The Kansas Gray Lady


As long as I can remember I was aware that I could sense another "dimension" or could at least

acknowledge that there was much more around than one can visibly see. In fact, many of my family

members have been similarly sensitive to stimulation from that outside "source". I have never

been concerned or startled by this awareness, and neither has my father, either of my cousins

(a brother and sister), or my aunt (their mother) who have all experienced, to some degree, this

personal quality. We always have had a silent understanding of our shared trait.

The eeriest and most fascinating of all my family's encounters did not involve my father, but

rather myself, my aunt, and my two cousins. My aunt, uncle, and their family lived in an old

farmhouse in the country about four miles outside a small town in the middle of Kansas. As two

of my mother's seven sisters met their husbands at my parents wedding, part of our family lived

close by, within an eighteen-mile radius of each other. Our family, at least my mother's side,

was quite close, with each of the three Kansas dwelling sisters giving birth to daughters within

an eight month period of time. My cousin, born a month earlier than I, and being sensitive like

I, has always been like a sister to me. Therefor I never doubted what she said or was surprised

to learn we had in youth experienced the exact same phenomenon in her childhood home.

Each time we had an opportunity to do so my mom and I visited her family. Often we would find

ourselves in that same yellow two-story house built in the 1900's. Although we never discussed it

when we were children, we later corroborated our stories when we were about eighteen years of

age. The house had a kitchen in the west through which the main entrance was gained, a family

room, two bathrooms, a very cold front room, one bedroom on the main floor and two sparsely

finished bedrooms joined by a large closet on the top floor. Many remarkable things happened in

the living room, front room and upstairs bed rooms. The house always had an unusually "occupied"

quality about it. Almost as if there were unseen quests. During my cousins' child hood in that

house my older male cousin experienced regular night terrors. The story was always the same, an

old woman, very pale, gaunt, and angered came from the closet to menace my cousin, shaking and

threatening him. Each night the same gray old woman would appear in my female cousin's bedroom

set on her bed and comfort her. Each morning my male cousin would not remember screaming the

house hold awake, but he would remember the gray woman. I too felt the presence of an old female

near me in the night when I went to my cousin's house for sleepovers. My aunt would repeatedly

find gray bobby pins in the area of the bathroom and kitchen sink, yet as she had short curly

hair, did not wear or own bobby pins at all! Things got stranger. Each time my aunt would dispose

of the pins, no more than two minutes later she would find the same number of gray pins on each

sink. The wooden rocking chair in the living room would rock quite violently on its own,

something that my cousins, my aunt and myself all witnessed. My cousins and myself often separate

ly saw the figure of a little girl in it, with curly brown hair and clothing that we all later

agreed appeared to be from the twenties. The girl gave the impression of being sad, ill, or

quietly angry. A cold sensation followed all of these occurrences.

The story behind the house was that of a more than normally dysfunctional family, which I found

out in adulthood from asking my mother. I was told that while the couple lived in that house

together for more than thirty-five years, for eighteen of those years the couple quit speaking

to one another. Disillusioned by the marriage, and a daughter that died young from an unnamed

illness while she was in her preteen years, the father died in the house at middle age. However,

the gray lady who seems to haunt the house fits the description of the bitter, angry wife and

mother who lost her daughter and marriage. This woman died in the local nursing home around

eighty years of age, having survived all of her family members. Apparently she could never quite

leave the past behind. So much in fact, she couldn't seem to leave her old family home.



About 15 years ago my girlfriend's(later my wife) mother called in the

middle of the night, knowing that she was with me. Her husband, my wife's

stepfather, had been murdered by a friend in a heated argument. He had been

shot numerous times.

This gentleman was what was commonly referred to as a Mafia Associate, not

being Italian but Irish he was hired and used to perform various functions

and deeds. He was not a nice person and personally didn't care for me.

After the services and interment some days later, we began to visit my

wife's mother to console her and see after her. She was and is a very

strong person and really didn't need more than company. During one of the

visits she calmly said, "Tommy is still around and is trying to let me

know". I was younger and didn't put much stock in this. Later that week,

she was asked to go on a trip that would last about a week and she asked us

to see after her numerous cats.

Upon entering the house to feed the cats the following evening, we noticed

all the lights on in her quite large house. Understand that I had really

not been allowed to visit the house during his life, I felt rather strange

to begin with. My wife asked me to go upstairs and turn off all of the

lights and I reluctantly agreed.

