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The Ghostly Old Lady


When I was about 10 years old, I went to day camp. And every month we

would go camping. Well one time we went there was a little island in the

middle of a river, and there was a bridge to get on it.

Well, me and 5 other kids decided to go on the island. So we started to

go across and I was in front with no flashlight. And when we got there

i saw a little burned down house. And I was the only one to go there

besides a 9 years old kid. When we got to the house everything in sight

was burnt. Then I saw a pair of old shoes. I got closer, then I heard

a rocking chair going back and forth. When I turned around I saw a old

lady staring at me. I kind of stood there for a second then I started to

walk away. Then the old lady got up and followed me and my friend. We

started to run away. When we got to the bridge we told everyone to run

and they did, like little chickens that they were. I turned around and

the old lady was gone. When we got to camp my friends asked what we did

and we told them what we saw. They didn't believe us until it started

to smell like smoke. Like a house was burning down. All I saw that

night in my dreams was a house burning down and I heard a old lady

screaming. My friend that was with me died of cancer three years after

that happened. I will never forget that camp out.

The Flicker-


Hello. I am 14 y.o., well balanced girl. I was sitting here at home,

talking to my mom, who was upstairs. As I got up to go take my clothes

out of the washer, the lights started to flicker. It wasn't storming, or

any signs of storming. I then opened up the fuse box, and flipped the

downstairs lights my surprise, that one flickering light stayed

on..I cursed and QUICKLY rain upstairs, w/my mom. About an hour later, I

came back down, and flipped the switch back on...the flickering light

went off, and the light switch was flipped to the on position....still.


Sometimes before I get ready to go to bed, I'll go downstairs to get a

snack. This particular time I was walking down, I thought I heard

something. I payed it no attention. (My mom works nights, so no one was

here) As I was making my way back up the stairs, I felt an evil presence

come over me, and I almost fell down the stairs. The stairs are made of

hard, thick wood. There are about 17 stairs, and to meet the end is a

hard, concrete floor. There's no doubt in my mind, if I wouldn't have

been holding onto the railing, I wouldn't be here today.

My Grandfather's Death Pulled our family together-

My grandfather died about 3 years ago, and I took it the hardest out of

everyone. As I was almost asleep in my bedroom, I felt a golden presence

over me, telling me everything is going to be was telling me to

be strong, b/c everyone needed me to be at that time. I told my mom of

this, and she didn't believe me. I told my cousin, and she witnessed

that she hears his footsteps and feels his presence over her. His death

pulled our family closer, but it's bad that it had to be that way. I

live in a dangerous neighborhood, and I feel that he's ALWAYS watching

over me...I feel it now..

The Ghost Who Liked Me


One evening my boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll at a historical site

near my apartment. It was about 10:15, really windy, and chilly out. Usually

many people are out at the island, but that night was very quiet and hardly

any people walking around.

We walked around for a bit and walked with our arms crossed, bearing with

the cold wind gusting at us, since we were near the ocean. As we walked near

the old fort on the island, which dates back to the Revolutionary period, the

wind came on even stronger. I had my long hair out and it began to fly above

my head. I laughed thinking I looked like a witch . Suddenly, the cold wind

became WARM , the wind stopped abruptly, and my hair stood up still in the

air for about 5 seconds!!!!!!! Then my hair began to slowly come down to my

back, but soon I started to feel a tingling feeling on my scalp and hair, as

if someone was playing with it!!!! I was giggling telling my boyfriend it

felt like someone was playing with my hair and that it was tickling me. I

thought nothing of that incident until we walked further...

As we walked closer to the exit of the island, I now strongly felt the

presence of the male spirit next to me. My heart raced and I felt scared now.

It gave me the impression that he was a young, Revolutionary soldier who was

curious about me and was trying to get my attention (I think he was

fascinated by my hair). My boyfriend was at my side and I told him" There is

a spirit next to me". He said he could feel it also, but chose to ignore it.

