Sensitive in the Unexplained


Hi, first of all, thank you for putting this website up. This is great. I

am the icequeeny2k and I have lived in what I have read about as being one

of the most haunted spots in the country, if not the world. I live in a

small college town in SE Ohio, known as Athens. I have lived in the county

of Athens for 13 years and lived for ten years in an old stop-over called

Meigs County.

I am a very sensitive person. Sensitive in all aspects, but particularily

in the "unexplained" or "other activity". I must be careful of how I write

because if i say something in a demeaning way, it can have a powerful

effect. Here are my incidents over the past 20 years.

When I was three, I lived in Pomeroy, Ohio. The house I lived was an old

home and possibly a stop-over for the underground railroad. Many bad things

happened there before we moved in. According to historians and local towns

people, in the early 1900's, possibly the late 1800's, an old recluse had

bought the house. It was a beautiful two story house with an apartment

upstairs and downstairs. White outside with a top balcony. Front porch

columns were white with intricate woodwork. This hermit was in his thirtys

when he bought it and he had intentions of fixing this place up. However,

he suffered from severe depression and threw himself off the second floor

balcony. The house stood empty for years afterwards. Eventually in the

1920's, an older woman and her son bought the house and rented the top floor

out. This is where it gets a little fuzzy in the details. Either the woman

had driven her son to kill her then commit suicide or they had formed a

suicide pact. The woman was found dead several days after her son had died.

Her son's body was found less than a mile from the house in a field.

Several more years went by and the house remained empty. It was crumbling

and falling into disrepair. Then an older gentleman moved into the house.

He had discovered that there was a gang of theives and drug addicts living

behind the house up on a hillside. He had turned over information to the

police and was found dead by a neighbor several days later. He had been

shot through the chest.

The house had several occupants after that he had died, but it was never

occupied for long. We moved in in 1977. Things were bad from the minute we

had moved in. Cups would come crashing out of the cupboard, lights would

come on and off. Seaseme Street would change to a soap opera. Buckets of

paint would mysteriously diappear. However, my mom and dad were painting

one of the bedroom peach and that paint seemed acceptable because it

wouldn't disappear. One night, I was three, I went over and climbed into

bed with my mom and dad. We were living in both parts of the house and my

bedroom was one one side of the hall way and my aprents room was one the

other side of the hall way. The staircase was in the middle. As I was

going across the stairs, I heard someone call my name. I looked down and

there was an old woman standing ont he landing telling me to get back into

bed. She was wearing a brown and white, threadbare peasants dress, black

and white ringed stockings and had a green scarf tied on her head. She

pointed her boney finger at me and told me to be quiet and go back to bed.

I ran into my parents room and cried. My dad searched the house and found

nothing except a coffee mug smashed in the kitchen. He thought my mom had

smashed it and just left it for later. Mom looked at it the next day and

said that it wasn't ours and didn't know where it came from.

The next incident happened when we moved to Athens. I was 19 and just had a

baby. I was living in my apartment in The Plains. Nobody had told me the

history of my apartment and since the apartments had been built, nothing

strange had happened there. I had a spirit. It was on old man who was

wonderful. My apartment was the only one that had not been broken into, my

daughter's room was either warm in the winter or cool in the summer. This

was a natural impossibility. The sun set on my daughter's side of the

window, so she always got the last bit of sun and it should have been toasty

in there. It wasn't. It was almost as if we had airconditioning in that

room. We didn't have airconditioning at all. In the winter, it was hit

most brutal because the winds would whip into the side that faced her room.

