A Dog Ghost

By: nagu0000@stud.uni-sb.de

My dog, a female Cairn Terrier, had a big German Shepherd/collie friend

who was about twice her size and some six years older. Nevertheless,

they got along fine, and whenever my dog came past her friends house

she´d whine for him, and he´d open the door with his paws and come

outside to say hello.

But this friend of hers died some weeks ago, of a heart attack. My dog

didn´t know, of course, and she´d still whine for him.About the third or

fourth time we came past that house she whined again, and suddenly

started staring at the door and then at the place where her friend used

to sit whe he was outside. All her hair rose and then she started

running home as if all the devils in hell where chasing her, and I after

her, being scared shitless by her fear.I must admit I haven´t dared to

go near that house again (coward, yeah :-) but will give it a try this

weekend, to see if the dog´s ghost (I´m sure it was him) is still there.

Maybe he wanted to tell my dog that he´s dead and she noticed that there

was something strange about him? I wished my dog could have told me what

she´d seen!

Comforting Goodbye

By: ShrmPrnSes@aol.com

This story is all true. It isnt scarey in the slightest bit, but spiritually

involved all the way. On Oct. 6, 1998, my best friend whom I grew up with

was murdered. Someone we all knew and thought we could trust. A friend at that.

Her uncle had gotten out of jail and desided that he needed a car for him

and our "friend" to run away in. Jenn, being the only one who the girl talked to

that drove (other than a couple other friends of mine who turned her uncle

and her down), desided that since she wasnt doing anything at the time, she

would give them a ride to the local park. The three of them walked down into

the woods as they wanted Jenn to think they were going to meet some other

people there. A gun shot went off, and the two girls dropped to the ground.

Jenn was shot twice in the back of the neck and the head. This happened

pretty late, and I did not feel well that night. I went to sleep early that

evening. I woke up around 1:00 a.m. in a cold sweat. Out of the blue, like

something loud went off by my ear, though the whole house was quiet. I laid

there for about an hour, troubled and uneasy for unknown reasons when the

phone rang. I didnt answer it, my mom did and came upstairs to ask me if i

knew where Jenny was. I said no, and she informed me that she was missing

and they found her car totalled. Turns out that my "friend" had been found in

the car and showed officers where to find Jennifer. The next afternoon, I came

straight home after school and fell asleep on my bed from lack of sleep the

previous night. I dreamt that I was walking in the woods and I dropped to the

ground as if being pushed down. Then I heard a loud roar and everything went

silent again. I saw nothing but my hand in front of my face unable to move.

The dream ended and I woke up with Jenny lying in the bed next to me. She

talked to me for the longest time, and i talked back to her, even though I

couldnt hear anything we said. She was dressed in her normal clothes, jeans,

a tee shirt, adidas, and her pager and keys in hand. After what seemed like

an hour, though only being a few minutes, we sat up. She gave me the biggest

hug in the world. Then as she dissappeared, she smiled wider than id ever

seen her smile. And then she was gone. I thought to myself, " Is this a

dream? Did Jenn just dissappear into thin air? No..." and the weird thing

is, I never went back to sleep. I actually left my house and shared my encounter

with my two other best friends. That was no dream... I know that wasnt

scarey, but it still had to do with spiritual encounters. I have some other

stories of ghosts and dreams and paranormal activities, but I'll save those

for another time. If you'd like to hear some of them (some of which are

indeed scarey), Email me at ShrmPrnSes@aol.com... I hope you enjoyed my

story. Until next time, bye bye.

A Passing Spirit

By: "Armetta Wireman" metta@uswest.net

I have always be intrigued by the paranormal. As far back as I can remember

I have loved ghost stories, but always thought of it as something that

happened to other people in other places. Three years ago I found out

different when a passing sprit dropped in on us for a short time.

To set the seen I will tell you a little about the place it visited and the

people living there.

The place was a large duplex in Des Moines Iowa not to far from the Iowa

state fair grounds. Ten years back my mother had rented out the front part

and along with my sister Jenny and I we lived there for about two years.

