By: kirnan@telusplanet.net

Dear friends,

This is one of the weirdest and strangest moments of my life ever that I

am about the share with you. Please do not think that I am insane or

making it up. I really am not either one of the two, actually, I am a

very level headed individual who had a strange experience which of I

have never spoken before. Here it is:

I have been with my husband for ten years now. I met him in July, 1989,

and I had never met his father, as he passed away in December, 1989. I

have however seen many photo's of this man and would know him if I met

him on the street.

A few years after my husband and I had met I started College to expand

my career. I had three children already and wasn't prepared to have

anymore at the time, I did, however become pregnant in 1993. This was

four years after the death of my husbands father. This is where it

get's a little crazy for me:

We had decided through a lot of tears and torment to terminate the

pregnancy and went ahead with it. (It was the worse decision of my

life) anyhow, about two days after I got home from the hospital I woke

up from a very hard slap across the face, chest and felt my breasts

being fondled. I thought it was my husband but he was sound asleep and

rolled over on his side of the bed, it could not of been him. I know it

wasn't, because I saw a figure hovering over top of me when I woke up

which looked exactly like his father had in the photo's I'd seen before.

He then slowly almost floated to the doorway of our bedroom and left. I

was so freaked out that I woke my husband up immediately, he thought I'd

dreamed it, but I know I didn't, I was wide awake. I sat up in bed

frozen stiff, I will never forget how scared I was. I could not sleep

for weeks, the nightmare's still bother me to this day.

I believe that my baby that I'd given up intentionaly is with his

grandfather in heaven being looked after. Apparantly this man hated

death and loved children immensley. This man was in world war 2 and did

not believe in murder or harming anything or anyone and I think what I

did was disgusting as did he thinks too.

While this is just one of my experiences in this house, I have to add

that my daughter was six at this time and complained a lot about having

a bath there. She would freak out and start crying often that the

shower curtain would fly up and all over the place.

We had many of these strange things happen to us in the past years since

my hospital stay. Somedays I will be having a little nap after work and

I wake up to whispering and soft noises. I swear that I hear them. Am

I nuts? This has followed us no matter where we live, I think we just

have a guardian angel in a sense perhaps. Nothing has ever harmed us at

least. If anything as bizarre as the first incident ever happens again

though I will be sure to share the experience with you.

True Experiences

By: JMu3523541@aol.com

This story was handed down to me from my grandmother and she would get highly

upset when my brother and I would fight and get angry with each other and

utter those words that weren't allowed in my house. "When I die I'm going to

come back and haunt you."

It all started back when my grandmother was a little girl of 3yrs old.(Yes

she still remembered it up until the day she passed on.) My grandmother was

born half Cherokee Indian and my great grandmother was a full blooded Indian

married to a "whiteman". Back in those days it was unheard of for this to

happen and so they all faced ridicule in the community.

My great grandparents did own a general store and did a good business. The

problem arose in a mild competition between my grandmother and her next door

neighbor. They would always try to top each other as far dressing up and

showing off their daughters. This was something the next door neighbor could

not stand. Even though next door had more of the wealth, my grandma was

always dressed to the nine.

One day the next door neighbor took ill from pneumonia and my

great-grandmother went over to make amends with her because she was at

death's door.

As usual the two got into an argument and the last thing that the next door

neighbor said was "When I'm dead I'm going to haunt you."

Well, the lady did die and a few days later (after the funeral my grandmother

could always recall it as if it were yesterday) the family was awoken by a

huge ruckus downstairs. She would tell us how her mother came running into

her room and picked her up bring her to the staircase and shouting into

creaking steps, "This is an angel of God and if you should harm one hair on

her head may you forever be damned to hell!" She then would tell of how as

my great-grandmother finished that sentence the creaking on the steps stopped

proceeded to head down the other way with more ruckus down stairs in the

store and then the front door blew open.

The next day they went down to the store (there was no way they were going

down there that night) and found 50Lb. flour kegs thrown across the room,

shelves pulled down 100Lb. kegs of nails thrown about like they were cotton


Till the day she passed on she would always remember that night and would

always argue with my brother and I when we would bring up that saying. She

would never let us sleep until we swore by God that we took it back and that

we didn't mean it.


By: GypsyCult@aol.com

My cat, Daisy, had to be put to sleep after she developed feline leukemia.

