By: rb85231@navix.net

Hello, my name is Brandi and I am 15 years old. My grandmother had a

spirit in her house and his name was Ed. Every time we would show up at

her house we would know he was there because we could feel his

presence. My stepmother also knows about Ed. She had a dream about him

and this is how we got his name and what he wanted. In her dream he had

told her that he had died of a heart attack and that it had happened

long before the house was ever built. The house had been built over the

spot were he died. Ed did not have a proper buriel, so he had come to

us for help. My grandparents had moved out a couple of months ago and

today, June 21, 1999, we had gotten some Holy Water and went out to the

house. We had walked in to the basement and it was so dark we needed a

flashlight to see our way. When we arrived to the area he had died, we

read Palsm 23, then sprinkled the Holy water over the area were he was,

and at the same time read the Lords Prayer. After we left that area,

the basement was filled with so much light and we no longer needed to

use our flashlight. We went upstairs after that to see what the owners

had done to the house before they had tore it down. We then heard a

large bang, like a door being slammed shut, and we left the house as

fast as we could. We still do not know what the bang was, but we also do

not want to know. After our help for Ed he know rests in peace.

Yaya's Ways

By: Erinangel1@aol.com

Hi. I believe very much in the idea of ghosts and the things in which they

represent. I have a few stories of my own, but one in particular that I'd

like to share. When I was still in grade school, as well as junior high

school, I did my homework at the dining room table. Like most kids, I

watched TV as I studied, and I read with the overhead light off. My

grandmother, who we referred to as "Yaya," constantly told me that I'd

damage my eyes if I read with the light off. She would walk from the

hallway, turn off the television, continuing my way towards the kitchen, flip

on the overhead light and give me a "knowing look." I would respond under my

breath, "yeah, yeah, yeah...." We followed this same routine almost every

single day.

She passed away a couple of weeks before my fifteenth birthday, and I was

devestated. She was my whole world, and I felt unbelievable empty. She

appeared to me in dreams, where she would give my a huge bear hug, as if to

tell me all was okay, and then they stopped when I started to regain my faith

in things again. Anyhow, a few years later, when I was in high school, I got

out of track practice early and I headed home. My parents were not home yet,

and I was thrilled to have some time alone. I turned on the TV, sat at the

dining room table and pulled my books from my backpack. I started on my

homework, using only the daylight outside to guide me, while occasionally

glancing at the television. A few minutes later, the television turned off.

I looked up, startled. A moment later the overhead light turned on. I sat

there completely overwhelmed for a second, and then relaxed. I said outloud

"yeah, yeah, yeah...." I have yet to read in darkness again, and know that

she is watching out for me. And my eyes.


By: dax86@bellsouth.net

I've gotten in this website for

the longest and I guess that's my time to tell all about my stories which

I beleave in.The recently one was about 1 day

ago...... I love sleeping and especially in such a place like my room (where

I feel comfortable). I was sleeping dead assleep because I was very tired,........

well it was like around 2:00 am when I completely fell assleep.......

I was dead assleep when all of

a sudden I felt something come inside my room and I also felt a big extremely

energetic presence that I have not felt ever before in my life.... I tryed

going back to sleep but I couln't and like one of does that when you go

to sleep nothing or nobody will wake me up but this did without knowing

why!!!...... well I felt it like if it was all around my room and there

all the time such a strong feeling that I could feel myself in presure......

I looked around but nothing at all. This has happen to me like 3 times

already but without knowing why and I really want to tell you that if you

have some answer to email me.....please...

