The Shadowlands: Ghost and Hauntings - Mission Statement

The web page was created in 1994 to provide a safe and comfortable place for people who have had an experience with a haunting and/or ghost to share their story with others who have had similar experiences.  I am someone who has lived with and witnessed many paranormal events and encountered many different spirits and ghosts.  Because of my experiences, I treat this subject very seriously in my attempt to educate, comfort and help others who are having experiences they don't understand, are afraid of or need help with.  This page will always strive to educate you on what ghosts are and how to deal with them.  We will also provide proof to the existence of ghosts in the form of pictures, sounds and eyewitness accounts.  We will provide advice and, along with experts in the field who assist me here, help resolve any ghost related problems in your life.  Of course we will always provide a space for you to share your experiences among friends and people who understand and to meet others who share similar experiences. - Dave Juliano

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