The Lady in White


I've sent this website several stories of my own experiences, but here

is an account of the very real experience of one of my friends.

Being a tour guide in Charleston, SC, my friends and I have been privy

to enumerous stories of apparitions and things that go bump in the

night. One of the most repeated ghost stories in Charleston is that of

Mary Bloomfield, better known as Charleston's "Lady in White." She was

the wife of a merchant during the Victorian era in the later part of the

1800's. Tradition has it that her husband had business in Boston and

boarding a ship, he set sail for Massacusetts. At some point during his

voyage, he became seriously ill and died. Mary never found out what

happened to her husband for, as she was awaiting his return, she also

became very sick and passed away. Her husband was buried in Boston while

she was buried in Charleston in the Unitarian cemetary. It's said that

she walks the grave yard in the late afternoon and evening, seeking the

whereabouts of her poor, ill-fated husband. Here's where the story ends

and reality takes over...

My friend works for one of the many walking tour companies in Charleston

and spends the majority of his afternoon and evenings leading tourists

through some of the oldest city streets in America and telling the

legends and tales of

the haunted South. One of the highlights of the tour is the old

Unitarian grave yard. It's an old graveyard full of crumbling headstones

and choked with weeds which dates back to the 1700's. My friend leads

dozens of tourist through this cemetary daily and has done so for

months, without incident. So, when he lead twenty tourists through the

maze of vines and granite in the twilight of a February afternoon, he

expected to find the grave yard as he normally did - quiet and empty. He

walked into the middle of the grave yard and as the tourists gathered

around him, listening to his tale, he became abruptly aware of an eaves

dropper. She walked slowly among the graves, making no noise but

intently watching with great curiousity the small, huddled group.

Perhaps she listened to hear the guide's account of her sad demise, or

maybe she was searching the faces of the small assembleage for one that

she recognized as that of her lost love. But for those who witnessed

her, the woman with the upswept , dark hair and white dress with the

high collar was, without a doubt, Mary Bloomfield. But what gave her

away was not the antiquated style of her hair or gown. It was the

unnatural way her eyes followed the visitors, for no matter where she

moved to or what angle she stood at, she never took her eyes off of them

for a second. My friend told me that as long as he lives, the thought of

how she watched them will always give him chills.

The Hospital Haunting


I wasn't sure I believed in ghosts until recently. I live in NYC and about a

year ago a friend of mine had a mild heart condition. Well one day after

alot of stress in his business he had a massive Stress attack. Well because

of his condition he ended up in the hospital. I decided to visit him one

morning before work. I went into his room and noticed the bathroom door

slightly ajar. I heard shuffling sounds and water running, so I assumed that

someone was in there. I saw the bed from the door way and naturally assumed

since it was empty it was my friend. I being female and he being male I just

automatticly told him I was in the room and not to come out indecent.

Something was mumbled back but I didn't understand it. I sat down and

waited. His roommate was soundly sleeping and snoring away. I still heard

sounds from the bathroom. And then the door opened and I distinctly heard

slippers shuffling out of the room. But the sounds were unacompanied by a

body. I got up,FAST, And went out to the nurses station to ask where my

friend was. They told me he hadn't been brought back up from a precedure

being done yet. Well needless to say I didn't stick around to wait for him.

I visited him after he was out and asked if he had noticed anything unusual

in his room. He said he was on too many pain killers to notice anything. I've

never felt the same about BETh Israel Hospital again.

Calming Touch


I've had an experience with a ghost of some sorts. It happened about five

years ago when I used to live with my parents. I must have been 16 or 17.

One night I was having trouble sleeping. (which wasn't unusual since it was

during the spring and daylight savings time always messes up my sleeping

habits.) I was lying in bed wide awake and suddenly had the strongest

feeling that something was in the room with me. I looked around in the faint

moonlight, but nothing was there. Then all of a sudden I could hear and feel

a hand brushing across my covers. I was petrified. I could hear my pulse in

my ears from my heart beating so fast, but I could still feel the hand

moving. Then it came up under my pillow and cradled my neck with it's hand.

