Ghost Stories


Ok, I have two, but they aren't in much detail since they happened when I

was little. I will also include other experiences that my family has had,

seeing as that my Grandmothers house is haunted.

When I was about 2, my parents took me up to "Honey" my mothers mothers

house. Located in a remote part of Connecticut, it is nestled deep in the

woods It was built about 30 years ago, by my mothers parents. On that

first day, my father took me up into "Honey's" room, which is said to be the

heart of the house. Spooky things happen there, but since my Gramma is almost

deaf, she can't hear anything. He lay me down on her bed and began to

change my diaper, when I said, very clearly

"Daddy, why are all those faces looking down at me?"

He looked at me and said "What faces sweetie?" And then shot a

cautious glance over his shoulder.

"The faces!" I shrieked and began to laugh. "The faces! The


He took me out of the room right away and we still look back on

"the faces" and wonder what exactly I saw that day.


Ok, this is kinda about all the different things that have happened at

my gramma's over the years.

At my grandmothers house, many things happen. Door slam when

there's no one upstairs, and when you go up to look, not a door will be


You can hear footsteps running down the halls, ghostly apparitions float

through the halls, making themselves known to few select people, and a

mysterious light wanders the house. But these ghosts are friendly and they

never hurt anyone.



My home has a ghost. I know this because it has been seen, it doesn't bother

us, infact it watches over us. one day my husband and daughter left for work

I was still asleep, I guess when they left one of them didn't close the door

properly,. after a while with the wind blowing the door opened, I kept

hearing someone calling my name to wake up, i woke up and just lyed there in

bed wondering who could be calling my name since i was alone, again i heard

my name being called as if the person was right there in my bedroom. I

finally got out of bed to look around. As soon as I left my bedroom to go

down the stairs I realized my front door was wide open. Anyone could have

walked in. I believe that the ghost was warning me, trying to let me know

that the door was open. There have been other instances Similar to this. I

believe it looks out for me and my family,



When I was younger I was asleep and I woke up. I looked at the clock

and it said somewhere around 3:28 am. I turned my head slightly to the

left and I saw a girl, I would say she was in her early teens, she

looked very blury and yet clear at the same time. she was moving in slow

motion it seemed like she was underwater or something. She had a long

nitegown on and it was blowing very slowly. She was holding a short

candle stick and her hair was a long reddish-brown color. She looked at

me and I looked back at her. I was suprisingly calm. I got up to tell my

mom what I had seen. The next morning I woke up and I asked my mom If

she saw the lady and she said "What lady?" could this all have been a

dream I'm not sure. I've been deeply confused about this since.

Glowing Red Eyes


In 7th grade I moved to a new school and soon met a girl my age and we

quickly became best of friends. A few months into our friendship she began

to confide in me about the problems going on in her house. She claimed it

was haunted by the spirit of a young girl. A modest, 1 story house I

estimate to have been (at the time of the hauntings 1971-74) maybe 25-30

years old. She lived there with her mom, 5 yr old sister & 4 year old

twins. Without giving away the precise location, I will only say it was in

a suburb of Los Angeles. I've told this story to my children and a few

years back we were in the L.A area and sure enough the house still stands.

Anyway, my friend told me how stuffed animals and similar toys floated

across a room then suddenly drop, the family's personal items would

dissappear only to turn up in a crawl space in the top of her bedroom,

knocking was heard on the walls with no apparent physical cause, nothing

was there to do the knocking. What made this more bizarre and chilling was

the movie The Exorcist had come out during this time period. My rational

mind said, okay, someone in the house is making this stuff up!

After putting up with these disturbances for what I was suppose was 6

months to a year my friend's mom brought in a priest to bless the home.

Being 12 yrs old at the time she was telling me these things, my memory

fails me on exact details. Please forgive me where I am not entirely clear

in my descriptions.

After the blessing had been done is where I entered this friendship, so I

don't claim to have personally seen toys floating or being around when

things were dissappearing. I spent days and nights in this home after we

became friends, but yet nothing out of the ordinary occurred. Or should I

say, "nothing that I was aware of". My friend told me that though the

house had been blessed, (there were rosary beads in every doorway), she

said whatever was causing the problems hadn't left. Yes, it had quieted

down, but things were still dissappearing and she heard "noises". Her

mother was certain that the blessing had solved the haunting (or so she led

us to believe she believed this). The happenings prior to the blessing had

upset her mom greatly (naturally!) so she wanted to keep the continuing

incidences from her mom.

