The Copper-Top Ghost

Hi, I love your site! The amount of content here is amazing, I will be weeks in reading through

it all, I'm sure. I have a story of a minor occurence, but still strange and unexplained. It was

told to me by my mother over the phone this past week (while she was still at the house in

question) and is verified by my father and grandmother.

It happened less than one week ago, around the 27th of July, 1999. My elderly great uncle Frank

owns a large parcel of mountain land and a ranch house in Colorado. Nobody has lived there for

about 6 months, since Frank now needs to be taken care of by my grandmother who lives in another

state. This summer however, my mother, father, and grandmother accompanied him back up to his

empty place. They stayed there with him for about 3 weeks to attend to his legal affairs, do

some maintenence, cleanup, and make sure that nothing was missing from the house. The place

looked every bit the typical "haunted house" from the dust, cobwebs and the rats all over the

place. After a few days, the house was fairly well put back into order. I don't know the age or

history of the house, but it is supposedly fairly old. The surrounding land is used for grazing

and hunting

One night, Frank got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Being of a thrifty nature

, he would use a flashlight to guide the way, rather than turn on the lightswitch. He kept the

flashlight on the headboard behind him. Soon, he woke up my grandmother in the next room and said

something like, "What am I going to do with this flashlight? It's too hot." She didn't think

much of it at first, since Frank is quite old and of declining rationality. He was simply not

making sense. But when he persisted, she took a look at the flashlight. It was extremely hot to

the touch, almost too hot to hold. It was a cheap plastic flashlight, one that probably should

have been warped or somewhat melted from the heat, but it was not. It was not even turned on.

She thought it might have been near a heater, but it hadn't been, since there was no heater duct

or radiator in that room, and besides it was summer, and no heating had been used. She couldn't

find any sort of heat source nearby. So she woke up my parents, and they also found the

flashlight strangely hot.. My father (the engineer) opened it up and took out the batteries. Sure

enough, the batteries were causing the heat, they were burning hot. They set the batteries on a

countertop, and in the morning they were still quite warm. Somehow these batteries were

generating heat on an open circuit (which should be impossible) and expending more energy than

they should have had the "juice" for. This seems not inconsistent with ghostly phenomena, which

I've heard can involve electric, magnetic, or heat energies.

The Ghost


It all started happening when we were starting to get

everything together.We were putting up the drapes,We would get like

three up and they would start falling one by one ! We really didn't

think anything of it ! One day our two dogs were in the kitchen,while

Cassy was washing dishes.She said that our littlest dog would bark at

this one corner by the fridge.And than when he started braking the

fridge started to shake !!!! We keep bottle of water on top of our

fridge and one bottle of water fall on the floor !!!! She swears that

when she went to go wipe it up that she felt so cold when she went in

the corner.

Our little sister was staying the night.And we left for a

little bit to get some pizza.She said she was going to clean up a little

bit cause she likes playing house.She was there with her friend so we

didn't worry about her being alone.We told them that we keep all of our

cleaning supplies in the garage.So she went into the garage to get a

broom.And she saw a woman with long black hair and pale skin.We found

both of the girls at the corner of our street crying !

We were both at work one day,and we were getting something fixed

in our house.We told the guy that our door was unlocked and just to go

on in ! We called him later and asked why he never showed!! He said that

he did but the door was locked!! So he knocked on the door and he heard

foot steps so he thought someone was coming!! He waited for a while and

kept knocking but he also kept haring footsteps!! So he looked through

our window and he said that a woman with long black hair was standing

there looking at him with a blank face!!!

Ok, one day I was coming home after work and i saw that the light

in the garage was o!! I was real mad because I thought that Cassy was

doing it!! So I called her at her boyfriends house and she said that she

didn't even come home today!! That kept happening alot after that!!!

Then ne time I came home for lunch and I was trying to turn on the TV

but it kept turning off on me!! So I went up to the TV to see if any

wires were loose!! When I got Close it Started getting really loud!! I

backed up and sat on the couch as the sound started getting louder!! I

covered my ears and started to scream as loud as I could!!! It went on

for about three minutes!! So in the middle of all my screaming it just

turned silent!!! I just got up and decide to go to work so that when I

get home cassy would be there and we both wouldn't have to be alone!!

