The Piano


Several years ago my family and I moved to New Hampshire. We bought a

huge, 200+ year old house, with about 200 acres of land to go with it. We

had this room with an antique piano in it. It was old and very out of tune.

A lot of the keys didn't even work or would get stuck. One night, I was in

the kitchen. I was alone in the house by several strange coincedences (my

mom was taking my brother to the hospital because he had gotten very sick,

and my dad was at the house next door "only for a minute"). Anyway, I began

to hear piano music. It was in perfect tune, coming from the room with the

piano in it. However, to get to the room, I had to cross through several

unlit rooms and hallways, then enter the piano room and turn on the lights -

and the lightswitch happened to be right next to the piano. I couldn't bring

myself to do it, even though I wasn't fearful of whatever was playing the

piano. After a few minutes, the music stopped. Then my dad came home. I

didn't say anything, but together we went to the room with the piano. I sat

down to try to play it - and it was horribly out of tune as it had always


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My Father


I first felt a presence shortly after my father committed suicide in our

second floor bathroom. I would often smell the scent of his cologne, or

feel a very cold, icy breeze pass by me, especially when my mother and I

would be sitting together in our kitchen. I never asked her if she had

any experiences, and for this I am sorry. Several people, who did not

know where my father had died, claimed to have seen him in our bathroom,

and they described the clothing he had worn on the day he died. The

night before my mother passed away, she was lying in a hospital bed in

our living room with my husband and my aunt and I by her side. She kept

looking up the flight of stairs with her eyes very wide, and tears

streaming down her face. My aunt asked her if she saw her father, or

mother and she said no. She asked her if she saw my father, and she

said yes. My mother reached out her arms, the lights went out, the dog

howled, and my mother lapsed into a deep coma and passed away early the

next morning. Soon afterward, my husband saw my father and actually

described him to me, although he had never seen a picture of him! Many

nights I thought my husband was getting into bed with me, I actually

felt someone climb into the bed, but when I turned to kiss him, there

was no one there! Other times I would hear very heavy and slow

footsteps, the door to our bedroom (which had actually been my parents

bedroom at one time) would open, a very icy cold breeze would brush past

me, and someone or something would climb into bed. One night shortly

after my mothers death, my fathers college ring appeared on my bureau.

I was certain that we had buried my father with his ring, and upon

checking this with my brothers, was absolutely certain we had. I hid

the ring in a drawer, but it constantly appeared on my dresser. I

finally gave it to my oldest brother and that is where the ring is

today. We did not have any experiences for quite some time after that,

but when we were trying to decide whether or not to move, we had many

more experiences, as though my father wanted me to leave. There was

constant noisy footsteps during the night, and he would appear at the

foot of our bed, frightening my husband. Finally, we decided to move,

and when I came to the house one last time, I had difficulty opening the

door, it was not stuck, but actually was pushed as I was attempting to

enter. When I left, the door was slammed shut behind me. One other

thing that was odd, whenever I was in the house and feeling depressed,

my childhood friend who had lived next door to me for many years would

suddenly call and tell me that my father had contacted her through her

dreams to tell her I was depressed and to make sure that I was okay and

did not do as he did! This always gave me the chills! Back To The Top

The Forever Enslaved Ghost


Not more than one year ago, I was at a birthday party for my best

friend, Erika. Almost everyone was beyond the stage of intoxication. My

three friends and I were the only sober ones there. We decided to clean up

the house and get the other poeple home. Taylor and Keri drove the others

home while Nicole and I stayed to clean up. We started to clean up the

living room and then we moved into the kitchen. Erika's house is over 200

years old and really big. To get to the kitchen, you had to go through the

study and the library. I felt really uneasy in the library. I couldn't

figure out why. But, as I was going through ther I heard a voice calling out

my name and asking for help. I asked Nicole if she said or heard anything

and she said no.

A few seconds later, I heard it again. This time was more clear and I could

tell it was a male's voice. I turned around to see if anyone was there...

there wasn't. No more than five minutes later, the lights went out. It was a

stormy night so we just thought the power lines were damaged by the

lightning. We looked to the neighbor's house and we saw that their lights

were on. As we were looking back, we saw a solidblack figure looking in on

us through the window. I grabbed a flashlight and I shined the light in it's

face and I could see that it was transparent. After that the apparition


The next morning I asked Erika if she knew who the previous owner of

the house was and she said that it was a rich pyscopath that killed all of

the slaves that killed his family. After he killed the slaves he buried them

underneath the library. That is why I was so uneasy in that room. Erika says

that she has been seeing the ghost ever since she moved in and she was too

afraid to tell anyone.