What scared me about the house initially was the bathroom. A unnerving

feeling came over me when I entered this room. A small bathroom with an

ancient clawfoot tub and fixtures that I'm sure were from the 50's, more

than anywhere in this house the bathroom gave me an eerie feeling that

someone/thing was there, and it didn't want me there. In fact, I never

took a bath in that bathroom the entire 2 years we were best friends (I

bathed at home!) When it was necessary to use the bathroom I got out as

quickly as I could! Even if I wanted to stay in there longer, it was

almost as if an unseen prescence forced me to leave the room.

Apparently, I wasn't wrong in feeling this way about the bathroom. The

story I was told was that a 5 year old girl was drowned in this very

bathroom and tub by her father. This happened decades before my friend and

family moved in. She was the little girl who was haunting the family.

The first of 2 incidences that I can personally attest to happened during

a sleepover at her house when we were up late, as usual, perhaps 3 in the


We were in her room when she said something to me that I don't exactly

recall, or why she even knew, but she told me to just listen. Well I

listened and what I heard I will not forget.

Her room faced the living room and through the closed door came the sound

of voices. Many voices, like a large crowd of party-goers. I couldn't

make out words, they were all talking at once. I could hear walking around

on the floor. If you could imagine turning up the volume from silence to

loud, this is what it sounded like. But there was no one out there, let

alone a crowd of people in her living room at 3 in the morning! As suddenly

as it began it ceased, to total silence. There was no else up in the

family, they had been fast asleep for hours.

The 2nd incident happened to me during the daylight hours. Her mom was in

the kitchen, my friend and the younger kids were in the backyard of the

house. I had gone to my friend's room to get something.

Her mom was a big fan of these pull-down shades that darken a room, I

guess to guard against the heat of summer. Therefore, the room was quite

dark. I had gotten whatever it was (don't recall what) I went there for

and was getting ready to walk out the door

when I felt someone was looking at me. I was compelled to turn back to

face the room as I opened the door. Low on the floor near the bed were a

pair of red, glowing eyes, staring back at me. Because of the low position

to the floor at first I thought it must be a cat. But I kept looking at

these glowing, flame red eyes and it was as if I was arguing with my mind,

saying no, a cat's eyes don't light up like that!

As I continued to be frozen in place it became clearer to me what I was


My eyes adjusted and I was able to make out the face of a small girl who

appeared to be age 5 or so. She was in a crouching position, which

explained the low position on the floor. The two of us were locked there,

and those eyes were so evil, it gave me the feeling it did not like me

there. Slowly, remaining in her crouched position she made her way to the

closet that connected with my friend's mom's room. With her back to me she

glanced back at me with those glowing, red eyes, then dissapated into the

darkness of the closet. Not an article of clothing moved.

I've forgotten many things, but I do remember aftewards I went into the

kitchen and asked my friend's mom where the little sister (5 year old) was.

Of course she was playing in the backyard where she had been all the time.

I was looking for some rational explanation, but could not find one. I

only know what I saw.

Today I am a mother of teenagers, just an average person who isn't really

a big believer or disbeliever in ghosts. I can't say that I've had any more

hauntings as sensational as this one was for me, though I have had smaller

ones, not worth mentioning.

I would be interested in reading story from someone who had an experience

of seeing something like this with red, glowing eyes.

Thank you for listening to my story. Hope it wasn't too long!



I've submitted several stories to your site so far,

and as promised... here's yet another one for your

consideration. (And if you ever get tired of hearing

about our personal encounters, please just let me

know.... frankly, it's refreshing to have finally

found a place that I can share our experiences with

believers.) This story is very long... please feel

free to edit or split it if necessary.

This particular encounter happened over a period of 2

years... but was never witnessed personally by me. The

reason for that will become apparent as I tell you

what happened, and WHY it happened. These events

occurred in an old 1-1/2 story farmhouse on McCreery

Rd, outside Gaston, Indiana. (And for those of you who

pore over these stories as much as I do, this is the

same site as the 'Earth Spirit' sighting.) This

particular house was unique in the fact that it was

over 100 years old, but had never been lived in by an

'outsider'... members of the same family had always

inhabited this house. Until our friend John managed to

talk the current owner into letting him move in just

to 'fix it up', in exchange for free rent. The house

was a typical old farmhouse. Sagging floors, creaky

ceilings, and very old plumbing. It had been empty for

several years prior to John's moving in - for some

reason, no family members wanted to live there


My husband and I were both very avid amateur

re-modelers, while John was licensed for electrical

work and was a quite proficient carpenter. We

volunteered to help him, simply for something to do on

the evenings and weekends. Slowly but surely, we began

to get that old home looking happy again.

