Spiritual Experiences

By: Wavrunsun@aol.com

I have never really experienced any "typical hauntings". but have some very

real " dreams. For instance, one night when I was about 7-8 years old, I

found myself in my driveway in front of our house.My family was all outside

but standing together by the garage door. The night itself seemed very bright

and full of stars. Standing right if front of me was someone wearing a

beautiful white robe holding a white star in his hand. Now I don't know if

this was an angel or spirit or what, but I do remember the feeling that I

wanted to have this time all to my self. When I woke up to find myself in bed

I was shocked! I FELT the pavement under my feet and how hot it is on a

Florida summer night. Anyway my mother, being very spiritual herself said I

had been visited by an angel.

Another time my sister was at her friend's house playing with a Ouiga board,

when all of a sudden, their Yorkie ran under the couch, a pizza carton came

off the top of the refrigerator and that's when they put the board away.

Later that night, I my sister had a flat tire right after she left the house

and I also had car trouble coming home from my hospital shift. Both happened

around the same time.

I know this is running on a bit but just one more.

My mom owns a retirement mobile home park, passed on from her parents. My

uncle used to run it and lived in a room off of the main rec hall. He died in

his sleep in that room and my cousin found him the next day. I never really

felt any presence there until one night I was working out, doing areobics

from a video tape. there were no lights on, save for the TV. Something felt

like it was rushing up behind me, getting very, very close to my bacfk. I

turned around several times to try and 'catch" it. Needless to say the hair

on the bck of my neck was already on end. So, I told "it" that I could'nt

take it anymore and I left. Since then I have'nt felt it again, although I do

think it was my uncle who did'nt mean to scare me. Thanks for sticking with my

long winded story.

Grandfather's Ring

By: llole@email.msn.com

Several months before this incident, my mother had given me a Knights of Columbus ring that had

belonged to her grandfather, whom I had never met. I was on vacation in the

Aderondack mountains with my parents, sleeping in an old cabin near a

lake.The room that I was sleeping in had one window which was on the

oppisite side of the room, a tree stood outside of it and the wind was causing

one of its branches to bump the window. Though I knew it was the tree

making the noise, and I had my father sleeping in the same room, I was

terrified. It sounded as if someone was walking around our cabin, and I

was convinced that there was someone out there. This kept me from sleeping

most of the night. Around 3 AM I woke up terrified,

then something caught my eye at the foot of the other bed. My father was

sound asleep, and as I looked towards the foot of the bed I saw an older

man. Instantly I was calm, and unafraid. He was wearing a brown and red

bathrobe with a rope belt. He was short, with a very gentle face, and he had in

his hands what looked like a small bag of some kind. He was looking

through it for something, which somehow I knew was a ring, then he up looked at

me and smiled, after that I fell asleep. I told my mother the story, and at

the time she just listened. After we arrived home she took out four very

old pictures of men who all looked somewhat similar and asked me if I had seen

any of them. I had, one of the pictures was of the old man that had been

with me that night, it was my greatgrandfather.I knew then that

what he was looking for was his Knights of Columbus ring, and that he was there

to let me know that he wanted me to have it. I keep his ring with me, and I know

he is with me, protecting me.

A True Account

By: AnyoneOO7@aol.com

I am currently an 18 year old male living in a small community in Ohio. The

following story happened to me when I was about ten years old. At the time I

was living with my grandmother because my mother's marriage had fallen apart,

My stepfather was physically and emotionally abusive to me and my stepbrother

and stepsister. But that is beside the point. The family that lived across

the road from my grandparents had six children ranging in age from 1.5 yrs.

younger than me to infancy. In the time I had been living with my

grandparents I had become very good friends with this family and I would

often stay outside late during the summer playing with their children. None

of us in the group had even the slightest interest in ghosts or anything else

paranormal until a single encounter we had with something purely evil one

summer night...

Sorry to stray from the subject again, but the layout of the area is

important for this next part. The road I lived on at the time was a dead end

street, my house being the last one on the left and my friend's being the

last on the right. A shed was built right on the road, so there was no place

for anything to pass through without being noticed. There was also a stone

wall holding up my front yard that is about 6.5 ft. above the road, The

neighbor's house was also up from the road but there is a gradual slope up to

their house.