Three years ago I went back to

my country Honduras for vacations, and I was going to my grandmothers house

which scared the hell out of me because alot of thing go around there....

well the next day, which was a Friday

we had already decided to do a party between the famaly so we did. Everything

was going out great until we all went to sleep. The house has 4 bedrooms

in the 2 floor and 3 in the 1 floor so we all decided to sleep upstairs,

and we did. All the girls got the big room because we were around 15 girls

and the guys in the medium room because they were 9 of them. Well our room

faced the back of the house to this house where a lady killed herself dressed

in black ( hunged from a huge mango tree)..... anyways it was 3 in the

morning when this accured to us the girls, we were fooling around saying

jokes and bothering us, when all of a sudden my cousin Suany decided to

look out the window so she did while she was looking out the window we

all noticed that she stayed there without talking or not moving (pale white),

then we all went to see what was going on and then that's when it happened........

we saw the lady that killed herself there infront of us outside the window...

we were really scared because we were in the 2 floor and we didn't have

any balconies but she was there laughing and looking straight inside our

room. I started screaming when then we all started screaming and left to

the guys room. I hope am not the only that this has happened to.

Ghosts At Camp

By: dkorpela@vianet.on.ca


My name is Sarah.I've never really seen a ghost.But, I have felt the

presence and my Mom and Dad have seen them. In about 1990, when I was 4 or

5 years old, I was extremely curious and while at camp I'd ask my dad to

tell me a story about anything.(Back then I really liked Moose stories)So,

my dad would tell me about when he was hunting moose and then do his famous

moose call. But, there is one story I remember distinctivily.It goes like

this... My dad was hunting for moose.Before I was born so it was probably

in about 1980 (I was born in 86).He did his moose call and, out of the

bushes came a giant moose, bigger than any moose he had ever seen in his

whole life.It was also covered with white stuff.My dad was puzzled, because

it wasn't snowing.He figured it was white fur.So he shot at it. Hitting it

in the heart.The moose staggered away and my dad followed it's tracks

through a muddy area.Surprisinly there was no blood. The tracks stopped.And

the body was nowhere around.Another storie surronding my camp is "No

Footsteps" In the 50's or 60's my dad was walking to my camp.It was snow

storming. He was all alone on the road going to my camp. When he looked

back he saw a man walking behind him.Thinking nothing of it he looked

ahead, then 2 seconds later he looked back, and the man was gone.The next

morning my dad went back along the road. He found his tracks, but there

were no other tracks around for kilometers.Another story that happend

inside the actual building of my camp is...

"Flipping Pies" My mom and my dad's friend were watching a baseball game

and my mother's freshly baked apple pies flipped right off the counter onto

the floor!We have no explanation for the moose, but for the others here is

what we think...

My father said before all these things happend, a Finnish man was drinking

and fell into the lake and drown because he was caught underneath the

dock.Now for my part of the story.

Everytime I go to camp, I get the feeling I'm being watched.I hear

things.And I usually can't sleep.One thing that I heard was a bell ringing

at night.The thing is when I was really young like 3 or 4, I had a pet

lamb, names Ringing Bell.He wore a bell around his neck.It sounded exactly

like his bell.He is actually burried at my camp.My camp is a pretty freaky

place. It's got ghost moose to the sounds of people walking around.


By: drudene@mr.net

My story is not very complicated. My husband, son (now eight), and I

moved into our current house a little more than two years ago. Once

when my husband and son were spending a weekend at my brother-in-laws, I

told my husband I was afraid of being alone in the house (even though I

am reclusive by nature). He said to ask my guardian spirits for help.

So, not really expecting anything, I said aloud before I went to bed

that I would appreciate my guardian spirits for a sign they were

present. Later that night I was awakened by the sound of the doorknob

on the bedroom door being turned. I looked over and actually saw it

turning. I was terrified. Nothing came in, and there was no way I was

going looking for the doorknob-turner. At best it was an intruder.

When my husband came home, I told him about it and he told me I had

asked for a sign, after all.

About a year after we moved in, our (then 2 year old) nephew came to

live with us. He was very delayed and could only speak at about a one

year old age level. We made a playroom for the kids in the basement.

Josh, our nephew refused to play down there alone. I didn't blame him.