Late at night i was not feeling well so decided to take a hot

bath..When i finally got in and started to feel better.The water turned

off by its self !!!! I thought i was just imagining things ! So i just

turned the water back on ! I felt something by my head and i was to

scared to move ! Than the light went off.. I started to cry and screamed

for Cassy !!!!!! She ran in there tried to turn on the lights and they

wouldn't so she grabed a towel and pulled me up..We called Cassy's

boyfriend and he came and got us !

Ok, well soon we decided that someone or something was wanting to

tell us something!! So we decided that it wanted us out and was going to

do what ever it could to do so!! We talked to the lady who sold us the

house and she just got quiet!! She said that she didn't know any thing

about a woman and that we were just two kids trying to make trouble!!!

but we got out of there and thats our story!!

Uncle Rick


Rick was my favorite Uncle. I was really close to him. Sometimes he seemed

more of like the older brother I never had. My sisters and I loved him so

much. He died of cancer 2 months ago.

We had been expecting it for awhile, but not as soon as it came. Anyway, we

all knew we'd have to deal with it one day. The first week after Uncle

Rick's death I could not sleep. It seemed as if I was the only one out of

my 3 other sisters and my parents that was deeply affected. I guess because

Rick only got close to me. He called me his "Angel."

One of these nights when I was tossing and turning I could not get Rick out

of my mind. The things he used to say would run through my head, as if he

was there talking to me. His strong scent of cigars mixed w/aftershave

filled the room. I really believed his spirit was there with me, in my


I sat up and opened my eyes. There he was, sitting at the foot of my bed,

smiling. No, he did not come on as a "clear, misty image." He looked clear

as day and you and I. He waved, them seconds later, left without a trace.

I could still smell his scent.

A few days later, the funeral was held. I did not want to go. I had never

been to a funeral before. But I went. I had to go. My sisters and I were

talking in the church, while all the adults went to the burial. It had

started to rain, and the wind was getting severe. In one of the pews, there

was one man, sitting with his head in his hands. My sister, Emily called

"Sir? Are you going to the burial?" He sat up and faced us. It was Uncle

Rick. We grabbed each other in shock. A crash of thunder echoed through

the church, and that was when the lights flickered and before we knew it, the

man was gone. But we knew it was Rick.

After that day I never had trouble sleeping again. I will always miss

Rick. My sisters and I never mentioned to anyone what we saw in the church.

Sometimes I can still smell his aroma and know he is there with me.

2 People's True Stories.....


Hello.This is willmc's story from about 96-98.....

I was downstairs in my basement one night around 8:00 PM digging through

some old stuff when all of a sudden white orb about 8 inches tall flew

through the small room.The light bulb was dead at the time so there was

very little light.Anyways the orb flew in front of my face and across

the room then suddenly dissapeared.Naturally I ran upstairs in a big

panic.i didn't go down in my basement for about a week after that.

Next sometime in early 1998 I was up in my living room sitting around a

little coffe table with my friend Evan B. between the loveseat and my

couch, sketching pictures.Then the same white orb flew across the table

then vanished.I stared in bisbelief at Evan and asked "Did you see

that".He said "uhh, yeah!" I asked him to describe it and he got it down

to every detail.This time I was less frightened but still a bit

scared.After that we moved out the living room and started drawing in

the kitchen.

From this day on I still get chills down in the basement and can just

sense something moving around.Haven't seen it again yet.I believe it was

the spirit of my Grandmother who passed away in August 1994.

the year is From( 96-99)

This is my friend Leprachuan's true story.Here it is..... I went to my

uncles house for chrstmas and the night after X-mas i woke in the

basement About 6:59,30 seconds and i looked over and saw what I can best

desrcibe as an Orc it was 4 foot tall and it's head was about 2 feet

wide and looked at me I paniced and then it ran away towards the room

were he heater was and out in the snow and disapeared and the weird

thing my aunt had to leave at 7:00 and the time i Yelled it was exactly

7:00 and then when home that night i saw it again except it had a knife

but i woke my sister up and it disapeared and it keeps happening so i

doubt it is a nightmare.

