would come home at night and

all the lights would be on in the house. I asked how she could stand

living in the house. She told me she had not seen any ghosts or even

felt threatened. She actually thought of them as her friends because

they would turn on the lights for her at night when she came home. I

wouldn't have been able to stand it! Weird, huh? It made me leery of my

own house, even though my parents originally built it!

Grandma Comes to Visit


When my son was about 3 months old I bought him

one of those Dream Screens that you can connect to the side of a crib for

the baby to watch. One night I put my son to bed, started his

screen for him and went to bed myself.I had a baby monitor and could hear him even

when he was breathing.I fell asleep shortly after his screen had

played itself out.I was awaken around 2 or so by music coming

through the baby monitor and the sound of my baby making gurgly noises babies

make when they are happy.I got out of bed and headed down the hall to his

room. As I got closer I felt not cold but a very warm comfortable

feeling.My son was laying in his crib wriggling around and acting very

happy with his screen still playing. I stood there for a few moments

taking it all in. When thescreen stopped I disconnected it from the crib and tried

shaking it and such tomake it start but nothing happened, so I assumed my son didn't

kick it to startit by accident.I thought for awhile and remembered the warm feeling I

had when first comingup on his room. It was the same feeling I use to get

when I was a little girl andmy grandma would give me a hug.In my heart I believe my grandma

came to visit me and see her great grandchild.

Ghostly Feelings


I have a few experiences. In 1976, I was living in an old bldg and every night, I

