By: CarolinM@ASMI.org

My story has to do with things

that happened to me as a child. When I was 6 years old my parents bought a

very old house, probably around 100 years old, and that was back in 1976.

It was a very large house and some of the original wall paper was still in

it. I have always been kind of in tune with the supernatural and I also

have a psychic sense. I'm not saying I am psychic but I just know things

and I can't explain it.

Well anyway, I know that my sister was very afraid of this house. She is 3

years younger than me. She would either sleep with my parents or with me

and she would never cross the long hall that ran through the center of the

house by herself. I know that one day I was sitting in the living room and

I got this really weird feeling. Like I wasn't the only one in the room

.....I felt like someone was starring at me. Now keep in mind that my

mother and sister had gone to the store so I was in the house alone. At

this time I was about 9 years old. I was sitting on the floor and I just

happend to look up. If you are familiar with old houses you know that osme

have these glass windows at the top of each door that I guess people used

for ventilization befor air conditioning was invented. Well, the upstairs

of this house had been added years after the original one story had been

build and the steps that lead upstairs went even with the glass window above

the door in the room I was in. There was also a small triangle of wood that

was missing frome the step and that is where my eyes shifted to. There was

something looking at me through that space. I was so scared that I grabbed

my dog and ran to the front proch just hoping my mother would drive up. I

don't know what it was but there was something there. People in the

neighborhood were alwasy asking if the house was haunted and one time an old

woman I had never seen before asked me if I knew of the girl that had been

locked in her room, in MY house, and she had died there. There is also

another story that happened in this same house. My uncle was living with

us. He was 70 years old and I was about 10 at the time. One night I heard

him calling my father. He was shouting and that is what woke me up. My

father went running into his room and this was my uncle's reply, "I know

you're not going to believe this and I know I shouldn't be seeing this but I

DO". "There is a black woman standing in front of the fireplace holding a

little girl's hand and she is waring a red coat and hat". Then, my father

said that my uncle's eyes followed something around the room and then my

uncle began to scream again, "No....go away....don't come near me"!!!! Then

they disappeared. My father said he had never been so scared in his life

because my uncle was being rational about it, like he knew he shouldn't be

seeing something like that but he did. I knew there was something in that

house. Although we moved out when I was 14 I still drive by to look and I

still get a creepy feeling about it, just from driving by. I feel it in my

bones. What do you think? I would really appreciate your opinion. Thank

you so much!

Too Many

By: bzebe@hotmail.com

My mom and one of my sisters just moved to New York and we are living in the

house my mom grew up in. Both of her parents are dead and have been for a

number of years. Ever since we have gotten here my mom and sister have felt

something in the house. I can't feel anything but I can see something. The

other day I watched my dead grandpa of 11 years walk into the room. I ran

upstairs so fast once I was able to move and stayed there until my sister

decied to come downstairs for bed. The next day we started talking about

what happened. My sister said that once she got into bed and underneath the

covers she felt something ontop of her giving her a hug and it hugged her

until she fell asleep. My mom then joined in on the conversation and said

that her parents still live in this house. She told us that she actually sat

down the other day and talked with her father and then her mother joined in

and told her to talk to someone in our church. She did that and found out

that the person she was supposed to talk to was in charge on geneology and

that they actually knew the same people from San Diego. This kinda spooked

me out cause it took my mom a good few months to tell me this... She always

tells me something I should know after I see a spirit.

Some More

By: bzebe@hotmail.com

Many people see spirits in houses and such so they conclude the places are

haunted. However I believe I am haunted. I have seen spirits my whole life,

but some (when I was a child) I can't remember so my mother tells me. The

one I am going to talk about now happened when I was about 1 year old. I am

now 18.

We lived in a town just outside of San Diego, California. The people that

lived in the house before us abused their children and locked them in the

closets. My mom has found evidence of this but does not know to what extent

these childeren were torchered.

