The Shadowlands List of Local Ghost hunters, Investigators and Researchers

You'll need to contact the group in your area to find out more about them.  Some will just confirm the existence of a ghost, others will go more in depth and may assist you and the spirits involved.This is just a listing of groups and not a recommendation. 

The groups we feel are following good procedures,  seem sincere and genuine, have some experience with indoor investigations,  and are over all a good, positive research group will be  featured on The Light Section and they have a gold star   next to their names. 

If you want to add your group to this listing, email us here.  Groups that are dangerous to themsleves and the public as well as groups that make the rest of us in this field look bad will not be listed here.   Did you have a bad experience with a group listed here?  Let us know here and we'll try to help you resolve the issue.

How do you pick a group to help you??  Read this



Alabama Ghost Hunters Society

Alabama Ghost Haunting

Alabama Ghost Stalkers  

Mobile Area Ghost Club  

Mobile Order of Paranormal Investigators

Ghost Hunters of the South


Bon Secour Paranormal Investigations     


Alabama Paranormal Society    



Investigators of Paranormal in Alaska        


Arizona Paranormal Investigations

Wailing Bansidhe Investigations

The Arizona Paranormal Society

Shadow Spirit Paranormal Investigations     



Aware Foundation: Deliverance Ministry    

Central Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research    

Ghost Hunters Inc.    

Seen 2 Believe

Spirit Seekers         

Northwest Arkansas Ghost Connection

Arkansas Paranormal Investigations   

River Valley Paranormal Research and Investigations   



Ghost Study

Shasta Supernatural Investigators

Richard Senate

Lake Tahoe Ghost Hunters

Southern California Ghost Hunter Society

California Society for Ghost Research

The Delta Group

Sacramento Paranormal Investigators

GhQQstBeacon Central

Ventura Haunts

Guardian Paranormal Consultations 

The Delta Group Paranormal Investigators

American Paranormal Investigations          

South Tahoe Paranormal Research Group 

Southern California Society for Paranormal Research

Pacific Paranormal Investigations

Northern California Paranormal Researchers

Southern California Paranormal Detectives    

Los Angeles Paranormal Research Group    

Paranormal Investigators of San Diego    

Haunted and Paranormal Investigations   

NorCal Paranormal Investigators, Inc.    

California Paranormal Investigators      

Antelope Valley Ghost Hunters

Orange County Paranormal Investigation Team

Paranormal Help of California



Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society

Center for Parapsychological Studies in Canada

Hauntings Research Group


Hauntings Research Group 

Ottawa Haunting & Paranormal Group

Haunted Hamilton  

Le Spectre De Montreal  

Ontario Ghost Seekers

Vancouver Paranormal 

Alberta Paranormal Researchers Association

Cold Spot Paranormal Research

Ontario Ghost Hunters  & Paranormal Research Society      

BC Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society

Dark Shadows    

The Paranormal Seekers

The Meadowvale Spookies    

New Brunswick Paranormal Investigations

Spectral Investigators Group of Alberta    



Etheral Quest

Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society 

Serenity's Paranormal Investigations

The Independent Paranormal Society   

Colorado Ghost Hunters     


New England Society for Psychic Research

Cosmic Society  of  Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Research Society of New England

The Atlantic Paranormal Society


Connecticut Paranormal Research Society

Paranormal & Supernatural Investigations

Aware Foundation

Northwest Connecticut Paranormal Society    

Connecticut Paranormal Investigators    

Southern New England Paranormal    

CT Paranormal Research and Investigations 



South Jersey Ghost Research -Dave Juliano's Group 


The Black Knights Paranormal Investigation Team

Nightwolf Paranormal Research 

Bok Paranormal Research Society of  Central Florida 

Census of the Dead

Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group

Nightwolf Paranormal Research 

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation

Lee County Ghost Hunters     

Grave Yard Hunters of Tampa Florida 

Halifax Hauntings

South Florida Ghost Team

Spook Hunters

Florida Ghost Hunters

Peace River Ghost Tracker

Paranormal Awareness Society, Corp    

Reseachers into the Paranormal 

Florida Coast Paranormal Investigators


Tampa Ghost Watchers

Gold Coast Paranormal Society Inc.     

