The Ghost Who Came Home


Two years ago, I made a visit to the Gettysburg Battlefield. I

chanced to come upon the area known as the Wheatfield. I don't

understand why, but an incredible feeling of sadness overcame me as I

gazed over the expanse of green and tried to imagine what it was like to

be there in the heat of battle and to experience the terrible bloodshed

that took place.

I had read various books about the ghosts that are supposed to haunt

the battlefield but had never really taken it seriously until I had my

experience. To this day I have no explanation for what happened.

That particular day I had spent quite a long time on the field and

had decided to call it a day and head back home.

I got home and was telling my husband about my adventure, he wasn't

very much interested, but was busy with household chores and asked me to

drive to town to get gas for the riding mower.

On my way into town, I was driving along when suddenly, from the

back seat, there came a noise just as though someone were sitting in the

back and would have reached forward and slapped their hands down on the

back of the front seat beside me. This startled me and I simply stopped

the vehicle and looked over my shoulder. Nothing was there but I still

didn't understand what it could have been. I had not hit a pothole or

anything that would have made the car vibrate or anything like that.

The following day was Sunday, my husband was out in the garage

working on his antique truck, I was down in the basement cleaning and

just tinkering around, when directly overhead I heard someone RUNNING

back the hallway towards our bedroom. There was a tremendous thump on

the floor and when I heard this I stopped what I was doing and wondered

what was going on. It was a really heavy THUMP! like someone falling to

the floor. I decided to investigate. I couldn't imagine why Bob would be

running in the house.

I came upstairs calling out, "What are you doing?" and proceeded in

through the kitchen, living room and back the hall expecting to find Bob

on the floor and hurt. I saw noone in the house, but the oscillating fan

we kept in the window was on the floor at the foot of the bed.

I was astonished to say the least! By this time Bob heard me calling

and came in to find me picking the fan off the floor. I had asked him

why he threw the fan down. To this, he replied,"I wasn't in here- I was

out in the garage the whole time!"

Well, I thought for sure that he was pulling some kind of prank and I

kept asking him to come clean and admit that he had done this. He kept

insisting he didn't. I must tell you that even though the fan was

propped in the window that day, it wasn't plugged in or running at the

time. Actually, there was hardly any kind of breeze whatsoever and the

cats were both outside. We have placed that fan there many times to draw

the cool evening air in and not one time has it ever fallen off the

window sill. And to add one more thing that happened; later that same

afternoon, we were both in the living room watching a movie. My husband

was sitting in a chair beside the endtable where I have a picture of

Jesus on it. From out of nowhere, the picture fell off the table

backwards onto the floor. I just looked at him as though to say,"O.K.

enough is enough, you DID THAT!" To this very day, he swears that he

didn't get anywhere close to the picture.

Well, this is my story, believe it or not, it is true. Did I bring

someone home with me that day? Whomever it was they sure must have

wanted me to "break up" housekeeping. I haven't had any experiences

since that time but have been on my guard never knowing what to expect

after a visit to Gettysburg.

A Haunted Lake Road


Hi my name is Laila Iam 18 years old and live in Texas, about 3 months go I

had a wierd expirience happen to me. Me and my boyfriend and three friends

were sitting around talking about ghost stories when my boyfriend said that

the lake by his house (grapevine lake) was haunted, he continued to explain

of a family who lived next to the lake and that the father had killed his

wife and son then commited suicide. The story says that If you park next to

there house settlement (which is torn down except for the chimney) turn off

your lights and car and wait yuor car will be pushed, he also noted that if

you spread baby powder on the car you will see there hand prints. We were all

very excited and decided to goof around and try it. I drove, my boyfriend was

in the front seat and my friends in the back, we must have waited for about

20 minutes when my friend in the backseat decided to be funny and yell out

the window " hey you sick freaks why don't you show yourself and quit

hiding....etc.) We all laughed for about a minute but thats all the time we

had when all of a sudden the back of my car started bouncing up and down, we

all were quiet and I could hear the wind blowing( thats how quiet it was) the

front of my car expirienced a sudden jerk and my car started rolling

backwards uphill! heading towards the lake! we were pushed about 200 feet

when it suddenly stopped and I did not wait a minute longer I turned my car

on and threw it into drive we dorve for about 15 minutes and stopped at a gas

station, two of my friends were now crying but me and my boyfriend jumped out

and looked at the car, there were childrens shoe prints on the back bumper of

my car and two sets of handprints on the front. me and my boyfriend just

looked at each other, all my friends soon followed to witness the marks on my

car. When we went back into my car it wouold not start(we have NEVER had

problems with this car , its new) after about 10 mintues it started and we

all went home that night we all decided to sleep in the same room together in

fact we all crammed on the same bed(5 of us) now we are all between 18 and 21

years old, never believed in this stuff or especially never were frightened

before from it! I dont know how to explain it and I dont know your opinions

but that is what happened. thanks.