My mom has had many experiences with the evil spirits that lived in the

house. One day when I was finished playing with my blocks she went in to

clean up after me. She knew exactly how many blocks there were and found

that one was missing. She looked all over the room and even felt around on

the bed and still couldn't find it. She then left the room to see if I had

it with me which I didn't so she went back into the room and there it was

just sitting on the edge of the bed where she had previously looked and

felt. My mom always kept the house spic and span, she hated a messy house.

She had just finished cleaning the living room when she left and came back

in and found a hair brush in the middle of the floor. Noone had been in the

bathroom or the living room since she cleaned them. The spirits knew how to

maky my mom mad. They would always take things and put them way out of place

so my mom was always running around putting them back into place just to

find them out of place again. She was always cold in the house even if she

was sitting by a roaring fire. She would always see little black figures

running across the room and when she would look to see again they were gone.

So finally my mom took my sisters and me out of the house and swore she

would never go back in until my dad said a prayer to get rid of the spirits.

So my dad was inside for a little bit and then came out and said that he

said a prayer. My mom questioned him for a while and then he had her

convinced. So my mom took all of us back in the house. She then turned to my

dad and in a very stern voice said,"You didn't pray!" My dad of course asked

her how she knew. She said,"I'm sitting in front of a fire and I'm cold."

His face just fell. So my mom had all of us sit down and have a family

prayer together. After that prayer to get rid of the spirits they have never

come back. We then moved out of that house and I have been able to see

spirits all the time. Every house I have either seen a spirit or have felt

one watching me. This is still going on. Just three days ago I watched my

grandfather walk into the room. He has been dead since I was 7 years old.

If anyone knows what is going on with me please e-mail me.

Lady in the Window

By: Lilsis3166@aol.com

When I was 7 yrs old my parents my sister and I lived in a home that was a

one story house that sat way back from the street. My aunt used to baby sit

us when my parents were away at work. Anytime I got into trouble my aunt

would make me go into a little bedroom in the back of our house and she


make me stay in there for hours at a time. I never knew why but, I was

deathly afraid of that room and the whole time I was in there I would hide

under the blankets too afraid to move until she came to let me out. One day

while I was playing in the yard I found out why I was so afraid of that


While I was outside playing with my toys I suddenly got the feeling that I

was being watched. I looked around me but I didn't see anybody. I went back

to playing but I just couldn't shake that "watched" feeling. I turned to


at the house to see if maybe my aunt or sister was around and I saw a woman

in the bathroom window watching me! I know it wasn't my aunt or sister

because the both have very dark hair and the woman in the window had very

light colored hair. I didn't know what to do, I was afraid to move! I stayed

outside for the rest of the afternoon because I didn't want to go into the

house. When my mom came home that day I finally went inside. I didn't say

anything to my mom or anyone about what I had seen. I was worried that they

wouldn't believe me. So, I kept quiet. My sister and I shared a bedroom and

that night I woke up to the sounds of cupboards opening and closeing like

someone was looking for something and I heard glasses being moved around and

the water being turned off and on. Well, being a little kid, I figured I was

just imagining it and as I lay there listening to this I looked over at my

sister who was sleeping threw this hole thing. The next morning I asked my

mom if she was up lastnight getting a drink and she said no. But she looked

at me kinda funny. That night my mom had some friends over and she sent my

sister and I to bed early. My sister fell right to sleep but I just kept

thinking about what I had saw in the window and what I had heard the night

before. My mom and her friends started talking about a lady who had hung

herself in the back bedroom of our house! I could not believe what I was

hearing! My mom then went on to tell her friends that she hears noises in


kitchen at night. The next day as I was playing in the yard I saw the woman

in the bathroom window again. I started to cry and my aunt got mad at me so

she tried to lock me in that back room again. I was kicking and screaming

that I didn't want to go in there but she wouldn't listen to me. As I sat on

the bed (under the covers) I heard the door swing open. I thought it was my

aunt come to let me out so I uncoverd my head but nobody was there. I then

started to hear a squeeking noise. Kinda like something heavy hanging from a

wooden bar. It sounded like it was coming from the closet. The closet was a

really big walk in one. There was no way I was going to look in there! I


sat on the bed listening to this noise until my aunt came to get me.