Upon entering the bedroom, I noticed a lamp on on the dresser and turned the

switch, nothing happened, I found it odd and dangerous that the switch was

malfunctioning and could cause a fire in the very old house. I decided to

unplug the lamp from the wall and upon looking behind the dresser , I found

it unplugged yet still burning. This frightened me very much and I called

out to my wife who immediately said "lets get out, Tommy is here". The

spirit or poltergiest drove us out of the house with lights flashing on and

off and books falling off of shelves until we were outside.

To this day the house still stands and is usually empty as it has become a

rental property and my wife and I find amusement in seeing how long a tenant

will stay until the rent sign is back up.

Later my wife told me that during her years living there, there were

frequently strange occurances . She had lived in a curious 5 sided room and

had read that these types of rooms were "gateways" for spirits, I have no

way of confirming this yet the house did have at least 2 of these 5 sided

rooms in it.

We live in a very old part of Dallas with a lot of history and at least 2 of

our homes have had "visitors" one other was malevolent in nature and we

discovered that someone had once lived there that had been murdered outside

of the home. Our present home has a happy gentleman who sometimes appears

in our hallway, curiously always walking away and turns his head to smile

before fading away. He causes and means no harm and appears frequently.

Upon investigation we discovered from older residents that our home was

always a happy house with many parties and get togethers and we carry on the

tradition to his pleasure we think.

The Knocking lets me Know!


My name is Lisa Thompson and I live in a haunted house. But mine is of a

good nature. I've lived here for almost 10 years now and I seen it quite

frequently for the firs 5 years and so have people that have lived here.

I kinda see it as a gaurdian angel, because it comes to me when there is

trouble. If people of bad nature come here it let's me know by knocking

on closet doors or something of that nature. Usually this type is not

aloud in my haouse because I feel I have a good proceptio of this typw

of people. I also can since this paranormal phonomanon. Have'nt had this

proven but it runs in my family. I'm sometimes ask for this kind of help

from friends if they suspect such. The ghost in my house only has

physical contact with me. For instance I had a close friend that was

dying of cancer. my childs grand was his nurse and told me of his

progress. When he was taking his last monents on ths earth , he came to

me and grabed at my feet while I was in bed, I thought not that much of

it being that I had experiacne with him quite often, and was never

afraid of him. But this time was different. He appeared to me in a

shadow,which I had'nt seen hi before. And come close to my face as

though to take my breath. My boyfriend at the time was there and awake

listening to me tell him what was happening. He understood because he

had seen things also. At this time I was afraid because I did'nt

understand why? This occured several time in a matter of minutes. and

right after I got a call from this person whom I mentioned that he had

passed. Several time before I had some occasion when my child was

dreaming and about to fall off the bed and I heard constant rapping on

the wall before she fell in the floor.There are other things that have

happened also but if your interested I shall tell you at anther time.

Small things. But this is my story. Thanks

Heres One..


I have a true story of a ghost, my Grandfather. About six years ago, my

grandfather died, due to heart and liver cancer. I was in his hospital room

when it happened, it really hurt me, as well as my family.

About four months later, I woke up from a dream about him, I

was very sick at the time, and felt the need to get some water. So, I


to go downstairs, but right when I got to the third stair, I stopped. I

looked in front of me, and there, sitting on my downstairs loveseat, was a

blurry object. Yes, it looked like him, but, oh, you know, I thought my eyes

were playing tricks on me.

I looked down and took on step, then I looked back. And there

he was, in full visibility. Just then, he looked at me, I got scared and

took one step back, starting to cry. He was holding my Fathers guitar, playing it

normally, but with no sound. Right before I got ready to go back in my room,

scared stiff, he made a gesture, then, he started talking, but, as I said

before, with no sound.

I ran, as fast as I could back to my room, then started crying.

I couldn't figure out if I was seeing things, or if it was him. But to this

day, I still remember.