The Maple Street Horror


Hi, My name is Lynn and I now live in Somerset, England. My

story starts when we moved to a small town on an Island of the coast of Kent

called Sheppey. When we went to view the house, I felt there was a strange sort

of emtpy atmosphere, but because we had to buy in a hurry and we needed a large

house, against our better judgement we went for this house. That was the start

of six years of terror, which only stopped when we eventually left the house. I

will list what happened and you can judge for yourself the sort of duress we

came under at the hands of this or these entities. My daughter ( who was about

nine at the time) had a cat called Willow, he loved to go out at night, one

night I got up to get myself a drink, when I noticed on my daughters bed a cat

that I at first took to be Willow,as it looked up at me a shiver went down my

spine but I could'nt put my finger on why that should be. But then through the

glass street door I could see Willow quite clearly sitting on the doorstep. I

rushed back to my daughters room only to find the cat had disappeared, I thought

I must have been dreaming,so I went back to bed and tried to forget about it.

The next morning my daughter got up and she was covered in scratches all down

her face and arms, I asked her what had happened and she said she had woke up in

the night and had seen Willow on the bottom of her bed, she had a strange

feeling about it and lifted it of her bed to put her out. Has she got to the top

of the stairs she noticed Willow (as I had done) outside the street door, at

that moment, the cat suddenly hissed and attacked her,she dropped the cat ,and

it ran off. We searched the house high and low the next day, but it was no where

to be seen, (there was no way out of the house, it was a very cold winters night

and we had all the windows shut, we did'nt have a cat flap) I must also mention

that Willow had never attacked anyone and never did again. Then there was the

time I heard screaming I ran upstairs only to be confronted with my daughter

laying on her bed, the bed was rocking violently, the covers were being shook

off, and I've never seen such a look of terror in my life. One day I was in

Woolworth's shopping when a women I had never met before came up to me, shesaid

" You live in that horrible house in Maple street don't you"I said "What do you mean"

She said her friend had lived there for a short time but had

to move out because of the terrifying goings on there, she said her friend ad to

shut off the back end of the house because thats were the worse of the activity

was. Also other houses in the street were affected. I will tell you about these

and other things from my house if you are interested, because I could go on for

ever. We actually appeared in the local newspaper, when I get my scanner

installed I send you a copy of the article. Hope you find this interesting, I

can assure you its 100% true (Iwishe it was'nt)

Many Strange Experiences


Ok this is the first time I have ever written anywhere and told anyone my

experiences but I have much respect for your webpage and read it all the time.

So I thought I might add my own to it.

I have never been chased by ghosts and all my experiences are my own. Because

I have always been the see it or hear it is to believe it type.

Where do I start I have had a quite a few isolated incidents that were never

any danger to me.

First of all I have always been able to remember my dreams. And the first

"dream" I remember is when I was 4yrs old. I was sleeping and I woke up like I

was sliding up the bed into myself. Well I dreamt I was in heavan and walking around

with Jesus and there I was only 4yrs old.

I guess the second probably was a dream I dont know. But I was sleeping

were a bunch of others with us And he showed me a room of people on cots

holding there hands out to me and there was a door I couldnt go in. Strange I


This next one is more on the lines of ghosts or spirits that you hear in your

other stories. But it was early new years morning and I was spending a night

at my brothers gfriends house. I was only 11 at the time. My mother was in

the next bed and the only other people were a young boy and his sister in

another room. Well I was laying there and I heard a mans voice say my name.

Freaky and I jumped up and turned the light on.

The next incident happaned when I was 14 and there was a cabdriver that used to

call our place the haunted house. Which I thought she was crazy and she sure

acted it (haha). Well I was sleeping and my grandmother was in the next bed and

I woke up and leaned over the bed and saw something that looked like a sheet

and I reached for it and just as quick as u please snapped back. And I looked

back over the bed and it was back. When I turned on the light it was gone.

I only have two more things that happaned to me which were actually recent

Last year I was sleeping and I always sleep with the lights on I was alone and

my cat was at the foot of the bed. Next thing I know I wake up the bed is

shaking and the cat jumped up rather surprised. That really scared me bad!

The last thing happaned after I moved from Maine to Memphis Tn. I was born and

brought up in Maine and moved here because my fiance is here. Well anyway we

were coming down the highway and I looked up and so this miniature white thing

run across the street no shape at all. And apparently it disapeared. First

thing I thought of was a deer cause thats what we saw where I was from. But I

was in a city on a highway. I asked him if he saw it and he said yes.