Oddly enough, I was comforted by it and fell asleep soon after. I never had

anything like that happen to me again, but my father says that sometimes he

feels a faint breeze comming from the closet door. (which is completely

sealed off from the attic no air can move in there) One time a hand touched

him on the forehead not unlike the way you would feel a child's forehead to

see if they have a fever. He said he was scared for only a few seconds and

then felt very calm and went back to sleep. It seems initial fright is

inevitable when something like this happens to one. However, what I find

most interesting is the calming effect it had when it actually touched us. I

can only guess that this presence or spirit ins't malevolent or evil, but

perhaps some kind of guardian or just a lonely person that has passed on

looking for some contact with the human world.



I have a few short ghost stories to share. My first takes place when I

was ten. My room had two doors. One leading to the bathroom hall and

one into the living room. The bathroom hall and living room are

connected. I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. I was scared that

night because of a movie I watched, so I woke up my mom to take me to

the bathroom. As we walked closer to the bathroom door a tall man came

out of my bedroom door that is next to the bathroom and walked right

through me and into the living room. The next day I told my mom and

she didn't see a thing.

My second story takes place in the shower. It was about 9pm I'm

getting ready for school the next day. My shower curtains are a light

blue and you can see through them. I was washing my hair when all of a

sudden I see this black figure walk from the window to the door and

exit with out unlocking or opening the door. Needless to say I got out

of there in a hurry. The last event and the few others I will tell you

about happened since I turned 16. I'm 17 now.

I was at my cousins house during the summer of 1998. We were in the

living room watching TV. Next to the TV is a huge picture window

looking out over into the driveway. I could see the reflection of the

kitchen in it. I just stared at it for a while. Then I saw a figure

of a man with white eyes looking at me. I turned around but found no

one in the room except for my cousin and me. The day before I was at my

grandma's house next door to my cousins house and saw some man walk

down the hall way and into the bathroom. No body was up and there

wasn't any sound as he walked over the carpet. Usually the carpet

makes a swishing sound when you walk on it.

In my house when I'm alone I can see people out of the corner of my

eye. I can't make out faces because it is just a black figure. I hear

people walking around or talking when no one is around. My basement is

the scariest place. Ever since I moved there in 87' I always felt as

if someone is down there with me. One day I was getting fire wood that

was stacked up down in the basement. I turned around because I felt

someone was watching me and saw a man with deformed face. As quickly

as he came he disappeared. I ran like hell to get out of there.

Another time I was getting ready for bed and I saw a white figure walk

from one door the other and walk through the wall. These apparitions

never harmed me yet. The only thing that it or they have ever done is

throw a cup at me when I was in the shower. I have told my parents

about the sightings many times but they never believe me. The only

ones that believe me are my friends. I wish I could find out about the

history, but I have no idea where to start. If someone can help me

please email me.

Long Island Stories

By: Kimba

Well, I just looked at you site. It's great. I am not an investigator or

anything like that, but I have experienced some strange happenings at my

house here in Long Island New York.

( story 1 )

We've lived in this house for about 9 yrs and from time to time I would wake

up and see a blurr hovering by the ceiling. When I say blurr, it's like

looking at your hand while holding a clear jelly fish ( your hand looks

blurry ) yet I look around it and everything is clear. This always happens

in the middle of the night. One time I even saw it float toward my daughters

room and I jumped up and ran in there but then it disappeared.

(story 2)

One night my son was sleeping on the sofabed in the livingroom. I have a

huge painting over the couch. The next morning he asked me what I wanted in

the middle of the night, I had no idea what he was talking about. He said I

was calling his name. I told him I didn't. He said he woke up because he

heard me calling his name and he said I called him around 3 or 4 times and I

kept telling him " come here" meaning my bedroom. Well he was too tired and

just kept yelling back "what do you want" and he said I never answered, so he

figured the heck with it..he'll just find out in the morning. 2 seconds later

the painting fell off the wall and hit him in the head. For 9 years that

painting never fell off the wall and hasn't fell off since.