Now on with the story...

We had been playing outside as usual and it was after 9pm (if my memory

serves me correctly), and we were in the neighbor's yard (across the road

from my house) when out of no where a black car appeared on the road and was

driving towards our houses. We thought nothing of this, because it was dark

and it would have been easy to not notice a car right away and many people

did not know that the road was a dead end. Well, as soon as the car started

coming a little closer, it took off straight at us, and started playing this

(for lack of better wording) evil, satanic music, I have heard nothing like

it before or since. As this car is tearing up the road heading straight for

us and rapidly gaining speed. My friends and I start running for our lives

(literally) towards the neighbor's house, we get to the kitchen window of

their house, we still see the car but as it went under the streetlight by the

wall of my yard, the car vanished into thin air. Mind you, if the car kept

going, it would have hit the shed, or if it went left, it would have slammed

into the stone wall in plain view of where we were, and if ti went right, it

would have went into the house we were in. Normally I would have credited

this entire incident to an overactive imagination, but when I went out there

again the next morning, there were still fresh tire marks on the road and in

the grass where the car came at us. Any comments are welcome at

anyoneoo7@aol.com. Any input would be very much appreciated. I have a

couple more incidents involving different members of my family at this

location and one of my father's old houses but that is another time.

My Paranormal Experiences

By: donhunt@net-link.net

While I do not proclaim to be a writer in any way, shape, or form, I

will do my best to relate to you experiences that I myself, my family,

and my friends have all witnessed and will attest to be true.

My personal experiences began back in the late 1960's when my father was

promoted to a position within his company that required that he spend

extended periods of time out of town. I was in Junior High School at

that time and was the first and only one up in the early morning

preparing for school while the rest of my family slept. My younger

brother and sister were attending Elementary School and their classes

began later in the morning, allowing our Mother to remain in bed and

awaken only in time to get them up and ready for school. Consequently I

was, for all intents and purposes, alone in the house.

On one such morning shortly before Christmas vacation I was eating

breakfast at our kitchen table solely by the light of the small portable

black and white television set sitting opposite me. Having lived in the

northern regions of the country my entire life, I was used to dressing,

eating, and walking to school in the winter morning darkness and I made

it a point to turn on as few lights in the house as possible so as not

to disturb the rest of my sleeping family. On this particular morning

however, due to the poor lighting conditions in the kitchen and, I must

admit, my total lack of table etiquette at the time, I spilled some milk

down the front of my shirt as I consumed my breakfast cereal. After

surveying the damage to my shirt front I decided a change of clothes

might be in order prior to my departure for school.

As I journeyed from the kitchen in the near total darkness of the house

I concentrated my eyes on the floor in front of me to insure that I

didn't trip over one of my siblings many toys left from the previous

evening. I made my way toward my bedroom at the end of the hallway off

of the dining room and had to pass the bathroom prior to reaching my

destination. Just as I arrived at the bathroom doorway I heard a

rustling sound emanating directly from the open darkened entranceway.

Although my progress in the near total darkness was slow, I was walking

immediately in front of the bathroom threshold at that moment and

instinctively raised my arms in an effort to keep from being run into by

whoever it was emerging, half asleep I presumed, from the bathroom. As I

looked up at that same instant I saw what I at first assumed to be my

Mother in her nightgown emerging from the doorway. However, as I stood

there startled, with my arms outstretched before me, I immediately

realized my mistake.

A translucent, somewhat radiant apparition passed through my rigid arms

and, although I could not see any features per say, turned to face me.

What I assumed to be my Mothers' somewhat flimsy nightgown was actually

a gauzy ectoplasmic substance that seemed to sway silently in slow

motion as if by an invisible wind. In retrospect I can only compare it

somewhat to the ghostly apparitions portrayed in the movie Poltergeist.

I was, at that particular moment, absolutely paralyzed with fear. My

arms, still propelled before me, had broken out in goose bumps (although

I honestly do not recall noticing any unusual atmospheric or temperature

changes in the hallway) and my voice refused to obey my commands to

scream. After what seemed to me to be an eternity I was finally able to

regain some sense of composure and turned and ran as fast as I could

back into the kitchen.