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Haunted Cabin


My friend, Andrea, asked me to go to her cabin in Grayling, Michigan

with her for the weekend. I was 12 years old, and expected to have a

realy fun time that weekend. I never thought that I would be terrified.

Her room, at the cabin, had a bunkbed that was against the wall. I was

really exicted because I had never slept in one before. I slept on the

bottom, though, because I was afraid to fall out.

That night, her parents went out ot a movie, leaving just Andrea and I

there. Alone. It gets really dark there because there are no street or

city lights back in the woods. We went to bed before her parents came

home. I had a hard time sleeping because I kept hearing strange noises.

I actually became afraid to move. I wouldn't move until I heard Andrea

move. About an hour or so later, I felt funny. I looked over into the

room. I saw a pair of legs standing right next to the bed. I was

paralyzed with fear. I just shut my eyes and prayed that it would go


The next morning, when I awoke, I saw that a Kleenex box had been moved

across the room, and a couple of other things had also moved. I asked

Andrea why she moved them, and she said she didn't. She then proceeded

to tell me that she thought that she had seen someone standing right

next to the bed. I told her that I had too. We were both terrified to

ever sleep there again. The next night we slept with a lit candle, and

didn't see a thing.

When we told her parents of the sighting, her mom said that it was our

imagination, and that Andrea shouldn't have told me the story of the

supposed ghost that lived there. She did not ever tell me such a story.

I had nothing in my head about ghosts living there.

Her Father had also woken up to see a man standing over him before we

ever saw him. I never went back to that cabin. But now, at the age of

21, I feel privileged to have seen what I saw.

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Jordan High School Ghosts


The high school I attended was opened in 1915 and has been the site of

many odd happenings. One of my friend was a night custodian and has

told be some of the stories that other custodians have seen. The old

night custodians would bring dogs with them andthe dogs would bark at

walls and doorways and in the middle of the halls. One night in 1990,

one of the custodians was cleaning the top floor and something caught

his eye. When he looked up he saw a girl coming towards him in a blue

dress. She didn't have any arms or legs however. He remembered the

face put couldn't place it. He got up and ran down the stairs. The

next day, he was looking at a plaque in the foyer of the school and

realized were he had seen the girls face. It was the same face as the

picture in the plaque. It was an article of 50 students that had died

when a train had collied with a bus in the 1930's. Her picture was

there because she was one of the fatalites of the accident. He believe

that she had never realized that she died and continued her way to

school for eternity

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This story was told to me by mother, and in the retelling, I will tell it in

the first person as though she were telling it....

It is also important to understand that my mother and everyone on her side

of the family is deaf due to a genetic disposition.

The story:

I went to visit my cousins in Baltimore Maryland. That night as we went to

sleep, my cousins Marsha and Marjorie left a small light on the table in

case I were to wake up and need anything. We needed the light so that we

could see to talk.

I swear I had just laid down and had not even begun to get sleepy. I

noticed my cousin Marjorie climb down off the bunk bed above me. She leaned

over and began telling me (in sign language) to tell her parents that she

loved them, and not to worry about her. She said that she would miss them

very much, and that she hid the doll under the back porch.

It was about that time that I noticed that Marjorie had no face, and no

hands! Yet I knew it was her, and I understood what she was saying. As I

began to get scared, she just suddenly faded away. At the same time

something fell out of the bed above me, and I could feel it hit the floor.

It was Marjorie! She had fallen out of bed, and died (I learned later) of a

cerebral hemmorage.

I tried to tell my Aunt and Uncle, but they were obviously disraught and

kept telling me I was dreaming. Later, they would ask how I knew about the

doll. Apparently Marjorie had hidden her sister's doll somewhere and had

refused to tell them where, or even if she had taken it . They assumed that

Marjorie must have told me. I swore she didn't. And she did not. I didn't

know anything about the doll.

I don't know if it was precognition, or if she was dead and I saw her ghost.

I guess I'll never know, but I do know that I saw something very strange

that night.

That is the story as my mom told it to me.

