A Ghost Story

By: yolandav2@yahoo.com

When I was a child I was always afraid. In the daytime a sound or

something would trigger visions in my mind that scared and confused me

and at night I would be awaken by sounds from sluggish foot steps to

high pitched whistles or low tones with caused a vibration around me.

I even experienced a tug war with something that wanted to pull my

blanket off me. But for the first few years I could not see anything

that my other senses felt until I as around 10 years.

When I turned 10, I was given my own bed. We were a poor family of 8

in a 4 room home. Our 4 room house had only a front door and a side

door but there were no doors inside. It had arched openings from one

room to another and one could see from one room to another. The house

was made of cement blocks in a perfect square. My mother, 3 younger

siblings and myself slept in one room and in one bed until I was 10.

Our room was south and 2 brothers slept in the north side our room and

east from our room another brother slept.

My grandma gave me an army cot which was placed where I could see my

brother from the north and see my mom's bed next to our entrance. One

summer night I was awaken by some low vibration. I just felt

something. I remember my heart pounding and wishing I was in bed with

my mom and brothers and sister. I could not move. I was able to turn

my head to look at the entrance to our room from the north. I saw a

white figure gliding slowly in. It was like looking at a negative

photo film. I shutted my eyes to see if it would disappear but when I

opened them again it was still gliding in. I could not see any legs

and I could tell it was a man dressed in a suit. I could not see his

face but I could tell the darkness of where his eyes were and he was

looking around. He stopped in front of the bed where my mom and

brothers and sister were sleeping. That's when I pulled my sheet over

my head because I was so scared it would know I was awake. I prayed

and prayed until I finally went to sleep.

Next morning I talked to my mom about it. She told me it was probably

a dream but I knew better. I made my sister sleep with me and I put a

chair with a towel beside my bed so I would never have look at the

entrance. Shortly around that time, my mom received a telegram that

her father in Mexico had died. It was mentioned that he died asking

for her. Years later she told me that when I told her what I had seen

that night, she was dreaming about her father. That she and he were

walking on this long lonely road and that she has gotten too tired to

go on. He told her to sit by the road and rest but he could not stop,

he needed to go. I guess it was him who came that night. I never saw

him again. We lived in Texas so he came from so far away.

Athens OH

By: ap860096@oak.cats.ohiou.edu.

Firstly, I live in Athens Ohio, which is said to be extremly

spiritual/haunted. Around the city are cemeteries that make a pentagram in

an arial viewing. We have an old insane asylum which was built in the

1800's, that was completely self sufficient and therefore cut off from the

rest of the town, it sits high atop a hill, and when it was in use, had its

own power supply, water supply, food supplies etc. Behind the facilities is

a particularly sad cemetary that stretches into the surrounding brush. The

cemetary consists of small rectangular head stones that have only numbers to

distinguish one grave from another. I have never witnessed any phenomena

ther, but I have never visited the grounds at night. There is a lot of

feeling there, but no specific cases.

Outside of the Ridges (the asylum), I have had my share of experiences

in Athens. My freshman year, I lived in a dorm where a dear friend refused to

sleep in her room because a spirit would constantly turn her stereo on and

of, blaring, in the middle of the night. I had no idea about the mists or

orbs that are seen in some of the pictures in your website, but she had a

picture with a grayish mist hovering over her head as she sat in her bed.

I now live in a house in Athens, and have had a few subtle instances of

ghosts. I have heard heavy footsteps in the upper level, enough to make me

call out to my house mate to see what she was doing, no one was there as I

heard a door open and shut that leads to a porch with no way down except a

10 foot drop. My shower curtain has opened and shut on its own, something has

entered the kitchen from outside, opening the door, turning on the light,

and then off, and then shutting the door, when all of my housemates and I where

concentrated in one room. A male voice has been heard coming from the

downstairs bathroom, keys have disappeared without a trace, only to leave me

ready to tear my hair out as they reappear in an obvious location, that was

already checked. I am not sure, but I read that one of your web people has

electromagnetic surges, our electricity goes out as much as five times in

one day, much to the electric companie's dismay and confusion (as I call and

complain weekly), and our phones ring with no one on the line regularly. I

am sure that there are reasonable explanations for all these things, but I'm

not convinced.