Not long after her death, she came back for a few short visits. I was lying

in bed one morning, awake, but not ready to get up. I felt her familiar step

at the foot of the bed. She crept up the bed and finally settled on my

knees. Then the feeling was gone. My father told me that he had similar

experiences with kitty paws walking on him. My mother, father and I all saw

her sitting in the hall. We would almost trip over a cat that wasn't

physicially there. I am glad she came back to let us know she was all right.

Ghost in my Home

By: country_girl77@hotmail.com O-board story

I had bought a Ouija Board when I was in grade six or something (approx. 7

years ago). Me and my friend played it constantly. We were completely

addicted to it. It was like an obsession. It was fun. We got a kick out of

being able to talk to ghosts. Never again will I touch it. And I have no

nerve to throw it away either because I am afraid that if I do, horrible

things will happen. I will tell you why.

Me and my friend would play it for hours on end. We talked to so many

"spirits" and were amazed by the fact that this board was actually working.

On one incounter, I was in my bedroom playing it with her and we asked it

to do something to show it was there. Stupidest thing I ever did. I asked it

to make my CD that was playing to skip. Now this was a brank spankin new CD.

No scratches. It started to uncontrollably skip. I was so scared and so was

my friend. The cursor (I don't know what its called) started moving rapidly

on the board. It calmed down eventually. We put the board away and even

after that, kept on playing it. Every weekend, sometimes during the week.

Lights in my house would go on and turn off by themselves. It didn't really

bother me too much because the lights were self touch lamps. All you had to

do to turn it on was touch it. So I fugured they were just getting old. I

had stopped playing the board for quite a while because it was just scaring

me. I had pretty much forgotten about I guess you could say and then saw it

in the hall closet. I left it there, and then one day it was under my bed. I

didn't put it under my bed, so I am still wondering how it got there. I try

not to let these things scare me though because ghosts or spirits like

people they can scare. Thats the way I see it anyway. So don't let myself

seem scared when weird things happen. Like if I feel a presense in the room,

I try not to look around. Or if I sense something out of place, I will make

it seem like I didn't even notice. Nothing weird had happen for a while.

Then we moved. Family friends moved into our old house. They told me that

some weird things had happen when they first moved in. They were eating and

listening to music and the stereo went off by itself. That is impossible

because for it to go off you have to flick a switch. Then another day they

were eating dinner and the stereo went on by itself when they were watching

TV. They told me about it, not knowing I had played the board in there. I

told them about it though. I said that they probably have a ghost. Ever

since I said that, nothing has happened. Now weird things happen at my new

house. Did it follow me home?

One day I was on the phone and when I was done the phone would not hang up.

We only have 2 phones. So I unpluggedt he phone frome wall and plugged it

back in and it still wouldn't work. There was no noise. Just silence. It

worked again 10 minutes later.I was scared, but didn't show it. Then about

two days later the phone rang and it was my friend. Then about 1 minute

later my phone call display said "extention in use" whic means someone was

on the other phone. Well my mom was the only other person home and i asked

to to get off the phone, but it turned out she was standing right behind me.

She wasn't o the phone. I just remembered that my phone was in my room.

(Cordless phone). I went up to my room to turn it off or see what was wrong

with it. When I creeped into my room, My phone was right beside my bed. I

grabbed it and it was off. I went down stairs and the call display no longer

said extention in use.

It kind of makes you wonder doesn't it. Is there ghosts out there? In my

home, or in MY room?

An Interesting Evening

By: RaPIer2K@aol.com

About three months ago both my mother and I decided to take a vacation, after

visiting your website I thought that it would be interesting to visit some of

the places that you listed in your section of Haunted places in America.

Both of us decided to go to Louisiana, because we love the state. We left Ft.

Worth TX And drove to Baton Rouge, where I convinced my mom to make the trip

to St. Francisville LA. We stayed the night at the Myrtles Plantation, this

is how our night went.

After we went to the store to get some food, we came back and sat down on the

back porch outside the entrance that would lead upstairs to our room. Now

both of us were nervous, because we were staying at the "Most Haunted House

in America" there were a few animals running around the grounds, one was a

gray cat and the other was a golden retriever puppy. We fed both of them

roast beef that we got at the store, but when we tried to coax them into the

house with it, they wouldn't dare come close to us. My mom actually picked

the cat up and brought it upstairs, when she set it down it dropped onto it's

stomach, laid it's ears back and ran out down the stair staying as close to

the wall as possible. This wasn't a very comforting action, it wouldn't have

bothered me if that was all that happened.