I later found out that the lady hung herself in the closet of that back

room. I'm just wondering if anyone knows why she did this? And when it took


Well, thats my story. And believe me, it is all completly true.

Late Night Burial

By: name withheld by request

Although this is a true tale, it's not one of your spine tinglers, just

something odd that cannot be explained. It was told to me several years

ago by a colleague and happened to her mum (Jean) and some friends.

Although Jean lived in Romford (Essex), she regularly went to a keep-fit

class a small school hall in Upminster. The class had finished and her and

her friends had piled into her car and drove round the corner, parking near

the chip shop, and they all ordered fish and chips (like you do when you've

just had a good workout!). They were all sitting in the car quietly eating

when one person noticed something odd, and nudged the person next to them.

Eventually they were all mesmerized, mouths agape, chips forgotten as their

attention was focused on the activities in the church yard over the road.

Quite clearly they could see a silent night time funeral procession of a

coffin being carried (on the shoulders) by six pallbearers, all decked out

in long black tailed coats. They silently watched the procession walk from

one side of the church and disappear round to the other side (St Mary's

Lane, for anyone who lives nearby). Of course, they all asked each other

'did you see what I saw?', knowing full well they did. The next day Jean

decided to visit the church as she just HAD to know what had happened -

maybe someone was buried late last night. However, she got to the church

and found the vicar, she worded the question carefully so's not to look

like a complete idiot and was absolutely stunned when the vicar told her

that no funeral took place last night. She said that from the look on his

face it was fairly obvious that he knew why she was asking, but being a

vicar he simply smiled and walked away. Spooky!

I've been past the churchyard as my grandparents used to live just down

the road, and it is quite a creepy looking place - all the stones are

really old and crumbly and covered in moss, non of the names or dates are

readable. It's one of those graveyards when you can look at it for a

little while and then you kind of shudder and have to look away. I used to

think it was my childish imagination, but even these days the place still

gives me the creeps - even in the middle of summer!

My Story

By: takeme2heaven@hotmail.com

Well like everyone else I'll start off with some background information. I'm

19 right now and ever since I was young have had a fascination with death

and what lies beyond. Every time I would read something I would try to think

it I had a similar experience, but I didn't. I have lived in Chicago for

most of my life in the same house. Nothing really special about it expect

our basement floors are basically entirely dirt. But that doesn't really

mean anything to my story...When my mom found out she was expecting my third

brother she decided we needed to do a little remodeling and room

changing...so I ended up having my brother's old room (which also used to be

my brother's room) Nothing unusual happened while I was living there until

the end of my senior year in High School. I was asleep one night and the

room got unbelievably cold, although no windows were open and it was a warm

night. I burried myself under my blankets and tried to go ack to sleep.This

would happen from time to time, then one night I was woken up again by the

extreme cold when I saw a shadow of a man whose feature I could make out

just watching me sleep. He stood about a foot away from my bed. When he

noticed I was awake he just turned and walked out of my room but he went

through the wall right next to my door. The first few times I saw him I was

petrified and would just close my eyes tight til I felt the room warming up.

