Strange Occurances

By: N. Zimmer

One time when I was about 14 years old I was babysitting for a police officer and his wife. The

police officer was on duty that night and I can't really remember where the wife was going, but

nonetheless, they hired me to babysit. I had never been to their house before and I remember when

I got there how creepy this house seemed. It was an old house down in Walled Lake Michigan and

I can remember that the house did not have modern heat ducts, instead there were registers in the

floor in the upstairs that you could peer through clear to the downstairs living area. I don't

remember too much about the incident other than hearing some footsteps upstairs and other noises

after I had put the couple's children to bed. I could hear the noises very well through the heat

registers and I remember it looked as though somebody had walked right over one of them above me.

I remember going upstairs to check to see what they were up to, only to find them sound asleep.

I also remember trying to wake them and it was obvious that they were fast asleep, and besides,

they were very small children, like 3 and 4 years old, certainly not old enough to pull off any

kind of prank very well. And so I went back downstairs, alittle concerned since the house was

dark and creepy to begin with and I had heard these strange un-explained noises, but after going

back downstairs and the noises started again, I immediately called dispatch, got the police

officer on the phone and demanded that he come home and take me home immediately as I would not

stay any longer. I never babysitted for them again....and I do remember the police officer

trying to convince me all the way home that it was just my imagination because the house was

old, either case, I never went back and told the police officer nicely to find another


Another incident happened when I was in high school, shortly before graduation. I use to babysit

my little sister after school for a couple hours before my stepmother got home. One afternoon I

was babysitting her and watching tv, she was very young at the time, about 4 years old. This was

the time of day that she usually took a nap and she fell asleep on the couch next to me like

usual. While watching television that afternoon (and I wasn't watching anything scarey, I think

I may have been watching either Oprah or a soap opera) I destinctly heard the sliding glass door

in the finished basement open and close. You know the sound of sliding glass doors, the sound is

very distinct. I didn't think anything of it, my father and stepmother usually came and went

through that door since the finished basement is actually on the ground level and the living

quarters of this beautiful log home is actually on the second floor...this was a common and most

used entrance into the house. My father worked out of town during the week and was only home on

the weekends. Anyway, like I said, I didn't think anything of it, I thought my step mother was

home and expected her to come walking up the stairs at any moment like she usually did when she

came home. I also remember thinking, "boy she's home early today...." I just kept watching

television....after about 10 minutes I noticed that she had not come up the stairs so I went

to the stairs and called down to her but got no response...I thought to myself, "that's weird,

I know I heard the door..." then I heard what sounded like somebody downstairs so I called again....and again, nothing. So I peered out the kitchen window and looked down into the driveway and her car was not there.....I got scared at that point. I thought to myself, "Oh no, not again!" (remembering other incidents while babysitting) and I ran to the telephone to try to call her at work....the phone was dead! I absolutely freaked out at this point, I grabbed my little sister, who was still fast asleep, threw her litle winter coat on her (it was the middle of winter time), grabbed the biggest butcher knife I could find and ran out the front door, down the deck steps and into my Dad's old pickup truck in the driveway. I locked the doors and just sat there in total terror...I didn't know what to do...there was no doubt in my mind that somebody was in the house and I stared at that house for what seemed like forever until my step mother got home. Ofcorse she couldn't understand why I was so hysterical...and what on earth I was doing outside in the pickup truck in the middle of dead winter with a butcher

knife of all things.....anyway, she checked the sliding glass door to the basement, it was

locked, there seemed to be nobody in the house and if it were a real person in the house, there

is no way they could have escaped un-seen by me as I sat in the old pickup truck.....i remember

how scared I was...the house is in the woods and back then there wasn't another house closer

than about 80 acres away..... By the way, the first thing my step mother did when she got home

and investigated my claim was to check the telephone, which was working fine.... Oh well, I know

she thought I had absolutely lost my rocker that afternoon but I know better. She still laughs

and teases me about it whenever it is brought up now. My little sister, who is now 20 years old,

doesn't remember a thing...