Around ten 'o clock while my mom was resting, since she didn't think she

was going to get much sleep, you could very faintly here a piano. In the

morning we checked the piano to find out that it didn't play in tune, and

half the keys didn't play at all, but the music during the night was

beautiful. Also you could here the creaking footsteps of someone walking

upstairs, and since my mom and I were the only people staying that night it

kept us awake.

I think that the most exciting thing that happened from the trip, was when

the pictures were developed. In the main entrance there is a large mirror,

and if you take pictures of it, more often than not there is something in the

mirror that's not there when the picture is taken. We developed a little

girl, one of the daughters that died in the house. But there are two spots on

the picture that I have questions about. I don't have a scanner but I can

send the picture to you so that you can verify if there is something in it or

not. If you could please respond with an address that I can send it to I

would appreciate it. I hope you liked the story,

feel free to post it on your site.

Traveling Spirits

By: seamist@i-enternet.com

My name is Brenda and I have a story that you

may find interesting. As I begin to type it out..I have to wonder to myself

where I should begin. I'll start off by saying that I have been used as

some type of 'portal' for spirits for about 13 yrs now. It all began when

I was about 17 years old and while my parents were going through a

divorce. The first couple of incidences that occured didn't really phase

me ..I moreless dismissed them as some weird kind of dream. But, later I

realized otherwise. The first incident happened while I was sleeping and I

had the distinct feeling that someone was 'tickling' my feet. I shrugged

it off and fell back asleep. The second night this same thing happend once

again. It was till morning that I remembered that strange experience and I

thought to myself..wow..I remember someone tickling my feet..hmm..weird I

thought to myself. Then went about my day as usual. That next night..I was

terrified for the first time at what transpired. I was dreaming and in my

dream I was disturbed by an angry male spirit I saw myself looking down at the

rest of my body ..neckdown, and felt this male spirit straddled across my

stomach. I felt instantly that this was no normal..bad dream or

nightmare..but that I could actually feel this presence and even felt the

pressure of his knees burrowing in my bed matress. This was all happening

in a sleep-state yet I was fully aware of the sensation occuring on the

mattress. I said in my sleep..Please God help me..help me..The

spirit in turn responded..in an evil laugh..Hah ha ha!!! NOBODY IS GOING

TO HELP YOU!!( I get goosebumps as I remember all of this).

Well, I was 'helped' because I was instantly woken up and released from his

presense. From that night on until this day. I have been bothered by

spirits but only in a dreamstate. In the past 3 or 4 yrs I have been bothered

less frequently I am glad to say. But if I have a bad day or have an arguement

with my husband..they come to me again and bother me. The ways they have

bothered me are always physically in a dream state..squeezing my sides..or

poking me with a finger,etc.

Occasionally there will be a spirit come to me

in a dreamstate and try to 'lead me away'.To where? I don't know..because up to this point

I've been able to distinguish it as being a spirit and I've been now

able to take control in my dream and make it let go of me by simply refusing to

let it have it's way. Once I decide I know what it is and what it is trying to

do..I've been able to wake up immediatly. Every night is the same ritual for me

I say a prayer to be protected by God and ask for the Lord to encircle me with

the holy white light so that no evil spirits may bother me while I sleep. I draw

an imaginary 'cross sign' in the middle of my forehead while I lay in bed and I

also sleep with scissors under my pillow. This sounds crazy and I wouldn't tell

anyone about these things unless they too have experienced something similiar. I

strongly feel that I 'air' some type of attraction to spirits good and

bad. This is not something that I want ..I wish I could close the door to

them and seal it shut. Maybe you can tell me what I can do to make them stop

visiting me and tormenting. I don't want to spend the rest of my life sleeping

with scissors, after all I'm only 30 yrs old..Thank


Haunted Houses

By: Da_Boss_03@yahoo.com

My Grandma recently moved out of her house into a new house. At her old house though, there

would be weird things that would happen. We belived that her house was haunted by something.

It really wasn't an old house and was built by her so no one lived there before her but her

house and the house next to hers both had weird things happen in them. For example, her house

had a garage connected to it and the door opening from the garage to the house always drug on

the carpet and was hard to close. They would come home sometimes and the door would be open.

The door that was on the outside of the house was closed and locked and since the door was hard

to open and close the wind couldn't have blown it opened. Also, they had an old record player

that was inside a chest like thing and it had pictures sitting on the top of it. In the middle

of the night it would start playing and they would go into the living room and all the pictures

would still be on the top of it and no records would be inside. Things like that happened inside

that house for a long time and as far as I know up until they moved.