I could even start to hear the pitter patter of feet brushing through the

grass at my side, while were were walking on the concrete. It seemed to be

almost jogging as to keep up with us and almost act sort of playful. Finally

I had enough and told my boyfriend "Let's switch sides!". We did and about

10 seconds later it came back to my side again!!! I got so scared I ran and

my boyfriend caught up with me and grabbed my hand. My boyfriend, who I

believe is psychic, said he told the spirit, telepathically, to leave and let

us be. Amazingly, the presence was gone, and I felt relief. Later on in bed I

thought about the whole thing.I got this terrible feeling that it was sad

that it scared me and that it really meant no harm to me. I think if I had

just relaxed instead of being scared, I would have been able to learn more

about him. I think he liked me and that maybe I had the "key" to helping him

perhaps?? I have been up there several times since, and have not felt the

soldier's presence since........

State Park


Here is my story. I have always been skeptical of the supernatural. I have

always had a difficult time believing in things I could not see, or


Last week I went camping with some friends at a state park. This is an

historic state park because it is located where one of the earliest

settlements in my home state was built. The night we were camping a severe

thunderstorm came through the area and chased almost all of the other

campers away, so it was a very secluded area. The friends that I was

camping with all went to bed at about 2:30, but I always have a hard time

sleeping so I decided to stay up for a while and see if I could get the fire

going again that the storm had put out. I messed around for about 45

minutes trying to get the wet wood to start and failed miserably. Degected

I sat back in my lawn chair and thought, "what am I supposed to do now, I'm

bored out of my mind and not the least bit tired." I had been sitting there

for about 5 minutes when I heard a commotion behind me, a

clip-clop-clip-clop, the sound a horse makes when it is walking. I thought

to myself, "who is riding a horse at this time of day." I turned around and

about 25 yards from me was a figure, leading a horse down the road. I was

confused and bewildered and then about 5 seconds later it dissolved into

nothingness. I didn't feel scared, or threatened, I was just confused and

impressed by what I had just seen. The figure and the horse were both solid

forms with a grey-ish white illumination to them. They had no color, the

way a person looks when illuminated by a full moon. But because of the

storm earlier in the night, there was no moon. The sky was completely

clouded over. I don't feel that I saw a wondering spirit, I just feel that

somehow I got the chance to see through a window to the past, or perhaps

view energy that was left over from 150 years ago.

Was It a Ghost or My Imagination?


Well this happened to me a long time ago

although the situation goes through my mind allot,well when I was younger my

relatives that would stay with us would start to tell these stories about

seeing an old women by the fire place and the restroom. This women would

just stare at them and then go away. My mom would say that it was our old

neibors mother that use to own our home before we did, anyhow one day I was

getting ready to go out somewhere and my sister was also getting ready to go out

herself and she was trying on different types of outfits this was in the 80's so

trench coats and black captain like hats were in and I had seen her wear this

outfit before, anyway I wasgetting ready in the bathroom and our bathroom

medicine cabinet use to face the dining room so here I am brushing my teeth and I

look up in the mirror and I saw a person walk right through the living room

into the dining area wearing a black hat and a black trench coat and what I saw

walk very slowly I thought nothing of it because I thought it was my sister and

I shouted out to her/it "your going to wear that again?" and I laughed after I

was done doingwhat I was doing I walked up to my mom and said where's

Sammy? My mom looked at me all surprised and said she left a long time ago..I

was stunned!!!!Later that day I saw my sister and she was

wearing a total different outfit so it wasn't her. I still wonder what that

was...The strange thing is years later I visited my dad and he and I

started talking and somehow the conversation came up about my mom's house he

said "Ya that house is something else" and he went on about one day he was

watching football and something kicked the couch real hard, and about the

house being a very old house and in the 1800's there use ou be a man and his son

living there and one day they went fishing and somehow the boat tipped over and

the man and son drowned.....So did I see him? or was it my


My Grandfather's Bible?