( story 3 )

My cousin and I were sitting in the diningroom talking. No one was home

except my son who was asleep in bed with a fever. He is 6 feet tall. In the

middle of my sentenced I stopped short because I thought I saw someone or

something flash by me quickly. I think most people have seen that happen,

it's kind of like something flashes by you and you catch it with the corner

of you eye. Well this is what this was. It distracted me and my cousin said

"what's the matter", so I told her "nothing, I thought I saw something pass

me. She said, wait! I saw that too, wasn't that Joe? ( meaning my son ) I

said, no..he's in bed sleeping, he has a fever. She said, no way..I saw it

too, I thought it was Joe quickly going in the kitchen. I said no it wasn't.

We both got up and went in Joe's room and there he was sound asleep still.

(story 4 )

One night my younger son and daughter were sleeping on the sofabed in the

livingroom. I woke up during the night to go to the bathroom and I saw a

shadowy figure run toward the steps to go downstairs. I yelled out my sons

name because I thought it was him sleep walking. I ran in the livingroom

toward the stairs and when I turned I saw both him and my daughter still


(story 5 )

One night I saw that blurr again, this time it looked as if it had a brown

outline. This was a first! Never saw that before. I woke up around 1:30 am

to see this hovering in my room again. I shrugged it off ( because I'm use

to it now ) and the next morning I was telling my sister ( she and her

daughter live here too ) that I saw that blurr again. I told her that I woke

up at 1:30 which was unusual. She said that at approx. 1am, her daughter

woke up and came in her room and told her she felt wierd and that she didn't

want to sleep alone. She said she had a strange feeling and crawled into my

sisters bed. Meanwhile this kid ALWAYS sleeps alone ( she's 13 ) and always

sleeps in the dark. Never happened to her before or far. Seems

strange we both woke up within a half hour of each other and she had a

feeling and I saw something.

Ghosts as well as Angels are with Us Everyday


When I was 30 yrs. old my husband of ten years passed away and I feel his

presence often.

I'm not afraid, but I know he had love in his heart for me. We had two

daughters together and

they also feel him near at times. For example, in 1988 we bought a new

pick-up truck a Ford

F-250, he just loved his truck. He passed in 1990, and I had to sell it to

buy a car for our remaining family. Recently, I purchased a new 1999

Explorer also black like his truck, when

I drove it I felt his presence and smelled the same smell as when we were


This is just one example of many stories I have to tell.

Please respond,


Pikake Flowers


When I was young I used to spend alot of time in my backyard. When I

play back there I usually smell a faint odor of pikake flowers which is

a hawaiian flower that is used in leis. When I was practicing my

baseball swing one day I thought I saw a person in the bushes so I waved

and when I caught the person's eyes I could see it was an old woman.

Well she started to walk toward me and as she passed the smell of pikake

became overwelming and I couldn't move. as the old woman neared the

neighbors house I started to realize what she was because she moved so

smoothly like a ballerina only she was an old wrinkly woman. Then she

went to the driveway and dissapered. after that I never went out into

the yard by myself again.

Not Sure What I am Seeing


A real skeptic here. About ten years ago, I was in Acapulco, MX vacationing

alone. In my hotel one night I awoke and was startled by the face of a

Mexican Indian intruder. His face was within inches of mine. I swung at him

but there was no body. The face rose back and upwards away from me and just

disappeared. I turned on the light and reflected on what had just happened.

I brushed it off and had a wonderful vacation. About a year later - almost

to the date, I was at my apartment in my room sleeping when I awoke to find a

grayish figure levitating directly above my head. I panicked and it slowly

dissolved before my eyes. Thereafter, the appearances have been different

everytime but usually consisting of head, shoulder and torso. The same

pattern - I awake suddenly from my sleep and the figure is there almost as if

studying me. It always takes about 10 seconds to disappear or walk away.

The figures have been at the foot of my bed, above me and they have even

walked across the room away from me. I never see the faces and at times they

are shadowy. I am now living in another apartment and the apparitions still

visit. Could there be a logical explanation? The figures may be carried

over from my sleep? It is scary because I always think there is an intruder

in my room when I see them.

What promped me to write and visit this Web sight is even wierder. A good

friend of mine, like a brother, spent the night yesterday (shared the same

bed with me and my dog). I awoke and saw the appartion again while he was

fast asleep. I was slightly startled but made no commotion. It disappeared

and I went back to sleep. I never discussed this with him although a few

years ago I told him about it other sightings. He's a bigger skeptic than me.