There was also times when I would see him coming from the kitchen, which was

outside my room, and walk back into my closet. Also at night I would hear

things fall off my dresser and I would just calmly as I could ask him to

pick them up and when I'd wake everything would be as I left it. I never

told any of my friends or family about this because they are not

believers...til one day my mom had called me at school since I had moved out

for college telling me my sister refuses to sleep or go into my room any

more. That she woke up one night and came screaming into my parent's bedroom

about a man who was watching her while she was in my room sleeping...I

didn't say anything while my mom told me but I did interrupt her before she

could give me the description of the man my sister gave...I told her what I

had seen and my mom dropped the phone.She kept asking how I knew, so I

finally told her how I had seem him before. I also told her if the lights

ever go out in my room to clamly ask the Man to turn them back off. My mom

just laughed at me.Also I should mention since I moved out of the house for

school my room remains hot to room temperature while I'm gone. But when I

come home on weekends the temp does not go above 50 degrees no matter how

high we set the heat or how many little heaters we put in there. Than one

night my mom was clearing out some of my sister's clothes so I would have

room for mine when I came home for the summer and my dad was sitting outside

in the kitchen watching TV. It was relatively late at night and my mom had

just finished clearing out a draw and was about to get up when the lights

went out.My mom said out loud.."Look I'm almost done here and Jennifer will

be home next week so please just put the lights on" and just as she finished

the lights went on and my mom ran out of my room. Since I have been home for

the summer my room is back stays at a normal temperature..which I'm thankful

for but I still hear things in my closet and I will see a light shine

through the closet doors although I don't have any lights in the closet.

My Life with Ghosts

By: hschwart@unix1.ccac.edu

I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Everything I've written here

is true. It wasn't until around the age of twelve that I was sure that

not everyone can see ghosts. I guess that I had just assumed that

everybody else could see what I could see. My first experience that I

can recall was around the age of six. I remember waking up from a bad

dream, don't remember any details, and there was a man standing in the

doorway of my room telling me that everything was ok, go back to sleep.