I know my story is pretty tame compared to many that you have likely

received, but it is still interesting. If you know anything about Athens,

or if you have studied here before, I would love to hear from you. I am a firm

believer in the supernatural, as I have two particular friends who are

exteremly sensitive to this phenomena, and have amazing stories of their



By: Pam Tapia

I don't know how much you can add to the brief description but there is more than I listed. First

of all, you have to see this place, a gothic victorian castle-like structure it was built as a

hotel which served as a brothel. In the lobby there are large tiles surrounding a mantel which

feature little naked babies frolicking with phallus shaped dragons. The original sign is a

carving over the beacon street entrance which reads simply Charlesgate with little demons poised

among the letters.

The place was known for all forms of prostitution, female, male and unfortunately child, and was

a haven for turn of the century heroin and opium addicts. It was closed down and seized by the

state and was turned into housing for the poor and destitute. There was a gas leak and many of

the families perished, so apparently there are spirits of children existing among the spirits of

prostitutes and drug-addicts. Emerson College bought the place in the 70's and converted it into

a dormitory primarily for freshmen. Reports of sightings became so common that a team of

parapsychologists came into investigate and film. Story has it that when they filmed in the lower

basement, known as the stables, they captured the spectres of horses standing in their stables.

Who knows what else they caught on film because fearing bad publicity Emerson College confiscated

the films.

Emerson had some pretty strange policies concerning the residents. A fire drill was called and

he building manager addressed the group telling them that a search of all rooms was going to be

conducted and anyone found in posession of a Ouija board would be expelled. If a resident had a

sighting that became known to the RAs they were summoned to tell their story to the manager who

would recommend them for psychiatric examination. Many students had nervous breakdowns while

living there each year and had to drop out.

What were they seeing? The spirits were not friendly specters that dissapeared upon examination

but rather persistent and rather solid in appearance. There were plenty of stories of sightings,

but I believed the ones told by the simple and trustworthy kids I knew were not interested in

such things, and of people who were positively freaked out by what they saw:

* The old sea captain, a short bearded old man, often appeared in the closets of young girls.

* The witch who lived there in the 60's who appeared surrounded by a circle of candles (like the

horses in the stables, more of an impression than a spirit)

* The dandy, GGF, a notorious male prostitute/junkie who persistently haunted freshmen until they

either became suicidal or dropped out of school altogether.

* The flapper whose disembodied head hovered in one room on more than one occasion staring down

the residents. Her eyes would leap out like two balls of light at the terrified witnesses.

* The blue specter, just a human like form of blue light which hovered eerily in darkened rooms.

* Some elemental spirits, you might call them, or demons as they are known in Hollywood:

* A piglike very solid-looking critter that was known to simply sit on the bed in one room

staring down the witness.

* Two humanoid solid-looking mail imps that peformed sexual acts on each other in mid-air in full

lighted view always staring down the witnesses.

Colorado Stories

By: DDDacko@aol.com

Hi my name is Denise and I have had quite a few experience's. My first

experience was when I was 9. Two of my brothers shared a best friend and his

name was Robbie, Robbie had got killed pushing his bike on a busy street

by a drunk driver. Of course my family was devistated because he was always at

our house, and he was treated as part of the family.The incidents followed his

death. My sister and I shared a room, she had a full size bed that would

creak if you sat on it, and I had a twin bed right across from hers. In

between the two was a old metal table that would creak if you leaned on it.

Well anyways, I had gotten up around 9 am and was brushing my hair in the

mirror, and I heard the table creak. I thought one of our cats was in the

bedroom so I ignored it.

Just a few minutes later, the table creaked again, so I looked to see if it

was one of our 2 cats. Still nothing there. I looked and the bedroom door

was shut. I sluffed of the second incident and thought I heard it all. Just a

few moments later I heard the bed creak, so I looked in the mirror and I saw the

bed had a sag in it like someone or SOMETHING was sitting on the edge. Now I

knew I was seeing things. So curiosity got the best of me and I sat on the

sag. The weirdest of feelings went through me at the moment I sat on the


I looked across to my bed and whatever and whoever ( I assume it was Robbie)

went and sat on my bed. Needless to say I was out of there very quick, I

didn't want to stick around to see what happened next.