Our home was equipped at that time with an intercom system that could

communicate with any given room in the house. I immediately turned it on

and connected to my parents bedroom and awakened my Mother with my new

found vocal abilities.

Of course, by the time she arose from bed and turned on the hallway

light there was nothing to be seen and I, according to her, had still

been half asleep when I had seen "my ghost". She soon changed her mind.

Shortly after my "encounter" my parents were attending a Christmas party

at a local neighbors house and I was forced to baby-sit for my younger

brother and sister. Not long after putting them to bed and making sure

that they were asleep I decided to go downstairs into the basement and

play my guitar so as not to awaken them. As I turned on the basement

lights, closed the stairway landing door behind me and proceeded about a

third of the way down the steps I became aware of a strange sound

emanating from directly below me and to my right. It was a soft sound

and I immediately thought it to be the echo into the basement from above

of my younger brother's or sister's footsteps. They had evidently heard

me going downstairs and hadn't been asleep after all. My forward

progress down the stairs as I was contemplating this took me to a point

where I could see into the far reaches of the basement by turning my

head to the right and as I turned to head back upstairs it was then that

I was able to identify where the sounds were actually coming from.

Every year we placed the empty Christmas decoration boxes in a pile at

the bottom and to the right of the basement stairway. As I was turning

around on the stairway to return upstairs I noticed that three of the

boxes that had been sitting on top of the pile were strewn across the

basement floor closest to the wall opposite the stairway. As I stood

there trying to figure out how they had arrived there, the uppermost box

on the remaining pile lifted, unaided, vertically into the air and flew,

Frisbee style, across the basement hitting the opposite wall with enough

force to dent the corner of the box and send the top flying.

I became a statue. I could not move. I distinctly remember thinking that

if I didn't get back upstairs the stairway I was standing on was going

to fold in on itself, becoming a slide, and I would be propelled

helplessly down into the basement and forced to play catch with whatever

it was that was doing this. That did the trick. I flew upstairs into

the kitchen, slammed the basement door closed, jammed a chair under the

doorknob and telephoned my parents at our neighbors house and

recommended they come home post haste. They were, of course, reluctant

to leave due to anything less than an emergency so I, against my better

judgment, conveyed to my Father what had just occurred. Approximately 10

minutes later every male in attendance at the Christmas party

accompanied my Father into the house and did a complete search of the

premises. Finding nothing but some empty boxes scattered around on the

basement floor, they jokingly made some comments regarding the effects

of male puberty on the psyche, assured me everything was fine, and

returned to the party and their revelry. I returned to being scared to


Life, more or less, returned to normal until the following spring when

one morning, as I was in the kitchen eating breakfast, my Mother came in

and in an accusatory tone asked me if I had been "trying to scare her"

knowing that my Dad was out of town. I was clueless. After repeatedly

asking her what it was she was talking about she reluctantly admitted

that strange things had been happening to her recently after she went to

bed. She claimed that soon after she settled in for the night she would

feel someone or something "pawing" at the bottom of her bed and then

attempt to pull the covers off of her. By the time she was able to

locate and turn on her bedside light however there was no one there.

Considering my bedroom was directly across the hall from hers I was the

likely culprit. She also said that when she had to use the bathroom

during the night she would hear a male voice, the words were

indiscernible but she was sure it was male, coming from the

bathtub/shower as she was using the facilities. My bedroom closet

accessed the bathtub plumbing so, again, I was the likely culprit. I

did my best to console and convince her that it was just the strain of

Dad being gone so often that was the cause but deep down I knew the

truth and deeper down I had to smile. I wasn't going crazy after all.

Strange little occurrences popped up on a regular basis after that but

nothing remarkable to speak of so my Mom and I kept them to ourselves.

That is until after I got married.

My wife and I moved to California shortly after we were married in 1974

and we quickly produced two fine children. Our oldest, a boy, followed

shortly thereafter by our daughter. My being in the service did not

allow us to maintain a lavish lifestyle and we were forced to live in a

government subsidized apartment close to my duty station across the bay

from San Francisco. An unlikely place for paranormal activities to

occur you'd think. I thought so too until they began to happen.