I am Witness to Spirits

By; Debbie Starling

My name is debbie starling I wrote you quite awhile back concerning some black hooded figures I

saw as a child. I told you I had not exsperienced anything else since that time many years ago


I had'nt until recentley. Just after I wrote you I moved into anothe home, its old approx. 80

years old possibly 90 well I have felt a strange and unusual attachment to this home!! Since I

have been here I saw out of the cornor of my eye so I thought it to me imagination, I saw a man

standing in my laundry room. Not only I saw him my husband has seen him also and my youngest son

16. One morning a few months ago i woke up in the morning my husband was saying goodbye for the

day. I was groggy but looked up at him and what I saw maid me scream, I saw demons all around

him!! He's a kind and gentel man also an ordained minister. He was smiling as he does every

morning but these gross ugly looking demons were not!!! I did'nt mention it to him only told him

I was startled and he went to work and I surpringly went back to sleep. Later I told him of what

i saw. I've not seen them any more. However i have witnessed some other things. I listen to

meditation tapes, and I listen to sounds of nature and whales and things like that keeps me

balanced. Keeps my noisey cockatoo clyde balanced too, and really i was playing it to quiet him

down. I was playing the whales in the ocean my husband was playing on his computer and i was just

sitting listening, I've heard this tape over and over, but this evening I heard a little girls

soft voice say " mommy", it sounds like typical scarry movie stuff, so I thought it was really

strange, I looked at my husband and ask did you hear that? He said yeah i did!! I replayed that

tape listen to see if some of the frequencys could have just sounded like that, but no never

heard it again. But thats not all, items of ours are always being transferred from the places

we put them. Like combs, jewlery, simple things. It makes me feel like I'm going nuts cuz I know

where i put things I'm a neat freak. But what takes the cake and made decide to write to you is

this, We remoded our bed room so I wanted to take some before and after photos, well when we got

the photos developed, theres things in these photos. One of then it appears to be thick smoke

rising up from the bed getting thicker near the ceiling it takes up the entire width of the bed..

... I was just joking when i told my husband and here is our ghosts!Until I decided to peruse

your site, And I saw photos with the same kind of smoke!! then i saw little orbs in some of the

photos I thought that was interesting because i use to beable all my life to see these type orbs

with my eyes and never thought any thing of it , because i saw them all my life. Well I pulled

up the photo of the smoke, and started looking thru our photos to see if it looked similiar and

as I was looking i noticed in all the photos of our bedroom both day and night same day and

different day there are little round circles in every bedroom piture!! they are next to my

husband in one photo of him installing our ceiling fan and then around my son in another picture

above his head as he plays with our bird clyde.!! No orbs in the living room or kitchen photos

only the bedroom and in every photo excep one!! i had'nt noticed these, but caught my eye by

accident cuz I had one of your photos pulled up on the screen and said Oh my God Bill these may

really be ghosts afterall. So I told him I'd write you on what to do I don't have a scanner,

but I will send you the photos snail mail if you'd like to take a look. I don't really know what

to do about all this, Bill tells me becareful but i want to know who, why when and how can I

help? He tells me i may not want to know but i do!!

Indiana hauntings...


I come back to your web site, day after day, and read

the stories of people who are confused, or upset, or

scared... they can't understand WHY they have

suddenly seen or felt or heard something

unexplainable. My maternal grandmother was a

wonderful little Italian woman, with a very

deep-seated belief in what the people in these stories

continually refer to as hauntings. She believed that

spirits live around us, everywhere, in every home,

every empty lot... they just exist on a different

plane. She also believed that all humans are born with

the ability to 'see' into this other plane.... but

most people choose to block that ability, either from

fear, or ignorance, or because they were told it was

just their imagination. Needless to say, because I

grew up with such a wonderful influence, my ability to

'see' was constantly exercised. She refused to allow

us to block our gift. My oldest daughter, who is now

17, had the benefit of spending many hours with this

woman, and was also encouraged to develop her gift of

sight... because of this, we have hundreds of

incidents that we could relate to your readers.

Instead, we have chosen to focus on some of the

happier 'hauntings' we have experienced over the


In 1985, we moved to Indiana, a state rich in

folklore and with more than its fair share of reported

'hauntings'. We moved into a house on West 6th St in

Muncie. It was an old two-story, and had been turned

into rental property years earlier. We had temporarily

lived with my husband's mother while house-hunting,

and when we came upon this house, we couldn't believe

our luck... all the other homes we had looked at had

been obscenely expensive in the amount of rent they

were asking... yet this one was well within our

budget. The owners of the house also owned numerous

other rental properties, and the rents on all their

other homes were double what they were asking for this

one. We just assumed that it was because of the

location, but felt so lucky to find a place to live

that we didn't ask a lot of questions. We also found

it odd that they didn't require a deposit, or a signed

lease - when I questioned them, they just shrugged and

said that for some reason, nobody ever stayed there

for over a month or two, and they just considered it a

waste of time to deal with all the paperwork involved.