At this same home during the same time in my life, shortly before high school graduation, I

experienced the strangest things each night in my bedroom after everybody went to sleep... these

strange things occurred for at least several weeks. I would fall asleep but awaken around 1 -2

am in the morning because my bed would be shaking..... now I just want to clarify that this log

home is not old or was only about 10 years old at the time and very very beautiful.

I had a beautiful bedroom with pretty pink carpeting..there was nothing creepy or scarey about

this house, nor the woods that it was situated in..HOWEVER, every night like clockwork for

several weeks I would awaken to feel my bed shaking uncontrollably and I would throw the covers

over my head and just shake in total fear, then it would stop, I would fall back asleep and by

morning I would think it was just a dream.....except after awhile I started realizing that it was

no dream, it was really happening and I can remember one night yelling, "stop it! go away!" and

that was the end of it, it never happened again... and after what happened in the earlier story

I just told, I never spoke to my parents about it, the only person in the world that I told was

my boyfriend, who also happens to be my husband of 14 years.......he is convinced that I am

sensitive to spiritual things.

As I said in my last letter, because of the experiences I have had in my life, like those told

about above and the actual ghost I saw that I spoke about in an earlier email, I am so very

much interested in ghost husband would have no part of it so when it comes to this

stuff, I'm on my own...but I just don't know where to start.....I guess there is a part of me

that wants to do this so that I don't feel like I'm crazy and also because of so many un-answered

bibical questions that I have that somehow I feel like if I do this I might feel more resolved

in my beliefs... on the other hand it could prove to be even more confusing,, who knows. If you

have any suggestions about how to go about doing this secretly (I can't let anyone in the

community I live in know what I am up to...I am a business owner and local policitian and I

don't need people thinking I'm nuts) i would appreciate any advice you could give me... Thanks so


A Haunted Life


Hi, I just got on to your web sight and am fascinated at its content. I

am also happy to hear that I am not the only one who has lived their

lives amongst spirits. My mother used to be heavily into clairvoyancy

and such things so there were always 'visitors' in the house, which

usually attatched themselves to me. I would love to compare stories with

you and see whether we have shared experiences. One of the first

episodes with me included a poltergeist that I picked up from a stay at

my fathers house ( he has a history with communicating the dead, and bad

things are always at his house). I was only young so I can't remember

much and my mother is reluctant to bring these things up, but I remember

one incident that occured. One night she woke to weird noises coming

from my room, and walked in to find an invisible force sucking me

through my flyscreen window. She grabbed me and there was a tug of war

for some time, but eventually she managed to set me free and drag me

into her room. All I remember is waking up to her dragging me through

the hall, then passing out. This is just minor compared to other things

which I have experienced, even now, despite the fact that I am 18. So

please write back to me if you wish to compare notes.


By: <>

While this doesn't pertain to an actual ghost, it


something that we thought you might find


at the very least. In 1995, we lived in a rural


outside Gaston, Indiana. The home we lived in was

over 200 years old, and while there were events that

took place inside that home, this concerns something

we saw outside. It was witnessed by myself, my

husband, and our 3 children.

The home we lived in was at the front of an almost

200-acre plot of land. This land was heavily wooded

in parts, with fields on each side and back of the

home. The land itself was sold to a man that owned

and operated his own earth-construction business.


put it simply, this man was not a nice person. He


well known for destroying wooded areas, just to make

room for more fields. No thought for trying to

salvage anything in nature... he just ripped and


One mid-afternoon, the new owner of the property

showed up with a bulldozer, and just began shoving

down trees that separated our property from the

outlying fields... huge trees, hundreds of years


and he toppled them with no thought or conscience.


children were devastated... they have been taught to

respect nature, and that you use only what is

necessary for survival. I tried very hard to keep

hem indoors, but they were compelled to witness

first-hand what they considered to be murder...


of trees, and destruction of hundreds of animals


used the groundcover for their burrows and nests.

