Quincy Illinois Haunting

By: Anniekins@netscape.net

We lived in Quincy Illinois in a large, late Victorian brick mansion. The

previous owner had been an elderly woman who kept foster children in this

large, run-down and out-dated home. The house had a dirt floor basement, two

stories and a complete third floor attic. The bedrooms were on the second

floor with the door to the attic facing the door to the bedroom we regarded as

the master bedroom. We slept in a different bedroom as the master bedroom

needed renovation which we had not yet completed.

The only strange occurrence we experienced did not, at the time, strike us as

unusual. Whenever we returned home after dark, the lights upstairs in either

the master bedroom or the closet, where my husband kept his clothes, were

turned on. I accused my husband of leaving them on when he left the house,

however, he had never done this before. He couldn't remember if he left

lights on or not. When working alone in the house, I had always kept my dog

with me and she never seemed uncomfortable or uneasy in the house or in this


After we moved and sold the house, we received a phone call from the person

who bought the house. She asked if we experienced any unusual incidents in

the house when we lived there. She and her husband, it turned out, were using

the master bedroom as their bedroom. Several times during the night, they had

seen the shadowy outline of an old woman sitting in their rocking chair and

had seen the chair rocking when no one was in it. They also experienced

pictures being turned to the wall and laid down on their faces. One picture

was missing and they had been unable to find it.

We suspect they "saw" the original owner of the house, not the owner we

purchased it from, who had been the wife of a rather wealthy merchant. She

was reported to have taken great pride in the home that her husband built for

her, going to great lengths to insure it was built the way she wanted,

overseeing all minor details such as selecting doorknobs and hardware. She

was said to spend her leisure time rocking in her rocking chair and looking

out the window. Apparently she remains in her house, watching over it, to this


Many Happenings

By: darrell@compufort.com

This is a whole new experience for me being on the net. So bear with me.