The house next door to my grandma's also had some weird things happen. The one thing I can

remember happened before I was born. The neighbors had a little girl who at the time was about

two or three years old. She was sitting on the floor playing and my uncle was baby-sitting her.

They had a little dog and it sat up and started barking. My uncle did not think a thing of it

and told it to be quiet. Then the little girl was staring into the kitchen, which was right

next to the living room where they were, and was looking as if she was staring at someone and

started saying, "HI". He asked her if there was someone in there and she said, "Yes". He asked

, "Are you sure?" and she kept saying, "Yeah". He went in there and there was not a sign of

anything being in there at all. She said it was a man that was in the kitchen but they never saw

it again or found out what it was.

The Evil Portrait

By: thewritestuff_duex@yahoo.com

Years ago, when I was about 13 I was spending the summer at my

grandparents. They lived in a neighborhood that had no kids save one, a

girl near my age, about eleven or so. We took turns spending the night

at each other's house and hung around the big back yards. Kim's house

was this big victorian number next door to my grandma's. Nothing about

the house bothered me per se, except for this one painting that hung in

their upstairs hall. When you came up over the stairs Kim's room was

directly across the hall with her brother's room and the bathroom to

the right and her parent's room to the left. When you went into her

room and turned around, there on the wall right by the bathroom door

hung a 20x13 Margaret Keane portrait. (She's the lady that paints those

kids with the HUGE black eyeballs.) At the time I knew nothing about

art and had no idea who Margaret Keane even was, all I knew was that

picture gave me the creeps. Just thinking about it still does, I know

now, many years later, that that picture was far different from any

other Keane I would ever see again. Done with a charcoal background,

the picture showcased a solitary figure - a girl about fifteen - from

the shoulders up. Her hair was brown and cut very, very short, she wore

a bluish-gray top with a white collar and her expression was somber. .

.not to mention the eyes were huge and dark, big black holes in the

middle of this kid's face. It was creepy and one always got the feeling

that they were being watched whenever they were in Kim's room or going

down the hall. Her brother refused to even sleep upstairs because the

picture gave him the willies. The last time I spent the night there -

and I will never forget it because it scared the living crap out of me

- we had stayed up late watching some movie and fell asleep in the

living room. I awoke near dawn and had to go to the bathroom. Not

giving much thought to the fact that I'd have to pass that picture to

get to the toilet I headed up over the stairs. I was four steps up and

turning on the landing when I felt terrified. I looked up to see a

shadow on the wall by Kim's door. I stood there, wondering if it was

Kim's mom, Judy, or was it something else? The call of nature made up

my mind on whether or not to continue and I cautiously made my way up

the stairs, hoping and praying it was Judy. In the early morning light

I found the hall empty. Scared to death I slipped into the bathroom and

clicked the lock as quick and quietly as I could. I did my business and

wondered how the heck I was going to get back downstairs without

scaring myself again. I had just finished washing my hands when I saw

it - the knob was turning slowly back and forth, as if someone was

trying to get in. I froze for a minute, then, telling myself it was

probably Kim, I flipped the lock and opened the door way to an empty

hall. I looked up at that picture to find the eyes CLOSED! At this

point I was ready to cut and run, especially when I saw that damn

shadow again, reflecting on the wall from inside Kim's room. Something

was not right and I wasn't about to stick around and find out what it

was. I ran back downstairs, hiding beneath a blanket until everyone

else got up. I made my way back upstairs to collect my stuff to find

the picture's eyes were again open (I knew I wasn't seeing things,

those eyes were gigantic, it would be impossible to mistake them being

open or closed). As I was coming out of the bedroom I stopped to stare

at that evil picture, I don't know how I knew, but I knew that it was a

terrible portrait and there was a lot of evil behind it. Judy came up

behind me and commented on how sad the girl looked, and then she stated

on why she'd bought it: "the poor thing looked like it had lost its

very soul". I had to agree, it didn't have a soul all right! The look

in those eyes was the darkest, most evil glare I could ever recall

seeing and it made every hair on my body stand upright. That picture

was looking right at ME and it felt like I was being PULLED towards it.

Judy spoke to me again and the pull stopped, I turned to talk to her

and felt whatever it was watching me. The phone rang and Judy went to

answer it, leaving me with that horrid picture, I turned back to it to

find two tiny pinpoints of red in the middle of those dark, black eyes.