The next day while driving in his car, he turned to me out of the blue and

asked, "Do you still see those ghosts at night?" I asked him if I had

awakened him when I saw it last night. He was surprised, having had no idea

that it appeared to me. He told me that he had a vivid and very real

nightmare. In his dream, we were in bed in the same positions (the dog in

the middle), I woke him and pointed to the bottom of the bed where he saw a

figure with an hideous smile. It was the devil. I begged my friend to make

it go away and I told him that he visits and scares me all the time. I

handed my friend a wand and he swung it to no avail. The devil remained

defiant and grinning. My friend then made a cross with his fingers and

started praying, "Hail Mary, full of grace....." and the figure vanished.

After discussing this in the car, we were both astonished. How can this be?

Why both in the same night? My friend told me that he has never had a more

realistic dream in his life and that he never feels afraid in his apartment

but his skepticism is wearing thin.

Any input would be appreciated. I want to beleive there is a logical


The Beautiful Blonde Girl


Hi, my name is joyce, and i too have seen and even HEARD ghosts. My husband

and I built our own house on an empty lot in NY back in 1985. One night I

was awaken and I looked to the doorway of our bedroom, and there stood a man

just as plain as day. He stood in the doorway, and just looked at me. I

must have gasped, I dont remember, but my husband sat up in bed ( I was also

sitting up by this time), and asked what was wrong. I said that someone is

in here. He jumped up , and ran right through the man. My husband didn't

even see him. Then he just disapeared. My husband came back and looked at

me like I was crazy.

Another time, I was sleeping in bed, and I was awaken to a small child

calling, MOMMY, MOMMY. My daughter was about 5 at the time, so I opened my

eyes and listened , to make sure she was okay. Again the lil girl called

out, MOMMY, MOMMY . The voice was getting closer and closer, so I looked

to the foot of my bed to see my daughter, but it wasn't her that was coming

toward me. It was a beautiful blonde haired girl that was about 8 years

old. She wore a long white gown and had her arms extended out to me, and

she was calling to me, saying--mommy, mommy. She got about 5 feet away from

me, then she disapeared.

Another time, in the same bedroom, I woke up in the middle of the night, and

i noticed something at the foot of the bed. Small round balloons started

to rise from the floor, and a very small little boy was holding on them,

rising up. Then all of a sudden, the child disapeared.

I was talking to a few friends of mine, and I told them that on our deed to

the land that we have, is part of the civil war battleground. I didn't

realize that it came all the way up here in NY, but in the woods near our

house is a wall made of stone, and a fence that has grown into the trees.

This friend of mine told me that maybe that man was the father of the

children, and that they were killed there sometime way in the past. There

was no woman that I saw, and my friend said that they were looking at me as

the wife/mother. I haven't seen anything in about 6 years now, and they told

me that maybe the mother came and got her family.

Another time, way back when I was a child, I grew up in a haunted house in

Cortland,NY. I was washing my hair once in the kitchen at the sink. When

I turned around, there was a very tall white (thing) standing in front of

me. It was very tall, that it towered over me. For what seemed about 15

seconds, it stood there, then it disapeared. In the same house, my brother

had seen a man croutched down in front of the toilet like he was vomiting.

Once my mother was in the bathroom (that is next to the stairs that lead to

the attic), and she heard someone wallking down the stairs, and she was the

only one in the house. They knocked on the wall to the bathroom. She

ignored it, and they kept knocking. She got mad and opened the attic door

(which she saw nothing), and yelled up to the room--I WANT YOU TO STOP THAT

RIGHT NOW!! Nothing more was done to her. I lived in this house

until I was 19. I have felt a presence in my bedroom constently. But it

was a pleasent feeling. After my parents moved out and sold the old house,

the new people who moved in- tore apart walls and just ruined the place.

After they did that, the house has become very very cold. It stays cold all

the time, even in the winter. I talked to a man that lives in there now, and

he has seen the man by the toilet, has seen a small boy at the foot of the

stairs that lead to the second floor, and his dog has gone to the stairs and

barked and barked for no apparent reason.