would hear footsteps..heavy ones walking on the floor above me. I then

asked the apt. manager who lived upstairs and learned that no one did

and there was a crawl space. He checked it and no one was on

a weekend when I knew no one was in the bldg except myself, I decided

that if I heard the footsteps again, I would not be scared. Then the

footsteps began, pacing all night. I kept my wits and made plans to

leave. I left the bldg. Second experience about 1985...I was at work

early one day (9th and Market) and was going into the bathroom, but a

woman went in before me, not less than one foot in front of me, and so

when I walked in to the one was there and I looked under

all the stalls and still no one. Yet there was one way into the bathroom

and the same way out. The woman looked just like a solid body. This

same thing happened again late one evening when I was going into the

bathroom and I rushed in just behind her to see her and when I got in

two seconds one, not even in any of the stalls. Later I

learned that the cleaning staff in the bldg saw the same thing..they saw

the woman enter the bathroom and they waited for the woman to leave the

bathroom, but no one left and when they went in to find her...she was

not there. In 1977, a friend committed suicide. All that week-end that

she died, I was depressed and could not shake the feeling. Then on

Monday, I went to my univeristy library and as I sat there trying to

read late in the morning, I heard someone yell in my ear...except it

penetrated my body.. that "Holly committed suicide!" I jumped and

looked around but people were quiet and no one was saying anything and I

thought...where did I hear that and I must be thinking negative. I

became uncomfortable and left the library to shop. When I returned at

about 6pm to read, then a woman came up to me and said, "We were looking

for you this morning...we were talking about you and wanted to tell you

that Holly committed suicide." I said so it is true what I heard. I was

told to call Holly's husband and he verified it and said he searched for

me the whole week-end. The next day a strange thing happened. In my

grief, I meandered my way to work in a different direction, passing a

funeral home where I noticed a coffin in a hearse and my heart and love

went out to it. Then after I got to work, I checked the obituaries for

the funeral home where Holly was. It was the same place I passed that

very morning and so I invited a friend to come with me to pay my last

respects to Holly at noon. I met my friend at the funeral home...and we

were told that Holly had been sent out that morning for cremation. She

had been the only one sent out and she was in the coffin that morning in

the hearse that I passed on my way to work earlier. In 1982, when my

father died, I awoke early in the morning and was calm, then my mother

called to tell me he died. Everyone in my family woke up and my mother

got out of bed, sat by the phone, then it rang and she got the word. At

this time, I could hear people cry...only the sound came from their body

and not their mouth. My brother was in deep grief and not crying out

loud, but I could hear his spirit cry and he just had a sad look. In

1992, my mother was very ill and in a rehab center. I did not like

staying in her house because I thought it was haunted. On this

particular morning, it was 5 am and I was typing and printing a letter

on the computer. I typed most of the letter, got up and stuck a mug of

water in the microwave and set it for one minute, also I prepared a

plastic cone with filter and coffee in it, then I rushed back to the

computer to print the letter. I added a few lines to the letter and then

began to hear the microwave beep and beep. I ignored it, then the

beeping stopped. I got this creepy feeling. But I ignored it and then I

thought the microwave had a timer and so the beeping stopped because of

the timing, not because anyone opened the microwave door. I printed the

letter, ran to the kitchen to get the mug of water out of the microwave

and pour it in the cone. I found instead that the mug had been taken

out of the microwave and the coffe was made, waiting for me on the ledge

of the kitchen counter. Yet I knew I did not get up from the computer

to make it, because I made a conscious decision to ignore the microwave

and finish my letter. My mind worked over time to figure it out. I

grabbed the letter and left the house that morning and told whatever did

it that I was taking the coffee but I didn't really appreciate it.

Other things happened, like the rustling of papers when I was trying to

sleep...etc. and I had to leave the house. Sometimes I have heard other

people think and they were not directing their thoughts to me as what

happens with schizophrenics. Enough for now.

Dangling Phone Cord


I was at my mates house for his birthday and there was around 10 of us in his lounge room. From

where I was sitting I could see the phone in his kitchen, it was mounted on the wall. Anyway we

talking about all the wierd things that have happened to him and his family in the house and I

said that I didn't believe them because I had stayed over heaps of times over a six year period

and had seen or heard nothing. Well as we were talking about this, the cord that connects the

the hand piece to the rest of the phone swung left, then all the way to the right then stopped.

I was the only one that saw it and got cold shivers all over my body. There was no way wind could

have blown it and there was nobody within 10 foot of it. it must have been there ghost.

Haunted College


This isn't my story or even the story of the perosn who told me, but I

thought I 'd share it anyway. This was told to me by the music teacher at

my high school. The college he attended (which I won't mention the name) is

up north. I'm not sure when is was built, but the main bulding of the

college was a Catholic monastery . There have always been stories around the

college that a monk went crazy and killed himself in the monastery. People

at the college have reported strange happenings and sightings of what

appeared to be a monk. The story that I know comes from a janitor who works

at the college. On the weekends one of the custodians jobs is to break down

the classrooms. This means they have to stack up all desks and chairs up

against one wall. The janitor had just finished doing this and walked out

the door and locked it from the outside. There is only one door into the

classroom and it is the one he has just locked. The windows in the room can

only be opened from the inside and the janitor was the only one in the room.

As he turned to walk away from the door he hears loud crashing and banging

coming from inside the room. He immediately unlocks the door and steps

inside. What he finds is that all the desks and desks and chairs have been

thrown all around the room. Drawers from the teachers desk were ripped out

and papers strewn across the room. There is no possible way any human could

have been in that room and done that damage in a matter of seconds then run

out without the janitor noticing.

Green Rocking Chair


Our farm house in Cooperstown, NY had been built in the 1790's. Since

then, a family known as the Lidells had lived there for several decades (My

father has the historical information). One man, Wilbur Lidell had been

painting the house when he fell off the ladder and was killed by the fall. He

remained in the house until the people before use sold it to us. My father

was an antique dealer and a historian, while my mother was a scientist. When

strange things started to happen my father did research on the house. He

found out about Wilbur, and told us. Some of the experiences, I, both my mom

and dad, grandmother, and friends had were of footsteps, and our green

rocking chair. The rocking chair would start and stop several times daily. My

dad had a Lidell reunion one time and that was the last time we heard the

ghost, and saw the rocking chair. Since then we have moved to Delaware

(boring) when my mom got a job here.



After my grandfather's death in a local hospital 'things' started to occur

in the house he shared with my grandmother. I went to look after my

grandmother after grandad died, one night I was in bed sleeping when I

heared a sound like a hand sliding up a hand rail intermitantly, as if

someone was slowly comming up the stairs, I ignored the sound and put it

down to my imagination or the wind I could have been dreaming.