This destruction had been in process approximately 3

hours when my husband came running into our home -

ashen-faced, and obviously scared out of his wits.


insisted that he could see 'something' outside in


sky, and that I had to come look. (Without going


details, I would like to tell you that my now

ex-husband had a very strong sense for the dramatic,

so I took his 'sighting' with a somewhat skeptical

view.) He took me by the hand, and literally


me out the back door of our home - where I saw our 3

children, standing frozen in their tracks, staring


this 'thing' that was in the sky.

It was a typical June afternoon in Indiana - clear

blue sky, with a few wispy clouds to the north. In

the middle of these clouds was a face. The face had

very feline features... ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.

But the actual outline of the face looked human.


its mouth was downturned into a very sad mournful

rown. It appeared to hover over the area where the

bulldozer was still being used.

At first, I tried to downplay it as a mass of


that somehow just appeared to be making a face...


as we stood and looked, the features became clearer.

So clear that you could see the pupils of its eyes,

and the hair sticking out of its feline ears. And

within minutes, it became evident it wasn't just a

mass of clouds, because the clouds around it were

moving, just as they should... but it held its


We stood for over two hours, just watching this


in the sky. And the longer we watched, and the


the destruction of the bulldozer went on, the sadder

the face grew. My oldest daughter still swears to

this day she saw tears forming in its eyes as the

trees were being toppled. We watched the face until

it grew dusky outside... it was still there. As

darkness came, we could no longer see it, but we


all filled with a great sense of sadness at what we

had seen that afternoon and evening. We went


and heard that bulldozer continue to run, very late

into the night. As soon as we woke up the next

morning, we went outside, but the face was gone.

You may also find it interesting to know that


a month after this happened, the man who


destroyed this living land lost his life... he was

taken by a massive heart attack while on that very

same bulldozer.

Ghetto in the Meadow


Eleven years ago, I moved into an old little walkout rambler that

sits on my father-in-laws business property in the country. We call it

Ghetto in the Meadow. Don't get me wrong, its OK, but tiny and at that

time needed some repairs that have sinse been done. It had at one time

been moved to the country by the man that had lived for many years in

the house until he died in the hospital. His name was Myron. I had to

move my king sized waterbed in the unfinished basement because thats the

only place that was big enough for the bed. My boyfriend, refused to

sleep downstairs because when we were downstairs we could hear footsteps

above us going back and forth. One night, we fell asleep on the floor

watching TV on the main floor. Sometime in the night, my boyfriend moved

to the couch and left me on the floor. It was about 5am that I woke up

stiff. We were talking and heard a noise like someone walking upstairs.

Then we heard a blurp, blurp noise in the bathroom. I jokingly told my

boyfriend that it was Myron and he had to go to the bathroom. Just after

I said it, the water in the bathroom sink came on!! He wanted me to stay

in the living room and he would check it out. No Way! I was right behind

him and watched as he had to turn the handle to shut the water off.