I guess the only other thing thats really strange is that I have also heard

voices like I thought was a tv in the house coming home from work. And things

have disapeared and turned up in strange places.

This all sounds crazy to me. But I never would have told you if it hadnt

happend specifically to me. Thankyou for listening. And I really love your


Haunted Campus


I've been looking at your web site, love the additions! I decided to sit

down and send you some of my ghost stories. Here is the first and most

recent experience I've had. If you like I will send others at a later date.

I work as a computer technician at the local college and this episode

occurred while I was on a service call at one of the campus extensions.

The campus extension is located on a former Army helicopter pilot training

post that was primarily active during the Vietnam War. The first impression

you receive when you drive through the gates is one of neglect and

abandonment. It is a very lonely and sad place. Most of the buildings are

used for storage and a few companies have set up warehouses in the area

close to the main gate. The most active portions are those used by the

college and the National Guard, and it was in our buildings that my

experiences took place.

I was not alone that day. My new boss and my technical manager were with me,

but they did not appear to be aware that anything unusual had happened. We

went through three old classrooms that were used for storage and I felt like

I was being watched the entire time. I also received a horrifying impression

of a man who had been shot in the face while I was in one of the store

rooms. My mental image was of a man in new, starched olive drab utilities.

Half of his face was gone and the right side of his uniform was soaked in

blood. I had the feeling that he wanted to communicate with me. I tried to

ignore him as I was in the company of my manager and the head maintenance

man. Fortunately he went away after a few minutes, leaving me wishing to do

the same!

Our next stop was in the building used by the campus for classrooms. The

feeling in this building was that of an incredible amount of energy. I felt

like I was surrounded by people all in a hurry to get where they were going.

I also had the sensation of being followed while in one of the hallways, but

when I turned around, no one was there. It was very eerie feeling and I

turned around and went back just to see if it would happen again. It did.

This entity seemed to be enjoying the interaction, but he stopped following

me whenever I came to the hallway intersection.

I did not get any solid proof of ghostly activity such as moving objects,

cold spots or unexplained noises, but there is not a doubt in my mind that

the place is haunted. I have often longed to question some of our employees

there about it, and someday I will. I also intend on bringing some equipment

with me the next time I go back in an effort to try and get something

tangible. If I am successful I will most certainly send the results to this




I live in England. My grandparents have also lived in England

all their lives.They had just got married and moved into a new house in Essex.

While they were there, they experienced these scary happenings; there

were sightings of phantom coaches, a nun and a headless man.There were

poltergeists throwing things about, mysterious footsteps, objects appearing and

disappearing, bells ringing, writings on walls, and, from Borley church nearby,

weird monastic chanting and organ music. They left shortley after. No one

believed their stories but all I know is a rev. moved in and the happenings

started again.

(Un) Holy Smokes


This is an account of what happened to my friend Nora and her husband Max

about one year ago in their house.

Nora lives in the house she grew up in with her husband Max, her mother

and younger sister Gina. Nora's father passed away 4 years ago. There

have been quite a few strange occurances in Nora's house since her father

passed away, but this one scared me the most when she told me about it.

One night, Nora was at home alone with her husband. Her mother and sister

had tickets for a play downtown, and would be home quite late. Since it

was about 10:00 at night, and the middle of winter, Nora and Max decided

to go to their room and watch some television in bed. After being in bed

for some time, there was a knock on their bedroom door. "Come in", Nora

called out, thinking it was odd that her mother and sister were home so

early. No one came in. Nora started thinking she imagined the knocking,

but Max had heard it too. Just as she was about to dismiss the whole

incident, there was another knock at the door. Nora looked over at Max,

hesitated for a minute, and then repeated, "Come in" louder this time.

Still no one entered. Since their bed faced the door, they both had a

clear view without any furniture or other obstructions. After what seemed

like hours, a cigarette rolled under the door and into the room. No one

in the house smoked, except Nora's father who had passed away years ago.

The house had been rid of all cigarettes by now. It was bad enough that

this cigarrette appeared in the first place, but it was the same brand

that Nora's father smoked. Max and Nora sat frozen in bed. Eventually

the two got up enough nerve to open the door and examine the hallway and

the rest of the house. As they suspected, Nora's mother and sister had

not been home, and indeed did not make it home until about 1:00 a.m. (Nora

and Max waited up for them).

Since then other things have happened in Nora's house (stereo coming on by

itself, doors opening & locking from the inside). But they all occur

quite sporadically. It seems as though whatever entity is in the house

doesn't want to harass them, but at the same time, doesn't want them to

forget about it either.