I had proof. One night, after classes, my boyfriend had put my daughter to

bed then went to take his shower. I was sitting on the floor in the living

room working on homework. All of the sudden, I heard footsteps coming down

the steps. They stopped when the you could see up the steps. My boyfriend

continued with is shower and figuring he didn't hear anything, I didn't say

anything. He came down and asked why I came upstairs and why was my

daughter laughing in bed? I told him that I didn't go upstairs and I have

no idea why she was laughing. All of the sudden we heard footsteps pacing

in her room. We went upstairs and looked. There sat my daughter looking at

us like we were stupid and pointing. I felt a presence, but my boyfriend

just shook his head and went back downstairs. Later in the year, I was

getting ready to go out one night when I kept feeling something watch me and

play peek-a-boo with me. I was the only one in the house. I looked up and

saw a shape that eventually turned into a man's form. He looked at me with

great pleasure and then left. A few friends later saw him when we returned.

They had gone upstairs to use the bathroom and when they came down, they

asked who the guy was in the bedroom. I went upstairs and looked. I

thought he was a friend who had come in the back door and went upstairs. As

I went into her room, it was warm. I loudly explained that my daughter was

at her mama's house and she would be back the next night, he could play


On several ocassions, I felt an uneasiness in the house, like soemthing

wasn't right. I would check everything and make sure that someone wasn't in

the apartment. It would be, of course, empty. Then I realized that the man

was unhappy about something. I would loudly say, if you want to live here,

fine, just don't scare us or harm us. The feeling would go away.

Currently, I am working in a building that used to be part of a very bad

place where many people had died.

I have to be careful of what is said or done. Strange things have happened,

like light fixtures come crashing out of the ceiling, people laughing when

there is no one in the building, and the most strangest one I have heard.

Living people experience the strangest mood changes in the oddest places. I

have a very good reason to believe this building is spirited by what, at one

time, the insane.

The Whistling


Ok the house I live in now is haunted. We've been living here for about 10

years now. and ever since I was about 10 yrs old (I'm 19 now) I've had

strange things happen to me.

The 1st thing I remember happening was one day me and my sister were gonna go

roller skating and we needed to get some clean socks out of the laundry room

which is in the garage. So we both walked over to the door that lead into

the garage and I noticed that it was locked. So I reached down to open it

and the dorrknob turned and opened on its own. And we just kind of stood

there not knowing what was going on. Then about 1 minute later a huge stack

of boxes fell over. And there was no wind or anything to make them fall

over. Other stuff thats happened... we hear whistling all the time.. I

usually hear it when I'm up late at night on the computer. and the weird thing

is that its always right in my left ear and sounds as if its contained like

in a box or something. Also my sister and me share a room and we constantly

hear stuff happening back there.. for example: whistling, the shower door in

the back bathroom (which is attached to our room) I always hear what sounds

like a razor being picked up and slammed back down . My closet which is back

by the bathroom .. the door never stays closed. And theres no possible way

for it to just come open on its own because the doorknob broke off and to

open it you really have to work with it. One morning while everyone else was

asleep my mom heard the door slam shut. Also in my room theres my piano and

on top of it is a zither (a musical instrument) and my dad was walking

through to go take a shower and theres a little space to walk through to get

to the bathroom and at the time the zither was sitting in its usual spot on

the piano.. when he came out the zither was laying in the pathway. Other

times my parents hear the shower door acting up.. being slammed. Most of the

stuff that happens is to us kids like one night I was up reading and

everyone else was asleep and I got up to turn off the light and I got back

into bed and I noticed a weird glow coming from the bathroom. I just thought

it was a nightlight thats in there.. so I sat there watching it for a while

and all of a sudden I hear a loud click and it turns off. So I'm freakin out

and don't know what to do or think and then it comes on again. Then goes off

again. And that goes on for about 2 hours till I finally get up the courage

to start throwing things at my sister to wake her up. So she wakes up and

sees this and freaks out and so I start banging on the wall to wake my mom up

and she comes in and at the time it was off. So she thinks were making it

all up and goes back to bed. About a minute later it comes back on and I yell

at her again and she sees this and goes in there and come to find out its the

heater. And the notices that its really hot in the bathroom.. hotter then it

should be because the heater was only on for 2 mins or so... so she goes out

and gets some tape to tape down the switch.. and when she was gone it had

come back on. So she taped the switch down and asked for whoever was turning

it on to please stop cuz it could burn down the house.