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The Step-son


I just recently married to a wonderful lady who has a 10 year old boy from a

previous marriage, and I love both of them very much. Also I suspect that

they are responsible for my unexplainable experiences. Especially the boy.

My wife has told me stories of a few instances that she has had. The most

troubling occurred when she was a small child. One night she awoke to the

sound of a hideous voice. She rolled over to look at it and saw two red

eyes in the dark. Those eyes told her they were going to get her. She

swears to this day she was very awake. Another peculiar instance happened

after she had had her boy, but years before she met me. She had made him

breakfast and called him to the table. As he ate, she noticed him staring

at the floor, his eyes following one or more things. He then cautiously

raised his feet, put down his spoon, and held his legs to his chest. All

the while, he never took his eyes off the floor. Of course, my wife saw


My wife has told me that she has noticed, black darting shadows out of the

corner of her eyes off and on throughout her life. I have noticed this only

once, about two weeks ago, around the end of June 1996.

Her son moved in with us a few weeks before we were married, and not under

the most pleasant of circumstances, unfortunately. We did our best to make

him feel loved and welcome. While he adjusted quickly, you could tell he

was troubled from time to time. And with his arrival came what I coined as

our poltergeist. Nothing really scary (like threatening red eyes), just

little happenings.

In our room in the middle of the night, I've been awakened by our vertical

blinds swaying and gently clacking on themselves. No fan or air

conditioning was on, and only about three or four of them were moving. I

recognize the identical movement when I walk by the blinds which creates a

breeze that moves them. Another day, my wife was just leaving for work. As

she looked back at the apartment while walking to her car, several of the

vertical blinds were swaying considerably, and only on one end. Again, no

fan, no open window, no air conditioning.

Once, I shut the door of our old microwave oven. It had been only slightly

ajar, like it hadn't been closed good. I shut it solidly, and to open it

takes a bit of effort (it's old but it works too well to replace it). We

came back about two hours later, and the door was ajar again. I showed my

wife this at the time, but to this date it hasn't happened again.

Apparently, the most dramatic occurrence took place when neither my wife or

me was there. Our boy had come home from school and was in the apartment

with friends. The friends were in the back bedrooms and our son was in the

kitchen on the other end of the apartment. The friends said that the

verticals in mine and my wife's room violently began shaking. That scared

them into our boy's room, where the horizontal blinds started shaking in the

same way. That's when they said they heard noises coming from the walk-in

closet. Then they all ran out of the apartment together, which happened to

be about the same time I arrived home from work. They were still wound up

like tops. They told me their breathless story, and when I went in the only

evidence I saw was that the horizontal blinds DID look rather shaken. I

know they're just kids, but I'm inclined to believe them.

Things have quieted back down lately (knock on wood). However, we're about

to move, so we'll see if that doesn't shake things up again.

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My Aunt's Wedding Night


This story takes place in Alexandria, Kentucky. It had been a

beautiful day all day. My Aunt had just gotten married, and we were

partying at the reception. Just for some background information

Alexandria is a small but growing town, so you could imagine that the

reception was on a farm.

To hyper and wound up from about seven to ten caffeine filled

sodas us kids could not get to sleep till two in the morning. The last

people still awake in the house were me and my cousin Amie. We were

still laughing and joking when suddenly we stopped laughing almost


My cousin Amie asked me what I was listening for. I said, "Don't

you hear that?" She answered with a funny look on her face, "Yeah." We

both heared pots moving in the kitchen. We peaked around the corner and

saw an open bottle of whiskey. After that we tried to get to sleep, but

the sound of liquid being poured into a glass awoke us again. We noticed

that some of the whiskey in the bottle was gone.

After about a half hour of no noises me and my cousin were almost

asleep when we heared a man clear his throat. Then we decided to go into

the kitchen and find out what it was, but when we peaked around the

corner into the dinning room we saw a chair facing us, the scary thing

about that is my grandmother always pushes the chairs in before going to


Next came the scariest part of the experience. The cat came

running out from behind us and sat in front of the chair meowing as if

there was some one there that the cat saw that she wanted to pet her.

The very next morning we told every one about it and then my mom

made a comment that my grandfather had died exactly three years from that

night. Chills went up my back and froze for a few seconds in shock.

I have more true stories, but we will save them for another time.