We moved in that same day... the house was already

mostly furnished, so it didn't take long to get

unpacked, and begin to claim the house as our own.

Because of the very young ages of the kids (1, 2 & 3)

we elected to use one of the rooms downstairs as their

bedroom. The stairs of the home were very steep, and I

didn't want to take a chance on one of them getting up

late at night, and ending up at the bottom of the

stairway. We turned the two upstairs bedrooms into a

huge playroom, complete with child security gate at

the edge of the landing. During the day, the kids and

I would go upstairs where they could play, and I set

my pc up in one corner of the north bedroom, which was

the larger of the two. Within just a matter of days, I

began to notice what I thought was rather strange

behavior on my children's part... they almost totally

avoided the south bedroom of the upstairs area. If

there was a toy in there that they wanted, they would

ask me to get it for them, or else they would make a

mad dash into the bedroom, grab the toy, and run back

into the north bedroom. I asked them several times why

they didn't like it, and the only answer I could get

from my two year old was 'scary'. My oldest daughter,

who was 3 at the time, told me she didn't like the old

lady in that room. She told me that the old woman

'looked mean at her' when she was playing in there. I

didn't attempt to tell her she was seeing things, or

that it was just her imagination. I just told her that

maybe the old woman just didn't know how sweet she (my

daughter) was, and perhaps they could be friends in

time. End of discussion.

Days turned into weeks, and things seemed totally

normal in the house. Except for the fact that some

mornings, I would get up, walk into the kitchen, and

the fridge door would be standing wide open. There was

no way one of the kids could have opened it... that

thing had a death grip when closed. It took all my

strength to pull the door open. It just became one of

those things you chalk up to 'old house settling,

fridge becoming off balance for a minute, and breaking

the seal, so the door pops open' kinda things. But

then, other things began happening.

My husband and I had taken the entry room from the

front porch as our bedroom. We used a room divider to

block the majority of the room from view of the front

door, just making somewhat of an entry hall into the

middle room, which we used as the living room. I began

to hear little sounds from upstairs, very late at

night. Kind of a very soft pacing sound back and forth

across the south bedroom floor, directly in front of

the window on the south wall. And during the night,

when I made my first of several trips to check on the

kids to make sure they were covered, I would find them

completely tucked into their beds. Their covers would

be tucked in between the mattress and box springs on

their beds... and I NEVER tucked them in like that.

They hated it... said they couldn't move. I would just

say "thank you" into their room, and leave. I knew

someone was watching over them in their sleep.

As time went on, we finally began to meet some of the

neighbors; in particular, the ones who lived to the

northwest of us. Margie and Ernie were just very

plain, down-to-earth people. They had relocated to

Muncie in the early 50's, and had lived in that same

house since the day they arrived in Indiana. Over the

course of coffee in the mornings, and tea out in the

back yard in the late afternoons, I began asking them

questions about the history of that house. They told

me it had been turned into a rental home in the early

70's, after the original owners (an old woman and her

severely retarded son) died within two weeks of each

other. Apparently the son had become entangled in his

blankets one night, and smothered to death. His

bedroom was the south bedroom upstairs. After his

death, his mother isolated herself in his bedroom,

pacing back and forth in front of the window... until

one morning, when her grandson (now the owner of the

home) went to check on her, and found her dead on the

floor of her son's bedroom. Right underneath the

window. The coroners report said she died of natural

causes, but Margie said she literally died of a broken

heart and guilt. Margie also told me that all the

other renters that had moved into that house had all

moved out in a very big hurry... sometimes leaving

almost all their possessions in the home, simply

because they refused to enter it again.

I also finally got an answer to the 'open fridge

door' problem. Apparently, the son would get up in the

middle of the night, go into the kitchen, and sneak a

jar of mayonnaise out of the fridge. Only apparently

he knew that if he shut the fridge door, his mother

would hear him, so he always left it open. Margie told

me his mother would half-gripe about it quite often to

her. We lived in the house for over a year before we

finally found a home in the country, and we never had

any 'bad' problems with our ghostly residents. I just

always told her 'thank you' every night for watching

over my children, and I never complained about the

open fridge door. (And no, my mayonnaise never came up

missing, either!)