Touch of the Unknown


All of my life I have felt the touch of the unknown. My Mother

died when I was two and a day or so after she passed away my sister who was

16 at the time, went in to cover me and check on me. To her suprise the

covers on my bed were hovering over me I was asleep but I had my arms

reaching out.

All my life I felt that there was something watching me, but the

worst experience I had was a duplex I lived in. I was married and had my

son, a son from a previous marriage and a stepson with us. From the time I

moved in I had a really bad feeling about the hall closet. The hall way was

long and it had a very deep closet, they turned the closet in my room into a

bath so mine and my husbands stuff went in there. I never stayed in that

hall for very long. My husband thought I was a little goofy, he knew I seen

and heard thing before and he just laughed. One day I was in the kitchen

which the one wall was the kids room. I felt a strangeness someone watching

again, I turned and then I heard a noise, a tapping coming from the kids

bedroom wall, I checked and the kids were playing, the tapping went on for a

while and finally one of my sons heard it. That was the beginning, from

there I was in the kitchen on night and the feelings came again, this time I

did not turn but let it come close, when I did out of pure fright there she

stood The Lady In Gray. She vanished in a flash. But I swear this ghost

stayed there, she was dressed in gray, long dress, bonnet and gloves. I

didn't really fear her, what I feared was who what was in the hall.

One night the kids and I were home alone, I should mention that a friend had

come to live me for a while at this time., she had experienced the knob on

the bathroom door turning, anyway we were sitting around my stepson was

doing homework when out of nowhere my glass candles flew off the wall and smashed

to pieces------ Oh I forgot----- we had a thick old fashioned shag carpet on

the floor, the way this glass broke was impossible. My poor stepson freaked

out, he turned and saw it fly and I mean fly off the wall. Well, things

really started then. One day I was by my self at home, I was writing a

letter lying across my bed, I felt her before I saw her, The Lady in Gray, I

looked up and she was standing in the hall, I never feared her, but this

time I knew she was telling me to get out, I stood up and the room turned to

ice and I ran through and I mean through her, when I passed the

closet I almost threw up I was so scared, when made it to the living room, I

saw the phone cord swinging back and forth and we had beads hanging in the

kitchen window, the too where moving and the drapes in the living room where

moving, and what ever was chasing me was almost on top of me, the room was

freezing and I ran out the door. I banged on my neighbors door, she started

screaming, I pushed opened the door and I swear on my Mothers grave, all the

cabinets in her kitchen were opening and closing and her living room was an

ice cube. We both ran out to the front lawn. She told me that stuff was

happening all day, she would light a cigarette and it would go out, her

drink was on the floor and other things. After a while I decided this was not

going to continue. We went in my side of the duplex and when I opened the door

All I felt was a blast of cold air and everything was moving as before, I don't

know why but I ran to the kitchen and tried to get my candles out of the

cabinet, they were white, I found out later white is the color of peace, I

had to sit on the floor and tug on the door that thing would not let me open

it. At that theme my neighbor was screaming and when I turned to tell her

to shut up The Lady in Gray was standing at the doorway, I will only tell you

this, I wet my pants. The doors released and I got the candles out. I tried

to light them. It took me a few times but I managed. when I lit the candles

I asked God to help-----outloud------the room got still and the cold left.

Few days later I went to landlord and demanded to know what went on in this

house, she told me I was crazy and slammed the door. I never did find out

and we moved a month later.

I have had other experiences also after my husband died but that's another


Bachelors Grove


I first heard of Bachelors Grove, in Midlothian, Illinios, through some

friends, many years ago. I heard all sorts of stories about this cemetary,

ranging from floating orbs and floating houses, to a witches cult that

practiced there. Being open minded to the experience, I soon checked it out

for myself. The first time, i had gone with two friends, late at night.

While nothing out of the ordinary happened, I did feel unusually scared, I

felt there was pure evil in that place, and vowed never to go back. I guess

you can say, I still remained curious, as I went back several times after

that. However, it was the last time, I actually SAW something.

The last time I went to Bachelors Grove, I went with two other friends, it

was spring time, a really nice day, and it was still light out. There is a

path in a forest you have to walk down before you actually get to the

cemetary. We did not make it that far. Half way along the path, I was

looking straight in front of me, when I noticed something whiteish and

blurry. I stopped in my tracks and just kept staring at the same spot.