I have had several wierd things happen since I was a little girl. I

beleive that spirits know who they can get to and who they can not. If

you are a beleiver they seem to know that. One night my family was in

bed and I was in my room and my sister was in another room. All of a

sudden I felt someone grab my ankel and I screamed and when I looked up

I saw a dark shadow going towards the hall way. When I screamed my mom

and sister wanted to know what was wrong. I started yelling at my sister

because I thought she grabbed my ankel being naught to me. Well she

didn't do it and when I felt it she felt it also at the same time and

saw the black shadow like I did. This kind of thing happening at the

same time between me and my sister happend all the time. We were both

cleaning our rooms and all of a sudden we both heard a big boom. I went

to her room and she was coming to mine. We both had a wooden letter of

our first name hanging by the light switch on our walls. They both fell

down at the same time and both broke in the same exact spot. It was so

wierd. The other things that happen with me are in dreams. My family

has an old farm house that we had built in the 1800's. My family still

lives in it to this day but they have renovated it into a duplex so each

family has one side. One day I was telling my grandma about a dream I

had about this beautiful house and how this lady had fallen down the

staires. I had told her all the details of the house and the details of

the woman that had fallen down the stairs. I was mostly telling her the

story because I just could not figure out why I always have wierd

dreams and why in the world I had dreamt of a lady falling down the

stairs. Well come to find out the house that I had dreamt about was the

original farm house before it was renovated and my great great grandma

was the woman who had fallen down the stairs and broke her hip. Most of

my dreams are from family things that happen. My mother has had many

many things happen to her. When she fist got married her and my father

lived in an old house in town that was above the underground railroad

that went through our town. She would always put the cats down in the

basement and lock the door with a skeleton key and put the key on the

sink. Every morning the cats would be in the kitchen and the key would

be in the door and the door would be open. My father was a truckdriver

so he was always gone. She was also telling me of stories about how they

put up a pool tabel and when my dad was gone the pool table would be

playing by itself. She would also talk about red eyes that were only as

tall as the top of her bed, and they would always be looking at her at

night. Then they would move over the the rocking chair and the chair

would rock while the eyes were still on her. When she would wake dad up

to see it they would disapear instant. There are many more things to

tell of this, but the funny and ironic thing is that when she moved to

the original farm house I was telling you about earlier before I was

born, she was the red eyes the very first night she moved in, and my dad

had just left do go on the road. She was so upset that she turned on her

stomach and faced the headboard, when she opened her eyes she say the

figure of Jesus looking at her and from that moment on she never had

another problem. It is almost as if the family that has lived there for

how many generations were there to help her and look after her. My

aunts and uncle that live on either side of the house now say that they

can feel someone looking at them throught the outside of the house into

the windows. When they look they see shadows and just feel as thought

they are getting looked after.

No matter what there are these kinds of things all around us. Some are

good things and some are bad but it will always be there.


By: rivenes@online.no

Hello I am from Norway I live near the capital (Oslo) one day my friends

and i dicided to camp by a lake not far from my house long time ago the

lake was used as drinking water but as the community grew it needed

more water and the water started comming from a bigger cleaner lake far

away but by the lake the control house stood abandoned all doors and windows

wear removed or destroyed when the four of us got there we went straight

past the control house I knew every body was sceared but none of us

deard to say anything about it we found a nice spot near the water not

long from the control house infact we could still see it we had agreat

time camping when it got dark and the mosquitoes got to progressive we

went into the tent none of us could sleep at perhaps three a`clock we

were disturbed by some loud noise it came from the control house we all

went to check what it was but none uf us really wanted to when we got

closer we found out that it was Music comming from the house and lights

in the windows it was definently a party we went closer too spy on them we

hid in the bushes and it was a party suddenly three drunk teenagers came

out too barf they saw us and ran after us through the dark woods they

lost them becuse there were indeed drunk but we kept running I was the

last of us and looked behind me all the time suddenly when I turned my

head back to see where I was running all the others where gone

dissapered! I was all alone in the dark woods all alone total


Spirit Encounter, Face-To-Face

By: cuartodenefasto@email.msn.com

This story took place in Cuba in the early 50's, before Castro

came to power. My mother told me this tale which was passed down to her from

my grandmother who experienced it first-hand.

Before I go any further let me state now that my grandma was not drunk nor

was she over worked, and finally, it was not late in the day. I say this

because disbelievers will always resort to these so-called "explanations" as

the quick way out.

Anyway, grandma was hanging clothes out to dry in broad daylight when

suddenly, she clearly saw a friend of the family who had passed away some

time ago!

Shocked, she stated the obvious: "But didn't you die"!?

Incredibly, the ghost replied, "No, but (--------) did". The person the

spectre mentioned was a relative that no one in the household had any reason

to suspect was sick much less dead.

My grandma looked down for a moment, trying to take all this in,

and as you can imagine, when she looked back up, the spirit was no longer


Well, she rushed in the house to tell everyone what she had witnessed

leaving everybody speechless. Sure enough, around an hour

later, the phone rang informing all what they already knew.

However, the caller said the relative had passed away just MINUTES

ago even though the ghost was seen a little under an HOUR ago!

Explanation? I have none.....

Our Friendly Visitor

By: alkaube@island.net

We moved to the house we are currently living in over 9 years ago. Our

first clue that something was going on was when my 6 year old daughter

said that she saw her baby sister walking in her room, well the baby

sister was at the time about a month or two old. This happened a few

times and then she realized that it was not her younger sister but a

very young child who would come to visit every so often.A year or so

later a friend was over and we were playing Nintendo and it was getting

late in the evening when all of a sudden the channels on the t.v started

changing, then the volume went up and down and then the t.v would go on

and off. This happened a few more times to the kids since that night.