It stopped that night. Another night me and my sis and my 2 cousins were

sitting in our room and we heard the toilet flush and the heater come on...

and we thought someone was back there.. but when no one came out they went

back to investigate and no one was in there and there's no other way for

anyone to get out of the room . So we ran out to tell my parents but no one

believed us. (this happened before the other heater incident) other things

that have happened.. I was in the room one night and I was listening to the

radio and I heard whistling and I know for a fact that there's no kind of

whistling in that song.. so I sat there for a while.. and then I felt

someone kick my bed. and then there was some kleenex sitting next to me on

the floor and they all of a sudden levitated and hovered there for a minute

and then dropped. another day I was sitting back at the piano and I turned

around for a minute and it started playing by itself. Our vcr always turns

on for no reason.. my dad heard whistling one night when he was asleep on

the couch... also our cats always freak out for no reason.. and one day my

dad was here alone and he heard a knocking on the front door and it was

really quiet and so he got up to see who it was but the only thing that was

out there was my cat. So we figured whoever it is just wanted to tell my dad

to let the cat in,. also last night I was sitting up in bed reading and I

noticed my cat (who was sitting on my bed) was watching something walk

through my room, go into the back and walk back through the room. this

happened several times and I couldnt get my cat attention. my other cat

during al of this was freaking out running away from something that wasn't

there. also another really starnge thing is... alot of times we let our

cats out and turn around to see them sitting behind us wanting to be let out.

and theres no possible way for them to get back in the house !

Also all of this activity seemed to have started after my friend brought over

a ouiji board several years ago... and I know now that you arent supposed to

mess with those things. Also we've had several of our psychic friends come

check it out and they've all said that there is something. Possibly a man,

and a woman and our old cat (which I have felt and heard) that died here.

and that it has something to so with a mirror I bought from a junk store that

has an odd shape and one lady in particular.. everytime she sees my mom she

tells her to turn the mirror around. she always knows when we've turned it

back around. well thats only some of the things that have happened here.

the ghost also seems to have attached itself to me for some reason.. I always

hear it other places. one night me and my sister and her boyfriend were

sitting up at the school playground close to our house and we heard the

whistling and we were sitting over where there couldn't possibly be anyone

else around cuz we could see everything going on. and then about an hour

later I was driving him home and me and my sis heard the whistling in the

back seat. also I had to take care of my grandma at her house for a while

and I was there late one night and the glass potpourri holder flew off the tv

and broke. and I was sleeping in the tv room one night and I heard the tv

trying to turn itself on.

no one has ever actually seen anything around here.. even though I thought I

saw someone walk down our hall one day.

Ghost or What?????


This happened in the late 6o's, if my memory serves me correctly. My

first husband and I had gotten married a few months before and with no

place to move we went into my grand fathers house, which at the time

had been empty, for the most part, since the early 50's after my

grandmother passed away. I need to mention also as a child I had grown

up in the house with my grandparents ,so it was like going home for me

but back to the story. After grandmother passed, grandfather always

swore he couldn't stay in the house for her yelling at him 'touching him

to get up and beating pots and pans, well as I was saying we moved

in and had lived their maybe three months when one nite without incident

at anytime, went to bed. just as we were settling in to sleep we felt a

slight rumble, not thinking about it my husband started to turn out the

lights and if I remember just as he started the rumble begain again.