Again whilst in bed in the early hours I was woken by a sound which was like

someone rubbing their hands together, I was half asleep and opened my eyes

to see a dark figure stooping over my bed with their hands clasped, this

shocked me and I sat bolt up right in bed and the figure was gone, again I

think I was dreaming.

Whilst in the bathroom I glanced across the landing and saw water dripping

from the door frame onto the floor and thinking we had a leak in the roof,

went to check it out but the door frame and floor were dry.

The thing which happened which I find most difficult to explain away is,

during the night again the weather was very bad, in the back yard at the

time we had the old metal dust bins and they were being blown all over the

back which caused a lot of noise and kept me up most of the night, went down

stairs into the kitchen in the morning to find the two kitchen chairs up

against the back door and the large setee chair from the front room, which

was in a corner of the room with a side board in front of it, pushed into

the middle of the room, I asked my grandma what had happened and she said it

must have been the dog (?!) Grandma could not have moved that chair, she was

quite frail, as you would have had to have got up the side of the chair and

pulled it out, even I would have struggled. I don't like repeating these

events as I am easily spooked and don't like to think of this as being some

kind of haunting, I am hoping that you can give me a logical explanation to

these events, as I am sure there must be one !!

The House up the Street


Hi! I just found your page out of pure curiosity when my friend's cousin mentioned scary pictures

on the internet, and I'm kind of facinated by ghosts. So, anyways, I'm 15 and from Nova Scotia,

Canada, and I'm sure these stories are for sure true. Our village is over 350 years old and over

that time there's been constant battles between french/english/indians/spanish/whatever, but

anyways, that's why I'm scared to go in the park where there's still remains of forts. But this

isn't really the topic. My sister told me this story, and she heard it when she was in the house

which was at one time her friends' house. They've moved out since and I don't blame them after

what I'm about to tell you. I can't even look up at this newly- abandoned house when I walk by.

The house is at least 150 years old and sits on top of a hill in front of an old graveyard, the

western part of the graveyard behind the church. It used to be a nuns convent way back when.

The woman that owned the house was washing dishes (this story came directly from her to my sister

), and the sink is right below a window. She saw some old lady walking by the window slowly,

towards the graveyard, and she said she kinda looked like a nun. The woman ran outside to see who

was on her property, and she was gone. Another story is the woman's husband and son were working

on the upstairs part of the house at opposite ends and were hammering something each. The son

stopped for awhile to see if his dad was still working and he could hear his dad ,clearly, still

working and hammering. So, 15 minutes later he went down to get something to drink and was

shocked to find his dad coming in the door with groceries, when the hammering suddenly stopped.

He said "I just got in from grocery shopping, I was gone for about an hour." So, he was really

the only one working on the who was the other thing working on the house? These

stories come directly from down the street, and I beleive they're all true, sometimes I even see

a light on when there's absolutly no one living there for a couple of years. Beleive them or

not, Thanks for listening,

Family Experiences


I was just lookin at your site and thought I might send a couple stories that have happened

to me.

We lived in this house in Seminole Oklahoma were alot of weird

things happened. Like when one time my dad was laying asleep on the

couch in the living room. And then he woke up and saw our dog (big dog)

in the middle of the living room floor staring at him with bright red

eyes. He didnt think nothing of it until he realized that the dog wasn't

supposed to be in the house. He thought the back door was open or

something so he went back there to shut it but the door was closed and

the dog was in the back yard.

And then there was one time when I was having a nightmare that there

were demons in our house yelling and screaming and breaking things.

Well my aunt lived with me and in the dream she burned this blue thing

that she found then it went away. I woke up the next morning and my

aunt was real tired. I asked her how come she was so tired and she said

"i couldnt sleep last night, it sounded like everyone in the house was

up and being real loud."

In the house I am living in now I woke up to something grabbing my

leg and i looked over there and there was nothing there, then this real

loud buzzing noise filled the room and I couldnt hear nothing 4 like 10

sec. My aunt and my mom thinks the cause of it was this cd I brought

home because it had a couple like satanic pictures in it but I do not think


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