Also a few nights before Christmas we had the presents all wrapped and

sealed in a big black garbage bag and beside our bed, when it was about

3:00 am I woke to the sound of paper being torn. I woke my husband up

and said I thought we had some one in the house, but soon realized the

noise was coming from the garbage bag. I thought it was possibly a mouse

that got in and bit a hole in the bag, so we closed the bedroom door and

we were going to check the bag. Both my husband and I saw the bag move

as if something was inside it. Anyhow we opened the bag and found

nothing, the gifts were still wrapped and every thing was as it should

be. I had mentioned this to a neighbour who had lived near here for

about 20 plus years and she said oh thats just the ghost that lives

there, and that she heard about how it does pranks, she said that there

was a little girl that had died as an infant in this house and has been

known to pay visits every so often. We are not frightened as there has

been no reason to she has just played a few practical jokes. Our

daughter said that she thinks she is friendly & just kind of shy.

A Weird Story

By: paranoia_king@yahoo.com

First let me explain about this old building near

my house. It's a really big old mill, textile I think.

My great-great-uncle (or someone along the lines of

that) owned it, back in the early 1900's. He was

making a ton of money with it, but he was trampled by

horses in there. It's fallen into decay since then.

Now I'll get to the experience. One day, my

sister and I were just walking around in the mill,

looking around through all the old stuff. We heard a

noise upstairs, like a big "CLOP." We thought nothing

of it, just the rotted floors creaking. We heard it

again, and that was my cue to leave. I told my sister

I was going to walk home, and she said she was going

to hang around awhile. Later, when I was home, she

came running breathlessly into the house. I asked her

what was wrong. She said she saw something come down

the second floor steps. She said it was something like

a man with the legs of a horse, but she didn't know

because she went running as soon as she glimpsed it.

No one else was with us that day. I don't know if it

was the ghost of our dead uncle, a demon, a vagrant

living on the second floor, or something more

sinister, but I haven't gone in there since.

I Saw My Dad's Ghost, but He is Alive

By: m.j.williams@virgin.net

When I was younger, I had my best friend stay the night and we talked

into the night and then she fell asleep. We slept in the gusest room at

the end of the hallway and our hall was about 50 feet long (we had a

very big house). I decided that I would go to my room and get a book to

read until I feel asleep. I went to my room and got my book and went

back to bed. I heard a noise so I looked round the door. I saw my dad

walking down the hallway and he had a axe in his hand.

I thought, oh well and went back to reading. Then I thought of a

question for dad and I looked back round the door and all that was left

was the axe. I walked up to it and it vanished. I ran into mom and dad's

room and saw that only mom was in bed. When I told her that I had seen

dad, she said, "How? Dad has been downstairs for an hour on the phone."

I was so freaked that I woke Catlin and we slept in the room off the end

of my mom and dad's bedroom.

House has a History

By: ymjuliano@hotmail.com

When I was a teenager, I used to hear my name being called. The weird thing

was, no matter how loud the noise was around me, the surrounding noise would

become almost whisper-like while my name was spoken. I couldn't tell if it

was a man's or a woman's voice and it wouldn't happen with any regularity.

I know that I wasn't overhearing someone else being called as it always used

my name in Hungarian, "Jolika", which no one but family uses to call me.

This would happen in malls, high school, while driving by myself in the car,

at work, whereever. I have not heard it for a long time.

Another, seemingly unrelated story: Thirty years ago, my father and mother

purchased a very old huge house which, prior to their purchasing it, had

been converted into four apartment units. Twenty years into their marriage,

they divorced and my father moved into one of the units. Later, his

girlfriend and her teenage son moved in with him. She would tell him about

doors mysteriously closing without any windows or doors open to allow for

drafts. The doors that she would hear close were facing each other and

closed in opposite directions, so a breeze would even be unlikely - it

wouldn't be able to close both at the same time. She even saw the image of

an old man. Dad never believed her. One night, her teenage son was scared

out of his room by someone he could see sitting on his chest. He slept with

them that night. The son was going through an extremely rebellious period,

so this was particularly odd.

Then many tenants began telling my father of a ghost figure that would watch

TV with them or walk half-way across the floor and vanish.