We had to totally run out of clean clothes before I'd go down there to

do laundry. It was creepy, not dark at all, but always there was a

feeling of being watched or someone standing close behind you. We also

heard footsteps down there, and water being turned on. That fall Josh

threw one of his little boots down the stairs and my husband ordered him

into the basement to pick it up. Josh reached the bottom of the stairs,

turned to look into the basement, screamed "Ghost!" in mortal terror and

ran back up the stairs and shot into my husband's arms. By this time,

we had named the presence "Alex". Josh said Alex had made a very bad

face at him. He refused to go down in the basement at all after that.

We also had an incident were our broom was totally missing from our

house for almost two weeks. (Imagine our floor!) I searched every inch

of the house, including the basement. It wasn't in our house. We

thought someone had borrowed it. No one had. Finally, I yelled down

into the basement, "Alex, if you have the broom we need it back!" After

a couple minutes and another good search of the upstairs, I went down to

the basement and found the broom leaning against the wall right by the


I thought I was doing pretty well with the whole having a ghost

experience. Sure, I was secretly scared to death, but I kept reminding

myself that there are spirits all around us and Alex seemed to be rather

mild and harmless. He even listened to my husband when Mike ordered him

to stop scaring the kids and later to stop coming upstairs. And surely,

Alex had as much right to be there as I have. However, I changed my

mind after taking a nap in the extra room downstairs. I was awakened

with a jolt by the distinct feeling of a hand slapping me in the face.

That was it for me. While we were in the car, away from the house, I

told my husband Alex had to go, and since he seemed to have some

authority, he had to tell Alex to leave. Mike said he'd probabley have

to talk to a medicine man. Luckily, however, perhaps after overhearing

a similar conversation at the house, Alex left on his own. No more

noises from the basement, missing household objects, or eerie feelings.

In fact, after a while, my husband and I even moved our bedroom

downstairs, and we never had another weird experience down there. Josh

was once more willing to come downstairs, although he does still talk

about Alex occasionally. We did have to move back upstairs, but that

involved only a mundane little mouse running around down there.

Texas Haunted House

By: Gat0rIaw@aol.com

I had a friend in Arlington Texas, whose house had a ghost. Her family called

it George and laughed about it. There was no malevolence involved. Their

house was relatively new and not particularly outstanding. It was a classic

50's ranch house. Anyway, my friend's room was always chilly, the

temperature was about 65 degrees. Her family had duct people check out the

ducts to her room on several occassions. Despite the blazing North Texas

summers or the central heat turned on in the winter, her room maintained this

temperature. I had heard all the stories and didn't really know what to

think. I spent the night and that made a believer out of me. First, during

dinner, things fell off of shelves in the adjacent den. Her parents laughed

and yelled out "stop it George". Later when I went into the kitchen for some

waterthe reflected view in the kitchen window started spinning. I was

somewhat entranced and then realized at the center of the spiraling image was

the figure of a man. The figure was getting closer and larger. I ran into the

den before I saw any more. As we went to sleep in the sleeper couch in the

den, several books in shelves opposite the couch, slowly pulled out from

their position on the shelf and almost fell to the floor. "George" is one of

my fondest memories. My friend and I had other strange encounters after that,

including many that didn't involve George. I think that certain people are

more receptive to energies and have more of these events than other people.

Ghostly Encounters

By: silverkisses@home.com

I have decided to post my other stories now, before I forget to post

them later.

The first one I would like to share happened when I was eighteen. My

friend was living with me and my family in our house in north east

Calgary. We were sitting in her room playing cards. There had been a

couple strange things happening the last few weeks like my TV turning on

and off by itself, the volume going up and down on my stereo. Since both

of us had always been believers, she has had experiences of her own, we

knew it was the work of a ghost. We were never really frightened, at

least not until the night I am about to tell you about. Anyway, like I

said we were playing a game with the deck of cards. You asked a

question and then flipped a card; if it was a black card the answer was

no, a red card was a yes...it was called something like Ouija cards or

something. At first it was just a game, we were laughing and joking

around at the answers it gave us, until we started noticing a pattern.