I am an identical twin, and often because of this, most people ask us if we share experiences,

"You know,"they say, "like on television". My answer is always the same:

sometimes. It's true that twins, on occasion, may share certain

emotions even though they may be miles apart. This is what my brother and I have

known for years. But everything changed when my brother and his wife and two

children moved into my late grandfather's home in Norristown, PA. The history of the house is

nothing spectacular. The only event of any importance occurred when my

grandfather, who had been diagnosed with colon cancer in 1987 decided

to spend his final days at home before the cancer took him. He died in a

hospital bed which had been set up in the living room of his house later that

year. And from that point forward, various family members have lived in the

house without any strange occurrences, or "bumps in the night". Until my brother

Peter and his family moved in. The first week in their new

home, my brother was excited as ever about living in such a large house

compared to the meager apartment he and his family had been sharing for the past

two years. Given the history of the house (i.e.: my grandfather dying there),

didn't bother him one bit, since he was the last person who believed in such

tales. Then, about two months after moving in, he decided to clean out the

basement to make room for his music equipment (he is a part time musician) and a

new washer and dryer my father had bought them as a Christmas present. While

digging through the accumulated junk of half a century, he happened upon a small

Bible. Inside the front cover was an inscription denoting the bible as a gift to

my grandfather from my great grandmother in 1906. He took it up stairs and laid

it out on one of the coffee tables so that other family member visiting could

see it when they visited. Remember that I had yet to hear of this find since it

had only occurred that day, but that night, I had one of the most terrifying

nightmares I could remember. I dreamt I was standing on the landing overlooking

the living room of my brother's house in Norristown, PA, but something was

wrong. Having visited the house many times in the past, I vividly remember the

layout of how it used to look when I was a child. But in my dream, I remember

seeing an end table which was never there before, on which a book was placed. I

was drawn to it for some reason. I slowly descended the stairs, even now

recalling how hollow my footsteps sounded on the hard wood floor as I made my

way towards the end table. As I got there, I looked down and saw that it was

(surprise!), small bible. Upon opening it, I saw there was an inscription made

out to my brother from our father. This is where things got really spooky. I

remember hearing my brother's voice behind me say: "This is mine which dad gave

me. Please give it back." I was too terrified to turn around, because even

though it sounded like my brother, there was something "otherworldly"

about the whole thing. I finally succumbed to curiosity and turned around. This

was (of course!) when I woke up screaming something, I don't remember what. I

startled my wife who was then yelling at me to: "keep it down! The neighbors

will think we're fighting or something!". Later that morning, I spoke to

Peter to tell him the strange dream I had, and that's when he told me about what

he had found, and who it really belonged too. I was startled beyond words. I

told him I would be down in about an hour (I live in Perkasie, PA approximately

an hour north of Norristown) to see the book. "Too late," he said. "Why?" I

asked. "It's gone," he replied. The conversation went on from

there about how he had placed it on the end table, an end table he they had just

picked up at a yard sale that day, but when he woke up, it was gone. I asked if

his wife could have taken it, but he said that was impossible. They had flown

back to Texas two days earlier to visit her folks and took the kids with her for

the short vacation. After going round and round about what could have happened

to it, as well as the strange dream I had and what the voice had said to me, in

the end we just didn't know what to say. I guess it was one of those things that

will never really be explained. Two weeks later, his wife and

two children arrived back home and were in the process of unpacking when she

went down to the basement to see how the cleanup had gone. Thatwhen she asked him

about the small bible. "What

bible?" he asked his wife. "Oh, the one in the basement near the keyboard you

put there." Looking confused I'm sure, my brother ran down to the basement and

sure enough, there it was on the floor, right where he had originally found it.

Picking it up, he read the inside cover again. Only this time, there was no

inscription at all. Did he imagine the writing to

begin with? Did my weird dream that night have anything to do with it

"disappearing" again? I don't know. Neither does Peter. But one thing's for

sure: my grandfather does.

