Ectoplasm Mist Photos
by Dave Juliano (

One of the most dramatic types of positive photos we get on investigations are mist photos.     These photos show various shapes of a fog or smoke-like substance hanging in the air.  When these  photos are taken, this mist is not usually visible to the photographer.   While these mist photos   are rarer than orb photos but they also seem appear primarily in areas where spirit activity is   being reported.

The skeptics and debunkers have a field day with the mist photo. They say it is everything from   cigarette smoke to the photographers breath on a cold night.  I would like to take this   opportunity to address the most common explanations and also give you tips so that you can make   sure your photos are good quality evidence.  First off, the mist photos are not cigarette smoke.   If you are an investigator, you should never smoke anywhere near an investigation site.  This is   simply common sense.   In an indoor investigation, make sure all sources of smoke such as candles  and fireplaces are out prior to you taking any photos.  Over the past there years I have been   keeping track of times of year, temperature, humidity and other variables to see if I could find   a connection to ectoplasm mist to any natural explanation.  After reviewing this data, it is   plain to see that there is no natural explanation for these mist photos.   In simple terms, 60%   of the mist photos obtained were taken in the colder months of November through March, the other   40% were obtained in all of the warmer months including July and August.   The percentages are   the same for the temperature range I divided them into, above 60 degrees (40%) and below 60   degrees (60%).  This shows that 40% of the mist photos taken were obtained in temperatures where   the photographers breath could not have caused the mist in the photo.   When tracking the   humidity, I was looking to see it higher humidity was causing the mists because of the higher   percentage of moisture in the air.  My research showed that  mist photos were obtained in all   ranges of humidity and were actually more concentrated in the mid to lower ranges than in the   higher ranges which leads me to conclude that moisture in the air is not the cause of mist photo   either.   Remember, good researchers do not take photos in the rain, snow and fog.

It is a good practice to log in the weather data each time you conduct any research so you can   look back at your results to see how they compare with mine and other researchers.   You should   first rule out the natural before you look for supernatural explanations.  There are numerous   theories on what ectoplasm mist photos are but by ruling out what it is not, we can get one step   closer to finding out. 



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