Nothing happened then it was just weird when 7 years later the entire duplex

came up for sale, and my mother decided to buy it.

My older sister by this time was married and had two children and moved into

the front half of the duplex. My mother and I moved into the back half. My

oldest sister Betta lived one house away.

The years passed and I got married had a child of my own and my the basement

of my mothers side of the duplex into an apartment. So at the time of the

visit the we were all really close and the duplex was seen and one big house

with lots of rooms.

It had been about 6 years after my mother bought the duplex when our brief

visitor came.

Through the years I had read several books on ghosts and haunting, and in

many of them they say that animals and children often pick up on sprits that

others don't see. These were the first to witness the visitor.

One night my little girl (age 3 at the time) was in the living room on my

mothers side of the duplex watching t.v. My mother and I were in the kitchen

talking. When all the sudden she came running in screaming and crying. I

asked her what was wrong and she said there was someone in the livingroom.

So I went in there, but I saw nothing.

I asked her where the person was and she said they were sitting on the foot

stool. The footstool she was talking about was large, brown, and square.

Its size was 3ft by 3ft and sat in the between to large arm chairs.

I went over to the footstool and sat on it and said honey there is nothing

here. She said it was gone now, but went into the kitchen and would not go

back into the living room the rest of the night. I wasn't sure what to

think about the incident at that time, but I didn't get the feeling she was

making it up. I felt strange about the whole thing, my mother just laughed

it off.

Two nights later my mothers dog Jasmine (a small black Pomeranian)

was in the living room by herself, my daughter was downstairs with her dad

and my mother and I were again at the kitchen table talking. ( the kitchen

table has always been where our family sits to visit). There was without a

doubt no one in the living room but the dog. There is a mirror on the wall

of the kitchen just as you start to enter the living room and you can see

half of the living room when you look in the mirror while your sitting at

the kitchen table.

This dog is the type of dog that just loves people. She don't care if your a

stranger or a member of the family. She never barks or growls at anyone and

shes not scared of anything. Even if this dog knows she did something wrong

she came right to ya. She didn't run and hide like alot of dogs due.

As I was saying my mother and I were in the kitchen talking when all of the

sudden Jasmine goes nuts. She starts barking and growling. Then she let out

a big yelp. I glanced in the mirror and saw nothing. Thats when we got up

and in to see what was up.

When we got into the living room Jasmine was nowhere to be seen.

My mother called for her, and we heard her whimper from under the couch.

She didn't come out for a while after that. This happened a few more times

during the time of the visit as well as my daughter's experience.

At this point I remember what I had read about children and animals seeing

things that we can't. This is when I really start to wonder.

Two weeks went by after this and nothing happened.

one late afternoon I came upstairs set some meat to thaw for supper. My

mother was in the bathroom. I took some chicken out of the freezer, and

looked in the living room to see what mom was up to. I saw her bible

sitting on the table and the bathroom door was closed. I went back

downstairs. Two minutes later my mom hollers down and ask me if what I had


I said nothing I just came up to set some chicken out to thaw. She said she

could have swore that I asked her a question while I was up there. I told

her nope I just set the chicken out. She then goes into the living room to

continue her reading (My mother likes to sit at a dining room table in the

living room read her bible, and watch t.v. ) I heard her footsteps as she

walked in there and then heard her stomping right back to the basement door.

(the door is just off the kitchen)

She then yells down "What is this for?"

I said "What are you talking about?"

she yells "This feather"

I said "What feather?"

she goes "The feather you left on the table in the living room"

I said "Mom I never even went in the living room. I just came up and set

the chicken out"

she goes "Are you trying to make me feel like I am going nuts."

At this point I came upstairs and asked her what she was talking about. She

took me into the living room and pointed to the table on the table next to

her bible there was a long white feather. She goes why did you put that


I said " I didn't. I just came out and set out the chicken and looked in

the living room to see what your were doing, and went back down stairs."

She looks at me and I can tell she don't believe me. I proceed to deny

leaving her a feather and show her step by step what I did.