Finally I said or maybe he did but I remember us asking one another what

that noise was, I guess it was me asking as I recall us thinking a dog

had somehow gotten under the house and shaking------ well within

seconds the whole house began to shake and the windows actually rattled

I do mean the house was moving to where we could feel the bed move and

see the window curtains move at the same time we heard the living room

door to the outside fly open! While all this was going on my husband

got up and dressed to go out to see if he could see anything I remember

telling him I will not stay in the house alone so I walked to the front

porch while he went around the house and didn't find a dog or anything,

we came in closed the door and started to get back in bed him telling

me it had to be a dog. Just as we were lying down the house began to

shake again and I do mean it shook as if it were going to fall in,; the

living room door flew open the kitchen door flew open and all the

windows rattled the bed came out from the wall a few inches ,it was

noticable ' at this time he jumped up I jumped up we ran out into the

living room closing the doors and pushing furniture up against the doors

within a few seconds it was over once again , we sat in the living room

and waited to see what would happen next and when it was quite for a

while we went back to bed I didn't sleep at all but we never heard

anything the rest of the night or never again , as far as the shaking

goes , but while living there I had other terrifying experiences that

has got me to the realization something is out there but what and where

and how!!!!!

Special Secret


Hi, just read your website! Well, I had a really strange experience

about four or five years ago. A week after my grandfather died, I was

home alone, washing the dishes. I turned off the water for a second or

two, and all of a sudden I got this really weird feeling. As if someone

was standing right behind me. It wasn't like I could hear anything

strange, or foreign, it just felt like there was an individual behind

me. I then hear a low, soft voice--

"....Jeessiiccaaaa...." It sounded like my grandfather's voice-and I

wasn't thinking about him at the time, either. I guess I got all

creeped out, because I turned on the water, the television, and the

radio. I didn't tell that to anybody for a long time....My little

special secret that I feel compelled to tell.

Haunted 2 flat in Riverdale


In the early 70's we lived in a 2 flat in Riverdale Il. We first rented

the upstairs apartment and never had anything uusual happen. After about

a year we moved down to the first floor apartment and then started

noticing a strange noise every night at 10:05 pm. It sounded like

someone upstairs was dropping one shoe just above the kitchen doorway.

Every night we would hear this sound. My husband of course put it down

as being the house just making ordinary noises because it was an old

wood frame house. A few months after we lived there we "adopted" a

great old schnauser dog from couple down the street who were moving and

couldn't take the dog with them. When we brought him home, he refused

to go down to the basement. He also would sit in the kitchen and wait

for the sound everynight, howl for a minute and then just go about being

a normal dog. We thought it was just because he was an older dog and

missing his old family, until the people in the upstairs apartment

bought a new puppy, and he did the same thing. Then it was a little

weird. I started talking to some of the older people in the

neighborhood and found out that the woman who had live their originally

had hung herself in the basement.

My 1st Experience With a Haunted House


All my life I have been fascinated with paranormal and true ghost

stories. But that had no alteration to what happened to me with my best

friend who never has had any interest or knowledge of hauntings.

She tempted me to go to the base in which she lived with the promise of

an authentic haunted house. I was immediatly interested and went out the

following weekend. Reading about how dogs seem to have a sixth sense

toward paranormal, I brought along my friend's beagle and basset hound.

She led me to an old, condemned hospital. It had been on the Air Force

Base since the beginning. It was old brick, and the windows were covered

with a thick white plaster. A large indent that looked like it could

have once been a porch with no doors was on the side of the building.

Before we went in, my friend called out the name of a captain who had

died there. The beagle suddenly froze and stared at a corner. My friend

called out another name, and the dog suddenly turned to stare intensly

at another corner. Taking the oppurtunity, we went to the first corner

and knocked on the window. Nothing happened. We went to the second

corner and lightly knocked. We heard a sound like a slight shuffling

coming from inside the building. We walked around the house to a new

indent. It had a big cement slab that could have once been a porch. We

went to the left corner, and we again knocked on the window. A sharp

knock immediatly sounded from the inside from the window next to ours. I

turned around and saw another indent. My friend muttered something about

a little girl. Like there was one near.

Throughout this, the dogs were stiff and staring at where we'd heard

the knock. I asked my friend about what she'd said, and she said she

just had "felt" the presence of someone that to her seemed to be a

little girl. I got a weird feeling that I didn't want to go near the

next indent. At all. The dogs had turned their attention to this new

corner, and seemed to feel the same way as I did.