After that, we had many things happen- lights and the TV would turn on

and off, a broom in the basement would get knocked over,and I smelled

pipe smoke in the livingroom once and perfume in the kitchen several

times. Our beagle would stare up at the ceiling as if watching something

by where you get up to the attic. Many times, my boyfriend would get

his gun out and go looking around the house because we would hear

strange things. We got a double waterbed that would fit in one of the

two small bedrooms. After that, we would hear a lot of noise in the

basement by a workbench. We lived in the house for 5 years. My Mom

couldn't believe that we would stay there, but it was pretty much

harmless stuff and it wasn't like it was happening every night. Just

when we'd start feeling like maybe we imagined what had happened,

something else would go on. Before we moved, I had tried to get my

husband to come to bed instead of sleeping on the couch. I got his usual

reply of "in a minute", which meant he wouldn't be moving. I went into

the bedroom and it felt really cold. So much so that I went and checked

the thermostat in case it got turned down. I had just gotten comfortable

and heard my husband yell out my name. He said he heard little feet

scurrying from the kitchen to the livingroom really fast and go behind

the couch (the couch was only inches away from the wall) and something

slapped him on the back of the head! He didn't go back to sleep that

whole night. Maybe something was telling him that he should be in bed

with me. I found it funny, but he didn't find the humor in it. We had a

baby and moved into our new house. I heard balls inside one of her blow

up toys `move and went to check on it so it wouldn't wake her up. I

thought the toy was by the register and the air conditioning was on, but

it wasn't even close by. Twice it happened. One afternoon, I laid down

for a nap and remember seeing a very good looking man come to my bedroom

door and talk to me. At first, I was afraid, but when I saw his face I

wasn't. I couldn't remember what he talked to me about, but asked if he

could see our baby before he left. He turned around and looked in the

other bedroom for a minute and turned back around and said my name and

told me how beautiful she was and that she'd be waking up. In that

instant, she was crying, he was gone and I was awake. Do you think it

was a dream? Or who was it? Myron, from Ghetto in the Meadow or my

husband's brother that died? After that, nothing usual has happened at

our house. My brother-in-law moved to Ghetto in the Meadow and said that

at first the lights would go on and heard noises, but nothing has

happened there in years.

Indian Ghost

My husband and I had built a new home on ancient indian grounds. We

know this because of all the shards from arrowheads that were found on

the property. I was home one day and watching TV when I saw an Indian

brave with full head regalia walk into the den and stand in front of the

television. I was rather amazed but did not feel this entity was

malevolent. He stood there for about 3 minutes looking at me then

turned and walked away, fading in the process. We lived there for a few

more years but he never reappeared. I guess that's when I truly started

believing in ghosts.

My Hauntings


This is my exsperience with a haunted house. Me and my family moved into this

big house about 15 years ago, I had two small daughters, and my husband at

the time, The first night there, I was alone and had just put my kids to

sleep upstairs,and was just laying down myself, when i heard someone in the kitchen, it

sounded like they wrer going through the drawers frantically looking for something!

Well i was terrified, as i knew that my husband wasnt there. I went down stairs to see

what or who was there and nothing was out of place. Thats when other things

started to occur. My youngest daughter woulnt go upstairs by herself, she always

told me that there was a man up there. I didnt understand until later, as we settled

in things got worse for me.

I would be watching tv the volume would go up and down, ashtrays on the

table would move, the drapes would sway, when the windows werent open.

I was bathing one time in the downstairs bathroom, and felt something

touch my shoulder! It felt very cold. I had things of mine taken, and have never

gotten back. One night i was just dozing off, and i felt the covers being pulled off

of me, this really scared me, but i tryed not to think about it the next day. I was

cleaning the stairs, and a very deep voice said hey you, right beside me.

The hair stood up on my neck, that night at 2am someone came running up the stairs, stopping at the

top, ofcourse i saw nothing there.

My husband told me that he awoke one night and there was a very tall man

standing in a corner of our room, dressed in black just watching us.

The next day my oldest daughter told me that a woman who was dressed like a

nurse carrying a tray, came out of her closet walking towards her, she had a

nametag, but it wasnt readable, it scared her pretty bad.

One morning i was down in the basement doing laundry, and i hated to go

down there!! when i got this terrible feeling, i tryed to ignore it, but it

got worse the hairs on my neck where tingling. I knew that something was

coming up behind me, but i couldnt move, then it was like someone stomped on

the cement floor, it was so wierd because the floor vibrated!! I was so

scared that i threw my laundry and ran up the stairs!

I would also go to bed with jewery on and wake up and it would be off and i

would find it somewhere in the house. One morning i woke up to find a

straight razor in my bed down by my feet!!! I think that did it for me i wanted to move out.

And the kids bedroom window would never stay shut, we tryed everything to

keep it shut but i would go upstairs and it would be opened.