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Pop's Promise


I have always liked the idea of ghosts, but I never really believed until my

pop died in early 1990. I was always close to my pop and would visit him at

least every day; if not twice a day. He died very suddenly in January just

as my family was about to move into a new house.

As I said we are a close family and all my aunts and uncles came over to

help us fix the house up. Since my pop helped with the weekly bingo game at

the legion. He left suddenly and I didn't get to say good-bye. Later that

night after bingo, he died in the parking lot of the legion. I didn't find

out until the next day.

Now, My pop always said that he would see our new house finished and be

around to see all 13 grandkids married; he never got to see either. Well we

moved into the house and lived there for 3 years with no problem. then my

grandmother died and after that the footsteps started.

I would be in bed late at night and hear someone walk around the kicthen

for a while then walk down the hallway to the bedrooms. They would stop at

each of the three bedrooms as if checking the rooms and then walk in to the

closet and the steps disappears. This would happen at least once a night at

2:25 the same time my nan died in the hospital, I know it is ny grand father

looking for nan(she stayed with us for 2 year before she died). Also if you

are alone in the basement and noone is upstairs you can hear two people

talking and walking around.

Even now you sometimes get the smell of something baking(pop always loved

our homemade treats) even if there is nothing baking in the house for days.

When I asked my mother about the walking, she said she knew it was pop

because when I was born he told her that he would always take care of me

always; mom knows for a fact that he will keep his promise. I do to.

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New Home


It all began when I was two when my family moved

into a new home;the real paranormal stuff didn't

happen till i was six.when I would go to sleep

I would have a magnetic feeling like my hairs were

standing up on there own. well this caused me

to not wanna sleep in my room. I felt like the sprits

lived in my closet. so I still keep the door closed.

When I was ten I started to sleep in my in my room again

that is when that felling started once more thats all that happend

untill I was 13. Thats when I would hear voices talkin late at night.

That lasted a couple of months and then I saw a figure in

my room. It looked like a woman in her 50s.My dad seys he sees

her too.He is up at five.she hides things too.

When my 8th grade year began I started to watch a show

called Wishbone my mind would go totally blank and i would watch it. That

lased a couple of months. then i snaped out of it.(Im

14 I dont know why the hell I would watch that)

In May I got sick and I was asleep and I woke up and saw a

wite mist, Then I was brushig my hair and I hered voices.

so I got the hell out of there. Fed up I went to a lady called destiny

she told me that the ladyhad a child and it diad. that she killed herself in my room

that is why it is so cold.My house now stands ware an airport used to be and a plain

crashed.I recently spoke to Serena Saback she told me that they were very

troubled. Im going to talk to her again and I hope she helps me

I hope you believe me cause it is all true.

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My Parent's House


Hi! My name is Polly and I have a few events I would like to share with

you that happened in my parents house a few years ago. I need to give

you a little background information about the house. It used to be

a funeral home about seventy years ago. The enbalming happened in the

basement, the bodies were veiwed on the first floor and the living

quarters were on the second floor. There were two old ladies who use to

own the place before my grandfather bought it. The ladies had an black

man that worked for both of them. My mother told me that one of the old

ladies died there. They were sisters.

Now here is my story. It first started with my oldest brother and one

of his friends. They were playing on the first floor of the house when

they heard footsteps come up the basement stairs. the footsteps came up

the stairs the basement door that was located off the kitchen in the

laundry room. The door was a sliding one. That made a lot of noise when

you moved it. Well they were the only ones in the house. Our parents

were at work. The door started to slide open and they got scared and ran

to his friends house til our parents got home. My brother told my

parents what happened and they just said don't worry about it.

That was about 18 yrs ago. I am going to skip ahead a few years now. My

Grandparents lived with us till a few years ago. Granddad was working

and my grandma was relatives. They lived on the second floor. My brother

and I wanted something from upstairs but did not want want to go up

there. My said if we wanted it we had to go get it ourselves. So we did.

There are stairs that lead to the second floor. The stairs are a flight

of 13 steps. We walked up the stairs and went in the door on the right.

When we went in the door the door to my grandmas room opened about six

inches and slammed shut. There was nobody upstairs at that time. We ran

down the stairs and told my parents what happened. They went upstairs

and came back and told us nothing was upstairs. Then all of a suddened

the door to the basement slid open and slammed shut. It got real cold

in their room and the footsteps on the basement stairs started up and

lasted about 15 min. then stopped. I have a few more stories but I tell

them at a later date. If you have any comments or stories you want to

swap just email me at

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Life Long Encounters


I guess I should start by saying that I'm not the first woman in my family

to have paranormal experiences. All the women in my family, matrilineally,

have have one experience or another. It's not so strange to us that we would

also have ghostly experiences.