I think the history of the house goes something like this: An old man had

built the home and somehow his adult children took possession of it (I don't

know why - if the old guy died, or gave it, or sold it to them) and they

eventually sold it to my parents. All of the descriptions my father has

heard from his girlfriend and many tenants over the years matches that of

the old man.

My House

By: RASKLEKING@aol.com

I am twelve years old right now but in my life time I have had many

encounters in my life.

The first time I saw anything strange in my house was when I was

about five. I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason. No nightmares

no noises nothing woke me up I just woke up. I lied in bed but couldn't get

to sleep. So I decided to go get some water. When I came back I saw a figure

of a man only it was really hazey and green. It was bending over my brother's

bed. (we share a room.) It suddenly looked at me and walked out the wall.

About a week later I woke up again for no reason. I knew something

would happen. Then my virtual boy turned on. I saw red flashes coming from it

and heard voices coming from it.

After that nothing happened for about two years. Until one day when

my brother and I came home from school to find that the t.v. in our room was

on. We turned it off and went to get something to eat. When we came back we

watched t.v. Suddenly the t.v. and the bureau it was on fell on my brother. He

was okay but we didn't know what happened. We decided not to tell anyone.

A few years later we were playing outside. We had no lock for our

shed so we used a small metal rod to keep it shut. However the little rod

disappeared. While playing I found the rod. It was bent up in five places and

had scratched in innumerable places. When we went back inside I saw something

big black and furry hurry across the window.

One night I had a nightmare that my dead black and white cat, max

came back from the dead and attacked my family. Max had been dead about a

year then. When I finally woke up my bed was covered with black and white cat

fur. Yes, I said cat fur. A few days later my family found out that our

female cat,Iris, was pregnant. and one of her kittens looked exactly like Max.

My last encounter was a few nights ago when I had a dream about a

scarecrow with human's eyes and two hooks for hands. The scarecrow kept its

eyes on me and me only. I woke up and saw something outside run across the

yard. That morning my brother made a small metal object attached to a string

hanging from the ceiling. The metal object started to swing violently and I

suddenly fell asleep.

Everyone that I told this to said that I am on drugs or something.

But I'm not on drugs and this really happened. I am the only one who believes


Dream House

By: FA223@philipmorant.essex.sch.uk


my name is Ilona

I have a story to tell you,

just about a year ago we moved in to our new house my mum and dad have

always liked old houses and this was their dream house.

The first night we move I slept in the back room we did have any curtains

or carpets and none of the furniture had been unpacked the room was bare so

what I am about to tell you couldn't have been a trick of the eyes. I was

just about to go to sleep when I looked out the window from my bed I saw a

a figure with long black hair look out the window it turn to me it was

dripping with water a small puddle was forming around it's feet. I tried

to scream but I could I was so scared that my voice had seized up . That

night I slept on the landing. In the morining the figure was gone but

where it had been standing was a white circleish shape with a small

puddle of water in the middle this frecked me out. My mum said it was my

imagination but I had been wide awake, I could not go in the room for a week.

About a month later me and my brother were talking on the landing, we heard

footsteps coming up the stairs in a hury we ran to our bedrooms. We thought

it was mum who was in a mood with us . We waited and waited but no one

came up the stairs we slowly creeped out on to the landing and looked

down the stairs but there was no one there. We were a little bit jumpy

then something heavy fell in the bathroom we both screamed. Mum and dad came

up we asked them if they had walked up the stair but they hadn't. The ghost

has never reterned . But some times I see her in my dreams .

The Basketball

By: tmorse@shakamak.k12.in.us

One day, my best friend, my mom and me were the only ones at home and

my best friend and I at the time were really interested in ghosts. We

used to try to talk to them and stuff. Well, My best friend and I were

in the living room and my mom was in the kitchen and all of a sudden, a

basketball rolled into the kitchen from the hallway of the dining room,

up a step into our kitchen out of nowhere. It freaked my mom out and

she just about died. No one else was home so we have no idea how the

ball got in motion in the first place, But even more extraordinary, how

the ball bounced up the step when no force whatsoever was behind it. It

stills terrifies me to sleep in that room. I am still convinced that it

was a ghost, I guess there is no other way to explain the phenomenon.