This ghost that was blurry, slowly seemed as if he was coming into focus. It was

a man, he had an intense look on his face, his brows were tight, as if he

was concerned or thinking hard, he had a hat on, a coat, a shirt, but it all

appeared somewhat old fashioned, as like something out of the 1920's or

1930's. I could see the top of his legs, but they kind of disappeared,

right above his knees. He did'nt move, he did'nt say anything, he just stood

there, looking at me very sternly. I have to admit, considering this was

the first ghost I ever saw, I was very scared. I pointed in the direction where

I saw this ghost, I asked my friends if they saw it, they said no. I can't

explain why I saw it, and they did'nt. All I can tell you, is I know what I

saw, and I saw a ghost.

Even though my friends did'nt see the ghost, I asked one of my friends to

take a picture in the area where I saw the ghost. She took two pictures and

we left.

When we got the film back, we noticed something strange. The two pictures

from Bachelors Grove were'nt there. We looked through the negatives and

noticed that the two pictures we took, were completly white, which means the

pictures we took in that forest path, came out pitch black, and that's why

the photo developer did'nt print them. Also, every other picture on that

role, the ones before those two pictures, and the ones after, were perfectly

fine, and no abnormailites what so ever. My friend and I did speak with the

photo developer, and asked him for any reasons why those two pictures came

out black, but we did'nt tell him WHY we wanted to know. Every possible

explination he came up with, was ruled out for one reason or another.

I truely believe those pictures came out black because of the ghost. Even

though the ghost did'nt say or do anything to me, I strongly sensed he

did'nt want me or my friends there, and obviously, he did'nt want to be

photographed either.Since that time, I have not been back.

Guardian Friend


I have always desired an encounter with the spirit realm. I guess the old

saying is true: be careful what you wish for... I didn't expect what I got.

I had been going threw some hard times this past year, a sophmore in a small

town high-school, pluse not being exactly christain wounldn't help. I had

gone threw some tough depression. I came home from the doctor on a fair

Monday afternoon, in another fit of depression. They come and go. I was

reclining on my bed, doing my homework when I herd something skitter across

my floor, it kind of skweeked like a mouse. Leaning forward to see what the

noise was about, I saw a brief flash of gray before my eyes, and the most

pleasant sensation came over me. I was not afraid. I was awed. I told my

friends, especially Naudia, who has a guardian from her past life named

Jonas, and is into paganism just as much as I.

I began to feel foriegn energies in my room, not unpleasant though. A day or

two later, I was on my way to school, and I started staring at a few crows,

whom were cawing as they usually do. I felt as if I were in a trance, then

again it was seven in the morning. All of a sudden I said aloud "Kale".

Bewildered at why I'd say such things, I proceeded to walk to school, and

told my friends of the new happenings.

That Saturday, Naudia and I noticed that the energies were coming from just

above my alter. We also noticed that a picture I had hung up on my wall of

her, would, when ever we where totally ignoring the warmth of the spirit

intity, would move a few inches one way, and then another. Later we shut the

door, lit soom candles at my alter, filled up to the brim mind you, my

gargoyle water fountain, and plugged it in. We sat on my bed, and proceeded

to shuffle my tarot deck, in preparation for a reading or two. Talking about

this and that, we began to notice that the fountain began to stop and start

on its' own accourd. I asked if it was indeed the spirit that had manifested

itself in my room. The fountain stopped for a time and started again. We

asked that it would reply to our yes or no questions that we asked of it, in

a manner just like that, the fountain stopped briefly, and it stopped and

started again. Exicitedly, I asked curiously if his name might be 'Kale'. He

answered yes. Asking next if I knew him in a past life, he answered yes.

Then I asked if he'd known Naudia and Jonas, yes again. Since he was moving

Naudia's picture around, I asked if he did he liked her, he said yes, that

he didn't like her. After that the fountain stopped. Nothing happened.