Sensing the Supernatural


Since I was very small I would see and hear things that no one else

could. My earliest memory of this was when I was about two to three years

old. I remember playing with an old man with a white beard. He would come in

my bedroom and he had a white glow around him. I remember that he never

talked but I knew how he was feeling all the time. I knew he was sad for some

reason. My most vivid memory of him is the time he touched me. He felt cold

and lonely. Yet I remember that it was like when someone holds ice near

enough to your skin that you could feel the cold air against you. I thought

it was weird that his hand on my hand was weightless. That was also the last

time I saw him. We moved about a year later. I thought he was a part of my

imagination until my mother and an aunt of mine were talking about ghosts and

my mother mentioned, " The house on Prize Street was haunted. The lady we

bought it from was a widow. She sold the house two weeks after her husband

died in the small bedroom (my bedroom). Yes, I often saw a shadow in the hall

and I think Andy used to see him. I stopped seeing him when I saw in the

paper that his wife had passed on. After reading that I went in the hall and

said to him that his wife was dead and he needed to look elsewhere."

We moved to a new house and nothing unusual happened. When I was

seven years old I had a best friend named Bridget. She always wore fancy

shoes with anything she wore because she said she liked the tapping noise

they made on the floor. Our families were very close and we were more like

sisters. One night I woke up from a nightmare and decided to go to bed with

my parents. I walked down the hall and told my dad to roll over so I could

have room. On the edge of the bed I began to fall asleep until I hear tapping

footsteps coming down the hall. I was scared because the hall was carpeted.

In came Bridget wearing her favorite dress and shoes along with her little

sister. They held hands and came near me standing next to the bed. Bridget

and her sister giggled and for some reason I felt obligated to giggle too.

The next morning my mom and dad woke me to tell me that Bridget and her

sister were killed. Later I would learn that their father was the one who

killed them and then himself after his wife asked for a divorce. I think

Bridget was telling me goodbye and that she was ok now.

As I got older I would sense things in places such as sadness and

confusion. When I was twelve my great aunt died. She was 94 and blind and

deaf. A week before she died she regained her sight and hearing. She asked

many questions about her siblings (who had been dead for years) and she

thanked my grandmother who had cared for her. My grandmother, thinking my

greataunt was recovering was crushed when she fell asleep one night and never

woke up. After the funeral the whole family slept at my grandparents at the

request of my grandmother. She asked that my mother and all of her other

children slept together in the living room. My cousin, Marcie, and I decided

to join in so she slept on the floor next to the couch where I slept.

Sometime in the night I awoke and sat up to see a hunched figure of an old

woman glide across the floor slowly. Marcie was sitting up too. The dark

figure went to my grandmother and kissed her head. It did the same to all my

grandmother's children. It came over to the couch and sat on the edge.

Frightened, I darted to the other side. My cousin held my hand tightly. Then

the figure went down the hall and into my great aunts bedroom. In the morning

Marcie and I avoided each other. She came up to me and said, " I had a weird

dream that Auntie Marisol came and . . ." She must of saw my eyes widen cause

she then said, "You two?" I said yes and then she left shaking.

I would like to tell you of my most recent experiances which are so

truly frightening that I cannot tell you right now. I must have more strength

and time. I fear that I am indesperate need of help. I will try to contact

you to tell you more. I am soo glad I found this place. Lately I have felt so

alone and like a big freak . I am glad to see that others share some similar


Followed by Spirits


My family & I have had many supernatural experiences, dating from the

1950's, some which I have directly experienced, others which come via my

mother, who's grandmother was reputed to be "a witch"....

Possibly the most vivid experience happened when I was 12 years old.....we

lived in a house built in 1880, and my bedroom was the room where my

father's uncle died, after an unhappy stage in his life....

Two years previously a friend of mine (Phillip ) & I came back from the

park, and on entering the house found it to be very cold, and with a musty

smell...we started up the stairs to my room, when a misty appearance began

to form at the top of the stairs...seemingly to emanate from my room....I

can tell you we were scared...and fled the house. Phil never

returned....and I waited until I knew my parents were back from work...

Then came the sequence of events which culminated in the most vivid


My parents had gone out for the evening and I was at home, having watched

Tv etc and finished my homework I went up to room was always

cold...despite having central heating...and I turned out the lights, got

under the sheets and lay there awaiting sleep...