Finally she believes me and then asks if I had seen the feather when I

looked into the living room. I told her I had not. The only thing I had

seen was her bible sitting on the table. She says well maybe Jenny left it.

I told her Jenny wasn't home she left about two hours ago to with the kids

and her husband to go see her husband's mother on the other side of town.

Not to mention we would have heard them come in. The back door sticks and

the front door has chimes on it that jingle whenever the door is opened.

She stuck the feather in her bible and she still has it to this day.

A couple days later my sisters husband and her son went fishing. Her son

caught two tiny blue gill and refused to toss them back. His father let him

bring them home and my mother let him stick them in her bathtub for night.

(He was afraid to leave them outside because he thought a cat might get

them.) She told him they had to be out in two days she would use the shower

downstairs until then. The next day he brought one of his friends over to

see the fish. My mom led them to the bathroom and opened up the bathroom

door. My mother had been in the bathroom just an hour earlier and both fish

were swimming around without a care in the world, but when she took the boys

in to see the fish there was only one in the tub.

No one had been in that bathroom since she was in there last.

The dog was outside. No one had even been in my moms part of the duplex

except for her. Between the time she took the boys into the bathroom and the

last time that she herself had been in there.

The fish was no where to be found the bathroom was searched the toilet lid

was down. Both fish had been in there when she closed the door to leave the

last time, but now one was missing. There are no windows in the bathroom and

you have to go thur the living room to get to it. No one had passed my

mother. No noises had come from the bathroom. The fish was never found.

Its buddy was taken out of the tub and set free in the creek behind the

house that day.

Other things disappeared. My moms favorite pan that she loved to make

spagetti in. The entire family had been there one night and we had spagetti

and garlic bread. The night ran late and she decided to save the pans for

the morning, but when she got up her big pan was gone.

The final visit happened one night when my oldest sister Betta had came over

to visit with my mother. They were sitting at the kitchen table. I was not

home me, my child and my husband were out for the night, and my other sister

jenny was at home on her side of the duplex.

They were the only ones on mom's side of the duplex.

As they were talking Betta caught a movement in the mirror on the wall out

the corner of her eye. But when she looked she saw nothing.

Betta said nothing about it and her and mom continued to keep talking.

Until Betta sees movement again. She looked at the doorway into the

livingroom this time and saw briefly someone poke their head around the

corner and look at her.

She asked mom who was in the livingroom. Mom said no one Jenny is at home

and Peppy, Steve and Amber are gone tonight.

Betta goes "There is someone in the living room they just poked their head

in and looked at me".

Mom said "There is no one in there that I know of."

So Betta went in and looked. No one was to be seen.

She comes back in and tells mom. " I know there was someone in there she had

blonde hair and it was up on her head like a bun. She was peeking around

the corner and then seemed to walk away."

They both got the chills.

After that night nothing else happened in our house.

But the next day Betta was at home sitting in her livingroom. No one else

was home.

When she heard a noise in her kitchen. Just as she walked in everything on

the top of her fridge fell to the floor like someone had just flung there

arm acrossed the top and pushed everything off.

Then nothing. Nothing else happened there or at my moms, and hasn't since.

That was about 4 years ago. And nothing else has happened since.

The sprit just passed thur on its way to somewhere else to played some

tricks and then moved on. But i for one will never forget it.