I grew up for the most part in a tract house in So. California. My

great-grandparents moved into the house in 1956 or so, when my mother was a

toddler. In 1974, my great-grandfather was injured when a freight elevator

door fell on him, paralyzing him. My Ma (my great-grandmother) told me he

was very unhappy depending on her for everything and after teaching himself

to walk, he sent her out of the house, walked to the closet, removed his

shotgun, placed the end in his mouth, and pulled the trigger. He died in the

doorway of the master bedroom.

My first ghostly encounter happened when I was nine. I was asleep in my Ma's

bed in the master bedroom. I woke up about 2 or 3 in the morning to hear my

Ma in the kitchen, puttering around. I looked up at the door to see a very

distinct figure of a man peering aroung the doorframe at me. He was about

six feet tall, with white hair and clothing. He was so clear that I could

see his fingers curled around the doorframe and the white part of his

fingernails. I closed my eyes and slowly counted to ten. When I opened my

eyes, the figure was gone. I thought I was dreaming and went back to sleep.

The next night, I awoke about the same time to hear Ma in the kitchen

washing dishes. It was then I saw the figure in the doorway again. This time

however, he began to approach me. I closed my eyes, shaking, only to hear

the floor squeaking like someone was crossing the room. It stopped at my

side of the bed and I felt a light brush against my cheek, like a kiss. I

screamed and didn't stop screaming until Ma came running in.

As she calmed me down, I related the story of the past two nights. She got

up and removed a shoebox of pictures from the closet. She took out one

picture and showed it to me. "Is this who you saw?" It was, right down to

the clothing. I began to shake as she told me that it was my

great-grandfather. The family thought it was my imagination when she told

them, until they realized I had never seen that picture or heard the story

of his death before. It was later told he had died in the spot that I saw

him, one year before my birth. It was Ma's firm belief that he had been sent

back to protect me.

As I got older, he began to affect things in the house, to show his

presence. Floors would squeak like someone was walking down the hall. Doors

would open and shut. Cabinets open and shut. Chairs move. Objects would

disappear and reappear in places you would never put them. But he was never

seen by anyone in the family, except me.

I can remember one occasion, he trapped my mother in the kitchen by moving

chairs and cabinet doors in her way. I stood frozen in the living room and

watched until my mother in tears, cried out for him to stop and identified

herself by his nickname for her. It stopped suddenly, as if he realized who

it was he had terrified.

When I was fifteen, Ma got very ill and had to be taken to the hospital. I,

too, was sick at the time with pnuemonia and confined to a bed in the living

room. My grandfather got more active then. You could hear him pacing the

hall at all hours. He would do things he had done in life, like walk down

the hall to use the bathroom. (I'm probably the only person in the world

whose ghost uses the toilet.) Several times, he walked out to check on me. I

felt his presence as he came in ans sat down on my bed. I felt the bed sink

with his weight and reached out to feel the sunken area, but there was

nothing there but cold. I looked up to see and hear Ma's favorite music box

begin to play on its own.

It got to the point where you could see and hear his path through the house

as the front door opened, then shut, and footsteps though the house to the

back door, which opened and then shut. Everyone who saw this all agreed it

was as if someone had walked in, through, and out the house. For a week, we

all lived in a state of anxiety. Then, the night Ma died, it stopped. I

swear I could hear her voice in my head, berating him for scaring us all.

After that, he was very quiet, appearing only sporadically.

I moved out two years ago, and my grandfather came with me. When I told my

mother, she insisted I search my apartment for something that I might have

inadvertently brought from the house. Nothing. While talking to my mother

later on, she said she thinks that perhaps I am the object he has attached

himself to. After I left home, he seemed to leave the house alone except for

isolated incidents. But things happened in my apartment that I couldn't

explain except that he was here doing them. My keys disappeared and I fould

them in the freezer. My wallet would also disappear whenever I tried to

leave the house, only to reappear behind the TV. Lately, he's taken to

hiding my birth control pills (Is this a message?).