I'd seen this picture hundreds of times at this point and I knew there

was no red in those eyes. That was it for me, I told Kim I had to go

and I got the hell out as fast as possible. I never spent another night

with Kim after that, we grew up. . .we both got married and had kids,

seeing each other on occasion. One time, after Judy's death, I made it

a point to ask Kim what had happened to the picture. She told me that

when they'd built a house in the country when she was in high school,

they'd hung the picture in their new living room and it didn't seem to

apppreciate its new home. The picture would never stay up, constantly

falling to the floor. Finally, tired of rehanging it, they put it into

storage and weird things started happening - footsteps in the attic,

things moving around up there by themselves - a highly suspicious and

old world Catholic, her father took the painting - a Keane original

purchased at the start of the artist's career - and attempted to burn

it in their field. Only thing was - it WOULDN"T burn. They doused it

with gasoline, stuck it in a grill with charcoal - it didn't even get

soot covered. About that time her brother, Mark, hosed the picture

down, frame and all, bagged it up, weighted it down and threw it over a

bridge. After that all the strange occurences stopped and her mother

refused to purchase any more paintings. This was twenty odd years ago

now, and I've seen hundreds of Keanes over the years. They were the

rage of the seventies and early nineties. People even have sites

dedicated to the artist - but I've never seen a copy of that picture,

nor have I ever gotten the same bizarre feelings of paranoia around

Keane portraits. No one knows where Kim's mom purchased the painting,

nor do they know the history that accompanied it - all we DO know, is

that it was evil and carried something unexplainable with it.


By: portsmom@webtv.net

This story is a bit different than most storys. My father died March 31st 1985. My story

happened in June of that yr. I had been playing around with astral projection

But not on this night. I was in bed asleep. when I felt like I was sucked out of my body,

and I was floating by the ceiling. I could see the whole room. I noticed the clock read 2:30. Then i was

I was sucked out of my house and ended up in my parents living room . It was

dark so I turned on the light. And I saw my father looking out the front

door. I asked him what he was doing ? He said waiting for the dog to

come in. (my dog had died 2yrs. before my father. At this point my Mom woke up . And I asked

her if my Dad knew he was dead ? She said sure he does . Then she asked me why I was at her

house at 2:30 in the morning ? And if there was something wrong. I said no ,

but asked her why my dad was there again and if she saw him. Her answer

was yes again . She then told me when I left to turn out the light in

the living room. And went back to bed. Next thing I knew I hit my bed with such force it woke

my hubby ( which is almost impossible) Ok so I was confused to say the least.

The next morning I went to my Moms house. And my Mom asked me what I was

there for at 2:30 in the morning? SO I asked her what clothes I had on?

Well she told me exactly what I had on , so I told her what she had on

too. But she didn't remember seeing my Dad. But she was a little mad I

didn't turn out the light like she had asked me too.

My hubby told her I hadn't left the house and how I bounced on the bed

enough to wake him up at 2:35 and how upset I was when he asked me what

was going on the night before. Well I guess the light being on

proved to my Mom I was there plus each desribing the others clothes as

well. But my

question is which one of us was the ghost? Or were my Father and me both

ghosts??? If anyone has any answers I'd love to hear them!

Grandfather's Back!

By: ggiggleboxx@webtv.net

Hi Dave,

There really isn't much to my story, but here it is.

The first time I saw my '"ghost" was nearly 17 yrs ago. At the time, I

was a newlywed 20 year old. My husband was working the night shift, and

I was home, alone, as none of our children had yet been born.

It was just a feeling of being watched as I lay in bed trying to fall

asleep. When I peeked from the corner of my eye, I saw the figure of a

man standing beside me. His facial features were quite clear. Not

knowing who or what he was, I swung my fist at him and yelled, "What do

you want?!" He was gone before my fist was back at my side.

After that, I never saw him until about two to three years ago. Now, l

don't see such distinct features, more just a sense of movement going up

and down the staircase every now and then. But, about three nights ago,

my keys, which had been beside me on the same table for several hours,

suddenly fell over. There was no one here with me. And, I had been

seeing the shadow on the staircase again that night.

As a point of interest, the first time I saw him, after he left and I

thought about what had taken place, I realized that the facial features

I had seen looked just like my husband's grandfather. I never knew the

man personally, he died in 1976, and my husband and I didn't meet until

1981. However, what I saw, resembled a picture we had of him in our

living room at the time. He used to live in this very house, and did

many home repairs in his lifetime, it was like a hobby to him. I think

he's back and wanting to do more.