It began innocently enough. My wife was the first one to notice that

every time anyone walked past a certain area in the entranceway to our

apartment a gong would sound. And then the T.V. began changing channels

all by itself. Bear in mind this was when remote controls were reserved

for the rich and we hardly qualified on that account. The first real

disturbing event occurred in the summer of 1975. My wife and I chose to

sleep on the living room floor of our apartment because we wanted the

two kids to have their own bedrooms. Our couch served as a divider

between the dining area and the living area of the apartment and we

always made our bed directly in front of the couch. The door leading

back into the bathroom and two bedrooms was directly behind the couch

and we kept the doorway to that area closed at night so as not to

disturb the kids. I am an insomniac, and one night shortly after my wife

had fallen asleep I was reading a novel and thought I heard one of the

kids get out of bed. I, naturally, went on Daddy Alert. They were both

toilet trained by that time and I assumed that whoever had gotten up was

headed for the bathroom. I heard the familiar scape of their footy

pajama's on the apartments hardwood floors and resumed my reading.

However, instead of heading into the bathroom, the access door behind

the couch opened and once again I heard the familiar paddle of footy

pajama'd feet. Laying on the floor, it was impossible for me to see

over the back of the couch so I simply laid my book on my chest and

looked toward the end of the couch awaiting their arrival. The sound of

the paddle of little feet on the hardwood floor increased to a shuffle.

I propped myself up on my elbows in an effort to see over the back of

the couch and as I did so the pace of the footfalls increased to that of

a shuffling run. Whoever was up should have made it around the end of

the couch and into my arms by now but it sounded like they were running

in a circle directly behind the couch. As I threw the covers back and

began to get up an awful guttural wailing began eminating from directly

behind me. It was other worldly. A deep, resonant sound of absolute

agony that no child could vocalize or replicate filled the room. My

senses crystalized. I was torn with emotions so deep that I cannot

adequately describe them. I forced myself to leap up to confront the

demon that was accosting one of my children. As soon as I made my feet

everything ceased. Absolute silence ensued. I was dumbstruck. I raced

through the closed doorway into my daughters room. She was unharmed and

sound asleep. I then flew across the narrow hallway into my sons room.

He too was sleeping peacefully. I was shaking uncontrollably by then

and immediately went in and awoke my wife and told her what had

happened. She said that she had heard something but thought it was me

snoring. She tried to assure me that I'd been dreaming. But my

cigarette in the ashtray next to our bed had burned back less than an

inch after I had put it down awaiting the arrival of what I thought was

our awakened child and I was soaked in sweat. I wish it had been a


These are but a few of the many paranormal events that I, and those

close to me, have experienced. I will relay the remainder of them to you



By: LDon1169@aol.com

Before I start I have to say that this is one of the many

occurances that have happened to me or my family,especially of the female

gender, since as long as I can remember.

I used to lived in this house about 10 or11

years ago in a small town of Berlin, Maryland. It was my father-in-law's

house which was left to him after his parents died, who had built and lived

in the house. When my husband and I got married we moved in and immediately

I knew something was in there. My husband worked the graveyard shift so I and

my infant son were alone at nights. It didn't bother me too much when I got

use to it. Anyways, everynight I would hear furniture moving in the upstairs

bedroom right above my room. There was no one in the room because we never

used the upstairs at all except for storage. All night and everynight this

would go on. several times I got the nerve to investagate and nothing would

be out of place and the noises would stop. Occasionally I would have guest

spend the night and even they would hear the noises as well, so I know I

wasn't going crazy. Unfortunately after about two years into my marrage we

were having problems and I would have chest pains due to stress. I got them

quite often and could do nothing more than take some asprin and get some

rest. One night I was getting pains so I did the norm. and went to bed. I

had just gotten comfortable when the pain felt as if I couldn't take it

anymore when I heard a woman's voice whisper softly above me, then my body

began to feel a hot and cold sensation rush though my body. Then suddenly

everything was quiet. For the very first time it was actually quiet at

night.I felt great the pain was instantly gone. I went a couple weeks pain

free. It was amazing because I wasn't scared like you would think, just calm.