But still, I was the only one to see him until last year. My husband, then

fiancee, got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. I woke

just in time to see him jump back from the bedroom door, and he turned to

he. "Holy S---! There's somebody in the living room." I got up with him to

investigate and found no one. After he told me again exactly what he had

seen, I told him who he had seen. If he didn't believe me before, he

believes me now.

Grandfather has even spooked (pardon the pun) my stepfather. I was there

visiting,and he was lying on the couch, watching TV. He turned to my mom and

asked for a blanket, saying he was cold. My mom and I looked at each other,

since we both had said earier how hot we were. I got up and ran my hand

through the air about 18 inches above his body. It was much colder. I called

my mom over and she also said it was colder above him that the rest of the

room. We asked him to sit up. He did, taking a seat on one end of the couch.

As my mom and I stood there, we felt the cold spot move past us and center

on the couch where he had been lying. I started laughing, since how often

does a ghost wait patiently for you to scoot over and let him sit down?

He's been pretty quiet lately, but every so often I feel like he's here with me.

But, to this day, I will not sleep alone in that house.

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Unusual Experiences


The incidences that I am about to describe are probably nothing and

probably have logical explanations. Im sure someone with knowledge in

the electrical field could come up with an explanation of why these

events took place. Anyways the happenings are of an interesting nature

and are somewhat startling. The events took place in a townhouse that

I previously lived in for about 3 years. On several occasions I would

wake up in the middle of the night by the sound of my television set

being turned on. On one occassion I woke about 3am in the morning for

some unkown reason. I immediately layed back down again to fall back

asleep again when the television set turned on. This was different

from the previous occasions because this time I witnesses the televison

turn on and there was no way I could dismiss or pass it off with the

explanation that I had mistakenly left it on before falling asleep. Up

to this point I had told nobody about the incidences. I was afraid

they would think I was crazy. Then about a year after all these things

had happened a last and final incident happened. It was about a month

before I was to move out and relocate to another part of the state. It

was about 11pm and I was sitting on my bed watching televsion with the

lights off. My dog was also there with me asleep at the end of the

bed. All of the sudden a lamp in the corner of my room clicked on and

adjusted itself to its full illumination. My dog, which never pays

attention to anything; stood up and began staring at the lamp for about

5 minutes. At this point I was so shaken up, I couldn't go near the

lamp to turn it off. I decided rather to leave it on all night and

turned it off later the next morning. The next morning I also felt

that I had to tell someone, so I told my girlfriend. She looked at me

like I had made this up. So I never told anyone else after that. Im

sure that there may be some kind of power surge in my room that could

have caused these things to happen. I'm not a firm believer in ghosts

and spirits and I am kinda skeptical about stories that i have heard in

the past. I still am skeptical about what I saw, I cant believe that

anything other than a logical explanation like a electrical surge

caused these things. But I known one thing is for certain. I did see

these things happen in front of my own eyes.

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Ghost at the Piano


I am a 46 year old woman who still remembers as if it was yesterday the event

that petrified me at the age of 16.

I lived in Palos Verdes, California when I was 13 and 14. During the time we

lived there, I began going to a new school and making new friends. I have

always had a kind heart and noticed a very lonely girl my age that looked as

if she needed a friend. Marie was to become a good friend for those 2 years.

We only saw each other at school as she lived down the hill and up the other

side...too far to visit for a junior high kid. But we were happy to be

friends at school.

When I was almost 14, we moved back to Orange County. A couple years went

by. Marie and I had remained friends through the mail. In the summer of 1966,

Marie invited me to come up and stay a week with her and her family during

the summer. My mother and step-father drove me up on a Thursday afternoon. I

was to stay until the following weekend.

As we drove up the hill and followed the written directions that Marie had

sent us, we turned around a long drive and there stood the biggest stucco

mansion I had ever seen! It was pink stucco, with a Spanish Villa influence.

Very pretty! I did not realize that Marie's family was so well off. I

gathered up my small suitcase and asked if Mom was going to see me up to the

door. Well, she and my step-dad were in a hurry to get back home. So I

kissed mom and watched them as they drove back down the long driveway.