He never causes any harm, and no one but me ever sees him, which l find

interesting since I never knew him, and his own grandson doesn't see


I guess that's all there is to tell. I don't quite know what to think

of it. Is it real, or just my imagination?

Thank you.

Ghost in my Bedroom

By: jmaterne@worldnet.att.net

When I was a child of about nine

years, 1972, my family and I lived in an old house that is located in the north

end of the city. This area of town is now called The Garden

District and just about every home in this district is 100+ years

old. The home in which we lived was built

in 1865 by a rather wealthy man.  It was built as a gift to his new

bride. I'm not sure of how it later exchanged hands but at the time we

moved in, the house had been sub-divided into apartments. I would guess

that originally the home had somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 or 40

rooms. Massive to say the least. Behind this mansion the new owner had

placed a couple of mobile homes to rent out in addition to the apartments in the

main house. My father was a mechanic and didn't make much money so he

opted to rent one of these trailers for us. We did later move in to the

main house but that's another series of stories. One day after about the second month

we were there, my father took me, my two brothers and our mom to spend the day

at the beach. I suppose it was a Saturday because my father was never home

during the week and usually slept all day Sunday. I recall coming home

late that evening with the worst sunburn I had ever experienced. No one

was spared from that misery. My brothers and our mom and dad were cooked

also. I mention this fact because my father used this extreme

sunburn as the excuse to downplay what happened that night.Let me just say this: I am a very

cynical person and I was just as cynical and jaded at the age of 9 as I am

now. I am what's known as a critical thinker In other

words, if you can't prove it to me and if it lacks all logic and reason, then it

just ain't so. I had zero imagination as a child. I had no invisible

friends and I never partook of the typical silly kid's games that my peers

seemed to so much enjoy. On this Saturday evening, after a

good rub down with butter for our sunburns (I know but we didn't know any better

back then) my brothers and I were off to bed. I'm guessing it was around

8:00 PM. My brothers were totally exhausted and they quickly passed

out. I, on the other hand, decided to lay awake and listen to the little

party my parents had going in the living room. They had invited a few

friends over. Now my brothers and myself all slept in the same bed.

My father couldn't afford to run air conditioning so we would open the window

above our bed to allow the breeze to flow through our

room. As I lay there that evening listening

to the snoring of my brothers and my parent's party, a very stiff and cold

breeze blew through the window over my bed. This was like July or August

in Louisiana and that wind felt like something from Alaska in mid-winter!

Very icy cold. It blew so hard that it made the curtains slap hard against

the ceiling. This breeze lasted for about 5 seconds. I took note of

its unusualness and went back to listening to the party.Have you ever been in a bed when

someone walks by it and just bumps it? Well that's exactly what the bed

did. It shook ever so slightly. Like someone had just brushed up

against it. I looked at my little brothers thinking that maybe one of them

had moved in their sleep but they were motionless. I paid it no

mind. Then, a few minutes later, it happened again but this time it felt

as though someone had basically kicked the bed. It shook very

violently. This frightened me and once again I watched my little brothers

closely. Keep in mind that the bedroom door was closed and no one could

have come in there without me seeing them. As I lay there and watched my

brothers, the bed began to shake very hard. So hard that the headboard was

knocking against the wall. My brothers weren't causing this. I could

see them laying there totally motionless. Out of total fear I whispered

very forcefully stop it and the bed stopped. About 30 seconds

later it began to shake again and again I said stop it and again,

the bed stopped shaking. I was on the verge of tears when it began to

shake again but this time when I said Stop it it kept on

shaking. The bed shook quite violently for about a minute and then

stopped. Then....the really scary part. As I lay there in total fear

and confusion, I heard soft footsteps walking along the edge of the bed.

Before I could react, I saw the edge of the mattress next to my head depress as

if someone had sat down on the bed. Before I could react, something

brushed my forhead. I sat bolt upright in the bed and began to scream for

my parents. Suddenly the cold breeze that had blown the curtains against

the ceiling was now blowing them hard against the screen as if IT

was leaving very quickly. Of course my parents, along with

their fellow partyers, held me and babied me but they didn't believe a word of

it. My father said that I was just hallucinating from the effects of such

a violent sunburn. Yeah, right In my defense, once we moved into

the main house, they believed every word of what I told them that transpired

that evening. They began to experience unbelievable things in that

house. But...that's another story or stories.

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