Kale did not return for about a month, until one day, in a fit of boredom, I

painted my ceiling with blue and white mixed so it looked like a cloudy sky,

and moved my room around. That night, or shortly there after, I saw lights

moving around in my dark room, as I was laying on my back waiting to fall to

sleep. Amazed by the beautiful colors swirling around my room, I watched for

a while, until they began to make a form at the foot of my bed. Closing my

eyes, I rolled over so I would go to sleep, and not see whatever it was,

because I began getting bad vibes. After laying there for a bit, I started

feeling things poke me; on my back, sides and legs. Not harsh pokes, but,

'hey I'm here' pokes. I fell to sleep shortly there after. In the few weeks

since, I have only seen the colors, and ever now and then his presense.

That is all. so far.

And there yah have it. I have never really submitted anything, but I will be

curious of what you (the reader) thinks of my tale.



I believe I've been having some sort of ghost 'friend' visit me almost every night for

the past 7-8 years.

Anyway, let me tell you what has been going on. Back in 1989, my husband


I relocated to upstate NY from MA. During this time I found out I was

pregnant and we were also commuting back in forth between states each

week-end for about 4 months. The reason for this was because, we were


to sell our house in MA and we were living at a motel in NY until the house

was finally sold in December. But because of this commuting we had to leave

our cats behind in MA with friends. Anyway, we finally moved in the day

before christmas.

A few years later: One night while I was laying in bed asleep on my side, I

felt motion on our waterbed and assumed my husband was coming to bed. As I

rolled over, I noticed he wasn't even in the room. Again I tried to go back

to sleep, and I felt motion again like my husband was getting into bed (so i

thought). I rolled over and my husband wasn't even in the room again. I

finally fell asleep and never said anything about it.

But then I kept having the same type of feelings, but it felt more like

something was walking on the bed (such as a cat). I had a pillow near my

feet so I could rest my feet on it at night and have them elevated (due to

circulation problem with legs). And I finally realized that 'it' would

startle me when I felt 'it' land on the bed by my feet. I could feel the

kneading motion that cats do on my pillow by my feet. Of course, by now I I

was starting to get anxious and panicky about all these feeling go on. These

continued on almost every night, sometimes I would feel the pressure of 'it'

walking up along side of me and get on my pillow by my head. But if I moved

my head to try to get 'it' off my pillow 'it' would walk back down to my

other pillow by my feet. Sometimes 'it' would walk along side my back,


times along my front. Sometimes I would feel pressure on my lower backside

as thought it just laid down next to me, and I could feel some movement

after. One thing I did notice was, that when 'it' walked over my arms or

body, my arms/body would feel a sensation of numbness/tingling and heavy

almost hurt a bit, but the sensation was gone as soon as 'it' passed. I

usually can tell where 'it' is on the bed from the walking movements.

We moved again 3 years ago and the same thing is still occuring till this

day. By the way, my husband can't feel or see anything. Some nights it's

very difficult to get to sleep right away due to this 'it'. I can't see

anything, just feel the 'feet' walking on the bed. I'm assuming 'it' is a

cat, althought we never let our cats on our waterbed.



This was not an experience of mine but a friend of mine. On Sunday August

1st we saw The Blair Witch Project. On the way home we started talking of

ghosts and haunted places we had heard of. "Christine" my friend then

told a story to me she had told no one but her family. I'll try and tell

it exactly like she did. It was just this past November of 1998. She

always went to bed with her closet doors closed. One night she awoke syaing

she felt a strange presence in her room. She turned her head toward her

closet and could see the silhouette of a person standing in front of her

now open closet doors. She said she tried to scream out for her sister, but

it came out as a mere whisper. She said she felt like she had been heavily

sedated. She couldn't talk, move , or even keep her eyes open. She closed

them but reopened them in what she said felt like a normal blink. She then

saw the silhouette standing at the edge of her bed. She owns two dogs, one

of which sleeps in a cage at night, but she said she saw them at her door

barking at the figure. She blinked again and this time when she opened her

eyes she could no longer she the silhouette, but could feel a weight upon

her, and she could see the form of a person in the impresion on her bed.

She closed her eyes again and awoke to daylight. She also said there was a

strong, overpowering smell of flowers like she had walked into a florist

shop. This same thing happened three nights in a row but has not happened

since. Nor has anything else out of the ordinary happened. Her family

thinks it was just a strange reoccurring dream.