Suddenly the lights in my room came on...the switch was by the door on the

far side of the room...without anyone being by the door...I got up, and on

opening the door discovered that every single light in the house was

burning (despite the fact that I had turned them all off (expect the

downstairs hallway light)....going round the house I turned all the lights

off....and returned to bed....huddled under the sheets and blankets....this

happened twice that I can tell you it really freaked me out...

It seems that our family were followed by spirits, as every house we moved

to we expeienced psychic activity of some sort....

Well thought I'd relay that one to you...see what you think...I can tell

you more about my experiences if you are interested.

Spirit Security


With a Spiritualist background, I have become most understanding of the Spirit world and have

some memorable experiences, one of which I should like to relate to you. For approximately

fourteen years, from 1978-1992, I lived in a single apartment in Burbank. It contained a

bed-sitting room, a kitchen, a dressing area and bathroom. It had a large picture window which

overlooked a garden courtyard, and next to the window was the front door. The kitchen and

bathroom area was over a carport, so it was technically one floor above the ground level, while

the bed-sitting area opened directly onto an obviously filled courtyard at ground level.

Many times, around one or two o*clock in the morning, I would be awakened by a noise near the

doorway, followed by a clicking of the lock. Whenever I checked to see if anyone was there, I

would find the entry and the courtyard empty. One evening, I was up late at 1:30AM and reading

on the sofa in front of the window, when I heard the lock on the door click, and I noticed that

the doorknob was turning slightly to the left and the right. Quickly pulling open the curtains

of the window, I was surprised to find no-one standing outside the door or in the courtyard.

This phenomenon went on every night for limited periods. As years progressed, I observed that

it would happen in the months of September thru October, then again from February thru March.

Being psychically attuned, whenever these phenomena would occur, I could progressively sense a

presence, first moving from the kitchen area, into the bed sitting area and finally to the door.

The door handle would slightly move, the locks would click, and the presence would move back in

to the kitchen and be gone. One evening, I borrowed a neighbor's cat, having it stay with me

through two successive nights. When the phenomenon occurred on those nights, the cat's eyes

were quite wide as it followed a spirit presence moving from the kitchen, into the bed sitting

room to the door. The cat reacted when the locks clicked, then it watched the presence move back

toward the kitchen area, finally settling down when the spirit left.

Within the week of that particular visitation, I did some research. I discovered that the

apartment complex I lived in; one which is comprised of over 18 separate buildings, sits on what

once was the extended portion of the Columbia Studios ranch, a movie lot of exterior sets and a

few stages. The movie lot is now greatly reduced from its original size and when much of its

land was sold, the apartment complex and a shopping center was built on the former studio

property. The remainder of the Columbia Ranch lot is now owned by Warner Bros. and still stands

about one block to the east of my former apartment complex, which has recently been remodeled,

When doing my research, I discovered that the apartment building in which I had lived sat on a

portion of the Columbia Ranch which contained the back lot exterior set of Shangri-La, from the

original production of *Lost Horizon.* This set had several platform levels and behind it was

a row of scene docks and a guard house which opened to an exit from the lot.

This gave me a clear insight as to what may have been going on in my apartment. It is common

practice for studio guards to make the rounds of the lots and check for locked doors, and

specialized movie sets are often given additional security treatment, usually if it is a *hot*

set with expensive props and other accouterments left intact and overnight throughout an extended

period of filming. I instinctively felt right away that my periodic visitor may have been a

Spirit security guard who was checking my door, checking the locks and then moving on to his

other *rounds.* I sensed a male energy from the spirit, an aura of the spirit*s last

incarnation, and he may have very well been a former studio security guard. He always entered

from the kitchen, one floor above the driveways and carports, but this is probably due to the

fact that the set which once stood on the property had several platform levels. The routine was

always the same: a light touch on the door, a slight turning of the handle, then a very audible

click of the locks.

Needless to say, the experience gave me quite a feeling of security. I always felt safe in that

apartment, and when I moved out of it in 1992, I did a blessing of all the rooms, so that the

next tenant would enjoy its ambiance as much as I had. I also did a blessing for my Spirit

security guard* letting him know that he could *retire* when he wished, for he was, indeed, in

Spirit. I hope that he has moved on into the Light.

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