Every time we got to the bottom of the deck and shuffled them for the

next 'round' the first three cards flipped were six six six. The first

couple of times we just brushed it off as being coincedental, but by the

third fourth and fifth times we were scared. We decided it was time to

call it a night and picked up the cards. We made sure to check

underneath ourselves and under the pillows on her bed to make sure we

didn't miss any cards. We hadn't. I know we hadn't. But after gabbing

for a half an hour, I was going to go downstairs to my room, sure enough

there was a card sitting right in plain view of both of us. We looked at

each other a little funny and she picked up the card...it was the six of

spades. I got curious as we went to put the six card back with the

others and flipped the top two cards of the deck, both of them were

sixes. We put the cards in the kitchen and on my way downstairs I heard

the TV go on, I turned to go back upstairs to tell my friend when it

turned off again. I went to my room and laid down. A couple minutes

later I noticed the room had gotten brighter. I opened my eyes and saw

that six of my candles were glowing brightly even though no one had been

in the room to light them. I blew them out and tried to go to sleep.

It happened again, but this time they lit one by one. I ran from my

room, noticing it grow dark once again, and slept the rest of the night

with my friend. I've never had an occurance like that again.

My most recent experience happened in January 1999. One of our dogs CB

(Cat Bait) had recently been put down. He had been a part of the family

for fifteen years. One night our other dog, Tia, came downstairs to my

room. This was extremely odd, since the only time she ever came down was

if I had food or if she was with my mom, but she never came down in the

dead of night. I was fast asleep when I was woken by the sound of her

barking at the end of my bed. I told her to go away and to shut up but

she persisted. I sat up and found her jumping at the end of the bed. I

asked her if she wanted outside, that's not what she wanted. She wanted

me to get out of bed. Irritated I did just that. We walked out of my

room and she started barking at a corner of the basement. I thought

maybe she had found a mouse or something that she wanted to show me, but

upon turning on all the lights and investigating I found nothing. She

started walking around the basement, if I did not follow her she would

bark. I was getting tired of this game and just wanted to go back to

bed, but she just kept barking until I followed her. Finally she led me

into the laundry room and went over to the pile of blankets laying on

the floor and started barking and switched between looking at me and

staring at the blankets. It then occured to me that the pile of blankets

were one of CB's favorite spots to sleep and I remembered hearing

somewhere that animals, especially cats and dogs had a sensitivity to

spirits and ghosts. I smiled and asked Tia 'Is that CB?' Immediately

her tail started wagging and she went over to the blankets, laid down,

gave them one lick and then went back upstairs. I know it was my little

dog who was visiting that night, I'm just glad that Tia decided to share

that visit with me. Since then Tia has shared it with me a couple of

times, although I still haven't seen CB's ghost for myself. The cat has

also examined various places that were CB's favorites with the same

undeniable interest.

Thanks again for listening to my encounters of the paranormal. I hope

to have more to share with you someday, I also hope I never have to

relay an occurrance that is not so friendly.

Nighttime Apparition

By: rgutier@emory.edu

This story has several parts - it has taken me months to put this

together in a way that makes sense and takes all known facts into


I awakened suddenly from deep, dreaming sleep one night in December or

January with the terror that someone was in my room. I have heard that

in most people there is a reflex that literally prevents them from

moving when they are in a deep state of sleep (and the "frozen, unable

to move" state described by many upon first being awakened is simply

that reflex still working, not fully in synch with sudden

consciousness). I am in a different category, however, - I am a

sleepwalker and capable of vigorous movement even when not awake. To get

on with the story...I felt an "intrusion" in my dream, that had nothing

to do with what I was dreaming about. It shocked me awake and I sat

straight up in my bed. I was treated to the sight of an apparition

standing near the foot of my bed. It was quite tall, over 6 feet I would

guess. I couldn't tell if it was male or female, but my sense was that

it was female. It had short dark hair, parted in the middle and brushed

back on either side and wore flowing white garments. It emitted no

light; what I could see of it was illuminated by the yard lights shining

in the bedroom window. I apparently surprised it because for a fraction

of a second its right hand was raised to its temple in a gesture that

seemed to indicate I was not supposed to have awakened or have seen it.