Shortly after that incident my dad had told me to go get my brother, who had

a trailer on our property, maybe 300 yards away from our house. We had a old

garage in between the house and trailer, the garage didn't have no garage

door on it and it was very spooky at night. So it was night out, and you

always done what my dad told you to do. I was scared of the dark as a child,

so I stood on the back porch to find a path I could take. It was night time,

but there was a full moon out. So I didn't get to freaked about it. We had

10 acres in the country and my brother lived within the fenced 9 of them. I had

just walked past the gate, and I heard footsteps like somebody was running

up behind me. I thought it was one of my brothers trying to scare me, but I

turned and look while I still heard them, and no one was there except for

the shadow of someone on the house, that wasn't there in body only in spirit.

I had numerous experiences like these for six years up until my parents

seperated when I was 15. when I finally moved away with my mom.


More incidents was after my brother-in-law had commited suicide. I was

staying with my sister in the mountains to help her deal with the loss. I

was 21 at the time.

My brother-in-law killed himself in the house. One night my sister had

wanted just to get away for a little while, so I stayed to watch my nephew. It was

around 11 pm my nephew was asleep in his upstairs bedroom. I was doing the

dishes before I went to bed, and I felt a cool breeze on the back of me. I

thought one of the windows were still open even though I had closed them all

earlier. So I looked at the dining room and no windows were open there, and

as I walked down the hall to the living room, I could still feel the breeze.

In the hall there are no windows. I had the feeling come over me again as my

first experience. As I was walking past the stairs that lead downstairs I

heard footsteps coming up, needless to say I didn't want to know what was

coming up. All I knew was it didn't feel right. So I stayed in the room with

my 3 year old nephew until my sister got home, and everything was fine.

Shortly after that incident, I was sound asleep and it was about 1 am, I

woke up and I was wide awake, I looked at the bedroom door that was closed and I

could see a blueish light on the door and within the bluish light was my

brother-in-laws face. I was not scared at all. I knew then, like he told me

telepathically, that things are going to be allright. After that I fell

right back asleep.


One last story. My dad had passed away in 1993, and I am now a jeweler. 2

weeks after he had passed away, I was polishing some jewelry on a buffing

machine. I was in the studio. I was standing and I had a old bar stool

that I use to sit on next to me. I heard it creak, like someone had sat in it. So I

asked "is that you dad?", and I thought I was crazy for asking such a silly

question. I had a overhead lamp on and left it on as I went over to my desk

to finish the fine detail. My husband came in and he was in the room with me

for about 5 minutes. The lightbulb above my buffing machine had shattered.

The same feeling came back to me from when I was young.

I knew it was my dad. My husband does not believe in ghost and he says that

the light was just a bad bulb. But of course I think otherwise. I have many

more stories to tell but I don't want to bore people. If anyone can explain

why the light bulb shattered please e-mail me at DDDacko@aol.com. Thanks for

listening :)

Many Scary Experiences

By: Bogie39999@aol.com

I've had quite a few, at least I think so, not being familiar with

others encounters....I have encountered my grandfather, a witch on a spinning

wheel, an indian, ( many years later my brother woke up one nite and saw an indian

standing over me when I was asleep...he jumped out at the indian who

vanished into thin air)....I lived in a haunted house where there were crashes in the

night, voices...in a language I did not understand until later I found out

the words meant hello in that language that I did not speak....I lived in an

apt where I woke up one early morning to see a young, somewhat crazy lookin

boy demonstrating to me how to hang himself with a tie?...he had a funny

smile and hung his tongue out of the side of his mouth as he tugged the tie

that he had put around his neck.....many times...just as I am falling

asleep...I will be awakened by a "swishing" sound ...like a spirit is

speeding past me......

Now..dont get me wrong...I work in an engineering environment.....but these

things did indeed happen.....this of course is over a 40 plus year

timespan....these things do not happen on a regular basis...but I have come

to the conclusion that spirits do undoubtedly exist..some very

friendly...some a little not so friendly.....I think some of them watch over

you.....while others, the minority..like to create unpleasant effects on


I also believe one is more "in tune" to the spiritual world while in a

relaxed state...ie just prior to falling asleep, or when asleep........

Ghost Phone Call?