The Last Goodbye


Although, I have not had alot of personal contact with my father's side

of the family due to my parent's divorce, I always felt loved and accepted by

them. I had only been out to see them in Kansas maybe three times since 1975

because the trip between there and Hawaii is too expensive. In 1993, I was going

to visit my father since I finally saved enough money to do so. Just before I

walked out of the door of my apartment, my cousin called and said that I should

pack something in black because they didn't think that my grandfather would

survive much longer (he had been in and out of the hospital in the last few

years of his life.). Surprised at the coincidence of the timing (me visiting

just before he passes on)I said that I had and that I hoped that grandpa would

hang on long enough for me to say goodbye. My cousin sounded doubtful but hoped

the same. Then we hung up. When I got to my father's house (which was actually

my grandparents home), it was late in the afternoon. Since everyone either lived

in the same town or the one next to it, they had come over to greet me and talk

a bit, then left. My father asked if I wanted to sleep in my grandparent's room.

I told him that I didn't want to. It felt like they were still in there even

though my grandmother had passed on a few years ago and grandpa was in the

nursing home with her even before she passed on. My father accepted my response

and so I slept on the living room couch. The next day, my cousins were in and out

visiting me. At one point I noticed my aunt on the phone talking in a low voice.

I looked at my dad and I asked him what was up. He told me that grandpa died

yesterday. I asked him why didn't he tell me yesterday. He said that I just got

there after 14 hours of plane rides, transfers and one delay and thought that

since I was tired, he didn't want to stress me out. I was disappointed because I

really wanted to give my goodbyes. I found out that he had passed on at the same

time I had landed in Kansas. He asked me if I wanted to go view the body and I

said that I did. When I got to see him, I didn't feel that was him so I felt

that I didn't get in a proper good-bye. The next day was the funeral. I spent

the rest of the day playing with younger cousins and catching up with the older

ones. That evening at about 9:30pm, my father said he was tired and was going to

bed. I told him that I was going to stay up and watch TV. So I watched him get

up, go to the front door which was only 6 inches away from the foot of the couch

that was I lying on, locked the screen door, then closed the main door, lock the

door knob and latched the hook latch that was about eye level on the door. We

said our good nights and he went to bed. I was lying on the couch watching TV,

when I felt a cool breeze go past me, brushing my left ear. Then the main door

that I had seen my father lock and latch, OPENED up, paused and closed firmly. I

then said "Good-bye, Grandpa." I was so confident that that was grandpa that I

didn't even feel the need to check the door. The next morning, I woke up when I

heard my father walk into the living room. We said our good mornings as I watched

him unlock then unlatch the hook to the main door as well as the screen door and

go outside to get the morning paper. When he came back in he noticed me still

staring at the door. He asked me what I was staring at and I told him what

happened last night. He smiled and said that he's glad that we got to say our

good byes.

I Have Seen Your " Imp "


I had an experience with an entity you described as an " imp." It was

at a local graveyard I was investigating with a few friends of mine.

The graveyard is a fairly small one with a stone wall all around and a

small caretakers shed about 15 to 20 feet outside the fence. I had been

there before and had seen the entity. It was the size of a medium dog

and ran on all fours. It is really hard to put a shape to it. Sort of

a cross between an o'possum and a person. ( if that makes any sense! )

When my friends and I got there, I didn't tell them what to look

for or where to look. About five minutes after we got there one person

pointed it out to me. I asked him what he thought it looked like. He

said, " I can't describe it. " The funny thing is with this thing, it

tries to jump the fence in to the graveyard. It moves between the shed

and the wall closest to the shed. It makes a running start and jumps as

if it is going to clear the fence. It looks like it hits some kind of

barrier and drops back on the ground. It does not do the same thing all

the time. Most of the time it just moves back and forth between the

wall and the fence.

I had observed this thing three times before this particular

outing. The people that were with me were focusing on it and not the

grave yard which was putting an awesome light show that night. I said

to them, " Don't pay any attention to that stupid thing. It's annoying

and it never does anything else." Dave, this thing stopped and looked

straight at us. It then went behind the care takers shed. Needless to

say, the people that were with me were scared to death. Then, as I

turned to say something to them, this thing started to bang very loudly

on the tin roof of the building. I turned toward the building and said,

" That is very impressive and it must take an awful lot of energy to do.

If you'll stop, we will leave." It immediatley stopped. This was too

much for me. I started to walk toward the shed. As I got to a place

where I could see behind the shed, I saw that it was standing upright.