Immediately it was gone, leaving me to wonder if I had really just been

dreaming. It all happened so quickly.

In January I visited a psychic who told me that in addition to the

spirit of my grandmother (which I knew about), I had the spirit of a

young girl strongly attached to me. She was not able to give me any

details as to who the girl might be and I thought about this a great

deal. For months I pondered whom this might be, and got no

enlightenment. Finally, one day the face of a child I had used to

babysit for many years ago sort of popped into my head and I knew who my

little girl attachment was. She was a tragic little figure who was a

foster child in a home that cared for her but most certainly did not

love her. Even as a teenager my heart ached for that child, and I told

my mother once that the lifeline on her left palm was extremely short. I

always felt she would die young. I really don't know any facts about her

since I lost touch with the foster family after I went to college, but I

had no doubt that she was my attachment.

A few days after this I went to another psychic who told me that the

girl had not been ready to die when it happened - it had surprised her.

For that reason she had been unable to find the light that souls are

supposed to go to when they pass. He told me that I was the only light

she could find and therefore she had attached to me, but that it wasn't

a good thing. She meant me no harm but she was draining some of my

energy and she needed to move on for her own sake as well. He "spoke"

with her briefly and told me she was 17 and that her stepfather had

caused her death, or at least a great deal of pain while she was alive,

which does correlate with what I knew of the man (remember, she was in

foster care, not living with her mother and stepfather when I knew her,

but the man was a convicted child molester). The psychic told me he

would help her go to the light, and I presume he was successful.

Tonight I was reading some of the articles on this site, about why

spirits tend to manifest at night (to get a glimpse of someone they

loved, perhaps, or to try to communicate) and what the best reaction to

an apparition is and I realized that 1) probably my apparition was my

young friend, who I wouldn't have recognized because I hadn't seen her

for about 7 years before she passed, and 2) sitting straight up in bed

was a good way to scare it off, because it disappeared in the blink of

an eye. If I had realized who it was, I would have tried to make things

easier for her...But for both of our sakes, I hope there is no next


Haunting of Whittington Farm House

By: PLUMBROKE000@webtv.net

In 1975, my wifes parents and her sister, Mary, moved to the Eastern

Shore of Maryland into a 100 year old farmhouse. What made them believe

there was a ghost was little things disappearing and reappearing in

different places. Doors locking by themselves, being touched by someone

who wasnt there. Things really didn't start getting wierd untill her

other sister, Char, and her son, David, moved in with them. Char had a

little bit of ESP. She could tell when things were going to happen.

She would have dreams and funny feelings that would mostly come true.

They would hear noises in the attic, foot steps, and things rolling

around. Char would hear someone calling her name at night. She had

the bedroom with the attic door in it. Once my wife felt some one sit

on her bed, Char felt some one run their fingers through her hair.

Once they were all outside taking photos of each other, no one was in

the house, but when the photos were developed some one was looking out

the pantry window. They believe the ghost was not harmful in fact it

was very helpful. Things that they were looking for would appear. When

David was a baby he had stuffed animals in his crib, years later he told

us that he was afraid of these stuffed animals because he thought that

they were alive. Another thing that happened was when both my wife and

her sister Mary got married, both of their wedding photos that were

taken in the house never turned out. They believe the ghost was sad to

see them leave. In the big foyer there was a room that had been

painted black from other occupiants and when ever they would pass the

room that was by a staircase they felt as if some one was watching them

go up the stairs all three sisters felt this presence.

Saying Farewell

By: Wavrunsun@aol.com

I've always been fascinated and drawn to anything dealing with the spirtual

world or the supernatural. I don't really know if I have more of a connection

with this than others or not, or maybe I'm just extremely sensitive to people

or the feelings they try to conceal. In any case this particular story is

about my grandmother. We were very close, including my mother, sister and

myself. My "Gram" lived by herself, but all of would take turns doing errands

and driving her where she needed to go. At this time I was driving a used,

red-orange BMW and was very proud of it.