In the Philippines

By: Shadow6595@aol.com

Hi my name is Ryan, my story is based on my country and the things that

happens to my country. First of all my country is the Philippines. The

Philippines is a mysterious country with a lot of secrets that have never

been revealed and some just kept for protection. The first things I'll talk

about is the many different ghosts and spirits. In my country there are many

forgotten souls and all these souls have a duty to accomplish, for them to

rest in peace. Each of these souls have different forms, it can be a ghost, a

troll, dog, bird, goats, shape shifters, and many others.

The first spirit I'll focus on is a ghost called the white lady ghost.

This specific ghost is a lost soul which mostly hang around churches or a

dead body which is not found. Is very hard to explain but somehow this type

of ghost is not shy to appear in open crowds to prove it's point. This ghost

never shows his or her face to the living, it walks with the face looking

back. This ghost appears as a mist and a white bright light, sometimes the

head would be cut off and it would be holding it by his or her side. When

this ghost disappears it just vanishes and leaves a black mark which looks

like a burned area. In this very spot it disappears in it may have the body

underground or some kind of riches. If a person finds a body the person have

to give it a proper burial or that person who found it will die. If the

person finds the riches he have to find the family which it belongs to or

that person will die.

The next spirit will talk about is called a Tikbalang. This is one of the

most well known spirit in the Philippines. This spirit has territories which

it protects from intruders. To protect it's territory it sometimes turns into

a human that has a missing detail and this detail is the in the face. It's

face is missing an indent on the upper lip.

This specific detail is how a person can tell them apart. It protects it's

territory by making a person lost forever by bribing her or him for a drink

or to help you on your destination. It sometimes just blend in to darkness

and waits for a person to bad mouth it. When this happens it will haunt the

person forever until that person freaks out or die. If none of this happens

it will get a person in their sleep and tie them on top of a high tree with

no way to get down. To make a person lost it will make illusions like a

mirage and the only odor that a person will smell is manure. This is one of

the most dangerous spirits which no one better mess with. These are just some

spirits and ghosts. There are many more where that came from, is just that it

would be too much to explain each and every one of them. But I'll try to add

some more on my free time. If any body have any questions please be free to

write me.

Shadow in the Doorway

By: tamdan@monti.net

A few months ago I was sitting up in bed watching tv, and my husband was

just dozing off beside me when I looked over and saw a figure standing in

our bedroom doorway. It was dark and I could make out no features but it

definately was a man. I wanted to scream but I couldn't, but I managed to

grab my husbands arm and by this time the figure had disappeared. When I

told him what I saw, he nodded and simply said we would talk about it in

the morning. The next day we were having coffee and he preceded to tell me

he has saw this man several times. He never attempts to enter the bedroom,

he just watches from the door. This really freaked me out. I did not

sleep well for the next several days. A friend suggested I put a video

camera up on the dresser and see what we got. I was afraid that if I did

this and saw something, I wouldn't be able to sleep... ever. One day I was

so tired and it was in the middle of the afternoon. My husband was outside

and I decided it was time to talk to this thing. I went into my bedroom,

sat on my bed and said, "I don't know who you are, and I don't think you

are here to hurt anyone, but you scare me." "If you want to stay that's

fine, but at night please stay away from my bedroom door." Since that

night we have heard strange noises throughout the rest of the house, but

there have been no more figures standing in our bedroom door.

The Legend of Canters Cave

By: helmickd@bright.net

This comes from Canters Cave in Jackson Ohio. A 4h camp.

Back about the 17 or 1800's there was a religion that believed the end

of the world was to come on a certain day. All who believed this was to

find a remote place in the woods and put on white extension gowns and

praise the lord so they too would go to be with the Lord. The was a man

named Thomas Canter whose family believed this. So they sold all of

their belongings and went to a cave. It was a stormy night that night.