Lachesis Sight Paranormal Investigations and Research           

The Organization for Paranormal Investigation and Research       



Georgia Paranormal Research Team

Ghost Hounds

The Georgia Ghost Society

East Georgia Paranormal

Augusta Paranormal Investigations and Research

Haunt Analyst Georgia Ghost Hunters      


Georgia Ghost Hunters

Georgia Research of Apparitional Sightings and the Paranormal

Cat’sEye Paranormal

West Georgia Paranormal Research







Moscow Paranormal Research

Idaho Spirit Seekers


MESA Project

Ghost Research Society

Haunted Chicago Paranormal Research and Investigation

American Ghost Society

Southern Illinois Ghost Hunters

Chicago Paranormal Investigation Group

Eastern Illinois Society for Paranormal Research

The Ghost Hunter's Society

Springfield Ghost Society

Chicagoland Supernatural Investiagtors

Central Illinois Student Paranormal Research Society

Will County Ghost Hunters Society  

Aberration & Paranormal Investigation Society

Crawford County Illinois Ghost Hunters Society

Ghost Scene Investigation

Paranormal Activity Surveillance Team   

Paranormal House   

Mid Illinois Ghost Society   


Proof Paranormal

Indiana Paranormal Investigations

Circle City Paranormal    

Indiana Ghost Hunting Organization Seeking Truth    

Michiana Supernatural Alliance    


Three Rivers Ghost Trackers    


Paranormal  Ghost Research 

Indy Ghost Hunters


Iowa Center for Paranormal Research

Central Iowa Ghost Hunting team



Spirit Chasin Ladies      



Louisville Ghost Hunters Society 

Central Kentucky Paranromal 


Kentucky Ghost Research

Kentucky Spirit Chasers   

Kentucky Paranormal Investigations

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team

Northern Kentucky Paranormal Group   

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society     

Kentucky Shadow Chasers


New Orleans Paranormal and Occult Research Society


Maine Paranormal

Southern Maine Paranormal Society     


The Atlantic Paranormal Society  (TAPS) 

Massachusetts Ghost Hunting Society

Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society

Spirit Encounters Research Team

ISIS Paranormal Investigations                        

Berkshire Paranormal


New England Society of Paranormal Investigators

Western Mass. Ghost Chasers

Quabbin Valley Paranormal 



Baltimore Society for Paranormal Research

Maryland Paranormal Investigators

National Ghost Hunters Society

Shadow Stalkers Investigations



West Michigan Ghost Hunter Society 

Paranormal Investigators of Michigan

Michiana Supernatural Alliance

The Other Side of Life          

Michigan Paranormal Encounters           

West Michigan Paranormal Society          
Southeastern Michigan Paranormal Support & Investigation      

Team Hunting Evidence of Paranormal Research Occurances

Grand Rapids Area Paranormal Enthusiasts



Minnesota Paranormal Investigators 

Central Minnesota Organization for Paranormal Research

Minnesota Paranormal Study Group




Mississippi Paranormal Research

Shadowz Paronormal Investigations         


Miller's Paranormal Research

Searchers for Paranormal Activity

TriPAR Investigations

Missouri Ghost Hunters Society 


St. Louis Haunts


South West Missouri Ghost Hunters

Eidolon Historical Research Society 

Missouri Paranormal Research Society

St. Louis Area Association for Paranormal Investigations    
Midnight Paranormal Team 

Boone County Ghost Hunters 

St. Louis Paranormal Investigation and Research Interest Team   


Umbria Paranormal Research Team

Tortured Souls Investigations       



Vanderworker Todd Paranormal Research

Midwest Investigations of Supernatural Theories     

Shadows Paranormal Independent Research of the After Life




Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigations - Tina Carlson's group

New Hampshire 

Ghost Hunters United    

Soul Seekers

New Jersey 

South Jersey Ghost Research - Dave Juliano's Group 

New Jersey Ghost Organization

Tri-State Paranormal Research

World War Two Paranormal Organization

New Mexico 

Southwest Ghost Hunter's Association

New York 

New York Ghost Chapter 

Syracuse Ghost Hunters

Northern New York Paranormal Research Society

TeamMasters Paranormal Research


Western New York Paranormal

Paranormal Investigation of NYC

Paranormal Investigator Society

Long Island Paranormal Society

Mohawk Valley Ghost Hunters   

North Country Research and Investigations of the Paranormal

Center for Paranormal Investigation Association (CPIA)     

Long Island Paranormal Investigators

Staten Island called Paranormal Investigations of Staten Island

Syracuse Paranormal Investigation Team

Tripi Paranormal

Astral Light Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigation Team

Center for Paranormal

East Coast S.C.A.R.E. Society


North Carolina 

Haunted North Carolina, Inc.