By: NJac934162@aol.com

I have been reading your site and I must say I'm impressed. However, I don't

know if what happened to me would or could be considered anything "ghostly"

but it definately got my attention as well as that of my bosses.

I work for a labor organization that represents over 200 employees. Part of

my job is to handle death benefit claims for the members who pass away. I

had a member that died and his widow came into my office to find out about

benefits due her. Imagine her surprise when she was expecting some

outrageous amount of 90,000 dollars and we all she was entitled to was


The widow, upon hearing this became enraged and a bit of tussle occurred

(nothing physical just yelling and such). Well after attempting to explain

to her that at no time was anybody entitled to that amount of money and she

had obviously been misinformed (her fault-not ours) she threw some papers

off my desk and stormed out.

As soon as she left I went into my own tyrade about how rude she was (much

more colorful though) and basically mimicked her immature hissy fit. I


for a good five minutes, then my phone rang....

It sounded like someone was calling me from an airplane. It was a hollow

sound and I could just make out someone calling my name and every hair on my

body stood straight up. I hung up the phone and turned to my boss making

some smart alec remark about I had overstepped my bounds by argueing with

and then ranting about what a witch the woman had been and her husband "heard"

me and called me to let me know he didn't appreciate it. Mind you I was not

kind to her and espeically not behind her back after she threw my paperwork.

I remember making a remark like "no wonder John died, I'd have died too to

get away from her". The phone rang again. This time my boss answered it.

Same thing; tunnel noise, the faint calling of my name and the noise like

someone was being sucked back in time. the only thing i can figure is John

must of loved his wife a lot in life and felt the need to defend her in his

death. Could've been a bad connection, my gut tell me it wasn't.

Picture from the Bible

By: "Robin Cole"

As a young child i often stayed at my grandmothers house in the holidays ( west midlands UK ) .

I was always really bored on my own and usually messed about, breaking things etc. Anyway I threw

a ball at a picture of my great grandfather , cracking the wooden frame(accident, really ). As a

punishment I was not allowed to go with my mum to the local shops, and was left all alone in the

house. I sat watching telly for about half an hour when I noticed that the picture had turned

around a good two inches to face me. Fearing further retribution, I turned it back around, not

thinking anything of it.

The next morning I came down to brekfast, I had had a late start to the day and ate on my own.

It was after breakfast that I noticed the picture had again turned to face me, this time having

moved a good six inches. I never spent another night in that house ( day trips only ).

I was really scared ( being only 11 at the time ) and told my grandma about this bizzare

occurance. She put it down to an over-active imagination, but did tell me a bit about the photos

history. Apparently it was the only picture she had of my great grandfather, having lost the

rest whilst moving house. She found this picture tucked away in a copy of the old testament.

I also learned that my great grandfather recieved a fatal shrapnel wound on the western front in

WW1, at roughly the same moment that my grandfather was born. Curiously enough he had suffered

alarming headaches frequently until the day of his death.

I was only reminded of this all when my grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, leaving many

questions unanswered . To this day a do not know if my experience with the photo was the

punishment of an agonising soul, or just the wild imagination of an adolescent boy.


By: Clare.Aliberti@wl.com

We recently purchased an 1850 carriage house (we have been in the house for

a little over a month). The first few weeks we were in the house I felt as

though there was someone near me and everytime I started to turn to look I'd

see a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I didn't mention it to my husband

(felt a little foolish) but he happened to mention that he experienced the

same thing when he was in the cellar.

Then when I was in the barn replacing the nails with screws in the floor the

overwhelming smell of livestock was so strong that I had to go outside for

some fresh air - A few minutes later I re-entered and there was no odor

whatsoever (there hasn't been any livestock there for nearly 30 years).

That odor hasn't returned since.

Now here's the reason why I'm writing to you....Last night I had some very

terrifying nightmares (I don't usually have dreams and when I went to bed I

was exhausted), anyway, I awoke with a start to find this man standing in

front of my husband's armoire smiling at me - He wasn't surrounded in a

cloud of smoke or little beams of light...I can still see him (Red hair,

bushy red mustache, plaid shirt). I didn't feel threatened, don't remember

feelings of cold (like everyone seems to say they feel). Anyway, my husband

doesn't believe in the paranormal and said that my brain could have

projected the image (is this possible?!).