My friend started to knock and listen on the new indent while I stayed

back. I heard a noise from part of the cement slab that I couldn't see.

It sounded like someone had heavily drug their shoe on the cement. I ran

over to see nothing. I felt a chilling, cold feeling all over for no

reason. My friend told me she felt cold, and asked if I felt the same. I


We came back the next day, and went to the first indent. To the window

where we'd heard nothing. When my friend knocked, we heard a "scream" It

sounded like a man, but in a low volume, almost like a tape recording

turned down. It's hard to describe, and it may sound corny, but it

sounded pained. I would thought someone was hurt inside, but it sounded

so strange, and like it was right next to us. Fear taking over we took

off. Later, coming back, we went back to the place we associated with

the little girl. I went over to a corner and felt overwhelmed by nasuea.

I reeled over, feeling horribly sick, and my friend practically drug me

out of there. The second I was out, I felt perfectly healthy. My friend

said while I was there she heard soft knocks and clocks ticking in the


When I was Young I saw a Ghost


I remember one night whan I was about 8 years old. I was always afraid of

the dark, well, not of the dark but the things I couldn't see or hear. I've

always been a terrible sleeper, even when that young so I woke up in the

middle of the night and I looked around my room, as I always did. I was

always scared that I would see something but I never did until that night.

There was a good looking young man with long straight brown hair in a tux.

Beside him was an enormous Huxky. They both just stood there and stared at

me. As I looked at them with a thousand questions running though my head.

As I kept staring at them the man slowly nodded and the dog looked up at

him, then they both just faded away. It is an experiece that I'll never

forget. No-one has died in my house as my parents bought it as soon as it

had been built. I was not scared but just felt kindred to the ghosts.

Story from Italy


I'm writing to you from Rome, Italy and reading and reading again your stories I

decided to tell about my personal adventure.

It was when I was a kid, say from 11 to 19 years of age; I was living in a

house with garden outside of Rome, it was me, my mother and my father, I don't

have any brothers or sisters.

Actually there was more than one single happening, here it goes: after, like

five or six months of our stay there we understood there was something

''special'' but only my mother and I believed in this, my father was skeptic.

Anyway let's begin from the start, once there were some of my parents friends

that came to see the new house we just bought ( I just want to add that they had

a dog, a little yorkshire terrier) and us kids in the living room, the house had

three floors and we were in the middle so there were the stairs that went up, at

a certain point the dog started running towards the stairs, stopped at the

beginning and started not barking but growling like a ferocious

animal........some of them thought he was nuts......not me neither my mother!

After nearly two years things got really worst, a great deal of my friends and

my mother's brother, my uncle just felt a hand touch them on their shoulders,

they would just freak out big time.

Another time, my mother was doing yoga in her bedroom ( but I didn't know that)

and at a certain point, I hear her call my name but in a scared tone, so I run

upstairs and find her still on the floor looking at me, she said Dario I was

doing some exercises and the cat just started hissing and making loud noises at

something unvisible under the bed, so she just started praying and after 30

seconds it stopped.


Let me tell ya I was........I can't tell ya!!!!!!!!

The last episode was this once my father went to see her sister in Northern

Italy, so my mother and I were left alone, at night we were woken up by huge

thumps on the wooden stairs, we just hugged, but after a minute of hoping it to

stop, my mother said she wanted to go and see if there was someone in the house,

because we just couldn't let them go.

At that time I was small so my mother told me just stay put, after coming back

from inspecting the house she was petrified, she saw nobody, nothing was broken,

the door wasn't forced............nothing!!!

I tell you that was a villa, there was nothing around us, no neighbours!!!!!!

Now we just moved house and the one we are staying in now is absolutely fine.