The Swinging Plant


My husband and I stayed the night at my mom's a few days before Christmas.

There were several other people staying there too so the only place where

there was room to sleep was in the spare room which was a room in the center

of the home. My mom set up our bedding under a hanging plant. My husband was

on the left hand side of me right under the plant. Eventually he felt

uncomfortable and asked if I could trade him places. So we traded places and

we lay side by side under this plant and we were facing upwards as we talked.

Eventually the plant about a foot above us, started swinging back and forth

with great strength. We were very confused but not afraid at all. We tried to

come up with every logical explanation. 1.It couldn't have been drafts

because there weren't any at all in the room. And it would have taken quite a

large wind to blow in order to make it swing that violently. 2. No one pushed

it because the house was completely still and we were both looking up at the

time. We definitly would have seen someone push it. 3.My husband didn't reach

up to swing it because one of his arms was under me,and the other one was

over me and my eyes were open the whole time....So anyway,as my husband and I

were talking amongst ourselves as to why this plant was swinging above our

heads, the plant stopped. Then about an hr or two later,it started swinging

again,then slowly came to a stop once we were discussing it again. Nothing

else was unusual that happened in this house. The only clue I have is that my

mom was having dreams about my dad being temporarily allowed to come back

from wherever he was (he died a year before). And the way the plant swung,if

it had come loose from the hook that it hung on,it would have landed on Ian

and probably hurt him if he had remained laying on the left hand side of me.

(My dad always hated my boyfriends. So maybe if it was him,then he didn't

like seeing some guy laying with his daughter. He had died before my husband

and I were married so maybe he didn't know he was my husband). I am very

confused about this situation. If you have any possible ideas or comments

about this, please contact me and let me know. thanks.

Ghosts that Follow-Again and Again


My daughter, at age 4, met the angel, or ghost, of her 6 year old cousin,

who died from a fall from a 3 story window. It was creepy enough, that my

daughter saw this child, even though we had not told her of the death. It was

worse, when my child insisted she still saw her, night after night.

Eventually, our ghost was gone.. We moved.

In our new house, for one year with nothing, an odd thing

came up. Karen, our ghost, had an older sister, alive and well. Her name is

Heather. Heather is only 16.

She(heather) walked out on her baby, that she gave birth to, at age 16, and

I took this infant in my home. The baby lives me me...But boy do I not feel


Karen is back. As I type these words, this 10 month old baby is laughing,

as if a person is with her in the crib. Karen, is the babies aunt. I sound

unreal, but as I speak, someone, or something, is making that baby laugh.

Raggedy Anne Doll)


Okay here is my story. This is before I had moved to southern

New Jersey. My mother poor, strived to make ends meet for us. I was five

years old and still sleeping in a crib at the time of the occurances

that terrorized me for three nights. In the dead of night I would wake up

for no reason and become very curious. now before I go on I must

tell you my sister had Raggedy Anne doll that I think she slept

with, I do know she at least had the doll but I can't remember if

it was her favorite doll or if she slept with it, well any way. one

night I awoke very curious as I have just said. I peeked over my

crib out my door way into the hall way, my mother's room just

to the right our two door ways creating a some what ninety-degree

angle. as I peered over the post of my crib it peeked from my

mother's door way slowly staring back into my eyes. it was the

Raggedy Anne doll as tall as a man now and very eerie looking. I was

scared and just dropped down into the crib but it was right next to me

suddenly, it screamed out while gripping it's hand's around my

neck. I would wake up in the morning frightened not knowing if

it was a dream or if it had been real.I think it was real especial

with all the things that have happened since then. not big things but

little tell tale signs. that add up if you sit down and think about

it, the only strange thing is these tell tale signs didn't

start to happen until was eight-teen. I had this happen to me a

second night, and then only part of the third. I woke up curious

again, I would say but when I opened my eyes on the third night, I

simply closed them and went back to sleep. when I had an

opportunity I destroyed my sister's Raggedy Anne doll. I never had a

problem again at least nothing as big as this.

Now when I was eight-teen years of age a friend at the time

introduced me to paganism ( old nature religion and witch

craft faiths, druids, and wiccans ) when I heard of this it I

had little interest in it, but as time went by my interest

over night grew, until I practicaly sang to me. since that time I

have seen things from the corner of my eye. I have gotten

sudden feelings of dread when alone in my room which ever room of

any house i may have been living in since my junior year. I've

heard voices whisper in my ear encouraging thoughts I never verbaly

expressed. as recently as this past month I was talking to my girl

friend on the phone when I suddenly got this urge to hang up on

her. the thought sort of desperate and and a bit but not to much

so agressive came to me. hang up on her. came my thought as if it was

not my own. I could feel my arm sort of tingling getting ready to

slam the receiver down but with little effort I stayed on the line

though if I had just let go what very little control I need to

keep my arm doing what I wanted I would have hung up on her.

that's about it. I've rambled on for to long. everything I said has

been true. I can't prove it but I at least know what my experiences

have been.