Cold Fog

By: b2tslu1@fuse.net

Several years back, 1983, the summer of I think, or 1982, my girl friend

and I where in my old 4x4 dodge on my dad's farm, being teenagers at the

time and wanting to be alone for the night, we figured that no one would

bother us on my dads farm unless they had a 4x4 or tractor to get where

we was at....we both had our own stories fabricated and friends to cover

for us, I'm sure you know how teenagers are....We had parked in a field

below the barn, really close the the wood line or forest area of the

farm, the tree scenery was really romantic, we hadn't been there a half

an hour when we both felt as if something terrible wrong was about to

happen, that gut feeling of half panic and fear you get in your chest, I

rationalized it as being the fear of being caught together in the middle

of nowhere by our parents when we had lied about our where abouts for

the weekend. The feeling got more intense for the both of us, we got

back in the truck and listened to the radio and talked about our

friends, school, anything that seemed to put us at ease, it seemed to

work, but then it happened, I still have no explanation for it, and it

does ( the feeling we encountered) bothers me to this day, we had

parked facing a small pond, the field that we where in was relativlately

square, and this pond was in one corner, to our left was the opposite

corner, also lined with trees, through the trees we could see a faint

light, a whitish green dim light, it looked like a light in a fog, we

could see the shadows of the trees through this fog lit light, and it

was moving towards us, I thought that maybe someone was looking for us,

or that somebody was out spot lighting, but the light seemed to be in a

fog, this fog of light had me puzzled, my girl friend mentioned the

possibility that one of our friends maybe playing a trick on us, trying

to scare us, the practical joke thing, and that was what it was, so I

thought that I would drive right up to the tree line and shine my head

lights on them, as I fumbled to get my keys out of my pocket, the light

sped up as it came through the trees, I realized , as did she that no

one could move that quick through the woods and she grabbed unto me, the

fog of light came out of the tree line and into the field, it was about

10 to 12 feet wide by about 6 to 8 feet tall and was about 20 feet long,

it seemed to pause for a few seconds after it broke the tree line and

then it rushed the truck, she screamed and I screamed, It enveloped the

truck, the temperature dropped what seemed like 20 degrees, and there

was static electric in the air, (even after it was gone) it moved off

going on through the field, and passing into the tree line opposite of

where it entered, where it seemed to fade away into the woods, do you

have an explanation as to what this could have been? This has bugged me

for years.....

Dad's Presence

By: melissa@languageline.com

My father passed away November 19, 1986 after a four month battle with the

same cancer that had caused his father's death July 1, 1986. He was always

the "rock of Gibralter" for our family. Four years after my mom and dad

married, my mom contracted polio meningitis and almost died. I remember my

mom and dad telling me how their belief in God was what helped them through

those terrible times (eight operations in three months, in an iron lung for

almost as long, being told she would never walk or breathe on her own

again). When she had recovered enough so she could walk with a cane, she was

informed that in order to have children she would literally need to stay in

bed for 9 months. Well since this was not an option they adopted me in 1960

and my sister in 1963. This background is so you understand the bond my

family shares. Mom's attitude was always "don't tell me I can't do it, help

me find a way to do it" and Dad was totally devoted to her and to us girls.

When he became so ill that he could no longer tolerate the chemo he told the

doctor that he wanted to die at home. We set up 'round the clock home

nursing and my mom was an RN prior to her illness and had kept up over the

years so she was able to help. One week before he died, my mom called me at

work to tell me the Dr. had said "It might be a week, a day or an hour but

come home soon." Needless to say I rushed home. The morning of his death, I

was headed out to my parents home with donuts and I was approx 11 miles from

their home when I felt him "let go". I looked up and said "I love you daddy

- see you on the other side." When I pulled into the driveway our family Dr

was just leaving the house and I asked (though a part of me already knew)

"How's he doing this morning?" To which he replied that he had died approx

15 minutes before - WHEN I FELT HIM LET GO!. Well a few years later my

sister had married and moved to New Mexico and was having some health

problems of her own. She was a vegetarian, exercised daily and never drank

or smoked. She thought perhaps she had pulled a muscle while in training to

become an FBI agent. The pain started to migrate and she and her hubby were

at the mercy of their HMO. Finally after months (March - November 97) of no

ans and her getting sicker and sicker - her hubby ran her to the hospital in

the little town where they had lived since June. The Thursday before

Thanksgiving that year she was admitted and she was scaring the DR's because

they could not figure out what was wrong. That Saturday they life flighted

her to Albuquerque where by Monday they had a diffinitive diagnosis of

terminal breast cancer. What a waste! The Wednesday prior to this was

November 19th and my father and mom used to be part of the church choir.