I saw a picture of this man in a family photo album about two years

later. It was my grandfather who had passed away when I was two years

old. This is only time I can recall hearing a ghost. The next

occurrence that I can recall was around the age of eight. My parents

and two of my three brothers and I were in the family car. We had

stopped to get ice-cream at the local ice cream shop. Directly across

the street and slightly uphill was a funeral home. I was looking out

the back window of the car and asked my brother why the lady walking

across the yard could only be seen from the waist up. He informed me

that I was crazy, there was no one there, even though I could still see

her. The next ten years are sort of fuzzy, I can't actually recall

"seeing" anything out of the ordinary but I do remember knowing things

before they happened, especially meeting new people who had appeared in

a dream a night or two before actually meeting these people. I went to

college at the age of seventeen. Two occurrences happened during this

year (1972). I met a group of people who were into seances. Only two

occurrences happened because I only met with these people twice. The

first thing that happened was when a group of us, about fifteen people,

held a seance in one of the groups dorm room. Midway through the seance

a bright red light about the size of a quarter appeared in the middle of

one of the walls. One of the girls jumped up, breaking the circle of

hands and the light disappeared. About a week after this three people

from this group and myself decided to hold another seance in a different

room. The girl who led the seance had a scroll that she read from (I

don't know where this came from). The scroll required the lighting of

candles, one red and one white, lit at different times about five

minutes apart. The white candle was lit first, then the red one and

were set about four feet away from each other. Within ten seconds of

the lighting of the red candle one of the girls screamed that something

had touched her, she jumped up turning on the lights. Both candles had

been knocked over and blown out. The part that still gives me a nervous

feeling is that white wax was spilled from the red candle and red wax

was spilled from the white candle. I slept with a bible and a cross

that night and have never and will never be involved with another seance

again. In the early 1980's I was married and my wife and I were looking

at some property in Somerset, PA. There was five acres of ground, a

small store with housing on the second floor and a large pond. The real

estate agent showing us the pond was a little taken back when I asked

her how long ago the lady was drowned. She asked how I knew this. I

informed her that I could see a lady standing near the edge of the pond,

the lady was dripping wet and she was looking at me holding her hands

out which I thought meant she was asking for help. The agent said a

woman had committed suicide in that pond the year before. I told the

real estate lady that I didn't get the impression about suicide, I think

the lady had help drowning. The ghost then disappeared. We didn't buy

the place. About three years after this I was living Virginia in a farm

house that was about two hundred years old. Down the street about two

blocks was a small funeral home. One night a friend and I were sitting

on the porch of this house when I waved a greeting in the air. My

friend turned around then asked who I was waving to. I said you can't

see the elderly gentleman standing on the steps to the funeral home can

you. He replied no, there is no one there. I informed him that not

only was there someone there, but the man had waved to me first and I

thought it only polite to wave back. It is now 1999, I am remarried and

have two wonderful little girls. The house we are living in now is in

PA. When the oldest was two, she kept waking up at night yelling Daddy

I need you, I'm scared. I finally was able to ascertain that ghosts

were waking her up at night. I told the ghosts (who were the previous

owners, and his mother) that they were welcome to stay, this was there

home, provided they did not scare the children. They come and go now,

and never do anything to scare my girls. There were two other ghosts,

both Indians from I think the 1700's. One has never returned, the other

stays out of doors occasionally telling me where to dig to find arrow

heads. I am trying to teach my daughters not to fear ghosts, ghosts

don't have control over you, but you can control whether they are

permitted to visit or not.

P.S.: Three months ago my two year old was in the basement with my

wife. She was screaming that she couldn't walk over to where my wife

was because she was scared of the "man". It was hard to get an accurate

description of the man because of her age but I'm pretty sure it was the

former occupant of the house.

A Story

By: Kellerfyre@aol.com

I have several stories of isolated events, though today I will only

share one with you. Feel free to use it on your page, though I don't know if

it qualifies as a "haunting".

The high school I graduated from has a rich history. It's an all

girls private Catholic college prepatory school named Ursuline Academy,

found in Dallas, Texas. The institution is 125 years old this year (I was a part

of the 125th class to graduate from UA) though it hasn't always rested on it's

spot on Walnut Hill Lane.

Back in the 1800 and 1900's, the school was still taught by nuns

who, like the students, actually resided on campus. The sisters slept on the

upper level of Brescia Hall; that is why their rooms, which over look the

courtyard underclassmen are allowed into, are so small and why teaching in them can be

cramped at times. The hallway on both levels of Brescia Hall look into the

Senior Courtyard.

One nun was very fond of one particular class of the 1900's. Her

health failed as the class moved up through the grades, which included

kindergarden and grade school levels at the time, but she promised she

wouldn't miss their senior class picture. She died in her room in Upper

Brescia before the picture was taken. She intended to keep her word though,

and on the day the dozen or so girls arranged themselves in Senior

Courtyard, her spirit appeared in a window of Upper Brescia, unbeknownst to the girls.

It was only later when the picture was developed that her clear appearance

was discovered. It now hangs in Main Hall, along with the other class

pictures, with the addendum "***Note the nun in the window."

Now for my personal story. I was a junior helping with the

sophomores at Planned Famine with a few of my classmates. Since we were helping, we

were to stay in the chapel, which was cozy and made us feel comfortable since it

was a holy place in our big dark school, instead of the cafeteria known

simply as Haggar. The heat in there seemed to be working overtime though and

a few of the other girls couldn't take it. We all moved our belongings to

Room 21, at the far end of Brescia Hall, shivering as a blast of cold air

hit us every time we crossed the official threshold (that happened to me every

time I walked through, no matter the time or if I was alone, giving me an

uneasy feeling. It didn't happen during school, though).

Later that night, after a round of singing in the chapel, I crept

into my makeshift bed and quickly fell asleep, only to wake up around 3:22

am freezing. As I turned over, I heard women singing. I thought it strange that

my fellow singers were still up and singing so loudly that I could hear them

from the chapel, but they were in bed next to me. I could see their heads on

their pillows on the floor. Freaked out, I stiffly returned to bed, sleeping

lightly for the rest of the night.

The next day, I relate the story to the campus minister, Mrs.

Ray-Grady, who casually told me I heard the dead nuns singing their songs

before they headed off to bed..... no more sleeping in school for me!