I Saw a Ghost

When I was about 10 years old I lived in a old two story house. My room had

once been the room of a young girl who had died there. It was Christmas Eve

and I was asleep and I remember waking up with cold chills. I looked over

to the right of my bed and saw a young girl that was probably 5 or 6, she

had blonde hair and a little old fashioned blue sailer type dress on. She

didn't do anything but look at me. Then I jumped under the covers and never

looked again until morning. That was the only time I ever actually saw a

ghost- but for the next 2 years that I lived in that house, almost every

night at 10:30 I would hear footsteps by my bed. When we moved I never had

any more experiences like that again.

The Footsteps on the Stairs


In 1962, my father and a friend that he worked with purchased a farm in

Michigans upper peninsula that had been vacant since the early 1950's. The

farmer that had owned the farm previously had died there, his wife also

having passed on there a few years before his own death. The house was a two

story farmhouse with no running water or electricity, oil lamps providing the

only illumination for the first few years we owned it. We eventually had

electricity put in in the late sixties but the house never lost it's "charm".

It was purchased as a hunting lodge and was used as such but eventually we

started using it on vacations and at Thanksgiving as a kind of tradition, my

mom having added a nice touch to the place.

The house had a huge kitchen with a wood stove, and the living room was

huge also, the oil furnace being the main attraction in the room. Off to the

side of the room was a closed up stairwell that went to the second floor

which was not heated and also not used by anyone in years. I believe the last

time that door was opened by anyone was probably right after we bought the

place. The door was sealed with strips of carpeting rolled up around the

edges of the door to offer some kind of insulation from the cold air

upstairs. If one was to open that door and walk into the stairwell he would

first be confronted with a small vestibule and a closet that was under the

stairs to his right. As one walked past the closet he would walk towards the

window and turn right and go up the stairs that went directly up over the

closet to the second floor. This floor was unfinished but had some cages

against the walls whose purpose I have never discovered and would not hazard

to guess.

It was the second week of October, !979, when after a morning hunt my

father and I found ourselves alone, he in the kitchen making stew and I was

just dozing off, in that nether world between conciousness and sleep. As I

lay dozing, I heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs from the second

floor. It did not register in my mind what this implied. The footsteps came

to a stop at the closet under the steps and a shuffling noise could be heard

as if was either hanging something up or taking it down. After about three

more steps the sound of the doorknob turning and then the door opening and

shutting rather hard, (not quite a slam) I was in full possesion of my

faculties and sitting up on the couch. At that, my father came out of the

kitchen, looked at me and said with a look of consternation on his face,

"What the hell was that?" I replied that I didn't know but that I had heard

it also. At that point we both looked at the door, which had not opened or

moved at all in the last several years.

His next exclamation, and I can quote him on this, was "lets get the hell

outta here"

and that is exactly what we did.

In his truck on the way into town (to the nearest bar, which was in

Gladstone 17 miles away) we reinforced what the other had heard and that was

the last time we discussed it to this day. When I bring it up he just says

that it was a rather unusual experience.

We returned to camp later that afternoon and it was never mentioned to our

hunting partners, but we had a little trouble explaining why the stew wasn't

ready when they returned. I can offer no explanation, but two people in

separate parts of that house heard the same thing. I never did go upstairs

again either, and in 1983 the house was hit by lightning and burned to the


Very Freaky Ghosts


I will tell a couple true storys short that happened in my life.The first story is about my

dad.He was at my great Uncle's house on vacation and he was with his cousin when

he was young.Him and his cousin woke up in the morning and heard footsteps

coming up the basment stairs and they said here comes our uncle.Suddenly my dad

looked out the window and saw his uncle coming back from getting the mail

outside.My next little story happened at my old house.My brother was watching a

scary movie all alone in the family room at nite when everyone was asleep.He was

watching the movie and doing his homework at the same time.But when he got to

the good part of the movie he started hearing loud and heavy breathing noises

from the kitchen so he went to bed right away.My brother also says that he saw

knives floating in the attic in the same house.My dad also said that he saw a man

knealing down in the family room also in the same house.My last story had to do

with me.I was outside of my grandmothers house when I saw these big blue lights

flying in the air and they seemed to zoom down.

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