I walked up to the only door I saw from where I had been left off. I knocked

and waited. A minute later, a young girl opened the door. She greeted me

warmly and said she was Marie's sister. Marie was out taking a driving lesson

and would be back shortly. "Please make yourself comfortable. I'll show you

Marie's room and you can put your stuff away." She was very pleasant and I

followed her out of the kitchen. As we walked into the foyer area, to the

left of me was a very large winding staircase. It went up and around and I

had never seen anything so elegant before in my life! She took me down the

hallway after we climbed the stairs. Goodness...there must have been 15

bedrooms up there! As it turned out, each bedroom opened out onto the hall

and each bedroom had its own full bathroom. We reached Marie's room (about 3

bedrooms down on the right) and I couldn't believe how large it was! There

were 2 double beds in the could look out the window into the back

yard. To the left was a door leading to Marie's private bathroom. It was all

done in aqua and pink tile...lots of space. A huge bathtub and lots of sink

space and drawers. I was so overwhelmed by all of was like a castle

to me. Marie's sister left me to finish some work she was doing in the

kitchen. She told me to make myself at home. Explore the house if I wanted

to. And then she left. I put my suitcase down and sat on the bed. Then I

decided to go look around at this magnificent house. I walked back down the

spiral staircase and found myself walking toward some stairs going down. As I

approached the stairs, I realized that the stairs led down to a very huge

formal living room. I stepped down to the bottom. The fireplace was as tall

as I was (5"0") and I remember walking up to it to see if I could stand in

it. To the right of the fireplace was a door...I looked in and found it full

of board games, a pool table, various things to do. A game room. That was

nice. I closed the door and looked behind and to the right of me. There was a

beautiful black grand piano standing in the corner. It was flanked on the

left side of it by the wall and long windows with formal curtains. It was a

nice place for the piano as the day's sunlight would shine on your sheet

music. And I thought the accoustics would be great. I had been taking piano

lessons myself for about a year and was very impressed with the size and

beauty of this grand piano. I looked around a little bit more and decided to

go back up the stairs and find Marie's sister in the kitchen. As I reached

the top of the stairs, I heard the most beautiful classical music playing. I

stood on the landing and looked down into the living room. There, at the

piano, was a young boy, maybe 13 or 14, playing this wonderful music. I

stood for a couple minutes and listened. He looked down at his hands as he

played. He was in his own world and didn't seem to see that I was there. I

knew that it probably wasn't a good idea to bother him, but I decided to walk

back down the stairs and sit on the sofa and listen. As I began walking

down, he stopped playing. He looked right at me and stopped. I felt so bad, I

didn't want to disturb him, and was about to say something when he stood up,

looked at me, did a 90 degree turn and walked out of the room. I went to

follow him, to tell him I was sorry for disturbing him...and when I reached

the wall behind the piano, I realized that this young man had walked straight

through an area that turned out to be a window that looked out over the

garden...with about a 10 foot drop. This was a solid glass window. No French

doors. No latch to open and jump. Just a solid glass window with formal

curtains, just like the one to the left of the piano. At that moment, the

hair stood up on the back of my neck as I realized I had not seen a real

person at all. I hurried over to the stairs, climbed up and rushed back to

the kitchen. Marie's sister was there and I immediately asked her where their

phone was. The house was older and had little alcove's throughout the house

for phones. She led me to one outside the kitchen area. As I dialed my phone

number Marie arrived home. The phone rang and rang. No one was home. So

little time had passed that my Mom hadn't even gotten home yet! Marie greeted

me and hugged me. She could tell that something was wrong...but I wasn't

about to tell anyone what I had seen. We walked out and went to the game room

to talk. I was so unnerved, I must have seemed like the guest from hell! I

excused myself and went back to the phone...I had to get out of there! There

was no way I was sleeping in this house. My mother finally picked up the

phone and in so many words told me that she wasn't making another trip today

to come and get me. I told her I was scared, that I'd seen something. Well,

she thought I was silly. "I think it would be rude of you to leave. Marie has

asked you to stay for a week. We will pick you up next Saturday." Well, that

wasn't the answer that I wanted. I called my boyfriend and pleaded with him

to come and get me. He had to work that night. GREAT! I was stuck, scared and

ready to walk home on foot if need be. As it turned out, I didn't sleep most

of the night. I was frightened beyond words. The next morning, my boyfriend

did come and get me. Marie was confused as to why I was leaving. I didn't

know what to tell fact, I can't remember exactly what I did say to

her to explain why I was leaving to go home after only 1 day. And I never

spoke to Marie again...or wrote letters. I never found out who that young boy

was, but the experience had left me a believer.

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