Living Ghost Story-an encounter?


Some History:(this is all relevant to my dream)

In Oct of 1984 I got married and moved 3,000 miles from Pennsylvania to


In the spring of 1985, in Pennsylvania my best friend "Debbie" from

childhood was in her senior year of highschool.

The night of my dream, I had the most vividly colored dream I have ever

experienced! It started off with my husbands best friend "our best man"

from our wedding who is also a paramedic, his name is "Joe".

My Dream......

I saw Joe, he was approaching me, I was so very surprised to see him in

California. I tried to question him on what he was doing here but all he

would say to me was "There is someone I need to take you to see, come on

lets go"

I climbed into his car and off he drove me... down country roads vivid,

beautifully colored fields and hills, all the while Joe was driving I

was questioning him on where he was taking me and what was wrong only to

recieve the same answer: "There is someone I need to take you to see...

gawd, I missed the turn!"

Joe drove on thru gorgess countryside.. only to keep missing some

blasted turn he was suppose to take. I was beginning to get very

frustrated with him!

Finally he reached our destination... the car approached this gigantic

white manor with a circular drive way, the flowers and the colors and

the sounds at this place were ever so distinct!

As we drove up the drive I noticed that the manor house was a Furneral

home. Joe said "there is someone here I want you to see, she has been

asking to see you"...

Joe led me through the door, there was a party going on, music, dancing,

how odd!... a party in a furneral home? I looked around quickly and was

soooo confused thinking what a strange place to hold a party.

Suddenly my friend Debbie comes into the furneral's foyer, a look of

confusion on her face and says "BETSY!!". I stared at her surprized to

see her there and said "Debbie! how are you?!" Debbie looked at me in a

very confused way and mumbled something totally off the wall, I couldn't

catch exactly what she said but it was a totally irrelevant response to

my question.

I stepped up to her looked closely at her and said "Debbie, how are you,

are you OK?"

Debbie's reply was "I'm not so good now, but I'm going to be fine"....

(End of Debbie sequence)

There is more, Joe drives me home... the landscape is grey, cold, no

color, no leaves just barren roads and barren woods. Uneventful... I

wake up disturbed by this really strange dream.

The next morning I get a call from my mother-in-law with the news that

Debbie had an anyorisim (sp?) burst in her brain the previous day in

school in the lunch cafeteria. Joe had called her from the hospital, he

was the attending paramedic that arrived on scene and relayed that

Debbie was in a coma, things didn't look good and they really did not

think that she would pull through this incident. I was devastated!

Well Joe kept a close eye on Debbie for me on a daily basis, and in a

week, on mothers day, she came out of her coma... and a few weeks after

that, she graduated highschool from her wheelchair. Debbie is still

doing OK, but she will never be herself even after so many years. But

she's alive and has quality to her life.

I'm not sure if this is a living ghost story, but it was very confusing

and unsettling.

I thought you may find it interesting. Feel free to use it if you wish.

Hope I didnt bore you.

3-Part Ghost Story


I have a three part story, here goes: IN 1983 I was living in an apartment

right next to an old cemetary here in Tallahassee. The apartment was on the

second floor over a garage and there was a "mirror"image apartment right

next to it. One afternoon in early spring I was napping in my room when I began

to hear footsteps and conversation in the front of the apartment. I thought

it was my roommate, Bridgett. I opened up my eyes and standing at the foot

of my bed was a young man who was petting my cat Lucy.(she is now deceased).

He was slim, wearing a flannel shirt and bluejeans. His hair was in the style

of the 70's: longish to his collar and parted way on the side,swept over,

(Look at some old highschool pictures and you'll know what I mean) and blond

.He stood there for a moment as I continued to here footsteps and

conversation in the front;I thought Bridgett was out there and this guy was

her friend. As I gathered my wits an realized that he was uninvited into my

bedroom no matter who he was, he sort of just dematerialized. I sat up in

my bed , still hearing voices and called out to my roommate: no answer. I got

up to investigate but the apartment was empty except for me and my cat Lucy.