On a last note, I'm 41 and consider myself fairly clear headed and

reasonable but this whole experience leaves me a little unsettled. To make

matters worse a friend of mine told me that they use to bury their dead in

the cellar in the winter months (Is this true?). I didn't venture down the

cellar before this statement because it was so cold - Now I'm real leery

about going down there!.

Anyway, the house is a very warm inviting house and I love it -

Unfortunately I'm a little scared now.

Gram's Visit

By: melissa@languageline.com

I just wrote yesterday but one of your stories reminded me of something I

was told by my natural mother. My natural sister (also adopted at birth) and

I met mom in May of 82 and visited separately her home in Reno. My mom had

been caring for her blind mom and uncle (our great-uncle) for some years -

bad eyes run in the family and she was responsible for them as her father

died when she was 9 and her older sister had married and moved out of the

family home soon after. Well needless to say she was not really very sure of

how to break the news of two grown daughters to her family and so for the

first while (until Dec 82) when we visited we were just friends up for a

visit. The only people who really knew who we were - were my Grandmother and

Great-uncle Bob. Once the family knew who we were there was a reunion of

gigantic proportions where we got to know all of our cousins, uncles, aunts

etc and as we got to know every one bonds started to develope. Well a couple

of years went by and my natural sister moved up to Reno and got a house and

job there. My sister and mom got together alot as my sis has Lupus and I

think just needed to know someone was there if she needed them. They have a

very close relationship and Gram was a part of that. When Gram passed on in

early 1988 - it was a very stressful time for our family. And this is where

the story begins. Gram had a favorite chair that faced the "picture" window

in the living room. One night when everything had "settled" down and the

decisions regarding Gram's estate had been made. My sister was outside next

to a tree that was in the yard asking mom where she wanted her to plant some

flowers (I think) and mom sitting in the chair next to my Gram's favorite

chair looked up to see Gram's reflection in the window. Mom called out "Do

you see what I see?" to my sister. Sis came up and looked through the window

once she realized that mom was not talking about something outside and could

not see anything. So Mom asked her to come in for a moment. Mom had looked

directly at Gram's chair and could not see her except when she was looking

into the window. Sis came in and said "I can't see anything." To which mom

replied "Come over here honey and look at the window." When she did she

could see Gram smiling in her chair and then Gram just faded away. As far as

I know they have never seen her again. She probably just came back to let

them know she was okay and happy where she was. I know that even though mom

doesn't live in that home anymore and even though she doesn't even have the

chair her mom's presence is there in times of stress or trouble because she

feels she is with her.

Grandma comes to Visit

By: "Lewis Foster"

I submitted this once before then changed internet servers so it was never posted.

Its a story that I have been wanting to tell for many years to people who will

believe me.

When my son was still an infant I believe I had a visit from my grandmother.

In life her and I were very close. we did alot together. I use to call her my

marshmellow because she was so soft.

One night after an extremely hard day with my son I put him to bed and wound up

his night light. It was one of those dream screens they use to sell.

I turned on the monitors and went to bed. I always stayed awake til it was done

playing because he had a habit of not falling asleep right away.

When it stopped and I was sure he was asleep I drifted off. I was startled back

awake by the sound of twinkle twinkle little star coming through the monitor.

I layed there for a few moments listening, til I heard my son gurgling and cooing.

I got up and started down the hallway still hearing the music coming from his room.

When I got closer to his room I started feeling a warm comfortable feeling surronding


I started crying as I went in his room because I felt something warm and soft surround me.

My son was laying in his crib playing and talking up a baby storm.

I just stood there while the music from the dream screen ran out almost in disbelief.

when the music stopped the feeling went away.

I picked my son up and said "what did you think of your great grandma sweetie"?

Yes I checked the dream screen to make sure he didnt start it by kicking it with

his foot or something. I shook it and rattled it but nothing happened.

I very much believe that my grandmother came to visit us that night to see the

great grandchild she missed in life.

Grandpa's Old House


I have to share atleast one more eperience except this one is my mom and grandpa's experience.