I don't exactly know who or what it was that helped me that night,but I

suspected it had to be either a ghost or an angel.

That's it for this story, maybe I'll be

writing in another one.

A Few Extra Roomates

By: k7d@email.msn.com

This all took place about 3 years ago when I was 18. I had just moved into a

new apartment with my best friend, and one of her co-workers. It was a 2

bedroom, 2 bathroom on the second story in nice apparment complex in Grand

Prairie, Texas (right between Dallas & Ft. Worth), which was only about 15

years old. Even though the apartment was very nice, it had an uneasy

feeling to it. Come to find out from one the neighbors that high dollar drug

bust had happen a year before we moved (odd for this part of town) and

before that a man had nearly beat his wife to death. Otherwise from that, no

deaths had occured in there, but I have heard of places where bad/good

things happen tend to leave bad/good feeling in the place. So I assumed that

was the cause of the uneasiness. Until a few weeks later when both roomates

took the graveyard shifts at their job. They would leave at 12pm at night

and return at 8am in the morning, so I would lock the top bolt since I was

the only girl there at the time and would be up before they got home. They

shared the master bedroom across the hall, so I essentially had my own room

and bathroom. I had fallen asleep shortly after they left only to wake up

after the sound of the front door opening a foot step scuffing on the

carpet heading down the hallway. I laid frozen in bed trying to figure out

how someone got in since I had locked the top bolt and that the were no

trees close enough for someone to come through a window. I quietly slide

out of my bed and locked my bedroom door and grabbed my pepper spray out my

purse. Ironically my bedroom phone wasn't working at the time because I had

spilled water on it earlier that night. I must sat my door for what seemed

like forever, but didn't hear anything else. So I got my courage up, opened

my door, and flicked the hall light on. To my own terror there muddy foot

prints in the shape of cowboy boots (no one I knew) that seem to end front

of my door. And even more so the front door was standing wide open. I ran

and called a friend and stayed at his house for the night. In the morning I

reported it to apartment office and they agreed to have the sercurity guard

keep an eye out for unusual characters, they felt no police report was

needed since nothing was taken, and no one was harmed. It took a couple of

days, but I pushed the incident out of my mind. The following week it

reoccured, however there were no foot prints this time, so the apparment

complex replaced the locks, thinking the others might be defected from the

original "break in". After that new occurances started, and I wasn't the

only one to witness them. The next Sunday morning the water faucet in the

master bedroom vanity would trun on full blast, then turn off, the same with

the lights over the vanity, so naturally my two roomates ran in to my room

and woke me up to go look at it, but no sooner than that did the master

bedroom door slammed and we could hear muffled yelling, sounding like a man

and a woman having an argument. Needless to say we wanted out of there, but

the apartment management would not let us break our lease, they must have

thought we were crazy. Later the following week, a new 'spirit' presented

itself(could had been the muddy foot prints) in my own room. At first 'he'

did not seem mean like the two arguing phatom voices, but none the less, it

unnerved me. It happened when I was laying in bed sick, and I got the wiff

of a man's colonge. Thinking that it did not smell like my then-boyfriend's,

and the fact that he was at his grandmother's house that night, more than a

hour away, I turned to see who was in my room. I could not see anyone in the

dark, but suddenly I felt a cool hand on my fore head, as if tying to

comfort me, then became very sleepy. In the morning I woke up feeling

better, but oddly sore on my hips, there were severally small bruises, I was

horrified, and spent the next couple of nights on the couch. Then nothing

happened for the next few months, besides the occasional light and the

water turning on/off, which we somewhat got use to. Then my 'visitor'

returned, I would be laying in bed, and would sometimes here somthing clang

against the wrought iron frame of my canopy bed, and the aroma of the

mysterious colonge would fill my room. I could not move, and would feel like

something was pressing down on top of me, and it felt like my hands were

bounded. In the morning there would be the same brusies on my hips and my

right breast would have a light stratch across it. After acquiring enough

money to move out, I did, and quickly. However if I am home alone in my

present appartment (I've lived in 3 diffrent one since then, 2 in the

Dallas/Ft. Worth area, 1 in Austin area, currantly back in the DFW area)

which I share with my present boyfreind, I still can smell the colonge(I

can't place the type of colonge) from time to time. Forturnatly the

nightly 'visits' have not returned. If you have any info on this type of

'haunting', please e-mail me and ask for Kelly.