The next part begins in 1990. My local paper was soliciting ghost stories for

the Halloween issue and mine was printed. A few days later, a guy called me

on the phone and asked if the garage apartment was at 800 N. Brounough

Street.(the paper did not give the address, only a general description) I

answered "yes" and he described the exact place. He asked me to look at a

picture of his friend who once lived in that apartment to see if he was my

intruder. He sent the picture by mail and the young man was wearing a

flannel shirt, bluejeans and had longish blond hair. It could have been the same

guy, but I was not sure. His friend had lived in that very same apartment

when he was killed in a parachuting accident in 1978.

Part three was in 1994. I was working with disabled adults and it was near

Halloween so I asked people for their own ghost stories. The teacher, Matt,

said " I was at this party once on Brounough street..." I interupted him,

"Do you mean 800 N. Brounough, an old church with the garages converted in

to apartments?" "Yes, how did you know?" I nearly fell over. I told him my

story then he told me his. In 1982 , he was in the front (mirror image)

apartment when he heard someone walking up the stairs. A young blond man in

a FLANNEL SHIRT walked past the window and knocked on the door. Matt got up

to let him in the door but when he opened it, there was no one there. This

really happened, I promise.

My Eerie Feeling


I live in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. For many years, there has been a rumor

around the area about the small college town outside of Mt. Vernon

called Gambier. The college that is in this town is called Kenyon

College. The town has a very strange atmosphere about it. All the

buildings are very old (19th century and early 20th century) except for

the newer homes and a few dorms that have been built in the area. Going

through this town gives me the wierd feeling (probably because of the

rumor that I've heard). Everybody I talk to seems to know about it. The

rumor is that Gambier is one of the seven gates of Hell in the world.

People have told me that it is on top of a hill in the woods where a

house once stood many years ago back when the town was founded. I've

never seen it but some people say that the basement of the house still

remains there. I have seen the stone pillars at the end of the driveway

or road that leads to it. The road of course is all grown over with

forestry but the pillars at the entrance are still there. I had one vey

eerie experince one day back when I was in high school. Some friends and

I were in the Gambier area squirrel hunting. It was an early fall

afternoon and it was warmer out than what it usually is for that time of

year. It was around 70 to 75 degrees. We went into the woods and found a

place that looked good for sitting and waiting for the squirrels to come

around. I was sitting there looking around when I suddenly felt the

temperature drop. It felt like it dropped 20 to 30 degrees within a few

seconds. It got cold enough that I began to see my breath in the air. I

was only wearing a hooded sweatshirt. I was getting cold so I found my

friends and asked them if they felt the cold and they replied yea, they

did. We decided that we really didn't care to hunt anything that much so

we left. The moment we stepped out of the woods, the temperature raised

back up to what it is was before (70 to 75 degrees). We stood around my

truck for a few minutes talking and I asked one of my friends where

exactly the so called Gates Of Hell were located. He looked at me and

snickered a little bit and said "You know, as a matter of fact where we

were sitting was less than 100 yards from it. Thats when he showed me

the stone pillars at the end of the road that led to the place where the

house once stood. I've heard everybody talk about the stone pillars

being the entrance to it, but I never knew where they were until my

friend showed me. Every once in a while I will drive through Gambier and

I will get that same eerie feeling I had that day in the woods. There

are other ghost stories that people will talk about that goes on in the

Mt. Vernon area. Some of the popular stories are stories about the

Curtis Mansion that was built back in the 19th century before the Civil

War. The house once was a place where part of an underground railroad

led to. You can still see some of the remains of it around the house and

across the street from it in an old cemetary. One of the other legends

is the legend of Susie's grave. She was a little girl who died in a

fire. Her house was on fire and she had ran back into the house to get

her doll but she never came back out. She was buried in the family

cemetary which is all grown over with weeds now, but back in school some

friends and I were goofing off one day after school and we went to her

grave site. There were all kinds of bones lying around. They appeared to

be human bones. They looked too big to be animal bones. But nothing

wierd happened when went to the grave site, so there is not much tell.

I have always been facinated about the paranormal. Anytime a special

on T.V. comes on about it, I'm there. I also love reading about the

paranormal. I think that the paranormal is proof that there is

definitely life after death and that there is definitely a places on the

side, some that are good and some that are evil. What I felt in the

woods that day didn't feel very peaceful. I felt very cold and

disturbing. I sometimes wonder if something evil was flirting with me.

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