They put on their robs and praised on that night. They woke up the next

morning and nothing had happened it was a beautiful day. They thought

it was a mistake so they stayed and kept trying. Slowly people started

leaving saying it was not going to happen. At last everyone had gone

but Thomas. Over the winter the family do not come visit. The next

spring they went to give him food. No one ever saw him again. The

thought either an animal had got him or he had run away in shame. They

say if you go to Canters Cave on a stormy night you can see Thomas in

his white rob reaching for the sky.

The Suicide Guy Next Door

By: kids6@home.com

I used to live in these apartments, and two new guys moved in next door

to me. One of them was named John. He used to work and came home every

night around 6pm with a case of beer. This carried on for about three


One night he didn't come home, and I seemed to miss greeting him by his

door. Later that night his roomate that also worked, came home late,

around midnight.

All of a sudden I woke to the sound of sirens.

My mom had talked to the police and they had said that John had

committed suicide by drinking Sionide(a pestiside).They explained in

full detail that he had thrown up his stomach and most of his insides. I

ran back into my house horrified about what I had heard, and looked out

of my window(whiched faced the parking lot) For some relief. To my

suprise, I saw the coronor lift the blanket from the body. The body

made me sick to my stomach, and I ran into my room and fell asleep.

I awoke remembering what the dead body looked like. The finger nails

were black, and his face was white and his skin flaky. His teeth were

green and yellow. Not plaque yellow, but almost a sickening yellow, like

they had been dyed that color. It was the most horrible sight that I had

ever seen in my life.

Two weeks later his roommate moved to a different apartment, in the

acomplex. About a week after that, I started seeing things fall of my

shelf as I walked in my room. I would run out screaming and go sit out

on my couch. I would turn to look to a side of me and would see an

indent on my couch beside me. It would feel as if somone was sitting

next to me. Every where i went for the day, I would have dreams about in

my sleep. Like if I went to the store I would have a dream about going

to the store and the dead body of John standing right beside me the

whole time.

I would tell my mom about this and she thought that I was psycho. She

sent me to counseling immediately. The counselor asked me stupid

questions, and after about a month or so, she came to the conclusion

that John wanted to know where his roomate had moved to.

That day when I went home, I went to the guy's house, and told him about

what had happened. Then he said that he didn't want to hide from his

friend no more, and I haven't seen the ghost since.

Pretty soon John's old roomate told me that he now had been seeing

strange things happen and that he knew it was John, because ever night

at 6pm. he would smell John's favorite beer.

What is it I Don't Know

By: remierez@netzero.com

As far back as I can

remember and from what my mother has told me I always talked with a Indian that

I called Shaman. I don't know if he really was a Shaman or not but he was

always friendly with me and sometimes when my friends and I would camp out we

would here drums from afar and every once in awhile we would catch the glimpse

of a head peeking at us from the woods. Years would go by and I would talk to

him from time to time. But there was others in the house also I never really saw

them but would catch glimpses of them. But one night when my uncle and

he's friend were at my house they where going up stairs when a women came

floating down the stairs at them and would simply vanish. He's friend also

stated that one night when he walked past my room, I was spending the night at a

friends house so it couldnt have been me, that a deep voice said come here

boy, and he ran down stairs. With the wild mood swings that I was

getting my mom was looking everywhere for help. Well one

day she told a friend about it, this friend was a practioner of magic and spells

and such and she came to my house and began chanting a spell in my house.

I don't know why but I was getting off the bus and I was full of anger I keep

saying to my self get her out get her out. I went into the house and

upstairs where I found her and my mom and I exploded yelling and screaming at

both of them and I left. I kept hearing we are going to get her. After

that day her life went down hill she lose her husband and her kids moved in with

him. I dont

think it was Shaman who was there but ever since that day I haven't been able to

talk to him. We moved out of that house when I was 18 and I am now

23. Evey once

in awhile I well see or hear something strange but I still haven't seen this

spirit. I've had many experiences with hauntings my mother says I'm a magnet that

gets attracted to them.

Thanks for your time.

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