Metrolina Paranormal Research Laboratories

Foothills Paranormal Investigations

Foothills Paranormal Society

E.C.H.O. Paranormal Investigations

North Carolina Paranormal Investigations            

Carolina Ghost Hunters Alliance               

Eastern Paranormal    

Charlotte Area Paranormal Society

Paranormal Scene Investigators     

Haunted Sandhills

Triangle Paranormal Investigations

North Carolina Ghost Explorers


North Dakota 

Paranormal Investigators of North Dakota   


The Ghosts of Ohio

North West Ohio Ghost



Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team             

Deadframe Paranormal Research Group             

Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team

Got Ghosts ?

Massillon Ghost Hunters Society    

International Paranormal Research Network

The Ohio EVP and Paranormal Societ

Buckeye State Paranormal   


Paranormal Researchers of Ohio


Central Ohio Ghost Squad - COGS

Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits


Ohio Ghost Hunters

Ohio Society of Paranormal Investigation




Paranormal Research of Organized Studies

Oklahoma Paranormal Research & Investigations    

Paranormal Research of Organized Studies    



Northwest Paranormal

Pacific Paranormal Research Society

Salem Spirit Trackers      

Curious County      

Oregon Paranormal Investigations  

Emerald Valley Paranormal   


SJGR: Philadelphia - Dave Juliano's Group

<>Clearfield County Paranormal Investigations<>

Northampton County Paranormal Research and Investigation Team


Allegheny Mountain Ghosthunters

Ghost Worlds

Beaver County Ghost Hunters   

United Paranormal Investigators Association

Spirited Ghost Hunting                  

N.W. Pa. Hauntings - Paranormal Investigators

Delaware County Paranormal Research    

The Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society       

Pennsylvania Ghost and Paranormal Research Team     

Pittsburgh Paranormal Society   

Rhode Island

The Atlantic Paranormal Society

South Carolina 

Paranormal Search and Investigation Group

SC Paranormal Research Group

Paranormal Investigators of the Carolinas

P.A.S.T. Researchers       

Southern Spirit Hunters    

Coastal Spirit Chasers          

South Dakota 

South Dakota Ghost Hunters  


Black Hills Paranormal Investigations 


Census of the Dead

Tennessee Ghost Hunters

Tennessee Spirit Readers

East Tennessee Paranormal Society   

Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters        

South Eastern Paranormal Society         



Alamo City Paranormal

Society for Paranormal Investigation - Dallas Unit

Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations

DFW ghostwatchers

Metroplex Paranormal Investigations

DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas

Central Texas Ghost Search

Corpus Christi Spook Central     

Association for the Study of Explained Phenomenon      

The Southern Paranormal Investigation & Research Intel Team     

Tarrant County Investigators of the Paranormal     

Texas Investigations into the Paranormal   

Mission City Paranormal

Credible Paranormal Investigations of North Texas   


Ghost Investigators Society

Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research

Northern Utah Paranormal Society     




Hampton Roads Paranormal Research Group

Center for Paranormal Research & Investigations

Virginia Science Research

The Waynesboro Paranormal Research Group

Newriver Paranormal Group        


The Paradox Paranormal Research Team

Washington State Ghost Society

Evergreen Paranormal

Paranormal Research Group


Scientific Paranormal Investigators   


West Virginia 

West Virginia Ghost Hunters

Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Hunters

Eastern West Virginia Ghost Investigations

Mountaineer Ghosts Paranormal Investigators       

Eastern Panhandle Paranormal Investigations


North America Ghost Hunters


Jaeson Jrakman

Wausau Paranormal Research Society

Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group                

<>Wisconsin / Illinois Paranormal Society

Madison Researchers Into the Paranormal

Fox Valley Spirit Hunters         



District of Columbia 

D.C. Ghost Hunting

DC Metro Area Ghostwatchers



C.O.T.C Paranormal Investigations

Ghost Watch UK

The Midlands Ghost Research Society 

Uk Paranormal Investigation Team 

Birmingham Ghosts and Hauntings  

SNPI Paranormal Investigators       

UK5 Paranormal     

Northern Ghost Investigations          


Haunts of Brisbane



Transcommunication Video and Audio

French Ghost Club


Spiritual Investigation Antwerp


Federation of Paranormal Investigators


Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association


Spectre Phenomenon Research & Investigation

The Netherlands

The Ghosthunter NL 


If you want to add your group to this listing, email us here.

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