At that moment it hit me. It was like a huge static shock all over my

body and it knocked me back a few steps. It also cracked loud enough

for the people behind me to hear it.

I guess I made it mad because I lied to it. Instead of leaving, I

went closer. I went back to the same graveyard several weeks later with

my cousin and as soon as we got out of the car and approached the wall,

it started banging on the roof again. It clearly does not like me.

This is one of the wierdest things I have ever experienced. This

critter holds a grudge. I haven't been back for a while. My schedule

hasn't allowed it. I really want to take someone else along because I

want a witness if something else happens. No one that went the first

time will go back with me.

I am very interested in hooking up with other people who are

interested in the same things. I have been used by a friend to 'feel'

out places to take pictures. I seem to be very sensitive to this sort

of thing. I have been able to accurately tell people about objects by

touching them. The few times I did this, however, I scared myself so

badly I never tried again. I might be interested in exploring this,

too. I would love to talk to someone who can do this and could help me

sort out my feelings on it.

You have a wonderful site!! Hope to hear from you. I live in

Pennsylvania, very close to the Maryland border. I also know of some

pretty active graveyards a few other places. The first one I ever went

to made me a believer forever.

My Daughter's Angel?


We have lived in this house but

just 2 years and have several occasions of unexplainable happenings. On

two seperate occurances when she was alone she has heard or seen a

presence. Here are the two seperate stories. It was summertime in the early afternoon

I was at work, my husband was golfing and my son was at his grandparents my

daughter (Dakota) was in the house with her aunt Vera. Vera was in the spare bedroom

at the end of the hall writing a letter and Dakota was in her room located next

to the spare bed Dakota was in the middle of cleaning out her desk

when she was interupted by an unknown male voice.  The voice was deep,clear

and loud. It said...Are you ok Koty? ( Koty is her

nickname) She turned around to and there was no one in the room with her, the door was still

closed. Koty started to write small notes to Vera telling her of what just

happened and sliding them under Vera's door. Vera came out and assured

Dakota that there was no one at home but them and the t.v. was off, the radio

was off and it would be ok. I still have the little notes she wrote to

Vera,Vera told me all of this when Dakota was not around so she had no idea I

already knew. Dakota is 8 years old and never had an active

imagination or pretend playmate It took Koty several weeks before

she could bring herself to talk about it and tell me. It was the 4th of July, one month

after the bedroom voice ordeal when my daughter and I are riding back to our home together

when she tells me this... Mom, do

you believe in angels, and can men be angels? I was

curious about the question and she told me what

happened. She said she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth when a man

appeared behind her in the doorway watching over her he then turned and moved down

the hallway and vanished.She had never seen him before and hasn't seen

him since.

It Happens All the Time


When I was about four or five years old, something

happened to me that I still recall pretty clearly. I was at my

grandparents house to spend the night, and it was apparently getting late

because I remember my granddaddy had already gone to bed.Grandma had just finished

giving me some cornbread in buttermilk, and I got down on the floor to play. I remember looking

toward the window that faces the road and the front yard and seeing a figure

there in the window. To me, it was my idea of what a puppet of Jesus

Christ would look like. It had brown hair, a beard, a long white "robe",

and mitten hands. It was just sitting there looking in. I looked at

Grandma, and she just said, "Don't worry, it happens all the time."

At first, I thought that maybe my granddaddy was

playing a trick, and so I ran into his room, and he was fast asleep. When

I came back into the room, I don't remember looking at the window...I was

probably too scared.Well, years went by, and I sometimes thought about

it, but I thought my daddy thought I'd dreamt it. But one day, after my

granddaddy had died, and my grandma was in a nursing home, my cousin and I were

cleaning up the old house because we were thinking of moving in together.