My mother babysat for me one evening, and when i got home, she was white

as a ghost! and told me that she would never watch my kids here again!

We also had a dog that we kept tied in a corner of the yard , right by

the area of the basement that scared me the most, and i saw him digging and

didnt think anything of it until i returned and saw that he had dug a hole

waist deep!, and was still trying to dig. his paws where bleeding and he was

foaming at the mouth, i had to pull him out of there, it was horrible.

he finally moved out, and for a long time my daughter was afraid that the

man was going to follow us.

I looked up the history of the house and found out that it was built in the

18 hundreds that was all that i could find out.

The house is still there, i drive by it sometimes and wonder if the people

who live there now have any problems.

Family Ghost History


There's a lot of ghost stories in my family, so I'll just tell you a

few. My grandfather passed away before I was born. He used to wait for

my aunt, sitting in his rocking chair, every day to get out of school.

Well, one day after he died my aunt said that she came home from school

to find her babysitter with her jaw hanging open & wide eyed staring at

the rocker. It was rocking by itself and their dog was sittig in front

of it, begging. Suddenly, the rocker stopped moving and the dog started

walking slowly to the back door.(Which was deadbolted locked) The door

unlocked in front of everyone and swung open. So did the screen door.

Normally if the back door was open the dog would run out. He didn't.

Then both doors shut again but they didn't lock. Another story is

told by my mother & my aunts on my father's side. They were all playing

Trivial Pursuit when a question came up about one of the wars that my

grandfather fought in. Meanwhile, there was a pot of spaghetti sitting

on the stove. My aunt Patti said a smart comment about my grandfather &

the war, just joking around. Well, the pot of spaghetti flew across the

room and landed right next to my aunt Patti's feet! It dumped everywhere

& just missed her!!! I think he was just telling her that her joke

wasn't funny. My personal experiances are different. One for

instance was when my grandmother died in 1990. Two weeks later me and my

cousin slept at my grandmothers house(my aunts & father lived there.

Well, about 8:00pm we both went into the living room to watch TV and my

grandma's rocker was rocking by itself!!! That I saw withmy own 2 eyes!

Another incident was at my cousin Sandy's house. My cousin Brandy & I

were babysitting. She was on the phone with her boyfriend when the

kitchen lightswitch started turning on and off by itself! It was going

up and down like someone was turning it on and off. OK, last

story...the story to my cousin Sandy's house is even weirder! A man had

hung himself in attic a couple of years before she moved in. My cousin

was a dancer so she used to exercise a lot to stay in shape. Anyways,

she told me a few stories about when she was exercising and she would

get tapped on the shoulder. Or once she heard someone calling out her

newborn sons name & no one was in the house. She heard knocks on the

front door, the attic door would open and shut continuesly. Her

brother-in-law was there on a few incidences. Who ever he was, he wasn't

good. He was definantly there to scare, so she moved out within 6

months. I have a few more that I can think of, but I think that this is

already too long!!! I don't know if there's a reason for so many

"hauntings" in my family or not, but I wish that it would stop! You

never know what would happen if someone ever really got one these

spirits angry! Thanks for reading my "family history" I hope you enjoyed

it, I don't!



