My name is Brenda and I have three stories to share with you. They will be

in condensed form but all three happened. I will make them in chronological

order so here goes number one. Most people can't remember much before the

age of five but I remember something that happened when I must have been between the ages of

3-4. I know it was around that age because I was still in a crib and even

though I am over 40, I still remember as if it were last night. I remember

that if I didn't fall asleep facing the wall, every night a little ghost wearing a different necktie would

come and stand beside my crib and stare at me. I know this sounds idiotic but I can

still remember, and in fact do still fall asleep facing the wall. I never

saw it otherwise.  The next one was when I was 19 and married. We bought an old house that had a

room in it that made me feel uncomfortable. My great aunt told me that the

house had a reputation about it and now I know why. I was asleep one night and my

husband was working night shift. Something woke me up and it was a gorgeous

summer night. My husband talked me into making our bedroom in the room that

made me feel odd and I did to please him. When I woke up I heard a rustleing

sound like somebody rummaging in a paper bag. I sat up in bed and when I did a bag of quilt

pieces that had belonged to my great grandmother and I had been working on,

lifted 5-6 inches off the dresser where I had set it the night before and

floated about 2 feet over the edge and fell. Just as I was getting up to try

and see what could have caused that, I heard my name whispered in my ear. I

sat the rest of the night on the porch waiting for my husband to get home and the next day moved our bedroom. That

seemed to be the only room in the house that felt "odd." The third one is

about a house we lived in in Indianapolis. My daughter was 3 when we moved

in and she constantly talked to someone we couldn't see. She called the spirits Big

John and Ancie. We thought maybe it was invisible playmates until one night when she

was 4 she told me good-bye instead of good-night, I said don't you mean

good-night? I still remember her sweet baby face say "no I mean good-bye. Ancie said she

was coming to take me to walk on the stars tonight." It wasn't until thenthat

she told me that Ancie gets in bed with her at night and she wears a long white dress and

feels like ice. I knew immediately that this was a spirit. I began to cry and

told her she couldn't go. She looked at me with her sweet little face and said "now that

you know Mommy she won't take me. Big John told me to tell you about her." I believe

that Big John was there to watch over her and make sure that Ancie didn't take her

to goodness knows where.But to make sure, she slept with me and my husband until

we could move from that awful place. I never saw anything there but I heard

plenty.  My daughter is 17 now and still remembers the experience.

My Home in Florida


Since I was little I have had an obsession with the paranormal. I guess this

started because my mother was the same way. But my first real paranormal

experience happened when I was about four years old. I would wake up and I

would feel so free. I would look down and realize that i was floating and I

could see myself down below still sleeping. My mother later described the

same thing happening to her when I mentioned it. I also had a recurring

dream of a goat chasing me through my house and right before I reached my

bedroom it would impale me on it's horns. I would wake up terrified. The

other thing that happened was that my mother and I would hear voices. They

came from the wall between the living room and my room. Sometimes they were

louder and more frightening than others. Especially if we were alone. The

voices still can be heard this very day from time to time. And a few months

ago I came home from work to have my mother tell me that there had been a

loud banging, as if someone was slamming a hammer into the side of our mobile

home. But there was no sign of anyone or any damage. The other things we've

experienced are isolated incedents where our cats would watch as if someone

crossing the room even if no one was there, my mother experienced the feeling

of someone sitting on the edge of her bed when she was alone, and I would see

shadowy forms out of the corners of my eyes. Another frightening thing is

when sometimes at night, the house shakes violently as if being pummeled by a

hurricane. This lasts anywhere from a few seconds to 2 minutes. Many of my

other friends in that town were experiencing things out of the ordinary too.

We sat outside discussing it one night until 4am. We decided maybe our

little town is a hotspot. Some saw a short figure which at first they

thought was someone far away with a lit cigarette but then they realized as

it got closer it was only the height of a sheepdog and the glowing red dot

was not a cigarette. They ran and by the time the ventured out to look for

it, it was gone. And once at a party a whole group of my friends saw the

apparition of a little girl in a nightgown who fled down the hall when she

was noticed.

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