Life Full of Ghosts

By: GBelics@aol.com

Hi, I have always had a life full of "GHOSTS" but something that happenened

after my dads funeral I will never forget.

I was asleep at my aunts house. It was a very hard day for me, I was ten

years old and my dad who I did not see enough passed away. Anyway I was woken

by my mom saying, "Wake up your fathers here" I started to shake,I was very

confused cause I knew I was at his funeral not but a few hours ago. My mother

led me into the kitchen where my aunt and cousin were. I was still shaking

thats when I saw it, on the table was two Pepsi cans stacked on top of

each other and the top one moved ( my cousin did this cause my aunt had bugs

and she didnt want them to get into her soda). My mom told me to say hi to

my dad. I was so upset I started to cry, and accuse them for setting this up

with magnets or something. They said they didnt, I sat on a chair and said

hi. The top can moved slightly upward. We couldnt hear anything but we could

ask my dad yes or no questions. I calmed down a bit and started to talk to

him. I can'I remember all that was asked but i can remember a few that

completely changed my veiw point on life forever. I established with him what

he would do for yes, and the top can moved. And for no the cans stayed still.

Then I asked him if he was in heaven and the cans stayed still. So then I

said are you in hell but the cans still stayed still. I got mad and confused

so I screamed well where are you. Of coarse he couldnt answer so instead I

asked is there a heaven or hell and the cans did not move. Then I asked him

if he loved me, to make sure he didn't leave, and the top can moved. The rest

I can't remember of that night. But he did return Three years later. It was

on Thanksgiving and I was curious if he would come back if I stacked two Pepsi

cans on top of each other. I said aloud "Dad are you here" and sure enough

the top can moved. I yelled to every one "Dads back" and they came into the

kitchen. It wasn't scary this time I was quite happy to have him there. It was

kinda neat this time too cause we all carried on conversations with him

(though he couldn't talk) and brought him up to date on things that had

happened since he left. We even joked with him. It was nice but he left in

the middle of dinner and I have never heard from him again. I have tried

though I have put Two Pepsi cans on top of each other to see but he didn't

come. Now I guess you can see how this experieance has changed my veiw points



By: hypercube@iswt.com

First of all I would like to say before my experience, I didn't believe in

ghosts or evil spirits and stuff like that. However, what I have witnessed

has changed my views drastically. My story is very, VERY true.

I was on a PIKE(PI KAPPA ALPHA) retreat up near Paris Landing Tennessee. We

had been told about a haunting just a few miles from where we were camping.

It was said that a hobo known by locals as "Smiley", was wandering the

tracks one night when he got caught on the tracks. He was decapitated. We

had been told that you must drive down a dead end road surrounded by trees

and stop at the end, turn around, and curse violently at "Smiley" in order

for him to appear. He is identified by a lantern that he carries that glows

bright green. So, we stopped at the end of the road and began cursing and

taunting smiley. Well, he showed up. We saw his lantern appear at the very

beggining of the road. Then as we continued the green light became closer

and brighter. Then it started to move from side to side. All of a sudden,

"Smiley" got mad and began running towards us. When he reached us, the

lamp turned from bright green to bright blood red. We could see a headless

silohouette standing in the red glow. Quickly one of the brothers turned on

his headlights and "Smiley" vanished. We were scared to death. Some of the

brothers were wimpering like baby's wanting there mothers. Some were just

expressionless with a very pale face, as was I, but we were all scared. We

got in our cars and got the hell out of there.

The Three Ghosts

By: checkers@lcc.net

The house I live in is haunted by three ghosts ,

they seem very friendly, but too friendly...During the night I hear their conversations but

its so faint I cant make out what they are saying. I have had incounters with

them while walking alone at night , for instance I have seen two men standing at

the bottom of the stair case.Once while eating breakfast at the table, a chair

pulled out in front of me as someone was sitting there. The house has no history

of deaths that took place inside of it, but during the 1800's a train station

was built here, but it burned down.I have no reason to believe that I will get

harmed during the time I spend here.

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