My Gram was suffering from CHF and was always going to the hospital for

treatment. She was only in the hospistal a short time before she died and I

did not get to say goodbye. Incidentally, just before she died, she sat up

and spoke to her mother, whom she had not seem since she was five years old.

This is what my mother told me, and believe me she would not lie. Moving on,

that night I felt inconsolable that I had not made it to see her. I dreamt I

was standing in an area that was mostly comprised of gray, white mist , with

no structural shape to it. My BMW was to my right and my Gram was standing by

the other door on the other side! We just stared at each other and though we

didn't speak, we seemed to be saying our goodbyes.

I still speak to her often in my car,now a different one, feel she is still

close by. Of course people driving next to me only see me talking to myself!

Any body out there have anything similar happen to then?

One English True Story: Never before written down

By: paulgreen@home.com

I am now a 48 year old professional, settled in Canada and doing very well.

In Northern England, as a youth, I had many experiences, mainly revolving

around the house which my family bought when I was 12 years old. We were

told by the neighbours that three families had moved out in the 18 months

before we moved in but the only explanation was that they had "marriage

problems". Within a year, we heard noises, such as a person banging on the

door or definite and very clear footsteps, which would walk up the stairs,

if you were upstairs, or down the stairs, if you were down.

When it first happened, I I thought it was my brother, one year younger than

myself, banging on the door disturbing my Math homework. But when I went

down to complain, my parents insisted that he had not been out of the front

room for an hour. The next thing was that I was awakened in the middle of

the night by a tremendous racket from the bathroom and I got up and put my

trousers on to see what it was. As I left my room, my mother stood at her

door and we each asked the other if we had heard the sound. We agreed that

it came from the bathroom and went to look. All that was there was an empty

washing up liquid bottle, made of plastic, squashed and lying on the floor.

Another night, my mother and I heard a crash, as if metal ladders had fallen

outside the downstairs living room but, again, there was no source for the

sound when we checked. Over the years, from age 12 to 18, I became familiar

with these sounds and joked with school-friends that we had a ghost called

"Jack". Some friends were in the house when the footsteps came down the

stairs. I heard them but I said nothing. No-one else did. When it

happened a second time, I heard it and so did a young man called Mick, who

had never heard of this story. He searched everywhere and would not accept

my reassurance that no-one was there. When I left to go to university, I

told the next door neighbour, a middle aged woman, that I was glad to leave.

She told me that these sounds were the reason why the three families had

left in such haste. The neighbours agreed not to tell us because they did

not want to put ideas into our minds. The woman who lived there previously

was found dead in the bath with her wrists slit. It was thought to be

suicide. But I had a vague and recurring mental image of a man coming down

the curved stairway. A friend later suggested that, perhaps, this man was

the old woman's son. Perhaps he killed her and made it look like suicide.

Who knows? One piece of advice. Never try a Ouiji board to communicate

with the dead. Leave well enough alone. If experiences happen to you

naturally, they are completely harmless, and in some cases can be helpful.

They might happen for a total of a few seconds in your whole life. But do

not try to make them happen because you might frighten yourself. This is my

best advice. There are other stories, all true, but they will have to wait.

English Ghosts

By: rachel@meghora.freeserve.co.uk

When my mum was really little, she lived in this old house.

It was a good 500 years old, and was next to an old graveyard. Some times the TV

would change channel by its self, or the curtains would open and close. Things

would move from where they had been put a few minutes ago. The ghost also got

rid of unwelcome guests. Once the Tax men came round, and the curtain started

opening and closing. On asking who it was, they were told"ITs only George!"

[George being the ghost's nickname], and beat a hasty retreat. I have visited

the house, and fewer things happen now, as the current owner asked the spirit to

leave her alone. But there is definately someone there. Once a paranormal investigator

stayed the night, and told us that the ghost was that of a royalist, from the

English civil war. He had been killed at a battle near there against the

Parliamentrians. In the church, a ghost of a monk, a salor and a

vage black shape have also been sighted.

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