From the first time I entered that home, I knew that

we were not alone there. There was a very cold spot in

John's bedroom, against the staircase wall. (There was

a closet built-in under the stairwell... typical

construction.) I could sense someone/thing watching

us, but never got any 'bad' feelings about it. Just a

sense of being watched.

While the two men did the heavy remodeling, it was

left up to me to decide on color schemes and wallpaper

designs. I spent hours poring over wallpaper and paint

samples... just couldn't ever seem to find the one

that felt right for that home. I was getting

frustrated - we had redone several homes, and I had

never encountered the indecision I did with this

home... I somehow just knew that I would find the

'right' scheme. Late one evening, we had gone to help

John install some brace beams on an interior wall. He

was in the process of installing an opening between

the living room and small room, to begin the process

of getting the wet bar in working order.

While the men were busy grunting and slaving over the

measuring and cutting, I glanced down at the wallpaper

book I had brought along and one page seemed to stick

out further than the rest. Of course it caught my eye,

so I opened the book... and there was the perfect

wallpaper sample. A light creme color, with a very

faint floral design on it. I called John over to look

at it, and when he saw it, he wrinkled up his nose.

"Looks like sissy stuff to me, but you're in charge."

I went the very next day and purchased all I would

need to do every room that was to be papered.

That weekend, I was in the home alone, hanging the

wallpaper. Single rolls, not pre-pasted. Anyone thats

ever hung wallpaper knows what a pain in the butt it

can be. I was anticipating a very slow process, and

had mentally prepared myself for the worst. I started

in the kitchen - all the cabinets had been pulled down

and were in the process of being refinished. The room

was virtually empty, so I thought 'get the easy stuff

out of the way first'... and easy it was. It seemed as

though I had an extra set of hands helping me. I would

cut the length, lay it out to roll the paste onto the

back of it, and then climb back onto the stepladder to

begin the painstaking process of getting it lined

up... only it was as if the wallpaper installed

itself. No air pockets, no crooked strips... very

painless job. And the whole time I was working, I felt

this very peaceful air around me. Definitely not the

stressful situation I had pictured it to be!

Within two days, I had all the paper hung, and

painting finished. The house was beginning to look

like a home again. And the house itself felt

different... happy, somehow. While I was hanging paper

and painting, I would catch glimpses of a 'shadow' out

of my direct line of sight. I knew it meant me no

harm, so I just continued with the task at hand. But

the more I got done, the more the shadow moved... it

was almost as if it was excited that the home was

being restored into something to be proud of again.

Fast forward again: Middle winter in Indiana. Brutal

weather, very deep cold. John was still unemployed,

and while my husband and I helped him as much as

possible, we were also beginning to try to put a

little distance between the three of us.

John's personality began to take on a very mean

streak... he told me one night (while he was ripped on

Jack Daniels) that the house was 'being mean' to him.

I pressed him for specifics, and he told me that over

the period of the last two months, a cabinet door in

the kitchen had slammed shut on his hand, he had found

himself locked out of the house twice after going

outside to get wood for his stove, and his Akita

refused to go into any room except the kitchen. After

a few more questions and answers, he finally leaned

forward, looked me dead in the eye, and said, "you

aren't gonna believe this, but there's an old woman in

that house. I've seen her standing in front of the

woodstove glaring at me three times now." Of course I

believed him. I couldn't understand WHY she was

pulling these stunts on him... until I asked him a

couple more questions. It seems that John had run out

of wood for his stove (only source of heat) so instead

of going out and cutting more, he went into the pole

barn behind the house and started pulling down the

interior walls to use as firewood. Simply put, that

made her mad, so she was simply expressing her

displeasure with him.

John then told me that he was about to leave the

state. He had had a job offer in Florida (this was

right after the storm in '93) and he was leaving

within the week.

As soon as my husband got home from work, I told him

what John had said. We both said the same thing at the

same time... let's buy the house! We had fallen in

love with that place, and it just felt like home. That

very next day, we called the owner of the home, and

asked if he'd consider selling the home with a lease

on the actual property it sat on, which is a very

common occurrence in Indiana. He never even thought

about it - his answer was an immediate YES! We began

moving in that next weekend... the paperwork was being

drawn up for the contract, and we couldn't wait to get

into that home.

Our kids were put into the two upstairs bedrooms, and

we took over the one bedroom downstairs - the one with

the constant cold spot in it. I usually always kept

our bedroom arranged in a specific layout - no matter

where we lived. But this home was different. It was as

if I was being told where the bed should go, which

wall the dresser should be located... and it was the

same in the living room. Certain pieces of furniture

just seemed to locate themselves. Definitely not how I

would have arranged them, but it just felt right once

we were moved in.