I had been cleaning the living room, and I mentioned to her that I always

avoided looking out that front window at night unless there were headlights

shining in. She looked at me kind of funny and her eyes got really big,

and she told me, "I saw a face there, too." We decided to leave and get

something to eat. Now a few years later, I asked her exactly what she

thought she saw, but I did not tell her what I saw. She said that

she saw a face that she thought looked like Jesus to her. Then I told

her what I had seen. That was the only time I remember seeing something,

but I remember my daddy telling me that grandma was always seeing

"things." Maybe the things she saw were really there. You just had

to be in the right frame of mind.

New Husband Haunting


I bought my first and probably only home when I was forty. (I'm

forty-six now.) I couldn't afford much, so I look at lots of homes that

were just not in good shape, or else were in terrible neighborhoods.

One day I had to pick my daughter up after a slumber party and

accidently showed up at the wrong address--a house with the identical

street address as the house I was trying to find! (It turned outTHREE

houses shared that address, though they were each about a mile apart!)

Shortly after this incident, this same house went us for sale. I

askedthe realtor to show it to me. She said it was in a higher price

category, but remarkably, when she looked it up again, it was affordable

to me.



I am 45 years old.When I was 14 my Grandma was in a nursing home. She had become very frail

and sickly and of course I did not realize that she was on her way

out. At this time my brother, who was six years older than myself was working swing shift,

which meant that he did not get home fromwork until after midnight We shared

the same bedroom. As for as that goes, we shared the same bed. Most

of the time I would already be asleep when he arrived from work and was hardly

aware he was even there until I awoke the next morning. One night

I awoke. Well, actually I was only partially awake and tried to open

my eyes. There standing beside my bed was Jesus Christ wearing his

white robe and looking very peaceful. I closed my eyes again and then sort

of reopened them. I was still more asleep than I was awake. Then I

saw my Grandma standing were Jesus had been only a moment before.An

amazing thing about her was that she wasn't in bad health at all, but looked

very fat and lively as I remembered her a few short years before. Before

she had went to the rest home and was still living in her own house. But

strangely she was wearing a pure white gown. She was not soiled or

blemished in any way. She was a picture of health. I, still being in

the twilight stage of sleep, closed my eyes again. Then, Realizing what I

had seen, I woke up with a start. It was only my brother standing there

getting ready for bed. I went back to sleep

and began to dream. As far as I could tell, I must have dreamed all

night about my Grandma. But I didn't dream of her as she was at that

time,lying on the nursing home bed,skin and bones, half dead, and

senile,but as she had been when I was maybe five or six years old. And all

the other characters in the dream, including myself were about eight or

nine years younger also. I dreamed about how I used to stay with

my Grandma when my mom would go shopping, My Grandma was healthy and happy

as before, and she would give me pie or cake or cookies. I dreamed about

how the whole family and my aunts, uncles, and cousins would all get together at

Grandma's house on Christmas and other occasions. The adults would

all gather around the table for a large meal, and we kids would usually have a

plate made for us and we would sit in a circle on the livingroom floor.

Those were happy days. I remember when my Grandma

was still living in her own house that she had an ashtray made from an antique

Mason Jar lid with soda pop tops stacked tightly together all the way around

it. As a small child I had tried to pull the snuggly wired together tops

from around the lid, but the builder of the ashtray had fitted them so well that

they would not budge. I was told that my dad had built that for Grandma

years before. Grandma didn't smoke, althoughcome to think of it she

did dip a little snuff. But she liked to havean ashtray or two

around the house to oblige those who did smoke. My dad is dead now and I

have since wished I'd have asked him how he fitted and wired those caps so

well. As I remember there was a wire that ran through the center of each

cap, but it was done so that even where the ends were tied together the

wire was hardly visible. Anyway, I dreamed that I

was there while he was actually making that ashtray even though I understand he

made it before I was born. I dreamed a lot of other things too, such as

Grandma scolding my cousin and me for something naughty we did

andother small events too numerous for me to remember them all in

detail after this many years have passed. Yes, it was probably

the most pleasant dream I have experienced in my life. It was a dream in

which I didn't want to awake from. I think I was still in the process of

enjoying the dream when sometime around sunrise my sister's husband came to my

bedside, gently nudged me awake and said in a quiet voice "Curtis, wake

up. Youre Grandmother died last night."

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