Saint Michaels

By: jreagan6@excite.com

Thanks for posting my description of St. Michael's college on your haunted

places page. I love reading all the stories and finally decided to

contribute a couple myself, to go along with the haunted location I gave to


I was a Staff Assistant in my sophomore year at St. Michael's. What this

meant was basically I watched the doors coming into one of the dorms to make

sure that the only people coming in were the residents. I sat at a desk

from 11pm-4am a couple of nights a week. One night, I was making the rounds

from floor to floor to make sure all was relatively quiet. I got to the top

floor of the building and that is, of course, when the proverbial strange

things started to happen. I began walking down the hall and I heard the

wind howling through the recycling room on the floor. It had been a quiet

night weather-wise, so this was a little odd. I passed it off as random New

England weather patterns and continued to walk on. When I stepped in front

of the first resident's door, it started to rattle like someone was going to

come out. I stopped and waited, but the door just kept rattling so I moved

on. Then the next door on the other side of the hall started to rattle as I

passed in front it, and then another door started. Now there were three

doors all rattling away, and it had only started when I walked in front of

them. They hadn't done this earlier in the evening, and I was wide awake so

it wasn't my imagination. What really startled me was all of a sudden, in

the midst of all this door action, I had a feeling that someone was right

behind me. I turned to look and no one was there, but the doors kept on

shaking and the wind was screaming, so I ran the rest of the way down the

hall and back downstairs to my desk. A check of the outside revealed that

the weather was perfectly calm. I believe this is the oldest dorm on campus,

so who knows what other-wordly beings reside there?

The other thing that happened to me while I was there was sort of a strange

religious experience, and I am probably one of the last people something

like this should happen to :) I was driving home from my then-boyfriend's

(now my husband) house and heading back to my dorm at St. Mike's. I was at

a stop light, alone in the car, when I heard this deep male voice tell me

that the second coming was going to happen soon. The voice filled me with a

very warm, happy sense of peace. The light turned green and I drove off.

About two minutes later I started to think about what just happened and got

very scared. I talked to one of the priests at school the next day, and he

felt this was a "normal" experience within the realm of St. Michael's,

partially because it was getting near Christmastime, and partially because

he felt the campus was a center for both good and evil, the good being the

chapel on campus, and the bad being the portal that was never shut in the

boys' dormatory. He confirmed the story about the pentagram in my location

descrition without me even bringing it up! I have heard this "godly" voice

once or twice since the original incident but not to the degree that I heard

that night.

Sorry this was so long! I have a few more stories but I'll save them for


True to life

By: KarenH38@aol.com

20 years ago when we moved into our house (a duplex). We were good friends

with the tenant and she had told us that she was going to be gone for the

weekend. So we were home (sleeping on a sofa sleeper in the living room at

the time) and we heard noised from upstairs, sounding as if someone was

dragging furniture across the floor, my husband went to the stairs and


up to see if anyone was there and the apartment was dark. So he came back

downstairs and we fell asleep not thinking anything more about it. Well,


next day when she came home, she came downstairs and asked us if there had

been a problem upstairs, and we said not why and she said, that she was just

wondering why we moved all of her dinning room chairs into the kitchen. At

first I was scared but then for years nothing had happened. Until Jenny was

born, One night, my husband was gone hunting and I was awoken by the noise

of her mobile being turned on. I went into her room and she was lying there

awake, watching the mobile move above her. Then then the last time that

anything had happened was about 3 years ago, My husband and I had divorced

and I was seeing someone, well, my friend as I call it, must not of liked

him, because he had always kept his cologne on the dresser and at least


or twice a week I would come home and find it either knocked over, on the

floor, in the garbage, at first we blamed the cat, but then, we started

closing the bedroom door and it still would happen, of course he never

believed, nobody ever does, but I doo! Never the less, I am not with him

anymore but I am remarried since and have had no problems. Sometimes when


alone, I do feel that there is someone or something there with me and my


I sure that you recieve thousands of these stories, but mine is true and

whether you or anyone else believe my, I know in my heart that it is true.

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