Within a week, I had everything unpacked, and never

once had I even seen the shadow that had helped me

hang wallpaper. It just seemed to be a normal old

home. The owner of the home called me during the week

to tell me that he had the papers ready for our

signature, and if it was okay, he'd bring them out on

the weekend... he said he was curious to see the old

house again. Apparently he hadn't been in it since his

grandmother died there. We agreed on a time, and ended

the conversation.

Weekend arrives, and so does the owner. He walked

thru the back door (in the kitchen) and just stopped

dead in his tracks. His mouth literally dropped open,

and he just stood there, looking into both my bedroom

and the living room. I asked him if something was

wrong, and it took him another couple of minutes to

answer me. When he did, it was in the form of a

question: "How did you possibly restore that

wallpaper? I can't believe it!" Yep... you guessed it.

Almost identical wallpaper to the kind his grandmother

had when she had lived there. Same color paint, and

even the lace curtains I had hung over the windows

resembled the ones she had. He was in shock, and I was

feeling quite proud of myself.

Papers were signed after I gave him a tour... and he

just kept telling me it was the eeriest thing he had

ever seen - even the furniture was in the same place

as his grandmother had hers. (My bed was in the

identical place hers was - against the staircase wall,

and she died in bed.)

Fast forward again: Several months later, I had a

friend staying with me. My husband was working out of

town during the week, and Rachel needed some emotional

support... so I offered to let her come stay with us

for awhile. Because of the emotional problems she was

having, she was often up in the middle of the night.

She'd go thru my bedroom to use the restroom, then

into the kitchen for a drink. It became an almost

nightly occurrence for her to walk around, and I

learned to just ignore it. But every night, she'd run

into something in the dark. After about a week of

this, she finally had had enough. She ran into the

corner of my roll-top desk, and it hit her at

hip-level. She turned loose with a string of words

that would have embarrassed the devil himself, and in

particular, said something about 'hating this d**med

old house!' As soon as she said that, the cold spot at

my head turned icy... I just laid there, wondering

how the old women would choose to punish Rachel for

her words. Didn't have long to wait, because as soon

as Rachel returned to the living room, she began

screaming her fool head off. Seems the old woman was

standing between her and the couch, and had a vicious

glare on her face... directed straight at Rachel. To

be honest, I started snickering... whispered "way to

go, Granny", and just rolled over and pulled the

covers over my head, still chuckling. Rachel packed up

and left the very next morning. *laff*

Fast forward again: (and this is the last time,

promise!) Several months later, and my husband and I

were having a very difficult time in our marriage.

Okay, truth. He was having an affair, I caught him,

and he was trying to lie his way out of it. I went to

bed angry, and as I laid there trying to calm down, I

began talking to 'granny'. Told her that I wished I

had lived in her day, when men didn't do things like

that. Just said some very emotional things under my

breath. As I talked, the cold spot began warming up,

until I was completely wrapped in this feeling of

warmth and peace. I drifted off to sleep, anger-free.

When I woke the next morning, I found my husband

sitting on the couch, staring across the room. It was

obvious he hadn't slept all night, but I didn't feel

sorry for him. I was actually pleased that he was

apparently feeling some kind of remorse for his

actions. At last that's what I thought it was, until

he started talking to me. He informed me that right

after I went to bed, he saw a shadow begin forming on

the wall across from him. As he watched, the shadow

took on a definite shape... of an old woman. He said

he kept rubbing his eyes, thinking it to just be a

hallucination, and had almost managed to convince

himself of that, until she started walking across the

room towards him. He said that it was if he was frozen

in place. He opened his mouth to call out to me, but

no sound would come out. He tried to jump off the

couch to run into our bedroom, but he couldn't move.

All he could do was just lay there and watch as

'granny' got closer and closer. He said when she got

next to him, he could actually smell a scent of

vanilla (women dabbed vanilla behind their ears as

perfume in her day) and that he could see her plainly.

No mist, no fog. She appeared completely real and

human to him. He said she was glaring at him...

obviously very angry.

What he told me next had me laughing... she

apparently beat him up. He said she pinched his cheeks

very hard, slapped him several times, and then grabbed

hold of his earlobe and put her face against his...

and whispered something in his ear. He refused to tell

me what she had said, but whatever it was made a

believer of him. Sorry, but I had no pity for him. I

was laughing so hard I had tears pouring from my eyes.

He obviously wasn't quite as amused as I was, and

informed me we were moving out of that 'demon house'

right away! Uhmm... wrong thing to say. I felt the

cold spot come thru the wall right behind me... it

wrapped itself around my face for just a moment, then

it moved. Straight to him, apparently. He got a look

of sheer terror on his face, and just sat there,

frozen in place for at least 5 minutes. He broke out

into a cold sweat (pardon the pun), and just stared at

me, as tho begging me to help him. I figured he

deserved whatever she was doing to him, so I just

walked into the kitchen to start coffee.