Wednedsdays where rehearsal night. A good friend of the family was openning

up the church and getting set for rehearsal. She came in the door and looked

up into the choir loft behind the podiums and there was Dad smiling at her.

Really spooked her and she could not figure out why she would be the one to

see him there. Later in the night when she was getting ready to leave she

could hear a sound like keys jingling - my father had a habit that when

impatient or bored he would jingle his key and loose change in is pocket.

Only when my mom shared by sisters plight did she realize that the night she

saw him was the night before my sister went into the hospital for the last

time. Mom and I like to think that he was just letting us know that he was

waiting for my sis when her turn came - January 7,1998 - her 35th birthday

would have been that January 24th.

Experiencing Ernie

By: bolt0007@algonquinc.on.ca

At my grandparents place, a long time ago, they decided to make an

addition to the house. A man name Ernie was helping them. To make a long

story short, he fell off a latter, and died on the spot.

Years latter, I go to their house all the time. One night, we were

sitting, watching television. I saw someone walk to the side door, but

the dog didn't bark, so I told my granmother. She asked me what I saw,

and I said a guy with a feather cap. She told me it was just Ernie, the

ghost. He walks up the driveway ever now an again. iwas kinda shocked.

About thre emonths later, I saw the man again, so I ran to the upstairs

window. I looked out. My grandparents have a large back yard that ends

in a forest.

Anyway, I proceeded to watch him walk to the edge of the trees.

Suddenly, he just stopped. I was kinda shocked again. He turned around.

and looked at me. It felt lik ehe looked through me. Suddenly, he was

right in front of my face. I coul dmake out everything, and then he was

gone. I have not seen him since.

Ghostly Experience

By: Vilna6@aol.com

This is probably not considered a ghost story, but more of an

out-of-body experience. I am 17 and experienced this at least three times in my

lifetime. This only happened to me in my bedroom. I remember once, I fell asleep from the

boredom of reading a school book. However, I wasn't sure if I was

completely asleep because I felt that I was still conscious. Then, my legs slowly began to

rise up in the air, and I knew that I wasn't controlling this movement. I opened my eyes

and tried to move my arms, but I couldn't. Also, I couldn't scream nor even open my

mouth, and I was terrified. Then, slowly, my entire body began to rise up in the

air and I started to float around the room, hitting every corner in the ceiling. I

realized that this was a dream and tried to wake up, but I couldn't. You see, I heard stories

before about such experiences and others said the person involved could go anywhere

he or she desired. Its like I knew all this during the dream. I willingly

floated to the window and began to wish that I was at my school....I wanted to go to my

school for some odd reason. I even closed my eyes, wishing desperately, but when I

opened them, I was lying on my bed as if nothing happened.


By: J117400000@aol.com

I guess what I have is a minor experience but it doesnt seem so mild when it

happens! I've never really considered myself a believer in the paranormal

but I have never been able to explain this. I grew up in a house with only

one previous owner before my parents. Nothing that I know of ever happened

to explain a haunting. Basically if you look down the hall on the first

floor to the left is the bathroom, in the middle is my old bedroom(now

just a junk room), and on the right is my parent's room. All of my family members

has encountered this "thing", yet no one really has taken it seriously. Its

as if we just dont think about it until we see it. Sitting in the living

room (most of the room can be seen from the hallway and vice versa) what is seen

is comparable to seeing a person walking from the corner of your eye. More

or less just a movement of a shape. However this happens when you are looking

directly down the hall, just the same as catching a glimpse out of the

corner of your eye.

