Ghosts: Good or Evil ?
by Dave Juliano

11-16-98 update:  I feel the need to clarify the good/evil issue even further than I already have.  I thought I was clear on my beliefs and opinions but I see the need to explain them again.  I believe that there are good spirits and evil ones.  I base this on experience, research and other related beliefs.  I also believe the  vast majority of hauntings and ghostly encounters are NOT evil in nature.  I believe that it is not often that these evil entities interact with humans and we should not be obsessed or overly concerned with them.  I simple ask that you be aware that they do exist and take precautions if you feel the need to as I do.  I don't know how to be clearer.  My experience with this type was one of these rare instances.  Even though I had this experience (only one of my many encounters with ghosts was definitely this type) I still continue to research ghosts and now even hunt them to understand them better.  Should you continue to research, hunt or live with ghosts?  Yes.   Will you encounter a evil entity by ghost hunting or encounter one in a haunting?  It's unlikely but there is a chance.  Maybe this is a bit clearer than before.  Below is the original article appearing on the page.

Recently it has come to my attention that there are many ghost hunters and  investigators,  as well as some of you reading this now,  do not believe that there is such a thing as an "evil ghost".  To answer this we first must look at what a ghost is so read my types of ghost page first.

Now I want all of you to look at these pictures of ghosts below:


Is it a good ghost or a bad ghost, an earthbound human spirit or a non human entity?

I can't tell either.  There are a few groups out there that are telling you that there are absolutely no evil spirits, and that there are no pictures of one.  I'm not sure how they can tell from looking at the psychic photos of ectoplasm and orbs which ones are or which ones are not evil spirits.  I say that some of these pictures show non human entities as well as human spirits.  Granted, there are far more pictures showing human spirits than demonic ones, but no one, just looking at a picture alone, can tell what type of spirit it is.  You need to investigate the ghost further before making that conclusion.

I know the demonic spirits exist, I've seen them.  Keep in mind that they are rarely encountered by humans.  I lived in a haunted house for 29 years, 26 of which I was experiencing ghosts and paranormal phenomenon.  Of that 26 years, only 3 years involved possible contact with non human spirits.  In that 3 three years, there was only one night I can definitely say it was, without a doubt, an evil spirit. The other spirits during those bad periods could have been either type, a mischievous human spirit or a non human one.  The other 23 years was an earthbound spirit haunting.  At the time I didn't understand the difference and I was scared of both.  Knowing what I do now, I realize that the earthbound spirit was just getting my attention, saying hi and being playful.  I was scared and didn't know what to do, I asked it to leave and it did.  I then began to research and learn a bit more about ghosts and thought it was looking for my help, so being the "expert" from reading a little, I asked the spirit to come back, and it did, but not alone.  Other earthbound human spirits any a non human one came in too.  My lack of knowledge and understanding had opened the door too wide and caught the attention of a demonic spirit.  This is why I tell all of you to learn from experienced investigators, go with experienced ghost hunting groups and read all you can before you try this on your own.  You don't necessary want any more human spirits in your home and you really don't want anything else.  Even with my 26 years of experience in dealing with various hauntings in my parents home and experiences I have had elsewhere since, I still am being trained by various groups to get experience doing investigations with people who are experienced in conducting this type of research properly and safely.

In conclusion, if demonic non human spirits do not exist, then I'm crazy.  It would also mean that the Warrens (Ed Warren is a demonologist) have wasted their lives fabricating stories.  Oh, and The Catholic Church fakes exorcisms and The Bible is incorrect.  Still think there are no such things as demons?  Think again.   Keep in mind thought that this type accounts for a small amount of hauntings so you probably will never deal with one.

1-1-99  additional comments from a visitor

I liked your twin monologues on evil spirits and their rarity. I've been
involved with many, many years of hauntings and other experiences (about 20
years), and I can also say that there's only one time, in two separate
encounters, that I met something definitely evil (and I had the fortune to
be on the periphery of the events). Further, I liked how you explained that
fear can often mislead you to thinking something or someone is evil.

However, while you've done it twice, I would like to suggest further
clarifying for people that they can meet a malignant spirit without it being
evil. I met a lot of normal, earth-bound spirits that were just plain mean,
either from their natural disposition or something stupid I'd done. Hate,
from an intangible source, can be just as bad as your own fear in making you
think something is evil. I can imagine many people are reading your pages
thinking "Just 'cause YOU haven't hit them doesn't mean they don't exist.",
while not thinking through what they experienced.

I personally have a continuous background fear of visual apparitions (I have
no idea why, since I have no fear at all of any other manifestations,
including any that might interact with me physically), which has on occasion
led me to jump to conclusions. I realize that not everyone may be as
fearless when it comes to these matters, which led to this post.

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