Experiences I have had over the Years


I've been looking for an area like this. My family is originally

from Scotland and settled in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1920's, so we

were recent as far as our immigration. Our family has always had a tough of

Scottish fey-ness about them and I was not excluded.

My first experience happened when I was 6 years old. My grandparents,

whom I lived with, had taken me with them to Olivet Cemetary in Colma, CA to help

tidy up some of the family burial sites. One of the sites was where two of

the grandmother's still born children were buried back in the 1940's. It is

on the northwest side of the cemetary and was at that time surrounded by

hedgerows. To the south of the area were several boardering cypress and

cedar trees that were very large and overgrown. In the corner of the

hedgerow/tree boarder was an old green metal framwork for an awning . The

fabric was long gone and the framework was rusty. I had gove over to it to


When I got close to it I noticed that there was a lady sitting on the

railing. She was crying. She had a large brimmed hat, ankle long black

dress and gloves and was carrying a draw string black purse. She asked if I

would come over and talk to her for awhile. Being told not to talk to

strangers, I told her that I would have to ask my grnadmother first.

When I went to Grandma and asked she looked in the direction of the lady and

told me to stay put. Later, as we drove out of the cemetary I pointed to

one of the mausoleums and told my grandparents that there was the lady's

house. Grandma asked how I knew that. I told her that I could see her purse

sitting up in the window on the ledge inside.

Grandma and I talked this over several times over the years. She had never

seen whom it was I had been speaking to and didn't see her when I pointed to

her. It was apparently a ghost.

I went back to Olivet as recently was last year with my husband and son to

see if maybe I could take a photo of the spot and catch her on film but I

was unsuccessful. I would love to find out who she is.

I have had other experiences both here in Fresno and in Sunnyvale,

Provo,Utah and in Todalen, Norway. They have been difficult to talk about.

If you are interested I can share those with you as well as some things I

have been trying to investigate on my own here in Fresno at the

Belmont/Calvary/Mountain View Cemetaries (there sort of combined). Maybe

someone out there can help to explain some of what I have expereinced or at

least tell me some history of the areas. I guess I have been very

psychically open all of my life. Sometimes it's been a bit of a

curse..seeing things no one else does or hearing and knowing things.

Thanks for listening.


Ghost Stories from Texas


I live in Texas where alot of things happen and tons of ghost storeis to

tell.This one is happened to me or rather these things happened to me.It was

back in 94 when we had gotten this instant polariod camera.My sistr decieded

to try it out by taking a suprise picture!Well she was in my room waiting

for me to walk in when I did snap she took my picture.But i wasnt the only one

in the picture abehind me stood to me and her what appeared to be a black man

staring!True to fact me and her didnt sleep well for a long time!Another

incident when i was home alone, I was like 12,and I was watching tv when i

heard knockings at the door.I went to see who it was but no one was there!I

sat back down in my chair and then I started hearing footsteps on the

roof.Real loud ones that went all the way to the back of the house.I went

outside in my backyard to be with my dogs for company.Also no one was on the

roof!Then all of a sudden a soft voice was calling my name!Lets just say I

ran like heck to my aunts house where i stayed there till my family came


Another incident was when my parents had barely moved into the house we live

in now back in the 70s.It was real late at night and my mom was not

asleep.Well she heard sounds coming from outside.And Im not talking animal

sounds or human sounds im talking not of this world sounds!She woke up my

dad and he grabbed his shotgun and the went to the patio door to look out into

the back yard.They both saw a dark black figure up in the trees making

sounds.My dad said it was evil looking.they never forgot what they saw and

the tree ws cut down some time later.

Okay my grandmas house is the scariest house i have ever known!My grandpa

says it could be a dead man hwo ws a mexican slave that was murdered

there.Anyways there are family memebers (me and my sister for ones) who have

stayed in that house and experienced wierd things.Like if you stay up in the

top room second floor when you sleep at night somebody keeps puling your

sheets until it has tooken them away from you! Or if you sleep in my

grandmas room by the stairs you have someone sit on the edge of your bed and then get

up walk up stairs(happened to me and my sister!)My grandfather has seen late

in the night from his bedroom a man staring at him with glowing eyes smiling

with gold teeth then run upstairs and disapear.Well there are more stories

and if you want to hear more email me.

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