The Black Figure


I had my first "real" ghost experience twenty years ago and have not

forgotten it to this day. I had only just moved out on my own and was

in the habit of stopping by my parents home to visit. It was early

December and a cold, bright day. I sat with my mother in the kitchen

and while she was making a pot of tea a got up and went into the bedroom

to brush my hair. A large mirror hung on the door and a staircase was

directly to my right. If you looked up the stairs you could see the

hall above and there are windows at both ends of the hall. The sun was

shining brightly down the hall. As I brushed my hair I felt quite a

cold chill up my spine and had the distinct impression that I was being

watched although only my mother and I were in the house. The hairs on

the back of my neck actually stood on end and I involuntarily turned to

look up the staircase. In the split second it took to turn my head I

saw what appeared to be a large figure of a man dressed in a black suit

moving away from the hall and out of my line of vision. I was virtually

rooted to the spot, could not speak or move for several seconds even

though every instinct told me to run. It did finally register on me

that I had actually been able to see through the figure and that the

figure had no feet, hands or head. I certainly wasn't expecting an

experience like that on a normal, bright, sunny winter afternoon. I did

not know whether to say anything to my mother or not as I assumed she

would think I was just overtired or totally nuts. When I went back into

the kitchen I sat down and we were having tea and I finally blurted out

"Do you believe in ghosts, mom?" Her response was most unexpected. She

said "You've seen it too!" We got to talking and she told me that for

several months she had seen the same figure passing doorways and never

said a word to anyone, especially my father who is a most practical man.

Her relief was so apparent when she realized she had not just been

imaging things. For several weeks after my initial encounter you could

actually sense something amiss in the house and then just as suddenly it

was gone. We never did find out what had brought this on as my Father

had built the house shortly after the war and we were the only people

ever to live there. No one had ever died there. When I look back on

life there as a child some incidents do stand out in my mind that were

not exactly normal although at that time people did not really discuss

the paranormal as freely as they do today. I recall an evening when my

parents and I had gone out for the evening and my older sister had

stayed home alone. When we arrived home at approximately 9:00 p.m. we

found my sister standing by the kitchen sink with tears streaming down

her face. She was about 15 years old at the time. She was almost

hysterical when we arrived. Apparently she was doing the dishes and got

the most intense feeling that someone was standing behind her and was

incredibly afraid to turn around. She had stood literally paralyzed

with fear for over an hour. I recall as a child having horrible

nightmares always about the staircase and thinking some awful creature

would come down the stair to get me. I have no idea why. Years have

since gone by since that frightening winter afternoon. My parents

divorced and my father stayed on in the house. My mother and I had

never mentioned the original incident to dad but on a visit to see him

one day I noticed he had actually boarded up the staircase leading to

the upstairs. When I asked him why he said it was to conserve energy as

he was alone in the house and never had the need to go upstairs. I


Up in the Loft...


I am so glad that I found this site. I moved to my current apartment

in late January of this year. In the beginning of March I began hearing

strange things, but had always dismissed them as something logical. A

few days ago a friend had, also heard what I had. For a brief moment I

was thinking that I should seek mental help. I could feel something at

certains spots. I knew it was looking at me. I know that it is

masculine. He stays in my loft most of the time, but I have been

awakened by shaking. I thought it was my sister coming in late one

night. I saw four linked circles in my bathroom doorway. They were

rainbow colors, primary. They stayed there for about two to three

minutes. I had also felt as if I were being spat upon, when I was on my

computer. A couple of weeks ago I had heard a woman screaming. I

thought it was coming from my neighbor's apartment, until my friend

heard the same just a few nights ago. Also, it seems a fly or mosquito

is buzzing in my ear. My sister's friend had heard the same. It is

rather active when a particuliar male friend comes by. We have seen

shadows across the walls, too. When I prompt it to make a sound, it

doesn't. Almost as if it's insulted. I went to an intuitive reader

that I know and she suggested having my apartment 'smudged'. I am

frightened of it from dark to dusk, but if it means no harm and is just

having a little fun, I don't mind. It is especially active in the early

morning hours. I want to know why it is here. No one has dies here. I

talk to it aloud, so that it feels comfortable with me. I have had more

nightmares since moving here than I have had all my life. I would like

to know of someone who has experience in this situation that may lend

help. I want to know if I can help him in anyway. He seems annoyed

when I I use the 'psychic circle' board. He answers yes or no questions

and has spelled out scary things, but gets annoyed and makes the oracle

go in circles, fast. Please, give me names of persons that can help me

figure out who and why he is here. I do not feel he was here when I

first moved in. I would also like to know what the rings represent.

Thank you so much.

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