No... we didn't move. Not then, anyway. We lived in

the house another 1-1/2 years with no more sightings.

He was a good boy and behaved himself at all times. At

least while he was in our home he did. I guess he was

afraid granny would make herself known again?

We ended up divorcing, and the day I left that house,

my kids and I sat on the floor where my bed had been,

and talked to 'granny'. We explained to her that we

loved her, and would miss her, but we had to go now.

She already knew, tho. As we walked out of that back

door for the last time, it was as if that house

sighed. A sad, mournful sigh... it, and she, were

alone again.

One last footnote: About 3 months after 'granny' got

hold of my husband, we went to the old owner's house

to pay off our home. As you walk in his front door,

his entryway was covered with old family pictures. As

we stood there wiping our feet, my husband began

staring at one of the pictures. He pointed straight to

a woman, and said "That's her!" We finished our

business, and on our way out the door, I asked who the

woman was. The answer? His grandmother. The same one

who lived and died in our home.

Haunted Dreams


I am 21, and ever since I can remember I have had lucid dreams. The weird

thing about the dreams is that thepeople are usually unfamilar and always

try to convince me I am not dreaming. The most of vivid of these dreams

happened in the summer of 1996 when I went with my family to Washington,

D.C. We stayed with my step-dad's sister's family in an old turn of the

century house in Alexandria. I slept in the oldest daughter's room which

was downstairs. I dreamt of a party going on in the house, and I was

dancing with blond young man. He was a stranger to me. All of a sudden I

realized I was dreaming and told him so. He tried so hard to convince i

was not dreaming that I ran from him back into the room where I was

actually sleeping. It was as if he really didn't want me to wake up. All

the people I encounter in these dreams try to convinve I am not dreaming.

Anyway, I woke up feeling very uneasy and had to make my come come sleep

with me. If anyone has any input on these!

dreams or the supernatural trying to contact people through lucid

dreaming i would really like to hear it.

Also I live in a fairly new house with my best friend right now in

Valdosta, GA. We have had very strange things happen since we moved into

the house a year ago. WE always here noises and bumps. Sometimes we find

the water on after we are sure we turned we off. Needless to say my cat is

always staring at and batting at invisible things. The wierdest thaat

happened involving the cat was i was sittin gon the couch painting my

toenails when the cat come and sat right in front of me. She stared

intently around my head moving her head as if she was watching something.

She began to meow really wired and then ran off. It scared me so much I

left the house right then. Also it always saound liek the TV is one after

we go to bed, like muffled voices, whenit isn't. the source of the

soundsand feelings seems to be the bedroon my friend moved out of. She

swears she felt uneasy and watched until she moved into the spare room. I

don't know if this had anything to do with the dreams,!

but we are moving soon and I will let you know if "it" follows us.

Haunted House


I'm a on the verge young haunted house reseacher and I've seen my fare

share of ghosts. I saw my grandfather the night he died 2 or 3 hours

later. He was walking down my hallway and my grannie was sitting in my

mothers chair which is now in my room and i get freaked out to have it in

my room because it rocked one night. Everytime I go past there house he looks out and waves to me but

black people live in that house now and the've seen him and my grannie too. Another ghosts

I've never seen but felt. I go to my grandmas house ( the only grandparent I have left) and every

time I go in the shower and thats where it begins to get freezing cold in really warm

water and I never stay in there but for 3 minutes. It has to be an

indian because the town was named after the muncie indians which lived

near my grandmas creek. Because we find arrowheads and stuff. In my

towns history we have a house called the Ezeikel Harris house today

because it has been owned by 4 generations of Harris'

but long ago it was called the Mackey Trading house. The story goes back

to one of the kings captains who was tarred and feathered in Augusta in the

middle 1700s and they paraded him through town to be shamed and laughed

at. He returned to Augusta during the Revolutionary War to complete his revenge. He captured 13

patriots of Augusta and he held a hanging in that house and 2 of the younger ones

mother cried and tried to stop him but he wouldn't and they shot and

killed her to shut her up. He layed in a room so he can see them hanged perfectly. He was killed later

in the war( he payed for his sins) but to this day if you go up three steps and count

back from 10 you'll feel a nuse wrap around your neck. Also the room where the man

watched from has the light turn on and off during the night and they don't know how.

Also if you go by at night you can hear that mother still crying and begging him to

stop the hanging of her boys.

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