My mom is 38 now but when she was about 17 and still living with my grandpa, about 6 months after

her mom (my grandma) died they were feeling a prescense in the house. They said when she was

still alive, right before bed she would eat butter on crackers. One night they heard something

but took it as just the house creeking. The next morning when they woke up they found a knife

with butter on it and cracker crumbs on the table.

Haunted Hallway

By: bzebe@hotmail.com

I was about 7 or 8 years old. Two of my sisters and I were all sleeping in

one room becasuse we all had this feeling that we didn't want to be alone. I

was on the edge of my bed and my room was right across the hallway from the

bathroom. I was laying down and it was about 2:00 in the morning and I

though that my sisters were asleep. I was gonna get out of bed to go to the

bathroom when something told me to stay in the bed. I didn't want to listen

to it so I started to get up but then something pushed me back down and kept

me there. I couldn't move and I couldn't speak. I was trying to make just a

little noise to wake my sisters up but nothing came out. I wanted to close

my eyes but I couldn't move my eyelids either. Then all of a sudden I

watched a very tall, skiny figure with a white glow around it walk through

the hall and into my other sister's room. The room it walked into was the

sister that wasn't sleeping in my room. The next day I was talking to my

younger sister and it came out that she saw the same figure. Then my older

sister that was in the room with us walked up and asked us if we saw the

tall man walk into Jennifer's room. I thought I was dreaming but that

confirmed I wasn't. We all went and found Jennifer and asked her if there

was anyone in her room the night before. She said yes and described the tall

white glowing man to the "T". So we all saw it so we ran to our mom and told

her what happened. She asked us who it was and we told her we had no idea. I

am 18 now and still talk about it with my sisters and family. We still don't

know who the tall man was.

Haunting in Maine

By: becky@skow.net

Hi! My name is Becky. I live in Central Maine. To put it bluntly, I

live in a haunted house! It's a very long and twisted story, but i'll

try to explain it the best I can. The house was built in the

1840's....but I have a feeling that this house has been here since the

late 1700's. It's a typical farm house, built by a Quaker colony that

settled in this area. The house has 3 additions. The front half

(facing the road) is the original, both upstairs and down. The second

half was built in the 1930's (which is both upstairs and downstairs

kitchens) around that time is when the upstairs was divided into a

separate apartment from downstairs. Then the back half is where the

bathrooms are located and the stair well.

There have been hauntings here well before I came to live here in 1995.

My boyfriend's family has lived here well over 50 years and has seen,

heard, and felt spirits living here. I think one of the eeriest things

is that when I come home from somewhere, and I head upstairs to our

apartment, it feels like i'm walking into someone else's home, like I

don't belong there...

I have had several encounters with the spirits that live here. From my

own experiences, i have seen three different spirits. One is a little

boy, whom i only saw once. Second is a young man, average height, dark

hair and wearing a dark suit. The third, and by far the scariest, is

the Farmer. He is a rugid older man, somewhat long silver hair, wearing

overalls and a long sleeve shirt, and is very angry.

The majority of the sounds that I hear are a husky man laughing, a

pocket watch ticking, footsteps, knocking on our door.

Things that i have seen: dark shadows in our kitchen, a dark shadow

pacing in our kitchen one morning! A coffee table in our living room

shaking. Little objects missing, such as necklaces, little bottles of

shampoo/conditioner, cigarettes, cups/papers being in one place when you

leave, and then coming back and finding them in a different place.

By far the most terrifying experience i've had is I was taking a nap in

the living room, I felt something wake me up...I felt this pressure all

around me, it felt like I was putting weight on my chest and side. I

couldn't fully wake up, and all I remember saying is "Leave me alone,

get off of me, you can't scare me".

I am in the process of trying to take some photographs of this house,

and see if anything "develops". I have also been in touch with a

reverend about religion matter, especially in ridding the house of

spirits, if that's possible!

But I also want to say this is a truly excellent site!! It's really

reassuring to know that me and my boyfriend's family are not psychos!

And this kind of thing happens alot.

A couple of questions i do have is: 1. What is the best way to take

photographs of spirits, and when is the best conditions to take

pictures? 2. Is there any way of telling if you have a good or bad

spirits in your house? If so, can they effect a person in particular,

like if they're depressed or upset?

Thank you sooooo very much for your time and the opportunity to tell my

story and I truly truly believe in the supernatural, and of course the


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