"It" is a flash or a flowing movement. Its really hard to explain. It seems

transparent, with no describable form or shape yet it seems to move as a

human does. When it happens to each of my family , we are aware of our

surroundings, no wind, no cars, nothing to create a glare or shadow to

explain this. And the shape always moves from the bathroom to my parents

room. My mother says she has never had reason to believe "It" has entered

the room. None of us are frightened by it, though it is disconcerting to say

the least. We all have our theories on it. I seem to identify "It" as male,

but my mother likes to think its her dead mother "checking up on things". I

would never go to the bathroom at night because I just didnt want to run

into "It" I remember as a child moving to an upstairs bedroom after my brother

moved out, I thought I saw something move up the steps. I didn't like that

idea after thinking about the shadow so i snuck down the hall one night

and i remember whispering " I don't mind that you are here, it's ok we like you,

but could you please stay downstairs? I get scared at night" I laugh now

thinking about that, but you know what? i never saw the movement on the

stairways or in my room after that! I guess "It" appreciated my

politeness....I've seen "It" once or twice when visiting my parents, and my

mother just looked at me with eyebrows raised and I looked at the tv saying

"Nope, didnt just see that" My exboyfriend was not a believer yet I saw him

once or twice doing a doubletake and peering down the hall, but he never

admitted seeing anything. My current boyfriend is a complete skeptic and

laughs off the story, but I have to laugh and just wait until he gets to

meet our resident "It". It's something I actually look forward to...like

introducing him to an old family friend....


By: lhammond@uswest.net

Ok, A few years ago I wanted to know more about my

grandmother whom I had never met. I went to my father, since

it was his mother, and asked him some questions. He wouldn't

give me any answers, so naturally I dwelled on it and talked

about it with everyone I knew. One night a friend of mine

and myself though it would be "fun" to dabble with some

supernatural, paranormal...whatever you wish to call it,

kind of things. All I had for light were candles {because

I'm up at night and don't care for electric bills being too

high}. After a while of talking about her {my grandmother} I

saw someone hanging in the corner of my bedroom. {What was

odd is I saw the image clearly, very well lit even though I

only had candles lit.} After staring at it for what felt

like forever, I looked over at my friend and ran out of the

room. I went to my father and got a picture of my

grandmother {I had never even seen a picture of her, not one

when she was close to the time of her death} and realized

that it was her that I had seen. I knew then that something

was wrong. I had been told all my life that she had died of

breast cancer. I asked my father repeatedly how she had died

and he told me the same thing, breast cancer. I knew he was

lying, but I didn't know why. So I went back up to my room,

where I found my friend hysterical. When I asked her what

was wrong she told me that I had been staring in the corner

for at least five minutes, and that she thought I was going

to die or something because I was shaking, rocking and

crying. She didn't know what to do. And then when I just

snapped out of it, it had scared her. I told her what I had

seen and then called my mother. Still being somewhat

hysterical myself, my mother was very concerned. I asked how

my grandmother had really died. She knew something was wrong

immediately when I asked that question because I had called

her when she was away on business, and I never do that. She

asked what was wrong and I told her too what had just

happened. All she could say for a response was "Lizzy, she

hung herself!" Ever since that day I can't get rid of the

feeling that she is always around me, I feel protected but

sometimes I also feel uncomfortable. That wasn't the first

time anything weird had ever happened to me, but since then

things keep getting worse...and more regular.

I was wondering if you had ever heard of this happening

before {which I'm sure you have} and if you know what I can

do to...I don't know, make things so they aren't as akward?

And if you don't, if you know someone who may know? Thank


Grandma's Ghosts

By: cherdallascowboy@hotmail.com>

This web site is great. Keep up the good work! Ever since I can remember, my

grandma told me tales of things that happened in her moms house, from when

she was little up to when my mother was little.(That is when my

great-grandpa decided to sell the house, QUICK.)

The first big thing happened when my grandma was in high school. Her older

sister used to crawl out the window, because my great-grandpa wouldn't allow

her to date. One night my grandma woke up to the window rattling. Thinking

it was her sister, she rolled over and put the pillow over her head. The

rattling didn't quit. She looked up and saw a big dark figure at the window.

She screamed which brought in the whole family. My great grandpa sent his

son to get the cops and he jerked the window up to crawl through.(He thought

it was a boy in high school messing around). He stopped dead in his tracks

when lying on the window sill was a BLOODY knife. The cops arrived and they

went to check for footprints.(It was winter and lots of snow). The only

prints there were going towards the window-none leaving- and they started

already half-way to the window. No prints on the knife. I still have a

police report from this. More later.

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